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"I'm not a good person like you say , I have dated women before you and now also I'm leaving you to marry another woman  .
But how do you never feel bad about it ?Why do you never hate me? Never ask why I still  run to you whenever I need ?"

"You know what ?"
"What ?"
"I was searching for a drop of water when  I met you  ,the whole damn ocean was in front of me.
Since then, I have never been thirsty.

I just needed  a ray of hope and you came as the sunshine , replacing the darkness of my life.

I was in need of a shelter to seek in, and I found my home in you .

I was a little lost ,found my lost pieces  in you. 
Piece by piece I found out that you live inside me more than my own soul and I need nothing more now.
Even if you are not mine.
That's a feeling of completeness."

"Hmm, but you  know, I never loved you .
 Still, I don't know why I  feel, the most peaceful place is in your arms . I feel secured when I lie in your lap ,I feel heavenly when you run fingers in my hair .
Everytime I'm disturbed I just want to run to you and cry like a child and I know you won't judge me.
And you; without asking anything, just understand me and be there for me . 
Why is it so that I don't love you , yet I feel so complete with you?"

"Hmm, well, I don't know . I also feel the same way. " 
I said, and for the millionth time I spoke to myself ,why don't you understand that it's nothing but 'love' .
Why do you keep running from it ?

I closed my eyes tight and prepared myself for telling him now.
"Yes , I should  " my soul whispered giving me a thumbs up  
 My heart was on the verge of exploding . 
I spoke with quivering ,dry lips.
"Sweetheart ,we feel so because we love each other, please stop running from this fact"  . My eyes were still closed waiting for an answer.
With the all the courage in the universe I opened my eyes to face him , just to find him sleeping peacefully like a kid.

I bent , stole a kiss , held his finger and realised that maybe destiny didn't want him to hear it .
I spent the night watching him sleep with that charming face and wondered "if only he could understand that maybe he won't need me someday , but I'd always wait for him to need me even if for just a single day, like today". 

And in days when he need me I live my life , rest , I just breathe and survive .
~Simmi Bhatnagar , The Storytellers



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