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Found 168 results

  1. We're only six months into the year, but 2020 has already been quite an eventful year. From a possible World War 3 to a full-blown pandemic, we've seen it all. While we're still struggling to get out of a pandemic, it looks like there's already a new disease coming out of China. According to a new report, a city in Northern China sounded an alert after a suspected case of bubonic plague was reported. A level 3 warning of plague prevention and control came out of Bayannur, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The suspected case was reported by a hospital in Bayannur. © Reuters The warning period will apparently continue until the end of 2020. The local health authority has confirmed the case and said there's a risk of a human plague epidemic spreading in the city. This, by the way, wasn't the first suspected case of this newly reported plague. Earlier this month, two other adults were found to be affected. They both are brothers and they're being tested at two separate hospitals. The brother reportedly ate marmot meat. Marmot, for those of you who don't know, is a type of rodent. A total of 146 people, who they've been in contact with, have been isolated and are being treated at local hospitals. Bubonic plague is a bacterial disease that is spread by flies living on wild rodents such as marmots. It can kill an adult in less than 24 hours if not treated in time. Last year, a couple died in the western Mongolian province of Bayan-Ulgii after eating raw marmot meat. The researchers are now concerned about further mutation so that they can transfer from person to person. That's probably the worst thing that can happen while we're already battling a full-blown pandemic. People are obviously not happy about this whole situation that we're in. Here are some Twitter responses to this news about the new disease. No! I beg for mercy. I canât cope with any more such news... https://t.co/3CtrIrAVII â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) July 5, 2020 True that Itne virus hum biology class me na padhe honge jitne ye log iss saal invent kar chuke he ð¤£ð¤£ â Appu (@Appu_Jr1) July 5, 2020 We wish everything happening in 2020 was 'Fake News' Please tell me it's fake news. â Asha (@iamAshaLatha) July 5, 2020 Let's not step out of the house only. @PMOIndia seal boarders till end of 2020 . â SVDragnov (@SDragnov) July 5, 2020 We really hope we're not looking at a serious disease here. Between COVID-19 and everything else happening in 2020, we really can't afford to have another crisis situation. Source: TOI View the full article
  2. One of the many cumbersome things that happened during the lockdown was the unchecked growth of your hair, without you having the means to make it look good. We can imagine how troublesome it might be to deal with those extra long locks, especially during the summers. Even though most of you hated the long hair and probably instantly got a haircut post the lockdown, some others discovered that long hair kind of looks good on them! If you belong to the latter half, we have the perfect inspiration for your new look! Picking some of the best long hairstyles for men, here are the coolest haircuts of 2020 for you. __ECOMLOOKS__949__ __ECOMLOOKS__950__ __ECOMLOOKS__951__ __ECOMLOOKS__952__ __ECOMLOOKS__953__ __ECOMLOOKS__954__ __ECOMLOOKS__955__ Hair Care Tips For Long Hair If you have decided to pick one of these long hairstyles for men, there are certain tips that we would like to give you. Firstly, your hair will get tangled faster so make sure that you use a hair serum and conditioner always. Secondly, it will also get dirtier faster so make sure that you have your shampoo routine in place. You can no longer go days without washing your hair. Lastly, make sure that you are ready because styling long hair will take time and effort. Even though managing long hair can be a task, the look of a cool long hairstyle is unbeatable and makes it all worth it! Explore More View the full article
  3. âYouTube VS TikTokâ war seems to have finally ended now as the government has decided to ban the latter. Thereâs a lot of uproar on the social media about the big decision and the ones who were against the TikTok content are now at peace. TikTok has been removed from the App Store and Google Play in India. The app was banned on Monday night on an order by the Ministry of Information and Technology, which also banned 58 other popular apps from China. pic.twitter.com/0DZQ3Ucqcl â TikTok India (@TikTok_IN) June 30, 2020 If you all remember that Carry Minati earlier had shared a video wherein he was roasting TikTokers for the quality of their videos which was later deleted. After the TikTok ban, people on Twitter think Carry Minati would actually be the happiest as he always pointed out the flaws in the TikTok content as it lacked creativity. à¤à¤¸ साल सबसॠà¤à¥à¤¯à¤¾à¤¦à¤¾ à¤à¥à¤¶ carry minati हà¥"#carryminati â Satyam Yadav (@SatyamY00836017) June 30, 2020Carry Minati would be the happiest person right now ð¤£#RIPTiktok #carryminati pic.twitter.com/ROaSgCE2Sk â Himanshi khurana fan ð¤ (@Yashikaa3) June 30, 2020Ye 2020 ka Man of the year @CarryMinati ko hi milna chahiyee , ye bndaa hi khush tha 2020 main #carryminati â Aman (@aman_bains_) June 30, 2020Ab To khus hooo na carry bhai #carryminati @CarryMinati Ban ho gaya Tik Tok all Chinese App Yee chil â Chirag Doshi (@CHIRAG_D1905) June 30, 2020तॠà¤à¥à¤¸à¥ हॠà¤à¤ª लà¥à¤ ??#tiktokbanindia #à¤à¤¯à¤¹à¤¿à¤à¤¦ #carryminati pic.twitter.com/ivxdxIKihr â Mayank Gupta (@mayankg22) June 30, 2020The happiest person right now.#carryminati @CarryMinati @BidhuriVarun pic.twitter.com/qdqI7xzOaZ â Praveen Vikal (@praveen_vikal) June 30, 2020"The Government of India has issued an interim order for the blocking of 59 apps, including TikTok, and we are in the process of complying with it. We have been invited to meet with concerned government stakeholders for an opportunity to respond and submit clarifications. TikTok continues to comply with all data privacy and security requirements under Indian law and has not shared any information about our users in India with any foreign government, including the Chinese Government. Further, if we are requested to in the future we would not do so. We place the highest importance on user privacy and integrity,â Nikhil Gandhi, head of TikTok, India said. TikTok had nearly 119 million active users in India and was among the top 10 apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. What do you think future hold for us? View the full article
  4. There is nothing like a big fat Indian wedding. Desi shaadis are nothing short of an extravaganza in the garb of a union between two individuals and their families. A typical Indian wedding, for the most part, will have these following elements. Firstly, there would be a huge gathering! Expect at least three to four generations of family members to be in attendance apart from a whole bunch of excited friends and awkward colleagues. Next, desi weddings are loud AF all with live bands, fireworks and crackers as well as a DJ who seems to have sworn off his soul to fufa ji and plays just the kind of music which pushes all his buttons. © Outcry Entertainment This is followed by a fashion walk of sorts, where every attendee is trying to outdo the others, including the bride and the groom, when it comes dressing in glorious attires and showing off all the gold and precious gems they own. Then of course, there is THE feast where the norm is to have a three-course buffet meal which caters to every kind of palate, although taya ji will still find something to complain about in the menu. © Outcry Entertainment Thatâs a typical Indian wedding for you on a regular day. But, things have been anything but regular of late and all of this is now a thing of the past. At least for 2020, and if we are too unlucky, things might be no different in 2021 as well. With the coronavirus wreaking havoc in India, as well as globally, a lot has changed. But the one thing that will always remain a part of our lives are weddings. But that too had to undergo many modifications in order to make the whole affair suitable for the current circumstances. And no we arenât talking about the court or video call weddings, but a true blue desi wedding. © Outcry Entertainment With government restrictions on hosting weddings, many couples have either postponed their weddings or have been forced to get married under restrictions which call for physical distancing and a limited guestlist of not more than 50 people at the ceremony. A recent wedding in Mumbai gave us a glimpse of what big fat Indians weddings will probably look like in the times of coronavirus. Organised by a luxury wedding planning company named Outcry Entertainment, they managed to bring the coupleâs wishes to life without flouting any government rules. © Outcry Entertainment Hosted at The LaLit, Mumbai, the organizers ensured the safety of the guests without hampering the 'larger than life' aspect of the wedding. Ample safety measures were put in place and hygiene standards were maintained at the venue at all times. Every prop and surface was sanitized Talking about his wedding, groom Saurabh Shah said, âAiming at zero compromise at fun, wedding feels and excitement, they made this event happen with complete Covid safety norms. I got a mask that matched my sherwani with a shawl and a turban.â © Outcry Entertainment "This also looks like a beginning towards a new way of doing events and adapting to scenarios that no one has experienced before. Peopleâs wishes and need to move on with their life was a matter of great concern for me as Wedding Planner. Style statement and the luxurious feel of the weddings will never bow down to restrictions imposed because of Covid," believes Saurabh Chaudhary, Director of Outcry Entertainment. © Outcry Entertainment Given the current scenario and looking at the pictures from the event we agree with Saurabh that this might indeed be the new normal for Big Fat Indian weddings in the times to come. Itâs true that this looks nothing like the usual stuff and itâs all new, but there is no denying that this is the need of the hour and the best we can expect in a situation like ours. View the full article
  5. We all adore superheroes and in such difficult times, we wish if a superhero could rescue mankind from the deadly virus. Just like a three-hour superhero movie in which there are drama and problems and a superhero saves the day by providing a solution, many of us wish that this was our real-life scenario. Now, we all like Hollywood superheroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, Spiderman, and many more. However, Indian superheroes also profess powers and abilities that can save the world. So, here is a list of Indian superheroes who could rescue us from the novel Coronavirus if they existed in real life (and if it was possible at all!): 1. Shaktimaan Shaktimaan attained his superhero powers through deep meditation and he was able to use his powers by activating certain chakras. Exactly, imagine him dealing with the novel Coronavirus! 2. Nagraj Nagrajâs superpowers were shape-shifting and releasing various types of snakes. Also, his blood is more poisonous than any kind of snake. He can fight spirits and what not! He could have definitely saved us from the pandemic, somehow! 3. Krrish Krrish has super human strength and super fast reflex actions and it can totally catch the Coronavirus if given a chance. The story of Krrish revolves around an alien called âJadooâ who gives Krrishâs father extraordinary abilities that get transferred to him. 4. Ra.One The superhero is a robot who makes his way from a game to reality. The antagonist in the story is Ra-One and G-One is the one who has super strength and can also blast energy from his hands along with shooting bullets at once and fights the super villain. 5. Captain Vyom Captain Vyom is a super soldier and is sent by the World Government and Vishwapramukh to capture the fugitives. He attained his superpowers by training in Yoga in a monastery in Ladakh. View the full article
  6. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is truly an exceptional athlete. Even at the age of 38, he continues to be amongst the fastest runners the Indian national cricket team has ever seen. However, after the unfortunate ending to the ICC World Cup 2019, in which he failed to close the New Zealand semi-final in the typical âMahiâ fashion, many believed that the days of the former cricketer hitting massive sixes on command are behind him and that younger cricketers should be brought in instead. The analogy could not get a definitive conclusion as ever since the World Cup debacle, the former Indian captain chose to not play for the Men in Blue in any international matches. Breaking "MS Dhoni extends his break till November, remains unavailable for Bangladesh T20Is" - Report pic.twitter.com/8D1RbsQlVD â DHONIsmâ¢ ï¸ (@DHONIism) September 22, 2019 Recently, an image of Dhoni sporting a white beard and roughed up hair appeared online and it was speculated that the wicket-keeper batsman had given up on playing the game on the biggest stage of them all (although, it sure feels like a bit of a stretch, considering the lockdown and how nobody wants to shave their beard). Dhoniâs mother, however, commented on his new look while talking to bdcrictime. "Yes, I have seen his new look but he's not that old,â she said. âNo child is ever old for any mother." Talking about the cricketerâs chances of getting picked in the Playing XI for the upcoming T20 World Cup in October, she said: "I am not sure about his playing the T20 World Cup. Let the Coronavirus be over first. He knows it best when to take a call." © Twitter - @HAIDARMSDIAN07 With sports being suspended indefinitely due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, cricket too has taken an impact. In the absence of the game, many experts have shared their opinions about the probability of the 2011 World Cup-winning skipper rejoining the team for the impending tournament. Former Indian chief selector Krishnamachari Srikkanth, for instance, told Star Sports: âI am not going to be diplomatic. I am talking about if I was the chairman of the selection committee, what would I do. If the IPL does not happen then his chances are very, very bleak,â. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@chennaiipl) On the other hand, Dhoniâs physiotherapist with the Chennai Super Kings, Tommy Simsek believed that the way in which he was working behind the stumps and with the bat, Dhoni was âdeterminedâ to play the shorter format World Cup later this year. âFirst time I saw him keep wickets in 10 years. That shows how determined he was to play in the T20 World Cup,â Simsek said in the Star Sports show Cricket Connected. With the entire world in isolation, everything has come to a sudden halt, everything but Dhoniâs age. The Indian Premier League was being considered an audition round for the former skipper to rejoin the team but now that even that has been suspended, the chances of watching Dhoni don the blue Number 7 jersey seems to be getting even slimmer. View the full article
  7. Keeping yourself secure online is more of a necessity these days ever since half the world is working from home, currently and ergo, the needs for VPNs. However, VPNs are also used to access blocked websites that are being blocked by ISPs and mobile operators. Some ISPs also throttle torrent downloading, which can be excruciatingly annoying. © Unsplash We tested many VPNs to find out which work the best in India to access the US version of Netflix and other websites that are not available on Indian networks. While a basic VPN can also do the job, you need servers that offer fast connections so that it doesnât hamper your overall internet speed when running a VPN on your machine. Here are the top 5 VPN services to use in India for accessing blocked content: 1. ExpressVPN © Express VPN ExpressVPN is by far the only VPN that offers everything you need from a single service. It is the best all-round VPN service for speed, privacy and unblocking. You get access to 3,000 servers in 160 locations across 94 nations. It even has support for Android and iOS with its official apps. ExpressVPN even comes with custom firmware that can be installed on compatible routers and unblock content that is restricted on the DNS level. With each account, you can use the service on five separate devices simultaneously which basically covers every device in your home. 2. IPVanish © IP Vanish Best used for torrenting, IPVanish does exactly what its namesake implies. The service as 40,000+ shared IPs, 300+ VPN servers in 70+ countries, unlimited P2P traffic, ten simultaneous connections and 24/7 customer support. Phew, thatâs a lot from a service that isnât as popular as ExpressVPN, which ideally works in its favour due to fewer users. It's available to use on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, even Fire TV which not many services tend to offer natively. Connecting to servers is a breeze and download speeds are also quite decent. However, if you are a power-user, the ten simultaneous connections are hard to ignore. 3. Private Internet Access (PIA) © PIA Private Internet Access is a relatively small service compared to the other services mentioned on this list, however, its reliability is what we like about the service. The network covers more than 50 locations across 32 countries and has P2P support as well. If you like to use port-forwarding and SOCKS5 for your clients, the service provides this feature for free as well. The service has native apps on every platform and even offers browser extensions for quick access. It is still a good value for people who are looking for something that offers above-average download speeds on VPN services. 4. Surfshark © Unsplash_Dan Nelson If speed is your game then the Surfshark VPN should be your go-to service. It is by far the fastest VPN service you can use and is best used for accessing Netflix in other regions. The interface is easy to use and does not look too complicated for first-time users. The best part about Surfshark is that it supports unlimited devices to use this service simultaneously. No other service offers these many connections on one account. For advance users, this service offers OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2 security protocols, AES-256 encryption, and a kill switch for extra privacy. 5. VyprVPN © VyprVPN Based in Switzerland, the VyprVPN service is one of the more comprehensive services out there. Their proprietary Chameleon protocol can even let you access blocked websites in countries like Iran and China. Other services tend to be flaky when trying to use them in China but this service never fails. Apps are available on every platform and even for smart TVs. Download speeds are higher than normal which is perfect for Netflix and BBC Player. The Windows client does look quite dated but it gets the job done. We havenât faced any downtime during our testing or no instances of logging. View the full article
  8. Ex Status SUBSCRIBED #ExStatus #whatsappstatus #newstatus New WhatsApp Status 2020 || Sad Status || Heart Touching Voice || Ex Status best status in urdu follow us on Facebook= 
  9. 'No deduction of Zakat at source shall be made [...] in case the amount standing to the credit of an account is less than Rs46,329' says SBP
  10. Nadra has discontinued the process of renewal of CNICs until further notice due to coronavirus
  11. Taylor Swift said: 'Fighting Covid-19 is an unprecedented challenge for our global community and the safety and wellbeing of fans should always be the top priority'
  12. Apple's highly-anticipated affordable iPhone SE 2020 model is finally here. In India, the phone will cost you Rs 42,500, which isn't all that much for the kind of hardware your getting for that price. And now that the new iPhone SE is here, should you really care about the iPhone XR anymore? Well, let's find out - DesignYes, the new iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 8. It has the same design with huge bezels on the top and bottom of the screen and the TouchID sensor. You also get a single camera at the back, so nothing new there too. It's got a very basic design with a compact form factor. If you are expecting anything new here, then you'll be disappointed because the new iPhone SE is essentially just the iPhone 8 with new internals. © YouTube/Apple So, is TouchID better than FaceID? Well, both of them are quite advanced and work flawlessly in our opinion. While some people prefer the new FaceID tech, we're sure a lot of people would love to go back to the TouchID sensor. It's again a personal preference. The Final SayOverall, we think the new iPhone SE is indeed a great phone. We're looking at a super-compact phone with new internals to match the current-gen iPhones. So it's perfect for people who wanted a powerful iPhone but with an affordable price tag and a compact form factor. But if you can't stand the huge bezels and want the FaceID tech instead of TouchID, the iPhone XR is a great option too. It doesn't have the latest chipset, but it's still a really powerful device. View the full article
  13. The OnePlus 8 Series is going to launch next week but we canât help ourselves to speculate about its features. While OnePlus has been making great phones for the past few years, some features are lacking that don't help it's devices in qualifying really as âtrueâ flagships. Personally, I like their phones a lot, mainly because of the software experience and build quality, however, there are a few features that fans have been requesting for many years. The great thing about OnePlus is the company actually listens to their users and brings features they need albeit after thoroughly testing them and making sure it works well on their devices. However, leaks have been pointing that the OnePlus 8 Pro will have most of the features we will list down below but it is still not certain. Here are some of the features we want to see on the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro to make it the best flagship smartphone of the year: 1. Wireless Charging © BCCL While this feature is not really necessary, most flagship phones have support for wireless charging. Apple, Samsung and Huawei have all made wireless charging a staple feature on their flagship smartphones and we would love to see this feature on the OnePlus 8 Pro as well. Rumours suggest that at least one model will feature 30W wireless charging and it could possibly change the landscape of OnePlus phones in the future. 2. Water Proofing Rating © Oneplus While OnePlus 7, 7T do have water-proofing, it would be nice to see an official IP rating this year. Sure, it may increase the cost of the phone as certifications cost extra money, but having that official rating will make it easier for the uninitiated to understand better about waterproofing and the limits of the smartphone. 3. Faster Wired Charging © Oneplus The OnePlus 7 and 7T series already support 30W Warp Charging, however weâve already seen 60W charging support on smartphones from a company which is part of the same group as OnePlus. OnePlus smartphones have always been known for supporting fast charging and it would be awesome to see the company taking the same leap as Realme. 4. Working OS at Launch © MensXP/Akshay Bhall When the OnePlus 7T series launched with OxygenOS 10, based on Android 10, it was quite buggy at launch which made the experience unbearable. However, OnePlus was quick to fix the bugs for their users which has resulted in the best Android experience right now. We would like to see the same sort of performance on OxygenOS at launch for the OnePlus 8 Series as well. 5. Better Camera Performance © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The only field where OnePlus phones are lacking is the photography department. It is not particularly bad but when compared to other flagships in the same price segment, OnePlus devices fall short in performance and quality. It isnât like the hardware isnât capable as one can easily install Gcam and get some spectacular images however we would like to see a similar performance on the native camera app as well. View the full article
  14. "The decision on grades to be awarded to students will be made by Cambridge, using our own evidence combined with evidence from schools," says the educational body amid the coronavirus outbreak
  15. All you need to know about the Shan Kitchen 2020 finalists
  16. 'It will establish toll free helplines, lay down framework for quick police & admin response,' he said
  17. At this point, I can guarantee the entire world will agree on one thing for sure: © Twitter Nothing that has happened this year makes sense. Almost war? Kobe Bryant's death? A virus that may or may not wipe out a huge chunk of the population? Literally every month of 2020 has brought on a new disaster or tragedy. This has already officially become the worst year ever and we haven't even completed three months yet. There's just this sense of impending doom that has settled into everyone's minds and it's pretty scary. Going by the 2020 pattern, it looks like we're about to face a new horror next month and honestly, I'm pretty sure no one would be even surprised at this point. But, that doesn't stop people from guessing what the next big thing will be. Aliens? Maybe zombies? Could be anything, tbh. Here are some predictions. Anyone wants to place bets as to who will win? "2020 sucks! It can't possibly get any worse" April: pic.twitter.com/jYj7uM0gw8 â secretlyyourfather (@despawnedfather) March 16, 2020 Yep. me: 2020 sucks it possibly canât get worse april: pic.twitter.com/z67Dt84xIC â halil (@astateofhalil) March 15, 2020 src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"> One, two, three. Alright on 3, everybody cough towards the sky... â B (@BeanieBelles) March 16, 2020 I don't get this. Jan 2020: >Possible War Feb 2020: >Kobeâs Passing March 2020: >Corona Virus April 2020: pic.twitter.com/VwaQGa3Q3c â 7CG/BSC | Black Yoshi (@BlackYoshiSSB) March 16, 2020 Okay then. Thereâs no way 2020 can get worse April : pic.twitter.com/HtkCa699gI â ryan xavier (@rxmfh0) March 16, 2020 That would be terrifying. Me: 2020 sucks there is no way it can get any worse April: pic.twitter.com/kxXxDv0yfw â Jack Kubly (@bonkers4memes) March 16, 2020 Best case scenario. you and your man on vacation in April of 2020 pic.twitter.com/NPcavQMmLw â Nicole Lopez-Alvar (@nicolelovar) March 16, 2020 Spoiler warning. April 2020 spoilers pic.twitter.com/fj4t0lDtFE â LIANARI |7|á¢áá áááá|ia| jimin did you eat lobiani? (@softsallywalker) March 16, 2020 What is this gif? pic.twitter.com/HVy4V2guTV â Hector (@Hexgizzle) March 15, 2020 Definitely. April Fool's is canceled this year because no made up prank can out-do the prank that is 2020. â Keiko ð¯ð² (@GolferGirl305) March 14, 2020 View the full article
  18. Saeed Ghani says the Sindh government is taking all the necessary steps to contain coronavirus outbreak
  19. Refreshing your look is as good as upgrading your wardrobe. For men who like to experiment but don't know where to get started, especially when it comes to getting their hair cut, there's actually an easy way that can clear all the conundrums. So, if you are wondering how to do that so that you don't end up getting the usual hair cut from your barber, here's a round-up for some of the most raved haircuts that are popular in 2020. Check it out. 1. The Textured Crop © Getty Images The bowl cut is actually a risk but when it comes to adding a better texture, this year's big hit is the textured crop haircut, that looks flattering on most face shapes. In a nutshell, this one is kept short at the back and has volume on top. It lends a bold look and if you are fortunate and have thick hair, this one lets you create a perfect look, with minimal fuss. 2. The Tapered High And Tight © Getty Images For someone who likes to keep his hair short, this hair cut is certainly good news. The tapered high and tight is short and a low maintenance style that takes inspiration from the buzz cut with a bit of experimental touch to it. This hair cut is rather sharp and can up your street cred with its impeccable styling. Again, even this one is a good call for most face shapes. To make this one look suave at all hours, take a dab of your hair gel and work it throughout your follicles. 3. The Messy Look © Viral Bhayani Long locks have an insouciant appeal to them. The messier, the better, they say. With just a little TLC and a good wooden comb, your locks can shine. The current trend speaks about maintaining mid-shoulder hair length, that's a bit messy. For example, Timothee Chalamet or Naveen Kumar Gowda (South Actor) are the ones you can look up to, to get inspired. The key to make this one work is to tell your barber, to give you an outer layered hair cut as that creates a proper drop of hair, ensuring it doesn't fall flat and is balanced all across. You can use a salt spray with matte effect as it adds better texture to your hair cut. 4. Side Part © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor There are many versions to side haircut types, and it continues to be one of the most popular hair cuts till date. It is simple, smart and instantly grants a sleeker look. This one is for men with voluminous hair. While getting your hair cut, you need to ask your barber for a side parting. Keep it on a shorter side. If you wish to make it look even voluminous, you can use dry shampoo, to create more depth for your look. 5. Pompadour © Instagram/Ranveer Singh Pompadour is one hairstyle that has been on the radar for a while now. To achieve this super quirky style, ask your stylist to leave the volume on top. The hairstyle has tapered sides with a classic pompadour. It has a short length above the ears and creates a good illusion of volume. Since this hair cut has a neat appearance, it blends well with all the occasions. View the full article
  20. Here's the revised schedule for remaining messages of the PSL's fifth edition
  21. Sport events like IPL have been either cancelled or postponed globally in recent weeks due to coronavirus
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