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  1. PM Imran Khan shares video of children practicing skiing at "newly discovered" site for the sport
  2. After spending three days in hard quarantine in India, being in a 10-hour flight to South Africa and undergoing yet another day of hard quarantining in their report, the Men in Blue spent a day getting used to the raised elevation level of Johannesburg, shook off the jet lag and do some sort of physical activity to get rid of the fatigue. How did #TeamIndia recharge their batteries ahead of their first training session in Jo'Burg? On your marks, get set & Footvolley! #SAvIND pic.twitter.com/dIyn8y1wtz — BCCI (@BCCI) December 18, 2021 Now, unless you are living under a rock, you would have to know that Ravichandran Ashwin remains one of the most competitive cricketers to be playing the game for the Indian squad. He is well known to show aggression on the field, challenge himself to do better as an athlete, become more versatile and simply commit to whatever it takes to win a match. What you might not know is that the former captain of the Indian cricket team and the current head coach, Rahul Dravid continues to match Ashwin’s level of competitiveness even at the age of 48 and went toe-to-toe with the Chennai-born superstar in arguing over certain technicalities of a casual game of footvolley during Team India’s soft-training day in South Africa. View this post on Instagram In the video shared by the BCCI Twitter handle, Dravid seems to be all charged up and giving cricketers over 10-20 years younger than him a run for their money while kicking a ball over the net in the game of footvolley. However, one of the points earned by Dravid did not sit well with Ashwin ‘Anna’ who immediately started arguing with the cameraperson, his own teammates and the rival team while taking an exception to Dravid’s kick. View this post on Instagram With a smile on his face, Dravid also looked around the area, trying to justify his kick and that the way he won the point was completely legal and there was no way that he was going to settle by not winning that point. First of all, it is rather commendable to see the head coach actively taking part in a team-building activity and it was very evident by the way Virat Kohli was reacting, that everyone was loving Dravid being there. Secondly, the fact that Dravid was arguing for a point that means absolutely nothing, only proves that despite being in a coaching spot for so many years, he continues to be a competitor at heart. The fans also saw the competitiveness in Ashwin and Dravid’s actions clearly and even though it was not a serious competition, it allowed them to appreciate having the two legends of the game on their side. When was the last time you saw an Indian coach equally participating in all the practice sessions with players? May be only Kirsten? https://t.co/k7N3PCwuJo — Subhajit (@subhajit_mshra) December 18, 2021Dravid's kick tells you how competitive he is even now https://t.co/vAVoKWbnBA — Navleen Kaur (@NavleenSpeaks) December 18, 2021Ash here also getting into feuds https://t.co/akyi1MY5LW — Deeksha (@Deeksha45015326) December 18, 2021Dravid is still so competitive https://t.co/fAPelFC55U — 𝙨𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙮𝙖 (@jaanekyabaathai) December 18, 2021Drvaid sahab is still fitter than Rohit and Pant. I wonder what's happening with pant, he is looking fatter and fatter after every series! I hope team assesses his fitness before it goes out of hand! https://t.co/qfuuKzPfDY — ayaan. (@AyanMusk) December 18, 2021 View the full article
  3. Samsung is not only known for making great displays for smartphones, the South Korean giant also makes some of the best gaming monitors. I recently got the opportunity to use the G7 Odyssey with my setup and it was my first time using a curved monitor for my gaming needs. While many would say curved monitors are just a gimmick, I beg to differ. My experience with the monitor over the past three weeks has been nothing but exceptional, apart from a few hiccups. I’ve been using the 32-inch 244Hz 1440p varmint of the odyssey lineup and here’s what I think about Samsung’s latest gaming monitor: Design © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The design of the Odyssey G7 looks straight out of the future, especially when you look at it from the back. The monitor’s 1000R curved display also makes it a bit harder to place on a PC table since it takes slightly more space than a traditional flat monitor. However, the stand takes an unusual amount of space. The monitor is secured on the stand by using four screws instead of using a traditional VESA wall mount design. This way the panel is more secure as it does not clip on directly as it does on other monitors. While it is a bit tedious to set it up the first time, it’s totally worth it. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The curved display brings the ends of the display forward quite a bit; which means you will need to place the monitor towards the back end of the table. If you plan to purchase the G7 Odyssey, make sure you have enough space for it as the panel does take quite a bit of real estate. Having said that, you can use the stand to tilt and adjust the height of the monitor according to your height and liking. If you want to use it in portrait orientation, the stands let you do that as well. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Finally, at the back, you will find the iconic Infinity Core lighting, which sort of works as backlighting and the bright display does not strain your eyes when using the monitor. There are some lighting elements at the front as well, however, they are quite subtle and cannot be found easily with most viewing angles. Ports & Features The Samsung G7 Odyssey does not follow the industry standard when it comes to connectivity since it comes with two DP input ports, one HDMI 2.0 port, and a built-in two-port USB 3.0 hub. I would have liked to see two HDMI ports instead of DP ports since you can connect two of other devices such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch or a media player. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In order to operate the monitor, there is a directional knob which you can use to access most of the menus. The knob can also be clicked to select different modes and make changes to the picture according to your liking. The monitor also supports PiP mode which you can access from the menus, a feature most monitors tend to ignore even in 2021. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The menus have quite a few features you can mess around with such as setting the refresh rate, response time and toggle the adaptive sync. I used the monitor in 240Hz with 1ms latency most of the time since we primarily used it for gaming on my PC and the PlayStation 5. Another feature I loved was the ability to change the black colours on the monitor. Samsung calls it the black equaliser where you can adjust how dark the picture should look. I preferred to use the black equaliser on value '9' as it was the perfect balance between all the colours for multiplayer games. Having the display too dark can be disadvantages in games like Call of Duty Warzone since you would like to spot everything you can. For single-player games, you can turn the black equaliser number to '11' if you want a more immersive experience. Display Quality & Performance The G7 Odyssey has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and uses a VA panel instead of IPS LCD. While I’m not a huge fan of VA panels, the G7 Odyssey uses one of the highest quality VA panels we’ve seen on a monitor yet. Having said that, VA panels also allow the monitor to support the 240Hz refresh rate which is probably the reason why most people will buy this monitor. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The display also supports HDR600, however, in our experience, the HDR performance was not up to the mark. You will lose quite a bit of brightness if you use the display in HDR mode. View the full article
  4. Nvidia is doing some really cool things with its Reflex technology. It was introduced last September. But in order to take advantage of this Reflex tech, you'll need certain hardware and software to work in harmony. One way to take advantage of the tech is using a supported gaming mouse. Obviously not all gaming mouses are going to work Nvidia's Reflex tech and that's exactly why the company has listed a bunch of supported mouses. For now, the list is small, but it's only going to grow and we'll start seeing more and more offerings in the future. © YouTube/Techvania In addition to the mouses, you can also get Reflex supported gaming monitors. And to use the tech, you'll need a supported GPU as well. Everything from the GeForce 900-series (Maxwell) onwards has you covered, so that shouldn't be an issue. Outside of the benchmarks though, the Reflex technology isn't going to majorly help you in any way, at least not in all video games. Yes, you'll get a better understanding of latency and even cut down some of that. But it can make a huge difference in older mainstream cards. It's indeed a promising technology and we expect it to get better over time. Combine Nvidia's Reflex tech with a good gaming monitor and a gaming mouse, and you might land a few more clutch shots. View the full article
  5. The first Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2020 was a plain and simple disappointment for the Indian cricket team, that scored their lowest total in the history of Test cricket (36) at the Adelaide Oval. View this post on Instagram However, it turned out to be worse for the young batting opener, Prithvi Shaw who only managed to play six deliveries throughout the match, got a duck in the first innings, and 4 in the second. Becoming the butt of everyone’s joke on social media, Shaw is currently undergoing the ‘troll’ phase a player has to suffer after a disappointing performance on the field - that’s the way modern day sports has shaped up. For his competitors though, there is nothing better than an unconfident and vulnerable player showing up on the crease and losing his wicket for cheap and they would want to make the most out of it. View this post on Instagram Rubbing salt on Shaw’s wounds, Australian opener Joe Burns expressed that he hopes that the 21-year-old’s struggles continue to worry him for the time he is playing against the Australians and that he would not help him with any tips until the series is over. "I wouldn't give him any advice as I am playing against him. I'm hoping that he makes no runs at all. I actually don't know what form he is been in. I haven't been following him," Burns said while replying to a query from ANI. View this post on Instagram "He is obviously a quality player if he is playing for India. I might give advice at the end of the series, but not after the first game," he added. Burns himself was also in a massive slump as far as his form on the crease was concerned but managed to play a possibly career-saving second innings in the Adelaide Test, an unbeaten half-century, that led his team to an easy victory at home. View the full article
  6. Moats have been used for centuries as a way to defend a building from potential attack. A flooded ditch around a castle is a great way to make it harder to be taken. You can't push battering rams against walls, and neither can you dig under the castle. Quite frankly, a moat is a pretty decent deterrent when there are plenty of other castles to pillage. What does this mean for your business? A community can be an economic moat, or in more simple terms, your competitive advantage. When your product or service is surrounded by an engaged community that feels invested in your brand, you'll be able to resist challenges from competitors looking to tempt your customers away. Humans are social creatures, and we love seeking out and joining a tribe that aligns with our values. The intangible value of belonging creates a sense of momentum for your brand and helps champion it to others. The statistics back this strategy; 88% of community professionals said in a recent survey that community is critical to their company's mission and 85% said that their community has had a positive impact to their business.[1] Your competitive advantage One of the cheapest ways to create momentum for your product is to build a community around your startup. A community is much more than a one-time marketing campaign and can help you throughout your company's life cycle if you take the time to grow it right. [2] Creating a buzz around a product can take a lot of time, effort and money. Traditionally, this buzz would be created with a mixture of videos, websites, influencer reviews, and heavy advertisement spends across multiple channels, including social media. Your community can create a shortcut and reach an audience without those costs and increase the chance of your product being shared virally. Your community creates a bond over a shared interest that continually re-enforces loyalty to your brand. This creates a personal investment which makes it less likely your customers will try a competitor. Put simply, if a company can move from just shipping a product to building a community, it can benefit from several competitive advantages such as: Engaged members help acquire new members, lowering the cost for customer acquisition. Increased customer retention through community loyalty. Members won't want to abandon the community they enjoy. Reduced support costs as members support each other. This benefit forms a loop that generates more value as the community grows. Brand building Another area of opportunity for social marketing is "brand building" - connecting enthusiastic online brand advocates with the company's product development cycle. Here, research becomes marketing; product developers are now using social forums to spot reactions after they modify an offer, a price, or a feature in a product or service. Such brand-managed communities can have real success. One well-documented example is IdeaStorm, Dell's community discussion and "brainstorming" website, which saw a measurable increase in sales following its launch, by providing a forum for meaningful dialogue and "to gauge which ideas are most important and most relevant to" the public. [3] By creating a community around your product or service, not only do you create brand advocates, but you also gain powerful insights into what your customers want through research which drives marketing. Consumers today crave a stronger bond with brands. It's no longer enough to give them a customer support email address and a monthly newsletter. They want a much more in-depth interaction with the company and other users of the product or service. One tactic for success is for brands to move away from the hard-sell to instead embrace the notion of "co-creation". This means moving beyond "old-school" approaches to website advertising to embrace the principles of relationship marketing - building virtual environments in which customers can connect with each other to share insights and relevant information. To capitalise on currently available opportunities, marketers need to find or establish real brand communities, listen to them, and then create special programs and tools that will empower potential and existing community members, rewarding existing consumers and eliciting behavioural change from potential consumers. [3] Evernote, the note-taking app, is a great example. Their lively community encourages customers to interact directly with staff, post their wish-lists for future versions and learn more about what happens behind the scenes. The community creates evangelists for Evernote and makes it harder for competitors to gain a foothold with a potent mix of dialogue, access to other customers, transparency from the brand and many opportunities for co-creation of content. Co-creation fundamentally challenges the traditional roles of the firm and the consumer. The tension manifests itself at points of interaction between the consumer and the company where the co-creation experience occurs, where individuals exercise choice, and where value is co-created. Points of interaction provide opportunities for collaboration and negotiation, explicit or implicit, between the consumer and the company. In the emergent economy, competition will center on personalized co-creation experiences, resulting in value that is truly unique to each individual. [4] In simple terms, a community allows your customers to feel closer to your brand and the products you sell. What are you waiting for? Nearly 80% of founders reported building a community of users as important to their business, with 28% describing their moat as critical to their success.[1] Our team at Invision Community has over two decades of community building experience and are trusted by brands of all sizes. Whether you have an existing community, or you're taking your first steps to create your own, our experience and expertise will guide your success. [1] https://cmxhub.com/community-industry-trends-report-2020 [2] https://viral-loops.com/blog/your-company-needs-a-pre-launch-campaign/ [3] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/268200746_Social_media_and_its_implications_for_viral_marketing#read [4] https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~jhm/Readings/Co-creating unique value with customers.pdf
  7. The interview result of the Combined Competitive Examination-2018 (CCE-18) have been announced by the Sindh Public Service Commission.The written part of the CCE-2018 were conducted in the months of November and December 2018. The interviews were...
  8. Overwatch is the latest game that has got a port for the Nintendo Switch and the tactical first-person shooter game is a little late than expected. Regardless of how late it is, it fulfils the need of Overwatch players who want to play the game while on the move. While I prefer to play the game in the docked mode with a pro controller, the handheld mode is also quite addictive and competitive. Nintendo Switch has been getting new ports of spectacular games like The Witcher 3 to make it a comprehensive console for this generation. I've played Overwatch on the PlayStation 4 previously and the game is as fun as it is on other consoles. Having said that, Overwatch is a fast-paced multiplayer game taking place in locations that are visually vibrant. Throw in the mix of random explosions, characters firing up their specials and the intensity of every match, and you've got a sure winner here. While playing in the handheld mode, it could get a bit overwhelming due to the small screen, but seasoned Overwatch players will not take much time to adjust. © Nintendo If you are not playing the game in docked mode, we would recommend you turn off the gyroscopic controls or at least map a button that would adjust your field of view. The gyroscopic controls can be a bit disorienting when playing and may also interfere with your gameplay if you make any subtle movements. For example, if you move to grab a glass of water, your character's field of view starts spinning and it gets a bit disorienting to get it back on track. Being an intense game, the gyroscopic controls can also screw up your aim if you adjust your posture while in the middle of a battle. © Blizzard Another issue we came across was the obvious input lag on the Joy-Cons that can be a deal-breaker depending on the character you are playing with. We like to play as Baptiste or Tracer, however while playing in handheld mode, it was easier to play Baptiste simply because of the input lag. Tracer is a very fast character that requires good accuracy and spontaneous reflexes. In order to play as Tracer, we would not recommend playing in handheld mode. For support characters like Baptiste, the handheld mode is ideal as you tend to hang back and heal your teammates while also shooting down your enemies that don't require the same spontaneous reflexes. © Blizzard When it comes to the multiplayer side of things, you will often find yourself in long skirmish queues until you can find a match to play. It's probably because not a lot of people in Asia have picked up the game yet which is why matchmaking can be a cumbersome process. The game also supports in-game voice chat, however you will not find may Switch players talking while playing. It's not because the in-game voice chat doesn't work properly, Switch players seem to be more averse to using microphones as they might be playing in a public area. So Who is It For? The main advantage of owning a Nintendo Switch is having the freedom from a TV and a power outlet, if you, as an Overwatch fan, want to play this game without being tied down to your gaming setup. It gives the ability to play a round or two when you are on a break at work or when you want to play a match while being in your bed. You can simply fire up the game and get going from the comfort of your bed before sleeping. However, if you are serious about this game and want to play it competitively, you can always play in docked mode with a pro controller. It may not look as beautiful as the PC or PS4 version, but it is still fun to play. In fact, I found myself playing this game on the Nintendo Switch more often than I would on the PS4 as I can play it whenever I want and wherever I want to.
  9. Everybody wants to get better at multiplayer games whether you're playing 'Overwatch', 'Call of Duty' or 'Rainbow Six Siege'. Some games require you to use a headset in order to hear footsteps of incoming enemies. Some games require communication and coordination, which means you need a microphone that is crystal clear. Many gaming headsets are overpriced simply because they are either imported or cater to a niche. We have compiled a list of headphones that cost under Rs 10,000 and can be used to give you a competitive edge. Please note, most of the headsets will require a 3.5mm adapter for the Xbox One. 1. HyperX Cloud Revolver S (INR 10,000) © HyperX It's probably our favourite gaming headset for the price it is offered for. The headset has a larger driver and better sound quality which can accurately pick up your opponent's footstep sounds. The headset can be used for both console gaming and on PCs. HyperX Cloud Revolver comes with a 2-meter audio control box extension with stereo and mic plugs for PC. It's ideal for use with the onboard sound card. Buy it here 2. Corsair HS50 (INR 4,499) © Pinterest These are one of the most comfortable gaming headsets we've used and can be used for long gaming sessions. It has swivelling ear cups and an award-winning memory foam that keeps a player going. The headphones audio quality is probably the best we've heard in a gaming headset under Rs 5000. It has stereo sound support which reduces ambient noises. However, we do feel the microphone is not clear and loud enough. If you can compromise on microphone quality, the HS50 is a steal. But it here 3. Razer Hammerhead BT (INR 8,999) © Razer If you aren't a big fan of wired headsets, the Razer Hammerhead BT is one of the in-ear earphones you should look at. It has 10mm drivers that have been specifically tuned for gaming purposes and can easily be used with PCs. Please note this is not compatible with the PS4. It has Bluetooth 4.1 built-in and works like a charm with Bluetooth enabled devices. What's cool is that you can even use these with your smartphones to listen to audio and watch videos. The headphones have recently launched in India and are currently available for Rs 8,999 Buy it here 4. HyperX Cloud Alpha (INR 8,799) © HyperX We had to include the second product from HyperX on this list as it is simply that good. It has a dual chamber that basically separates the mids and highs for clearer sounds. This is ideal for first-person shooter players as sometimes is essential to differentiate between deeper and lighter sounds. It has a removable noise-canceling microphone that offers crystal clear communication. It even has a mini-amp which can be used to adjust volume and microphone levels. It is compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Buy it here 5. Logitech G430 (INR 5,199) © YouTube The Logitech G430 offer Dolby 7.1 surround sound for an unbelievable price in our opinion. This enables the user to get an immersive 360-degree audio output. Compared to other headsets from this list, the Logitech G430 does not have memory foam and instead uses lightweight sports cloth. It is also outfitted with a noise-cancelling boom microphone that can pick up even the faintest of sounds clearly. The Logitech G430 is compatible with PS4, PCS and Xbox One with an adapter. Buy it here
  10. If you asked me about myself, I would probably tell you that I express myself through sports. I grew up playing cricket and football. Back then, I really didn't know what fitness was. Just being active was how I was wired. As time went by, at the age of 16, I discovered weight training. I went to the gym with an ideal bodybuilder's physique in mind. I failed and got back up and this went on for a long time. Soon, I realized that it's an art and not a sprint. Day after day, I studied more and put in the required work under the bar. Seeing my body change and grow was so satisfying that I got hooked instantly. One of the most important things to achieving a great physique is consistent. You have to understand that fitness is a lifestyle. A kickass physique is earned! I Quit My Job As An Accountant When I quit my job as an accountant and took up fitness as a full-time career, it was pretty scary. There were ups and downs, fear and negative thoughts but I just kept pushing. At this point, it's all about being patient and giving my best effort. That very same year, I entered 4 competitions and placed very high. My presence was certainly felt and I did leave a mark. All that hard work finally paid off. A skinny 16-year-old was now competing against the country's finest athletes. Now, I run my own business as an online fitness consultant and an entrepreneur. Competing At 21 At the age of 21, I did my first bodybuilding competition. Using all the knowledge and experience I had gained over the years, I gave the stage my all. Since I was an accountant, it was no joke balancing my work and passion. Soon after the competition, I realized that fitness is what I actually love and what makes me happy. All I could see myself doing was helping others achieve their fitness goals. This is what changed my life and made me who I am today- a proud competitive bodybuilder and a coach. How Success Came I still train hard six days a week with a well-balanced diet. The focus on compound movements still remains pivotal, with a good mix of high intensity and volume. Each session lasts about 90 min but believe me, I do some serious damage. This is how I have trained over the years. As long as you eat right and train consistently, you will get there, it's all about being patient. Now, what really made me fall in love with the journey was the fact that I had convinced myself that if I put in the work, I can literally do anything. I set my mind on a goal and chased it. Everyone is different and each one of us has our own definition of success and happiness. Bodybuilding Made Me Confident Years went by and weight training became an integral part of my life. Even after all this time, I enjoy this lifestyle. I am organized, disciplined and apply the same principles of bodybuilding to every aspect of my life. It gives me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and to do things which most people feel are ridiculous and impossible. That's exactly what motivates me!
  11. Being from an army family, I was always a very active kid. Ample football and lots of cycling used to be my daily highlights till class 12th. Owing to so much activity and low appetite, I've been a skinny kid almost whole my life. Then the IIT JEE fever hit me and I stopped all physical activities. This further reduced my appetite and I lost more weight. © Vivek Sick Of 'Fake Natties' When the engineering entrance exams got over, I decided to join a gym and bought a mass gainer on the gym trainer's recommendation. I wanted to lok good, period. Sadly, I lost all motivation within 2 weeks when I didn't see differences. Now when I look back I know why I was so impatient. It's the fake natural transformations that many fitness companies put out because of which many people end up setting unrealistic goals for themselves. Fast forward a year, I was studying at IIT Guwahati. During summer offs I went back home and my friend Aman Duggal got me back into lifting. We started off with a famous workout at the time, called P90X. This is what I looked like before starting (Date: 14th May 2012, bodyweight= 62kg, height=6ft) © Vivek We followed the program with a lot of dedication and this was me towards the end of this training program (Date: 26 July 2012, Bodyweight= 64kg): © Vivek For the first time in my life, I had noticed big differences in my body. This gave me a sense of achievement and the confidence to keep moving forward. Then I started following the typical bodybuilding.com programs like P90X and Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Size. I saw great changes in my body. Then I was introduced to 5X5 program from Jason Blaha, Layne Norton's PHAT, Candito's Training. I saw even better changes with these programs. I have been a lacto-vegetarian whole my life but during this time I had started eating eggs in order to meet my protein requirements. Within 14 months of lifting, I had put on 15kg. But then I realised that I had put on a lot of fat as well along the way. © Vivek Soon, I started preparing for the bodybuilding contest of my college. This had always been a dream. Now for the first time in my life, I was counting calories on a daily basis. The goal was to get on the stage, as shredded as possible. My diet diligence brought me down to 74kg. The result, I got what I came for. I won the competition; I was Mr. IIT Guwahati 2014! © Vivek Now I was more passionate than ever. Becoming a fitness professional was the next step. While looking at different fields in fitness, I came across biomechanics. When I started reading more about it I was amazed to know that weightlifting is basically mechanics. I was hooked and kept it consistent. Fast forward to Jan 2016, I was managing a job and bodybuilding together. My salary funded my fitness education. I joined Bayesian Bodybuilding course which is considered one of the best in evidence based fitness community. This is what I looked like (Date: 18th Jan 2016, Bodyweight: 79kg) © Vivek During 2016, I had to again take 2 months off from training owing to a supraspinatus injury and sciatica. During this time I could dedicate more time to my studies and work. After 2 months, I decided to get back into the gym but I had a fear of getting injured again. So, I'd decided not to push hard in the gym and go easy for a while. During all this, I completed my certification and started taking clients for online fitness coaching. I quit my corporate job and started working with my friend Aman Duggal at Alpharaj.com. Finally I became a full time fitness professional! This is me right now, back into the game with full force and a lot more knowledge. Taking every step forward cautiously; tracking my training and diet meticulously. (Date: 15th Dec 2017, Bodyweight: 78kg) © Vivek Took The Vegan Route For the last 2 years, I've been a vegan. So, my current supplement stack is: Vegan Protein Blend or Pea Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, a basic multivitamin, Vitamin B12 and D3, vegan DHA, Curcumin and Caffeine (mostly from coffee). As for workouts, I keep mine very simple. Compound movements followed by a few isolations. I use undulating set x reps for most exercises. I use paired sets which help me save time and perform better on both the paired lifts. The Future In the future, I would like to step on the big stage and compete with the best natural bodybuilders out there. But currently it's hard to find an Indian organization which is completely drug tested and bans drug users. Until then, the man in the mirror is my only competition!
  12. Gordon Ramsay participating in an epic cook-off is nothing out of the ordinary, but this particular episode was a little different, and very hilarious. Instead of facing off another professional chef, Ramsay went head-to-head with his friend, and ‘the second most competitive Brit on the planet' David Beckham. © Facebook/Gordon Ramsay For this week's episode of Gordon Ramsay's show ‘The F Word', he invited Beckham to his kitchen and both of them competed to see who could make the best risotto, and the competition was fierce, as you would expect from two people who are at the top of their respective fields. As soon as they began cooking, the two best friends started trolling each other continuously to throw the other one off, all in good fun, obviously. Beckham took at dig at Gordon saying "He's not a chef anymore, he's a TV host." © Facebook/Gordon Ramsay Ramsay just couldn't stop asking questions, which made an exasperated Beckham ask, "Are we going to talk all the way through this?" To that, Ramsay responded, "The idea is to talk as much as I can to put you off, hoping that your slip up, burn something, and I sneak in from behind and win." © Facebook/Gordon Ramsay Gordon further tried to irritate his friend by chopping really loudly, which made Beckham take a blow at him saying that his wife Victoria Beckham complained that the fish Gordon prepared for her last week was undercooked. The competition is heating up and these guys are not messing around. © Facebook/Gordon Ramsay Beckham even brought out the big guns and made a fancy pea puree. In the end, both dishes looked really good, but Beckham's asparagus and corn risotto looked a tad bit more appetizing than Ramsay's creamy crab risotto. But that's just going by the look of it. © Facebook/Gordon Ramsay For the final taste test, both of the dishes were presented to Muhammad Ali's daughter and former professional boxer Laila Ali. Praising both of the risottos, she ended up declaring Ramsay's dish as the winner. After all, he is the professional chef, obviously he won. But the most surprising part of the whole video was when he didn't drop a single f-bomb. Sorry, Becks. Watch the whole video here:
  13. You've heard a lot of transformation stories of people who have gone from being fat to fit but this is not one such story. In a lot of cases the physical transformation transforms the mind of the person and makes the person feel confident and separates the person from the normal crowd. That’s what happened with me. I was a skinny kid during my schooling but I was pretty athletic. This made me feel confident and settle for mediocrity as I felt happy with where I was. I was blessed with a talent towards football and I was pretty good at it. I represented several semi-professional football clubs but my attitude was all wrong. The mediocre mind-set in me never made me push myself and I would always find an excuse for my failures as a football player. There’s no use when talent doesn’t work hard. I was an average student as far as my academics were concerned. This lazy attitude of mine made me search for easy and temporary things in life and I started deviating from hard work. At this point, I was good at nothing and all I cared about was about temporary things and about having fun in life. I then joined automobile engineering and I was pretty good. At this point I found a love towards motorcycles and I started racing in the national motorcycle championship and placed in my first race. I had a life changing event- a horrible accident. I fell down, broke my ribs, punctured my lungs and had a plastic surgery on my legs. I was fighting for my life. This made me realise the importance of living. Once I healed properly, I was introduced to the gym by a friend and the I joined because I was too skinny and I felt really weak. This was it, this moment changed me as a person. I realised how weak I was. This was a reality check for me. I wanted to do something about it and I started learning about fitness. I wanted to do something with my life and I wanted my life to mean something. I got better at lifting and I had really good genetics which gave me quick results. The better I got, the more interested I got. I always believed in science rather than in word of mouth. I needed an explanation for everything and I feel that this attitude of mine is what got me real good results. Once people started asking me things, I felt that I’ve reached a level where I could help people change their life. This was when I started my YouTube channel and I started making videos for people so that they wouldn’t have to waste their time and be frustrated with themselves. I then competed in my first Men’s Physique show at MuscleMania Chennai and placed in the top 5. I believe that fitness is not just about looking good. It’s a mental, physical and an emotional combination and this is what I wanted to help people achieve. I was working a 9-5 job but would still go back and do my online coaching and YouTube. Hard work is everything and this is what is lacking with a lot of people. I wanted people to understand the power of it and that was when I started to include lifestyle vlogs and document my journey on my channel. I finally quit my job and worked on fitness full time. I’m also starting my own lifestyle and apparel brand called “Garth Lifestyle” and this is my way of leaving behind a legacy. I’m also planning to compete this year at the Asia Pacific contest at Singapore. My humble request to you is to do what you love. If you want it bad enough, go get it. Be the wolf and conquer.
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