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Who will? 

When the another night falls
In past I was afraid of darkness 
Today, the new sun frightens me
The new day brings agony with itself 
New fight, new empathy, new dreaded soul
Every new born child adds to new fear
What should I do? 
How should I fight back the demon? 
The demon of apathy and ignorance 
Who among you techs are going to heal me? 
Behold me torn in pieces
Day by day, I am losing my essence 
The demon of selfishness is laughing at me
Save me, heal me, I am your India
I am part of your world! 
I am part of your earth! 
Losing itself, I want to live, stand with me
Seems like I am shouting at silence! 
Because there's none of you who will
Stand with me, with me to say you are safe
So I am going to fight back
Right at the moment some of my
Conscience awakens in you sleeping fellow 
Who awakes at nights to be online
Who sleeps in time they need to fight
Because you are afraid to be a change
You love to be a puppet of videography
A puppet that everyone is being in love to be 
Of being popular for doing something reel
That might cost someone's beautiful life



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