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  1. As concerns about COVID-19 grow, the demand for hand sanitisers has skyrocketed across the globe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), although it is more than a mere fix, diligent use of hand sanitizer along with practicing social distancing is the best possible way to keep the virus away. Not to forget, maintaining personal hygiene is important to avoid the risk of getting infected and spreading it to others. While we all might know the basics before buying a hand sanitizer, it gets difficult to keep a tab on facts and separate them from fiction in the day of forwards on WhatsApp University and much to parse through online. So let's delve into some of the lingering questions about hand sanitiser that might be on your mind. Why 60% and not 100% alcohol concentration? We know alcohol is effective in killing microbes, including bacteria and viruses, but hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol content are considered more useful. However, using undiluted alcohol is not advisable as that would dry out the skin or cause irritation. This is why most hand sanitisers use Isopropyl Alcohol so that we are able to sanitise our hands as frequently as needed without any dryness or irritation. © istock Are homemade hand sanitisers a bad idea? There are many DIY hand sanitiser ideas online, including some that use vodka or other hard liquor. But, the ethanol concentration in such alcohol is typically 30 to 45 percent which is not high enough to kill microbes. Also, pure alcohol evaporates too quickly to efficiently kill bacteria or viruses on our hands, especially when the air is less humid. While rubbing alcohol on cuts and scrapes could be useful, a homemade hand sanitiser is not a wise idea. © istock Is a quick thrust of hand sanitiser enough? Hand sanitizers are only effective if used in a proper way. Just like with soap and water, hand sanitisers won't work unless it's used in the right amount and with proper technique. While using hand sanitizer, make sure it's covering the hands entirely, including between your fingers. Don't rub in the sanitizer too quickly. Stop only when it is completely absorbed. © istock __ECOMLOOKS__360__ Do expiry dates really matter? YES! Just like everything else, every hand sanitiser has an expiry date too. As alcohol is volatile, with time it will slowly evaporate, making the sanitiser lose its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. Although the scarcity of hand sanitisers might make us overlook this factor, it is necessary to make sure that we're not using an expired one. Get this hygiene kit with a foam hand sanitiser. Grab the kit before it's sold out… __ECOMPRODUCT__292__ Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention View the full article
  2. With over one million people being tested positive with the Coronavirus, the need for boosting your immune system and staying healthy for yourself and the people around you, has become of utmost importance. We, therefore, reached out to Sheryl Salis, a registered dietician, certified diabetes educator and wellness coach with a career spanning across 19 years in order to provide you with some simple and basic steps to make your immunity stronger, which can help you survive the pandemic more efficiently: 1. Add Virgin Coconut Oil To Your Diet © Pexels Include Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil in the diet. The important medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) present in coconut oil are lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. These acids in coconut oil principally destroy microbial organisms by disturbing their membranes, thus interfering with virus assembly and maturation. Coconut oil also has monolaurin which is a potent antiviral agent. It kills the virus by dissolving the protective lipids surrounding it. Consuming two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day will help keep the virus at bay by building a stronger immune system along with additional health benefits such as, aid in weight management, support cognition and help in digestion as well. 2. A Colorful Plate © Pexels Include coloured fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, papaya that add flavor to your palate. These are essentially rich in antioxidants and help you build a stronger immune system. 3. Vitamin C - The Major Player © Pexels Include foods rich in vitamin C like orange, sweet lime, lemon, gooseberry, bell pepper, berries, tomato, dark leafy vegetables, cashew fruit, kiwi, strawberry, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc. which boost your immune system. Did you know Amla has the highest vitamin C content which is almost equal to that of two oranges? Amla has potent anti-viral and antioxidant properties as well. Dried amla is as good as fresh amla as it contains substances which partially protect the vitamin C from destruction on heating or drying. 4. Add Zinc To Your Diet © Pexels Foods rich in zinc such as nuts, whole grains, legumes, yeast, dairy products also help boost immune function and are highly recommended to be incorporated in the diet. 5. Switch To Green Tea (Preferably With Moringa) And Green Coffee © Pexels Sip on moringa green tea which is formulated to give you all the benefits of green tea combined with the power of the superfood moringa. It is packed with vitamins and minerals (specifically vitamin C) and has antioxidants which help boost immunity. Additionally, it helps maintain bone and joint health, helps regulate metabolism and aids in weight management. Similarly, unlike regular coffee, green coffee is unroasted and hence has three times more antioxidant potential which is otherwise lost during the roasting process. It is a health booster that is high in antioxidants which helps boost immunity and aids in weight control and management. 6. Enhance Digestion and Stay Hydrated © Pexels It surely helps if you use garlic, pepper, ginger, asafetida (hing), cumin seeds/powder, turmeric, moringa, lemongrass, basil, and coriander in cooking as they help enhance digestion and improve immunity. Did you know that adding black pepper to the turmeric helps in the absorption of active ingredients in turmeric? You can mix and add it to food, especially soups. 7. Spice Up Your Meals © Pexels Pepper rasam and sambhar have all the essential spices and are just right to boost your immune system. Spices tend to be very helpful in building a strong defence mechanism against viral infections. Ensure to include sambhar and rasam to your meals. 8. Kill The Virus With Antiviral Foods © Pexels Garlic, fennel, basil, cloves and tulsi have antiviral properties that help you maintain and boost your immune system whilst you stay prepared to fight the viral infections and flu. 9. Drink Healthy Juices © Pexels Try these healthy juice combinations like: a. Beetroot + Carrot + Spinach + Amla + Ginger b. Apple + Beetroot + Carrot + Ginger + Lemon + Celery. These juices not only energize you and help you maintain youthfulness but also help boost your immune system in an efficient manner. We can boost our immune systems by adding the above-mentioned foods easily available in our kitchen to build a stronger immune system without letting us compromise on our favourite meals. It is extremely important to build a strong immune system which will work in our defence during times of distress. 10. Vitamin D © Pexels Studies have shown that vitamin D helps boost immunity. Ensure that you go to your terrace for at least 15 mins in the day (without applying sunscreen) and get vitamin D. You can set a time with your neighbours to ensure you maintain physical distancing. View the full article
  3. Every kind of love thatâs celebrated is worth sharing. When you love hard, and as purely as the feeling itself, itâs hard for the world to not get a whiff of your rapid heartbeat or roiling emotions. You see, that is how love works in our world. There is no timeline to it. It sees no cultural or linguistic barriers. There is no stopping it against different skin colours or places of worship, and when it finally does arrive, it brings us to our knees, quite literally. © Instagram Ace Kings XI Punjab player and Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell who recently got engaged to his girlfriend Vini Raman would agree with this from personal experience. Because when all else failed, it took Maxwell to drop to his knees and turn his then-girlfriend into his current fiance, and future wife. Before we get to that part, letâs take a quick look at Maxwell and Viniâs little-known love story. © Instagram According to tabloids, the first wave of speculation about Maxwell and Viniâs âfriendshipâ started doing the rounds when Vini posted a picture of herself with Maxwell back in August 2017. The post came with no captions, and to this day comments on the picture is disabled. Still, since actions speak louder than words, the picture spoke volumes. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@vini.raman) Both look pretty close and comfortable in each other's company in the picture. And though not much is known about their initial phase of dating, it is believed that the two first met at a Melbourne Stars event, a domestic cricket team Maxwell represents. © Instagram As for Vini, she is a Melbourne-born and brought-up, Indian-origin Tamilian who also happens to be a certified pharmacist. In fact, it has always been Vini herself who would often share pictures of herself and âbest friendâ Maxwell on the âGram, along with other cryptic captions every now and then. View this post on InstagramWe're the best of friends... except for when the jenga comes out ð¬ #topdeckA post shared by (@vini.raman) Besides popping up on Viniâs feed now and then, and going on a Europe trip together, Maxwell and Vini succeeded in keeping speculations rife about their relationship status for a long time. This was until Maxwell took Vini as his plus one to the Australian Cricket Awards in February last year and even posted their first picture together on his personal Instagram account. The gossip mills took this as an official announcement of their budding romance. View this post on InstagramAwesome night at Crown for the Australian cricket awards. Congrats to @patcummins30 and @a_healy who both had incredible years! Personally I thought @vini.raman was best on ground last night, she looked absolutely stunning! ð A huge thanks to @nadeneduncanstylist , @marquisebridal , @calibreaustralia , @lajeenartistry , @valerejewellery & @olgabergofficial #australiancricketawards #crown #calibre #marquisebridalA post shared by (@gmaxi_32) This was soon followed by pictures of the coupleâs trip to Paris, though Vini was otherwise quite diligent about filling the gaps with her own set of Instagram posts which captured their blooming romance. However, earlier this year, soon after taking Vini as his plus one to the Australian Cricket Awards for the second consecutive year, Maxwell made things official by announcing his engagement to girlfriend Vini Raman on Instagram. View this post on InstagramðA post shared by (@gmaxi_32) But according to Maxwell, a lot went on before this picture-perfect moment. Things that toppled all his plans for a memorable proposal, turned it into a ânightmareâ and ended up bringing him to his knees instead. During an interview with Cricket Australia Maxwell shared how a perfect proposal for Vini would have been on a beach during sunset, but how it was everything otherwise in reality. When his initial plan failed, Maxwell asked Vini to meet him in a park near Port Melbourne. It was late in the afternoon and the park was full of people and school kids, so all the while he hid behind a tree to wait for Vini to reach the location. © Instagram But as his luck would have it, Vini walked past him in the wrong direction. So, Maxwell had to give her directions until she was in the exact place where he wanted her. When they finally met up, Maxwell wasnât feeling ready enough to pop the question just like that, so he tried to make her look in the other direction on the pretext of locating a cafe. © Instagram As soon as Vini turned around to check, and with no other way to do it ârightâ, Maxwell dropped on one knee and ended up proposing to Vini in a public park! View this post on InstagramLast night we celebrated our Indian engagement and I gave @gmaxi_32 a little teaser of what the wedding will be like 𥰠Shout out to both of our incredible families & all our friends who came to celebrate with us on such short notice - we are so grateful to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people â¤ï¸ Canât wait to get our hands on more photos from @shevan_j_photography ð¸ H&M - who else but ... @lajeenartistry Venue - @lincoln_of_toorak Catering - @tandooriflames Mandap - @rupalis_mandaps_melbourne Henna - @fadziiesmehndiandbeauty Lehgna - @gbcreations_ Arm candy - @gmaxi_32 ðA post shared by (@vini.raman) Soon, the pictures of Maxwell and his fiance made it to social media, which was later followed by pictures from their Indian engagement and a promise that the wedding will be a grand, Aussie + desi affair. View the full article
  4. We are already cautioned about all the hygiene tips that one needs to follow due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you touch something likely to be exposed to it, you instantly need to wash your hands to halt the virus from spreading further. When you do so for a good 20 seconds, the virus can be banished, but in turn, your hands will become dry since you are doing it so frequently. Even though everyone is calling it the best method to prevent the spread of the virus further, many people are still not aware of the right way to do it. If you are wondering what are the dos and don'ts of washing your hands so frequently, here's what you need to know: Dos:1. Wash Your Hands Under Clean Running Water © iStock Before you start scrubbing your hands with soap, use lukewarm water to wash your hands. Then, take the soap and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Scrub your hands together as it helps loosen and get rid of dirt and germs. 2. Wash Your Fingertips © iStock Fingertips are often skipped but you need to know that they are a safe haven for the germs to settle. So while you scrub your hands, wash your fingertips thoroughly. 3. Wash Your Hands When You Blow Your Nose And Before Eating © iStock You might think that you didn't catch anything on your hands, but you still need to wash them. Be it before or after you eat your meals or if you sneeze or cough, there's no excuse, whatsoever. Cleaning your hands is crucial and it needs to be done, either with soap and water or a hand sanitiser. 4. Drying Your Hands © iStock Moist hands can give living organisms a space to survive and spread. Hence drying your hands immediately after you are done, is very important. Experts suggest that one should use a paper towel, dry towel or automatic blowers to dry hands. 5. Use A Hand Sanitiser © iStock A hand sanitiser is a quick solution to everything and a great alternative to soap and water. Once you apply it, it helps control the spread of the virus. Sanitiser can make your hands feel wet but just for 10 seconds. You should ideally hand wash on most occasions but when you are unable to, a hand sanitiser filled with powerful ingredients can be really helpful. Donâts :1. Don't Use Hot Water © iStock Hot water is the major cause of hands turning dry and dehydrated. Hence it is recommended that you either wash your hands with cold or lukewarm water. 2. Don't Let The Water Keep Running © iStock While you are scrubbing for those good 20 seconds, there's no need to keep the tap running. When you wash your hands, for example, 20 times a day, you save at least 1 litre of water, if you don't keep the water running. Hence, save it while you can. 3. Don't Touch Anything Else © iStock Once you are done washing your hands, don't touch your skin, any surface or washbasin. These areas could also be infected with the virus and you do not want to come in touch with them. Be cautious while doing so. 4. Don't Touch Your Face © iStock We know that the respiratory virus is spreading from one person to the other and that is mainly through spread of droplets because of sneezing or coughing. If that happens, the next step is to immediately wash your hands and not touch your face to control the spread of the virus. 5. Donât Scrub Too Hard © iStock While you are washing your hands in those 20 seconds, it is important to scrub it gently. When you do it too frequently, it can lead to dryness and your hands are more susceptible to cracking. This is the perfect stop for the germs to settle down. To avoid any sort of dryness, use a hand moisturiser to keep your hands hydrated. View the full article
  5. Dating has shifted base to the online arena and there is no going around it unless you want to remain single, or remain single for a long time. Now, to get the ball rolling and set up those dates with the girl you like, you need to first, let them know youâre interested in them. How do you do that? By flirting! And as long as you can pull off being a non-creepy, non-offensive flirt, trust me, you can get any girl. If you want to get started and up your online flirting game right now, follow these 5 easy tips to flirt successfully and land a date with your crush: 1. Keep The Rule Of Reciprocity In Mind © Pexels The one thing you can never lose sight of while flirting, be it online or otherwise, is the Rule of Reciprocity as I like to call it. The idea is to pay attention to whether your crush or potential date is equally involved and interested in the process. Remember to start off gently, and amp it up only when you see them showing genuine interest. 2. Ditch Playing Safe © Pexels Right from hitting her up for the first time to getting the conversation rolling, donât go by the âfoolproof flirting tricksâ your friends handed down to you. Crack a conversation with a funny but not insensitive comment about her profile, and build it up by talking about your interests over time. If at any point you feel like you need to take things up a notch, try sharing stuff on what interests her and you think she would enjoy checking out. 3. Let The Emoti (cons) ons Flow © Flickr Not only do women enjoy emoticon-heavy conversations, but using them can also help you understand your woman better. It makes the conversation lively and less boring, besides helping you play it safe and keep the conversation open. Get that emoticon game on. 4. Risk It With Sexual Undertones, But Go Easy © Pexels This is only when you have been going to and fro with the sweet messages for a while now. Just because youâre in the online flirting zone doesnât mean you canât drop in a few lines with sexual undertones here and there. But beware, know where to draw the line. Instead of going at it with full guns blazing, turn things around by pointing out her ânaughty sideâ when she shares something adventurous. 5. Swear By The âMysteriousâ © Pixabay While itâs great to be talking and hitting it off with all the right moves, the trick here is to make it lasting enough to lead to an actual date eventually. So, donât spill your beans all at once. Stay honest but also keep up the mystery. View the full article
  6. Quarantine and self-isolation isn't something that we're used to. However, it's the only thing we can do to keep ourselves as well as the people around us safe from coronavirus. We all can use the spare time to try new things. If your idea of doing something new has something to do with starting a podcast, then you're in the right place. The best thing about having your own podcast is that you don't necessarily have to be somewhere in particular to host one. In fact, you can even have your friends agree to do this from the comfort of their home. © Anchor We suggest using Anchor for podcasts. Anchor has been a popular choice for a lot of users across the globe for hosting podcasts. Although it's owned by Spotify, you can make your podcasts available across a lot of different platforms. Anchor now has a new feature called Record With Friends 2.0 with which it's making it easier than ever to record a podcast with your peers, even if they don't have the Anchor app. You can invite them to record podcasts via a link and it'll open for them on the web browser. This is by far the easiest way to record a podcast. It's almost like attending a video call on hangouts where you're simply clicking a link to join a call. Given the fact that most people are practicing social distancing, they might be interested in listening to something new and personal. You can also use this time to your advantage and start something meaningful. Source: Anchor View the full article
  7. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. People across the world are avoiding stepping out either by choice or because of a lockdown. Self-quarantine has become a new hashtag on Instagram, and Instagram has also added quarantine GIFs that capture what a lot of us are dealing with right now. The only thing that we know for certain is that we're going to be home, in the coming weeks. In such a scenario, you can finally grow that beard that you always wanted. A lot of factors come in the way against growing the perfect beard: the weather, corporate dress code, daily commute or maybe just not having the time. Well, guess what, now you have all of those things. So, here's how you can grow the beard of your dreams. 1. Give A Light Trim Every Two Weeks View the full article
  8. When it comes to fashion, having a personal sense of style is of utmost importance. Some things that work for some men may not work for you - the reason being your body type and what it demands. Dressing for your body type is not about restricting your fashion choices but about investing in the right ones. Here is a style guide for men that will help you know what flatters your body type and what doesn't. Trust us, it makes the biggest impact if you wear the right clothes. To begin with, men have a total of four major body shapes. These are - rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle and oval. These shapes determine what looks good on you and what doesn't. __ECOMLOOKS__308__ __ECOMLOOKS__309__ __ECOMLOOKS__310__ __ECOMLOOKS__311__ Explore More View the full article
  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as MIT has created an app that can inform users if they have crossed paths with someone who has been infected and found positive for the COVID-19 virus. The app is called Private Kit: Safe Paths and is a free, open-source app that shows if users have come in contact with someone who has the virus. People who have tested positive for the virus can share their information within the app or share information with health officials who could then make it public. The app can send notifications to users on which location has been confirmed to have a positive case. © Privaate Kit Safe Path The app was developed by associate professor Ramesh Raskar of the MIT Media Lab. He said the app can be used to shut down specific areas instead of an entire area, region or cities, thanks to Private Kit: Safe Paths. The app was made with the motivation to ease the economic and social disruption caused due to the virus. © Unsplash/Annie Spratt The app is available for free on both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from here. The app was made in partnership with Harvard, Facebook, Mayo clinic, World Health Organisation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and others. Raskar says the app can only be effective if people actually use the application and provide accurate data. It collects location data from users and keeps a time-stamped log every five minutes. The date from your phone never leaves the device and is encrypted to protect the privacy of users. Users infected with the virus can send your location data to health officials by scanning a QR code. © Unsplash/Kian Chang The app can come handy in tracking down infected users around you, however it could also be a source of panic. If a user finds someone infected with the virus close to their location, it could, in turn, lead to unnecessary panic. While the appâs intentions are to safeguard the spread of the virus, many people donât own a smartphone even in developed countries. Some users do not like to install applications that track your location which could pose a problem for widespread adoption. View the full article
  10. When it comes to wellness and grooming for men, a Korean skin care routine is the best one to follow. We can thank the Koreans for blessing the world with specialised skin care. From exfoliation to deep hydration, they have solved so many skin problems. They have literally perfected the glass-skin look and there is no harm in trying their skin care routine for yourself - especially now, when all you have is time. Turn your lazy quarantine week into a fun, self-care one! __ECOMLOOKS__296__ __ECOMLOOKS__297__ __ECOMLOOKS__298__ __ECOMLOOKS__299__ __ECOMLOOKS__300__ __ECOMLOOKS__301__ Explore More View the full article
  11. We are pretty sure some of you must've already stocked up on six months worth of groceries among other things that you might need, in case the city goes into lockdown mode amid the Coronavirus outbreak. But in the midst of taking care of all these things, we're sure you must've not given going to the salon a second thought. And quite understandably so, because there are far too many important things out there that trump this. And if you can grow out your beard or have been looking to do so, that's great. But if your work-from-home video calls require you to trim your beard and look neat, maybe now is the time to learn how to trim your own beard. So, while it might be a little tricky to decide what tools to use or what YouTube tutorials to watch to get it right, you need to start somewhere. Here's how: 1. Keep It Neat © Istock A dry, dirty beard not only looks grizzly on the camera but can also be tough to trim. It's best to keep it clean especially before trimming it. Firstly, wash with a beard shampoo and not a regular shampoo, this is because the scalp is different from the skin underneath your beard. Then, condition with a beard conditioner to soften it up. 2. Brush It Out © Istock After drying-up, take a brush designed for the beard and run it gently against the crop, in order to position the hair upwards. This leaves little room for error and makes it easier to trim the beard. 3. Time For The TrimUse clippers to trim to your preferred length. (It's best to start with a bigger guard, a precaution that prevents accidentally trimming the beard too short.) If you're looking for something simple and short, an even length works well. However, if you're going for something more shapely, a flattering technique involves leaving the growth a little longer around the chin and shorter on the sides of your face. A number 3 setting at the temples, but a 4 or 5 setting when you get to the goatee area should work well. You also lookup other beard styles. 4. Trim MoustacheA pair of beard/moustache scissors work just fine for trimming the spiky ends. As for how much should you trim? It's a judgment call that you can take. 5. Define Your Neckline © Istock Now comes the trickiest part: trimming the neckline. If you end up trimming too close to the jawline, it will seem like you have a double chin, even if you don't. And if you let it grow too far down your neck, you'll invite comparisons to ferals. An easy trick is to mark your Adam's apple as your guiding point. Trim everything below it in a shallow U-shape that looks just about as natural as it can get. © Istock The results may not be perfect, but they'll make do in the quarantine. Besides, once you're out and about, you can pride yourself on the fact that you learned one extra skill in your quarantine days. View the full article
  12. Who knew the year 2020 will force all the lazy people to focus on hygiene. Yes, we are talking about the COVID-19 outbreak. Washing hands is probably the first thing on your priority list these days. While this step is most important to keep the virus from entering our bodies, let's not forget about other crucial parts of hygiene - your beard, to be specific. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we now know how harmful it can be to leave your beard ungroomed. Here are four beard hygiene tips that will help your beard healthy and free of germs. It's finally time to let go of the excuses and start your beard-care routine. __ECOMLOOKS__280__ __ECOMLOOKS__282__ __ECOMLOOKS__283__ __ECOMLOOKS__285__ Explore More View the full article
  13. With the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus crossing well over 160 (166 to be exact, at the time of writing this article), most people in India are preparing for self-isolation for the next few days, if not weeks. © iStock People have various concerns about the deadly virus, that has crippled the day-to-day lives of all of us, such as how long does the virus survive in different conditions, how long does it stay in the air, and can the virus be caught from different surfaces and so on. Well, it seems that we have some answers, although, they aren't exactly as clear as we would have wanted them to be. © iStock The World Health Organisationâs official stance is rather vaguely worded and has a very broad scope, for understandably obvious reasons. Their website says that the virus âmay persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days...under different conditions.â The website stays silent on what exactly are the conditions, and for exactly how long does the virus survive. The New York Times newspaper studied a paper that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which went in great detail about the surface stability of the virus on different surfaces. © iStock The study claims that the deadly virus survives the longest on all forms of plastic, and all metals, barring copper. As per the study, if the conditions are conducive, the virus may survive on hard surfaces like those on plastic and metal for about 72 hours or 3 days. That being said, the virus grows less viable by the hour, over the course of 72 hours. The virus survives for considerably lesser hours when it is on softer surfaces such as cardboard. Surprisingly, on copper it survives for just four hours. © iStock One interesting fact that the NYT article pointed out is that although many experts have repeatedly said that the virus does not spread through the air, the study claims that in aerosol form, or tiny droplets that may get suspended in the air when someone sneezes or coughs without covering their mouths, it can stay up for half an hour. Although the chances of someone getting infected through the virus when it is in the air is slim, medical professionals and people who are taking care of coronavirus patients still need to be careful. © iStock According to a different article published by the Harvard Health Publishing of the Harvard Medical School, the virus, like most other forms of the coronavirus does not survive for long when they are on a softer surface, like fabric. © iStock However, there has been very little research on the virusâs behaviour with fabrics, this strain is showing a lot of similarities with the other strains of the virus. By a thorough and a well worked out calculation, it is being estimated that the virus should not last on light fabrics for more than 3 to 4 hours. Having said that, since there is no proper and extensive research on the subject, many experts are suggesting that we be extremely careful and cautious. The American body CDC or the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention has put up an advisory on how people who need to deal with patients should deal with their clothes. © iStock First and foremost, if you have been near a patient or are a medical professional, wear a mask and disposable gloves when youâre handling the clothes. If you have a family member who is showing the symptoms of the virus, it is imperative that you wear a mask and disposable gloves when handling their clothes. Secondly, under no circumstances should you shake the clothes or beat the clothes vigorously, before they have been put in the machine. Wash the clothes at the highest temperature of water that the fabric allows. Wash using regular detergents and softeners, you donât need anything special for that. © iStock Third, get them to dry in sun. Avoid your machineâs dryer function as they already are a cesspool of germs, unless you get them washed & disinfected regularly. © iStock There are a few other things that you need to keep mind. If you use a laundry basket or a bucket to store your clothes before they are washed, disinfect them regularly. Also, if ever you get some bodily fluid on your clothes (blood, phlegm, saliva, or anything for that matter) get changed immediately, and straight away wash your clothes. © iStock As testing as these times are, this is not the end of the world as we know it. Just stay alert and cautious and things should be fine. View the full article
  14. With coronavirus outbreak across the globe, everything around is either shut or postponed and there's no way you can socialise anymore. While it's a great idea to binge-watch all the shows that you added to your watchlist, there's actually something more productive that you can follow through during this time. Albeit remaining inside protects you and others from the contagious virus, the thought of what to do everyday post-work hours can stir all the craziness. Skincare is often neglected, especially when you have a busy schedule. To make the most of your self-quarantine period, here's how you can ramp up your skincare routine with easy-to-follow tips. 1. Exfoliate Your Skin © iStock Your skin is exposed to dirt, grime and other environmental hazards. Luckily, during this quarantine season, you can easily get rid of it. Exfoliating your skin is the key here as it helps eliminate dead skin cells, removes blackheads and ensures a healthy blood circulation for your skin. Do a quick DIY with sugar and honey and scrub this solution on your face. Massage it gently on your face and then rinse it off with cold water. Trust us - you'll emerge out of the bathroom feeling much lighter. 2. Pay Attention To Your Lips © iStock Just like your skin, even your lips need hydration. It is quite possible that you might have ignored it during your tight work schedule. But now that you have enough time, keep a high SPF lip balm next to your work desk at home. Petroleum jelly helps in preventing chapping and dryness. So grab it and make good use of it while you are self-quarantining. 3. Apply Facemask © iStock There's nothing a facemask cannot do, irrespective of the global plague. This humble mask is an item that should be a part of your stash. For maximum effect when you are home, use it once or twice a week, to spruce up your skin's health faster. One of the most effective masks out there is activated charcoal mask that can easily ramp up your skin's appearance and detoxify it as well. Fan of home remedies? Apply a facemask made of coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Whisk these two ingredients together and apply it on your skin. Once it's dry, wash it off and pat dry with a clean towel. 4. Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise (CTM) © iStock CTM is underrated but it is a routine that's important for men as well. Your skin goes through a lot of damage on a daily basis and dull skin can result in sudden breakouts and many other skin related issues. Cleansing your face sanitises your skin. Wash your face with a mild cleanser. The next step is to apply a toner. To do that, you can make good use of rose water as well. For the final step, you can simply use the moisturiser in your arsenal and give your skin that much-needed spa at home. 5. Take Care Of Your Eyes © iStock The under-eye area feels exhausted after spending hours staring at the laptop or phone screen. This leads to visible dark circles and puffiness. Now that you have all the time in the world, don't forget to care for your eyes. Thanks to home ingredients like cucumbers and ice cubes, dealing with dark circles is possible at the comfort of your home. Massaging your eyes with grated cucumber and ice cubes is the best way to get rid of the puffiness around your eyes. Try it out! View the full article
  15. The websites that you browse online hold a lot of information on you. Just like mobile applications that require a lot of your permissions to work properly, websites have also become very complex and access things like your webcam, your location to serve you local ads, and more. And we're barely scratching the surface while talking about the webcam and location access. You'd actually be surprised to know the things that a lot of websites track on a daily basis. But, fret not. We're here to help you take back your control over your web browsers and the data which all these sites are tracking. How To Control Browser Cookies © Pexels Cookies, for those of you who don't know, are small bits of code that websites deposit on your computer to keep track of what your browsing habits are like. With cookies, websites essentially get to know things like the last time you visited them and remember your preferences. Airline portals, for instance, make use of these cookies to figure out the number of times you're looking at a particular airfare to play around with its pricing. Depending on your browsing habits, cookies may or may not be a good thing for you. If you turn them completely off, you'll be forced to set your preferences on your favorite websites every time you visit them. And this is exactly why you might want to get deep into the granular controls. Google Chrome © MensXP If you're using Google Chrome as your primary web browser, then simply click on the icon next to the address bar to its left. There, you'll see an option called "Site Settings". Tap that and you'll see things like cookies and different permissions which the website needs. We suggest you tweak as per your preference for all the sites you visit more often. Even if you're visiting a particular site for the first time, it's a good practice to check out the permissions and see what all they're accessing. This way, you'll prevent the sites from accessing unnecessary resources on your computer. Mozilla Firefox Firefox also lets you check out the permissions the same way Chrome does. Simply tap on the icon next to the address bar, to its left, to reveal everything you need. Alternatively, you can also go to the browser settings to make any other changes to the way the browser uses cookies. Safari On macOS If you're using Safari as your primary web browser, then you can check out the site settings by clicking on Safari Menu button and going to "Settings for This Website". There, you'll see option for the camera, location, and microphone access. Safari will let you turn on an option to serve you a pop up every time a website needs permission. © MensXP Additionally, you can also choose to get a detailed view by heading to "Preferences" from the Safari menu and by clicking "Websites" tab. Here, you'll be able to set global rules for websites and let you block all sites from requesting access to your resources like a webcam. Alternatively, you can also "Block all cookies" by marking the checkbox to prevent all websites from saving cookies. Microsoft Edge Just like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft's Edge browser also lets you check out the site settings by clicking on the icon next to the address bar. You can also head over to the "Manage Permissions" tab to get a deep dive into the permissions granted. Edge browser will also give you an option to turn off media that plays automatically on some websites. That's a really handy feature to have. The Final Say Websites are gettings more complex by the day as developers are trying to revolutionize the way we consume content. It's important that we take cookies and permissions very seriously because not all websites are transparent about the things they have on you. It's always best to make sure that a website doesn't have things like access to your webcam or location unless it's absolutely necessary. View the full article
  16. We are home-bound in the present times and sometimes life can be gloomy, as social distancing is the best bet we have to save ourselves. So, in case, the only entertainment you have in life is a daily âgediâ with your friends, then here are six fresh Punjabi tracks we suggest you add to that list. 1. Red EyesKaran Aujla fans are already blaring and dancing to his latest number. In case you still havenât, send it to that chick with billi eyes today. 2. ShikariGurlez Akhtar is one Punabi singer who is giving many male colleagues a run for their money with her swag. This is her latest track, so add this to your list. 3. Dolce GabbanaItâs true that Punjabi singers are obsessed with their brands and sometimes go ahead and even make a whole song about it! Thatâs exactly what Karan Randhawa did with his latest track. 4. Jee KardaThis song has been out for over a month now but surprisingly very few people know about it. Perfect song for those âcar-o-barâ nights with friends. 5. Teri KhaamiyanIf you still have not discovered the Crossblade acoustic series then you are in for a treat. This is one beautiful Akhil number re-sung by him and Gurnazar to soothe our souls. 6. Jatt RuleThe title of the song is self explanatory so just find it, stream it, and add it! View the full article
  17. The creepiness of horror mixed with the adrenaline rush of predicting a human wiping disaster, some apocalyptic movies really shook our panicked minds. While we donât recommend these movies for cozy date night, but if watching an âend-of-the-worldâ movie will give you any thrill, then here are 8 movies you should watch before the world ends. 1. 2012A movie based on a long forgotten prediction that the world was supposed to end in 2012. The film follows the struggles of a few survivors who manage to escape the wrath that is let loose on the planet and everything starts to demolish on this planet. 2. The Wandering EarthOne of the highest grossing movies of 2019 and made in China follows a scary premise where the Sun has legit died and fizzled out as the humans on Earth try to move the planetâs orbit in a new star system. As scientists physically try to move the planet, a collision with Jupiter is something they need to be aware of. 3. World War ZThis apocalyptic action horror movie follows a former UN employee who is racing against time to investigate a virus that is converting humans into zombies. 4. The Day After TomorrowThis disaster film explains how the world will look like if we are pushed into a millennial ice age, courtesy the global warming. An ice storm is taking over the planet and a paleoclimatologist (yeah it is a term) is fighting with time and disaster to save his son. 5. LegionAnyone with a penchant for Biblical representations will like this one. This apocalyptic fantasy horror film follows a group of strangers dining at a diner getting stuck with the demon. There is an Archangel Michael who wants to save the planet and a war follows. 6. The Quiet EarthThis dark film follows a suicide survivor who wakes up to realise humans have vanished from the planet as a result of the energy project he was working on. He eventually finds two more survivors and discovers a common link between the three people. 7. MelancholiaA very intense drama that will touch your mind and heart in equal measure. The movie follows the life of a woman (played by Kirten Dunst) who realises her wedding reception is ruined when a planet named âMelancholiaâ is scheduled to collide with Earth. The movie streamlines the plot of the world ending with chronic depression as one of the main themes. 8. 12 MonkeysA time travelling apocalyptic movie which follows a scavenger in 2043 who needs to travel back in 2015 and ensure the contagion of a deadly virus is stopped at all costs. His mission includes destroying an army of 12 monkeys who carried the virus in the first place. View the full article
  18. While male beauty is no more a 'cliche', some of us still like to pretend to 'not care' by swearing by nothing but just a face wash to 'clean up'. Since Bollywood is the go-to yardstick for most men in India to follow a particular pattern, be it hairstyles or be it fashion, now even skincare and 'beauty' too joined the bandwagon. So there are a number of well-curated beauty products that have proven to be a great fix for many skin-related issues, and it's high time we all embrace them. If you are someone who has been struggling to take care of pigmentation or patchy skin, have you ever thought what a blemish balm aka BB cream can do to your skin? We would say, wonders. © MensXP MUD If your grooming shelf is cluttered with only shaving creams and a moisturizer at the max, then here's a fantastic product that will simplify your beauty regime with its multifunctional properties. If you haven't tried a BB cream yet, then here are a few reasons why you must lay your hands on it. What is BB cream? An extremely popular product in Korea, BB cream is a game-changing grooming item that can easily even out your skin tone. © MensXP MUD BB cream is quite a skin as well as man-friendly product, to be honest. And the best part? They are well-suited for all sorts of skin tones. If you don't want to increase your grooming routine time, then here's how you can make the most of it with just this one product. 1. Evens Out Your Skin © MensXP MUD Since BB creams are known to have ingredients like Dimethicone, it can perfectly blend with the base of your skin tone. It is a light product that can be used, followed by a moisturiser. Within a few seconds, you would see the change in your skin's appearance. 2. Protects You From The Sun © MensXP MUD BB creams consist of various ingredients, but if it has factored in the SPF also, then there's nothing better than that. It basically means that you don't need a separate sunscreen, as this one can do wonders when it comes to fixing your skin tone while also protecting you from harsh UVA and UVB sun rays. 3. Covers Spots And Pimples © MensXP MUD With brands like Clinique and MensXP MUD, it is easier than ever to conceal your spots, scars, wrinkles and many other issues. The BB cream has a built-in oil control formula, which is a great help if you are prone to erratic skin breakouts. 4. Makes Your Skin Look Firm © MensXP MUD If you want your skin to look like it hasn't aged a day, then a BB cream is a saviour that you should lay your hands on (no promises of making you look younger here). It nourishes your skin. Hence, over time, your skin will become firm and look youthful. Try it out. Coming to its application, it's actually quite easy. Just squeeze a little amount of it and spread it evenly, like you would use a moisturiser. Start off small and make sure your skin has absorbed it well. Do not rub and make sure to spread it gently. View the full article
  19. 8th March was International Womenâs Day, and we are sure that most of you out there must have expressed your love (be it a note of gratitude or a special gift) for the special women in your lives. However, appreciating and celebrating the important women in your lives shouldnât just be confined to one day in a year. In fact, every now and then, reminding them of their worth and value will always go a long way. On that note, weâve found the perfect gift to give to the special ladies in your life, something that wonât just enhance their grooming kit, but would also help them look (and feel) their best. Say hello to iDivaâs Beauty Box 2.0. © iDiva Packed with 10 grooming essentials from reliable brands, the iDiva Beauty Box isnât just an incredibly useful gift for the special women in your life, but is also certain to earn you brownie points. From a powerful sunscreen from Kaya that will make Indian summers a lot more bearable and a mud face mask from Bio Ayurveda, to a long-lasting fragrance from Engage and colour contact lenses from Bausch + Lomb, this beauty box makes for a truly power-packed gift. It also contains a face exfoliator from Lotus Organics+, body washes and lotions from Love, Beauty & Planet, and even sanitary pads from Plush. © iDiva So guys, what are you waiting for? Get 10 premium grooming products for the woman you love with the iDiva Beauty Box by clicking here. View the full article
  20. Imagine this - you had been desperately looking for a change, and have finally been able to set up an interview with that organisation that you had been eyeing for some time now. And, just to sweeten this hypothetical situation a tad bit more, the position youâre interviewing for also happens to be the position that you had been hoping for. Sounds awesome, right? © iStock Now imagine that you go for that interview, thinking that your have dressed properly and have everything set just perfectly to the T. Still, as soon as you enter the cabin for your interview, your interviewer has a very puzzled, or worse, disapproving look on their face. Sounds familiar? What actually happened here, my friend is that you made some serious error in judgement, and consequently, a very bad first impression. And believe it or not, it is something about your outfit, or style that leads to this. © Instagram/ishabhansali Now, not everyone is Chris Gardner (the guy from The Pursuit Of Happyness) who can turn an interview thatâs going bad, on its head and still end up acing it. For mere mortals like us, here are some pitfalls that you need to avoid. 1. Avoid Shiny & Shimmery Fabrics © Instagram/anishajain Whether youâre suiting up, or are keeping things simple, avoid shiny fabrics at all costs. They make you look like a clown, and that you got your clothes made from metal or plastics factory in some cases. At a wedding or an informal event, metallic fabrics work well. Not so much at the interview desk. 2. Avoid Quirky Ties © iStock Unless you want to warn your prospective employer that yours is an unusually eccentric personality and a possible red flag in the companyâs risk management assessments, go for a simple and basic tie. You can think of wearing a tie with a quirky theme if you are going for a job in the field - like wearing a space-themed tie for an interview with an astrophysicist, or a naval themed tie when youâre interviewing with a shipping corporation. That being said, take a calculated risk. Going simple and safe is, well, safe. And no matter what, just avoid those metallic hexagonal ties, they just look bad. 3. Go For Classic & Simple Silhouettes That Fit Well © Instagram/mrkhanna Again, go for something classic and simple. Although we recommend that you wear a suit, going with a basic set of linen trousers and shirts also work fine. If you do go for suits, go for something that has a very simple, but contemporary, European silhouette, like a single-breasted suit, with pleated pants. Unless youâre interviewing to assist PC Sorkar, or some other magician, keep your clothes simple and minimalistic. 4. Wear Oxfords Or Loafers, Not Sneakers © iStock The choice of your footwear should be in this order - oxfords, brogues, loafers, or monk straps. Under no circumstances should you wear a pair of sneakers for your interview, unless of course, youâre interviewing for a role and at a place that requires you to be a sneakerhead. Unfortunately, most job profiles or workplaces for that matter do not require you to be one, so stick to something simple and classic. And most importantly, polish your shoes. 5. Quirky Prints Are A Big No © Instagram/ishabhansali Remember the first point - avoiding shiny fabrics? Well, this is somewhat of a continuation of that. Avoid loud and zany prints if you want to be taken seriously. Instead, go for something that is a little a conservative. A properly made striped suit is always a great choice, as it screams business while being full of character. Nice and understated checked suits always work out well too. If youâre not entirely sure of things, just avoid prints altogether, and go for solid colours. Do remember though, checks and stripes when done neatly and in the right way, always work well. 6. Keep Your Accessories Minimal © iStock Keep your accessories minimal. You donât want to come across as dandy-esque. Although thereâs nothing wrong with that, the Indian corporate scene seems to have a differing thought. That said, donât go completely barren as well. A simple and basic watch always has the ability to make you stand out, and marks you as a more sophisticated man. The same thing goes for your eyeglasses if you use one. Pick a frame that sits well with the shape of your face and yet, has a contemporary vibe to it. 7. Avoid Quirky Socks © Instagram/ishabhansali Finally, and we cannot stress this enough, avoid super quirky socks. Also, ensure that your socks do not stick out of the legs of your pants when you're standing still and they are visible just a little when youâre walking around or are sitting. Checked and striped prints work just well enough, without being too boring. Neon colours, and prints that make them look like they are a childâs kindergarten art project, are a big no. View the full article
  21. If you applied to be selected as one of the pilgrims under the government's scheme, here is how you can find out your Hajj balloting 2020 results
  22. Given the fact that there are wonderful choices when it comes to perfumes, buying the one that lasts longer is quite tricky. What smelled fantastic initially, slowly starts to fade, either during your commute or lunchtime and that's downright frustrating because it was an investment that you made. But it's not always the perfume that you bought, sometimes it is you and your body and sometimes, it is the way you apply your perfume. Another thing is the way you store your perfume. To know more reasons as to why your expensive perfume is fading so quickly, check out this list: 1. You Aren't Moisturising © Istock If you decided to step out of the shower and directly apply perfume, there's no doubt that it will last. There's a correlation between your skin regimen and how long a perfume dovetails with it. Usually, fragrances don't blend well with dry skin and hence, to let it sync with your skin, you have to moisturise your body first and then spray your perfume at the right places. 2. You Keep It In Your Bathroom © Istock The temperature of a bathroom keeps varying and that's exactly what a perfume cannot withstand. The top notes are usually mustier and change due to the oxidation. Instead of keeping it in the bathroom, store it in a cool dry place, like your drawer or cabinet where it is safe and also high on its fragrance quotient. 3. You Have Had A Perfume For Long © Istock It is okay to be obsessed with a few things but if you had your perfume since high school, it is time you bid adieu to it. Your perfume can survive for years, sometimes less but not always. It all depends on the way you store it. Plus, if the perfume has changed to a darker colour or smells weird or if you have to apply it twice to achieve the right sort of smell, you need to stop using it, stat. 4. You Are Wearing It At The Wrong Time © Istock A rule of thumb, use oriental or woody fragrances for winters and more of citrusy in summers. Keeping it light in summers is the key. One way to keep your perfume game strong is by having two perfumes in rotation so you can switch it up when the weather changes. Try it out. View the full article
  23. When it comes to fashion and style, we always end up getting influenced by what celebrities are wearing. We don't stop to consider the fact that these trends may be going out of fashion pretty soon. Spending hands full of money on temporary trends is never a great idea. A good wardrobe always has a mix of classics and trends. Here are five such classic prints that you can blindly invest in. Trust us, they won't go out of fashion anytime soon. __ECOMLOOKS__222__ __ECOMLOOKS__223__ __ECOMLOOKS__224__ __ECOMLOOKS__225__ __ECOMLOOKS__226__ Explore More View the full article
  24. If you're not going to give up on your holi party this year, it's better to be prepared for the holi party in the best way possible. While this means lathering up on vaseline and oil, it also means stocking up on products that you'll be using right after. So, here's a list of steps that you should follow right after going to a holi party to get the nasty colours of your skin. 1. Pick Out Products With Glycerin © Getty Images Scout for a product that has glycerin in it. This agent is super effective in cleansing your skin while maintaining the pH balance. Besides, for all the clingy colours that are stuck to the skin, glycerine is the perfect solution. 2. An Effective Face WashDon't use just one product on your entire body and even your face. For you face, make sure you've stocked on a good face wash that suits your face, this is important because you'll be washing your face multiple times once you're back from the holi party. 3. Get An Aggressive Scrub © Getty Images An aggressive scrub is more active than a typical face wash in weeding out the seeded colour residue from the pores of your skin. A scrub with tiny granules or a chemical scrub for that matter is great tackling this. However, make sure that if you're getting a chemical scrub, you've tested it beforehand or it is dermatologically approved. 4. A Deep Cleansing Shampoo © Getty Images Post-Holi, depending on how bad the situation is, you'll need to lather up on generous amounts of shampoo. While too much shampoo is not good for the hair, this one time is definitely an exception to the rule. 5. A Hydrating Moisturiser © Getty Images A hydrating moisturiser is going to help you hydrate your face and your body after exposing it first to the colours and them the harsh cleansing. This will restore the moisture in your skin. 6. Essential Oil Is Your Arsenal © Getty Images If following all these steps wasn't enough the first time, it's important to lather-up on essential oil and repeating the steps. The oil is supposed to help rub out the remaining holi grime from your pores. View the full article
  25. Storage technology has come a long way from the bulky HDD (hard disk drive) we used to carry with us for storing all our data. Portable SSDs are the next big thing in storage technology as they are much smaller, lightweight and way faster in transferring data than traditional hard drives. Portable SSDs are considerably more expensive but they do tend to save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Portable SSDs are less susceptible to damages as they don't not use a rotating disk and some even have comprehensive security features to keep all of your data safe. Hereâs a list of the top portable SSDs you can buy in India: 1. Samsung T5 Portable SSD © BCCL Samsung makes some of the best SSDs in the world and the same can be said about their portable SSDs too. This particular model comes in storage options of up to 2TB and delivers data transfer speeds of 540 MB/s. It is at par with some internal SATA SSDs and is considerably faster than traditional HDDs. It also comes with added security where you can set your own password to access the contents of the SSD. 2. SanDisk Extreme © YouTube If you are always on the move or like to use an SSD in environments other than an office, this portable SSD by SanDisk is your best best. It has a shockproof housing and is also IP55 rated for water resistance In terms of data transfer speeds, it can reach speeds of up to 550MB/S and also comes with a ring so that you can attach it to your backpack. 3. Samsung T7 Touch © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Samsungâs latest portable SSD T7 Touch comes with an in-built fingerprint reader for better security and double the transfer speeds of the T5 portable. It is capable of reaching transfer speeds of 1GB/S and is thinner than the T5 SSD. It is also shock resistant where the internal frame lets the T7 Touch withstand falls from up to 2 meters. 4. ADATA SD600Q © ADATA The ADATA SD 600Q comes with a military-grade frame that protects the SSD from major drops higher than 2 meters. It weighs only 60g as the casing is made out of shock-absorbing silicone. It has transfer speeds of up to 440 MB/s and is perfect for photographers who are always out in the field. 5. Seagate Fast SSD © BCCL Seagateâs portable SSD doesnât really look much portable because of its size but it can deliver transfer speeds of up to 540MB/s. It comes in storage options of up to 2TB and comes with all the necessary cables in the box. The portable SSD also comes with a folder syncing software where it can mirror your files and folders onto your computer, provided you have an internet connection. View the full article
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