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Found 79 results

  1. Summer is here, and if there is anything that bothers us more than the heat, it's sweat. Every time you step out, irrespective of the time, you're drenched. Even if the heat subsides by the end of the day, there is no respite from the humidity, and all your outfits suffer by getting wet even, if there is zero physical exertion on your part. There is a solution: Antiperspirants. Antiperspirants block your sweat glands and stop excess sweat formation. We have compiled a list of 5 antiperspirants that really work. Pro tip: Apply them at night after taking a shower, before you sleep. That way, they get time to work, and the next day you feel super fresh. 1. Dove, Men+Care 48h Antiperspirant It protects you from sweat and odour for an extended period, without irritating your skin. © Amazon India Buy it here 2. AXE Degree Extreme Blast All Day Protection Anti-perspirant This antiperspirant is gentle on your skin but tough on sweat. It keeps you fresh all day long, and keeps you smelling super fresh. © Amazon India Buy it here 3. Gillette Endurance Arctic Ice Clear Gel Deo Stick This deo stick keeps you super fresh for up to 48 hours, and feels cool against your skin. © Amazon India Buy it here 4. Brut Original Anti-Perspirant Deo Stick One of the most trusted brands internationally, Brut has come up with a product that will make you feel super dry even in high humidity. © Amazon India Buy it here 5. Nivea Deo Fresh Active Roll Whether you want to chill with friends or are going on a date, apply this and be sorted for the entire day. © Amazon India Buy it here
  2. LAHORE: The disgruntled leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Zaeem Qadri, lashed out at former chief minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, and his son Hamza Shehbaz, saying Lahore was not their property.While addressing a news conference on...
  3. While Bhaijaan is enjoying the big bucks his film 'Race 3' is currently churning, we still can't get over from the hangover his film has given us. To put it simply, Salman Khan and his gang has disappointed us big time and we would like our money back. To all the Bhai fans, yes...we know you love everything illogical this man does and we have finally made our peace with it. Somethings can't change and Salman Khan's blind bhakts are just one of those. Every time his movie is released, it is severely trolled and critics often lose their patience (an exception was 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan') but it still ends up making a hell lot of money. RIP Bollywood! Over the years we have realised that, what is a Salman Khan's film, if its dialogues are not talked about (even for the sake of trolls)? 'Race 3' has finally hit the screens and its cringe-worthy dialogues are making us both laugh and cry at the same time. Let me warn you, some of the dialogues have more sugar than a giant tub of gulab jamuns. Most of it is senseless, but don't ask us why because only Bhaijaan can answer that question. Here are eight dialogues from the movie that have a nuclear-level potential for destruction: 1. “Our Business Is Our Business, None Of Your Business” I just can't forget Daisy Shah's face every time I hear this dialogue. Who would have thought it would just take a dialogue for the actress to rule the internet? Keeping trolls aside, let's agree to the fact that it can be your savage comeback for every person who asks you 'Beta tum itne baade ho gaye?' Anyway, *slow claps* for Daisy! 2. “Yeh Zindagi Ki Race Ke Jhatke Hai, Paida Hone Se Hi Shuru Hoti Hai” Our reaction 10 days before our payday! Apt for the situation. 3. “Har Sikke Ke Do Pehlu Hote Hai, Two Pehlus” Yes, it's that time when your relatives are high and they keep repeating the same thing again and again. Like Pehlu......two pehlus! 4. “Bro, Isse Dil Nahin, Dell Khol Ke Dikhao” And Daisy does it again. With this film, the one thing she has proved is that she can pull off any bullsh*t dialogue effortlessly! This dialogue takes place when she wants her brother (Saqib Saleem) to blackmail someone by showing a video. The has to be the best in-your-face product placement ever. P.S. Don't try to impress your BF/GF with this dialogue, ever! 5. “Gusse Mein Liye Hua Decision Hamesha Nuksaan Pahuchata Hai. Isliye Maine Pehle Decision Liye. And Now I Am Angry, Very Angry” First of all, how stupid is that? Well, Anil Kapoor, who is the head of the family, says this dialogue with utmost seriousness but ends up cracking us up in laughter. However, he is the only actor in the movie that makes you sail through this terrible film. 6. “Humare Business Mein Dushman Jitney Kam Hon, Utna Hi Business Badhta Hai” This dialogue by Bobby Deol marks his comeback from the grave and we wish it didn't. The actor who won our hearts with 'Soldier' is a total waste in this film. And bro, there was no need to go shirtless! 7. “Tumhe Mere Baare Mein Jaanne Ka Na Haq Hai Na Adhikaar” Aur tumhe bhi na koi haq hai, na koi adhikaar to make such terrible films. Spot on! 8. “I am sick of this Sikku” And we are sick of Sallu, it's mutual. *Same pinch*
  4. Depression is still considered a taboo subject in many societies. Despite many celebrities coming out and speaking about the struggles they have gone through while fighting depression, not many have the courage to talk openly about it. But, the fact remains, that this dangerous mental health issue is only growing and silently killing people. © Twitter Depression isn't just about having a bad day and then dwelling on it incessantly. It's about the hollowness and emptiness that people feel constantly without any hope in the near future. Their failure to even understand what they are going through is what makes things worse. While talking about this issue is still difficult, it is a good sign that influential people like Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan and many more have started speaking about it in the forefront. And now, actor Anupam Kher is also doing his bit to make a difference. He has released a new video highlighting the subject and you just can't miss it. In the video, he encourages people to come out of the dark and speak up about what they feel. A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on May 14, 2018 at 3:13pm PDT Taking about it he said, “There is still a taboo associated with depression. People shy away from coming out in the open and discussing it. This even affects not just the victim but their near and dear ones too.” He urges people to live every moment to the fullest. "A day before my father passed away, he gave me the message of living life to the fullest and that's what I hope to encourage people to do with this video," he added. निà¤à¤²à¤¤à¤¾ हॠहर सà¥à¤¬à¤¹ à¤à¤ नया सà¥à¤°à¤ यह बतानॠà¤à¥ लिà¤.... à¤à¤¿ à¤à¤à¤¾à¤²à¥ बाà¤à¤ दà¥à¤¨à¥ सॠà¤à¤à¤¾à¤²à¥ à¤à¤® नहॠहà¥à¤¤à¥....:) #Optimism #Positivity #NewHorizons A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Apr 27, 2018 at 10:31am PDT Looking at this, we hope people understand that depression is not a matter that should be swept quietly under the rug. When your body suffers, you immediately go to the doctor, right? Similarly, depression is also an issue where you need help and assistance. Don't shy away or feel apologetic about yourself, because there is nothing to be ashamed of depression. Check out the inspiring video here:
  5. Whether you open your own startup or work for one, we don't think there's anyone content with their jobs. But, no matter where you work, we don't think it can be as worse an experience as the one Kalki Koechlin faces in her job. Flying Dreams Entertainment We are not talking about her movie career. It's about her latest short film, 'The Job' that revolves around a French expat (Kalki) whose inability to differentiate between reality and illusion start affecting her current job, as she struggles to stay employed. Flying Dreams Entertainment Kalki Koechlin is one of the most underrated and versatile actresses of this generation, and time and again she has proved the same with the kind of projects she picks. And 'The Job' is no different. Flying Dreams Entertainment Directed by Siddharth Sinha, 'The Job' is a commendable approach to an inexplicable psychological trauma that Kalki's character goes through, while maintaining an eerie and suspicious vibe throughout the film. Flying Dreams Entertainment Kalki does not have any dialogues in particular; in fact, she has none. But her hands and expression do the talking to express her nervousness, fear, traumatic memories, OCD and anxieties that have forever perplexed her mind. Sinha leaves the film open-ended, expecting the audience to come up with their own perspectives and opinions about the movie, and probably that's what makes it a hauntingly beautiful experience to watch it. Flying Dreams Entertainment Check out the short film for yourself and let us know what you think of it.
  6. No one wants to go on a date with a dry or an oily face, rather, no one should. Your skin should glow on a date, it's that simple. However, the trouble lies in the fact that achieving it is not that simple, unless you belong to that rare 1% people, who actually take care of their bodies, and by extension, their face. There are ways to do damage control and that is exactly what we are trying to do here. Follow this 5-step outine before stepping out on a date to make your facial skin look its best. Bonus: It takes less than 5 minutes. 1. Wash your face with a mild facewash, as the first step, obviously, is to get rid of the dirt and grime that accumulated on your face, thanks to the pollution. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 2. Use a face scrub, and massage your face gently in a circular motion, so as to get rid of the dry and flaky skin, and exfoliate your skin effectively. Avoid rubbing around the eye area as it is too sensitive. Wash it off. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 3. Pat your face dry, and lightly massage your under-eye area with an under-eye cream. Don't use too much of it, else it might get greasy. © Thinkstock/Getty Images 4. Take a light moisturizer or a face cream (make sure it's non-greasy), and apply it lightly throughout the rest of your face. Make sure it's not too much, but your face should feel moisturized. © Thinkstock/Getty Images And voila, you will definitely see the difference. Optional 5th step: If you feel your face seems greasy after following all the steps, you can take a face powder puff, put a little powder on it and dust off the excess powder. Take the puff and gently dab your face with it. Rub it lightly against your face, under the eyes, and around your nose to get rid of the extra grease.
  7. If only you got a chance to go through your girlfriend's phone. Imagine the possibilities. You could learn all her deepest, darkest secrets. That would be great. Or would it?
  8. It's about time we move away from Bollywood a bit and look up to our actors on the small screen as well. No, we are not asking you to start watching saas-bahu serials, instead, get acquainted with the actors from the small screen. They may be playing a goodie damaad or a cunning villain on our screens, but IRL they are our style guides to follow. From easy day-looks to designer shoots, we bring you 7 Indian TV stars whom you need to follow to get your daily dose of style inspo! 1. Namik Paul Photographs are strange things. What you see is very rarely what you get. Someone who looks profoundly ponderous might just be desperately hoping that his hair (ahem) looks alright. A picture might be worth a 1000 words, but when we choose the picture, we get to choose the words as well. It's easy to look at the happy pictures and sunny captions on here and wonder if our invites got lost in the mail. To think that you MUST be missing a trick to not be so god darned happy all the time. I'm not giving out any trade secrets when I assure you that you're not. It's a sorry fact that disappointments and doubts don't photograph well. The struggle is only pleasant to look at once you've overcome it. So we choose the pretty words and use them to spell the stories we want. But it's all there. Not just the dramatic but the mundane letdowns of every day life. And of course I'd love to do away with the bumps, but I know I'd be lost without them. Just to be clear, I'm not advocating pessimism or bitterness. I know the gloom and doom is what makes these moments worth celebrating. Just don't compare your reality to someone else's story. Because you'll lose that battle every time. And on that suitably dramatic note, I hope you guys have a great weekend â¤ï¸ And a big thank you to @yashasvisharma as always for the photos. A post shared by Namik Paul (@namikpaul) on Jun 9, 2018 at 4:24am PDT You may have seen Namik in 'Ek Tha Deewana' on the small screen (no, we aren't judging you). His Instagram is full of style inspiration. Filled with professional photoshoots and selfies, Namik gives a style guide on how to rock different types of shirts. From printed, white to denim; Namik's Instagram is a treasure for those who love to wear shirts at all occasions. 2. Nakuul Mehta Sun-dowed ð± .... ð· @yuliasko.ph A post shared by Nakuul Mehta (@nakuulmehta) on Jun 9, 2018 at 8:31pm PDT A rather recognizable face from the small screen, Nakuul's Insta feed is worth a look. He doesn't just give you a guide on how to ace casual clothing but also on how to nail those blogger-style street photos. 3. Parth Samthaan Just finished painting this wall ð‍âï¸ phew Not a bad job at all ðºð¼ð¤ #PuneDiaries #highspirits #friends #fun @rohitgujarrg A post shared by Parth Samthaan (@the_parthsamthaan) on May 23, 2018 at 5:19am PDT A TV Actor who loves to travel, what more could you ask for! Parth's social media is basically not just a guide on what to pack for your next holiday, but also how to take A1 travel photos. 4. Ravi Dubey i have a shield around me that takes care of any negativity entering my aura.. if you think you can affect me, you just overestimated your power. #streetmeditation #badposer #power #innerme #myauraismyshield #meditation #ootd #nonegativity #positivevibes #mondayisback #letskicksomeass #FULLPOWER A post shared by Ravi Dubey (@ravidubey2312) on Jun 17, 2018 at 10:55pm PDT Ravi Dubey is probably the most popular name on the list. Ravi's Instagram is what a celebrity's social media feed is made of - group selfies, fancy holidays and casual weekend posts with the wife. If you want to follow somebody famous but who isn't from Bollywood, Ravi Dubey is your answer. 5. Shaheer Sheikh I was born sick, but I love it #goodmorning #earlybird #madMe #shaheersheikh A post shared by Shaheer Sheikh (@shaheernsheikh) on Apr 6, 2018 at 5:37pm PDT Another TV actor who shifted professions, Shaheer was a lawyer before he hit the small screen. His social media is simple, easy and full of family photos. If you are looking for a celebrity account that doesn't belong to an all-out celeb, then Shaheer is your guy. 6. Karan Tacker In yo face Monday...!𥠗——— #monday #motivation #mondaymotivation #fitspo #fitness #instafitness #fit A post shared by Karan Tacker (@karantacker) on Jun 10, 2018 at 9:32pm PDT Actor, model and dancer, Karan Tacker also happens to be a gym freak. With regular #mondaymotivation posts and post workout selfies, Karan's social media gives you tips on how to flaunt your body in style. 7. Ruslaan Mumtaz College days. What I miss most about those days is the college canteen. What do you guys like in college or miss about college if you've already passed out??? Photography @horilhumad Styling @stylingbyvictor Makeup/hair @sahil_anand_arora #college #supercool #coolfashion #trendyclothes #fashiophotography #photooftheday #photograpy #portraits #mumbai #actor #model #influencer A post shared by Ruslan Mumtaz (@ruslaanmumtaz) on Jun 7, 2018 at 11:51pm PDT If you are a college-going lad or still dress like one, then Ruslaan is your style inspiration. Ruslaan's breezy style and college lad poses will also give you tips on how to up your Insta game.
  9. Humans have carried loads ever since existence. Be it primitive weapons to hunt or to carry a dead animal, we were built to pick up weight and walk. Even today, we do the same. We pick our bags, grocery, babies and what not. Only that the loads have gotten way too lighter and more than that, we look for easier ways to move heavy loads. This has resulted in something I term as 'strength leaks'. A strength leak happens when you think you are strong but fail at real life (outside of the gym) instances of moving heavy weights from point A to B. While you can be really good at heavy dead-lifting, rowing and squatting, you might just not fare well in a loaded carry or farmer's walk. Here's a challenge that you can take up to first judge and then improve your strength. Let The Old School Carry Teach You © YouTube Just like the deadlifts, loaded carry is one movement that works the body as a whole. Moreover, it teaches you to be mobile under heavy loads. If that doesn't scream pure strength training, I don't know what does. You train your grip strength, core strength and stability, traps and the entire posterior chain. The Challenge 1) Get two dumbbells or kettle bells each weighing half of your body weight. So if you are 70 kilos, each piece should be 35 kilos. 2) Find a clear patch at the gym or just take this outdoors. A lot of new gyms also have separate sled pushing tracks too. Use those. 3) Now hold both the dumbbells and walk while carrying them for 30 seconds. Cover as much distance as you can. 4) At 30 seconds, drop the weights. Rest for 20 seconds. 5) Pick the weights back up and now walk for 40 seconds. With every round, the time to hold and walk goes up by 10 seconds. Rest time remains 20 seconds flat. 6) Repeat till the time you can't do it anymore. What Your Aim Should Be © YouTube Your goal here is to progress not only with weight but with the time you carried them for, as well. Either way, if you can carry the same weight for longer duration and more distance or more weight for same distance, you are progressing.
  10. In the past year, we've been hearing rumours about Samsung working on a foldable smartphone that would feature a single screen. Samsung has been testing the bendable and flexible screen for years. The holy grail of smartphones was almost near completion and was called Project Valley. The project was later reworked and the potential smartphone has been bestowed the name “Galaxy X”. © Twitter An alleged prototype of the smartphone recently surfaced on the internet and we can only conclude that it didn't meet anybody's expectation. Even though the smartphone is a prototype, we were expecting something entirely different. What's weird is that this smartphone doesn't really look like a prototype as it looks more like a finished product. What's underwhelming about this device is that it looks exactly like the ZTE Axon M. It basically has two screens, one at the front and the other at the back. The two screens fold up using hinges just like on the ZTE device and we're hoping this isn't what Project Valley promised. © Twitter Project Valley has been in the works since 2015 while keeping the Galaxy S6 in mind. Since the smartphone is foldable and not the screen, these pictures suggest that two large screens are working as one and may also work as two separate displays. It's kind of expected to see Samsung not release this phone as it would not have been taken seriously, especially since the company has been boasting about foldable displays for years. Samsung has never made it clear when we can expect a true foldable smartphone; however, we can only know for sure later this year.
  11. It's almost like daddies have a raffle-ticket to an incredible grooming routine. They know what to do, how to do it best, to look like the most terrific version of themselves. Agreed, they could be a little ol'school and very stubborn/assertive about the regime they've been following since decades, but that's exactly what makes them fathers — idols to look up to. For Father's Day this year, we're listing down 5 vital grooming tricks every guy must learn from their daddy today. Daddies are the best, after all. © Viral Bhayani 1. A side-part will always work. No matter what our fathers are inspired by daily, there's no shying away from the fact that side parts are their holy grail. Just a thin comb (not a bristle brush) and they're always ready to hard part their hair (no hair gel included). But while you may think of this as a formal move (not to be worn with shorts etc), let's inform you: a side part, primarily, adds a lot of refinement to your over-all appearance and if parted sharp, really helps define your facial features better. And we'd say, there's no harm in embracing it every day. 2. Taming over fading. If their barber-visits are any indication, daddies go for trims quite often. Sometimes once a month, sometimes once in 20 days. Reason? They enjoy the process of taming their mop. In their opinion, it's better to keep your mop in control, than letting it turn awry and then hurrying to get a quick fade. Takeaway: fades are great, but they're secondary techniques. As a crucial measure, ensure your hair's always tamed. © Instagram/Amitabh Bachchan 3. Your greys aren't for concealing. Though hair colouring is a popular phenomenon, it isn't the most common among men who are into age-old, classic grooming techniques. For them, it's all about embracing their greys and ensuring they remain healthy for long. Is a hair colour necessary? Go au naturel, we'd say. 4. Moisturisers over a post-shave balm? As opposed to the modern-age ideas of post shave balms or after shaves, a lot of fathers, even today, prefer massing a moisturizer deep into their facial skin post a shave. Reason? As opposed to post shave balms (that dry up faster), moisturisers go deep into the skin, hydrate your skin and keep it locked for a longer duration. Papa was right, clearly. © Shemaroo 5. Single-blade razors for the win. Contrary to multi-blade razors, single-blade razors aren't the best at gliding against tricky shaving surfaces. However, they cut sharper, better, easier (so you take less time) and well, don't leave you with major razor bumps. But now you'd say: but single-blade razors can really test your patience while shaving an oddly-positioned strand. Then, my man, turn to shaving every day (another dad-approved grooming move). By doing so, you'd never have strands growing in strange areas.
  12. If you really want to test your true strength levels, get on to a pull up bar and start doing strict form pull ups. It's like a mirror test. You see the strength that actually is there. How strong are your lats, arms and core, the pull ups tell you all. But what if you are already a master at pull ups? A simple rule for building more muscle and getting stronger is to make the existing exercises tougher by either adding reps or certainly, adding more weights over time, which is called, progressive over load. If you are already doing well with not only body weight pull ups but also with weighted pull ups, try this 'pull up and hang' variation. Do Isometric Holds Build Muscle? © YouTube An isometric hold is nothing but a stretched out position in which the joint angle and the muscle length doesn't change during contraction. You remain static and stretch. A lot of guys think that 'iso holds' don't build muscle but that's false. Here's why iso holds build muscle: 1) The tension you develop on an isometric stretch is and will always be greater than the tension you can develop on a 'concentric and eccentric exercise'. 2) In a 'concentric and eccentric exercise', the tension on the stretched muscle increases and decreases as you do repetitions. 3) Whereas in isometrics, the tension on the stretched muscle grows as you get deeper into the exercise. 4) And continued tension on the muscles is what's needed to elicit gains. 5) But this doesn't mean that all you have to do is isometrics. You need to program them into your workouts intelligently. Here's an example. The Challenge © YouTube Alright, let's get to it now. 1) Hang on to a pull-up bar (warm up if you must.) 2) Choose the grip you are the strongest in- Chin-up grip, power grip or the conventional pull-up grip. The choice is yours to make. (Just remember that the point of a grip is to help you be stable and move heavier weight without compromising the form.) 3) Now do 5 full range of motion (ROM) strict form pull ups. 4) At the end of the 5th pull-up, pause at the bottom for 10 seconds. 5) After the 10 seconds end, do as many pulls as you can till failure. Yes, do even one if you can, after the 10 seconds end. The 20 second pause here is nothing but an isometric stretch that puts the latissimus dorsi, erectors and the rhomboids under immense stretch contraction.
  13. It's that time of the year again when we say thank you to our dads for all that they have done for us. From picking out your first shirt to getting you dressed in your first tuxedo, fathers have been there for all your fashion highs and lows, and now it's time for you to be there for him. But just a little 'Thank You' won't be enough, for every father deserves more, and Father's Day is the perfect occasion for you to be able to do that for him. If you haven't purchased your gift yet, fear not, for we have got your back. Here are 12 amazing gift ideas that will make you dad really, really happy: 1. A Classic Watch When it comes to gifting something to your dad, this pretty much is the safest option. Plus, it's extremely classy, and you just can't go wrong here. Who doesn't like a great watch? © Guess This blue-gold watch from Guess is a great option. Priced at INR 12,500, it is available in ââIât's About Time Palladium Mumbai, âWatches of Switzerland, âShoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Helios and all leading Multi Brand Watch retailers. 2. A Great Pair Of Loafers No matter how your dad likes to dress or what his style statement entails, he will definitely love a pair of super stylish loafers. Knowing our dads, they themselves will never go ahead a get a dope pair of loafers for themselves, so why not gift him one? © Clarks This classic pair of loafers from Clarks is an amazing option. The best thing about it is its versatility - he can wear it everywhere. It is available in Clarks outlets all over, and also at https://www.clarks.in 3. A Classic, Stylish Leather Bag Dads like bags. It's just a thing that we have no explanation for. They have this special affinity for bags, especially if they are multipurpose, spacious, and look good. Gift him one this father's day and watch him gloat all the way to the golf club. © Fossil This super stylish, spacious, leather duffel bag from Fossil is a piece that your dad will surely cherish and show off everywhere. Priced at INR 23, 495, it is available across all Fossil Exclusive retail stores and also Fossil.in 4. A Premium Tailored Suit If you really want to go all out and want your dad to always cherish your gift, go for a customized, well tailored suit. It's an unparalleled gift, plus the experience of you spending some quality time with him will put the icing on the cake. © Raymond A solid option is the “Concierge Tailoring Service by Raymond”. All you need to do is simply book an online appointment on “Raymondtailoring.com” and get a personal stylist at your doorstep. The consultant takes you through latest trends, styles, looks, colors on an I-Pad along with a select range of fabric swatches. Followed by a quick measurement with the minutest customizations – collars to cuffs to monogramming initials, they get it done and deliver he finished product to your home. 5. A Statement Pocket Square As a gift, nothing can be classier. Trust us. © Meesha Priced at INR 4000, this tiger motif pocket square from Meesha is one of the classiest, most premium pieces when it comes to pocket squares. Get it at meesha-paris-delhi.com/ 6. A Baseball Cap What can be a better gift for the sporty dad who pretty much doesn't need anything? © Jacluke 'If only you knew how much I cherish you, every day!' 7. A Premium Dessert Plate If your dad loves food (dessert, specifically), he needs to have his favourite piece of dedicated crockery for that. Gift him one! © Amazon The VISTA ALEGRE x CHRISTIAN LACROIX - Monseigneur Bull Dessert Plate is something he will always cherish. Get it here 8. Socks Dedicated To His Favourite Football Team The World Cup is on, and what can be a better gift? © Balenzia Get it at https://balenzia.com/collections/men 9. A Pair Of Derby Shoes You know what type of shoes are perfect for dads? The kind that's both comfortable and stylish. And the answer to that is, Derby shoes. © Selected Homme Get this pair at www.selected.com 10. A Bottle Of Sunscreen That Really Works Got an adventurous dad? Instead of gifting him a basic-ass sunscreen, why don't you give him this citrus-fragranced daily-use sunscreen? It provides full-spectrum sun protection and a boost of hydration to keep skin healthy and even-toned. © Kama Ayurveda Get it here 11. An Ayurvedic Hair & Body Wash Looking for a perfect gift for your Ayurveda-obsessed dad? This Bio sea kelp wash is soap-free, 100% organic and will make him really really happy. © Biotique Get it here 12. A Luxurious Shower Gel This easy-to-use, three-in-one and affordable shower gel is perfect for a dad who is always on the go. © Sephora Get it here
  14. We did an article recently on 'things to avoid talking about on your first date' and most people demanded we talk about what should be talked about on the first date instead. Fair enough. It's a nervous affair. You've just met her off Tinder or at a bar or even at a friend's party and you've hit it off well and have asked her out for a date. And guess what, she says yes! Let the nervousness settle in and tell yourself you're going to have a blast on your date. © Thinsktock Of course, the usual tricks of the trade like being confident, polite and gentleman like are too old to keep telling you about them, so instead we're going to talk about things you should talk about on your first date with her, to obviously get her interested in you, so you can have a second date! Here are 5 things you should talk about on your first date. Let Her Know You're Nervous It's a bit endearing to let her know you're nervous on your first date. It tells her you're confident enough to spill the beans about how you actually feel. Chances are that's she's nervous too, so coming and admitting you're nervous can be a great icebreaker. It just helps take the pressure off. Ask Questions Women usually don't like men who just talk about themselves or don't talk at all. So keep a balance. Ask her questions and answer her questions as well. If you ask her what she loves doing in her free time, she will ask you the same question back, Just don't go on about it for 30 minutes! Ask her another question, to get to know her better, while she does the same. If you're shy or don't know what to ask, since you're nervous, think of some questions before your date and keep them ready. It's okay to do a bit of homework! Play A Quick Rapid Fire If you're a confident guy you can easily play a quick game of rapid fire with her. This is the best way to break the ice and have some fun. You can shoot some questions her way with two choices and get her to answer them, in order to get to know her better. For instance, you can start with 'dogs or cats' and follow up with similar questions. Talk About A Funny Experience I am sure you've had plenty of experiences and adventures and you can definitely pull a funny one out and narrate it to her. If you're thinking about how to tickle her funny bone, there isn't a better way to do it than with a story that's absolutely funny. Make sure you narrate it in a way that sounds funny and not lame. If she laughs, you're good to go. Be Attentive You can pick on cues on what to talk to her about by gauging what she says. So pay very close attention to what she says at all times. If she's talking about what she does, ask her something related to that or talk about something you derive from that, to carry the flow of the conversation. If you have the flow going, you're good for the entire evening. You can have many conversations thereon and end the evening on a good note and a possible second date. So, in case you're super nervous for your date, don't be. Just be cool and confident and say the right things.
  15. If you're an inherently romantic guy, that's actually a great gift to have. Being romantic also means you're a sensitive bloke and quite in tune with your emotions and that's a great way to get with the ladies. But sometimes when you really want to be an outright romantic, you mostly get called out, made fun of or are judged by your best mates. That's because, by the textbook definition, men aren't supposed to show any kind of emotion and if they do, they're referred to as wimps, by other men, in this masculinity-driven world! © Thinkstock/Getty Images But let me tell you one thing. The mark of a man who 'has it all' or is complete in every sense is shown in how he deals with his emotions and shows them when the time is right. I agree, one shouldn't be easily swept away by emotions all the time but emotional intelligence is something one learns to autotune in time. But in any case, if you are a hopeless romantic and love showing that side of yours to women, but think it may make you seem like a wimp to the guys, then there's a way to not be called a romantic wimp and still please your girl. Here are 3 simple steps to be romantic without your bros thinking you've lost your mind and your masculinity: Make Romantic The New Sexy Men being macho is the surest sign of true masculinity according to our society, but it only takes a few men to change mindsets, since we all live in a time where the 'herd mentality' is quite prevalent. If you propagate the idea of how romantic men are really cool and complete, it will be echoed far and wide through the existing men's world. So, if you can't control your emotions when you're in love with someone, make it seem like it's absolutely cool to display these emotions and that it's sexy AF. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Be Confident Only with great confidence do people respect you more. So, if you do seem like someone who expels a lot of emotions and is made fun of for that, maybe it's time to expel some amount of confidence too? That way, people who make fun of you for expelling emotions will stop doing so, knowing that you do it with confidence. Always be confident, even when you're doing the tackiest of things. It helps people gain a fresher perspective. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Have Balance Don't let your self-respect go for a toss while pleasing the ladies with your romantic antics. You're only respected if your self-respect is intact, otherwise, you're actually and truly a wimp. So, have balance when you're displaying emotions for your girl and don't go overboard. It'll not only make you seem like a lost puppy, it will piss her off too! So, in case you're in that confused space where your friends pick on you for being overly romantic and your girl gets cheesed off if you're not romantic, you can maybe put these three steps into practice to strike the perfect balance.
  16. This may sound like we've been best friends for close to a century, but guess what — that's how we've always seen this bond. There's no other reason why The Man Box is our ultimate gift to you: our selection of the most promising stuff for the best version of yourself. See this as a careful selection of products for the modern Indian man, tried and tested by MensXP's Grooming Editors, applied on every skin type (for some hardcore testing), but all summed up in a box for just Rs 1,099 for you. Is this enough bang for your buck? Of course. Will it bring fortune to your hair and skin? Absolutely. Do we think this is the best? Hell yeah! © MensXP Good news: Our blood, toil, sweat and tears from rigorous research and India's most affordable (and notable) grooming caddy is finally here to replace your boring 'ol skincare and grooming arsenal. Ready to be delivered to your doorstep, at 63% off; so well, you're not going to burn a hole in your pocket. Bad news: You will not have to go anywhere else again! © MensXP But How Did This Happen? This wasn't an easy task (nor a cliché testing process either). Pick a product, put it under a 5-step testing scanner, check for visible results, grab a review from the dermatologist and ask yourself a few quick questions: Is this the right formula? Will this nourish my skin? Does this work for every skin type besides just mine? And lastly, will this get me a step closer to becoming David Beckham? Now repeat the process for 100 such products. That's really how ballistic this exercise was. After all, no one finds the best stash overnight. To put it simply 'The Man Box' is the skincare and grooming party you'd been missing out on. © MensXP Before impatience takes over and you can no longer control your eagerness to buy 'The Man Box' for yourself (don't mind our humour), let's scroll through what's in store for you. Raw Nature's Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash © MensXP In keeping with the severity of a face cleanser in life, this one's no enemy. The only difference? It's straight off the muddy pits of Brazil; meaning: essential minerals, oil-eliminating properties, de-toxifying elements and anti-blackhead/white head/blemish agents. Not forgetting a healing and soothing mother-like charm, that's the only love your skin demands. This really is something for men with oily skin. Souhait Essentials Daily Defence Range Day Shield Daily Moisturiser (With SPF 20) © MensXP Born out of a need for a daily moisturiser and the temptation to induce a serum within, this is where the good things lie. Come to think of it, even its birth was a noble skincare-cause. Now, bring in the goodness of almond oil and English cameline (sans the greasiness) and the fact that the product is supremely lightweight, for another convincing argument on Souhait Essentials' Day Shield's moisturisation (and hydration) abilities. Also, SPF 20 anyone? Spruce Shave Club's 5X Razor © MensXP For men who're all about testing the best grooming products, we know when we spot a terrific razor. And we know when it glides right, doesn't annoy your skin and all in all, gives you a great shave. In that aspect, the 5X Razor by Spruce Shave Club is quite the find. Let's thank the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E-enriched lubricating tube and double-coated blades that are tailor-made for a masterstroke while striking the blade. The Man Company's Tea Tree Oil Shave Gel © MensXP To be frank, there's nothing extraordinary about this shave gel for men. Except, it improves the quality and texture of your skin (while you lather the hell up and shave), prevents infections and knocks all kinds of dullness out the window. We're not saying this is exemplary, but thanks to tea tree and mint oil, no shave gel ever felt this good. Ask your skin for a review, if you'd like. Bombay Shaving Company Post Shave Balm © MensXP A shaving-high could be splendid, but without the after-application of a soothing balm, it could all end up just being a downer. Save yourself the trouble, and step things up with Bombay Shaving Company's lemon extract/papaya/Vitamin E acetate enriched post-shave balm. Notice your skin lock in hydration (almost) instantly, while you bask in the glory of a fresh fragrance that lingers on. Ustraa's Strong Hold Hair Gel © MensXP At MensXP, we get it — looking good can sometimes mean just a well-tamed mop. Well-tamed being key, unless you're in for a complete red flag. When all is said and done, Ustraa's Strong Hold Hair Gel has your back. Using your fingers, while you crimp and aim at a well-coiffed upper, its protein-rich formula will work for the betterment of your strands. Don't be baffled if they start to smell great too. © MensXP Now The Main Question, How Do You Grab 'The Man Box'? It's simple, really: BUY NOW
  17. Shaving is not just about getting rid of your facial hair. Yes, that is the goal, but the experience should be a luxurious one - one that fittingly accompanies the end result, that is a clean, soft, exfoliated, and glowing face. However, in most cases, that is just a short-lived feeling, because of shaving creams that are extremely harsh in nature. What you need is a shaving gel that moisturizes and heals your facial skin, forming a rich lather, while pampering it at the same time. The Man Company Tea Tree Oil Shave Gel does that effortlessly, and more. © MensXP If you are looking for a shave gel that does not dry your face out, and creates a good amount of lather that is a prerequisite for a satisfactory shave, The Man Company Tea Tree Oil Shave Gel is your go-to product. Enriched with natural oils, this gel hydrates your skin, while improving its texture. It also treats cuts and wounds inflicted on your face while you shave. This gel has a cool, soothing feel on your skin, and a refreshing, minty fragrance. It feels nourishing and moisturizing, while forming a good lather on your face. © MensXP This Shave Gel is infused with tea tree oil and mint oil, which work together to prevent infections and also brighten up dull skin, while giving your skin a cool, refreshing feel. It is especially formulated to improve the texture of oily skin. © MensXP Apply the gel on your stubble to form a lather, and start shaving along the grain. Make sure you shave only in one direction. Rinse your face after shaving with cool water and pat it dry. Your skin will feel smooth, moisturized, and nourished, without any redness or burning sensation whatsoever. Buy the The Man Company's Tea Tree Oil Shave Gel as part of MensXP's 'The Man Box' here! BUY NOW And just in case you experience the best shave of your life, thank us later. Creative Director: Santu Misra, Styling: Siddharth Batra, Assisted By: Sowrav Bhowmik, Fashion Assistant: Rohan Kwatra, Photographer: Anubhav Sood, Grooming: Shallu Chandla
  18. If you're going on your first date with a woman you really dig, your main agenda should not be to take her home. Wait, Why do you look so surprised? Come on, give it a minute! Your main agenda should be to figure how to get to date number two with her! (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Most men can't wait to hit the sack with them ladies, without realising that it takes at least 3 good dates to actually make her fall for you. If you're just looking for a one night stand, then maybe this article is not for you. Or maybe this article can work for those who're looking to score too. You just need to be a good 'conversationist' and keep off a few topics, for your own good. If not, you're just gonna go back home with bad memories and no phone number. So here are 7 main things you should definitely not talk about, on your first date with her. 1. Your Ex, Her Ex You really don't want to open any X-files on your first date, do you? Why talk about your past when you have so much to talk about in the present. If you really want to talk about your dating life from the past, maybe keep it vague? Don't divulge unnecessary deets, because you never know what your date discards or what she takes into account from your past. In any case, if you do get that second date, you have all the time to open up to them about personal stuff, later. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images 2. Don't Go On About Yourself It's okay to talk about yourself and let her know you a little on the first date, but it's not okay to only talk about yourself. Your first date with her should be like a game of ping-pong, where both of you get an equal chance to talk and share things from your life. If the conversation is only about you, she's just going to assume you're conceited or full of yourself, and you don't want her to think that! (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images 3. Politics Or Religion I mean, yeah, you can talk about politics or religion but first dates should be about 'where you grew up' or 'what you like doing in your free time' kinda questions. You can talk about your political or religious preferences or have a debate about either, but that would probably lead to a heavier discussion and take you away from getting to know everything else about her; the more basic, fundamental stuff. Keep things simple on the first date. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images 4. Money Talks Well, some people have it and some people don't and if you have it, don't talk about it and make her uncomfortable. Just, don't. You don't need to discuss your personal or official finances with her. At least not right now. Honestly, anything money related should not be coming out from your mouth, but just your wallet, if you're paying for the date i.e. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images 5. Lower Your Self Esteem You may not like a few things about yourself but that doesn't mean she has to know about them? It's absolutely fine to have flaws and faults, but to lament about them instead of doing something about it, is a turn off and just lame. She definitely doesn't need to know how you think you're not good looking enough, or how you hate the hair on your ass. If you're fishing for compliments by making her realise your flaws, stop fishing! At least don't bring up things you don't like about yourself on the first date. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images 6. Revealing More Than You Should In your excitement to just talk, don't go overboard by talking about too much too soon. Keep some of it layered, and in mystery. Women like a mysterious man and if they are curious about you they will surely want to see you for a second date. So, if you're talking about a future, don't reveal more than you have to. For all you know, you'll see her cringing through her meal while you tell her the names of your future son and daughter. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images 7. *** Talk Only if the conversation naturally flows towards ***, then it's fine to talk about it, but don't bring it up independently because you never know how she'll react to it. If you're out for a hook-up and she's in for the same too, then perhaps it's okay to discuss *** in detail, because you both are on the same page, but if you really want that second date, wait it out? What's the rush? (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images So, there we have it, 7 main things you should not talk about on your first date and if you really refrain from talking about these things, we can definitely say with utmost surety, you're gonna get that second date, mate!
  19. The trailer for the next 'Halloween' movie is already out, and I am as terrified as I was when I saw the first movie from the Halloween franchise. Seriously guys, if you're a horror/thriller movie fan and you haven't seen anything from the Halloween franchise, are you even a fan? If in case you are oblivious and have managed to avoid all knowledge about the franchise, let me tell you that the movie centres around a serial murderer called Michael Myers (not to be confused with Mike Myers) who is frantically on a killing spree on Hallows eve, while wearing a really scary mask. Okay, I just got the jitters again. The actual story begins when Michael is sent to a psychiatric facility for 15 years, when he kills his sister, Judith at the age of 10. 15 years later, Micheal escapes the facility and goes on a murder spree, terrorising a small town in America. © Universal Pictures The OG of 'Halloween' released way back in 1978 and was directed by John Carpenter. After the first release, a lot of sequels followed through and the original was remade again in 2007, and the sequel to the original was released in 2009. But the recent news around the releases tells us that the movie releasing this year, after 40 years from the original, will be the sequel to the 1978 release and it will not follow any of the previous sequels that were originally made. The best part about this remake? It has the original Michael Myers and the original woman, he's always haunted! Yes! Nick Castle and Jamie Lee Curtis are definitely in the film, along with new add-ons of course. The movie is directed by David Gordan Green and also stars Judy Greer and Andi Marichak. © Universal Pictures The producer, Jason Blum, teased the 'Halloween' franchise fans on Twitter, before the trailer released on Friday, saying 'The Halloween Trailer is dropping Friday', in three separate tweets. The Halloween trailer — Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018 Is dropping — Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018 Friday. — Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018 "The sequel is like the original in many many ways. The writers have connected the dots of the story and it made so much sense that it felt totally appropriate" Jamie Lee Curtis told a popular publication. © Universal Pictures Well, the new 'Halloween' definitely respects the DNA of the franchise and keeps the finale as creepy as one would imagine it to be! I, for one can't wait to watch this with someone for company for sure, or I might just have a heart failure and die. The movie though can be watched by people who haven't seen 'Halloween' at all. It's not like you have to watch the earlier movies. If you want to brush up on the 'Halloween' movie history you can definitely read up on Google or probably find them and watch them all! © Universal Pictures 'Halloween' will make its way to you on October 19th, right around Hallows eve! (jeez, what are the odds, right?). Here's hoping 2018 is as good as they say it will be for the horror and thriller genre!
  20. Shaving my armpits...really? Well yes. Though it may sound shocking, many men today are opting to shave their armpit hair. And why you may ask? Two words: Sweat and Smell. Your armpits have been blessed with active sweat glands, which means your armpit hair is dripping with sweat. Are girls around you keeping a safe distance? It's probably because of the odour which is left by all that accumulated sweat. Yes you probably use the best deodorants and regularly dry your pits, but germs tend to spread faster and stay in the presence of hair. The solution: Shave it off. You shave down below so why just stop there! It isn't as scary as it sounds. Lets us help you get past your doubts. Here is a 5-step guide to shaving your armpits with ease. 1. Clean Everything The first step is to get your trimmer and razor clean and disinfected. The last thing you want is an infection from your razor. Once all the tools are clean, wash your armpits thoroughly with soap and dry them off. 2. Trim It © Facebook/ Tiger Shroff Before you get down to shaving, it is essential to trim down those long stands to a shaveable length. Long strands stuck on your razor is the last sight that you want to see. 3. Its Shaving Time © Amazon India Just like your beard, start by applying preferably a shaving gel and not cream (you want to see what you shave). Once the gel is applied, shave gently in all directions since hair that grows here is rather stubborn and won't go easily. Suggestion: Keep the arm flexed and tight for an easy ride. Buy it Here 4. Rinse © Facebook/ Kartik Aaryan Once all the hair is shaved, it's time to rinse everything again. Rinse your newly shaved armpits with water and gently dry it. 5. After Care © Amazon India Apply an unscented shave balm that's alcohol free over the recently shaved area. Don't forget to wait for a while before applying a deodorant (don't apply deodorant if you have sustained minor cuts or nicks). Buy it Here Congrats, you did it! Now you can wear those swanky vests to the gym and show off those clean-shaven pits.
  21. If you have ever trained with a training partner for some time and wondered how he can lift heavier than you despite following the same training and diet plan, then this article is targeted at you. Often at the gyms, we compare ourselves to others and end up being over-critical about our strength and muscular development, thinking may be we are not working as hard as the guy who`s stronger than us. No doubt that someone with more training experience will be the one lifting more weight generally; however, the importance of these factors can`t be denied. 1) Age (Not Training Age) Rate of strength gain is at peak during teens and in your twenties. It is also known that strength can plateau in 30s, provided you have trained for few years correctly before that. More pronounced loss in strength and muscle gains start with the onset of the 40s. One of the main reasons of loss in strength and muscle gains after 40s in reduction in anabolic hormones produced in body. A study found decrease of muscle strength of 16.6% vs 40.9% on subjects who were younger than 40 vs older than 40 years. 2) Limb Length People with different limb (arms and legs) lengths will most probably have different strength levels. Let`s assume two people with same body mass and muscle mass .The one with shorter limbs is more likely to lift heavier weights because of the leverage. Shorter limbs require less force due to shorter resistance force of the arms. A study found out that people with long humerus (upper arm bone) had an average maximal power output of 22% of their max while the one having shorter humerus had a power output of 38%. Here`s a picture of Andrzej Stanaszek who weighed 55kg and squatted 289kg once. © Twitter You can now very much understand the impact of short limb lengths on strength. 3) Tendon Insertion Tendons are tough fibrous tissues that connect muscle to bone or another structure. The exact spot where a tendon attaches to a bone varies from person to person. Depending on how near or farther that spot is located affects strength levels. In simple words, the farther a tendon attaches from a joint, greater the advantage. Take example of dumbbell curl. Someone whose biceps insert farther from the elbow will generally be able to lift heavier than the one whose biceps insert nearer. So don`t beat yourself up in case you suck at curls. Even I suck at it. I can deadlift 200+ kg but can curl only a ridiculously light weight with good form. 4) Muscle Fiber Type © YouTube There`s a reason why someone is best suited for a sport such as sprint while the other is a champion in marathons. The champions in both the fields are number one not because of hard work and practise alone but also because of the fact that a sprinter might be having faster twitch (type 2) muscle fibers slow twitch (type1) muscle fibers dominate in a marathoner. Athletes with type 2 muscle fibers will do better in high intensity sports like Powerlifting, sprinting, weightlifting and even bodybuilding (because they are more susceptible to hypertrophy). While the best cyclists, swimmers and marathon runners have more of type 1 muscle fiber make up. So let's say if you are not able to keep up with your friend who`s running long distance, you can now safely blame your muscle fiber types and try sprinting with him. You might just beat him in that! Reference:- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3940510/ Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  22. You are at a dinner. Romance is bubbling in the ambience. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. All, except you. You look across the table and find yourself looking at the couple who are supposed to be your friends, making gooey eyes at each other, oblivious to your presence. “What am I doing here?” is your first thought. “If you didn't want to talk to me, then why did you invite me in the first place?” You get up to leave when you hear your friend calling you back, asking where you were going. You feel ashamed and not wanting to hurt their feelings, you sit back. They go back to ignoring you. This is now the third time this has happened. Well, congratulations on becoming the third wheel! © CBS How many times have you got the feeling while hanging out with your friends, who are a couple, that you were invited out of sheer pity or that you were not in the right place? Ever been invited to a party and felt left out because your committed friends were together and you had no one to talk to? Somewhere you didn't want to go in the first place? We all have been in that position more than once and even though you hate the feeling, you can't do anything about it. Your friends might be feeling good about inviting you, but the reality is that they don't need to do that. Eventually, if you keep hanging with them, you are branded as “the third wheel”, a person who is always with a couple, like an ornamental plant at a house. Why It Sucks? The Loner: It may not seem like a big deal at first but constantly hanging out with a couple starts affecting your self-esteem. You keep comparing yourself to the other person and start feeling bad. If they ask you to accompany them out of the goodness of their heart, if they really want to there, you will be able to tell the difference. They won't act oblivious to you being with them. Ignoring you after asking to hang out with them shows that it was a pity invite or an opportunity to make them feel good about themselves. Also, try to see the difference between a sincere hangout invitation and a perfunctory one. Sometimes, your friend might ask you as a habit or just to cut you out. Decline! © Warner Bros. Studios/Twitter The Mediator: You unofficially become the mediator in their fights. It might start small, but after a while, you realise that they have been using you as a moderator or a referee of sorts. She calls you when she has a fight with him, asking you to make him realize and he does the same. You need to see that they are a couple; if they are mature enough to start a relationship, they must deal with the consequences of it themselves. Depending on you is taking the easy way out. Though you might feel included and proud that they ask you for to mend their fights, it is not healthy. They need to figure out things on their own. However, giving free advice on your own is a different matter altogether. Couples have this irritating habit of asking for advice and then doing the complete opposite of what you asked them to do. The Secret Keeper: Your friend wants you to keep their secrets safe from their SO (and vice versa) and you must carry it around with yourself. It might make you feel privileged but it gets taxing after a time. Friendship does mean keeping secrets safe, but when it comes to keeping the secrets of a couple, it is just an additional task. You have better things to do than that. It is like having a relationship even when you aren't in one. The Other One: You must always sit on the other (read lonely) side of the table, with no one next to you while there is this romance fest going about in front of you. It's like watching a movie, but without the fun one gets from it. The Cushion: You need to listen to their petty fights or their inside jokes (I know, it is irritating). Or you have to listen to their incessant talk about how much they like each other and what they fought about. They keep on going about it and seem to have no regard for what you might be feeling. It is hard to say something in these scenarios, but it is exasperating. The worst part is that you can't say anything because you don't want to ruin your friendship. That is the saddest part. The Godfather: It starts with an innocent bill. In due course, you have to pick up their tabs or buy gifts for them. You are in charge of their surprise birthdays, anniversaries and freaking everything else. Your friend assures you they will make up for it. And how do they thank you? Wait, that doesn't get acknowledged other than a half-hearted 'thank you'. And after all the hard work you put in with the planning, the surprise, the gifts, et al; the benefits are reaped in by your friend! Cheers! Use your time in doing something better like reading a book or being more sociable, whatever floats your boat! The Baby: They treat you like a baby and are constantly telling you how great it is to be in a relationship; accompanied by that depreciating, smug smile on their face, which makes you feel like a child. Or worse, they keep trying to hook you up with their friends. I mean, if you wanted to have a relationship, you would be in one! The Judge: Even if you don't want to, eventually you start judging them. And you hate yourself for that. With all that PDA happening around, it is unbearable and bound to happen! Don't beat yourself up. Just say NO! The Constant: You have plans with your friend. You go to meet them but surprise, who's there? Their partner! They seem to be a constant fixture in your plans. Forget about your bro hang-outs. This can turn from pleasant to irritating in a very short time. Be mature and understand that they need their space and their time. The Faker: On top of everything else, even if you don't like it, you need pretend that you are having a blast (which you are most definitely not). Some couples will expect you tell them how lovely and adorable they look together (which you don't think). And you have to lie through your teeth because you don't want to hurt their feelings. Feelings of jealousy are common here, so is the need to be gracious. Instead of being fake and looking happy, be upfront about it. It might seem hard but try it. You don't have to be rude about it though. Break the Wheel! Everyone is not the Golden Trio from 'Harry Potter' or Ted, Lily, and Marshall from 'How I Met Your Mother'. If you don't feel comfortable, voice it. Speak out. Make your feelings known to them in a mature, good way. They will understand; maybe they were not aware of how it makes you feel. People in love are bound to be a little self-involved. Don't stress yourself with it. Ultimately, you are responsible for your decisions and the way you want to spend your time. You are not answerable to anyone for your choices. Friendship and being the third wheel should be kept separate. Have some boundaries and rules for yourself about how you need to be around them because, in the end, they are your friends; you can't just stop talking to them or hanging out. Let it happen gradually, excuse yourself to give them privacy and in turn be happy that you no longer have to feel bad about judging or hating them. Use your time more constructively and don't feel the pressure to agree every time. Do something better, engage yourself elsewhere. Just because you are friends doesn't mean you can't have different interests than them or you need to tag along with them all the time. Find a hobby or meet up with other people instead of wallowing about becoming the third wheel. Though if you love the masochistic pleasure you derive from it, go ahead! No one is stopping you. :P Hanging out with your friend and their SO once in a while is okay. I mean, who is saying no to a free meal (provided they are paying)? And maybe a chance of getting the number of your friend's SO's hot friend on whom you have a giant crush? Who knows you might make someone else your third wheel! :P
  23. No one can ever forget the friends they made during their college days. From being together every second possible, to bunking classes to endless drinking sessions at night, the bonds that were made back in day will always be golden memories. We make solid promises and sweeping declarations, swearing to be friends forever through thick and thin, but there are chances that they might just disappear from our lives and we won't even realise how and when. Yea, it sure does sound scary, but it is also an unfortunate possibility that lies ahead in the world of adulthood. Here are 10 reasons why your college buddy might not be in your life forever: 1. Your Priorities Change Suddenly you don't see the appeal anymore in chugging beer and puking your guts out every night. Instead, you find yourself aiming for something a little more constructive and words like 'career' and 'family' appear to you in an entirely different light. Problem lies when your friend is still stuck in the beer-piyo-ulti-karo phase. 2. You Need To Put More Effort To Maintain The Friendship Texting 24/7 is not an option anymore and neither are frequent phone calls, given that you have a full time job. So, you will have to actually take out time to be there for your friend, and we all know what lazybums we are when it comes to going the extra mile. 3. Long Distance Might Just Kill Your Friendship The second you are out of that classroom forever, assume that long-distance is automatically implied. I know guys who lived 15 minutes away from each other but couldn't bother to meet up even on the weekends. Sad but true. 4. You Will Become Unimaginably Busy The word 'busy' will not be an excuse anymore to get out of a drinking session with the gang so you can make out with some girl. You are actually going to be so insanely busy with work or life, or whatever, that you will just want to fling your phone out of your 7 storey office the moment you see a message saying “bhai, kidhar hai? Chal milte hai”. 5. Sudden Realisations About Your 'Friend' You are taking a walk down memory lane and thinking about your oh-so-sweet college days. An incident comes to mind, where your friend was casually taking your case in front of the gang and you let it slide thinking “dost hai”. Suddenly you start thinking hard, when you realise that this was an everyday occurrence, and you swept it under the rug because he was your buddy. A frown forms on your forehead and you wonder if such a person was ever your friend to begin with. It is simple. Our tolerance level for bullshit decreases as we get older. 6. You Start Developing Different Interests Maybe you stuck to your monthly tradition of going trekking because it was a 'group' thing and you did not want to be left out. Now you realise that climbing that steep slope and breathing like a dying whale every time was not fun. As you grow older, you become more in tune with what appeals to you the most, and being included is not such an important factor anymore. 7. Adulthood Suddenly Changes Your Perspective Your very definition of a friend can go through a change once you are an adult. You find yourself keeping only very important people in your life, and anyone who is either weighing you down or being plain annoying, is off your list. 8. You Become A Complete Jerk A culmination of most of the above mentioned points. Mostly you become a complete jerk, simply ignoring your friend for a multitude of petty reasons. 9. Shaadi Do I even need to elaborate? I don't think so. Akal lagao! 10. You Find A New Friend John Maxwell said “change is inevitable” and boy, don't we know how true that is? You won't even realise how you replace your old gang with a new friend circle. Daily texts become monthly forwards which just become yearly birthday wishes. It's the sad side effect of growing up.
  24. When it comes to the simple task of skincare and grooming, men know exactly what to do. Pick up the product, squeeze some amount out and voilà — you're done. But while you may own some products of your own, the good news is: your girlfriend too has a few golden products for you. Ones that are unisex in nature and will work in your favour, come what may. See, not just her, her products love you too. To concise it all into a list, however, here are 5 products you must steal from your girlfriend today (a break-up not included lol). 1. DRY SHAMPOO © Amazon India Though your regular shampoo eliminates the excess sebum produce on your scalp, unfortunately, most of men also strip your strands off the natural conditioning oils you really need. Dry shampoos, on the other hand, kick the butt of the excess sebum produce but without absorbing the 'good' oils in there. Price: Rs. 550 Buy here 2. CUTICLE OIL © Amazon India Applied with a ball of cotton or a brush — cuticle oils of course, moisturize the cuticles. Simple. Why do you need it? Because not just your nails, your cuticles too, need ample care. And two, why the hell not? Having well-maintained and manicured nails is a part of good manners anyway. Price: Rs. 1,140 BUY here 3. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER © Amazon India While there's nothing wrong with your drill of using just a regular hair conditioner, leave-in conditioners come with their own set of pros. One, you can literally leave them in your hair all day. Two, if chosen right, your hair won't look greasy at all. And three, over all, the texture and quality your hair will improve. Besides, some of them also lock in a lot of moisture in your strands. Price: Rs. 1,094 Buy here
  25. Ripped jeans are beautiful. For those of you thinking 'beautiful' is a rather odd choice when it comes to an adjective for jeans, just focus on them for once. They are jeans. They are comfortable. They look ultra fashionable. They are already ripped so you can literally do anything in them. So, 'beautiful'. But the thing is, they usually are expensive. What if there was a way to repurpose your old pairs that you don't wear anymore into super edgy, ripped new pairs? Here is an easy guide with 6 steps. 1. Pick a pair of old jeans to begin with, if it's your first time. Be mentally prepared to say goodbye to the pair in case things go south. Then, take the plunge. © Twitter 2. Arrange the following - a pair of scissors, a small sharp knife, sandpaper, a block of wood or cardboard, a pencil (or a piece of chalk), a ruler, and a pair of tweezers. © Twitter 3. Figure out what kind of rips you want. Are they big? Small? Do you want holes? Or just a mildly distressed aesthetic? Whatever you do, before making rips or cutting holes, wear the jeans, and use the pencil to make rough markings of the desired cuts. © Twitter 4. Take them off and lay them down on a table. Use the sandpaper to rub the areas you want to cut and rip, to make it look distressed, so that it doesn't look artificial post the cuts. © Twitter 5. Use the block of wood or the cardboard as protection for the back side of your jeans when you're cutting and making holes. Put it inside your jeans, so that the cut doesn't extend to the other side as well. Make small rips with the knife or the scissors to start with, just to get a feel of the process. Once you have made a few, wear the pair once to examine whether the rips are in place and are coming along as expected. © Twitter 6. After you are done with the cutting and ripping, use the tweezers to take out some of the frayed white edges, in a way that they look naturally ripped. © Twitter And voila, you're done! Just wash the pair of jeans once with a mild detergent, and dry them in shade before wearing them. You are now the proud owner of a brand new pair of ripped jeans, that also happens to be your own creation.