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  1. Results of study shows while timing did not affect how many calories volunteers burnt or number on weight scale, it affected hunger levels
  2. A research fellow at Nottingham Trent University in UK says that behaviours accompanying stress such as heart rate are not functionless
  3. Professor translates electrical spikes of fungal electrical activity into binary strings similar to those found in central nervous system
  4. Celebrities earn a bomb and often splurge their hard-earned money on luxury items, rare artefacts and eclectic things of their choice. While we get the deets on what outfits they have in their closets, the watches they wear and the swanky cars they own, there’s one thing that adds to their star personality but isn’t really seen. It’s their favourite fragrance. © Instagram/Hardik Pandya Celebrities obviously smell great whenever they are out and about on a shoot, walking the red carpet or attending parties and events, courtesy of their signature scent. They have the best perfumes that they carefully pick, swear by and wear in their everyday life. In case you have ever wondered what perfumes these stars wear, we have all the details, thanks to an insightful (and helpful) series of Instagram stories by Diet Sabya. Take a look: 1. Ranveer SinghYou just know that when Singh walks the red carpet, he is smelling like luxury. Well, the actor confessed to crushing over Atkinsons Oud Save The Queen currently, which costs a whopping Rs 15K for a 100 ml bottle and is for women, BTW. Oud or agarwood fragrance is a heady scent from the Middle East and is a strong and intense smell. In case you’re looking for an inexpensive oud fragrance for men, here is a good one. __ECOMPRODUCT__3165__ 2. Shahid KapoorThe Kabir Singh actor exudes charm and mystery and has impeccable taste in style and the fragrance he wears as well. We say this because he wears Creed Boutique Green Irish Tweed which is a favourite of many other celebs like Karan Tacker as well. It costs over 24K in INR. 3. Hardik Pandya © Instagram/Hardik Pandya Being a sportsperson, carrying a nice fragrance with you is nothing but good manners and Pandya knows it. You’d be glad to know that his favourite scent doesn’t cost a bomb. It’s a bottle of Villain Hydra (Eau De Parfum) Perfume which he wears after a good swim sesh to feel refreshed and nice, while he wears Villain (Eau De Parfum) Perfume when he’s out for an event and wants to smell divine. __ECOMPRODUCT__3164__ 4. Rahul KhannaRahul Khanna is one of the most attractive men in Bollywood whose persona and style is simply effortless. The man can wear a sack and look cool. However, there is one thing he actually puts in effort for–smelling great. He has been wearing a spritz of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt for quite some time now. 5. Arjun Kapoor The actor spends his big bucks on all things luxury be it clothes, shoes and cars and the fragrance he wears is no less. He wears Tom Ford Ombré Leather which costs Rs12000. The leather fragrance can be used by both men and women. There you go. Now, you can smell like these stars too. View the full article
  5. I have aspired to be a writer since I was a little girl. In fact, if I am being really honest, I haven’t just aspired to be a writer, but to be a profound author who has several books published under her name. But I am often told how writing a book is more about learning and gaining experiences in life, than it is about writing them down. After all, what you’ve known and closely experienced is what you’re better able to articulate. A theory, that was taken a tad bit too seriously by another author across the world who was recently put on trial for allegedly murdering her husband. © Twitter And the creepy part is, in the list of what all she had authored, the romance novelist had written an essay titled, “How To Murder Your husband.” Isn’t the irony killer? Nancy Crampton-Brophy, 71, from Oregon, U.S., had authored the essay back in 2011 and had gone on to share several motives for and means of killing your spouse. View this post on Instagram Little did anyone know that her own researched article will one day serve as an instruction manual for killing her husband. Nancy has now been put on a murder trial after she was accused of fatally shooting her husband Daniel Brophy, in June 2018 with a view to gain more than $1.5 million in life insurance. A report shared by The Washington Post shared that the body of Daniel was found by his co-worker in a kitchen at the Oregon Culinary Institute (OCI), in Portland, on 2 June 2018. He had two gunshot wounds, one to his chest and another in his back. © Twitter Upon investigation, it was found that Nancy lied about her whereabouts during the time of death, as she claimed that she was home the whole time. She even took to her Facebook and broke the news of her husband’s death as she wrote, “I have sad news to relate. My husband and best friend, Chef Dan Brophy was killed yesterday morning. I’m struggling to make sense of everything right now. While I appreciate toy loving responses, I am overwhelmed." She also wrote, "For those of you who are close to me and feel this deserved a phone call, you are right, but I'm struggling to make sense of everything right now." A woman who wrote a paper on how to kill your husband is on trial for murdering her husband. She also wrote a romance called “The Wrong Husband”. https://t.co/J9jrCQCOMv — A Grand Romance (Kate) (@AGrandRomance) April 5, 2022 However, later in September 2018 she was arrested and pleaded guilty. Whether or not she committed the crime or would be prosecuted for it, is yet to be known, but in the meantime we clearly can’t get over the similarity it has to the film ‘Basic Instinct’. Guess, writing an essay about how to kill your husband, wasn’t a great choice, after all! Source: Indiatimes View the full article
  6. It’s not a secret that men who are shorter than average are always conscious about their height. Some have even confessed to facing struggles in their daily life when it comes to romantic relationships or how people perceive them. While you basically cannot do anything about your stature (nor that you should try), there are ways to make yourself look an inch or two taller with the way you dress. Similarly, there are some styling mistakes that can make you look shorter than you really are. © Instagram/Varun Dhawan This applies to men of all heights, BTW. Ever seen a guy who claims he’s 5’9 but looks no taller than 5’7? Well, it could be the fault of the clothes he picked. If you are one of those people who don’t give a second thought to what you are putting on, you might want to from now on after reading what could be working against your height and making you look shorter. © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor Here are some mistakes men tend to make that make them look shorter in height. Avoid them to dress smart and look taller or just as tall as you are, no less: 1. Not Wearing Jeans Of Appropriate Length © Instagram/Kunal Kemmu If the excess fabric of your jeans sits on the bottom in layers, you need to get it altered, hemmed in or folded up till ankles because it is no friend to short heighted guys. Get jeans of apt length that fit you right and fold the cuffs (not too much) to avoid stacking. 2. Oversized Jackets © Instagram/Rajkummar Rao Whether it’s a winter jacket or the one with your suit, wearing long and baggy outerwear is a complete no-no. This gives an illusion of shorter legs and a longer torso which makes you look shorter in height. 3. Wearing Heeled Or Heavy Soled Shoes © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor You might think that heeled shoes make you look taller but it’s quite the other way. Heels work for women but not as much for men as they come in the form of heightened soles. Not only do they make your legs look shorter but also pretty unflattering. Go for heeled insoles if you must or simply wear normal shoes. 4. Big & Bulky Accessories © Instagram/Varun Dhawan While anything baggy and bulky will make you look short and stout, narrow and small add-ons to your outfit will make you look taller. Go for narrow and thin ties, belts and narrow strap watches, instead of heavy and broader ones. 5. Getting The Layering Wrong © Instagram/Ranveer Singh If your outfit consists of different colours with each layer of clothing you wear, it’s gonna end up going wrong for you. Layering can work wonders for you but only if you stick to one colour palette, go for solids instead of prints and don’t forget the fit. View the full article
  7. We’ve all made at least one (or more) boss moves in our life. For some, it could have been coming up with the best and most savage comeback, for another it could be to get the girl and how. But for this gentleman in South Kivu, it meant getting not one, but three women, without even having to lift a finger. © Twitter Emerged as what can only be called the ‘real OG’, a man from the Democratic Republic of Congo recently married three women - all of them triplets, after they proposed to him simultaneously. Clearly, the guy had done something exceptionally great and noble in his past life, to have luck like this. Luwizo is now married to the triplets, all of whom he claims to have proposed to him for marriage simultaneously. The three sisters didn’t just imprint on the same man, they decided to share their husband going forward, considering they had shared everything since the time they were little. © Twitter Polygamy as a concept has reinvented itself with this wedding, it seems, as the four of them walked towards their happily ever after. Luwizo revealed that he had first fallen in love with Natalie before meeting her two other sisters. And when they came along, it was probably too good a deal to pass along. After all, who would say no to this? © Twitter He revealed, “Unexpectedly, I met three girls with one face, I was very much surprised that I almost fainted. As much as I was dreaming, I asked, amongst all of you, who is Nathalie? They said, consequently, you never met with one girl. For the first time, you met Nadege, the second time, you met Natasha, and the third time, you met with the social media girl, Nathalie.” He went on to share his feeling as he said, “I immediately fell into a trance and I became confused as I had already agreed to marry Nathalie but the most surprising to me, is that I found out that I can’t marry one of the girls and leave the two of them behind.” The wedding took place in Kalehe, which is a territory located in South Kivu near Rwanda, and since marrying more than one person is legal in Congo, the decision didn’t invite any legal trouble. However, it did stir up a cause of concern for Luwizo’s parents. He exchanged his vows with three women in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family and even though his parents didn’t understand him, he said, “I was obliged to marry all of them because they are triplets. It wasn't an easy decision because until now, my parents don't understand what I'm doing." © Twitter He also shared, “You have to lose something in order to gain another. In addition, one has their preferences and their own way of doing things. So I'm happy to marry the triplets no matter what others think. My parents despised my decision that's why they didn't attend my wedding. But all I can say is love has no limits." At the time of the proposal when all three sisters - Natalie, Nadege and Natasha all popped the big question to him, he said he almost fainted out of sheer surprise calling it no less than a ‘dream’. Yeah well, no shit Luwizo. © Twitter As they are all married now, one sister even shared, “Today we are very happy, as you can see, because our dreams came true without being separated by husbands, but God heard our prayers.” View the full article
  8. Bappi Lahiri, an icon of Indian music passed away on Tuesday night after succumbing to a sleep-related breathing disorder. The veteran composer had a career that spanned a length of 50 years, influencing millions around the world. His contribution to Bollywood’s disco era with the use of heavy synthesis and memorable hooks led to international artists looking to him for inspiration. © Bappi Lahiri Instagram One such artist who may have borrowed a little too much from Bappi da for his comfort is none other than Hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre - who is also the founder of the famous Beats by Dre headphones - who ended up being sued by the Indian music legend for copying his song 'Thoda Resham Lagta Hai' which was later remixed as 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman'. © Dr. Dre ‘Thoda Resham Lagta Hai’ was a song composed by Bappi Lahiri for the 1981 film Jyoti, which ended up fading from relevance for a while before American producer DJ Quik sampled it for the Truth Hurts song ‘Addictive’ in 2002. The lyrics were written by Steve "Static Major" Garrett wrote the song's lyrics, while Dr Dre was the Executive Producer. For Quik it had just been an instrumental track he’d overheard on TV one morning, however, the tune turned out to be 'Thoda Resham Lagta Hai' by Lata Mangeshkar, and their team’s failure to clear the rights to the song ended up making them open to a lawsuit. Sargema had filed a massive $500 million lawsuit against Aftermath and Universal Music Group on September 12, 2002, further requesting the team of ‘Addictive’ to cease all performances and broadcasts of the song. This legal dispute was eventually settled in 2003 after Bappi Lahiri won the lawsuit against hip-hop legend Dr. Dre, and riding the song’s newfound popularity, it was remixed by Indian composer Harry Anand as 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman', with Assamese singer Shaswati Phukan lending her song for the record. Bappi da is survived by his wife Chitrani, daughter Reema, who is also a singer, and son Bappa Lahiri, who has a successful career as a music composer. View the full article
  9. Shakun Batra's Gehraiyaan, featuring Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa, was released recently on Amazon Prime Video. The film, which talks about inherited trauma and infidelity, is receiving mixed response from viewers. While not everyone connected with the plot or subject of Gehraiyaan, everyone must agree that the film has been shot beautifully. View this post on Instagram The movie has been shot at several gorgeous locations, however, the seaside villa, where the characters make frequent trips, is grabbing everyone's attention. Owned by Ananya’s character Tia, the 'Alibaug' property plays an important role in the plot. Well, the Alibaug villa shown in the Shakun Batra-directed film is actually a boutique hotel in Goa named Ahilya By The Sea. i had to replay this scene several times to understand what they were saying or doing because i was too distracted by her beauty. #Gehraiyaan pic.twitter.com/Y4LhgFGTdJ — purni (@purnichauhan) February 13, 2022 Ahilya By The Sea, a beautiful home-turned-boutique-hotel with four individual villas, is located near Goa's Coco Beach. This boutique hotel is a scenic, calm, and private place with lush green gardens, infinity pools, and big suites. It is the sister property of the renowned Ahilya Fort in Central India. Take a virtual tour here: View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram Here, rooms are available at various pricing points, ranging from nearly Rs 21,000 to around Rs 33,000-34,000 per night, depending on the dates. The property also has a spa, wellness centre, and a massage facility. On the official website, a description reads, "Tucked away in a quiet corner of Dolphin Bay, Ahilya by the Sea is a serene and private escape. The property’s nine tastefully decorated and welcoming rooms are spread across three independent villas and enjoy two beautiful swimming pools". Coming back to Gehraiyaan, the film has been jointly produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions, Jouska Films, and Viacom18 Studios. Also starring Rajat Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah in supporting roles, the movie marks Shakun's directorial comeback five years after the release of Kapoor & Sons. View the full article
  10. The fact that Tollywood is giving Bollywood a run for its money is obvious now, thanks to mega blockbusters like Baahubali and Pushpa. While the male leads in the movies got their much deserved national recognition, the female leads were not left behind - in fact their popularity perhaps outshone that of their male counterparts. via GIPHY Telugu cinema has been frontlining Indian cinema as a whole of late, and the eclectic topics that go beyond the typical demure lead heroine, make for a major factor. Telugu actresses are working on their fitness as dedicatedly as their male counterparts, sometimes even surpassing them in terms of positive public appreciation. Today's female leads are fierce and strong, and we're here for it. via GIPHY Keeping that in mind, here is a list of the 7 fittest, strongest Telugu actresses who can kick ass in a real fight, ranked. 7. Kajal Aggarwal View this post on InstagramKajal has a no-nonsense fitness routine. She has a fair balance between cardio, yoga, and heavy lifting, and that ensures that she covers all her bases. She will know how to keep it together in a fighting ring for a while, comfortably so. View this post on Instagram 6. Keerthy Suresh View this post on Instagram Keerthy does her cardio religiously, and also places a lot of importance on weight training. Apart from that, she also makes sure she does Yoga at least for a couple of days in the week, thereby keeping her grounded and in a good place mentally. She will not be an easy one to rattle during an unexpected fight. View this post on Instagram 5. Anushka Shetty via GIPHY At 5'9", Anushka already has a height advantage, and for the uninitiated, she started off her career as a Yoga instructor. Flexibility and strength is not going to be an issue for her at all, and she definitely will give her opponent a run for their money inside the fighting ring. View this post on Instagram 4. Pooja Hegde View this post on Instagram Pooja Hegde perhaps has the most diverse fitness training routine in the industry. She does everything - right from Yoga to MMA to Calisthenics to strength training. She takes martial arts seriously, and along with other functional elements of her training such as pilates and kickboxing, it can be safely concluded that she is not someone to mess with inside a fighting pit. View this post on Instagram 3. Tamannaah Bhatia View this post on Instagram Tamannaah believes that fitness training is like brushing your teeth, and because of that she never skips gym. She is one of the fittest actors in the industry, and believes in maintaining top shape throughout the year. She oscillates between hardcore gym sessions and Pilates, and will be difficult to pin down in a fighting ring for obvious reasons. View this post on Instagram 2. Rashmika Mandanna View this post on Instagram Also known as the national crush at the moment, Rashmika Mandanna is ruling hearts right now, thanks to the super duper blockbuster Pushpa. One of the fittest actors around, Rashmika hits the gym religiously, around 4-5 times a week. She also is committed to hardcore lifting, core exercises, as well as cardio. She's going to be a force to be reckoned with, for sure. View this post on Instagram 1. Samantha Ruth Prabhu View this post on Instagram As innocent as she looks, the 'Oo Antava' girl is perhaps the one with the most amount of stamina in the industry, just look at the video above. She has been killing it at the gym, and trains like a beast. Want to get into an unplanned fight? Make sure it's not against this queen right here! View this post on Instagram Who else deserves to be on this list? Please let us know in the comments section. View the full article
  11. Last year, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan and his father director Rakesh Roshan had some really big news for Hindi movie buffs. The duo announced the fourth instalment of the Krrish series, Krrish 4, with the movie taking the story of the masked Indian superhero ahead. © Sony Liv Now, while fans, obviously, have not heard much about it since then, Rakesh has gone on to announce an update regarding the future of the film now. Speaking on Hrithik's birthday, Rakesh, while speaking to TOI, said that he is waiting for the right time to begin shooting for the film. With the film being a big-budget film, Rakesh wants everything to go perfectly and is therefore waiting for the pandemic to subside a little. “I am waiting for the pandemic to get over. It should settle down this year. The film that we are planning is huge. I don’t want it to get stuck. As it is, the business of films has been badly affected. So, I don’t want to jump into it. I usually spend the weekends in Lonavala. The weather is beautiful there. There’s no pollution and it’s peaceful,” said Rakesh. With superheroes being the current theme of films across the world, it would be a good time to actually bring Krrish into the fray. We've already seen what a reception Tom Holland's Spider-Man: No Way Home got in India, with Malayalam superhero film Minnal Murali also getting due recognition. © Marvel Studios © Netflix This could definitely pave way for an established franchise like Krrish to make a comeback to cinema. As per a Pinkvilla report, the movie will actually also include elements of time travel which will be centred around the idea of bringing Jadoo, the alien from the first film. Netflix “The makers are trying to build the universe in a way that the world of Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish come together. While the idea of bringing Jadoo back is in place, the makers have zeroed in on the concept of time travel for this one. Krrish as a franchise has a strong sci-fi backdrop and there has been a gradual significance of time through all the films. In Koi Mil Gaya, Rohit Mehra uses his father’s equipment to communicate with Jadoo, whereas in Krrish, Rohit himself develops a time travel machine, the object of interest. Time travel will be key to the story of Krrish 4.” said a source speaking to Pinkvilla. This clearly has us excited and we can't wait to see Hrithik's character and Jadoo united. Source: Times of India View the full article
  12. You look at her, she looks at you and suddenly, there is a weird sexual tension that grips the room, or at least your head because you’re instantly drawn. But before you make the first move, you’re averse to the idea of even trying because if there is one thing that women love to do is, assume. And in this case, assume that every guy who hits on them is either a jerk or a creep. © Dharma Productions Thanks to the multiple instances where women have actually encountered creeps as well as to their power of generalizing everything, men often face the brunt of being called a creep even when they are showing a genuine interest in women. And I am here to tell you just how to break past that stereotype and flirt with women without being branded one creepster, as is this Reddit thread that wondered how can a man go in for the kill without being cringed at. © Dharma Productions And turns out, a guy had a full-proof plan laid out! Dividing the process into 4 clear steps, user ‘IPutThisUsernameHere’ started with his first step that was titled ‘confidence’. © Reddit He wrote, “This is easy to say but hard to achieve. If you're struggling with self confidence, I advise seek counseling to develop your self esteem.” And considering how confidence is the best suit to put on while pursuing a woman, we understood where he was coming from. © Reddit His next step was ‘Make Eye Contact’. He explained, “In most western cultures, eye contact is the first way to initiate conversation. This doesn't mean stare. Cast your eyes around the room. Try to take note of each face you see. If you're lucky, someone you're in to will be doing the same thing. If not, wait a couple of minutes and then repeat this step.” After all, it’s never too bad to let the eyes do all the talking! © Reddit The next step in his list was to ‘Approach’. The guy wrote, “Once eye contact has been established, either the target will come to you because of their interest, or you'll have an opening to go to them. You'll know because eye contact lasts longer than a moment to smile or wave. If someone isn't into you, they will break eye contact and avoid looking at you.” And what’s important here is to know when to take things forward and when to simply take a hint and back off. If someone you’re trying to make eye contact with is not reciprocating, it’s best to not try further lest you want to be accused of staring. © Reddit Fourth and the final step in the user’s guide is to ‘Converse’. He explained, “Once the approach is complete, talk. Tell the target something true that Drew your attention and allow the conversation to flow naturally. Listen to their responses. Don't push and don't get into their space unless they allow it. If you realize you're not that into the target, after all, excuse yourself to the bathroom and then calmly exit.” Seems like the guy covered all the bases, didn’t he? View the full article
  13. Bollywood has given us some really unrealistic scenarios that make us yell aisa sirf filmo mein hota hai at the TV screen. Be it the hero coming back from the dead to avenge his death or college students doing everything but study, there have been many things that happen only in movies and never in real life. © Yash Raj Films However, Hindi cinema can be more realistic than we give it credit for, sometimes of course. From realistic movie endings to believable scenarios, there have been a bunch of times where movie scenes got real. We are not talking about films based on real-life movies, just BTW. The classic scenes and plots that may sound too filmy have been experienced by people in real life too. © Dharma Productions Here are five such classic movie scenarios that actually happen more often than we realise: 1. Meet Cute Stories © Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Limited People finding their happily ever after in a queue, a bookstore or the most random places is not unheard of. As unbelievable and filmy as they might sound, it happens almost every day that people stumble into someone, fall in love and get married. 2. The Hero Saves The Day © Yash Raj Films The heroic scene where someone swoops in and saves a life just at the right moment happens more often in real life than we realise. Be it a common person who is at the right place at the right time or the saviours like doctors, policemen or rescue officers, the real heroes save the day. 3. Someone Becoming Rich Overnight © Eros Entertainment Be it by winning the lottery or by winning a huge cash prize in a game show (looking at you, KBC), people in real life do go from rags to riches in a day. It may not happen just like the movies where the hero becomes a billionaire in revenge for his girlfriend leaving him for a richer man or by selling their husband, but it does happen and it’s awesome. 4. Reuniting With Loved Ones After Years © Dharma Productions The classic plot for the movies of the yesteryears, people getting lost and reuniting accidentally after years, have actually happened to a lot of us in real life. Call it destiny or perks of social media, people reunite with their long lost friends and family just like they show in movies. 4. Cliffhangers © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Many times we wish we were in a movie so we could find out why a friend stabbed you in the back or why that ex left or what on earth happened to the earphones we lost and never saw again. The only difference is that as suspenseful as the cliffhangers are in movies and series, they are really annoying when they happen to us in real life. View the full article
  14. The Telugu film industry has recently been giving Bollywood a run for its money, thanks to mega budget super duper hits like Baahubali, which paved the path for ambitious projects like RRR. While storyline, cast, and special effects play an important part, another factor that should get equal credit is the 'fitness factor' in the industry. via GIPHY Apart from honing their acting skills, these Telugu actors also take fitness extremely seriously, and make sure they walk the talk in terms of training for strength. Keeping that in mind, here are 7 Telugu actors who don't just 'look fit', but are actually strong enough to kick ass in a real fight. Fittest Telugu Actors7. Ram Pothineni View this post on Instagram RaPo, who has been working hard for RaPo19, has transformed his physique into a chiseled piece of art, and can give most celebs a run for their money when it comes to not just being fit, but also being strong. View this post on Instagram 6. Jr NTR View this post on Instagram Jr NTR, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the industry, and he doesn't always sport a chiseled physique. However, his insane transformation for RRR is proof that the man can go to any length when it comes to doing justice to a role - also a testament to the real strength he wields. View this post on Instagram 5. Prabhas View this post on Instagram At number 5, we have Mr Baahubali himself. Prabhas went through the most grueling fitness regime for both the installments of Baahubali, and the results spoke. Who can forget those rippling muscles that enabled him to pull off that behemoth of a role? View this post on Instagram 4. Navdeep View this post on Instagram Even though Navdeep hopped on to this bandwagon later than others, he has made up for it by sheer hard work and dedication. Just look at that physique, you almost don't need an anatomy book to recognize those muscles! View this post on Instagram 3. Ram Charan View this post on Instagram How can this list possibly be complete without having this man in it? Ram Charan has always been fit, and he has only been upping his game with time. Just take a look at the RRR trailer as well as pictures, and you'll know what we mean. View this post on Instagram 2. Allu Arjun © Twitter - AlluArjunFC Allu Arjun was one of the first actors in the Telugu film industry to flaunt a six pack, more than a decade ago. Apart from having an insane physique, his dance skills are unparalleled, proving that apart from strength his flexibility and core strength are also worth applause. © Twitter - AlluArjunFC 1. Rana Daggubati View this post on Instagram Even though the lead in Baahubali was Prabhas, the man who stole the thunder on and off screen was Bhallaldeva. Rana Daggubati may have played the ultimate villain, but his muscular physique and charming screen presence transformed him into a charismatic anti-hero instead. When it comes to fitness and strength in the Telugu film industry, Rana Daggubati has no match. View this post on Instagram Is there anyone else who deserves to be in this list? Do let us know in the comments section! View the full article
  15. Being in a relationship can be so much fun, if you are with the right person. It does have its perks and perils but for the most part, it’s a lot of work. That’s probably why most people nowadays prefer being the lone wolf. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures People who have just gotten out of a draining relationship can vouch for it. There are umpteen benefits of staying single and men on Reddit just listed some down in a thread. © Dharma Productions From saving money on dinners and dates to the freedom of doing whatever you want anytime you want, men shared reasons why being single is actually pretty amazing: 1. Mental PeaceDrama-free decision making. Not saying that people in a relationship are dramatic but man, the amount of confrontation in a relationship that comes with drama, just leaves you mentally tired sometimes. © Dharma Productions 2. Saves (A Lotta) MoneyThrough 7 years of a solid relationship, I had barely £1000 saved away. A year of being alone and I've got 5x that in the bank with more on the way when I sell up the unneeded shit and move. 3. It’s Definitely Better Than Being With The Wrong PersonSure, I'd rather be in a good relationship than be single, but a bad relationship < single < good relationship. I'm receptive to a good one if it comes along, but I'm being picky from now on. 4.No Nagging You can also not do things for however long you feel like it. That broken blind that won't close properly? nobody's nagging you to fix it right after you came off work and was looking to sit on the couch doing nothing. Nope, it's going to stay broken until you actually feel like fixing it, not when you're tired of the nagging and you want it to stop (spoiler alert: it never does). © Dharma Productions 5. No WorryNo paranoia about your partner. 6. More Time To Catch Up On What You LikeBeing able to finish tv shows and movies completely. 7. And, To Sum It Up…You just have more freedom in many aspects of your life - you have more finances, you answer to no one, go where you want, do what you want, it's a great time for self-improvement, discovery or just a time to think about life, yourself, what you want and where you see yourself. © Excel Entertainment Single lads are the happiest, hence proved. View the full article
  16. It's not just Bollywood movies that have all the drama, but there is plenty of fireworks between the big actors all the time, mostly due to ego tussles or just mutual dislike for one another. Now, actor Ajay Devgn is known to be one such actor who doesn't take nonsense from anybody, be it Bollywood people or anyone else in real life. © Twitter Renowned to be someone who calls a spade a spade, he has spoken openly about his relationships with other stars, his reluctance to be part of Bollywood award functions, and other such parties. As we know, Ajay and his wife Kajol have been happily married for the longest time, and as families go, if you have a fight with one family member, you pick up a fight with the others as well. © Twitter This is what happened with Karan Johar, a very close friend of Kajol's back when Ajay's film Shivaay and Karan's film Ae Dil Hai Mushil clashed at the box office. © Twitter It was reported that things were so bad that Kajol apparently severed all ties with Karan, with Karan later stating in his book An Unsuitable Boy, "I wouldn’t like to give a piece of myself to her at all because she’s killed every bit of emotion I had for her for twenty-five years. I don’t think she deserves me. I feel nothing for her anymore." Wow! Pretty intense, right? However, things ended up being okay between the two after both of them called off their fight, with Kajol and Ajay both even appearing on Karan's show Koffee With Karan. But did you know that Kajol once actually banned Karan from entering her and Ajay's house? Yep! While speaking in an interview with novelist and former Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna, Kajol revealed that she banned Karan along with some of her other Bollywood friends that included celebrity fashion designer Manish Malhotra. Was it due to Ajay though? Turns out it wasn't. It actually was her daughter. Kajol, while speaking about the time her daughter was born, said, "I went mad. I have to say that the first six months of my life when I had my daughter, I first messaged all my friends that you know ... I message Karan and Manish and everybody, all my friends like if you really love me, you all will leave me alone for the next six months. Do not come and visit me, do not come and say hello to me. I don't want to see you, because I was like, I have to concentrate, I have to get this right. I can't afford to screw this up. This is just too bloody important in my life. I don't have the time and patience to cater to friends." © Twitter Wow! Blood does run thicker than anything. We understand it, however. I think almost all of us know how mothers can be so protective. View the full article
  17. Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar have a crazy fan following, especially within India where people can quickly end up getting too close to their much-loved stars. Now, while most of the time, actors have their bodyguards in close proximity for their protection, one can never be too sure about miscreants or criminals wanting to do harm to the superstars. © Reuters This is the reason why many Bollywood superstars have now opted for buying special bulletproof and bomb-proof cars, in order to just add that extra layer of protection for themselves and their families: 1. Shah Rukh Khan (Mercedes Benz S600 Guard) © Instagram Shah Rukh is obviously the Badshah of Bollywood and clearly needs protection most of the time. © Mercedes Being one of the world's highest-paid actors, SRK put his money to good use by purchasing a bomb-proof Mercedes Benz S600 Guard. The jet black-coloured car, worth around 10 Crore rupees, provides the ultimate protection against mishaps. 2. Hrithik Roshan (Mercedes Benz V-Class) © Instagram/Hrithik Roshan Hrithik also opted to buy an armoured car for the protection of his family. The Super 30 actor reportedly purchased a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, which is equipped with innovative lightweight armour in order to provide protection to the car. © Mercedes It can also withstand an explosion of two hand grenades that are detonated simultaneously below the minivan floor. 3. Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Rolls Royce Phantom) © Instagram/Priyanka Chopra Priyanka is a global superstar having one foot in Bollywood and the other in Hollywood. © Twitter This is the reason why the actor chose to invest in the armoured version of Rolls Royce Phantom, which she is reported to have customized even more according to her requirements. 4. Aamir Khan (Mercedes Benz S600 Guard) © Instagram/Aamir Khan As per reports, Aamir Khan chose to buy the bomb-proof car after getting calls from the underworld. © Twitter Aamir is one of India's biggest actors and there is obviously a need for his protection more than anything, especially after a threat like that. 5. Kangana Ranaut (BMW 7 Series Guard) © Twitter Kangana, for all the controversies that she is involved in, can be an easy target for her enemies, which is a reason why she takes her protection very seriously. The actress reportedly invested in a specialized BMW 7 Series Guard which has bullet-proof capabilities. Priced around 2.14 Crore rupees, Kangana's car is luxury mixed with ultimate security. View the full article
  18. The Tamil film industry, apart from giving us some of the best tracks in the country that are still used as party bangers, has also given us raw entertainment in the form of fight scenes - the unabashed, crowd-pleasing, whistle-extracting kind. via GIPHY While production value of most of them are inimitable, it is noteworthy that there are multiple actors in the Tamil film industry who actually are super fit, and can effortlessly hold their own in an unexpected street fight IRL. via GIPHY Keeping that in mind, here's a list of the 7 fittest Tamil actors who are super strong IRL and can actually kick ass in a real fight. 7. Ajith Kumar View this post on InstagramIt's been decades since Thala Ajith has been entertaining us with his OG moves. He's a pro at action scenes - that bit is a no-brainer - but fans were taken aback when he went through a hardcore transformation and sported a jacked physique, replete with six pack abs for his movie 'Vivegam'. The man is experienced, gives his 100% for his fight scenes, and if he could do that in his fifties, he is fit enough to handle a street fight. 6. Atharvaa Murali View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram Yes, the man is lean, but why should it mean he should struggle in a street fight? Just take a look at that ectomorph yet muscular physique, and the way he kills his workouts at the gym, and you'll be convinced that it won't be easy getting past this unassuming yet worthy opponent in a street fight. 5. Bharath Srinivasan © Bharath Srinivasan This may be an unexpected name for most, but just take one look at his incredible transformation where every single muscle is visible like an anatomy book, and you'd be able to gauge the intensity of the training and hard work that has gone behind it. This man clearly is a beast inside the gym, and some of it surely will effortlessly translate to sheer power outside the gym as well. 4. Suriya Sivakumar © Twitter - SuriyaFC © Twitter - SuriyaFC Suriya Sivakumar is the OG fitness icon when it comes to the Tamil film industry. He did it back when no one could manage to sport a six pack in commercial cinema, and his legion of fans still swear by his strength and charisma exuded in the super duper hit movies he has acted in. Talk about doing it right, before it became cool! 3. Chiyaan Vikram View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram 4 Because of how powerful an actor he is, the fact that Chiyaan Vikram is one of the fittest and strongest actors in the Tamil film industry is often ignored. Right from sporting a lean & mean physique with a six pack to bulking up into a fierce fight machine, this man has done it all, and we're absolutely certain that he will give his opponent something to think about, if he ends up in a street fight unexpectedly. 2. Arun Vijay View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram Anyone who is a hardcore fan of Tamil action movies will testify to the fact that Arun Vijay is a force to be reckoned with, and the man keeps on reinventing himself while setting newer benchmarks with increasingly difficult fitness goals. His Greek God like physique, replete with a crazy, super defined set of six pack abs has created an altogether different standard, as far as fitness is concerned. 1. Arya View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram The number one position rightfully goes to the one and only Arya. He has always been one of the fittest men in the Tamil film industry, but his recent transformation for the amazing 'Sarpatta Parambarai' has catapulted his fitness status right on to the top of the pile, and looks like there's no one who even comes close at this point. If he gets embroiled in an unexpected street fight, good luck to his opponent! Have we missed out on anyone else who should have made this list? Please let us know in the comments. View the full article
  19. Kapil Dev is undeniably India’s greatest-ever fast bowler. He is also the best all-rounder that Indians got to see in the country’s cricket history. Dev was the first cricketer to complete the double of 5000 runs and 400 wickets in international cricket. When India lost hope, it was Kapil Dev who changed the fate and won the World Cup in 1983. View this post on Instagram Well, you can surely say that cricket runs in the blood of Indians, and Dev was no different. He was hardly 14 when he started playing for the DAV school. He made his first-class debut at the age of 17, in November 1975, against Punjab, and then there was no looking back for the former cricketer. View this post on InstagramIt was 1983 he proved his worth as a batsman when he scored 175 of just 138 balls against Zimbabwe in the 1983 World Cup. In early 1994, he became the highest Test wicket-taker in the world, breaking the record held by Sir Richard Hadlee. View this post on InstagramFor his illustrious cricketing career, he has been awarded Arjuna Award in 1980, which was followed by the Padma Shri award in 1982. He also was felicitated with Padma Bhushan award in 1991 and became the Wisden Indian Cricketer of the Century in 2002. In 2013, he received the CK Nayudu Lifetime Achievement award. View this post on Instagram Talking about his achievements, he earlier told The Hindu, “Playing for India is my No.1 achievement... Winning the 1983 World Cup and, then, winning the 1990-1991 Ranji Trophy by defeating mighty Bombay on their home ground... On a strictly personal note, I’d like to add becoming the most successful Test bowler, eclipsing (Sir Richard) Hadlee’s 431. As records are meant to be broken, even mine got bettered. I left at 434 wickets, the world record stands at 800... Muttiah Muralidharan has taken it to that astonishing level.” View this post on Instagram He is seen as an iconic figure in Indian cricketing history. Now, director Kabir Khan is making a movie based on Team India’s underdog victory at the 1983 Cricket World Cup. We will get to see why Kapil Dev Is worshipped by the cricket fans. Here’s the trailer: Before we get to see the film on the big screens, we decided to take a look inside Kapil Dev’s garage. 1: Porsche Panamera © Autobizz The Porsche Panamera is equal parts sports car and luxury car. This beast is a part of Kapil Dev’s garage. As per a report in Autobizz, this Porsche car costs about Rs. 1.44 Crore and goes up to Rs. 2.43 Crore in India, having a 4.0L V8 Twin-Turbocharged engine producing 550 horsepower. 2: Jeep Compass © Autobizz Jeep Compass price starts at ₹ 19.66 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 33.47 Lakh. As per a report in Autobizz, the car can reach the top speed of 160 kmph and can reach 0-100 km in just 5.4 sec. Kapil proudly owns this car. 3: Mercedes-Benz GLS © Mercedes Kapil is the owner of Mercedes-Benz GLS that costs around Rs 1.26 crore. The GLS is powered by 3.0-liter petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol version generates 362bhp and 500Nm of peak torque, while the diesel variant generates about 325bhp and 700Nm of peak torque. 4: Nissan Leaf View this post on Instagram Nissan India gifted its famous electric car Leaf to Kapil Dev, former captain of the Indian cricket team. The 40 kWh battery offers a range of up to 240 km on a single charge, while the 62 kWh variant will give you a range of up to 360 km on a single charge. As per reports, the total net worth of Kapil Dev is estimated to be 30 Million USD, which in Indian currency is approximately equal to Rs 220 Crore. View the full article
  20. What actors wear in movies often becomes a huge fashion trend that is followed by the fans even years after the release of the film. These outfits become iconic and synonymous to the character that we can’t help but steal for ourselves. Movies like Hum Aapke Hain Koun gave major wedding wardrobe goals, while newer films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani gave us travel outfit inspirations. © Dharma Productions However, looking back at these costumes, we realise some of them actually didn’t make sense. Whether they were wrong for the weather or simply weird in terms of the characters the actors were playing, some of the most iconic outfits in Bollywood movies now make us question the styling in the film. © Yash Raj Films Here are five such iconic Bollywood costumes that were simply pointless. Raj Aryan’s Pullover Look (Mohabbatein) © Yash Raj Films Shah Rukh Khan’s look in Mohabbatien got so famous that everyone copied it for Bollywood themed-parties and fancy dresses. However, take a moment to think, who would just buy a nice sweater to hang it over his shoulder all the time? We don’t see Raj Aryan wearing the pullover even once in the entire movie and this is pretty strange. Deepika Wearing Dresses In Manali (YJHD) © Dharma Productions We get it. In the Bollywood world, actresses don’t feel cold. However, we don’t expect this from a millennial movie in the 21st century, especially when the second female lead, Kalki, is packed in a jacket and a muffler. Why is DP strolling the streets in a knee-length dress and a light cardigan? Narayan Shankar’s Heavy Bandhgala (Mohabbatein) © Yash Raj Films Another gem from Mohabbatein, the principal of Gurukul, Narayan Shankar only wears the same black heavy bandhgala kurta with a jacket every day to school, to parties and everywhere else I am guessing. When he is not wearing that, he is wearing a stark white kurta and a shawl. We get that he is strict but the man’s gotta have other clothes. Krrish’s Wardrobe Before He Got His Superhero Costume (Krrish) © Yash Raj Films Hritik Roshan has a very questionable wardrobe before he becomes the superhero Krrish. He lives in a small village in the mountains where everyone dresses normally but him. He wears sleeveless, V-neck wrap-around shirts with Aladdin pants and a thin stole. If his grandma wanted to keep him hidden, she should have gotten him normal clothes to blend with other normal-dressing people. Prem’s Obsession With Suspenders (Hum Aapke Hain Koun…!) © Rajshri Productions Salman Khan’s character Prem was so obsessed with suspenders in this movie that he is even wearing a pair in the portrait his elder brother makes for him. He wears them to the office, at home and at family functions. © Rajshri Productions Someone should have told him it doesn’t look as flattering as he thinks. Also, why is Nisha all dressed up late at night at home? Anyway, the wardrobe from the movie was a major hit. View the full article
  21. When you think of Bollywood, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Trashy remixes? OTT Rohit Shetty action sequences? Actresses dancing in chiffon sarees and heroes saying a different rendition of the same dialogue over and over again. Right? As stereotypical as we may be towards Bollywood for minting out countless movies along with the same plot but with a different cast, we can’t deny the few times it has actually managed to hit the bull's eye with movies that have surprised us. Here are 5 movies that came out of Bollywood and surprised us for being as brilliant as they were: 1. Jhankar Beats © Pritish nandy communications A rather underrated gem that came out of Bollywood, this movie starring Rahul Bose, Juhi Chawala, Sanjay Suri and Riya Sen was a breath of fresh air even back in its time. It takes us through the personal predicaments of three friends and bandmates who juggle between love, life and music. 2. Delhi Belly © Aamir Khan Productions A movie that stood for itself and broke past all the barriers that Bollywood had put on creating genuine and real content. This movie starring Irfan Khan was one of the rawest and most entertaining films, with dark comedy and gritty punch lines. This movie didn’t just give birth to a lot of memes, it also gave birth to a new genre in Bollywood. 3. Kaalakaandi © Cinestaan Film Company This movie came as a shock to the audience, not just with the storyline that followed Saif Ali Khan’s character as someone who goes on a bender after realising he has a terminal illness, but also because it showed just how nuanced life is and was garnished with just the right of humour and wit. 4. Andhadun © Viacom 18 One of Ayushmann Khurranna’s masterpieces, this movie kept the audience gripped till the very last moment and was laced with dark, gritty humour that was unlike any other movie that Bollywood has minted. With actors like Radhika Apte, Tabu and Ayushmann, this movie won’t set you up for disappointment. 5. Karwaan © RSVP Movies A light-hearted and emotional movie that featured Mithila Palkar, Irrfan Khan and Dulqer Salman, Karwaan managed to unearth emotional layers of relationships. It wasn’t a conventional boy meets girl kind of a movie, but it managed to have an impact that stayed long after you watched it. View the full article
  22. If you don't like potatoes, are you okay? Who doesn't like potatoes? But, and it's a big 'but', are you allowed to like potatoes as much as you do? If you aren't an outright rebel, perhaps your answer will veer towards being negative, courtesy the unnecessary yet popular demonization of potatoes. via GIPHY Potatoes are delicious. What makes them even more loveable, is their grade A versatility. Mashed, fried, boiled, crisped up - have them how you like it and they'll never disappoint. © Pexels Perhaps that's why the universe gave them the bad rep because otherwise they'll just be 'perfect'. via GIPHY Coming to the point, can you actually eat potatoes daily without feeling guilty? The answer is: YES. via GIPHY Potatoes can in fact help you lose weight when consumed every day. Potatoes provide us with high levels of satiety, which means they help you 'feel full' longer, compared to most food items. © Pexels Also, they are voluminous. 100 gm of potatoes almost have the same amount of calories as 22 gm of rice. If you were to simply replace rice with potatoes as the primary source of daily carbohydrates, can you imagine how much more food you can actually eat while cutting down calories? That would simply mean you would end up losing weight, quickly. (With quantified nutrition and preferably strength training involved, of course.) via GIPHY But why are they termed 'unhealthy'? Here's the plain and simple answer. Potatoes are called 'unhealthy' because we eat too much of them. That's it. We keep eating them till the calories go overboard, and then we blame them instead of blaming ourselves. via GIPHY One more reason is our treatment of the potatoes. Be it mashed potatoes or French fries, the ingredients used while making those dishes should be brought under the radar as well. No one blames the kilos of butter in the mashed potatoes or the gallons of oil in the French fries; everyone conveniently starts blaming the harmless potato instead. via GIPHY The bottom line is, potatoes are great when eaten as a part of quantified nutrition, and don't believe anyone who claims otherwise. Spread the word! View the full article
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