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You're afraid,
I'll leave you
just like someone left me
to find someone else
better than me. 
Or perhaps,
I'll leave you
like I left someone 
to find you.
I'll leave you
like a snake leaves its old skin
in exchange
for a new one. 

You're worried, 
facing a fork in the road,
we'll part ways.
I'll leave you
because there will be 
no other way 
to be 
with each other.
Or maybe,
I'll leave you someday 
Just like everyone leaves everyone
for a reason 
or the other.

But, darling! 
Being the ephemeral creatures 
that we are;
so limited,
so weak,
so small;
against the tyrannies of time,
our only hope 
lies with love...
A love so profound, 
it swallows all the doubts.
A love so firm,
it endures all the hardships.
A love so immense, 
it extends over an eternity. 

— Vikas Kumar ♡



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