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Found 21 results

  1. Players like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Jasprit Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada may hold the top spots in the ICC rankings in different formats of the game and may even be considered to be the face of modern cricket, but people who have put them on such a high pedestal are completely missing out on the bigger picture. Those who call themselves “ardent fans of the game” and believe that teams like England, India and Australia are the spearheading forces of cricket in the 21st century are either biased against the brilliance of Pakistani cricket or are oblivious to it. Hello! Horrible Performance by Pakistan Cricket team — Adil Chaudhary (@adilchaudhary15) February 27, 2016 Or maybe they simply lack the creativity to foresee what the game of cricket should look like in the next couple of decades. Earning shit loads of money, regardless of how good you are on the field, has to be the primary objective of any and every player that aspires to become a part of this game and that is all that players like Nasir Jamshed, Yousef Anwar and Mohammed Ijaz were trying to do when they indulged in bribery during the Pakistan Super League. Why is the judiciary system even trying to interfere with the whole situation anyway? So what if the players decided to promote spot-fixing? They only wanted to earn more money and quench their greed. Now that they have confessed to these “crimes”, albeit forcefully, we can't even say that they are dishonest. I remember when I broke this story that Nasir Jamshed is main character of PSL Spot Fixing that time they were saying now Shoaib will be in deep trouble as they will sue him,,,,, after a week PCB disclosed his name and now Nasir Jamshed is admitting his sin pic.twitter.com/ykmUdcZuGp — Shoaib Jatt (@Shoaib_Jatt) December 9, 2019 Another Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) affair that the world just can't seem to get over is this thing that they do with a few of their cricketers when they hide their real age. Unfortunately referred to an “age fraud”, PCB's image is being unnecessarily tainted by their own like Rashid Latif who believe that the Board is “making a joke” of themselves. پاکستا٠ٹÛÙ Ú©Û Ú©Ú¾ÙاÚÛ Ø§ÙÚر Û±Û¹ ÙÛÚº جا رÛÛ ÛÛÚº اÙÚر Û±Û¹ ÙاÙÛ Ø§ÙÚر Û±Û¶ ÙÛÚº اÙÚر Û±Û¶ (16) ÙاÙÛ Ø§ÙÚر Û±Û³ ÙÛÚº اÙر اÙÚر Û±Û³ ÙاÙÛ Ú¯Ùد ÙÛÚº Ùاپس جاÙÛ Ú©Û ØªÛØ§Ø±Û ÙÛÚº @TheRealPCB Ø®Ùدا کا Ø®Ù٠کر٠اÙر عÙرÛÚº درست کرÙائÛÚº اÙر د٠ÙÙبر ÚÙ¾ÙÙÙÛ Úاکٹرز Ú©Ûساتھ ÙÙکر ØªØ¨Ø§Û Ùا کرÛÚºØ Ø§Ùر Ùزا٠Ùا بÙائÛÚº ðððð — Rashid Latif راشد ÙØ·ÛÙ ðµð° (@iRashidLatif68) December 6, 2019 "Pakistani Cricket Team's players are going to U-19s. U-19s are going to U-16s, U-16s to U-13s & U-13s back to their mothers' laps. For God's sake PCB, correct the ages & don't destroy (your reputation) by working with crooked diploma doctors, don't make a joke of yourself," the former Pakistan captain tweeted. But it's a simple solution for them to win a couple of tournaments: make over-aged people play in younger age-group tournaments, what's wrong with that? And if you are still not convinced of Pakistani cricket's global dominance, take a look at their phenomenal performance on the field. Two T20I defeats by at least nine wickets followed by back-to-back losses by an innings in the two Tests against the Australians should not make a difference in their international superiority for two reasons: They are still the number one team in T20I FREE VACATION IN AUSTRALIA - FUN! Pakistan bowling worst I have ever seen in Australia: Ponting#AUS VS PAK#Cricket pic.twitter.com/qkm5ozAHBe — Muhammad Noman (@Nomancricket29) December 2, 2019 Despite all that, PCB is still wasting their time on talent-less amateurs like Babar Azam and Mohammad Amir and that just might be the only flaw to becoming a superpower in the world of cricket. Everything else is foolproof. View the full article
  2. Salman Khan doesn't follow the set patterns of Bollywood's rulebook and you might agree with us on this. He doesn't care if his movies are not given great ratings by the film critics because according to him, it's the box office numbers that validate any film. Salman Khan's latest release 'Bharat', which is an official remake of the South Korean film 'Ode to My Father', has turned out to be a lucky project for the actor. The movie is doing pretty well at the domestic market and is inching close to earning Rs 200 crores. The movie opened to mixed reviews from critics as some called it 'bland' and some termed it the perfect Eid blockbuster. But, none of these ratings affect our superstar, Salman Khan, in fact, he feels “scared” when critics praise his movies. In one of the group interviews, while promoting the movie, Salman said, “My validation comes from the box office collections... that the people have liked or not liked a film. It doesn't make a difference if someone (a critic) has given it so many stars (ratings) or ridiculed the film. It's their bread and butter. God bless them, give them two more (slices of) bread,” Salman said in a group interview. Asked how he feels when the critics give glorious reviews to his films, the actor said he is unable to wrap his head around it. To all the journalists who have interviewed me during #Bharat ... a big thank u to all... — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) June 12, 2019 He added that he wants the audience to go to the theatres and forget about their life in general when they are watching his movies. Apart from Salman, 'Bharat' also stars Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, Nora Fatehi, Sunil Grover and Tabu. The movie chronicles important events that have taken place in the country after Independence. Have you seen 'Bharat'? Let us know in the comments below.
  3. This is the most common question asked by anyone trying to lose weight - “How do I lose the tummy fat and my love handles?” Well, yes. This query makes total sense. After all, everybody wants a flat tummy and we get sold every day on products that promise results with minimal effort. Products like: “Use this special ab machine and get a flat stomach in minutes!” “Flat tummy in 21 days via FitTea." “Eat this superfood to target belly fat and get toned!” “Put this cream on your tummy and burn fat in 10 mins” "Drink Green Tea, it increases metabolism and decreases body fat”, as promoted vigorously by an already skinny Bollywood actress. And surprisingly, people fall for it! If you clicked on this article link for the next magic solution, I am sorry. There is no such thing! Wake up! Instead, I'm going to give you some actual information which can help you in getting a flat stomach: 1) Nutrition: a) Consume fewer calories than you are currently eating and drinking, aka calorie deficit. In order to do that, you need to know how much you currently eat and you need a plan to eat less, and then, you need to track how consistent you are with it. To know how much you eat? Use an app like MyFitnessPal or FatSecret to diligently track your calorie intake and then adjust your numbers down from there. b) Consume more fruits and vegetables: I'm talking about green veggies, not potatoes here. Green veggies have a high amount of fibre and micronutrients which helps you in general well being. © Getty Images Fruits are also high in fibre and micronutrients. If you're facing a problem regarding your bowel movements then you should implement them in your diet. c) Eat enough protein: This one should be fixed in your nutritional strategy. Animal sources at every meal for non-vegetarians and for vegetarians, whey protein, grains and dairy products. This helps to preserve, repair and build the muscle. This will keep you satiated during your fat loss phases. d) Eat Carbs: Carbs are your primary source of fuel. It gives you instant energy to blast your workout. Pre and post workout carbs are a must to build a good body composition. Carbs make you bigger and fill your muscles with water. e) Eat dietary fats: Fats are calorie dense but eating in moderation can help you avoid hormonal issues, joint issues and various other health problems. Dietary fats can come from nuts, olive oil, eggs, nut butter, etc. 2) Training a) Incorporate compound movements- Learn the exercise form to build your core strength. Full body movements like the squat, the bench press, the deadlift or the overhead press engage and train your core. Implement big movements properly in your training plan so that you can lift heavy overtime and gain a good amount of muscle. © Getty Images b) Machines and isolation movements are your best friend: These specific exercises like hack squat, chest press, cable curls can directly work your muscles and can help you to gain a good chunk of muscle. Incorporating them with compound movements are the best thing when it comes down to build a good physique. c) Train your core: Pick 2-3 exercises and stick to them at least for 8-10 weeks. Don't swap your exercises every week like your so-called favourite bodybuilder. Swapping exercises will keep you away from progressive overload and won't grow your physique. Progressive overload is the secret sauce to build muscle. d) Do some cardio: Cardio isn't bad if you have a balanced training plan. Cardio can be a great tool to increase your energy expenditure and hey it's not necessary to do cardio in the gym, you can count your steps and keep a daily target. 3) Last But Not The Least, SLEEP- Sleep is very important, as important as nutrition and training. Less sleep can hammer your testosterone levels and recovery. If you don't recover from your training stress, you might end up losing your present muscle tissue. It can also make more difficult to lose body fat – particularly around the mid area, which you want to lose as soon as possible. Author Bio: Yashovardhan Singh is an online fitness coach with www.getsetgo.fitness, an online fitness platform. Along with lifting weights and building his physique, he is also a motorbike enthusiast, an animal lover. You can connect with him on Instagram or drop him an email on yashovardhan@getsetgo.fitness.
  4. We have officially entered April, and with it into the crucial two months which will eventually decide the nation's fate for the next five years. The Lok Sabha Elections are set to begin from 11th April and shall be carried out in seven phases across the country, finally ending on 19th May. Political parties are going all out with their candidature announcements, detailed pitches and promises for the future of the people, while rallies addressing thousands of people at a time are being conducted all around the country by every big and small party in sight. © Reuters While ministers get ready to go 'door-to-door' convincing people to vote for them and choose them as their future leader, riding on cars and buses, with ten other people taking care of their most needs and requirements throughout the campaign, there is this one particular candidate from Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar who is doing things a lot differently. Touted to be the “poorest” candidate in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, 51-year-old Mange Ram Kashyap is giving a new spin to election campaigning with zero bank balance to fund his campaigns and literally walking up to people's doors to talk to the constituents to get the job done in order to win from his constituency. © TOI The middle-aged Mange Ram is an advocate by profession and clad in his advocate's robes, anybody in the Muzaffarnagar court will tell you that Kashyap has been fighting all the General Elections since 2000. If you are wondering which party he belongs to, well, Kashyap contests elections from Mazdoor Kisan Union Party which was founded by Kashyap himself in the year 2000. The party has 1000-odd members, most of them being labourers. © Reuters However, according to a TOI report, the election affidavit which he submitted states that Kashyap has no cash, jewellery or bank balance. Even his wife Babita Chauhan is said to be in no possession of cash or jewellery. However, he does own a 100 sq yard plot valued at rupees 5 lakh, a house estimated at rupees 15 lakh, and a bike worth rupees 36,000 among other assets. The affidavit states that the house was a gift from Kashyap's in-laws. © YouTube Kashyap walks from door-to-door talking to people in his constituency, understanding their concerns and promising to fight for the right causes if given a chance. Even though Kashyap has not had the good luck of winning any election yet, he continues to keep moving forward. He decided to campaign on foot instead of riding on his bike because he cannot afford the money to purchase petrol for it very regularly. “I have a bike but I cannot afford petrol for it every day. My wife is a homemaker and we have two kids to take care of. I have tried to find other jobs but there are hardly any,” he told TOI. © Reuters However, Kashyap does not mind campaigning on foot because it allows him to really connect with people. He did the same during the last election season as well. Talking about the amount of precious money that can be saved in this process, he said, “I wonder why big politicians spend so much on campaigning when that money could be used for the welfare of people.” His approach is fresh, and the man does not seem to be deterred by setbacks, with his eyes set only on the quest to win and work for the poor and needy. He is optimistic that things will change for him this year, and he will finally get a chance to serve people. © Reuters He is unfazed by the competition from the top parties around town and as for why he thinks he deserves this chance, it's because “voters know that politicians have not looked out for them. I will help the poor. I will propose a voter pension scheme so that no man is in want of money,” he said. We wonder what is in store for Kashyap this time around. Only time will tell.
  5. We always just look at the bad things about being broke all the time, but here's a story about the pros of constantly not having money in your bank account. This incident about a robbery in China has the thief coming off as the good guy. What a rare moment! The entire thing was captured on the CCTV footage from ICBC Bank in city of Heyuan. In the video, a woman is withdrawing cash at an ATM when a man wielding a knife walks up to her and demands that she hand over the money. Naturally, she did because she was terrified and gives the robber 2500 yuan, which is approximately Rs 26,000. Then, the robber demands to see her bank balance but after seeing that her account is empty and the 2500 yuan were the last of her money, he has a change of heart. After handing back the money to her, he's seen walking away smiling. A robber with a conscience? Who would've thought! Even though he turned out to be a good person for a second there, he was still arrested, and actually rightly so. The video went viral on Chinese social media with a lot of people surprised at this act of kindness. It was shared on Twitter as well, and people came up with a lot of jokes. Well, technically speaking, he is. I'm amazed! robbers are humans!ððð — Sahil Rahman (@SahilRa92056158) March 11, 2019 Shots fired. This robber has more decency than the average Politician! — Golf*Oscar*Delta*Delta*Yankee (@big_goddy) March 11, 2019 Well, not exactly. Wow!!! thats GREAT. But i think this robber is related to #Robin Hood. — Eben - Ezer (@Eze_065) March 11, 2019 Have you ever been this broke? If i were the victim the robber might actually return the money.., with interest. https://t.co/UuttRkZAGU — BENROSLAN (@M_HarithRoslan) March 13, 2019
  6. A third-wheel is an unwanted shape-shifter you do not want in your life. They take the form of several different things. Varying from relationship to relationship, they can pop up as a sibling, a friend, a parent, heck, even a pet. It's hard enough to have a relationship with two people in it, so a crowd of three can possibly drive one to murder. On this Valentine's Day, if you're thinking of saying something like, "can it just be me and you today?" or "let's go by ourselves this time" to your partner, you will definitely relate to these memes: 1. Evil Hotel Manager MensXP You know you want to spend some alone time with your one true love on Valentine's Day, but every time you try to look for a couple-friendly hotel, you face pesky managers who ask you to pay by cash ONLY. 2. Overexcited Parents MensXP You get your significant other (S.O.) home for the first time for dinner and your mother welcomes her home a la Jaya Bachan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. 3. That Friend You Literally Wanna Throw Under The Bus MensXP In the beginning, you thought having your friend on the dates with you will help you feel more comfortable. But after a while they started giving you major Siddharth Malhotra (Student of The Year) vibes. If you don't want to lose your bae to your third-wheel, why not think of interesting ways of keeping them at bay this V-Day? Like, distracting them by giving them the ultimate Valentine's Day gift! Brand Factory is giving couples looking for privacy a chance to fulfil their V-Day plans! All you need to do to win an exclusive offer for your third-wheel on Brand Factory is to tell them how frustrated you are by taking this quiz. You will get exclusive discounts basis your level of annoyance that will help you #DitchTheThirdWheel. 4. The Always Hovering Parents MensXP You still live with your parents and no matter how cool they are in life generally, they always seem to have an issue with you stepping out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. And don't even think of putting the lock on your room's door when your girlfriend is over. 5. The Return Of The Aunty MensXP And if things at home weren't enough, finding the aunties staring at you in the mall makes your issue of privacy even worse. 6. That Buzzing Roommate MensXP You love your roommate for everything that they do for you, but want to put them on fire when they don't leave your room. Take the hint, mister! 7. The Moral Police MensXP You decide to give in and make out in your car, but how can that go smoothly with the Indian Moral Policing Brigade pro-actively trying to remove immoral activities from the minds of young Indians? Ya jailed! So while the third wheel is busy shopping away at Brand Factory, you can take a breather and have the perfect Valentine's Day.
  7. Zero is the only Shah Rukh Khan movie that released in 2018. It goes without saying that everyone was eager to watch it. Zain & Shantanu were there on the first day to watch it. Here's what they though of the movie.
  8. Smartphone makers have been trying really hard to distinguish themselves from the rest and often leave aside practicality. Last year, we witnessed OPPO and Vivo's short stints with sliding camera modules, forceful addition of the notch, and even devices with a display on the back. A prime question that they often forget is, do we really need this? Meizu has decided to take this a notch further with the Meizu Zero. It is the world's first phone with no holes. That's right, the company has stripped everything down and created a near-perfect enclosed phone. To start with, it has no charging port and you'll have to completely rely on wireless charging. Secondly, there's no SIM tray and you'll have to use the built-in eSIM technology to get cellular services. © Meizu Lastly, it doesn't have a headphone jack. We've got used to this removal and while there are many good alternatives available to solve this issue, not having a charging port sounds monstrous. Yes, wireless is definitely the future, but forcefully pushing it forward now isn't rational. In Meizu's defence though, they've managed to equip the phone with 18W wireless charging, which is really fast. This would surpass Apple's 7.5W and Samsung's 9W wireless charging speeds by a huge margin. © Meizu The traditional speakers have also been removed and replaced by Meizu's "mSound 2.0 In-screen Sound Technology" that allows the display to behave as a speaker. The phone also skips the notch or a punch-hole camera. On the front is a 6-inch OLED display with an in-display fingerprint scanner and the glass curves towards the edges. It runs on a Snapdragon 845 processor along with LPDDR4X RAM. For the cameras, there's a pair of Sony's IMX380 + IMX350 dual camera setup while the front has a 20-megapixel selfie camera. © Meizu Considering it's a hole-less phone, it gets IP68 water and dust resistance and there are no physical buttons. Meizu is using a haptic feedback system to offer virtual buttons on the side to turn the phone on and off and to adjust the volume. While I've been critical about the use of such a phone, these devices aren't meant to be hot sellers. In fact, the Meizu Zero comes close to a concept phone that depicts how gadgets will evolve over the coming years. The concept is way ahead of its time and just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should do it.
  9. Zero 2018 Shahrukh Khan Movie. The story revolves around Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a vertically challenged man, who is full of charm and wit, with a pinch of arrogance. Born to a wealthy family and raised in an environment of affluence. Zero 2018 Movie DVDrip Click Here
  10. Now that Usain Bolt has retired, is he considering an alternate career option of becoming an astronaut? View this post on Instagram Zero Gravity is a out of this world experience ððð¾ð¾ @ghmumm #DareWinCelebrate #NextVictory A post shared by Usain St.Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) on Sep 12, 2018 at 11:51am PDT This picture will make you believe that, but it's not true. While we don't know if he'll ever become an astronaut, there's one thing we're sure about that he will be the fastest man wherever he goes. Why do we say that? Because he just defeated French astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy (the man in blue suit) in a zero-gravity race. The man in black suit is CEO of Novespace and French Interior designer Octave de Gaulle. © Reuters For those scratching their heads in confusion. Bolt wasn't really launched in space, the Olympics champ boarded a special Airbus Zero G plane, where you can experience what it feels like to be in zero gravity. © Reuters Bolt celebrated his victory, not with his signature pose, but by sipping champagne floating in the air. Reportedly, this champagne is crafted by Mumm, for astronauts to enjoy in space. © Reuters In fact, this champagne is designed keeping future space tourism in mind. Clearly, these people are living and dreaming about a world in 3018 and we are sitting waiting watching videos of alien invasion. © Reuters The 32-year-old reportedly felt like a "kid in a candy store" after spending some quality time floating in zero-gravity. Source: ESPN
  11. Images of youths behind metal fences and reports of children crying for their parents have raised concern about the psychological ramifications of separation. Photo: AFP WASHINGTON: The director of US border control has said migrant parents...
  12. I am sure that you're aware of the fact that your body needs the energy to digest the food that you eat. Therefore, your body burns calories while it makes an effort to digest it. So, wouldn't it make more sense to consume more 'calorie-less' foods if your target is to lose fat and weight? After all, the more calorie deficit you create, the more reason you give your body to utilize all the stored fat reserves in the body. Though there isn't any food item that has zero calories as such, there are certain food items that have less number of calories than what your body needs to burn. Following is the list of such food items: 1) Beets © Pixabay Easily available at your nearby vegetable market, beets serve as a very good option to be taken as a part of a salad or to prepare them as cooked vegetables. Beets have only 55 calories per cup of around 130 grams. A cup of beets is enough to douse your hunger pangs for some time, while hardly adding anything to your calorie intake for the day. 2) Carrots © Pixabay Available in two colors, orange and red, carrots have only 50 calories in a serving of about 120 grams. A one-cup serving of carrots also fulfills your daily requirement of vitamin A by more than a hundred percent. Carrots can also be used as part of regular green salads or could be cooked with other vegetables. 3) Cucumbers © Pixabay This vegetable is consumed on a large scale in urban as well as rural areas, due to its easy availability and low pricing. Since they are mostly water, a single serving of cucumber gives you only 10 calories from 50 grams of cucumber. You can use them as a side dish with your other food items to increase the satiety index of the food, while keeping your calorie intake in check. 4) Iceberg Lettuce © Pixabay A standard for every Caesar salad, lettuce is one of the healthiest calorie-less food items. It is rich in vitamin A, K and also has good folate content in it. A single bowl serving of around 70 grams of lettuce has only 10 calories. Lettuce can easily be added to salads and sandwiches and offers great taste too. 5) Mushrooms © Pixabay A meat substitute for vegetarians, mushrooms can be cooked in various delicious ways. A cup of 70 grams of a serving of mushrooms gives you only 15 calories. Its easy availability also makes it a good choice for diet conscious people. 6) Zucchini © Pixabay Another low-calorie vegetable that's commonly used in soups and salads; Zucchini has only 15 calories in one serving of 120 grams. It can also be used in preparing sandwiches to enhance the flavor or can be added in chicken Caesar or veg Caesar salads. 7) Spinach © Pixabay Spinach has a good amount of Vitamin K, A and folate and is also high in protein than the majority of the green vegetables out there. Two cups of serving of spinach weighing around 100 grams have only about 25 calories. Spinach can be cooked with cottage cheese as part of gravy dishes or can be consumed in the form of soups. Make sure that you follow a structured diet along with the above food items in your daily diet regime. This should be complemented with a good workout program at least 5 days a week so see better results. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  13. ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Tuesday took notice of zero power generation by Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power and Bhikki power plants.The chief justice sought a reply from the federal and Punjab government regarding zero...
  14. The War Machine star had visit Mumbai last year in the month of May for the promotion of his movie. Bollywood?s King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, showed the teaser of his upcoming movie to Hollywood star Brad Pitt first, according to Indian media. The War Machine star had visited Mumbai last year in the month of May for the promotion of his movie. During the visit, Brad met many Bollywood actors including Shah Rukh Khan. According to reports, the two actors discussed movies and Shah Rukh even showed him the teaser of his movie, Zero. The two actors had come together for an event. However, before interacting with the public SRK even took out his cellphone and showed the clip to Brad. It was also reported that Brad appreciated the teaser and admired Shah Rukh's dancing skills. Zero - Shah Rukh Khan reveals title of new movie The film directed by Aanand L Rai also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma SRK had announced the title of his upcoming film Zero recently by sharing a teaser video of it. The film also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. This is the first collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai. Shah Rukh Khan who is known as the King of Bollywood is looking to bounce back from a year where he failed to deliver a blockbuster hit. 2018 releases for Khan Raees and Jab Harry Met Sejal were only moderately successful.
  15. Screengrab from Zero trailer Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter and revealed the title of his new movie Zero which is directed Aanand L Rai. Khan also treated fans to a teaser trailer for the movie in which he is playing a little person. Earlier in the day, Shah Rukh had tweeted that he would be sharing the name of the movie. The film also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. This is the first collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Aanand L Rai. Shah Rukh Khan who is known as the King of Bollywood is looking to bounce back from a year where he failed to deliver a blockbuster hit. 2018 releases for Khan Raees and Jab Harry Met Sejal were only moderately successful.
  16. Sometimes, your past can come back to haunt at a time when you least expect it to go wrong. Veteran actor Kevin Spacey realized this in the most brutal ways possible when his 'House of Cards' came crashing down to the ground, after Netflix decided to pull the plug on the show, leading to an unexpected and abrupt end. Yes, our beloved show has been scrapped by Netflix, post the shocking revelation by actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged that Spacey made sexual advances towards him when he was 14-years-old. © netflix Netflix announced that they will scrap the show after the sixth season (a 13-episode series), which is currently in production and will premiere in 2018. According to a statement issued by Netflix and the studio behind the show, Media Rights Capital, they were “deeply troubled by the news concerning Kevin Spacey.” In fact, the statement further mentioned that, “Executives from both our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time.” This decision came after Spacey apologized publicly for the event that took place nearly 30 years ago, and also came out as gay on Twitter. pic.twitter.com/X6ybi5atr5 — Kevin Spacey (@KevinSpacey) October 30, 2017 Interestingly, Kevin mentioned how he has had relationships with both men and women in the past and slipped in that he now chooses to live his life as a gay man. While talking about the shocking accusation, he said that he does not remember the encounter and that he is apologetic for his “deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour.” The 'Rent' actor broke his silence in an interview with BuzzFeed and alleged that Spacey tried to get with him sexually at a party in Spacey's apartment in 1986. He further mentioned that after everyone left, Spacey picked him up and put him on the bed, climbing on top of him. Post the accusation, Kevin has been facing a lot of backlash and Netflix hit the last nail on the coffin by scraping the award-winning show altogether. (Brutal!) © netflix However, this isn't the only thing that triggered Netflix's decision. Talks to end the show with this season had been doing rounds for months. In fact, if reports are to believe then Kevin's upcoming Netflix film 'Gore' might face similar fate and get scrapped as well. The International Television Academy has already decided to revoke the Emmy Award that he was supposed to be honoured with on November 20. Having said that, in a different turn of events Netflix is planning for a 'House of Cards' spinoff. According to Variety, both Netflix and Media Rights Capital are in the early stages of development on ideas for a “potential spinoff”. In fact, all the spinoffs will take place in the same universe as 'House of Cards' and for those who haven't started following the series, the show revolves around Frank Underwood who climbs up the ladder of supremacy while seeking revenge on the people who betrayed him.
  17. A wrestling camel is paraded through the main street in the western Turkish town of Selcuk January 15, 2005. PHOTO: Reuters GENEVA: The fight against the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which has killed at least 722 people over the past five years, is honing in on its target: camels. MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV), a member of a virus family ranging from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, appears to have emerged in humans in Saudi Arabia in 2012 but has now been traced back in camels to at least 1983. Almost all the outbreaks so far originated in the Arabian Gulf, but MERS-CoV could infect humans wherever there are one-humped dromedary camels - two-humped Bactrians are not affected. That means people across a swathe of Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and South Asia are potentially at risk. So the hunt is on for vaccinations - both for humans, and camels. ?The virus is in camels everywhere. The virus is in Qatar, it?s in the United Arab Emirates, it?s wherever we look,? said Maria Van Kerkhove, a disease outbreak expert at the World Health Organization (WHO), where 130 experts gathered last week to collaborate for the first time on tackling the disease. ?I know so much more about camels than I ever thought I would,? she said. People have probably caught MERS in Africa but the absence of outbreaks recorded there may be due to poor disease surveillance, less contact with camels, or lower rates of underlying conditions like obesity and heart problems that make MERS more severe. Saudi Arabia has been heavily criticized for not being transparent about MERS, but Van Kerkhove said that had totally changed. It is now testing 70,000 human samples a year and generating a vast amount of research. Drive-Thru MERS is hard to spot, and far more deadly than other acute respiratory infections, killing one in three sufferers. It has a habit of infiltrating Saudi hospitals via patients visiting for regular dialysis or cardiac appointments, causing outbreaks that have killed patients and health workers alike. Hospitals are raising their game. ?One hospital even has a drive-thru. Literally a drive-thru in their emergency department,? said Van Kerkhove, explaining how patients are vetted before being allowed in. ?You drive up in the car to the person in the booth and they ask you three questions. It takes less than 13 seconds.? A dozen human vaccines are in development, with vaccine coalition CEPI expected to announce soon which it will fund. But the key to stopping human deaths is controlling MERS in camels. Two camel vaccines have been developed, but only one, developed by the Jenner Institute, is in field trials. The other, developed at the Erasmus Medical Centre, is still seeking funding. The WHO MERS program is also under-funded, Van Kerkhove said. At last week?s meeting, hosted by the WHO, animal health body OIE and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, Saudi and Qatari experts were ?happy to talk to each other? despite their governments? diplomatic friction, she said. Collaboration is vital, because camels must be diagnosed, quarantined and vaccinated as they enter the Gulf from the Horn of Africa. The virus must be tracked like bird flu is in birds, Van Kerkhove said. But there is a long road ahead. ?I?ve never seen a really good map showing where camels move,? she said.
  18. Bollywood fraternity breathed a sigh of relief when Pahlaj Nihalani, the ‘too-sanskaari- to-handle' Chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification, was finally sacked. The man made headlines every other day during his reign because of his insane demands to eliminate certain words and scenes from movies. He even disallowed the word intercourse in the trailer of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal', reasoning that the Indian mentality is not ready for such progressiveness yet. © The Social Monk Oh but how the tables have turned now in your favour, haven't they, Mr Nihalani? So when he was finally replaced by ace lyricist Prasoon Joshi, the Indian film industry and even the audience rejoiced. But the happiness didn't last for long! © Twitter (Open Magazine) Nihalani managed to stir the country by becoming the ‘presenter and distributor' of an upcoming (erotic) thriller, ‘Julie 2'. But, of course, he had an explanation for the same. When the trailer was released, he was of the view that ‘Julie 2' should get an ‘A' certificate because it is a “very, clean adult movie” even though the trailer was in complete contrast to his clarification. He further added in an interview that ‘Julie 2' should be given an ‘A' certificate without any cuts. There is no vulgarity, obscenity or even a language problem.”Turns out, his dreams have come true as the movie has cleared the censors and has received an ‘A' certificate from CBFC without any cuts. We repeat: no cuts whatsoever! Mr. Nihalani is obviously on cloud nine now as he even expressed his happiness by saying, “This is just what I had hoped for. If I was still the CBFC chairperson, I'd have given Julie 2 an ‘Adults' certificate with no cuts. It is a clean adult film for adult members of a family. Though it's a film on an adult subject – the exploitation of strugglers and newcomers in Bollywood—the film has no nudity, no skin show, and no double-meaning dialogues. Like I said it is a family film for adults and the CBFC has done the right thing.” The internet went ballistic when the trailer was released and didn't shy away from calling Nihalani a hypocrite for peddling soft-porn, to which he conveniently replied, “Soft porn or soft corn, or harsh reality, let the film release. The world will know.” “I can't even”…“daf***”…“Ye kya bak****i hai”. Go on. Take your pick from these expressions while venting about this hysterically ironical moment! via GIPHY
  19. ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Power Abid Sher Ali Thursday claimed that the incumbent government has reduced power shortfall in the country to zero megawatts. Speaking to the media after a meeting of National Assembly's Standing Committee on Energy, the minister said his government would make a formal announcement regarding the end of load-shedding in November, this year. "We have produced 20,000 MWs of electricity and will end the shortage of power forever," he claimed. Criticising Khursheed Shah for his statement regarding lower power tariffs during his party's tenure, Ali said the PPP leader's claim makes him laugh as there was no electricity during the PPP's tenure in the country, how could it be cheaper. He reiterated that load-shedding will continue in areas where there is pilferage. Commenting on power woes in Karachi, the minister said they summoned K-Electric officials on the issue and will resolve the problem of power load management in the metropolis. Earlier during the standing committee meeting, committee member Sajid Ahmed complained of over-billing in Karachi. Abid Sher Ali said that there is zero load shedding on 252 feeders in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while there are up to 90 per cent damages on 120 other feeders in the province. "Our grids continued to be set ablaze; you take responsibility that there would be no power pilferage in KP," the minister asked Afridi. At which, Afridi lamented estimated bills are being sent to KP consumers and then they are labeled as pilferers too.
  20. The world is going crazy about Justin Bieber. You see, he’s after all a global sensation. And the fact that the Indian leg of his Purpose tour is creating such an uproar—what with celebrities and renowned musicians getting into Twitter spats over who’s performing with Bieber and tickets costing up to 75K approximately for “the whole experience”—is only proof of that sensationalism. I personally know of people who have gotten themselves these so-called VIP tickets that allow them to hang backstage with the artist. But, there is a huge disclaimer there which these concert-goers have blindly bypassed, they won’t be allowed to take any pictures with the artist, or talk to him, or ask for an autograph. Still, it’s an experience of a lifetime, right? Right? © Guiness World Records Now, before I go on to express anything on this whole hullabaloo (because that’s all that this is), let’s analyse the arrangements that have been made for Bieber’s stay in the country, along with the concert date and all. According to our insider sources, the following list is what the requirements of Justin Bieber and his entourage—which is a total of 120 people—entails. 1. 10 luxury sedans, 2 Volvo buses & 1 Rolls Royce A convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo buses is to be at the disposal of the artist and his entourage of 120 people throughout their stay, with a Rolls Royce reserved for the Grammy-winner himself. There will be special security cars comprising of Z+ level security and Maharashtra Police personnel apart from the artists’ global security who will be 8 in number. © Billboard 2. Everything From Playstations To Jacuzzis 10 containers will be flown in with items like a ping pong table, playstation, IO HAWK, sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe cupboard, massage table that will be used backstage. Arrangements for a Jacuzzi have also been made for Bieber’s personal use to unwind before he takes to the stage. 3. The Suite Life Two 5-star hotels have been reserved for security reasons. Top culinary experts will supervise the gourmet being served to Bieber over the 4 days with 5 dishes per day being renamed after his popular songs. The hotels will re-design his suite and incorporate Mogul paintings, antique furniture and signature Kashmiri bedroom linen. His room will be adorned with purple carnations, purple being his favourite color! The hotel will convert itself into Bieber’s private villa with three floors of the hotel being booked for the artist and his entourage and one elevator blocked on all 4 full days for Bieber alone. A special Indian Yoga Casket containing aromatic essential oils; jasmine, mogra, rose and camphor incense sticks; and books on chakras and yoga asanas will be placed in Bieber’s suite knowing his love for Yoga. That’s not all a licensed female masseuse specially flown in from Kerala will be provided to Bieber on all 4 days. 100 hangers, cans of wildberries and vanilla room fresheners, dove body wash, hydrating lip balms - these are some of the special requests being catered to in his 1000 sq ft suite. Rooms with the best view in the quietest part of the hotel with only king size beds is a pre requisite with a 24 hour fitness centre with a steam room. © Billboard 4. A Very Indulgent Itinerary Bieber’s team will be submitted a list of spray tan salon, sushi restaurant, steakhouse, Italian restaurant, shopping mall, bowling alley, movie theatre, skate park, casinos, nightclubs, basketball courts and recording studios as a bonus. 5. Last-Minute Stand-By Flight Mode The promoters have also kept a private jet and chopper on stand-by to meet the artist’s immediate travel demands in India. A first in the history Bieber will be flying into the stadium on a chopper and not taking the road as most international artists do in India. 6. LOTS of Room There will be a total of 13 rooms backstage including Justin Bieber’s Room, JB Family Room, Dancer Rooms, Production Room, Tour Management Room, Road Management Office, Tour Accountant Office, Security Office, and Jam Room. © Billboard 7. A Never-Ending List Of Groceries Silverware cutlery to fresh flowers (no lilies) to scented candles with a strong focus on health foods like coconut water, almond milk, strawberry and vanilla protein powder, raw organic honey, decaffeinated herbal teas to fresh fruit and vegetable platter. Bieber has requested that his dressing room be entirely draped with white curtains, a large glass-door refrigerator, clothing shelves, eight power outlets and 12 white handkerchiefs. To quench his thirst, he demands 24 still water bottles, 24 alkaline water bottles, 4 energy drinks, 6 vitamin water bottles, 6 cream sodas as well as a cooler packed with assorted juices fizzy drinks. The rider also lists 4 natural juices, 4 vanilla protein drinks and half a gallon of almond milk. The Canadian star has also requested vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce, diced fruit, organic bananas and seedless grapes. Snacks must also include a deli platter of organic turkey, lettuce, Colby and provolone cheese, black olives, as well as green and banana peppers. Lastly, backstage demands include white sliced bread, potato chips, mint and watermelon gum, white cheddar popcorn, Ghiradelli dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds, menthol and watermelon gum, vinegar chips, organic dried fruit, peanuts, and all berries cereal. The "Sorry" singer also has a list of delicious treats that he enjoys, like a large pack of Swedish Fish, boxes of Ritz Bitz peanut butter and cheese sandwiches and multiple packs of Haribo Cola Gummies. 8. And Clothes… What’s more? In every dressing room, there is a requirement for 2 packages of plain white crew-neck teeshirts, in sizes XS and L, 2 packages of white tank tops, sizes L and XL, 3 packages of white lo-rise socks, size XS and L. You'll also need a boom box with an iPhone battery in order to keep the Biebs happy backstage. © YouTube My Point Is This… A Michael Jackson concert was an experience—even if you were at the farthest end of a packed stadium filled with millions of people dancing to the legendary star’s tunes. To be within a 50 mile radius of that icon would be an experience. Now, of course, you would have to be dead for that. Hell, to even watch his videos is an experience, no kidding! I’m not saying Bieber is bad. Not at all. Lately, his music is actually quite interesting. But is it really worth paying so much for? You decide.
  21. A certain poll conducted on the internet declared Nia Sharma the 3rd sexiest Asian woman and the internet found its latest crush. @atlantisthepalm @victoriassecret #beachday A photo posted by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on Jul 17, 2016 at 9:23am PDT Just what girls do best... 'pose' with poise @stylebysusmita #DressbyShahidamir A photo posted by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on Oct 9, 2016 at 2:37pm PDT While most people on the internet were thankful for her Instagram updates, there were obviously those who thought she was ‘too modern’ to be ‘sanskari’, posing in bikinis and flaunting her curves and basically, embracing herself. I'm soo 'Beachy' todayy!? A photo posted by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on Dec 31, 2016 at 4:05am PST She recently posted this behind the scenes footage from a recent photoshoot, doing what she loves –being in front of the camera. @photuwalas✌️✌️?? @thank u @stylebysugandhasood for this video.. i tagged u finally? @shraddhamishra8 love love ?? @tonykakkar #waada #4thfebruary A video posted by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on Jan 29, 2017 at 10:18am PST And the self-proclaimed protectors of the so called ‘Indian culture’ took to the comment section to slut shame her. There are around 1500 comments on the thread, most of them disgustingly sexist and misogynistic. But all that hate didn’t bother Nia Sharma. She posted ANOTHER video from the photoshoot just to make it official that she has ZERO fucks to give to the slut-shamers. Oops! Here's one more from the photoshoot!! Ready to slut-shame a girl again? Go aheadddddd.. I'll post five more...Coz thats exactly I got this shoot done.!! And thats exactly how I'll post pictures from the same! I appreciate everyone who took out time from their absolutely worthless lives to write filthy long comments on my previous video.! I got u job again! ✌️???? A video posted by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90) on Jan 31, 2017 at 6:27am PST “Oops! Here's one more from the photoshoot!! Ready to slut-shame a girl again? Go aheadddddd.. I'll post five more...Coz thats exactly I got this shoot done.!! And thats exactly how I'll post pictures from the same! I appreciate everyone who took out time from their absolutely worthless lives to write filthy long comments on my previous video.! I got u job again!” She wrote. More power to you, Nia Sharma. The slut shamers really aren’t worth your time.
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