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Found 28 results

  1. LAHORE: The disgruntled leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Zaeem Qadri, lashed out at former chief minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, and his son Hamza Shehbaz, saying Lahore was not their property.While addressing a news conference on...
  2. Dates should always be scheduled for the weekend. But then, let's not talk about what 'should happen' because it makes sense only in an ideal world, which we sadly are not a part of. Also, if you ever get asked "Wanna catch up tonight?", and you say "No", you, my friend, have some real catching up to do. It often so happens that you have the prospect of a date right after work, but by the time you're out of work you look like you have run a marathon and haven't showered for several days. The end result? You refuse, or you end up putting them off. It's not your fault, though. Thankfully, there is a solution. We have listed out 6 clever ways to freshen up and be date ready after work, when you don't have the time to shower. 1. Dry Shampoo Use a dry shampoo to instantly take care of your greasy, lifeless hair. Yes, it is a shampoo and no, you don't need water to use it. Just spray it on, and brush it through. © Amazon India BBlunt's dry shampoo absorbs excess grime and grease, and is specially created for Indian hair. Price: INR 468/- buy here 2. Wet Wipes This is your emergency saviour when you don't have the luxury of even washing your face. It will clean your face, remove the dirt and grime, and you will smell great. © Amazon India Kara Face Aloe Mint wipes contain mint oil, that refreshes your face in seconds, and they also have the hydrating properties of aloe vera. Price: INR 110/- Buy here 3. BB Cream A BB cream is neither a cream nor a foundation - but something in between. You can use it just like you use a regular cream - but make sure the quantity is much, much less, and you apply it all over your face in tiny dots and then blend it really well with your finger tips. Your face will instantly have a fresh glow. © Amazon India Maybelline New York BB Cream comes in 3 shades, so choose the shade closest to your skin tone and enjoy instant glow on your skin. Price: INR 179/- Buy here 4. Face mist Spray your face and neck with a face mist to feel incredibly fresh, even without taking a shower. © Amazon India Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose mist is enriched with natural astringent properties, and a small spritz will freshen you right up, any time of the day. Price: INR 250/- Buy here 5. Anti-perspirant Use an anti-perspirant earlier at noon, when you're all relaxed and are working. It takes time to block your sweat glands. Doing this will make sure that by the time you're done with work, you won't sweat excessively. © Amazon India Nivea Deo Fresh Active Roll On will do just that, and keep you fresh before your date. Price: INR 124/- Buy here 6. Deodorant (Of Course) Last but not the least, you need to have a deo handy, and we don't need to explain why. © Amazon India With its perfect blend of Apple Notes, Muguet And Cedar Wood, Wild Stone Gold is your go-to deo before a date. Price: INR 200/- Buy here
  3. 'Game Of Thrones' might be moving towards its much-awaited finale but that doesn't mean the show's impending hangover won't have a cure for us. Talks of about four prequels for the iconic TV show were floating about for a while, and now it seems like all the rumours have been put to rest with a definite confirmation. © HBO The shortlisted storyline is based during the Age of The Heroes. As per reports, the story is “taking place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones. The series chronicles the world's descent from the Golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. And only one thing is for sure: From the horrifying secrets of Westeros' history to the true origin of the White Walkers, the mysteries of the East, to the Starks of legend — it's not the story we think we know”. If you're wondering about when the show will be aired, then that might come as a bummer to you, because it won't air until at least a year after the finale next year. © HBO So, basically, the prequel will deal with the history of Westeros, the introduction of the Long Night and how the White Walkers came into existence. Of course, we won't see any of our favourite characters since it is set before they were born, obviously. But we'll get to see how the reigning families started gaining power and proceeded to conquer everyone. This one is going to be a GOT history lover's visual delight.
  4. Everybody in the gym has a different take on training for hypertrophy aka 'muscle size badana'. Most gym bros do what has been etched in stone by desi gym trainers. They work one muscle group once a week. You might know it as the 'bro split'. This comes down from old school bodybuilding wisdom and is being passed on till date. Just because the pros did it back in the day, we should do it too, right? No, absolutely wrong. First things First, You Aren't A Professional Bodybuilder. Stop Training Like One. © Breakingmuscle While idolizing a professional bodybuilder is all good, trying to mimic his training and nutrition is outright dumb. Why? Firstly, everyone is built differently. Your genetics are not like his. You process food differently than he does. His musculature and bone structure aren't like yours. The human body is like finger prints—nobody is alike. Secondly, most professionals you idolize are on steroids. Once on steroids, the game changes entirely. Your muscle protein synthesis doubles up, nutrition partitioning becomes better and muscle recovery goes through the roof. Sum it all up and you grow bigger and stronger in a very short time. Yes of course, all this comes with side effects that 90% of you will never be able to cope with. Hence, stop mimicking the bodybuilders. How Muscle Growth Works For Natural Guys Building muscle naturally takes time, a long time in fact. You have to be patient. Sometimes you have to bear with looking a little fluffy and spend longer time 'not' training than you would have thought. More work doesn't mean more muscle. 1) Train Each Muscle When It Is Ready To Be Trained. Never Sooner And Never Later. The above line was popularized by world renowned powerlifter and PhD Fred Hatfield. Decipher the line and you will come to a conclusion that different muscle groups recover differently. Now a ton of researches have proven that it takes round about 24-72 hours for every muscle to fully recover. Taking this into account, every natural lifter is ready to train the same muscle group after 24-72 hours. Then why only train a muscle group once a week, when you can reap twice as much benefit by hitting it twice a week? Likewise, if you hammer a muscle group that requires 72 or more hours of rest in less than 24 hours, you are just limiting your progress. Muscle like the abs, forearms and rear deltoids recover rather quickly while, pectorals and hamstrings can take longer. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 2) Nothing Is Set In Stone. Identify Your Recovery Time. Leading from the point above, most natural lifters fail to grow big because they don't recover enough because they don't pay attention to each muscle recovery time. It's all in your hands, pay attention to your training and see how well you recover. You have to find a middle ground as to where you find yourself recovering well while not training too much and training too little. 3) An Understanding That Can Be Drawn Keeping In Mind The Above Points a) You can hit muscle like the biceps, lateral delts, rear delts and the calves at least 4 times a week. b) Keep chest, quads, hamstrings and front deltoids for 2 days a week. c) Back can be hit 3 times a week. Note- This is just a general guideline. Remember, nothing is set in stone. 4) Sample Workout Monday- Chest, Shoulders, Back Tuesday- Off Wednesday- Legs And Arms Thursday- Off Friday- Chest, Shoulder, Back Saturday- Legs And Arms Pro tip- Pick the big lifts in the above workout for every muscle group and focus on progressive overload with correct form.
  5. ADMIN

    When You Have A Bro In Office

    There's nothing like having a bro in office is there? Imagine how life would be if you had your bro with you at work? Here's a sneak peak into how things would go.
  6. At Apple's WWDC event, Lego stopped by to show off how ARKit can enhance play with building blocks using an iOS device, and it looks very promising. Lego has created a new augmented reality experience that supplements your physical Lego kits with virtual buildings, people, foliage, and vehicles. Build a physical Lego structure, Apple showcased the Assembly Square building, and hold up your iPad or iPhone running the AR app to see the entire thing come to life. More Lego buildings, characters, and vehicles were added to fill out the town. Characters were alive inside the buildings and carrying on with their lives and the characters the players controlled could drive the vehicles. © Apple Game missions like putting out fires and saving bystanders from a burning building were shown off. And the whole world believed that gamers created could be saved and returned to at any time. Apple is calling this 'Persistent AR'. Basically, users can start a puzzle on a table and come back to it later in the same state or create an art project over the course of a few weeks without starting over each time. © Apple This has been made possible thanks to 3D object detection in Apple's ARKit 2.0. ARKit 2.0 allows up to four players to experience a Lego world at the same time, with the changes made by one player instantly visible on the others' screens. Apple says that ARKit 2 is a more powerful platform than the original ARKit since it can allow multiple users to play a game or collaborate on projects together. There is also support for a "spectator mode" so that friends and family can see AR gameplay from another iOS device without participating. © Apple “When we combine physical and digital together like this, it really opens up those creative play possibilities,” Martin Sanders, Lego's director of innovation said. For those who are concerned about kids physical activities being reduced, this AR experience only comes to life once the actual structure has been built on Lego. Apple or Lego in no way intend to replace the physical blocks with virtual ones, that'll just be outright stupid and take away the fun of actually building things with blocks.
  7. Remember playing Street Fighter in a video game parlour when we were kids back in the day? Well, you no longer have to live in nostalgia as every Street Fighter game is available to play today. Of course, it won't be as memorable or nostalgic as playing it in a video game parlour; however, if you want to relive those memories, you can now do so on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. © Capcom Capcom released the latest Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection recently and we've been playing it non-stop ever since we got our hands on it. It's funny how the game is as old as I am and thirty years later I'm still playing these games, only in the comfort of my room. Street Fighter III was probably the biggest fighting game that launched back in 1997 and it took Indian video game parlours with a storm. I remember standing in line for 20 minutes just to play a round of this game. Having said that, today I can play this game in my air-conditioned room without cursing the person in front of me. © Capcom Another great quality was the ability to compete with your friends in a nail-biting fighting game like 'Street Fighter'. You will be happy to know that you can now play against other players online in this retro old-school game. © Capcom Street Fighter III has also been the go-to game in the competitive scene due to the game's deep gameplay, a kickass soundtrack and a revolutionary parry system. Apart from Street Fighter III, the collection also includes every Street Fighter game from our childhood, namely: the original Street Fighter (1987); five iterations of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991), Champion Edition (1992), Turbo: Hyper Fighting (1992), Super (1993), and Super Turbo (1994); all three iterations of Street Fighter Alpha: Alpha (1995), Alpha 2 (1996), and Alpha 3 (1998); and all three iterations of Street Fighter III: New Generation (1997), 2nd Impact (1997), and 3rd Strike (1999). © Capcom You will also be happy to know that every game is a perfect port of the arcade machine which means you will be able to play the game flawlessly on your preferred platform. So, if you're like me and want to relive this classic game from your childhood, you can buy it from digital stores of your preferred platform.
  8. Whether you understand them partially or you don't understand them all, Punjabi tracks have made it all kinds of play lists. From weddings to birthdays, or even a long drive on a lazy Sunday evening with friends, we need to pump up the jam with some 'desi' beats right? Here are 6 relatively new numbers that can be added in your list before you set off for some 'car-o-bar' with buddies: 1. Yeah Baby- Garry Sandhu is back with a car banging track giving some tips on how to twirl as you dance. 2. Daru Band- The 'Gangland' singer Mankirt Aulakh is back with his new track which has been making fans go crazy since a week now. 3. Shada- Parmish Verma's track is around 2 months old since he is on a little hiatus from making music at the moment. Still, a god addition for Punjabi track lovers. 4. Expert Jatt- This is already around 4 months old but has climbed all trending charts by now. In case you haven't added it to your driving play list, this one won't disappoint! 5. Roti- Pav Dharia is a super talented artist and every fan is aware of that. He took a meme and made out a crazy, fun number out of it. Also, not to forget, the music is groovy , like all his songs. 6. Snapchat Story- Probably all boys are singing this post break up right now. If nothing else works for you, just pick your car and take yourself for a short drive with some peppy Punjabi music, even if you don't understand it.
  9. Pakistani currency notes. Photo: FileKARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued codes of e-branches of banks issuing fresh currency notes ahead of Eidul Fitr.According to State Bank, 1,535 e-branches across the country will be issuing...
  10. If the first teaser and trailer of the much awaited 'Sanju' managed to pique your interest to know more about Sanjay Dutt's life and experience the stellar magic of Ranbir Kapoor's acting at the same time, then the final trailer, which dropped today, will ensure that you don't miss this movie at any cost. I really do not have much to elaborate on after what I just witnessed in those wonderful 3 minutes. Ranbir has proven time and again, that he is the king of his own domain, and a few commercial duds have had zero effect on his brilliance. Also, the myth that only Imtiaz Ali can bring out the best in Ranbir has been finally busted, as Rajkumar Hirani seems to have pushed Ranbir's limits to the sky and beyond in this film. © Vinod Chopra Films Talking about the ladies who appeared in the trailer, Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor deserve a special mention for impressing us in just a few seconds. © Vinod Chopra Films © Vinod Chopra Films The final trailer gives us a peek into Sanjay Dutt's life, weaving the story with emotional and realistic brilliance. It promises an intriguing and power-packed performance, which will force you to watch the movie, even if you are not a big fan of Sanjay Dutt. The movie releases on 29th June so make sure you mark your dates.
  11. Tara Reid, the 42 year old American Pie star recently broke the internet when she posted a photo with friends while vacationing in Dominican Republic. The picture caption read - "Having the best time with my girls in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic." Fans were quick to slam her for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and pleaded her to eat properly and get healthy. One of the comments said, "I'm gonna need you to put on 30lb before you post again, thanks" and another added: "Don't they sell cheeseburgers where you are ?" While not everybody was happy with this image of Tara Reid, some people actually defended the star. "Wow so much hate!! You know why people end up taking extreme measures with their appearance,” read one comment. However, the general outrage over Tara Reid instagram post continued unabashed. Some fan even went on to say this: "are you blind don't encourage unhealthy body image" and someone else said: "Please see a therapist! Wow you were so beautiful before what happened to you?!" But Tara recently insisted she's 'never been anorexic' and said that what she eats is her choice. She told the Daily Mail: "I am not anorexic. I have never been anorexic and I don't have an eating disorder... I am just thin. "People are overweight and we don't attack them every time they go out," she explained.
  12. Still looking for the secret to effortless weight loss? It may be as simple as chewing gum while walking, Japanese researchers suggested on Saturday. Photo: filePARIS: Still looking for the secret to effortless weight loss? It may be as simple as...
  13. Markhor is a wild goat. It is the only goat, among its relatives, that has adapted to the rugged and steep mountains of northern PakistanThese days, there is much talk about the wild Markhor after the state-run Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)...
  14. Whether you are craving desi food or pizza, burgers or continental food ? we have you coveredIt?s that time of the year again when food forums are filled with queries and people are constantly searching which eateries are offering Iftar...
  15. Samosa is undoubtedly the king of the Iftar menu. It is also one of the all-time favourite street-foods that has allowed people to indulge in gluttonous pleasures for decades.We think it is high time that the regular aloo and qeema stuffings are...
  16. Urooj Butt

    You love her; You stil do

    You loved her; You still do. You let her down and yet here you are; wanting her by your side every time you drown. You turned her cold and yet here you are; wanting her to warm up your soul. You scarred her physically and yet here you are; wanting her to stitch you emotionally. You made her cry and yet here you are; wanting her to be the reason you try. You called her shallow and yet here you are; wanting her to be your fellow. •You made her incomplete and yet here you are; wanting her to be your heartbeat. You broke her heart and yet here you are; wanting to be there when she falls apart. You destroyed her and yet here you are; wanting to mend her. You let her go and yet here you are; wanting her to say hello. You lost her and yet here you are; wanting to find her. You were not sure about her and yet here you are; wanting to spend every minute with her You know it’s over and yet here you are; wanting to start over You know she is never coming back and yet here you are; wanting her to rollback. You denied your love for her and yet here you are; wanting her to know how much you need her. You played with her feelings and yet here you are; wanting her to laugh under your ceiling. You called her a mistake and yet here you are; wanting her to cut your wedding cake. You thought you didn’t love her ever and yet here you are; admitting you want her forever.
  17. Invision Community has been going strong for over sixteen years now. Many of those who work for us were customers first before they signed away their souls and became staff. This month, we part the mists of time and ask: How did you first come across Invision Community? Andy (Developer and man of mystery) Way back in 1998 I was involved with an online investment club in the UK (of course you were - Editor) and we set up a directory of national share clubs with a threaded “bulletin board”. This was based on a freely available perl script (as everything was back then (did they claim it would always be free? - Editor)) but it just wasn’t up to the job. This was my first exposure to writing web based software as I started customising it for our needs. Soon after, we switched to UBB which moved away from messy layouts and to a more structured forum, topic, post experience. With the release in 2004 of Invision Community 1.3 we switched again and I’ve been working with Invision Community software ever since (and you had such a promising life planned out - Editor). Around the same time the investment club moved to Invision Community, I also started up two other sites, one for modified cars which was an extremely popular niche at the time and one for my home town of Bedlington which is still running to this date. When developing for Invision Community I find it very useful to have that historical experience and real world insight. A lot of my input when we discuss new features as a team comes as a direct result of this first hand experience. I was part of this Investment Club when I was younger Marc (Support and fan of bouncy castles) My first real experience trying to set up forums/communities for myself was somewhere around 2000 (lol slow down grandpa - Editor). Me and a few friends used to host gaming servers for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and wanted something for storing stats on, so I set up UBB which I remember thinking was really cool at the time. I never really did much with it other than setting it up for people to use, and remember at the time backing things up on a 1mb hard drive (can't even fit a picture on that these days (need a push on that rocking chair? - Editor)). Over the years, I ran a few more sites and the software at some point became vBulletin (cant recall when, but just seemed to happen) which I ran through version 2 and late into version 3. At that point I was starting to add things for myself, usually learning from other peoples "FIND abc, AFTER ADD, xyz" which is how we all used to add our own modifications at the time. The thought of an upgrade at the time, I know used to make me cringe. At some point during vBulletin 4 release, I was becoming a little disillusioned with the whole community software scene in general (other disappointing platforms are available - Editor), and hadn't really used Invision Community before, but ended up using that for a site for my wife. I was using Invision Community more and more. Purely because it was the site that was most active at the time. This led me to becoming very interested in the new Invision Community 4 release, and was becoming a bit of an social addict on the alpha forum that was released, helping out people who weren't sure of things, and generally asking questions. It was around this point I was asked to join the team here at Invision. And you guys have had to put up with me ever since! My sincere apologies for that. (apology accepted - Editor) This has nothing to do with Castle Wolfenstein but it's late and I need this blog entry done Mark H (Support and keeper of Dropbox) The internet was in its infancy in 1985 (and there goes 80% of our readers - Editor), and I was using BBS's on a dial-up 1200 baud modem. In 1986 I took over a BBS from a friend, running it on a 2400 baud modem and single phone line. It was just a few years later that I got my first look at the real "Internet", using Netscape and now a 9600 baud modem (we just lost another 10% - Editor). At some point I discovered online communities, then only "Forums" with perhaps photo gallery software similar to Coppermine. My focus was gaming at the time, so I gravitated to forums for such things as (like Marc) Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, and the first RPG-type text-based games. I also joined a number of MUD's (multiplayer real time worlds - Editor), and am a (now retired) staff member of the MUD, Ancient Anguish. I've seen the progression of technology and software which, today, we take for granted. But back then if someone had told me where we would be today, (oh boy, here we go - Editor) I'd have been...... skeptical. Over the years, I've used a verity of "forum software" but well over a decade ago started using Invision Community version 1.3a. Today I am a partner with another person running a site using Invision Community software, and it's the highest-ranking result at Google for its (admittedly niche) speciality. Since I was using Invision Community, having purchased it at version 2.3, and given that background, it seemed a natural progression to join Invision Community as an employee when the opportunity arose, and I have never looked back! (must be dangerous when reversing - Editor) Actual footage of Mark listening to an internet podcast back in 1985 Jennifer (Designer and sock fanatic) Communities, for me, started on AOL. The chat rooms was where I started. I evolved to javascript chat rooms later and eventually into Neopets clubs followed by a community software called Avidgamers and eventually stumbled across InvisionFree forums. It was while I was adventuring through Avidgamers that I discovered an art type called "pixel" art which truly explains my passion. I was personally never good at it but I found a community called "Eden Enchanted" where all these really awesome pixel artists were. So I started to develop my own Pixel art community (because back then I thought I might eventually get good at it so I should admin). I started on the free community software of "SMF" but envied the ease of use and the beauty of Invision Community (which this awesome pixel community used (they have outstanding taste - Editor)). After what felt like forever, which mind you was really only like 2-3 months, I bit the bullet and purchased an Invision Community license. I wanted this gorgeous piece of software and I couldn't live with the second rate free stuff anymore (there's our new advert slogan - Editor). So I bought Invision Community 2.3 and delved in (this was back in 2007). I really haven't looked back since. I've been developing skins since I got it and I've made a few mods/applications on it back in the 3.0 days. I've owned and ran many communities, and roleplays, on Invision Community since. My current community, which has officially been running on Invision Community since December 2013, was transferred from InvisionFree (not my choice but god were we happy when we left). Ah the memories. Terrible, terrible memories Brandon (Developer and XP log in screen enthusiast) Back in roughly 2004-ish I got into customizing Windows XP (specifically I created custom login screens (this was actually a thing? - Editor) but knew a lot of people who did the full alternative to Windows Blinds by hacking dlls) and eventually opened a site to host my work and to allow others to share theirs: bfarber.com. I used Invision Community v1.3 which was free at the time (2.0 was just getting into beta testing as I recall) and needed a file manager to share my work and to allow others to do the same. I downloaded a free file manager by a modder named 'parkeet' and after installing it on my site (which required those good ole "find X and replace with Y" PHP file modifications) I found that it was lacking in a few areas, so I set out to customize it. From this desire I taught myself PHP (I was already familiar with HTML, CSS and javascript) and learned how to modify the modification. Eventually, the original author left the mod scene (this was back in the ibmods days for those of you who have been here a while (I have - Editor)) and turned the work over to me. I was hired by IPS back around 2006 and shortly after I came on board I built a new Downloads manager from the ground up as a core offering for the company (Now I know who to assign all Download tickets to - Editor). While I don't run my own site anymore (especially a third party hack site for Windows XP), I do have fond memories of my roots. This was both my start with web development (beyond building a few static HTML pages in the early days of the web) as well as my start with forums specifically. Never used this, apparently it was OK Stuart (Developer and owner of large computers) My story is rather similar to the other ones here (selling this story from the off - Editor). My story starts around 2000 when I started a car club with my brother, being the technical one, one of the first things to do was to set up a forum. We started with Ikonboard (imagine Perl & flat-file databases etc), we swiftly followed Matt over to his new PHP-based project "Invision Power Board" (pretty sure the restraining order prohibited that - Editor). With the introduction of the new licensing structure unfortunately with being very low budget we had to then move over to WBB (er... - Editor). Soon after we moved back to Invision Community (It was the best and totally worth it! (I made him say that - Editor)) and I started to get interested with PHP (up to this point, I had only really used HTML/CSS) and learning how to make some changes that we needed for working with 'members' and tying our website in with our community. -- A really simple SSO type approach where the main website would show the user that's logged in and save data they submit, such as a tech spec and images of their vehicles. That community is still using Invision Community and in the meantime I've also converted (and run) some other car club communities that I've been involved in over the years. From there, I was asked to start writing SSO (single sign on, you're welcome- Editor) integrations in early 2014 for Invision Community and soon after became a full member of staff. I still run a number of communities to this day which gives great insight into how end users interact with the software and generally what their feelings of the platform is. Quite often, I'll deploy Alphas to these communities to gather feedback. Oh, he said Car Club... Jim (Support and his name is a bit like the lead singer from The Doors) The first community I really heavily participated in was around 2003. Being a nerd and liking wrestling at the time (Ultimate Warrior FTW- Editor), I joined a wrestling forum that ran a very beginning version of IPB. A lot of time was spent on this website and after becoming a moderator, I really feel in love with IPB. A sub-forum on this community that was pretty active was around graphic design. Feedback/showcases and competitions with the main point of focus around the wrestling world. This really took my interest and while my interest in wrestling kind of faded, graphic design led to the next step in my life and naturally joining graphic design communities. After being a part of quite a few graphic design forums (that were ran quite badly (honesty is always good - Editor)) came time for me to try my hand at this. Being technically inclined, I thought I could run a better show. We started out on PHPBB due to cost but after some frustrating moments, I persuaded the move to Invision Community. Come sometime around 2008 or 2009 and my new passion around cars had reached its peak, I came back onto the forum scene. In 2010, my favorite brand had become defunct so I decided to open a community dedicated to keeping its memory alive. First and only choice was to come back to Invision Community! (Believe early version 3 at the time) This community is still alive and I still have a lot of fun with it! I've been waiting months to post this GIF Rhett (Hosting and boasting) My time on forums started in the late 90's, with a few motorcycle and photography forums I visited often. During the years as time progressed some of these went astray from what the core members wanted, so I started a few of my own Motorcycle forums with the core members following, that lead to other online communities such as Android (is that the cheap iOS knockoff? - Editor) in the late 2000's, and a few other communities. In about 08-09 I had enough of the main platform we were using and made the move to Invision Community (a man of fine taste - Editor). I started digging in, converting all the sites to Invision and haven't looked back (seriously, how do you guys get out of parking spots? - Editor). It's a great product, a great team, that I'm proud to be a small part of. Instagram in the 80s Daniel (Developer and owner of a shop and spa in Arendelle) My Journey started 2003 at an Austrian electronical music forum which was also written in perl. After years where I was only a member, the owner lost interest and a handful of people(incl. myself) took it over (hopefully you asked nicely first - Editor), but we realized that perl was such a pain to work with (I could have told you that - Editor), so we restarted the whole project with phpBB. This was also the time, where I got really interested into coding and customizing stuff. After a long journey from phpBB, to vBulletin(2006), and others, I landed finally here (the best one of course (someone's getting a bonus - Editor)) The forum doesn't exist anymore , I blame facebook and all the european laws, but TBH, I'm just too busy to run one 😁 Probably not Daniel Those are our stories, but we'd love to hear about your first experiences with Invision Community. Let us know below!
  18. We, at Invision Community, love nothing more after a relaxing day writing PHP code, making commits in git and fighting with jQuery to indulge in a little therapeutic "me time". Given that we've all chosen to work in a nerdy industry (nerds are cool now, we checked) it's no surprise that our down time is spent on nerdy pursuits. Here's how our team spent their allotted and begrudgingly given free time. Ryan (Developer who loves of loud noises) I'm an audio nerd. I go out of my way to hand pick each individual component whenever I'm building a an audio system. My computer, for example, currently has 4 satellite speakers (two Bose, two DCM models which are no longer in production - what is a shame, they are better than any I've ever had), and a sub-woofer (Bose). My living room system is my pride and joy - everything currently runs through a Sony 7.1 channel surround sound system, with a Polk Audio center channel, two Kenwood JL series tower speakers (before JL Audio was it's own thing - each contain a 1.5" tweeter, 5" Midrange, and 12" Subwoofer), two side-surround satellites that need replacing, and will soon have two rear-surround Bose satellites. Each system has specifically been fine-tuned and equalized to my specification. (Editor: I'd be happy with a HomePod) The same applies to my guitar amps - I've spent years fine-tuning my amps to perfection, and constantly adjust and tweak various settings to get different sounds. Still not loud enough, we checked Jennifer (Designer who loves board games) As everyone likely knows I do a lot of pretty nerdy things, from cosplaying to video games to play by post roleplaying (collaborative writing) to collecting nerdy-shirts and playing board games but I think one of my more nerdy things would be that I collect socks and intentionally mismatch them (aka I'm Bi-sockual). I collect socks of all shapes and sizes to have for any occasion including socks with capes, leg warmers and more. I have a pretty nerdy collection including a ton of super hero socks, some Power Puff girls and more. (Editor: Socks with capes. What a time to be alive) These are clean, we checked Daniel (Developer who loves amusing English words) It all started several years ago as a present.. I fall in love with this hobby and got some nice trees from my ex-wife. The collection grew and grew. That's my "poor mans" bonsai collection.. I once trashed a 1000€ plant, then I sold all other which were worth more then 500€ except one and now I just have these left, but it's enought to keep me busy... and to not cause any sadness if something happens to them...Now i really enjoy trying to create my own stuff instead of taking care of bought stuff. (Editor: Daniel is hands down the most interesting person I've ever met) These are legal, we checked. Brandon (Developer who loves movies) I haven't done one in a while, but I like to have movie marathons sometimes. For instance, I'll plan to sit down one day and do nothing but watch Star Wars movies (or Harry Potter, or LOTR or whatever) all day in order. You then have to make the ever important decision of putting the prequels first, or after the originals, but otherwise it tends to be a fun experience watching the continuity from one distinct movie to the next (or, alternatively, looking for broken continuity). When I do this, we tend to eat popcorn, milkshakes and candy for lunch and dinner. Most of my family cannot sit still that long and will just bounce in and out during the marathon. (Editor: I'm in, when do you want me to pop over?) Spongebob lives under the sea, we checked Marc S (Tech who loves things that crash) I guess other than coding, the nerdiest thing I do is watch Formula 1 racing. Whilst this doesn't seem that nerdy, I do go a little overboard with it (as my wife reminds me regularly). This should give you a bit of an idea. At present we are approaching pre season testing. For those not familiar with formula 1, this is a testing phase before the new season, for teams to test their new cars. This means that the new cars are just being shown to the world for the first time. I will watch for these to see them as soon as they come out, then will take a look at what new parts I can see on the car in comparison to last year. Today for example saw the first glimpse of Mercedes, and at 3pm Ferrari will show off their new car online. In addition to that, I've been looking at the stats from last year, along with the know changes this year in engines. I have my own analysis of who I think will be the winners and losers, through the changes from last season in drivers, engine suppliers, and even paddock staff. Testing starts on the cars on Monday in barcelona. Whilst this is not on TV, I will be keeping myself updated with the latest events on there. My daily routine whilst testing is on consists of. Testing live stream running throughout the day during testing Teds notebook in the evening - An show which analyses the days testing F1 show - Another show which analyses each days testing Autosport review - Article online with analysis Sky news site - Usually some good analysis on there BBC Sport - Again, some good analysis and different points of view Motorsport.com - Pretty good website for analysis And of course the formula 1 website itself. Boring to many (Editor: yep), but I guess everyone has to have a hobby. For me its formula 1 analysis. Would love to have a go in one, but to do so it hugely expensive! (Editor: given your history with crashing things, you'd never get insurance) John Woo directed this clip, we checked Andy (Developer who loves to follow instructions) Following a recent project we worked on for LEGO, I rediscovered a love for the brick with the Saturn V. Since then I’ve also started a nice little collection of cars including the incredibly geeky 2704 piece Porsche 911 GT3 RS with functional PDK gearbox and the VW campervan. My family bought me a few more sets for Christmas and I’m toying (no pun intended (Editor: Puns are my thing, it's the only job I have left)) with building a city with the larger modular sets. I’d say that was fairly geeky but I really enjoy the downtime of sitting down and building. I’m not terribly creative so following a set of instructions and seeing things come together appeals to me more than free building. Andy did build this, we checked Right, that's enough of that, everyone back to work! How do you spend your spare time? Let us know below!
  19. When I started creating communities close to two decades ago, getting new members was easy. All you had to do was put up a script, create some "Chat here" forums and email your friends. It didn't take long for word to spread and you had a healthy forum buzzing with conversation. Now, it's different. The internet is a crowded space. No matter what your niche, you will be competing with other businesses for visitors. You need a solid strategy to succeed, and I want to help you. Before you open the doors to your new community, consider the following questions. What is your vision? Your community must have a strong reason to attract visitors. Write down your community's purpose and bullet point how you will achieve it. When you configure and set up your community, keep asking yourself "does this fit my vision". For example. Consider a fitness professional who is launching a community. The vision is to educate your audience on good nutrition and exercise. You then have subscription based packages for one-to-one coaching. This is a very focused vision. You will create one or two forums for the public areas. You will leverage clubs for the paid memberships. You wouldn't create forums for non-fitness areas such as technology or movies. You will strip the complexity back to encourage interaction as your target market may not be very technical. What is your voice? You will lead your community and set the tone. If you are handling investment portfolios then you will want the tone to be friendly, but professional. If you are creating a forum for marathon runners, you'd want to use a lot of running "lingo" and be informal and fun. Consider your target audience. Think about how they would like to be treated. How would they like your interactions to be? Once you have found your voice, keep it consistent. Your members will follow your lead and keep your community positive. How are you going to onboard new members? If you want people to join in with your new community, you need to hold their hand and show them why they are important to you. They will want to feel comfortable and valued in your community. When you are starting out, take the time to welcome each new member and point them to any welcome guides you may have. You can create and pin a topic that explains how to get started. When a new member joins, link them to that topic. You should also use profile completion to politely enforce the use of a user photo. A photo personalises a user's profile and reminds that you are speaking to a human! Remind them to set up email notifications so they won't miss any exciting updates or new topics. What is your promotion strategy? No matter how great your content is, it needs promoting. There are several great ways to do this. You can create a monthly email sent to all members. You can outline any important topics or articles. You can list upcoming events. You can promote your articles to Facebook and Twitter. Make the headlines interesting to encourage clicks into your content. By driving traffic back to your site, you will increase your membership. How often are you going to contribute to your own community? In the early days of your new community, you will have to be very active. You will want to welcome new members and keep conversations alive. You will be creating new conversations for others to contribute in. You must budget time for this and be consistent. Show up every day. I recommend setting aside two blocks of 30 minutes each day. Use that time to reply to any new topics and to kick off a few of your own. Visit early in the morning, and again in the evening. How are you going to reward active members? Once you community gets going, some individuals will stand out as leaders. These leaders are well respected and encourage others to take part. Create a special member group with better privileges such as increased storage space, or the ability to create post signatures. Give them a special badge and member title. It will show that you respect and appreciate their contributions. Having a small number of community leaders will save you time. They will always have their fingers on the pulse and can feedback any issues before they develop into something serious. Are you going to funnel discussion into your community? Your community is one part of your site. If you have pages and articles up elsewhere, I recommend you encourage posting in the forums. At the end of each article, link to a related forum and ask for their thoughts. People love sharing their thoughts and opinions. Summary Taking the time to create a strategy will pay dividends later. Getting into a professional and focused mindset will make you stand out from the crowd. Knowing the exact purpose of your community and how to execute it is key for success. Thinking about the questions posed above is a great start. It should make you think about your target audience and how to serve them. It may even create more questions. I'd love to help you answer them. Let me know what your plans are for your community.
  20. The Christmas lights are twinkling, the mince pies baked and the egg nog has been poured. With Christmas just around the corner, we turn our thoughts to what 2018 may bring. Marc Stridgen (Tech support and kettlebell enthusiast) I'm just looking forward to 2018 being less of a mixed year, as 2017 has been a bit of a bad one on the side of family, yet good with regards work and personal achievements. So here goes for my 2018: Looking forward to 4.3 and beyond. 4.2 I feel has been a great release for people, and will be nice to expand on the 4.x platform over the next year. Getting my wife and daughter to a happier place in life. Various things this year have meant they really haven't been. I have 3 events so far this year that I'm attending. 1 x 5k obstacle course, 1 x 10k obstacle course, and a 60 mile ride from Manchester to Blackpool. I always look forward to these, as its always a good sense of achievement when they are done, and a good excuse to get that little more in shape. Dev, dev, dev!! Whilst I am currently tier 1 support here at IPS, I'm actually a developer by trade. Currently I write .NET windows applications/services, and vast experience with TSQL. My aim this year is to update my own skillsets to web based development, and mysql. Something I have already started to do, but I'm going to be pushing myself more on over the coming year. It's fun to learn new things! (Editor: Marc is a highly skilled SQL specialist. Even Wade has been known to ask Marc for advice) Ryan Ashbrook (Developer, T3 specialist and guitar collector) My life is actually pretty boring (Editor: nope, it's not) - I don't have a whole lot planned going into 2018, though I am looking forward to my 30th birthday in March. People think I'm weird for that. I plan on getting back into music, though, as I've actually stopped playing throughout all of 2017 (aside from a few rare instances here and there), so it'll be nice to pick that up again as a healthy hobby. I also wouldn't mind traveling more, and make a return trip to New Hampshire with my friends, which I haven't done in four-ish years now. For IPS, I'm looking forward to seeing how 4.3 evolves and matures, as well as the new Community in the Cloud infrastructure. Mark Wade (Senior Developer and praise withholder) Obviously 4.3 and onwards 😜 I have some cool stuff (at least by my standards) planned, including weekends in Edinburgh and Berlin at the beginning of the year, and Country To Country Festival at the O2 in March 🤠 and, best of all... Shania Twain at the O2 in October 😂 Prides! 🏳️‍🌈 This year I only did Manchester... a terrible effort. I need to get at least 2 in in 2018 New TV seasons, especially Black Mirror and GBBO. (Editor: That's Great British Bake Off, the most British television show on the planet. People make cakes and then discuss cakes while drinking tea) Brandon Farber (Developer) For 2018 I'm most looking forward to: Watching my beautiful baby daughter grow. Even with 6 kids, the baby phase is always such a special and enjoyable time. Wrapping up some various challenges in real life that are finally coming to an end. Watching my eldest son start college in the fall (UNC most likely) Taking one big family vacation. We're hoping Disney World but we'll wait and see what's in store as the year gets going. Probably the cutest pictures you'll see today. Stuart Silvester (Developer and property mogul) I'm looking forward to 2018 being a better all around year for my close family, 2017 wasn't the best. I'm definitely looking forward to taking some more trips abroad, most like back to Italy and Madeira (Where my Wife and I spent Christmas 2016). I'm also looking forward to hopefully finding some spare time to work on other things such as renovating my home and putting my classic car back on the road. Learning new things is always useful, I've been wanting to start working on something such as an App or Node.JS (I've used it a little in the past, but not a lot), the issue however is the lack of spare time this year. Mark Higgins (Tech Support and part-time Phil) For 2018, I am hoping for an early warm Spring, then a mild Summer. Also hopeful that I can get my pop-up camper fixed so I can have a relaxing vacation in the Fall somewhere "up north" in one of our fantastic State Parks. That, and good health for me and my relatives. (Editor's Tip: if you hear banjo music, get in your car and get out of there) Jennifer Merriman (Designer and owner of the only pink avatar in chat) What do I have to look forward to in 2018? Well this one was difficult because I prefer to live pretty spontaneously. However, I thought about the things in my life that I know will transpire this year. My youngest child will turn 10 and my eldest 13... I'm terrified but excited to see them as they grow more independent. Loosening up the mom reigns by letting my kids start to do things a little more out of my control more regularly. A few million new movies like Aquaman, Jurassic World, Deadpool 2 and Incredibles 2. Otherwise just improved situations for myself and those around me. Both health and whatever else needs improved upon. Daniel Fatkic (Developer and owner of a store with sauna) 2018 is going to be a very busy year with my 3 jobs ( IPS, Dad and Handyman renovating a lot in the house) where I look forward in getting better in all 3 of them. Right now I'm working on my new home-office which will hopefully be finished soon, in spring I want to start the work on the outdoor area and create a patio and a rooftop terrace and the next winter project is the gym/spa area which won't leave much spare time or money for anything else. So what I really really look forward to is 2019 where I can then finally relax and enjoy the stuff which was built in 2018. (Editor: If you're wondering where your spare money went, look at your two LG 27" 5K monitors) Rhett Buck (Hosting expert who needs a ladder to get into his car) I'm looking forward to some time off and a trip to Texas with just the wife and I, top down, no phones, and a few days on the road to get there via Las Vegas, Arizona and a few other stops along the way. Spending a few days with friends relaxing watching MotoGP in Austin Texas, then a few days of relaxing on the open road on the way home. We had planned to go last year, but due to nasty weather, torrential rains, and flooding locally, we were displaced for a couple weeks which ruined our plans. Andy Millne (Developer and international man of mystery) Continued learning mostly. I’m looking forward to further improving my basic Italian language knowledge that I started taking a lot more seriously (It’s not just about waving your arms around). I would also like to fit in some more travel and to visit some old friends I haven’t seen in a while. There’s still so much of the world left to see though! Where to start? On an IPS related theme, I’m of course looking forward to 4.3 and seeing new features we’ve been working on released into the wild, and the stuff that hasn’t even been dreamt of yet. Matt Mecham (Senior Developer, social media stuff and object of ridicule) I'm really looking forward to 2018, personally and professionally. I'm really excited about launching Invision Community 4.3 which is shaping up to build on the great foundation that 4.2 built and add some cool functionality. (Editor: yes, that's enough of the sales pitch, people want to read about the team). As a dad of two, I enjoy watching my kids grow. My nine year old is becoming more independent and my two year old is getting more confident with speech. I love watching them grow up. We've also booked to take them to Disneyland in Paris in April which we're all looking forward to. Disneyland Paris. Like the ones in America but colder and nearer to the UK. We would love to hear what you're looking forward to in 2018. Let us know in the comments below!
  21. This month we ask a very simple question that got our team thinking hard. “If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?” Now, this doesn't assume that there is a disaster, so you don't need to think about things like food and water. It also doesn't need to include humans or pets. This is also not a "Desert Island" question so survival tools are not required. This got us really thinking about what material possessions are important to us. It also made us realise how much technology has made a lot of things redundant. We might have said "CD collection and my favourite books" ten years ago, but with a phone, that's no longer the case as so much is handled on the device. Ryan (Developer & Guitar showroom owner) In terms of just packing up and moving on, I actually don't own a lot that I would consider critical / prized / irreplaceable. My dad's 50 year old acoustic guitar is all I would take with me, as it's the only thing that *isn't* directly replaceable. Maybe include iMac and iPhone to have some sort of connection to the outside world at all times, but I really don't need anything else I own. Brandon (Developer & Jet ski owner) I guess if I were to pick five things I couldn't live without I'd have to narrow down the list to my phone, my wallet, my TV (I unwind by zoning out on movies or home repair shows), my car (I can't walk to anything but the ICW here which wouldn't do me much good), and coffee (with International Delights Cold Stone Creamery creamer). Brandon neglected to mention that he owns a Jet Ski Marc S (Support technician & cycle injury enthusiast) Top 5 is hard, and makes you realise that despite living in a world of material possession, we actually rely on very few things. Albeit tending to be expensive things. So here goes. Mobile Phone - Despite the calls (which I could do without), and facebook (which I probably should do without), I have a problem with sleeping. For years now I have been using the audible app on my phone to listen to audiobooks. Usually factual stuff, so it doesnt really matter if I lose position. It helps me with my sleep, and therefore my sanity. Computer - This isn't just because I work on one. I tend to spend a lot of hours at it, even when I am not working. Whilst I do support here at IPS, I do a lot of development in my spare time, on my own projects, and quiet enjoy it. Currently working on an app for my brother which tracks horse racing points for a game that he runs, which is just something a bit different to do of an evening. Kettlebells - I'm trying to get a little fitter than I am at the moment. I spent a long time being a very unfit person, and sitting at a computer 24/7. Never a good thing to do, and it eventually starts to catch up with your wasteline (honestly. You in your 20s reading this, it does!). I joined a gym before I moved house, and got quite into working out with kettlebells, so when I moved, I bought some to use myself. I now have a PT who creates sessions for me each week. We're unsure who took the photo Bike - Whilst I havent used it half as much as I would like lately, I trained for, and completed, a 100 mile bike ride earlier this year, along with a few friends, including Andy Milne. This made be realise just how much I enjoy riding a bike. To the degree we're now planning our next bike challenge. Kettle - I'm pretty sure I would die without coffee. There is little else to say about that! Andy (Developer and Support technician) I realise I have far too much clutter in my life answering this question but I managed to come up with 4 things; Running Shoes Bike Watch Laptop Andy finishing the Reykjavik marathon, 19 August 2017 I’m going to make a conscious effort to be a bit more minimalist now and switch to a standing desk and a Paleo diet or go barefoot or whatever other healthy lifestyle choice @Matt recommends this week. Mark W (The Senior Developer) To answer this question I opened up my travel checklist - having taken off the things you said are excluded like clothes and toiletries, the only thing I have is my meditation stool, my laptop, my iPad, my phone, and my watch... so I guess that's my 5! Matt (Developer and object of ridicule) It's a hard one to answer. Years ago, before the internet, I could have listed many things but digital devices and "The Cloud" replaces so much. Here's my five. Macbook Pro. This is my daily work machine and uses iCloud to sync up my work and personal items like photos, etc. I'd have this packed first. iPhone. It's never far from my hands and with Netflix, Amazon, Audible, iTunes and Kindle contains books, music, favourite TV shows and more. I use Audible most nights to help me switch off and get to sleep. Sleepphones. I like to look really cool while sleeping, so a grey fleece headband is a must. Fortunately, they also double as bluetooth headphones designed to not dig into your ears while you sleep. I couldn't be without these. Air Pods. Yes, another pair of headphones. But these little beauties fit in my pocket and I use them when out and about. The lack of cable is a real plus although they're easy to lose. Concept 2 Rower: Ok, so it's not really going to fit in my hand luggage but I thought about which bit of fitness equipment I'd keep. It's a tough one between kettlebells, weights, the treadmill and the rower but I think the rower wins as it can be used many ways for a good workout. Mark H (Support Technician and part-time Phil) Macbook, iPhone, E-cig, suspenders, and my .357 Magnum. (Editors note: I'm genuinely not sure if this is a joke answer or not but didn't like to ask. Either way it's the best list of things I've ever seen.) Daniel (Support Technician and Developer) My five are: Phone, watch, laptop and 1000kg of headache medicine. That's it, i don't need a fifth item since it's only about "stuff" and not family. (Editors note: I'm hoping that 1000kg is just a guess. I'm starting to regret asking this question.) Jennifer (Designer) Computer - This is my work, play, entertainment, and more device. Plus it's a beast. Mobile Phone - When I'm not on my PC I'm on my phone. It keeps me connected to my communities when I'm out. Plus Zombies, Run is on it. High heels - If I had to choose a specific pair it would one of these two. Bed - It is wonderful and has all of my blankets. I couldn't live without my blankets. Dix It - Because I really couldn't think of another thing and this game is hilarious and fun. This really got us thinking about what is important to us and how much "stuff" we have. What would your five things be?
  22. Whether you run an existing community or are taking tentative first steps into setting up an online community forum around your brand, an important choice you need to make is between social networks like Facebook or having a community you own and control. Let's take a look at the benefits of an owned community versus a Facebook group - as well as how you can still use Facebook (and other social media platforms) to your advantage. You own your data The biggest point to consider when using Facebook groups is that you do not own your own data. Facebook owns it and does not even allow you direct access to it. If you decide later to move to a different platform, need to run reports to extract meaningful insights, or otherwise work with your community data: you are out of luck. In contrast, with an Invision Community, your data is your data. You can use it in any way that makes sense for your goals; be it analyzing trends, sending promotions to users, or generating reports and statistics. We never hold your data hostage and there's no fee to get it. Beyond owning the data, you also control how it's used and presented. Facebook is notorious for changing algorithms for when (or even if) people see your posts. When you run your own community the experience for your and your users is in your control. Branding opportunities This is a big one. An owned community gives you the tools you need to make your community a seamless part of your user's interaction with your business. This naturally includes your brand styles (your logo, colors, site navigation and so on) but also your community web address (URL). With an owned community, your URL will be easy to find - customers normally opt for something like forum.yourname.com or community.yourname.com. Users will have more confidence that they're in the right place, and more closely associate your community and your message with your brand. Emails sent out by your owned community can also carry your branding, consistently reinforcing that connection between your business and your community. And, of course, when users share content from your community to Facebook and other social networks, they're sending users directly to your website where you have the opportunity to lead with your most important call to actions. More control over user experience All Facebook groups are, essentially, the same experience and yet your business needs almost certainly aren't the same as every other. One size doesn't necessarily fit all when it comes to community! When you control your own community, you have the ability to control your user's experience. Need to show specific types of data in specific places? You can do that (and more) with Invision Community's easy to use Blocks feature. Need to create a custom community application to serve as a resource center for product support? You can do that too. Another huge benefit of this control is that, unlike a Facebook Group, users won't be seeing ads and 'recommended content' from competing businesses and communities. With user attention being pulled in so many directions these days, the last thing your community needs is for users to leave because Facebook has suggested a competitor! No barriers to monetization Not all communities require a monetization strategy. In many cases, the community is part of a larger customer relationship strategy rather than a revenue-generating destination in its own right. But for those communities that do plan to monetize, options with a Facebook group are at best difficult to act upon, and at worst practically non-existent. In contrast, Invision Community gives you the opportunity to explore monetization strategies that work for you. These might include paid subscription plans (a particularly attractive option for fan club communities), traditional advertising through Google AdSense and other networks, or sponsorship deals with other businesses that might be relevant to your members. Invision Community has tools for each of these approaches built in, allowing you to start monetizing with minimum fuss. Fine-grained permission controls Facebook groups struggle to reflect the real-world roles that staff members play in your organization, limiting your choices to 'administrator' or 'moderator'. And the same is true of users, too - your options for recognizing different levels of user (such as VIPs, or brand ambassadors) are limited. Invision Community is different. Since you are creating and configuring each member group, you can precisely control who can see what, and how they are recognized within the community. You can even sync these roles via Single Sign-On (SSO) making setup and assigning users to groups painless. For staff groups, you can limit access to key community functions based on roles or responsibilities, ensuring access is granted on an as-needed basis only. For users, you can get creative and find a group structure that works best for your specific needs. For example, support communities often find that recognizing the most knowledgeable and helpful members with a new member group (complete with elevated permissions) is a great way of engaging users. And finally, with this control over access, it's very easy to create restricted areas of the community. Whether you want to create a private subforum that staff can use to coordinate tasks or a file repository that's only available to subscribers, Invision Community can achieve it. You can still reap the Facebook benefits Setting up your community within Facebook's walls might not be the best approach for you. That doesn't mean you should ignore Facebook, however. On the contrary, it's an influential platform and there's a very good chance your users are already using it. Invision Community offers a number of tools that allow you to benefit from Facebook while avoiding the drawbacks we discussed. We'll go into more detail on utilizing social media in a future article, but to summarize: Invision Community features social sign-in options, enabling users to register and log in using their existing social media accounts, substantially reducing onboarding friction. Content can promoted by staff back to your social network pages, automatically and on a schedule you decide. Invision Community supports automatic embedding of a wide number of social networks (and other services), allowing users to share their favorite Facebook and Twitter posts and spark a whole new conversation - but this time in your community. Summary When you are creating an online community for your business or hobby it is important to think about your goals and future growth by choosing a platform that is there to work for your needs. When you establish your community on Facebook, you're helping to grow someone else's business (including, potentially, your competitors!) and hoping that some of those spoils fall to you. With an owned community, the rewards of your hard work belong to you and your business alone. Invision Community has been enabling users and businesses to communicate online since 2002, and we're proud of our reputation as a platform that puts control in your hands. Contact us if you'd like to discuss how we can help you too.
  23. This week, the team have been discussing the one thing they can not live without. Some found this a hard question to answer. What is the one thing you cannot live without? A tricky question for some. Could you pick just one thing? Brandon (Senior tech support and development) My family is my saving grace and escape, and even though they're (collectively) the ones typically causing me the most work I wouldn't trade them for anything. Mark H (Tech support) I believe my choice would have to be "good coffee". I can deal with no phone, even deal with no credit card. But no coffee? The horror.... the horror. (2 points for naming the reference). Marc S (Tech Support) For me, no matter how much I like my computer, and look around for my phone before I do so much as make a coffee, it would have to be speakers. Not because I have a decent set of speakers, and don't even have to be my own speakers, but something that can play music. Whether I'm doing tickets, developing, cleaning, driving, sat in my office or sat in a bar, its the one thing I cant do without. Rhett (Cloud Support) The question really has two answers, On the tech side, it would be my iPhone, I can do anything from it you can think of really and my go to device for communication of all sorts. In life in general, that's an easy one, "My children, they are the center of my life, and really all that matters is I have them by my side!" Matt (Senior Developer) The one "thing" means I don't have to say family or kids! So I definitely think it has to be my MacBook Pro. I switched from a traditional desktop set-up earlier in the year and haven't looked back. I like being able to pick up my MacBook and carry on working while out and about. When I'm home, I plug it up to my two external monitors and it performs as well as any desktop. Jennifer (Designer) My iPhone. There is no worse thing than leaving my house without being able to check my chat programs or to be able to play Pokemon Go. Daniel (Senior tech support and development) The nerd in me can't live without alfredapp to automate all the things! ( check out their great forum https://www.alfredforum.com ) And the two hours a day of free time I get, I couldn't be without my son and bike. Stuart (Senior tech support and development) I pretty much couldn't be without my laptop, I use it for everything from Gaming, Films to Work. Is there one thing that you can't be without? Let us know below!
  24. Muhammad Rehman SAbir

    what are you thinking know

    weela rehne ki tarqeebein
  25. Dedicated A Picture Or Smiley To Person Above You. Koi bhi picture funny ya kuch bhi ya smiley apne se oper wale ko dedicate kerain. but please koi bhi aisi picture na post kerain jo k gair mayari hu. its a game so please dont take it personal. chalo gee hu jaoo shoro pahli pic sab k liye