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Found 12 results

  1. Zara, this year, along with new trends and a new collection in stores, has also changed its logo. via GIPHY The Spanish fashion retailer has got a new logo with its letters overlapping each other at each end and the beginning. Designed by the French agency Baron & Baron, the logo has transformed from what looked like this to this. Usually, a change in the logo of a brand means a systemic change in their services to symbolize a different perspective from the former. For example, Celine recently let go of the accent to show the functional change in their system and Bhane added another 'a' and became Bhaane. The new logo features a minimalist typeface, very similar to the previous one released in 2011 with wide spacing and the new version is less kerned. Now, a change isn't always warmly welcomed, which is exactly what's happening with Zara. Take a look at how Twitter lost it when they saw the new logo: Zara have updated their logo. pic.twitter.com/GhhQziNV1D — Fabio âï¸â (@fffabs) January 26, 2019 The new Zara logo is YIKES. pic.twitter.com/UOWz5xDN0C — Brian Latimer (@briskwalk) January 30, 2019 Whoever is responsible for the new Zara logo, I just want to talk. pic.twitter.com/DHoff5pLBT — Impact. (@mindofimpact) January 28, 2019 User's: the new Slack logo was awful ZARA: hold my beer... pic.twitter.com/8NmOK3Pqfp — Abdulsamad Umar (@justabdulsamad) January 27, 2019 Seriously #ZARA, what the hell?? You forgot the spaces! #zaralogo #WhatHappened #failrebrand pic.twitter.com/cljuTrp8bS — Silvia Sguotti (@SilviaSguotti) January 30, 2019 Thank-you for coming to my TedTalk #Zara pic.twitter.com/BqiJMWefmH — Taya Try ð (@soyuxr) January 29, 2019 However, like any change, this too should be digested soon. What do you think?
  2. Dil Hai Be-Khabar, Zara Hosla دلِ بے خبر ، ذرا حوصلہ نہیں مُستقِل کوئی مَرحلہ کوئی ایسا گھر بھی ھے شہر میں جہاں ھر مکین ھو مطمئن کوئی ایسا دن بھی کہیں پہ ھے جسے خوفِ آمدِ شب نہیں یہ جو گردبادِ زمان ھے یہ ازل سے ھے کوئی اب نہیں دلِ بے خبر ، ذرا حوصلہ نہیں مُستقِل کوئی مَرحلہ یہ جو خار ھیں تیرے پاؤں میں یہ جو زخم ھیں تیرے ھاتھ میں یہ جو خواب پھرتے ھیں دَر بہ دَر یہ جو بات اُلجھی ھے بات میں یہ جو لوگ بیٹھے ھیں جا بجا کسی اَن بَنے سے دیار میں سبھی ایک جیسے ھیں سر گراں غَمِ زندگی کے فشار میں یہ سراب ، یونہی سدا سے ھیں اِسی ریگزارِ حیات میں یہ جو رات ھے تیرے چار سُو نہیں صرف تیری ھی گھات میں دلِ بے خبر ، ذرا حوصلہ نہیں مُستقِل کوئی مَرحلہ تیرے سامنے وہ کتاب ھے جو بِکھر گئی ھے وَرَق وَرَق ھمیں اپنے حصّے کے وقت میں اِسے جَوڑنا ھے سَبق سَبق ھیں عبارتیں ذرا مُختلف مگر ایک اصلِ سوال ھے جو سمجھ سکو ، تو یہ زندگی کسی ھفت خواں کی مثال ھے دلِ بے خبر، ذرا حوصلہ نہیں مُستقِل کوئی مَرحلہ کیا عجب ، کہ کل کو یقیں بنے یہ جو مُضطرب سا خیال ھے کسی روشنی میں ھو مُنقَلِب کسی سرخوشی کا نَقِیب ھو یہ جو شب نُما سی ھے بے دِلی یہ جو زرد رُو سا مَلال ھے۔ دلِ بے خبر، ذرا حوصلہ دِلِ بے خبر ، ذرا حوصلہ امجد اسلام امجؔد
    book of heart balloon of love love of life
  3. Zara Noor Abbas and Areeba Habib. Photo: FilePakistani model Areeba Habib has apologised to drama actress Zara Noor Abbas for ridiculing her runway walk.Earlier, Areeba had posted a video of her colleagues, Farwa and Javeria, mocking Zara's walk...
  4. Zara Noor Abbas. Photo: InstagramPakistani drama actress Zara Noor Abbas has called out models for mocking her ?walk? on the ramp.The actress who walked for Huma Adnan on day one of Fashion Pakistan Week S/S ?18 shared a video on her...
  5. The item is described as ?check mini skirt? and comes in a brown check pattern-Zara From Kaulapuris to traditional dresses, it seems to have become a trend with western brands to take items from this part of the world, rebrand them and sell it without giving any acknowledgement to the source of the idea. The latest is a lungi-style skirt, yes the same lungis worn commonly by men in mostly rural parts of India and Pakistan, being sold by Zara. And the price? An unbelievable £69.99! Did Dolce & Gabbana just launch kitchenware inspired by Pakistani truck art? The new line, dubbed 'Sicily My Love', is a tribute to the company's The item is described as ?check mini skirt? and comes in a brown check pattern. ?Flowing skirt with draped detail in the front. Front slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam.? Or lungi, in other words. While this branded skirt costs above $100, the lungis worn by people in Pakistan, India and some other countries cost between not more than a couple of dollars. In October last year, an ad selling charpoy in Australia went viral. While it did mention "traditional Indian charpoy", people were quite amused at its price, which was $990.
  6. Time and again, we've heard instances of Indians copying movies, designs or music from the West. So much so, that if you search on Google “things Indians have copied from the West”, you will find innumerable articles and stories that will make you regret typing this in the first place. But, the world is changing and how. The tables have now turned and India has become an abundant source of 'inspiration' for all the unique things that we've seen in recent times. And in this dramatic shift, we have seen some of the major brands take cues from the popular trends in our cultures and turn it into a fancy product of their own. © wikimedia For instance, our 'chaarpai' or 'khatiya' as some call it, has transformed into an 'Indian daybed charpoy', our beloved 'chai' has turned into 'chai tea latte', and our 'maang-tikka' is now a hit trend as a 'chandelier' hair clip (that's too much weight for someone to carry on her head). Well, after all these epic 'desi to videsi' transformations, another fashion trend is slowly catching up with the world. It is something that the South has been donning like a true 'Thalaivaa' (boss), since time immemorial. © zara Well, say 'hi' to this latest product rolled out by Zara that looks like an NRI cousin of the humble 'lungi'. Branded as a 'checked mini skirt', this product is selling like hotcakes at a friggin' £69.99. For those calculating the exchange rate, it's Rs. 6294 (approx.) So basically they are selling you a 'lungi' in the name of a 'flowing skirt with draped detail in the front, front slit detail at the hem and zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam.' I think you pay the price for the amount of thinking that went behind the description of this 'lungi' skirt. © red chillies entertainment While the world might be losing their minds over Zara's creative designs, Indians are clearly not falling for this trick. And Twitter, like always, trolled the hell out of Zara and all those buying it. A £69.99 skirt from @ZARA that looks like a south Asian male skirt (lungi) that costs less than £1 ððð pic.twitter.com/47aA2SSSg5 — Aria (@ms_aria101) January 28, 2018 It is a lungi. What suspicion and all? My grandfather would burn down the Zara store if he found they were selling lungis for the price of a 5-course meal. He'd also burn down the restaurant later for charging that much money for food btw. — Arijit Paladhi (@Punladhi) January 30, 2018 Loool. @ZARA trying to sell longi for £60. My dad could supply you with so many of these..... If you're interested hmu ðhttps://t.co/YRjzzeeKSC — Monsur Ali ~ ÙÙصÙر (@original_monsur) January 30, 2018 My dad's lungi is probably cheaper than 3 pounds https://t.co/KzDd2IlqYI — Phoolan Devi (@ashsultana) January 30, 2018 What's next, #Zara? Puffy wraps that are basically dhotis? #Lungihttps://t.co/vMgjzLePmR pic.twitter.com/fGx0SxLTcx — Images (@dawn_images) January 30, 2018 Late to the game Zara! I've been making my trademarked #lungipants for almost a decade now....and they are priced right and fair! https://t.co/mBewgMCvMh — Wilbur Sargunaraj (@wilburworldwide) January 30, 2018 Zara seems to be selling a skirt that looks suspiciously like a lungi for $69.99 (Rs 4460) lol. https://t.co/pON8dDe6ES pic.twitter.com/NIU6E0Fm8W — Nigel Britto (@NigelBritto) January 30, 2018 me: *ties two old dupatta scarves together* me: so this is the authentic original shaman guruji tantric costume. if you bury it with a pinch of turmeric in your garden, you can achieve the seventh chakra of namaste. HURRY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST — priya (@priya_ebooks) January 30, 2018
  7. Amancio Ortega, founder of Zara climbed on top of the Forbes rich list, taking over Microsoft founder Bill Gates. On Tuesday, Ortega, 81, overtook the tech giant Gates on the global rich-list. The Spanish fashion tycoon, according to Forbes, with his $85 billion fortune, surpassed Gates' $84.9 billion to take the top spot. Ortega doesn't have the same name recognition as Gates or Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who became the world's richest man for a short time in July. His eye-watering net worth is up just shy of $1bn in the space of just a month, according to Forbes, putting him in a seemingly never-ending tussle with Gates and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.
  8. Zara thehro meri halat sambhal jaye to phir jana, Dil e be taab thora sa behel jaye ti phir jana, abhi to furqatoun se beher se nikla nahi hun main, tumharay wasl ka jaadu yeh chal jaye to phir jana, bura na gar lagy to samny bethy raho youn hi, tera chehra bisarat main jo dhal jaye to phir jana, Kai sadiyoun raha hun qarb kay is zard mosam main, Suno ye dard ka mosam badal jaye to phir jana, jami hain dharkanain to munjamid hain sari sansain bhi, Badan ki zindagi thori machal jaye to phir jana. Abhi mat jao keh jakra hua ha dard nay mujh ko, Tumhary dard ka loha pighal jaye to phir jana, meray dil main abhi jenay ki phir khuwahish si jaagi ha, Yeh nanhi si tamanna phool phal jaye to phir jana,
  9. Zara thehro. . . . . ! Mujhey mehsoos karney do Aziyyzt sey bhary lamhey Bichartey waqat key qissey keh jab khamosh muhabbat key kinaronper Muhabbat jal rahi ho gi.
  10. ere wajood ko tÜ smaet Ly main bikhar raha hun zara zara Mere Änsuon ko b ponch Ly main sisak raha hun zara zara Meri Chahton ko smajh kabi meri hasraton ka khayal kar TÉre deedar ki ik Aarzu main tarap raha hun zara zara, Apny pyar ka ik Diya meri raah mein to jala kabi, Andheri raat ka Näag mujy das raha hai zara zara, Aa DIL pe mere hath rakh meri dhrkano ko Qärar dy. Meri saans to hai chal rahi par jee raha hun zara zara
  11. Zara si der ko aaye the khaawb aaNkhoN mei Phir us ke bad musalsal azaab aaNkhoN mei Wo jis ke nam ki nisbat se raushani tha wujood Khattak rahaa hai wohi aaftaab aaNkhoN mei Jinhen mata-E-dil-O-jaN samajh rahe the ham Wo aa’iine bhi hue behijaab aaNkhoN mei Ajab tarah ka hai mausam K khak uRti hai Wo din bhi the k khile the gulaab aaNkhoN mei Mere Ghazaal teri wahshaton ki khair, K hai Bahut dinoN se bahut iztaraab aaNkhoN mei Na jane kaisi qayaamat ka peshkhema hai Ye uljhaneN teri be-intasaab aaNkhoN mei
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