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Introduction to Fungi by webster

introductionto FungiThis new edition of the universally acclaimed andwidely used textbook on fungal biology has beencompletely  rewritten,  drawing  directly  on  theauthors’ research and teaching experience. Thetext takes account of the rapid and excitingprogress that has been made in the taxonomy, celland molecular biology, biochemistry, pathologyand ecology of the fungi. Features of taxonomicsignificance are integrated with natural functions,including their relevance to human affairs. Specialemphasis is placed on the biology and control ofhuman and plant pathogens, providing a vitallink between fundamental and applied mycology.The book is richly illustrated throughout withspecially  prepared  drawings  and  photographs,based on living material. Illustrated life cycles areprovided, and technical terms are clearly explained.Extensive reference is made to recent literature anddevelopments, and the emphasis throughout is onwhole-organism biology from an integrated, multi-disciplinary perspective.John Websteris Professor Emeritus of the School ofBiosciences at the University of Exeter, UK.Roland W.S. Weberwas a Lecturer in the Departmentof Biotechnology at the University of Kaiserslautern,Germany, and is currently at the Fruit Experimentstation (OVB) in Jork, Germany.


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