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Found 8 results

  1. A titanic 46 million Pakistanis below the age of 35 are registered to vote in next week's elections. Photo: AFPISLAMABAD: The crowd of young Pakistanis, many armed with smartphones, surround the politician's car and begin streaming live footage of...
  2. Today, we have a lot of choice in terms of sports to watch on TV. But, go back a decade or two and the choices were pretty limited. Of course, there was cricket and hockey. But, if you were interested in any other sport, the chances of finding Live programming on TV were slim. But, there were some other sports that were on the fringe, threatening to steal eyeballs every now and then. The NBA basketball games were among the prominent ones. The audiences for such sports were of two types, hardcore fans of the sport and hardcore fans of the personalities who played the sport. We're going to be focusing on the latter here. © Getty Images Even though you'd have to be up really early in the morning to catch an NBA game live, there are many who do it. They may say it's because their favourite teams are playing but, the truth is, the only reason anyone wakes up at 5 am, is to watch their favourite player. Watching their superstars tear through oppositions is well worth the effort. And just like that, these players become something much more than stars. They become household names. Names that we can't forget. Even if you've never watched these players play a single minute of basketball you'll recognize their faces and certainly recognize their names instantly. That's the kind of status they managed to achieve in India. So, without further ado, here's a look at some of the iconic NBA stars anyone will recognize no matter how young or old they are: 1. Michael Jordan Is there any other player we could start a list of iconic NBA stars with? The man has done it all. He is the first ever sports personality to become a billionaire. Makes sense that any and everybody would recognise his name. © Getty Images If not for his time on the court (and his forgettable time in baseball) people would certainly recognise him as the man behind “Air Jordans.” “His Airness,” is one of the best basketball players of all time and we can say with reasonable certainty, that there's not a single person on the planet who hasn't heard of him. 2. Yao Ming At 7'6” Yao Ming would stand out in just about any crowd. But, while this star's height made him a formidable force in the NBA, it's not the reason for his immense popularity. Tall guy in the NBA, not a game changer is it? Nah. © Getty Images Memes, on the other hand, is a universal language that every 20-something understands. So, when your face becomes a meme, you're certainly going to become one of the most recognised faces in the world. The meme originated from a 2009 press conference. We don't know whether Yao approved of his becoming a meme or not, but what we do know, is that now no one would fail to recognise him on the street. 3. LeBron James One of the most bankable stars in basketball today, LeBron is the perfect example of what Michael Jordan would have been, if he played in the modern day. From sneaker sponsorships to epic dunks, the man does it all. © Getty Images While some may say that LeBron is more infamous than famous, our point of contention here is, he's a major crowd puller for the NBA today, whatever be the reason. If 3 NBA titles, 2 Olympic Golds, 4 NBA Season MVP's and over 31,000 weren't enough, LeBron just moved to one of the most popular NBA teams ever, the LA Lakers. We bet everyone will recognise him now. 4. Kobe Bryant Since we're on the topic of the Lakers, let's move on to one of the biggest stars to ever play for them, Kobe Bryant. 5 NBA championships, 2 Olympic Golds and over 33,000 points at an average of 25 ppg (points per game) made Kobe a menace for his opponents. © Getty Images But, it's the amount of time he spent in front of the camera that made him one of the most recognisable basketball players in the world. Throw in a fiery rivalry with his teammate Shaq and you already know that Kobe was destined for great things. Many consider him to be the Jordan of his time. Yeah, there are a lot of comparisons to Jordan in the NBA. Deal with it. 5. Dennis Rodman When we talk of NBA stars who were in the news for all the wrong reasons, we can't help but mention Dennis Rodman. While some might consider Rodman to be nothing but a poor reflection of what a professional athlete must be, we can't deny the fact that he's won 5 NBA championships. He was such a popular player for the Pistons that they even retired his number in 2011. © Getty Images While he certainly was one of the most eccentric players to ever play basketball, we'd like to believe that he is remembered for his skills on the court rather than his antics off it. Either way, Rodman is not a name we will easily forget. 6. Shaquille O'Neal Big Shaq, one of the few NBA stars who managed to get into Hollywood. Whether Hollywood helped him increase his popularity or not, will never be known, but no one can deny the effect his incredible run, as a Center for the LA Lakers, had on his popularity. © Getty Images With a towering 7'1” presence, Shaq would be just as hard to miss in a crowd as Yao Ming. He even has NBA championship rings to show off. But besides all of this, Shaq's claim to fame for the average Indian citizen would be the time, when was a part of Wrestlemania. Not many could stand toe-to-toe with the Big Show. Big Shaq could. That adds to his iconic status in India for sure.
  3. Tired of looking for the best deals on online shopping portals but end up empty-handed always? Well, we as a team of expert bargain-hunters, have scouted for the best Prime Day deals today, to make your shopping experience easier. The products, that cut across various brands, are more affordable as they are specially discounted for Prime Day. So on that note, here are seven Amazon Prime Day deals on T-shirts that are perfect for every young Indian guy out there. 1) This printed T-shirt from United Colors of Benetton, that is available in three different colours (green, navy and blue) and at a discount of 40%, will surely make you stand out from the crowd. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 599 Original MRP: Rs 999 Buy here 2) This blue printed T-shirt from Spykar, available at a discounted price of 50%, that will make any casual ensemble you adorn a game changer. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 499 Original MRP: Rs 999 Buy here 3) This mauve T-shirt from Aeropostale that you could team up with a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers for a casual yet modish look. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 899 Original MRP: Rs 1,399 Buy here 4) This badass grey printed T-shirt from Ed Hardy available at a discount of 35% that will make the biker in you super proud. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 974 Original MRP: Rs 1,499 Buy here 5) This white printed T-shirt with flecked effect from Levi's that is super casual yet stylish enough to help you score your next Tinder date. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 714 Original MRP: Rs 1,299 Buy here 6) This navy blue printed cotton tee from Flying Machine that, at just Rs 479, is a freaking steal. © Amazon Current MRP: Rs 479 Original MRP: Rs 799 Buy here 7) And this sky blue printed tee from Flying Machine that, once paired with white trousers and sneakers, will make for the perfect summer ensemble. © Amazon Current MRP: 359 Original MRP: 799 Buy here
  4. Anil Kapoor is ageing in reverse. His transformation over the years legit has the potential to give rise to a full-fledged conspiracy theory, involving anti-ageing potions or pills that have already been discovered, but being hidden from the public, and him being the probable test subject. That perhaps is a long shot, so we'll settle for the fact that this man here really knows how to take care of himself, and has managed to not let old age touch his well-being. Son-in-law Anand Ahuja posted a comparison picture on Instagram a few days ago that showed the Anil Kapoor from 1984 Vs. AK from 2018. © Instagram It looks like he hasn't aged a day! Right? The reason? Along with the diet and fitness bit, superficially, he does know the fashion bit as well (that probably is Rhea and Sonam, but he carries it off like a pro). What we're trying to say here, is that he doesn't dress like a 61-year-old, and applies certain dressing hacks that do in fact, make him look like a 25-year-old at times. Let's take a look. 1. He wears the latest silhouettes that are super popular among youngsters, like long-line shirts. © Instagram 2. His accessory game is on point. His staples are statement sunnies and watches, which look dope AF, with that light-hearted and charming personality. © Viral Bhayani 3. He understands the complicated game of fitting and length. He has moved away from the typical, safe space that every Indian man finds comfort in - and dabbles in unconventional fits and lengths. The result is here for everyone to see. © Instagram 4. He doesn't do 'dad-shoes'. His son-in-law might be a renowned sneakerhead, but he knows how to play the game equally well. © Instagram 5. He has not skipped a beat when it comes to embracing 'new-age grooming'. Look at that sick fade he's sporting here. © Instagram We bow down before you, Sir.
  5. Whether it's the latest smartphone, DSLR cameras or grooming essentials, men are often not the wisest when it comes to finding the right products to purchase. We understand this all-too-well, and after spending a hefty amount of time on Amazon, have found the best products for young men out there. So on that note, here are 7 products on Amazon that every Indian man of the 21st century needs to own. JBL C200SI Earphones © Amazon India Can you image how much more challenging those metro rides or morning jogs will be if you don't have a pair of quality earphones plugged into your smartphone? Whether it's listening to your favourite songs or binge-watching your favourite shows, you simply cannot do without carrying a pair of earphones in your pocket. As such, these JBL earphones, which are the perfect mixture of design, performance and durability, are just what you need. Current MRP: Rs 849 Original MRP: Rs 1,499 Buy here MI Air Purifier 2 © Amazon India With the alarming levels of air pollution (that keep getting worse) posing a gamut of health issues, having an Air Purifier in your house has become compulsory. As such, if you were looking for the best air purifiers in the market to help reduce your susceptibility to health hazards, look no further than the MI Air Purifier 2. Equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) triple layer filter, a coverage area of 400 square feet, 1 year of warranty and real time AQI monitoring, you'll be breathing a lot better if you've got this bad boy in your house. Current MRP: Rs 8,499 Original MRP: Rs 12,999 Buy here Wildhorn Men's Sling Bag © Amazon India Whether it's for work, a road trip or just a mini-vacation to the hills, the utility of a sling bag cannot be stressed upon enough. As such, if you're someone who can describe himself as being an avid traveller, then this tan brown sling bag from Wildhorn is something you shouldn't think twice about purchasing. Current MRP: Rs 1,999 Original MRP: Rs 4,999 Buy here JioFi 4G M2S Wi-Fi Hotspot Device © Amazon India In today's fast-paced and tech-savvy environment, most of us are always working on-the-go. As such, a Wi-Fi hotspot device is something that most young professionals simply cannot do without. And with this JioFi 4G M2S variant, they won't have to. With a download speed of up to 150 Mbps and a 2300 mAh battery, you won't ever have to worry about slow buffer speeds or loading times when you're working on-the-go. Current MRP: Rs 949 Original MRP: Rs 2,329 Buy here Konnark Y1 Bluetooth Smartwatch © Amazon India It won't be long before smartwatches completely replace their digital and analogue counterparts. So why not stay ahead of the curve and get yourself a smartwatch? One that preferably won't make you go broke? Well, that's precisely what this Konnark Y1 Bluetooth smartwatch achieves. Supporting 2G and 3G sim cards, this smartwatch is loaded with features such as a pedometer, calendar, call synchronisation, calculator, stopwatch, music player and a fitness app that helps record your workout data. Considering all of its features, it's surely a steal at a mere Rs 1,249. Current MRP: Rs 1,249 Original MRP: Rs 2,999 Buy here Hornbull Men's Leather Wallet © Amazon India Any man knows that his ensemble is incomplete without a stylish wallet in his pocket. As such, this genuine leather wallet from Hornbull, with 6 inbuilt card slots, 1 zip compartment, 2 secret compartments, 1 slip pocket and 1 coin pocket, is a great buy at an unbelievably low price. Current MRP: Rs 499 Original MRP: Rs 1,899 Buy here Moto G5s Plus © Amazon India Needless to say, no 21st century Indian man can do without a smartphone (they've become too essential a part of our lives for us to do without them). But getting a smartphone that is loaded with all of the latest features and spending a fortune are often not mutually exclusive. As such, the Moto G5s Plus, equipped with a 13 megapixel dual back camera, 8 megapixel front facing camera, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, 5.5 inch full HD display and a 3000 mAH battery, is simply too good to ignore, especially when you get it for just Rs. 12,999. Current MRP: Rs 12,999 Original MRP: Rs 16,999 Buy here Tired of looking for the best deals on online shopping portals but end up empty-handed always? Well, we as a team of expert bargain-hunters, scout for the best deals on Amazon every day to make your shopping experience easier. The products, that include a smartwatch, JBL earphones and an air purifier, are 100% authentic and way more affordable as they are specially discounted for the day.
  6. Whether it's the latest smartphone, a pair of wireless headphones, or grooming essentials, men are often confused when it comes to finding the right products to purchase. We understand this all too well, and after spending a hefty amount of time on Amazon, we have found the best products for all you young men out there. So on that note, here are 7 products on Amazon that every young Indian man must own in 2018. Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (Gold, 64 GB) © Amazon India The Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus is one of the hottest and most talked-about smartphones in the market right now. In any case, getting your hands on this trendy budget smartphone at a discounted price is an opportunity you can't let go of. Featuring a 16MP+5MP primary dual camera and a 24MP front facing camera, 15.24 centimeters (6-inch) super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, Android version 8.0 Oreo operating system, a 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa core processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory expandable up to 256GB and dual SIM (nano+nano) and 3500mAH lithium-ion battery, this smartphone is a steal at Rs. 23,990. Current MRP: Rs. 23,990 Original MRP: Rs. 28,000 Buy here Jack & Jones Men's Slim Fit Jeans © Amazon India These stylish slim fit jeans from Jack & Jones are going to be a worthy addition to your wardrobe. Made of a cotton and elastane blend, you can pair them up with a black tee or a white shirt for a casual yet stylish ensemble. Current MRP: Rs 1,499 Original MRP: Rs 2,999 Buy here Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones © Amazon India Featuring Boat's signature sonic high-definition sound with super extra bass and a custom-designed 50 mm driver for optimum performance, these headphones are precisely what you were looking for if you wanted premium quality at an affordable price. Current MRP: Rs 2,099 Original MRP: Rs 3,990 Buy here Philips Beard Trimmer © Amazon India Equipped with DuraPower technology and featuring up to 45 minutes of wireless usage, this Philips beard trimmer is a valuable addition to your grooming arsenal. Coming with two years of warranty, you're certain to leave a lasting impression on your Tinder date after using this Philips trimmer. Current MRP: Rs 1,399 Original MRP: Rs 1,795 Buy here Flying Machine Men's Casual Shirt © Amazon India Looking for something special to wear this weekend? Well, how about this stylish casual shirt from Flying Machine? This navy and white printed slim-fit pure cotton shirt, with a spread collar and one patch pocket, will make for a modish ensemble, regardless of what you pair it with. Current MRP: Rs 999 Original MRP: Rs 1,999 Buy here LG 49 inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV © Amazon India Considering just how expensive 4K Ultra HD LED TVs are in the market right now, especially those belonging to reputable brands, getting this LG 49 inch variant at a discount of almost Rs. 25,000 is pretty much daylight robbery. Featuring an IPS 4K panel, two HDMI ports and USB connectability, this is one deal you simply cannot miss out on. Current MRP: Rs 64,999 Original MRP: Rs 89,990 Buy here Vervfit Weight Lifting Gloves © Amazon India We understand just how exhausting and difficult working out can be, especially if your workout includes lifting heavy weights. As such, using these Vervfit weight lifting gloves, available at a mere Rs. 599, will help make your workout a lot easier and hassle-free. Current MRP: Rs 599 Original MRP: Rs 999 Buy here
  7. We loved 'Cool Uncle' Professor Sanjeev Srivastava's perfect dance moves at a wedding in India. Fondly called 'Dancing Uncle', he owned the stage and became a viral sensation in no time. His dancing skills were so on point even Govinda himself couldn't stop himself from sharing the stage with him. Just when we thought there could be nothing else better than this, a video of a young man dancing at a supermarket surfaced. The young rather good-looking dude did an impromptu gig to the popular song 'Long Lachi' and boy, he made heads turn. His thumka game is even better than women, if we can say so. The guy is called Mehroz Baig and is from Karachi, Pakistan. As he dances in front of a cheering crowd at the hypermarket, an elderly gentleman is so impressed with his moves he decides to join in. Seriously, this guy's dancing game is so on point he can give professional dancers a run for their money. There is so much talent in the common man, we tell you. Looks like we have a successor to 'Cool Uncle' Professor Sanjeev Srivastava.
  8. An ambulance leaves the Tham Luang cave area after divers evacuated some of the 12 boys and their coach trapped at the cave in Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park in the Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai province on July 8, 2018. Photo: AFPMAE SAI,...