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Sometimes the words seem 
to be useless, unable to flow 
and give that much-needed 
It is as if they cannot help in 
your struggle to purify your 
broken soul. 
It is as if they can not heal
the torment of your bleeding 
Sometimes, it is as if they 
are stuck in your throat, 
choking you, taking away 
your every breath; the oxygen 
from your lungs.
It is as if you are drowned 
into your own emotions, 
staying numb; motionless;
unable to move;
incapable of thinking clearly;
powerless in taking any 
You just stare into an empty 
space, with your gaze blurred 
and empty, and your senses 
without any boisterous colour 
that would place a smile 
across your face...
~ Aphrodite 



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