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I have a Website template I purchased, and I am trying to convert the login/register process.

The login was made for ips 3.4 and i am trying to covert it to 4.X login.

Tried looking through all the php files, tried to google it, and tried using the sso plugin nothing worked.

It calls these files which i have no idea where to redirect them in ips 4.X or what they are suppose to do.



anyone know where the file are located in ips 4.x or there equivalents ?

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try to check files in > application>core>modules>front>system

there u can find register.php

im not getting ur point are u converting theme or whole ips forum. 

if u r converting whole forum. u need to disable all old plugins and apps . bcoz those wont work on 4.x u need to upgrade all plugins and apps which u have installed before in 3.xx.


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