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This is really cool to just add some copyrights inside the footer with a little snow falling or anything else in background

HTML > Add this to footer which you can find in globalTemplate mostly

<footer id="sticky">&copy&nbspFooter Works, LLC - 2016</footer>

Add The CSS Now> In custom.css

body {
  margin:0; /*gets rid of white space around body*/
  background:url("https://www.website/Image/Snow411.gif") no-repeat center / contain;
  position:relative; /*REQUIRED Sets up positioning for your footer*/

#sticky {
  position:fixed;    /*Here's what sticks it*/
  bottom:0;          /*to the bottom of the body*/
  left:0;            /*and to the left of the body.*/
  border-top:1px solid whitesmoke;

Make sure you save the background image and upload it to your server so you don't get https issue + you can also use the image hosting websites to host your image files e.g ImgBB

Try it yourself or use the codepen site to check its working or not, still i can say that its working smooth on my side

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nice :) 


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