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Found 419 results

  1. The Kargil War plays an important role in every Indian’s life and especially mine as it was a topic of discussion in my University twelve years ago. I brought up this topic in my debate against the topic “Is United Nations relevant today for preventing wars” and how India managed to defeat the Pakistani intruders without United Nations even taking part in any of it. Today marks the 21st anniversary of the dispute between the two countries and we decided to compile a list of interesting facts about the conflict that you may have forgotten or didn’t know about. The victory over the Pakistani intruders is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Divas and commemorates the victory of ‘Operation Vijay’. 1. It Lasted for 60 Days © Wikipedia Commons The war was fought in the Kargil-Dras sector for 60 days where both countries suffered a huge loss of life. India eventually won the war by reclaiming control of captured territories. It was also the first war between the countries since 1971 which resulted in the formation of the annexation of East Pakistan and a new country called Bangladesh was established. 2. Indian Airforce At Its Best © Wikipedia Commons The Kargil War resulted in a coordinated attack from the Indian armed forces where the Indian Air Force (IAF) assisted the army in capturing the Kargil-Dras sector. The Indian Airforce used Mig 21 and Mirage fighters back in the day for precise aerial attacks using laser-guided bombs and missiles. The IAF was essential for tracking down and destroying hideouts and Pakistani Army supply lines. The operation was called “Safed Sagar” and it was the first time the Indian Army used airpower from an altitude of 32,000 feet. 3. High-Altitude Warfare © Wikipedia Commons Kargil is infamous and highly touted as the most recent example of high-altitude warfare. India was able to defeat the Pakistani army thanks to a training and research establishment formed by the Indian Army in 1948. The school provides essential training to soldiers for now–craft, mountain warfare and winter warfare. Each year, soldiers undergo the Mountain Warfare course in Sonmarg between May and October. Trainees also undergo a Winter Warfare course in Gulmarg between January and April. These training exercises were probably the sole reason behind the Indian Army’s victory in the Himalayas during the Kargil war. 4. Indian Navy Had A Role To Play As Well © Wikipedia Commons While the main war was fought in the mountainous region of Kargil-Dras, the Indian Navy also played a crucial role during the sixty-day conflict. The navy held a blockade on the Pakistani ports including Pakistan’s biggest port in Karachi. The purpose of the blockade was to stop the supply of oil and fuel to cripple the Pakistani economy. This was a brilliant move on the Indian Navy’s part that probably cut the war short by several months. 5. 500 Lives Were LostEvery life matters and even though India came on top after the conflict, it came at a high cost of 500 lives of Indian soldiers while Pakistan suffered 4000 casualties according to numbers stated by Nawaz Sharif. The name of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives are inscribed on the Kargil Memorial Wall which is open to the public. The public can also visit a museum attached to the memorial wall which houses pictures of Indian soldiers, recordings, important war documents, captured Pakistani equipment and official emblems of the Indian army from the conflict. 6. Bofors Gun Proved To Be Highly Effective © BCCL The Indian Army’s Artillery comprised of the most-watched imagery on news channels during the conflict. While it was considered highly controversial as these weapons are meant to be used against aircraft, it played a crucial role in India’s victory. The anti-aircraft auto cannon is a 40mm gun that has been in use since the second World War albeit the Indian version was a modern rendition of the weapon made in Sweden. The Bofors artillery gun was used for shelling and bombarding enemy hideouts and locations to provide cover for the advancing Indian army. View the full article
  2. Imagine waking up one morning and visiting the doctor, and being told that your life, as you knew it, wasnât exactly what you knew it to be. Imagine being âbornâ and raised as a woman only for a couple of doctors to tell you that actually, your parents and all your doctors that you had visited before in your life, who told you you were a woman, got everything about you wrong, and that in fact, you were a man. © iStock Caption: Representational Image âBlind Vaginasâ or âdead-end vaginas,â are referred to the female reproductive parts which do no connect to the internal reproductive system inside the body, namely, the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. This is a birth defect that many women have, and no, suffering from this, does not mean that they have male genitalia on the inside. Vaginas can be blocked for a number of natural reasons. "From her appearance, she is a woman - starting from her voice, developed breasts, normal external genitalia. However, the uterus and ovaries have been absent since birth. She has also never experienced menstruation," Dr Anupam Dutta, told PTI. The doctors had this bizarre finding after most of their routine tests were inconclusive. Finally, they discovered that instead of a pair of ovaries and uterus, the woman had a pair of testicles. Further tests and inspection revealed that the woman was suffering from testicular cancer, or seminoma, the actual medical term. The woman is currently undergoing chemotherapy. © iStock Caption: Representational Image Diagnoses of such gravitas often cause a lot of upheavals. The doctors are now counselling, both, the woman, and her husband so that they are able to lead on with their normal lives. View the full article
  3. Arguably one of the most popular and greatest wrestlers of all-time, Mark William Callaway aka The Undertaker remains the reason behind the nightmares and jubilation for billions of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans across the globe. For almost three decades, The Undertaker has hovered over the WWE multiverse like a demonic shadow, spelling out doom for countless souls who dared to cross paths with him. Dressed in a trench coat, black hat and driving out on a custom-built chopper, Callaway's Deadman character is one that is bound to echo through the ages. © Twitter/@WWE First introduced at the Survivor Series in 1990, 'The Phenom' made it quite clear that no one was too big or safe from the Deadman's gloved grip. Taking some of the biggest names in WWE to the task, the Texas-born star won almost everything one can dream of in the wrestling entertainment business. That's probably why after entertaining the world for 30 years, one of WWE's greatest superstars has decided to call time on his wrestling career. You can never appreciate how long the road was until youâve driven to the end. #TheLastRide @WWENetwork pic.twitter.com/JW3roilt9a â Undertaker (@undertaker) June 21, 2020 In the last episode of his docuseries, titled 'The Last Ride', The Undertaker claimed that he has no desire to return to the ring for another match. In a series of tweets, WWE, too, confirmed that it was indeed the end of the road for one of the most iconic and popular characters in the history of wrestling entertainment business. "I have this other life that I need to go experience and enjoy the fruits of my labor."#TheLastRide @undertaker pic.twitter.com/THpD5TkbVa â WWE (@WWE) June 22, 2020 The last time the 'Deadman' was seen in WWE was at WrestleMania 36 where he locked horns with AJ Styles in the 'Boneyard Match'. The match lived up to every bit of the hype for those expecting a cinematic battle ripped straight from an action movie. The beginning of the end came when The Undertaker chokeslammed Styles off the top of a barn. "If there was ever a perfect ending to a career, that right there is it."#TheLastRide @undertaker pic.twitter.com/rl8sn11Q7q â WWE Network (@WWENetwork) June 22, 2020 The Undertaker, then, dragged Styles to an empty grave before burying him six feet under. Following his win over Styles, 'The Phenom' further improved his already-remarkable WrestleMania record to 24-2, with only Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns getting the better of him at the grandest stage of them all. 30 legendary years. #ThankYouTaker#OneFamily @WWE @undertaker @ImRo45 pic.twitter.com/PHseruzRHN â Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) June 22, 2020 From fellow wrestlers to his fans, social media was flooded with tributes as The Undertaker walked into the shadows, probably never to return again. Amid all the tributes and wishes, there was one from Mumbai Indians (MI) who have been a fan of The Undertaker and WWE. Taking to Twitter, the IPL franchise shared the picture of their captain Rohit Sharma flaunting the WWE Championship belt. The customised belt was handed over to Mumbai Indians as a special gift from the WWE following their triumphant campaign in the tenth edition of the IPL in 2017. Former 14-time WWE Champion and the current COO of WWE, Triple H had congratulated the IPL winners for securing their third title. âThe Gameâ had then also announced that the Mumbai Indians would be getting a surprise gift from the WWE. View the full article
  4. Pakistan?s public debt and liabilities are up two-and-a-half times since 2013 when they were recorded at Rs14.29 trillion
  5. Middle-class Maharashtrian life, a brutal retelling of 2016âs demonetisation fiasco and a surprisingly warm directorial effort from the Gangs of Wasseypur legend - Anurag Kashyap is a man whoâs come far in Bollywood and left a mark on Indian cinema thatâs left many drawing parallels between him and Quentin Tarantino - with bloodshed, slick and relentless dialogue mashed with picture-perfect pacing making an appearance in all his films. © Netflix Choked, however, feels decidedly different. Zooming in on the interweaving stories of a single apartment complex and a single family, Kashyap tones down the intensity and reveals a side to himself as a storyteller that weâve rarely seen before - here are some excerpts from his exclusive interview with MensXP where he discusses his creative shifts, opinions on film and challenges with making Choked a reality. How Satisfied Are You With The Film? âIâm very happy with the film. Itâs a labour of love and I think Iâve successfully been able to keep out my political biases - it feels like it's the characters, not like Anurag Kashyap has told them to say anything. It looks and feels effortless. To me, they are living and feeling that life and they are experiencing those changes. © Netflix In Bollywood, when youâre making a film, the budget of the film usually gets decided on the basis of who is in it, so we have to struggle a lot when making a film the way it's supposed to be made. This film had to be shot the right way. We got to shoot in a housing society thatâs under renovation - working with a green screen to make sure that the kitchen scenes with the flooding money and water could be captured. Also, working with actors who were right for the role, instead of just finding faces - itâs just been a very satisfying experience to make this film.â Youâve Mentioned How This Film Is Free Of Political Biases, But Is There Some Subtle Commentary In There? âEverybody has their own politics. A character can have his own politics, while mine can be very extreme. Everyoneâs politics depends upon their realities. © Netflix Letâs take the example of Sushant, Roshan Mathewâs character. He has the feeling that heâs greater than the work thatâs being offered to him - and is happy in thinking this, something that his buddies reinforce. Take Saiyamiâs character, Sarita - sheâs a busy working woman who doesnât have the time to care about politics - she simply wants to come home to a clean house. I cannot make any of these characters me, because I have the privilege. I have people who will inform me, correct me if I say something wrong or if Iâm misinformed. [These characters] donât have that.â © Netflix How Much Of Your Responsibility Towards Society Becomes Part Of The Cinema That You Make? âI feel that a filmmaker should be a chronicler of time. A filmmaker cannot be a propagandist. Aaj kal, thereâs loads of propagandist films being made - theyâve already chosen sides. If weâre talking about a Mukkabaaz where thereâs a lynching scene, Iâm just showing things as they happen. Iâm not giving it a separate kind of twist, all the people here coexist while gaining and losing. This is something I like about Paatal Lok as well - it portrays not what the world should be, but what the world is. Sometimes, every solution leads to a problem. © Netflix If I try to create a film that answers or acts as a counter to a propagandist film, even the film I make becomes propaganda. If I put in my ideology and become self-righteous as a filmmaker, thatâs also propaganda. This is why my films are still relevant - because they show both sides.â How Did The Idea For The Film Convince You? âI loved the idea of a housewife running short of money and finding it in the kitchen sink. Itâs a very David Fincher kind of an idea. © Netflix This film was picked up in 2015, before demonetisation happened. It was just a script about marriage and about a woman finding money coming out of the sink. When I read the script, I thought it was a great premise but it wasnât landing and we kept struggling to make the script land properly. And one-and-a-half years after weâd acquired the script, demonetisation happened. And that made the idea more relevant. Then, I went on to shoot Mukkabaaz and Nihit Bhave went back to rewriting the script. Itâs been a six-year process - what youâre seeing is what we made six years after acquiring the script.â © Netflix What Do You Feel About Films Releasing On OTT Platforms Instead Of Theatres? âI came to terms with it a long time back, yaar. I found most of my audiences online - so now the benefit comes directly to me as a filmmaker. © unsplash If Iâm making a film that retains complexity, that is only for the âlearnedâ kind of audience or a certain kind of audience, this is a platform where I can reach out to them directly. [When it comes to the cinematic experience], you win some and you lose some - Iâve always been told that my audience is not a family audience. I stopped waiting to see the consequence of a film Iâve made long back - when a film gets over, Iâve already moved on to the next, which Iâll do when the lockdown gets over. I donât wait.â Whatâs Your Opinion On How The Lockdown Has Been Handled In India? âI assume that nobody really knows whatâs going to happen, this has been an unprecedented situation. The thing is, there are two kinds of leaders weâre looking at here - those who have an intention of dealing with it, finding solutions and making lives better, and those who are mostly interested in self-preservation than actually dealing with the lockdown. © Reuters Everybody is currently looking at people who can simply suggest ideas on how to find solutions - solutions to the economy, solutions to the pandemic⦠a lot of people have to deal with this crisis head-on.â You can watch Choked on Netflix. View the full article
  6. Year 2020 has been extremely difficult for all of us in more ways than one, especially for Bollywood as it has lost so many renowned faces back to back leaving the fans completely shocked. After actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoorâs untimely demise, now the film industry has lost another young talent, singer and music composer Wajid Khan of Sajid-Wajid fame. He was just 42 years old and the reason for his sudden death, reports say, is that he was ailing from kidney-related issues. He had earlier gone through Kidney transplant. Besides, Wajidâs brother Sajid Khan told PTI, âHe died of a cardiac arrest." He also confirmed that the musician had also tested positive for Covid-19. They both come from a rich musical lineage. Over the last several years, music composer duo,who are sons of the legendary tabla player, Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan, gave several popular hits that people would cherish for years to come. The music composer duo forayed into the Bollywood industry with Salman Khanâs 1998 hit Hindi-drama film Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. There has been no turning back since then. Here, letâs take a look at some of the most-hit compositions of the terrific duo, Sajid-Wajid brothers: 1. Soni De Nakhre from PartnerThis most-liked party number is from the 2007 comedy film Partner that was helmed by David Dhawan. The music was scored by Sajid-Wajid and it was sung by Labh Janjua, Sneha Pant, and Wajid himself. The song went on to become a super hit for its catchy music, choreography and catchy lyrics, that gave them the recognition they truly deserved. In fact, the soundtrack of the film was considered to be one of the best soundtracks of the year. 2. Surili Akhiyon Wale from VeerA romantic track from the epic-action film Veer, the song struck the right chord with the fans. The composition garnered a lot of appreciation for its soft melody. It was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Suzanne DâMello. The lyrics of the song were penned down by the legendary writer Gulzar. This song from the Anil Sharma directorial is one of the most loved tracks and still continues to be popular among fans. 3. Munni Badnaam Hui from DabanggThere would hardly be anyone who wouldnât have heard this peppy number. Music composed by Sajid-Wajid and sung by Mamta Sharma and Aishwarya Nigam, this is one of the most popular item songs to date. The lyrics were penned down by Lalit Pandit. The song featured Malaika Arora and she was at her elegant and sensuous best. It also received a lot of praise for its choreography, wherein the hook step got really popular. 4. Dagabaaz re from Dabangg 2 This song is a hit romantic number from the movie Dabangg 2 which is a sequel to Salman Khanâs 2010 action-comedy film Dabangg. The song features Salman and Sonakshi Sinha and was a massive hit at the time of its release for its melody. It has crossed 25 million views on Youtube. The song is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Goshal and Shadab Faridi. The lyrics were penned down by Sameer. The film's ensemble cast includes Salman, Arbaaz Khan, and Sonakshi among others in pivotal roles. Wajid breathed his last on Monday leaving his friends in the industry and fans across the country completely devastated. Even during his last few difficult days, the music composer duo composed music for Salman Khanâs latest Eid-single, Bhai Bhai. Salman was deeply affected by Wajid's untimely demise and he took his Twitter account to pay tribute to him and wrote yesterday, âWajid Vil always love, respect, remember n miss u as a person n ur talent, Love u n may your beautiful soul rest in peace.â Wajid Vil always love, respect, remember n miss u as a person n ur talent, Love u n may your beautiful soul rest in peace ... â Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) June 1, 2020 Meanwhile, latest news reports suggest that Wajidâs mother Razina has also tested positive for COVID-19. She has been taken to Surana Sethia hospital in Mumbai and is being treated currently. We pray for her speedy recovery. View the full article
  7. The lyrics of 'Malibu' are about her reconciliation with Liam Hemsworth
  8. Irrfan Khanâs impact on Indian filmmaking cannot be understated, no doubt. Across two decades of initial struggle and eventual worldwide success and fame, the actor has lent his talent to everything from some of Bollywoodâs most timeless films, to high-profile Hollywood castings and perhaps on a more day-to-day basis, several memorable advertisements throughout the years. While most recently remembered for his quick quips as a brand ambassador for LED manufacturers Syska - for whom the actor shot his last ad for in the midst of his gruelling battle with cancer. © SYSKA Irrfan lent his calm, collected persona to several major brands from all over the world - appearing in spots for everything from Vodafone to Mastercard. Rajiv Rao, former National Creative Director, Ogilvy India, worked with Khan on the Vodafone ads since the beginning. âWe were supposed to shoot in the night in Delhi for the Hutch ad,â he recalls. âBut he couldnât make it to the shoot for some reason and came the very next day. The shoot happened in Connaught Place in Delhi in a tiny tea shop. We shot the ad in the middle of the day in the Delhi heat, where he was supposed to have a âcutting chaiâ. I remember he had worked all night. He still came and made our shoot happen without complaining. He was excellent at the shoot.â Just one in a series of stories recalling the starâs humility and patience towards his work. Here are a few of his very best brand partnerships over the years: 1.Vodafone/Hutch Lena hai toh leh lo - the actorâs nonchalant attitude was a perfect fit for many brands on this list, but itâs fair to say that his delivery was perfected in this series of ads shot in 2009 for the telecom giant in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather. 2. Candid Dusting Powder Only Irrfan could make a medical powder brand cool - itâs also fun to see him cast alongside badminton champion Saina Nehwal in this quick TV spot from 2016. 3. LU Bakeri Nankhatai A really good example of Irrfanâs vocal range as a voiceover artist, this simple yet sweet ad crossed borders and gave us an unusual example of an Indian artist taking on a Pakistani brand - and speaking in Urdu to boot. 4. Mastercard One of the longer and more high-profile ads on this list, this showed Irrfan playing the role of a reserved pencil pusher opening up while travelling to attend a friendâs wedding in Jaipur. Shot by McCann, this also had a special connection to the actor, as many of his earliest efforts in the theatre took place during his youth spent in the Pink City. 5. Aegon Religare While most of Irrfanâs ad appearances show him as a slick, modern individual, this one flipped the script by casting him as a hilarious old man in disguise - taking note of the various expenses pensioners would have to face in old age. Itâs touching to notice that other than fans and movie personalities, several ad directors also wrote personal messages of support praising the actorâs professionalism and warmth - just take a look at this heartfelt letter written by Piyush Pandey, one of Indiaâs most well-respected and influential copywriters. Piyush Pandey is not on social media, so he asked me to post this message about Irfan Khan. pic.twitter.com/kvkRTe2TtA â Anant Rangaswami (@AnantRangaswami) April 29, 2020 I guess the next time we see those Syska ads, theyâll hit pretty differently. View the full article
  9. 1971 was a 2007 directorial movie debut by Amrit Sagar. Set against the backdrop of the 1971 India-Pakistan war for Bangladesh's independence from West Pakistan, the film went on to win the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi at the 55th National Film Awards. However, not many know that this riveting tale about the lives of Indian Prisoners of War (PoW) in Pakistan existed in the film domain, because it failed to publicize itself well-enough around the time of its release. © Sagar Arts Productions But those who watched the movie, swore by it. Right from the screenplay, to the background score and performances, viewers hailed this as the next war-drama with the might to topple major front-runners in the domain. Today, 13 years later after itâs release, 1971 is being declared a digital blockbuster because of its true to life representations of life and times of the 54 PoWs that the Pakistani government not only illegally detained, but also denied the very existence of. Here are 4 major reasons why 1971 is a superhit today, and ought to have been 13 years ago as well. 1. The Backstory © Sagar Arts Productions 1971 is based on the lives of real Prisoners of War (PoW) who were detained in Pakistan after the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war which was fought to establish a new country, Bangladesh. The film not only uncovers how cunningly the Pakistani government manipulated the situation of withholding Indian PoW in its territory but also tries to throw light on the plight of those Indian defense personnel held in Pakistan for the countryâs twisted reasons. Based on real reportage and research about 54 PoWs held captive in Pakistani jails in dire circumstances, 1971 shares these detained soldiers' stories established through multiple, real sources. 2. The Reliable Cast © Sagar Arts Productions One of the best aspects about this film has to be its strong ensemble cast which has trusted actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Deepak Dobriyal, Piyush Mishra, Manav Kaul, Ravi Kishan, and Kumud Mishra in the forefront. Apart from Manoj Bajpayeeâs convincing performance as the man trying to lead a band of six soldiers away from the clutches of the Pakistani army and back into their motherland, Deepak Dobriyal and Ravi Kishanâs performance will win you over. The authenticity and vigour to see through this personal mission comes through effortlessly through the convincing screenplay by Amrit Sagar and meticulously amazing cinematography by Chirantan Das who has worked on films like Tanu Weds Manu. 3. The Hard-Hitting Dialogues © Sagar Arts Productions We arenât unaware of Piyush Mishraâs penmanship. One of the filmâs highlights happens to be its strong, hard-hitting dialogues which have been written by Mishra himself. With well-worded phrases and poignant references, the dialogues in the film manage to leave the audience teary eyes on more than a couple of occasions. Piyush Mishra has succeeded in laying bare the true emotions of both the captured Indian soldiers, but also present to his audience the true motives of the Pakistani military. 4. An Account Of History Now Forgotten © Sagar Arts Productions Sagarâs directorial is a visual diary of a historic event which has slowly been pushed to the backseat for most Indians today. More than a decade since its release, 1971 manages to remind us of those forgotten heroes who either gave up their lives in Pakistani prisons or still await their release almost five decades later. The film manages to store all the details on reel for future generations to remember and for the world to understand how easily some countries give up on humanity for their political gains. View the full article
  10. Marshall Mathers on Monday took to Twitter to share a picture in order to motivate his fans
  11. Miley Cyrus had once become a victim of three burglaries within two years by a gang of teenagers
  12. Ahead of the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2011, the Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led Indian cricket team found themselves to be high on confidence and they had all the reasons in the world to do so. After all, they had just ended Ricky Ponting and the Australiansâ 12-year dominance over World Cup cricket, thanks to Yuvraj Singhâs match-winning performance in the quarter-final clash at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium. #OnThisDay in 2011, Yuvraj Singh and Brett Lee gave their all for their respective teams. However, only one could win. 50s of Sachin and Gambhir as well as Raina's partnership with Yuvraj helped India win this quarter final against Australia. pic.twitter.com/jfVj1BUZDt â Rashmi (@Iam__Rashmi) March 24, 2020On the other side, Shahid Afridiâs Men in Green had just defeated the West Indies by 10 wickets in their quarter-final match and had no reason to doubt themselves against their neighbouring opponents, even though they were the hosts. However, the sheer significance of the historic rivalry is enough to overwhelm the strongest of men. For India, the need to make it to the finals and finally clinch the World Cup trophy after a drought of 28 years. For Pakistan, the desperation to break the curse of being winless against the Men in Blue in the history of the tournament. A WC SEMIFINAL CAN'T GET ANY BIGGER THAN THIS Sehwag sizzler at the top Lucky Sachin anchoring the innings MS-Raina with key knocks Indian bowlers having a field day#OnThisDay in 2011, India snatched another Mauka Mauka from Pak in a WC encounter, winning by 29 runsð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/gG7y5tuJRo â North Stand Gang - Wankhede (@NorthStandGang) March 30, 2020By the end of the day, only one team would go on to fulfil their dreams, the other, as we now know, would have to wait for at least 12 more years. Before the toss, Dhoni announced that he had replaced an inform Ravichandran Ashwin with an experienced Ashish Nehra. Afridi, showing faith in his Playing XI from the Windies win, didnât change a single man, and Shoaib Akhtarâs dream of facing the Indian batsmen in a World Cup duel remained unfulfilled. #OnThiDay in 2011 India beat Pakistan and qualofied for final of ICC cricket World Cup amd it was my first ever match which made me fall in love with cricket it made me extremely sad i remember those tears in @SAfridiOfficial eyes i remember shoaib akhtar got retired pic.twitter.com/PuqPjLliKr â Momina Shahzadian ðµð° (@IamMomina_19) March 30, 2019As India won the toss, an arrogant Shahid Afridi mentioned that the toss didnât matter anyway and that the Mohali pitch was in favour of the spinners. India, throughout the tournament, had dangerously depended on their two openers to give them a fleeting start and they had just the two men to get the job done. One on side of the pitch was Virender Sehwag, who scored 36 out of the 38 run-innings with boundaries before giving up his wicket Wahab Riaz on an LBW appeal, and on the other was the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, the man who was at the twilight of his illustrious career, and only one good innings short of scoring his 100th century. © Reuters After Sehwagâs early dismissal, Tendulkar knew that the burden of giving a good start to his captain would fall on his shoulders and he was ready for it. He continued to hold the fort while the bleeding of wickets didnât stop on the other end. First, Gambhir was sent back to the pavilion at 27, then Virat Kohli was dismissed on 9. Even the hero from the previous match, Yuvraj Singh failed to impress as he was bowled out by Riaz on a golden duck. © Reuters Tendulkar was hungry for the win, he wanted his 100th century and he wanted it against Pakistan in the World Cup semi-final. However, as the oldest veteran of the team, he also knew better than to lose his wicket in haste. Slowly but steadily, he struck 11 fours and never in his innings lofted a shot for a maximum, except that one time when he failed to keep it down and âBoom Boomâ Afridi caught him out at cover in the 37th over. The hope of watching their God complete the unprecedented journey of scoring 100 tons came to a crashing halt for millions of his fans. © Reuters Nonetheless, his 85 runs turned out to be enough to hold off Afridiâs batting-order as it was backed up by some fine bowling by the lastest team inductee, Nehra ji who, while giving away just 33 runs and picking up two wickets in his 10 overs, became the most efficient bowler against Pakistan. Other Indian bowlers in Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh, all scalped two wickets each, as well. Most High Voltage World Cup Match India Vs Pakistan#OnThisDay in 2011 Sachin Tendulkar Made 85 Runs in WC Semi Final Mohali. 6 WC ODIs Vs Pak#SachinTendulkar Played 5 Match Sachin Won M.O.M 3 times INDIA WON ALL How Old Were You When India Beat Pakistan in 2011.? pic.twitter.com/zCNzdyKhdN â Sachinð®ð³ Tendulkar FC CrickeTendulkar (@CrickeTendulkar) March 30, 2020India won the match by 29 runs and went on to the final of the 2011 World Cup to meet Kumar Sangakkaraâs Sri Lankan squad for the ultimate recognition at Tendulkarâs home ground in Mumbai. As far as the match against Pakistan was concerned, the little master turned out to be godsent for Dhoni and Co. He was crowned a well earned âMan of the Match,â before he went on to address the Mohali crowd: âI would like to thank everybody in Mohali for the terrific support. The team played brilliantly. The way we bowled and fielded was awesome.â © Reuters âInitially, Viru got us off to a flier and we had to take our time and play out the spinners. We kept losing wickets which we did not want. Raina played well in the end,â he said in the post-match interview. âGoing back to Mumbai is a great occasion. We want to focus on the job that is ahead. All the five matches against Pakistan have been memorable.â The second half of the ICC World Cup 2011 journey for the Men In Blue was rather unique. For every match that India won during the knockout rounds, you could pinpoint the very specific player who led us to the other side. In the quarter-final, it was Yuvraj Singh, in the semis it was Sachin Tendulkar and in the final, it was going to be the then Indian skipper MS Dhoni, who would hit the greatest six of his career to win the World Cup trophy. View the full article
  13. This is a 27-year-old story where two titans of the technology world were competing with each other for the dominant personal computer spot. In August of 1997, Bill Gates saved Apple, which at the time was on the brink of bankruptcy. While most companies would let their rivals die out, this is the story of when two companies decided to help each other out instead of letting one fold. © Pinterest âBill, thank you. The worldâs a better place,â Jobs told Gates when Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple and offered free access to use Microsoft Office on Mac personal computers. This historic move saved Apple from going down under and in exchange, Apple dropped their lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming the company copied their operating system. 20 years ago this week, Steve Jobs was on the cover of @TIME, thanking @BillGates for "saving Apple." pic.twitter.com/AhUnLnOZ8t â Codecademy (@Codecademy) August 24, 2017However, 10 years later, the two CEOs met on-stage at the D5 tech conference and relived the memory of coming together. In the interview, Jobs said "Apple was in very serious trouble,â and what was really clear was that "if the game was a zero-sum game where for Apple to win, Microsoft had to lose, then Apple was going to lose.â âThere were too many people at Apple and in the Apple ecosystem playing [that] game,â he explained. âAnd it was clear that you didnât have to play that game because Apple wasnât going to beat Microsoft.â © Pinterest âTo me, it was pretty essential to break that paradigm,â Jobs said. âAnd it was also important that you know, Microsoft was the biggest software developer outside of Apple, developing for the Mac. So it was just crazy what was happening at that time. And Apple was very weak and so I called Bill up and we tried to patch things up.â For Microsoft, it was a new business opportunity as well as a way to get Apple back on its feet. While Gates did end up with 18.2 million Apple shares, but these were non-voting shares as Microsoft was their fiercest rival. Eventually, Gates sold all of Apple shares in 2003, however as of 2019, those shares would have been worth $40-50 billion. âThatâs worked out very well,â said Gates at the D5 tech conference. âIn fact, every couple years or so, thereâs been something new that weâve been able to do on the Mac and itâs been a great business for us.â Well, many thought that this tech mythic story wasnât true until the two CEOs met for an interview together. Thereâs no doubt it is a great story about the two rivals. It proves eliminating competition isnât the only way to win and in turn, working together helped both companies to become the richest organisations in the world. What makes this story extraordinary is the fact that Bill Gates at the time was a cut-throat businessman and had a reputation for not being apologetic. Today, Bill Gates is known for his generosity and philanthropy, but he was a very different person in 1997 who chose to save his rival rather than see it sink. View the full article
  14. Every year, a ton of new games make it to the market and though not all of them are worth your time and money, it becomes very difficult to find out the ones that are worth picking up. Of course, we review a lot of them to tell you whether or not it's worth buying but we also come across a lot of disappointing titles almost every now and then. Well, I decided to list these games out because I seem to have too much time to think about these games during the lockdown. Before I begin, I'd like to point out that none of these games are bad by any means. I mean, it's a huge task to make a game and release it to the public, so if anything, we should appreciate their efforts. So I am simply pointing out the ones which I found to be very disappointing. Essentially, we're looking at an "overhyped and underdeliver" kind of situation here with these games. Let's check it out - Watch Dogs Watch Dogs is one of those games that literally made me go "Wowza" when I first saw it at an E3 keynote 6 years ago. Seriously, it was one of the best looking video game demos that I had ever seen. But the final retail version that shipped to the players? Well, it was nothing like what we were promised. Anyway, it's currently available for free from the Epic Games Store, so you can check it out if you want to. Fable 3 If you've played Fable 3, then you're probably wondering why is this game in the list of most disappointing games? Well, as I mentioned earlier, we're talking about the games that couldn't really deliver on the promises made before their release. Fable 3's designer Peter Molyneux is the one considered to be guilty of this. Game Of Thrones RPG The only good thing about the Game Of Thrones RPG was the story. I mean, you just can't go wrong with a GoT plot, right? Oh wait, I forgot about season 8. Anyway. The GoT RPG game was disappointing in almost every way. The game mechanics were bad and even the graphics were simply not that great. Simply put, it wasn't on par with the RPGs that were ruling at that time. Duke Nukem Forever This is a game that was sitting in development for 15 years. The devs started working on it back in 1997 and it came out 2011. The game legit feels veery old due to that. Everything from dialogue, gameplay mechanics and even graphics, feels like it was made for a 90s game. However, there was way too much hype surrounding this game, and it simply couldn't deliver it. View the full article
  15. In a surprising new development in Britain's fight against COVID-19, none other than heir to the throne, 71-year old Prince Charles of Wales has been diagnosed with the deadly viral strain, after being tested earlier this Monday. Known as the 'Perpetual Prince' in British media circles, he holds the record for the longest-serving heir apparent (living) in British history - a legacy that's been the butt of several tabloid jokes involving him and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II - who, at 92, seems to be chugging along splendidly. While Prince Charles has his own detailed and multifaceted life behind him - the subject of countless biographies and historical books - there remains a lot of quirky, unusual and downright entertaining facts that have slipped by over the years. The Prince Was Bullied In School © Wikimedia You might consider that kids would think twice before messing with the product of a 1,500-year old monarchy, but not every Scottish boarding school is as fun as Hogwarts. Attending classes at Gordonstoun, Scotland, when a classmate would talk to him, bullies would start making slurping sounds to imply his peers were 'sucking up', according to Robert Jobson in Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams. While the young Prince kept himself composed and didn't get into any trouble during his schooldays, he would write home about his troubles. “The people in my dormitory are foul,” he wrote in a 1963 letter. “Goodness, they are horrid. I don't know how anybody could be so foul.” His Controversial Marriage With Princess Diana © Reuters While most of Britain's general public were ecstatic to see Princess Diana enter the royal family back in 1981, future years saw many biographers chart how both Diana and Charles were not keen on tying the knot - one that was undone when the pair divorced in 1992. Diana met Charles at 16 when he was dating her elder sister Lady Sarah, beginning a series of coincidences that eventually led to the events captured in National Geographic's Diana: In Her Own Words - a documentary where archived interviews of the Princess revealed her disinterest in marrying Charles on their wedding day, and succumbing to the pressures of her sisters and the monarchy itself. Charles, who was reportedly in love for several years with his current wife Duchess Camilla, did not come out to his family about his regrets - although in Charles: The Misunderstood Prince, he was revealed as sharing a private moment of weakness with his valet. 'Stephen,' he asked his valet, 'Is it possible to love two women at the same time?' Looking at Charles' life now, perhaps the answer was yes. British Playboy Royalty, Or Not? © Reuters Don't get him wrong though - while the prince was pretty sombre when it came to marriage, he certainly had his fair share of tours around London's tabloids back in the day, with any young woman of royal lineage turning into fodder for the press, and Lady Sarah Spencer was no exception. While the prince himself maintains that he was a shy, reserved person, the press and some members of the royal family suggested that Charles was quite the charmer - his great-uncle Lord Mountbatten told interviewers that the young prince was forever 'popping in and out of bed with a girl.' Yes, this is that Lord Mountbatten, believe it or not. Either way, Charles would go on to resent this image and denounce it later in his life. He Owns A Vintage Aston Martin That Runs On Wine © GQ Move over, James Bond - while Prince Charles may not live up to the same kind of playboy reputation, he certainly matches up when it comes to cars. The prince owns an Aston Martin DB6 MKII that was gifted to him by Queen Elizabeth on his 21st birthday. While the car itself is a gorgeous piece of British motoring heritage, it also happens to literally run on white wine. The prince happens to be a patron and generous donor to environmental causes - and his vintage ride was pretty far off from passing any recent pollution checks. Determined to ride guilt-free, he went on to strongarm the engineers at Aston Martin - who after some convincing, managed to turn his Aston into the most delicious-smelling vehicle to roll out of their factories. He's A Skilled Illusionist © Reuters Probably the coolest character trait for any member of the British royal family, Prince Charles actually has some skills in the art of illusions and magic - having passed the official examination to join the Magic Circle — a British social organization of magicians — back in 1975. His Secret-Service Codename is 'Unicorn' © Reuters Certain visiting dignitaries to the U.S. are given code names of their own, and Charles was given Unicorn. The fanciful name is oddly fitting - the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and has been part of its coat-of-arms for some 600 years, with the earliest banners and signs found in Rothesay Castle, Scotland. Among Prince Charles's earliest titles, which he received at age 5, is Duke of Rothesay. The Prince Is An Accomplished Author - Of Children's Books © Reuters In 1980, Prince Charles wrote a children's book called The Old Man of Lochnagar, based on the stories he would tell his younger brothers, Princes Andrew and Edward. It centers around an old man who went to the caves near Balmoral looking for a quiet place to take a hot bath. The book was later turned into an animated short film, narrated by the prince. While this is one of his more famous and unusual works, the prince has shone as a writer with several books written on subjects ranging from architecture to philosophy, and has lent his forewords to 24 separate publications. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. View the full article
  16. As of today, Windows 10 is actively running on over 1 Billion devices across the globe. Honestly, it's not really a surprise considering how wildly popular the OS really is. With only a handful of competing OS' out there on the market, Windows 10 was bound to hit this number. To put things into perspective, one in every seven people across the globe is now using Windows 10. Yes, that's how popular this OS is. But it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the evolution of older versions of Windows. Imagine using a very basic and raw build of Windows 95, or even worse, Windows 3 or something to do your work every day. Weird, right? Well, here's a look at all the landmark features of some of the older versions of Windows because if it wasn't for those experimental features that were introduced back then, we probably wouldn't be sitting here on our computers, going about our work every day. Windows 95 Gave Us The "Start" Button © Wikipedia Windows 98, the successor to the Windows 95 OS, came out on June 25, 1998. Although it wasn't all that different from Windows 95 visually, it did bring a lot of important things to the table like support for DVD players. Windows 98 was also the first OS to bring features like Disk Cleanup, Windows Update, multi-monitor support, and Internet Connection Sharing. Imagine not being able to use Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 or having difficulty keeping your system up-to-date with all the vulnerabilities lurking around these days. Windows Me During The Windows Movie Maker Era © Instagram If you talk to someone who has used a version of Windows XP, they'll probably tell you that it's the best version of the OS to ever ship. It was released in October of 2001 and brought major changes to the UI across the board. This is the year the "Start" button and the "taskbar" got a major visual overhaul and we saw the first green start button for the very first time. Also, I'd like to take a moment here to acknowledge the fact that "Bliss" is by far the best Windows wallpaper to ever come out. No matter what kind of customization you come up with, I will always have a special place for that lush green photograph shot by Charles O'Rear. What a legend! Windows Vista - A Buggy Release View the full article
  17. There was a time when most of us were inspired by trends that we would see on the runways. Cut to 2012, it was Bollywood that became the definitive source of style inspiration for men. It was also at this time that celebrities metamorphosed into fashion icons. And then there was also the Indian cricket team, who were in a league of their own. From Hardik Pandya to KL Rahul to MS Dhoni, their style eccentricities remain unmatched to this day. © Instagram/Virat Kohli The consistency with which Virat makes his appearances has helped him score numerous brownie points over the years, thanks to his sense of style. It is pretty evident that this man has a versatile wardrobe filled with casual ensembles and striking suits. However, this wasn't the case when he started out. Here's Virat's journey that shows how the game has changed and how he has knocked it out of the park with his impeccable style sensibilities. © Instagram/Virat Kohli 1. 2008 was the beginning of Virat's journey. He had a quintessential style of a teenage boy from Delhi and would often sport his basic denim jeans with basic T-shirts. He would also add one flashy element and make a rather flamboyant statement. We also love the way he used to wear his ear studs. © Instagram/Virat Kohli © Instagram/Virat Kohli 2. In 2009, there was a phase where Virat usually had a laid-back sense of style. Mostly driven towards casual trends, he would turn up at events in relaxed silhouettes. For example, this particular appearance of his, in which he is seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt and similarly coloured pants. © Instagram/Virat Kohli 3. In 2011, Virat matured as a cricketer and with his game, his style and fashion choices also evolved. It was at this point, he became experimental with his hairstyle. We couldn't miss noticing his Mohawk hairstyle that he started sporting during the World Cup. © Instagram/Virat Kohli © Instagram/Virat Kohli 4. His style transformed dramatically in 2012, when he started showing up at events in suits and sharp silhouettes. Speaking of his hairstyles, they became even more popular as he took an unconventional route and started sporting hair, cut from the side, with a light scruff. © Instagram/Virat Kohli 5. Then came the phase which saw the beginning of Virat being inundated with praise from the fashion fraternity. By 2013, Virat had developed a lean physique and could carry everything with panache. His hair remained on the shorter side while his sartorial style started developing even further. © Instagram/Virat Kohli © Instagram/Virat Kohli 6. From his polos and chinos to classy formals, Virat came a long way, with everything that he wore becoming a rage. Virat's sartorial sensibilities remained unabated by 2014 and literally, everyone started taking style notes from him. At this point, his stubble had evolved into a full beard while the length of his hair remained short. © Instagram/Virat Kohli © Instagram/Virat Kohli 7. By 2015, we could see that he was all about sports-luxe and athleisure. From wearing oversized bomber jackets to sporting camouflage T-shirts and making statements in denims, Virat pulled off everything with some aplomb. © Instagram/Virat Kohli © Instagram/Virat Kohli 8. From 2015 up until now, there's hardly been anything that has changed in Virat's ensembles. But the fact that his style is still experimental, quirky and definitely above the norm, shows that his fashion game is going strong. Cut to 2020, Virat is still a style icon for the youth with an ever-growing fanbase. It will be quite interesting to see how his fashion choices evolve from this point. © Instagram/Virat Kohli © Instagram/Virat Kohli Let us know what you think of Virat's style evolution in the comments below. View the full article
  18. Weinstein was found guilty of a criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree
  19. Jury convicts Weinstein of sexually assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006 and raping Jessica Mann, a onetime aspiring actress, in 2013.
  20. Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra welcomed their daughter into this world on February 15th through surrogacy
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