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Urooj Butt

**Two souls who can never be apart❤

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**Two souls who can never be apart❤
Dont call me his girlfriend, I am his betterhalf,
For we don't have small talks;All we do is laugh.?

We sing,fight,Tease but care,
We share a bond which is quite rare.☺
Rare as it is hard to see,
Where will you find people like we??
I'm short and cute while he is Tall and Fair,
After all the imperfections too we make an adorable Pair.??
The way I frown while he makes me smile,
I wish the time stops just for a while.
The way he get jealous of random guys I talk,
I still remember all those memorable Walks.??
I Remember how we spent those magical times,
How you're my poem and I be your rhyme.?

But Alas in the end,
Our lives took that cruel bend.?
These days are hard as he is leaving,
The day has come for him to go far away and i still ain't believing.?
I want to hide in a corner;sob and cry,
God was cruel to me and i don't know the WHY??
He wants so i am here seeing him off,
I am faking a smile while he tries to ruin my puff. :''))?
He hold me tight;I still tried to fake a smile,
His hug made me weak;Seemed like I lived my life in a while.??

"Will see you soon"
he spoke in a low tone,
We smiled wider,hiding our inner groan.
He went away;Was out of my sight now,
I was wondering he left me so easily, how?
I waved to his flight with tears in my eyes,
I saw his flight taking a sudden rise.
My heart shouted a Loud "No" while he left,
He took my soul away with him though not at all such a big theft.?

Then my Phone buzzed while his name on it's screen,
I thought in my mind 
"Well maybe he is not such a mean."
And yet again he made me smile by his jokes,
And i forgot that just a while ago i was way too broke.❤?
The magic of love again casted its spell,
Distances will measure our love's strength quite well.✨?
But still we will always be together in each other's heart,
Destiny Can never let two soulmates ever be apart.



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