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When you skip the lunch because Of Tough Schedule & You Are Tired So Made Quickly These Yummiliciousss Sandwiches In Evening 💖💖
Actually It's Egg & Cheese Sandwich but I Added My Home Made Nuggets (You May Add Croquets As Well)...💞💞
Nazia Afzal Darling I remember you posted these sandwiches 2 3 years ago... I think you made with Croquets.. and look I stole your idea haha actually I followed you 😋💓💓💓

➡➡More Pictures (Without Collage) In Comments ⬇⬇⬇
Egg, Nuggets & Cheese Sandwiches Recipe,
Recipe By Dua Fasih

Bread Slices, 9 ( Don't need to trim the edges)
Home Made Nuggets, 12 (Fried) (Recipe Link Below)
Cheese Slices, 3
Scrambled Eggs Of, 3 Eggs (Recipe Below)
Butter, As Required
Mayonnaise, As Required
Chilli Garlic Sauce(Or Ketchup), As Required
Salad Leaves, 3 (Preferably Fresh Ice Berg)
Cucumber Slices, As Required
Tomato Slices, As Required

💠Toast the bread slices in toaster or in frying pan.
💠Take 1 slice Spread butter. (Spread in edges too)
💠Divide Scrambled eggs in 3 portions. Use 1 portion and spread on butter slice.
💠Now take another slice Spread mayonnaise from both sides of slice and cover the scrambled Egg.
💠Then make 2nd layers, place salad leaves, Cheese slice, 4 Nuggets and pour some chilli garlic sauce then place cucumber slices & tomato slices.
💠Take 3rd bread slice Spread ketchup and cover the sandwich. Repeat process and make 2 more triple layer sandwich...
💠Cut in triangles and serve with fries and any fresh juice.

⭐Scrambled Eggs Recipe is
(3 Eggs beat with salt, black pepper, dash of yellow color n 3 Table Spoon of Milk mix well and cook 2 to 3 minutes in 1 table spoon of oil..do not brown them)

⭐Homemade Chicken Minced Nuggets Recipe Posted Before. 









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On 10/24/2017 at 5:44 AM, waqas dar said:

:cupcakeeye:  tu maine kab kaha u ki mochain nikal ae hein =)) 

Chalo zyada batein na bnao. 1 saal horha Itna na Hua k mera thread hi pin krdete 👿😈😈😡😡

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