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Found 2,066 results

  1. Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature has finally rolled out for iPhone and iPad users via the iOS 14.5 update. The new features prevent companies like Facebook, Google or other apps that use your personal data for serving targeted advertisements. The new feature is a big deal as it directly impacts the business models of giants like Facebook, Google and other apps that rely on advertisement revenue. © Apple While this feature was unveiled last year at WWDC, it finally made its way to users earlier this week. Apple has switched to IDFA (“Identifier of Advertising”) replacing the previous Unique Device Identifier that was used by websites and apps to track for targeted ads. Now, Apple is giving more control to iPhone/iPad users who want to limit ad tracking on certain apps or all apps they use on personal devices. How To Stop App Tracking in iOS 14.5 © Apple In order to use the App Tracking Transparency feature, you need to first update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 14.5. You can update your OS by going to Settings > General > Software update. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the latest update, you can head to Settings > Privacy > Tracking. You can now disable “Allow Apps To Request to Track” if you don’t want any of your installed apps to track you. However, if you wish to grant certain apps to track you, you will need to leave the feature on. Each time you download a new app, you will get a pop-up notification asking whether you want to give it permission to track your activity across other companies. You can also manage specific apps that can track you from the Privacy menu if you want more control on which apps should be allowed to track you. View the full article
  2. When it comes to comedy, “stream it or skip it” has never been a question. Of course, we stream, and stream until we’re running out of content to binge. News is, India’s top comedy entertainers are unleashing a laugh riot in a “comedy house” but only one of them can win. Aahaa!! – this real-time comedy show is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video as LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse. We’re talking Kusha Kapila, Mallika Dua, Aakash Gupta and the likes all locked up in the house of puns with just one rule to follow – hasna mana hai. If you laugh you lose, but you’re supposed to make the others laugh. Now that’s tough and equally entertaining to watch. Don’t We All Need A Dose Of Laughter! The new show LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse will work wonders to spruce up your mood in these trying times. It’ll make you forget your worries and just laugh for hours straight. Who can say no to that? After all, laughter is the best medicine. India’s Top 10 Comedians Under One Roof Amazon Prime Video Watching Akash Gupta’s stand-up comedy for hours to stalking Kusha Kapila on Instagram – we’ve all been there. But what if we told you, 10 of India’s best comedians will gather under the same roof for this 6-episodic reality comedy show? The comedian line-up includes - Aakash Gupta, Aditi Mittal, Aadar Malik, Ankita Shrivastava, Cyrus Broacha, Gaurav Gera, Kusha Kapila, Mallika Dua, Sunil Grover, Suresh Menon. Boman Irani & Arshad Warsi Team Up As Hosts! Amazon Prime Video If you thought the artist line-up is fantastic, wait till you hear this – Dapper duo Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi will be hosting this laugh riot! We can’t wait to hear their impromptu commentary and rib-tickling remarks. “Boman and I are tasked with keeping a close eye on the ten contestants who are all under one roof only with one intention – to be the last one laughing. I can’t wait for viewers to see what these talented comedians come up with and how far they’ll go to take home the prize”, said Arshad Warsi. International Format Arrives In India Amazon Prime Video LOL: Last One Laughing Australia followed the same format - 10 comedians including Nick Cody, Sam Simmons etc were battling it out to keep a straight face while making others laugh. The show became a huge hit globally, and thank god, Amazon Prime Video decided to bring it to India! On this show, nothing is off the table – these 10 comedians crack jokes on everything under the sun – leaving us in splits and wanting for more at the same time. This 6 episode-long laughter fest is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, start streaming already! View the full article
  3. Weight loss is and always will be the most captivating thing for anyone who is trying to shed those extra kilos from their body as somehow almost a lot of people struggle with their weight and want to lose a bit more always to fit in those pair of clothes. For which they do the best of their will -- from strict dieting to working out regularly, but still, somehow they are not able to achieve the results they have imagined for themselves, which may be due to some mistake that they are doing unintentionally which is hampering their weight loss journey. Therefore these are 4 common mistakes that you should avoid in order to lose weight effectively. 1. Poor sleep pattern © istock Well, the reason why not many people focus on their sleep pattern is because no one in the weight loss industry has marketed good sleep as a fat burner, for obvious reasons. You can have possibly the best diet and workout protocols of the world specially designed for your body, remember nothing will turn to reality if your sleep quality is not good or you are not having a good sleep pattern. Since almost every magic of your transformation happens in the deep state of rest which is why when you are sleeping, your body repairs and rejuvenates itself from the workload it has been given on the day, your hormones production and regulation takes place when you are sleeping, your body detoxes itself when you are sleeping, almost every essential aspect of the human body happens when you are sleeping, which all plays a crucial role to your fat loss or muscle gain journey. Therefore never take your sleep for granted, provide good sleep to your body to recover itself, remember all your energy for the day depends upon the kind of sleep you had yesterday, also lack of sleep increase the hunger hormone called "ghrelin" which may give you these unwanted and weird cravings of food, which is never a good state to be in if you are wanting to lose weight. Hence aim to have a good sleep for about 7–8hrs every day, keeping the going to bed and waking up time almost the same. 2. Unwanted stress © istock With the kind of lifestyle we are living, almost each and every person has some kind of stress in their life, some people are good with stress management while some may not manage their stress effectively, since stress increases the hormone called "cortisol” in the body which is an important hormone for us, but prolonged and an excess amount of production of cortisol may disrupt the harmony of your body which may lead to weight gain, bloating and ultimately put you off from your fat loss protocol. In addition to the hormonal changes related to stress, stress can also drive you to engage in the following unhealthy behaviors like emotional eating, eating junk and processed food, skipping exercise, staying up too late, sleeping less all of which can further damage your fitness goals. Hence try to manage your stress level, try deep breathing, indulge in any activity that you like, play any sport or game, spend time with your loved ones which will surely help you boost your mood and manage your stress levels. 3. Excessive cardio © istock If you are someone who just has started their weight loss journey, one common misconception that many people have in their mind is that weight training gives you bulkier muscles and cardio burned your fat. Well, as a matter of fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Only cardio or excessive cardio can be as bad in obesity, since when we are performing cardiovascular exercises every day for a longer duration, our body burns the limited amount of calories as compared to weight training. Additionally, it deteriorates body muscles as well, which is never a good idea when we are talking about healthy weight loss, as muscles are essential for our body and are more metabolically active than fat. Which is why having a good amount of muscle is good for your body structure and makes your body more toned and enhances your body metabolism as well. But performing only cardio activity regularly will drift your way from a healthy weight loss, which is retaining maximum lean body mass with minimal fat mass. Also, don't get us wrong; we are not against cardiovascular exercise, they are great for your heart health and helps supply a good amount of oxygen to your body as well, but any good can turn into bad if done in excess, the same goes with cardio as well. Hence the best practice to include is to choose any kind of resistance training as a major and any other cardio activity as minor. 4. Starving or eating way too less © istock The first thing that any beginner who tries to lose weight by themselves will do is to eat way too little than what they used to eat or will end up starving themselves for the entire day since it is a very popular misconception around people that they have to eat very less if they want to lose weight, which is not true and not healthy for a human body as well. As a human being our bodies are meant to be nourished with nutrient-dense foods and care, but when you starve your self or eat way too little you tend to do the opposite of it, which is torturing and making your bodies left unnourished, which in return disturbs the hormone of your body -- from mood swings to hormonal imbalance to poor hair and skin quality. You tend to welcome all not so good stuff when you torture your body and leave it unnourished, which doesn't sound good for a healhty body. Since there is no point in losing weight by compromising your health over it, weight and fat are just an outcome of the unhealthy habits that you have regulated over a period of time, the best is to fix them over time. Therefore never starve yourself, eat whole and healthy foods according to the calorie requirements, eat a balanced and nutrient-dense diet. BottomlineRemember fitness or healthy habits is never a destination that you follow for some period of time and then leave, it is a lifestyle and good habits that you build and sustain. Hence focus more on building good habits which you can sustain for lifelong to keep you fit, healthy, and nourished! View the full article
  4. As we welcome the seasons of summers, it is quite important that we keep our bodies cool and hydrated, as the temperatures begin to soar high leaving everyone feeling fatigued, sweaty, and messed up. Staying hydrated is the most critical aspect that you should take care of in the sunny season. Your body tends to lose water and electrolytes at a rapid rate due to excessive sweating and heat. While water is the utmost important drink to quench your thirst, you can try other summer beverages that not only satisfy your taste buds but also keep your body cool and hydrated. Hence, let us refresh and replenish our bodies with some healthy summer beverages instead of any processed sugary drink in order to beat the heat. Therefore these are some summer drinks that you must not miss out on. 1. Coconut Water © istock Coconut water is often referred to as Natural Gatorade, as it is a great source of electrolytes, from potassium, magnesium to calcium, coconut water has all of it, If you're having an intense sweat session, especially in the summers when you may be sweating more, the electrolytes in coconut water can help to regulate fluid balance and fill up the depleted electrolytes that your body may have lost due to sweating and thus keeping your body hydrated. Lack of proper hydration can lead to multiple problems like headaches, lethargy, and dry skin. Drinking coconut water frequently will make sure that you are less likely to fall for any kind of such problems. Coconut water also helps in reducing blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health, as coconut water is a good source of potassium which helps in the fluid balance of the cells. Apart from all goodness coconut water is beneficial for your kidney health as well. Hence a chilled glass of coconut water is all you need to beat the heat these summers, just make sure that you are not consuming processed/packaged coconut water, the best would be to go for natural and fresh ones. 2. Sugarcane Juice © istock Summers are not complete without a fresh and chilled glass of this sugarcane juice, the ultimate energy booster. Sugarcane juice is rich in antioxidants which help your body in fighting infections and boosting immunity, One of the most essential health benefits that sugarcane juice posses are that it is a diuretic which means that it helps in dealing with urinary tract infections, kidney stones and ensure the proper functioning of the kidney. Another important health benefit of sugarcane juice is due to it being rich in carbohydrates, iron, potassium, and other essential micro-nutrients that make it the ideal replacement for any energy drinks. Especially in the summers every time you feel like you need to replenish your body and re-hydrate during the, grab that glass of chilled sugar cane juice and enjoy its benefits. 3. Sattu Drink © istock The natural protein shake for all the hardworking laborers in West Bengal and Bihar, Sattu is also called poor man's protein, but due to its enormous benefits, it is getting popular among the urban public these days as well. Sattu powder is basically roasted chickpeas finely ground in a powder form, which is extremely nutritious for the human body and is also rich in protein, as 100gm of Sattu gives you a good 20gm of protein, now this may look less when compared to whey protein but again adding this with your buttermilk or in your Roties, will only help you to enhance the nutritional value of the meal. Sattu is filled with a great amount of insoluble fiber which can be really beneficial for your gut health. Consumption of Sattu not only cleanses out your colon but helps to ease certain problems like constipation, bloating, acidity as well. For the preparation, add 2 teaspoons of fresh Sattu powder to a glass of chilled water or you can even add in a glass of buttermilk, then add cumin powder, black salt, black pepper, and lemon juice to it. Garnish it with some mint leaves and serve chilled. Sattu drink will surely help your body to replenish all those good nutrients and essential micronutrients so that you dont feel the burden of heat that much. 4. Lemonade(Nimbu Paani) © istock Sometimes it is the simplest and most basic thing which adds maximum joys in our lives, and lemonade(Nimbu Pani) is one out of them. A quick drink to make and amazingly delicious, this drink is prepared using mint leaves, lemons, sugar, salt, and water. Lemonade is possible the easiest and delicious way to keep your body hydrated, apart from hydration Vitamin C from the lemon is also well beneficial for your skin health and immunity. Adding some black pepper, rock salt, and cumin powder can surely elevate the taste game of this drink, which will help your body in replenishing all the essential electrolytes that you may have lost due to sweat. You may also add some amount of table sugar as well if your taste buds crave something sweet. 5. Buttermilk © istock A glass of chilled buttermilk is all your body needs on a sunny hot day, as chilled buttermilk is a soothing drink for summers. It has innumerable health benefits as well. Buttermilk is very refreshing and quickly cools down our bodies. A glass of buttermilk with added cumin seeds, mint, and salt, is well suited to quench your thirst and cool your body in the hot summer months from April to July. You can even throw some ice cubes in your glass of buttermilk which proves to be a better alternative to any processed drinks or packaged juices out in the market. Buttermilk is a boon for the digestive system, the presence of good bacteria and lactic acid in buttermilk helps in improving the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from foods, which is why it blends well post your lunch. It also helps to maintain regular bowel movements and helps people who suffer from constipation. Buttermilk is a good source of calcium as100 ml of buttermilk contains around 116 mg of calcium, which helps to make your bones and teeth strong. BottomlineInstead of going for any processed and package sugary drinks add these healthy and natural summers cooled to quench your thirst and keep your body well hydrated in the season of summers. Apart from the delicious taste, these drinks will also help in elevating your health. View the full article
  5. NA-249 has a population of 782,776 of which only 339,591, or 43% of people, are registered to vote
  6. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you already know the given benefits of drinking coffee. Like consuming black coffee before a workout boosts your energy level. In fact, a few survey reports also found that trained athletes who take black coffee before a workout burned 15% more calories for three hours after the workout. Apart from its great taste, black coffee contains caffeine which helps boost your body's metabolic rate as well, which can really help in your weight loss journey. Therefore, if your focus is to lose weight and remain fit, in that case, you are probably already consuming black coffee without sugar and milk in order to avoid the added calories. This also means that you need your cup of java every day. However, running to a coffee shop for your energy shots in the morning is not quite possible. So, we caught up with a few coffee experts to know about how one can enhance their coffee game at home, Thus we had a word with Mr. Bharat Sethi who is the founder of Rage Coffee. Hence these are some ways to elevate the coffee you make at home:- 1. Go for whole coffee beans © istock To keep the flavor of your favorite coffee intact, begin with buying whole coffee beans and not ground. You must take into consideration the type of roast – light, medium, or dark. These factors make a lot of difference as to how your coffee may taste. 2. Try a French Press © istock In addition, it is important to invest in the right kind of coffee maker, which also consists of a coffee grinder. For instance, a French press is another option and doesn’t require a grounder to make a perfect cup of coffee. Pour-over coffee using a filter that sits above the cup is another way to go about it. With all these methods, your coffee will taste different. Now, you just have to figure out how you like it best. 3. Water matters © istock One must figure out the exact coffee-to-water ratio for enhancing your cup of coffee. It will help you not make coffee which is not too strong. You can also opt for bottled spring water instead of tap water. Also, keep the water temperature between 195 degrees F and 205 degrees F. This is said to be the optimal temperature for brewing coffee without burning the beans. 4. Add a dash of flavor © istock Now if you are looking forward to experimenting with your plain black coffee, try different add-on flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, to name a few. These will help enhance the taste of your coffee. Even adding a few flakes of sea salt in with your grinds can intensify the taste. 5. Try Cold Brew © istock Besides pre-workout, if you like having your coffee at other times of the day as well, why not go for cold brew? The good part is that it can be made in large quantities in one go and it is also good for your stomach too, as lots of black coffee in a day may cause acid reflux. All you have to do is mix grounded coffee in water (take whatever ratio works for you) and let it sit for 18 to 24 hours. Strain it through a cheesecloth, store the brew in an airtight container in the fridge, and consume it within three days. So, enjoy the perfect ‘caffeine kick’ that not just not boosts your energy but also your productivity. View the full article
  7. It’s beyond human understanding: the workings of the mind of a serial killer. No matter how many movies you watch that tie up the loose ends for you, present you with an answer to the whys, it’s really not that simple in real life. The twisted workings of the minds of serial killers are incomprehensible, yet we can’t help but try. So, if you’re morbidly curious still, then here are some bone-chilling facts about real-life serial killers that will have you paranoid for days. A word of caution, though: Only read on if you’re in a strong enough headspace, because these facts are not meant for the faint of heart. Still here? Let’s get into it then. 1. Rodney Alcala appeared on the dating show The Dating Game in 1978 during his killing spree, and actually won. © 24 Sata The killer spared no details for his articles, apparently, and dared to even differ from what the rest of the Macedonian press was reporting. His suspicious knowledge of unreleased information, such as the type of phone cord the killer used, was what clued the police in. Taneski was found dead in his prison cell in June 2008, only a day after he was taken in. 3. Mohan Kumar would feed his victims with cyanide after raping them, under the guise of contraceptive pills. © Wikipedia You might know this killer, rapist, and necrophile from the show Mindhunter, which goes into excruciating detail of his crimes. Also known as the “Co-ed Killer”, Kemper reportedly led the audiobook project and even has two trophies to his name. 5. Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde used toddlers as defence during robberies, then murdered them. © biography Before he commited suicide in 2012, the police discovered a series of drawings under Keyes’ bed, paintings of 11 skulls that were drawn in his own blood. Though he has died, his case remains open as the FBI tries to piece together who his victims were. 7. Richard Chase, also called the Vampire Killer, believed unlocked doors were invitation and would walk away from locked doors. View the full article
  8. Trio takes parody of Noor Jehan's "Mahi Ve", turns it into fun reminder to practice coronavirus safety measures
  9. Trio takes parody of Noor Jehan's Mahi Ve, turns it into fun reminder to practice coronavirus safety measures
  10. The lockdown life was not chosen by us but the least we can do is stay home and stay safe. The world outside is a depressing territory as we all continue fighting the pandemic. If you are home, safe and healthy, please thank your stars. Instead of finding reasons to venture out, here are 7 shows you can finish watching in just one day: 1. Behind Her EyesClearly a winner for us! This is one of the most interesting and mind-bending shows you’ll watch in a very long time. A psychologist dealing with an ailing wife who won’t let go of her insecurities and his personal assistant, who he eventually falls in love with. This is not just a love story. It’s a dark and a twisted tale of desire and mind boggling mystery. 2. The Queen's GambitYou simply have to follow the chess prodigy named Beth Herman who is on a quest to become the biggest chess player in the world. This miniseries is exemplary in terms of how the visualisation is shown for one of the oldest games known to mankind. Special kudos for Anna Taylor Joy’s wonderful act. 3. Locke & KeyLove a good mystery? Then this show will certainly not disappoint you one bit. This series follows three siblings, who, following their father’s death, move into their ancestral estate with their mother. The show follows their magical and mysterious adventures as they continue finding keys around the house which unlock some very dark secrets. 4. CrashingIf you’re a fan of Phoebe Waller Bridge and enjoyed her brilliant act in Fleabag, then this one with just 6 episodes will surely not disappoint you. This one follows a motley crew who is surviving and living in a hospital which is turned into a makeshift residency for adults. Very funny and very realistic. 5. Scam 1992If you have been sitting on this one and haven’t found a chance to watch it, please use this period to delight yourself with the storyline and above all, the marvellous acting of Pratik Gandhi in it. This one is a fictionalised tell-all tale around the Harshad Mehta scam of 1992. 6. LeilaThis show was released almost 2 years ago but honestly the dystopian vibes it gave is eerily similar to what the political climate of this country today. The show explains class divide , power divide and the scary future that may follow if order is not restored. The aesthetics are very interesting though. 7. Russian DollThis is a very underrated show and not much was written about when it first released. This comedy-drama follows a woman named Nadia who is stuck in a constant loop because all her days end and begin on the same day, i.e- she is living the same day over and over again. This carnal loop has a very interesting climax and we don’t like spoilers so simply watch it! View the full article
  11. So what happened after Loki escaped the Avengers with the Tesseract? You’re about to find out real soon! With two trailers already out, packed with sneak peeks into a time travel adventure featuring the God of Mischief and quite a few character reveals, Marvel fans are naturally pretty hyped up for the June release. There’s no doubt that Loki is perhaps one of the most anticipated upcoming Marvel releases, particularly since the fan-favourite character so rarely gets the opportunity to tell his own side of things. If you haven’t quite been able to keep up with all the info that’s out on the series, we’ve got your back! Here are some of the major things we know and need to keep in mind before it finally comes out. 1. Loki will return as a prisoner of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) © Marvel At the end of Avengers: End Game, Loki escapes with the Tesseract during the Avengers’ time heist, and consequently breaks reality. Now, the TVA and Owen Wilson’s character M. Mobius enlist his help to help fix the alternate timelines. A possible timeline shows Loki sitting on the throne of Asgard. 2. This Loki is a variant — and there might be multiple variants © Marvel “You really believe in this Loki variant?” Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s character Judge Renslayer asks M. Mobius. Loki’s jacket, too, in the second trailer spells out the word “VARIANT”. This points to the existence of other variants who might appear in the series. 3. Speaking of variants, President Loki is likely to be there © Marvel Marvel fans will remember President Loki from a 2016 arc that served as smart political commentary on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Easily identifiable by the “Vote Loki” badge, President Loki is present in both trailers, perhaps as another variant, and looks to be in some trouble with the Sakaarian scrappers from Thor: Ragnarok. 4. The Loki logo is a big clue, according to Tom Hiddleston © Marvel “I want to preserve the freshness of the show for when it emerges, but something to think about is the logo, which seems to refresh and restore,” the actor said in an Empire exclusive. “Loki is the quintessential shapeshifter. His mercurial nature is that you don't know whether, across the MCU, he's a hero or a villain or an anti-hero. You don't know whether you can trust him.” He further added, “I think that shapeshifting logo might give you an idea that Loki, the show, is about identity, and about integrating the disparate fragments of the many selves that he can be, and perhaps the many selves that we are.” 5. The Loki series connects to the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film © Marvel We already know that the Scarlet Witch will play a key role in the 2022 movie, and now it’s been confirmed that Loki will too. “I’m not sure we’ve actually acknowledged that before,” Kevin Feige, Marvel’s chief creative officer, told Bloomberg. “But it does.” 6. Loki will introduce the character of Judge Renslayer and M. Mobius © Marvel Though some will be more familiar with Mobius than Renslayer, the trailers revealed the two characters who will be played by Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw respectively. The latter is closely connected to Kang the Conqueror in the comics, which might hint a possible link to Ant-Man 3 where Jonathan Majors will be playing his character. Other confirmed cast includes Sasha Lane, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku, and Richard E. Grant. 7. Loki’s seen sitting with someone, who may be Black Widow, Lady Loki, or someone else entirely © Marvel A mystery character is present in both trailers, sitting on an unknown planet that may or may not be Vormir. Of course, it’s got fans arguing whether Loki will be meeting Natasha Romanoff or if it’s another version of Loki himself, Lady Loki. I’m leaning towards the second option, but who knows, when it comes to MCU. The first episode of Loki comes to Disney+ Hotstar on June 11, so make sure to set your reminders! Until then, have some theories you’d like to share or want to talk about something we missed? Hit us up in the comments. View the full article
  12. As the country continues to fight the pandemic and the situation is worsening by the day, many states, including Delhi are imposing curfews and lockdowns as a strict measure to control the situation. A weekend curfew was implied on the capital and while many people cooperated and abided by the law, some rule breakers went that extra mile and decided to dump their frustration on the Police only. A couple in Delhi was stopped for violating curfew rules and was not even wearing a mask. On being stopped and questioned, the couple shouted at the cops, insisted that they were married and if they kissed no one could stop them and argued why they were not wearing a mask. Someone has videotaped the entire incident and it has gone viral on the internet. कोरोना के इस दौर में ऐसे जाहिल लोग भी याद किये जाएंगे ,कार में बैठा एक कपल बिना कर्फ्यू पास के दरियागंज इलाके में घूम रहा था वो भी बिना मास्क के,पुलिस ने जब रोका तो बोला अपने दोस्त को किस करूंगी,पुलिस ने केस दर्ज कर दोनों को गिरफ्तार किया pic.twitter.com/Z9iCnmp4Hu — Mukesh singh sengar मुकेश सिंह सेंगर (@mukeshmukeshs) April 18, 2021 Soon people started tweeting that the Police should take strict action against the couple for misbehaving and violating the norms. @CPDelhi Should book the lady also, to stop the law enforcement from the duty, why the woman is let off without arrest, in fact, she was doing all the nautanki...My god ... — Jinxpm (@Jinxpm1) April 19, 2021 Soon after this video went viral, and the couple was being reprimanded on the internet, an FIR was lodged against them. The couple has been identified as residents of Patel Nagar and were arrested today. #UPDATE | The couple that misbehaved with Delhi Police personnel in Daryaganj area yesterday, after they were stopped & asked the reason for not wearing face masks, has been arrested. The husband was arrested yesterday while the wife was arrested today. pic.twitter.com/xw8LqmpPk1 — ANI (@ANI) April 19, 2021 The Delhi High Court has made face masks as ‘necessary’ requirement for people driving alone as well because cars drive in public places after all. The CM today announced a lockdown from tonight till Monday next week because the number of daily cases in the capital is crossing a whopping 25,000 mark. It is impossible to contain the pandemic and come out of this situation if the residents of the country don’t do their bit. Please be kind to everyone around you because everyone’s mental health is obviously going for a toss but we must keep our calm. View the full article
  13. It’s easy to say monsters aren’t real when dealing with the run-of-the-mill horror movies filled with jumpscares and transparent apparitions. And when we are completely out-of-mind terrified of what’s happening on the big screen, our brains are usually rational enough to say, “Hey, chill, it’s not real.” (Even if it’s usually followed by “but what if it was?” while you jump away from shadowy corners.) But that certainly isn’t for all horror movies, particularly those that were modelled after real-life demons and incidents. Still, if you think you can handle the long-lasting paranoia that comes after watching such movies, here’s a list of scary movies based on real-life incidents that are sure to petrify you for a while. 1. A Nightmare On Elm Street © New Line Cinema Often hailed as one of the greatest horror movies of all times, A Nightmare on Elm Street will have you scared to the bones of giving into sleep. Though the characters are fictionalised, you might be surprised to know that the idea of being frightened to death in your sleep is not that far fetched even in reality. In fact, it’s based on a condition called sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), which causes people to suddenly die in their sleep, and was first noted among southeast Asian in the US in 1977. And that’s where the director, Wes Craven, drew inspiration from. 2. Annabelle © Warner Bros Is there anyone alive who isn’t scared of creepy dolls? While the fear might have been cultivated in response to Chucky, the doll from Child’s Play, it’s not as unreasonable as you’d think. From voodoo dolls to actual kids dolls like Robert, there are plenty of rumoured haunted dolls to make you want to never buy one again. Annabelle is one such doll, and it inspired its namesake character and movie in The Conjuring franchise. The doll itself currently resides in paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s occult museum. 3. Backcountry © IFC Films Everyone knows that the real horrors lie in the jungles, and perhaps that’s one of the thrills of camping for some. Still, there are tons of horrifying true stories to be found on humans going against nature, and the 2014 nature survival horror film Backcountry is based on one such story. Though the characters in the movie are fictionalised, the film’s based on the story of a wild bear that attacked Mark Jordan and Jacqueline Perry in 2005. If your friends are trying to convince you to go camping and you have no plans of stepping a foot outside, then we suggest planning a movie night and putting this on! Who knows, they might have a sudden change of heart. 4. The Silence of the Lambs © Orion Pictures Though ghosts and the paranormal don’t exist in The Silence of the Lambs, there are plenty of monsters. This 1991 psychological horror and thriller was based on the 1988 novel of the same name by Thomas Harris. And though the narrative of the story itself is fictional, the horrors inside are inspired by true events and serial killers that have haunted our world. According to the writer of the book, the characters are based on real-life people, such as the infamous Hannibal Lecter who was based on Dr. Salazar (or Alfredo Ballí Treviño), a convicted doctor Harris met in a Mexican state prison. The character of Buffalo Bill was based largely on serial killer Ed Gein as well as others like Ted Bundy and Gary Heidnik. 5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose © Sony Pictures Loosely based on the story of Anneliese Michel, a German woman who went through 67 exorcisms in the year before she died. The story might be categorised better as a psychological and legal thriller than horror in the true sense, but made this list due to the elements of real vs. fictional that will keep you up at night wondering what might have really happened to the poor girl, both in the sense of the paranormal and the “exorcisms” she went through. It tells the story of a courtroom case after the death of Emily Rose who was diagnosed with epilepsy and schizophrenia and took psychiatric medications to no avail — after which her parents resorted to exorcism due to her descriptions of her delusions. Of course, this list is by no means an exhaustive one, so we’d love to hear your favourites! Leave us recommendations in the comments below, and we’d love to hear what you think about the ones mentioned above. View the full article
  14. ASUS’s Republic of Gamers Phone 5 or ROG 5 is the latest gaming smartphone from the Taiwanese company hitting the Indian market soon. The smartphone for what it’s worth does what it advertises, i.e. play games with the highest and most efficient performance possible. However, the ROG5 5 is not a gaming console and we have to judge it as a smartphone for everyday users. The smartphone comes with all the flagship specifications you would expect from a premium device and I put it to test for a few weeks to find out if it’s worth Rs 57,999. Design and Display © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The ASUS ROG 5 carries forward its whacky, over the top gaming design language you may have seen on the company’s laptops and motherboards. For gaming enthusiasts like me, it gives the smartphone a visual identity that reflects my passion and interests. However, for a regular smartphone user, the aggressive gaming branding might be a bit gaudy to look at. The ROG 5 is a well-built smartphone that does plenty of other flagship devices to shame. However, my main gripe with the design of the smartphone is its sheer weight. It weighs around 238 grams which can be a bit unwieldy, even for gamers. The main purpose of this smartphone is to play games and if you plan on gaming for long sessions, you will feel the strain on your wrists sooner or later; even when you attach a periscope controller. At the back, you will also find the ROG logo that can illuminate according to your preference. It’s ASUS’ throwback to RGB lighting on its other hardware products that have been carried forward for smartphones. It’s a cool feature to have however it does drain the battery if you plan on having it. The ROG 5 also comes with two USB-C ports where one can be found on the left-hand side. This port can be used to charge the smartphone but more importantly, attach accessories such as a gamepad or a cooling fan. This USB-C port is protected by a rubber cover however since it is not attached to the body of the phone, you can easily lose it. There is a space rubber cover in the box but that’s not really helpful. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When it comes to the display, the ROG 5 has used on the highest grade screens you can find on a smartphone. It also has a refresh rate of 144Hz which is currently the highest you can find. The display also has a response time of 1ms, a standard feature you can also find on ASUS gaming monitors. While I do like the 144Hz refresh rate, no competitive game actually takes advantage of this feature at the moment. It sure does feel good to see Dead Cells support the higher refresh rate as it does come in handy when platforming and attacking enemies in the side-scrolling game. The higher refresh rate also works with games like Minecraft, Mortal Kombar and CSR Racing which is a great library to start with. However, if you would like to conserver battery life, the ROG 5 can also run on a 120Hz refresh rate and the difference isn’t that noticeable. The one thing that I don’t like about the display is the bezels you can find on the top and on the side of the display. These bezels don’t really make it ideal for watching videos and TV shows in 2021. There are some great accessories you can get for the smartphone as well such as the ‘AeroActive Cooler S’ which not only cools the smartphone but also has triggers at the back which you can map for utilising in games. Having said that, I did not get to check out the accessories first-hand so I can’t really say how effective it really is. I also tested my own Razer Kishi controller for Android with the ROG 5 that is far more responsive and better quality than ASUS’ offering. Performance and Battery Life © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The ASUS ROG 5 is best known for being a gaming smartphone and I put the device to test with various games. I also used the device to emulate games and in my experience, nothing beats the ROG 5 at the moment. For Android-based games, the ROG 5 was able to handle games like Genshin Impact, Octopath Traveller, Dead Cells and Call of Duty mobile with ease. I did not notice any frame rate drops in the highest graphic settings. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In terms of benchmark scores, the ASUS ROG 5 scored, 1112 (single-core) and 3703 (multi-core) on Geekbench 5. That’s higher than most smartphones we’ve tested this year and even beats the newly launched OnePlus 9 Pro. I tested the 16GB RAM variant that in my opinion is overkill. When it came to the graphics test, the ROG 5 scored 5779 in 3DMark’s Wild Life Stress Test. It is currently the highest scored Android device in the world according to 3DMark which is no small feat. However, I do have to say that during the test the smartphone overheated to a very unsafe level. I couldn’t even hold the device in my hand as the device overclocks the SoC to a point that it makes it completely unsafe to hold. However, in real-life usage, I never experienced the smartphone getting that hot which is a great testament to the phone’s thermal management. The ROG 5 also happens to handle Nintendo 64, PSP, PlayStation 2, 3DS and even Switch emulation better than any device I have tested this year. If you like to emulate games on your smartphone, the ROG 5 is the best device you can use at the moment. Part of the reason why the ASUS ROG 5 is so damn heavy is due to its 6,000 mAh battery. Since you can overclock the SoC using ‘X-Mode’ you will require that extra battery life that can also be fast-charged. Thankfully, the ASUS ROG 5 can be fast-charged at 65W so that you can get back to your gaming as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait for your smartphone to get charged, you can also use the side-mounted USB-C port while games. However, the smartphone does get quite hot while charging and playing games at the same time so I would personally not recommend it. The Final Say If you’re looking for a smartphone that can handle all of the top games and can emulate traditional consoles, the ROG 5 is the only phone to consider. However, you should be prepared for its heavy weight and over-the-top design choices. The smartphone does not appeal to everybody especially if you are looking for something more minimal. But if you are the intended target audience, the ROG 5 is a great Android device to consider. View the full article
  15. Netflix's latest offering in the serial killer genre is The Serpent, which follows the story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj. It has been a big hit with the masses. While this genre has a lot of options to choose from, here are 5 recommendations for you to stream in case you want some ‘thrilling’ aesthetics: 1. MindhunterThis psychological crime series follows FBI agents Holden and Binch, who go that extra mile to understand the psyche of a criminal to finally catch him. Spread over 2 seasons, the show has some crazy good reviews, in case you still haven’t watched it. 2. YouThis is a slightly ‘light’ serial killer drama on the list. The protagonist is a psychopath who is obsessed with the love of his life. The sinister ways that the lover uses will make you squirm. A fantastic binge watch suggestion for someone who likes to watch creepy lovers while eating their dinner. 3. DexterThis show has a cult fan following so in case you haven’t stepped on this boat, do it now. Dexter follows a forensic lab technician who basically lives a dual life. He works in a lab during the day, and by the night he is a serial killer preying heinous perpetrators. 4. The MentalistThis is a great watch for anyone with a keen eye for detail. If you enjoy solving mysteries and guessing killer names while watching a series, then follow this show which tells the tale of a young gentleman who joins hands with the authorities to catch killers. 5. The JinxThis six- part documentary follows real estate heir Robert Durst, who was a prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife, and the murder of her friend. This show will make you believe that investigative journalism is not dead yet and how money and power can sometimes really conceal a serial killer. View the full article
  16. Princess Anne penned a touching note on her father Prince Philip following his death on Friday
  17. At the end of the nail-biting finish to the first match of the Indian Premier League 2021 between the reigning champions Mumbai Indians and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Yuvraj Singh tweeted about a major takeaway from the second innings - the fact that RCB skipper Virat Kohli had decided to play ace batsman AB de Villiers at the No. 5 spot while sending Glenn Maxwell before him. Don’t understand @ABdeVilliers17 batting at no 5 !!? 🤷‍♂️your best batsmen after opening have to come at no 3 or no 4 in t20 just an opinion #MIvRCB #IPL2021 — Yuvraj Singh (@YUVSTRONG12) April 9, 2021 “Don’t understand @ABdeVilliers17 batting at no 5 !!? Man shruggingyour best batsmen after opening have to come at no 3 or no 4 in t20 just an opinion #MIvRCB #IPL2021,” Singh tweeted from his official account, questioning Kohli’s logic behind the decision. And while most of the fans were trying to have a normal conversation with the southpaw legend, some of the fans of Virat Kohli chose the ‘trolling’ route to engage with Yuvi. Which franchise are you playing... Oops sorry.. — Ridiculously Smart (@AkshayPatkar4) April 9, 2021Kohli ko phone krke puchlo bhai. Aapko ko toh no.11 pe batting krna chaiye tha 2014 WC mein. — Andy. (@WeBleedBlue007) April 9, 2021Bro that is why you didn't become as successful captain on any format or any team infact. He has only finshed the match when rest didn't perform. — Elamvazhuthi.S (@vazhuthi11) April 9, 2021Gosh why has Yuvraj become like this after retirement. — Adi_Reddy ⚕️ (@dr_adireddy) April 9, 2021After the match was over, Kohli ended up addressing the issue for good and suggested that the decision was made by keeping in mind the versatility of the former South African skipper with the bat and the kind of mental impact he has on the opposing bowlers. “The opposition gets nervous about AB. We have depth in the batting which we want to utilise. AB is probably the only player who’s so versatile and can do what he did on slow pitches today, so we have to understand. If there’s a partnership on, you might see a totally different order. But in a tricky chase, you want some options in the back end, where the opposition thinks it’s not over till he gets out,” Kohli stated in the post-match presentation. View this post on Instagram As it turns out, Kohli’s analysis of de Villiers and the Mumbai Indians’ bowling attack was spot on as RCB ended up winning the match on the final ball. Maxwell’s 39 and de Villiers’ quickfire 48 in the middle proved to be of the essence in bridging the gap while chasing MI’s 159. With a heroic single on the final ball, Harshal Patel, the man of the match with his 5/27 spell in four overs, hammered the final nail in the coffin and the Bengaluru squad once again started their IPL season with a win. View the full article
  18. There’s now a tiny washing machine available for people who get embarrassed taking out earbuds out of ears in public because it might be infested with wax. If, for some reason, you don’t like to clean the wax off of earbuds, there’s now a product for you. It’s practically a mini washing machine that can sit on your desk and clean your earbuds. It's called the Cardlax EarBuds Washer and is now up for crowd-funding on Kickstarter right now. © Kickstarter Cardalax The earbuds washing machine works very similarly to a traditional washing machine where you open the lid and see a tiny brush that spins. The brush is used to clean any debris and wax on your earbuds that can be found in the deeper crevices of the earbuds. Once the pre-wash is done, the earbuds then go into a cleaning drum that has a spinning core. The tiny machine also has lightweight foam inside which is soaked with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution. Once you close the lid and start the process, the core spins and rub the earbuds against the walls of the drum. In the process, the wax on the earbuds gets cleaned and should look brand new. The Cardalax is compatible with a range of earbuds such as the AirPods, AirPods Pro and TWS earbuds from companies like Bose, Samsung, Jaybird, Jabra, ECHO, Soundcord, Aukey, Pamu, Tribit, Tozo, Mpow, Kwrdene, Superx, Enacfire and other major brands. © Kickstarter Cardal Once you are done cleaning your earbuds, the inner part of the machine can be removed and cleaned by rinsing it with water. You might be a bit apprehensive about using Cardalax but the creators reassure that the entire cleaning procedure is quite gentle and does not harm your earbuds. The Cardalax is available for $33 on Kickstarter at the moment and will start shipping as early as June. There’s a chance that it could be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however the Cardlax EarBuds Washer is expected to go into production this month. Source: Kickstarter View the full article
  19. Amna Ilyas took to Instagram to call out Prime Minister Imran Khan over his "insensitive" comments on vulgarity and rape
  20. Babar Azam's recent performances have been outstanding, with the Pakistani skipper hitting two or three-digit scores since 2018
  21. There’s something about revenge plots and tales that keeps one on the edge till the end. The famous Mexican show on Netflix, Who Killed Sara has got so many people hooked and waiting for the second season to drop as we continue to guess what is Sara’s mysterious history and cause of death. If you were also recently hooked to it and want some more guess work added to life, then here are 7 revenge tales you can stream today: 1. John Wick The Keanu Reeves starrer movie franchise is an action thriller series which shows the main character seeking vengeance for the damages caused to his life. 2. Mirzapur One of the best Indian shows out there, this one charts out the trail of cold blooded vengeance between families and political parties. 3. Aarya Watch Sushmita Sen’s brilliant portrayal of a woman who is out there to avenge the death of her husband and seek justice for the mess created by the people in her life as she is pushed into a drug cartel business after her husband is shot dead. 4. V for Vendetta The name is self suggestive and in case you missed this wonderfully scripted political thriller that follows a freedom fighter named V who is trying to overthrow the government, then do yourself a favour and watch it today! 5. House of Cards No spoilers here but simply put, this marvellous series follows a democrat who is appointed as secretary of state and is seeking revenge from all those who have betrayed him as he rose to supremacy. 6. The Mentalist This story follows Patrick Jane, a con man turned psychic, who is helping the police catch killers after his own family is murdered. 7. Revenge This American drama series follows a lady named Amanda who is out there to avenge the death of her father, who was caught for a crime he never committed. There’s a huge list out there for revenge dramas and movies, but we'll restrict ourselves to this list for now. Which one is your all-time favourite drama of all time? Tell us in the comments section below. View the full article
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