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Found 27 results

  1. Those of you who have been on the extremely popular (and super addictive) video-sharing platform YouTube, will agree that the time has come to officially declare 'Power of YouTube' as a legit phenomenon. I mean, who are we even kidding by second-guessing this completely obvious move, especially with regard to the Indian subcontinent? Wasn't it only last year when India overtook the United States of America to become the top country with the most number of YouTube audience in the world? For the uninitiated, yes it was. With over 265 million active monthly users, India broke all records to claim the top spot in 2018. © Instagram So, it is only natural that one of our country's top YouTubers, Ajey Nagar aka 'CarryMinati' would prove it to the entire world that the 'Power of YouTube' can bring people from around the world to converge at a single point on-screen to laugh together. Ajey was just 10-years-old when he put out his first YouTube video, and nine years down the line and aged 19, he has been named amongst the '10 Next Generation Leaders 2019' by famed US publication TIME magazine. © Instagram How this glorious moment came to pass, is a tale that is nothing less than inspiring. Once you get to know about Ajey's journey, you will believe that anything is possible, as long as you keep dreaming and follow your passion. The Backstory Just like any of us, Faridabad resident Ajey was an avid YouTube video consumer and it is during one such viewing that Ajey decided he wants to be on the other side of the screen too. Following the lives of successful YouTubers and partaking the awesome content they put out on the platform, inspired Ajey to create a similar life for himself. © Instagram With a wish to create quality content for his audience, that would entertain and educate people all at once, Ajey started churning out roasts and sketches on his YouTube channel 'CarryMinati', which enjoys close to 7 million subscribers today. The Beginning It was back in 2016 that Ajey finally found his niche in creating “diss tracks” on “weird and cringey” user-generated videos on Facebook and TikTok. Ajey cashed-in on his desi swag and started producing content in Hindi, which reached thousands of viewers who enjoyed the videos so much, that soon 'CarryMinati' became one of India's most followed YouTube channels. The Ultimate Breakthrough © Instagram However, it was in January this year when things changed completely for Ajey. One of Ajey's diss tracks against infamous YouTuber PewDiePie went viral. The video titled 'Bye PewDiePie' where Ajey addresses PewDiePie and tells him that one day India will rule the world, came as a response to one of PewDiePie's videos mocking the broken English of an Indian man, which had offended Ajey. The video garnered a million likes in a jiffy and there was no looking back for Ajey after that. The Bigger Picture © Instagram In his interview with TIME, Ajey shared that his ultimate goal is to inspire people, help them take pride in their culture and embrace their identity, no matter where they are. That's the reason why Ajey chose to create videos in Hindi instead of English. He is reaching out to those who dare to be different and still manage to create a dent with their quality work. © Instagram Ajey takes pride in his roots and wishes to make the best of the desi swag we Indians are known for. 'Be yourself' is Ajey Nagar aka 'CarryMinati's ultimate success mantra. What a proud moment for the young man and our country to have such gems amidst us, who are constantly making India proud globally.
  2. Bollywood has always tried to project the idea of a 'mother' in numerous ways. Earlier, she was portrayed as someone who would always have the martyr syndrome and would do anything to bring peace and love to her family. While that's still the main character trait in most movies, mothers have now taken up a more evolutionary role in cinema. They've started defying stereotypes and have become more free-spirited and free-thinking for their family and themselves. (c)Eros International This is also a way to showcase the role of a woman in society and since cinema is the most malleable visual medium for people across the board, the significance of each character is viably important. Exceptionally so, if it's a woman who plays a vital role. (c)Viacom 18 Motion Pictures So, on Mother's Day, here are 5 mothers from Bollywood who're breaking stereotypes by actually being badass and cool at the same time: (1) Revathi- Margarita With A Straw (c)Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Revathi's performance was path-breaking when she played a mother to a child with Cerebral Palsy, whose daughter was struggling to express her sexuality. Definitely wasn't an easy role to play, for sure. (2) Sri Devi- English Vinglish (c)Eros International Shashi (Sri Devi), plays a very relatable character in this film who loves her family to bits and wants to do anything and everything possible to try and understand them. It is sometimes difficult to take care of everyone else's wishes while letting go of yours, but Sri Devi defied that characteristic and her role definitely speaks volumes. (3) Dolly Ahluwalia- Vicky Donor (c)Eros Entertainment Of course Vicky's whiskey-gulping, life-of-the-party Punjabi mom had to be on the list! As much as she loved emotionally blackmailing Vicky to get her way, as most moms do, she was also an embodiment of the perfect Punjabi Maa we most certainly know and want. (4) Tabu- Drishyam (c)Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Tabu plays a strong female character in the movie and we had to put her name on the list because she's a badass cop who spends the entire length of the film trying to avenge the death of her son and she does a good job of it. (5) Kirron Kher-Dostana (c) Yash Raj Films Our favourite paranoid Punjabi mom, who finally accepts and embraces the fact that her son was gay (even though he was just pretending)! We absolutely loved her character in the film. Indian mothers are the best, to be honest. They may be difficult to convince, emotionally woke and extremely sensitive with a dollop of paranoia and anger that can make her chappal throwing aim a game of perfection but at the end of the day, they know what you truly want and deserve and they'll go to any and every extent to make sure you have it. So, this Mother's Day, maybe take inspiration from these 5 mothers and do something uber special for your own.
  3. The next launch of a brand new iPhone is a few months away but a new patent has popped up that may give us a hint about a new feature. Ever since iPhone X was announced, Apple phased out the Touch ID biometric system in favour for an edge-to-edge design. We still got to see the feature on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. However, it was later replaced by FaceID on the iPhone XR. © Apple The iPhone XS and XS Max uses the same FaceID unlock system as its predecessor but a notable feature was missing. It seems like Apple is now looking to bring back TouchID according to the patent. The Cupertino giant is developing a fingerprint sensor that lets users unlock the smartphone by touching anywhere on the screen. The patent was granted to Apple earlier this week and was spotted by Patently Apple. © Patently Apple It would be a cool new feature if seen on the upcoming iPhone 11 and we have something similar to Apple's version developed by Vivo for a concept phone. The patent calls Apple's version as an "acoustic imaging system”. Another weird feature spotted in the same patent was the new sensor's ability to map a user's ear. The system would simply map your ear and unlock the smartphone for seamless call answering and other features. As usual, patents don't really translate to a final product every time and we would not keep our hopes high until its fully revealed or made official by Apple. We sincerely hope this feature does come to the iPhone 11 as many users still prefer to unlock smartphones with a fingerprint or at least want the option. Source: Patently Apple
  4. As the twelfth season of the Indian Premier League approaches its conclusion, the need for patience and keeping calm continues to rise. Especially with Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals fixing berths for themselves for the playoff round, only two spots remain and the competition amongst the rest of the franchises is nail-biting. Therefore, the pressure of the 'now-or-never' situation is getting to every member of the teams that have not qualified yet, which often erupts in an outburst when something does not go according to the liking of the athletes. Earlier, well-renowned and respected players of the Indian cricket team were looked down upon and fined for losing their cool over the flow of the game. On one hand, Indian skipper Virat Kohli was criticised for his 'extremely aggressive' reaction after dismissing Kings XI Punjab captain Ravichandran Ashwin last week, on the other hand, former captain of the Men in Blue and often referred to as 'Captain Cool', MS Dhoni was fined 50% of his match fees after coming onto the field from the dugout to argue with the umpires. Yesterday, it was time for the third captain of Team India and the leader of the MIPaltan, Rohit Sharma to join the infamous gang. After getting dismissed for cheap (12 runs off 9 deliveries) on an LBW appeal off English bowler, Harry Gurney, the 'Hitman' was visibly upset with the decision and vented his frustration on the stumps and broke them before leaving the crease. Breaching the conduct, Sharma was slapped with 15% of his match fees for the unprecedented actions and this is how his fans reacted: Rohit Sharma fuming at the umpire and buddy that wicket hitting thing is not expected from the clam batsman. When you're in a under pressure match and the poor umpiring takes the best batsman in your team. IPL umpiring are in a poor poor temper right now. — Subhadeep Paul (@paulbabaraps) April 28, 2019 But it's actually out umpire gave correct decision only Rohit needs to accept his wicket It's not like what happened other day One umpire giving out and other not — Nisha Cutee (@NishaCutee) April 28, 2019 Rohit Sharma trying to Mankad bowler. Truly next level skipper. pic.twitter.com/QjWh5w31LB — Rain Man (@ohgoditsmayhem) April 28, 2019 Rohit Sharma trying to Mankad bowler. Truly next level skipper. pic.twitter.com/QjWh5w31LB — Rain Man (@ohgoditsmayhem) April 28, 2019 Incidentally, the Indian opener's flare-up came in his 100th match as the captain of Mumbai Indians. Sharma is only the fourth cricketer to lead a franchise for 100 matches after MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli.
  5. The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week just got over, and there was a lot going on beyond the runway. We were there for all of it, especially the uber cool street style. While it had a lot of elements, what impressed us most was the edgy, innovative examples of layering. Here are 11 cool layering hacks for you, inspired by that. 1. Get a knee length jacket. Wear it with co-ords for a snazzy yet sophisticated street outfit. © Studiopicsing 2. Throw a bomber jacket on top of a longline shirt. © Studiopicsing 3. Any statement piece of outerwear when paired with a button-down shirt and relaxed trousers spells ramp-ready. © Studiopicsing 4. Asymmetric, bizarre silhouettes are in and if you're confident enough to carry it off, nothing will come in your way. © Studiopicsing 5. Round neck T-shirt + pleated pants topped with a statement jacket will make you look like a million bucks. © Studiopicsing 6. Every man needs a black turtleneck to amp up his layering game. © Studiopicsing 7. A subtle bomber with a relaxed pair of linen pants will make you look fly AF - just like Khanijo here. © Studiopicsing 8. While wearing a fur-lined piece with a big collar, keep the rest muted and simple. © Studiopicsing 9. Layering with different all-black textures can be super fun, and it never goes wrong. © Studiopicsing 10. Have you tried this 'over the shoulder' way of wearing a jacket? © Studiopicsing 11. Bold jackets, relaxed pants, statement sneakers, cool bags - the street will be yours. © Studiopicsing
  6. Ever since Apple announced the iPhone X with a notch, smartphone companies have rushed to copy the design and even use the same tactic to hide its presence. Apple cleverly uses dark wallpapers by default which basically hides the notch when viewed from far. Samsung also uses similar wallpapers to hide the punch-hole gamer at the front of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. © Twitter_Matt B However, not everyone needs to hide the cameras, especially when other wallpapers can embrace Samsung's design choice. Twitter users Matt B (@mattcabb) posted a series of wallpapers that basically flaunt the front-facing cameras with unique characters from Futurama and even Jonny 5 from 'Short Circuit'. Other wallpapers include the NASA Mars Rover and a very cute R2-D2 for the Galaxy S10. © Twitter_Matt B You can have a look at the entire thread of Tweets that feature different wallpapers for the Galaxy S10/S10+. Not so sure about #bender from #futurama. Too much emotions in his original eyes. pic.twitter.com/I5F4kqLlQ3 — Matt B (@Mattcabb) February 27, 2019 The wallpapers are not currently available to download since the Galaxy S10 is not available to the general public yet. However, we do expect these wallpapers to pop up on social media very soon once the smartphone is in the hand of customers. For now, we're just hoping Matt B makes a 'Wall-E' version as well. The wallpapers are not currently available to download since the Galaxy S10 is not available to the general public yet. However, we do expect these wallpapers to pop up on social media very soon once the smartphone is in the hand of customers. For now, we're just hoping Matt B makes a 'Wall-E' version as well.
  7. Last year, when the Indian selectors dropped MS Dhoni from the Twenty20 International (T20I) series against Australia, there was a lot of hue and cry over the decision. While many slammed the selectors for axing Dhoni, others targeted Rishabh Pant who was preferred over the former Indian captain. After much speculation, it was Dhoni who finally revealed that he dropped himself in a bid to give young Pant some game-time before labelling him as his worthy successor. It was the first time when Dhoni's admiration towards Pant came to the fore. But, for Pant, Dhoni has always been an idol whose exploits on the field inspired him to become a wicketkeeper-batsman. While Pant is still learning the tools of the trade from Dhoni, the Delhi youngster seems to have now turned the guns against his own idol. The left-hander was recently seen taunting Dhoni before concluding that he intends to make the Jharkhand cricketer lose his cool. What's wrong with Pant? Why would he do that? Before all these questions drive you nuts, allow us to clear the air. The fun banter is on ððð@RishabPant777 from @DelhiCapitals is going one up against @ChennaiIPL Captain @msdhoni - What will be Thala's reply? Watch this space for more ðð #VIVOIPL pic.twitter.com/aI2fO5bl4x — IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) February 24, 2019 Pant's comments were part of a promotional video for the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Sporting the new Delhi Capitals jersey, Pant was seen sitting in the middle of the pitch where chants of Dhoni was reverberating in the background. The young cricketer, then, opens a fan-book containing Dhoni's picture and calls the former Indian captain his "guru". In a thought-provoking baritone, Pant even went on to say that if it wasn't for Dhoni, he may not have become a wicketkeeper-batsman. But, just when you thought Pant was paying a tribute to his mentor, the video takes a complete turn as the 21-year-old, then, fires a straight warning to Dhoni. The young gun claimed that he will rain on Chennai Super Kings' (CSK) parade so effectively in the upcoming season of the IPL that Dhoni will lose his cool. Twitter/@BCCI Pant subsequently asked "Mahi Bhai" to get ready as he will be coming to show his batting prowess in the IPL. While the video ended with Dhoni watching Pant's warning on his phone, there is probably a reply from the CSK skipper lurking around the corner. The twelfth edition of the IPL will kickstart with the pulsating clash between defending champions CSK and Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) on 23rd March. On the other hand, Delhi Capitals will be seen opening their campaign against Mumbai Indians on 24th March.
  8. If you're one who loves sneakers and wants to show them off to the world every single time you wear them, we have a treat for you. With the rise of the sneaker culture, sneakers aren't a mere sport-based necessity anymore. From red carpets, street style, Indian-wear to the runway, sneakers can be rocked anywhere, anytime. Being such a versatile shoe, the possibilities of styling a pair of sneakers is endless. If you want to re-vamp your trusted shoe in the easiest way possible, try out some unique shoelace designs. Such a simple move can take your shoe-game to a whole new level. Check these 5 cool shoe-lace patterns out: 1. Ladder © Mensxp Step 1: Start by inserting the two ends A and B into the bottom pair of eyelets from beneath. Step 2: Pull out both the ends and insert them in the pair of eyelets which are second from the bottom. Now pull the end A from beneath and do the same for the end B. You will see two vertical loops across two eyelets from the bottom. Step 3: Take each end and weave it in the loop formed on the opposite side. Its best to refer to the illustration for the same. Repeat the same procedure on the successive loops. This ladder will take you all the way to the promised land, trust us. 2. Bars © Mensxp Step 1: One of the most popular ways to tie shoelaces is the bar pattern. Prefer a single or a double colored lace to get the best look from this pattern. Step 2: Insert the two ends into the bottom pair of eyelets to form the first bar. Then form a second bar by pulling end B from the second eyelet and inserting it in the eyelet next to it. Step 3: Now, take end A from the first eyelet on the left, skip the second, and insert it in the third from beneath. Do the same for the B end. Take it from its last position on the left (second), skip one on the same side, and insert it into the next one. Voila! Now that's the kind of bar hopping we like! 3. Checkered © Mensxp Step 1: This lacing pattern looks super fly. To achieve it, you're gonna need two laces of different colors, preferably white, black, red or yellow. Step 2: Use one lace and start by forming a simple bar-patterned lacing as shown in the illustration. When you reach the end-point, tie both the ends of the first lace from under it. Step 3: Take the second lace and start interweaving the first lace starting from the bottom left, going straight up and ending at the bottom right. You can then tuck or knot the loose ends of the bottom pair of eyelets. Pro tip: This style isn't supposed to be tied up but to style a shoe as a slip-on. 4. Zipper © Mensxp Step 1: From the top-left eyelet, start looping every diagonal eyelet. Continue looping till you reach the bottom-right eyelet of the shoe. Step 2: Start looping the bottom-right eyelet and pass the end through the eyelet parallel to it. Now, start from the current one and go on looping diagonally till the top as like Step 1. Step 3: When you reach the top, you're all set. Wear the show and show it off! 5. Z shaped © Mensxp Step 1: As seen in the bar pattern, you'll see the lace forming the alphabet 'Z' on its way. Begin by passing the two ends through the bottom most set of eyelets from above to form a bar. Refer to the bar pattern illustration in point 2 for extra help. Step 2: Grab end A from under and pass it diagonally through the third eyelet that you see on the right side. Take end B and pass it through the next eyelet (second one from bottom), and then through the eyelet parallel to it to form the second bar. Step 3: You need to make the bar from each end that comes out of the eyelets on the right hand side, and also the diagonal lines from the ends peeking through the left side. Keep going till the end and your Z-shaped lacing should be done and ready to flaunt.
  9. If it is hard for a newcomer to make an impact with their first movie in Bollywood, it's harder, considerably more so, when one gets launched in a movie and has to share screen-space with a super established actor. This was precisely what Rohan Mehra had to face, when he made his foray into the big bad world of Bollywood, that too alongside a giant like Saif Ali Khan. However, that did not stop the lad from making an instant connection with the audience with his effortless charm and acting chops - something he seems to have inherited from his father, the iconic Mr Vinod Mehra. © MensXP Outfit Credits: T-Shirt: H&M Bomber: Nor Black Nor White Trousers: H&M Eyewear: Burberry at Luxottica It may only be the beginning for Rohan when it comes to Bollywood, but he already has established himself as a style icon among the youngsters of the country. In a candid interview with MensXP, he answered 11 personal questions about his wardrobe, and all things fashion. © MensXP Outfit Credits: Polo: FILA Jeans: H&M Footwear: Adidas Originals Eyewear: Burberry at Luxottica 1. What is your personal style statement like? Don't limit yourself, mix it up. 2. Who is the one style icon you always look up to, and why? My dad. He always seemed to stand out, yet kept it classy and easy. © MensXP Outfit Credits: Shirt: H&M Blazer: Suket Dhir Jeans: H&M Eyewear: Ray-Ban at Luxottica 3. What do you like wearing on dates? I try to keep it simple, I don't approach it differently as compared to any other occasion. 4. What is that one piece of clothing in your wardrobe you just can't do without? It has to be my denim jacket. 5. What is that one fashion trend that you just don't understand/relate to? Over-size T-shirts, at least for now! © MensXP Outfit Credits: T-Shirt: H&M Bomber: Nor Black Nor White Trousers: H&M Eyewear: Burberry at Luxottica 6. Miminalism vs. Maximalism? Minimalism. 7. Boots vs. Sneakers? Boots. 8. T-shirts vs. Shirts? Shirts. © MensXP Outfit Credits: Polo: FILA Jeans: H&M Footwear: Adidas Originals Eyewear: Burberry at Luxottica 9. Who is the one historical figure you'd like to dress up as? Malcolm X. 10. What is the one body part you like to highlight while dressing up? Feet. 11. Which is the best fashion advice you have received till date? Be yourself, wear what you like, and not what you think others would like you to wear. All the very best for future, Rohan! Creative Director: Santu Misra Style Editor: Siddharth Batra Photographer: Shannon Mikhail Lobo Assistant Stylist: Devanshi Tuli Hair: Hassan Salmani Make-up: Shiva Shankar Prasad Bookings Editor: Drishti Malik
  10. Setting up LED light strips is not something new as gamers have been using this technique for their setups for a while. However, with home automation becoming more accessible and IFTTT is advancing at a rapid pace to make it more affordable. You can control lights from your smartphone and change colours with infinite possibilities. You can setup different moods, lighting effects and scenes straight from the palm of your hand. Currently, the only two reliable brands that sell smart LED light strips in India are Phillips and Yeelight. I chose the latter to set up my room because it costs exactly half as much as the Phillips Hue light strip. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Yeelight Aurora Smart LED Light strip costs Rs 3,200 in India while the Phillips equivalent costs Rs 6,000. Of course, I would end up using the cheaper option because it does the same exact job for cheaper. You can always use other light strips from other brands; however, we aren't sure about whether their ecosystems or even their apps are reliable. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla A smart LED strip can be used for various purposes, such as lighting up the back end of a TV/Monitor so that it reduces eye strain. We can even use these light strips for indoor decorations during parties or for festivals like Diwali. What's cool is that you can even sync the Yeelight Smart LED Light strip with some of their other lighting products to get that uniform look. The Yeelight lightstrip supports 16 million colors and goes up to 140 lumens, which results in better illumination at a really affordable price. How To Set It Up Setting up the Yeelight Smart LED light strip is quite simple and straight forward. You will need to follow these steps below to get started: 1. Download the Yeelight app on your Android/iOS device. 2. Launch the app to see your listed products i.e. the Yeelight Smart LED Light strip. 3. Follow instructions to pair your device and light strips using Wi-FI and Bluetooth 4. If you need to reset your Yeelight LED Light strip, follow this instructional video below: 5. You're now ready to use the light strip How To Customise Colours And Set Scenes Once you're all setup, you can change the colours of your light strip according to your liking. I chose the colour red as all my PC components were also using the same hue and I like uniformity in my workspace. All you need to do is go to the device page, tap on your product and then select your colour to your liking. You can even change the brightness level to your liking, this comes in handy when you're watching a movie or having a date night. © Akshay Bhalla If you don't want to manually change colours every single time, you can also setup scenes so that you don't have to manually tap on a colour each time. You can also add lighting effects/moods in scenes such as a sunrise effect or night mode. In my party scene, I've setup a yellow light that would flicker like a candle. You can also customise the number of times you want the light to flicker and the duration in the customisations tab. As we said before, lighting effects are limitless if you know what you're doing. Automation The great thing about the Yeelight Smart LED that is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. It even works with Siri Shortcuts if you are an iPhone that works similarly to aforementioned voice assistants. Here's how you set it up with Google Assistant Open the Google Home app and tap on the Add icon. Select Set up device Works with Google and search for Yeelight. Tap on it to open the Xiaomi login page. This action will link your Xiaomi account and your Google Home account. Sign in using the same credentials that you used to sign-in to your Yeelights app. Assign the Yeelight Smart Light strip to a room Give a nickname if you want to use your own phrase Siri Shortcuts © Akshay Bhalla Siri Shortcuts work only after you setup a scene on the Yeelight app. After setting up you can add a Siri Shortcut straight from the Yeelight App and it will ask you record your phrase. Since I have two scenes setup, I've recorded my phrases as “Turn on Gaming Lights”or “Turn on Party Lights”. So there you have it, you can now have super cool looking room that is completely automated. You can always use cheaper LED light strips that come with a remote to change colours. However, since these aren't compatible with Digital voice assistants or have IFTTT support, you will be limited to using single colours and lack customisation options.
  11. Getting inked is a big decision. It's not a decision that should ideally be taken on a whim. It takes days of research and planning and then deciding on a glyph that means something special to you. However, that doesn't mean your tat should be generic, as you can experiment with a host of different styles that exist out there. Here's are some cool trends that you can check out before you get started thinking about your next tattoo: Japanese Tattoos The artistry began in the Yayoi period (c. 300 BC–300 AD) when the markers were used to identify masters and slaves distinctly. Then, in the Kofun period (300 –600 AD), things changed drastically when tattoos started being associated with a negative connotation since they were used as marks for criminals. The traditional images from the past generation are “images of the floating world” called ukiyo-e in the Japanese. Some of the famous ones today are: 1. The Geisha © Geisha 2. The Samurai © Japanese Samurai 3. The Japanese Temple © temple brookelyn kelly 4. The Floating Tiger © carl howell Watercolour Tattoos: A relatively new trend, the tattoo mimics the finish of watercolours. Using bright and vibrant colours, the artist attempts to capture the essence of watercolours on your skin. The designs have a unique world of their own. However, there is a controversy around these tats that they might not last as they age but, that also depends on a host of factors including the experience of your tattoo artist, the technique and the quality of the colours used. It's best to do thorough research first. 5. Ambiguous Triangles © watercolors tattoos 6. The Street Art © watercolor tattoos 7. The Cute Wolf © taluh andriah 8. Geometric Flowers © sasha unisex Blackwork Tattoos: A trend that covers skin completely with bold black ink. It's one of the older trends, but certainly more attention-grabbing than others. It is inspired by tribal art where these tattoos were used as markers of identity among the tribe. 9. The Abstract Blackwork © blackwork 10. The Black Leg © oldtattoer 11. The Geometric Hand © rootist tattoo Realistic Tattoos: These tattoos look strikingly similar to the object they've been inspired from. These are extremely realistic and the person has to look twice at the image to see if it's real or not. 12. The Sharp Tool © next luxury 13. The Venomous Snake © next luxury 14. The 1984 TV © next luxury 15. Daredevil © rob richardson tattoos Traditional Tattoos: The American tradition of body art is famous for iconic Native American symbols of mermaids, sparrows, hearts, anchors, skulls, feathers among others. The technique uses bold black ink with strong hues to fill in the shape so the resulting tat makes a loud statement. The art design usually signifies something deep. 16. A Favour To The Dead © salior jerry 17. The Native Indian © native indian 18. Sweetheart © Pinterest 19. The Dreamy Tiger © inkbox
  12. The hoodie is back! The once forgotten Winter essential is making headlines again. Ranveer Singh loves the hoodie (with his recent White Gucci venture), so does Arjun Kapoor! With some really cool hoodies out there, team MensXP has corroborated a definite list of affordable hoodies that look breezy, are comfy and look great with almost anything. A great Avengers white hoodie to lounge in if you absolutely love Marvel. © ZARA Price: 2,890 Buy it here This hoodie is a great tumblr aesthetic for the E.T fans out there. © H&M Price: 1,999 Buy it here A cool graphic hoodie that is so warm, you wouldn't feel the need of a blanket even when you're at home. © H&M Price: 2,299 Buy it here This H&M White/Joy Division hoodie indulges in Freudian slips with its graphics. © H&M Price: 2,299 Buy it here Just a regular hoodie with a huge chest pocket, incase you pack heavy every time you travel. © Facebook Price: 2,299 Buy it here A perfect hooded jumper to play basketball in. Pair this with shorts and you won't feel the cold, trust us. © Facebook Price: 1,999 Buy it here © Mango Hoodies in offbeat colours are the new thing. If want to experiment with different colours, this one's for you. Price: 2,990 Buy it here A statement piece when you feel the need to go extra for a party. This Orange hoodie is sure to get you compliments. © shein Price: 1,236 Buy it here This colour blocked hoodie also experiments with a cool font. It's great for a regular day to college/ work. © Ajio Price: 1,999 Buy it here A nike sweatshirt for the no-pain-no-gain days. Wear it to the gym to instantly find the motivation to work out. © Ajio Price: 2,895 Buy it here A crew-neck minimalist jumper for people who don't prefer making a loud statement. © Ajio Price:1,899 Buy it here This blue hoodie with striped panels is known to a be staple of the dancing crews around the world. © Ajio Price: 1,250 Buy it here For men, who won't deviate from black. This one's for you so that you can express your love for the colour even more eloquently. © Ajio Price: 1,999 Buy it here For the post-modernist nerds out there, a hoodie that gets your dilemma like no one around you. © Ajio Price: 2,299 Buy it here We all owned a GAP hoodie as kids. So here's a GAP hoodie to bring back childhood nostalgia. © NNOW Price: 1,799 Buy it here For the closeted vigilantes out there, this Batman sweatshirt will give you the symbolic expression that you were looking for. © NNOW Price: 2,799 Buy it here A black sweatshirt with stripes on the side for a groovy vibe. © Koovs Price: 1,699 Buy it here
  13. If you looked around you right now, no matter where you are, there is a possibility that every third person you set your eyes on could be sporting spectacles. Yeah, some of those are prescribed glasses, others are mere fashion accessories, while some are wearing them merely to save their eyes from the 8-hour-long scare that awaits them day after day at work. Eyewear has been a raging fashion trend for the past couple of seasons as it is, but over the years, the aam aadmi has also been experimenting with his eyewear designs. This growing rage and a potential for a lucrative business in the optical industry was spotted by an electrical engineer working with Microsoft, of all people. © MensXP A need to build something of his own and a passion to be at the top in whatever he did, this is the story of Peyush Bansal who gave India its leading online eyewear portal - which has since changed how Indians take care of their eyes. An electrical engineer in IT, Control and Automation by degree, from McGill University in Canada, Peyush found himself in a happy position after completing his engineering degree when he landed a fancy job with Microsoft in the US after many failures and retakes. However, within a year of being there, and regardless of the great time he was having at the firm, Peyush decided to follow his heart's calling. He came back to India to pursue his MBA from IIM Bangalore. It was around this time that he launched his company Valyoo Technologies with SearchMyCampus as his first business. © MensXP SearchMyCampus was an online classifieds website specifically meant for students and covered everything from accommodation to books, part-time jobs, carpool facilities, internships, besides a lot more. It became a huge hit and motivated Peyush to explore the e-com space further. That's how he launched Flyrr.com which focused on the eyewear industry in the US. It was the success of this venture that finally pushed Peyush to redirect his attention towards the need to solve bigger, more pertinent issues that affected people on a personal level. That's when the alarming figures of the optical industry in India caught his attention. Peyush found out that around 600-700 million Indians needed spectacles, out of which only 170 million used any. With this data to fall back on and a desire to alleviate the consumer problems in sight, Peyush finally launched Lenskart in 2010. © MensXP Peyush went on to establish one of India's most successful online eyewear portal with an enviable product range that includes spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses and even at-home eye check-ups for those who can't but wish to enjoy the best quality services and affordable prices.Peyush aims to conquer 50 per cent of the Indian market where half of India forms its consumer base. Move to 2018, and today they sell over 300,000 spectacles a month, with a 1000 crore annual turnover. © MensXP People, young and old know the name of his company and the valuable services they provide. Apart from quality goods, Lenskart today stands synonymous to great customer support, and this aspect about the company has its customers hooked. Hear it from the man himself, as he talks to MensXP about his riveting journey from being an engineer to being the mastermind behind India's favourite online eyewear portal, and how it feels to be a global name in the industry.
  14. Some of our most fond memories in life are related to our childhood, as those were the most carefree and fun-filled days of our lives. Sure, the adult “fun” is all good, but we all know how long-lasting that can be, so let's not go there and hurt our feelings any further. View this post on Instagram Lazy Sunday A post shared by Aamir Khan (@_aamirkhan) on Sep 1, 2018 at 9:30pm PDT However, apart from all the fun and games that we lived through back in the day, there are a few very intricate aspects of our childhood that we categorically miss - the most entertaining cartoon shows and the greatest comic binges we got to enjoy as children. Fine, some of us have not let THAT kid in us die yet. © Instagram But talking of comics, one of the most popular series we laid our hands on has to be 'Asterix'! One of the most engaging comic characters, we could never have enough of Asterix with Obelix by his side, and Dogmatix keeping up his antics besides a lot more. But imagine two of the most important people in your life coming together to bring your favourite characters to life, that would be so cool and fun, to say the least. Well, Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao did exactly that for their son's pre-birthday bash - the family dressed up like the characters from 'Asterix' and boy, did they nail it or what! © Instagram With Azad dressed up as Asterix, Aamir as Obelix and Kiran as Getafix, the family was more than perfect to look at - and managed to bring back so many happy memories from our childhood. © Instagram The images were shared on Instagram by Aamir Khan, and does the party seem lit and happening! We totally love our parents, and are more than grateful for everything they have done for us and blessed us with, yet, wouldn't it be cool to have your parents dress-up as your favourite comic characters and host a themed party? Guess we are too old for that, but one can always wish. No?
  15. The star couple of the year, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, have already tied the knot in marital bliss but the hangover of partying is still on. Last night Ritika Bhavnani, the sister of the groom threw an epic gothic-themed (or that's what it looks like) bash for the couple and everyone let their hair down. Ranveer and Deepika looked amazing in their gothic attires, something only they can carry with élan. View this post on Instagram A match made in Paradise! @ranveersingh @deepikapadukone A post shared by DiwaaahBhaiWaah! (@shanoosharmarahihai) on Nov 24, 2018 at 9:53pm PST View this post on Instagram Ranveer and Deepika at their wedding party! ð #deepikapadukone @deepikapadukone #gainfollowers #bollywood #ranveersingh @ranveersingh #DeepVeer #deepveerkishaadi A post shared by #deepveerwale ð¥ð (@deepikapadukone.closet) on Nov 24, 2018 at 7:33pm PST Everyone was in a party mode, but nobody could keep up with the energy of the Bhavnanis of course! View this post on Instagram Every girl needs a #hairstylist & this #gorgeous girl has two of us!! @georgiougabriel are we the lucky ones or is she ?? ð thank you @deepikapadukone for calling us your lifelines ð I knew a naughty boy since he was 4 yrs old!! watched you boys @natebydesign @ranveersingh @rohanshreshtha @cyrusappoo get into & out of trouble together! Here's to a start of a beautiful phase in your life. Congratulations to you both #deepveer love you both. @anjubhavnani how time flies !! Congratulations to the family too on #deepveerkishaadi !!! #hair #celebrityhairstylist #highlights #beforeandafterhair #haircut #highlights #adfilms #glamorous #stunning #beautiful #caramelhighlights #goldhighlights #shootdairies #bollywood #hairgoals #beauty #hairbyclarabelle #clarabelle #glam A post shared by Clarabelle Saldanha (@clarabellesaldanha) on Nov 24, 2018 at 8:35pm PST View this post on Instagram When my friend and one of the best actors in India asks me to make clothes for his wedding party this is what is the result @ranveersingh my love congratulations it's been crazy fun to dress you up yet again and it's just the beginning ! Next should be burning man?;-) ððð #manisharorafashion #manisharora #lifeisbeautiful #ididitmyway #ranveersingh @amrapalijewels @akanksharora @tarang_arora A post shared by manish arora (@manisharorafashion) on Nov 24, 2018 at 7:58am PST View this post on Instagram Wooow our groom #deepveer #DeepVeerParty #deepikapadukone #ranveersingh #deepveernews اÙÙعرس ÙÙÙعÙا رÙص A post shared by DeepVeer Wale ððªð°ð (@deepveer.news) on Nov 24, 2018 at 12:58pm PST View this post on Instagram #DeepVeer have their first dance together at a wedding party hosted by #RanveerSingh's sister. ðð¹ (ð·: @pinkvilla) A post shared by Niche Lifestyle® (@nichelifestyle) on Nov 24, 2018 at 11:20pm PST However, the show stealer was the speech Ranveer gave for his lady-love when he claimed that he married the most beautiful girl in the world. 'I am married to the most beautiful girl in the world' ð­ð Ranveer hyping his wife is everything! ðð«#MrAndMrsDeepVeer #DeepVeer pic.twitter.com/HeYCrOa5rz — Jeny. | #DeepVeerWale ðð (@J3ny__) November 25, 2018 Okay, Baba, we agree. You both are what couple goals are made of!
  16. Lately, the 'Bigg Boss' house has been all drama and no show in terms of the tasks, which have been turning foul, courtesy of the unending string of fights in the house. Yesterday, a new luxury task was introduced and two teams were divided for it. The idea was to get maximum numbers from one team in the house for the other team to win. Things got weird when Rohit betrayed the 'blue' team to support the opposite team. #BiggBoss12 ke ghar mein aaya hai ek bhookha saap! Kise bahar karwayega woh captaincy ki race se? Jaanne ke liye dekhiye #BB12 aaj raat 9 baje. @iamappyfizz @oppomobileindia @TheGarnierMan @letsdroom pic.twitter.com/KuUPkSuiS6 — COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 20, 2018 A war of words began between Megha and Rohit after she called him out for betraying and the entire team was disappointed. However, the drama does not end here, rather it has just begun. In tonight's episode we will see Sreesanth unleash his wrath upon Rohit after he calls him 'Flipsanth'. .@sreesanth36 ke naam ka mazaak udaaya @imrohitsuchanti ne! Ab kya bach paayenge woh @sreesanth36 ke hamle se? Dekhiye #BiggBoss12 aaj raat 9 baje. #BB12 @iamappyfizz @oppomobileindia @TheGarnierMan @letsdroom pic.twitter.com/ShC50sdpm2 — COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 21, 2018 The clip shows an angry Sree ready to strike Rohit. Do we smell a big fight brewing or will things sort out amicably? Find out tonight.
  17. All those people who think that women are the more emotional ones and that women let their feelings cloud their judgement, should see a Chinese guy's over the top emotional reaction to a woman rejecting his public marriage proposal. A 'crazy rich Asian' proposed to a girl with a Lamborghini only to be rejected, because money isn't everything and she's not a gold-digger. When you ask someone to marry you, the other person has the option of saying yes or no, right? So, you need to be prepared for the unfavourable outcome as well, and not throw tantrums when things don't go according to your plan. © Asia Wire Moreover, if you have to bring in some sort of incentive to get the other person to say yes, then you've already lost, sorry. The only reason this guy bought an orange Lamborghini was to increase his chances and he knew it. Come on, man, love can't be bought. © Asia Wire “I bought your favourite sports car for you.” “I'm so sorry, I don't want to. I'm so sorry.” © Asia Wire It's pretty clear that she's not interested. What do you do now? Accept the answer or make a huge scene? The guy went on to say, “I have money! I can buy as many of these cars as you like. I can buy whatever you want. Marry me! Marry me!” © Asia Wire The woman is still polite and turns him down again calmly, but he remains persistent and it starts getting annoying. She has had enough and kind of snaps at him, saying “You have money, so what?” and walks off. © Asia Wire But, the drama doesn't end there. The poor little rich guy's tantrums continue, and he throws a bouquet at the camera before destroying the products that were on display behind him. © Asia Wire Well, at least he didn't take out the anger on the car, that would've been sadder. Moral of the story – don't be like this guy!
  18. Every year, a solitary bylane in Delhi's South Moti Bagh lights up with the flicker of several diyas and candles that dot the many flat surfaces along the lonely path. Nobody can be seen in the immediate vicinity, nobody you can credit for the cheerful act, and yet the glowing street manages to fill your heart with the happy spirit of the season. Diwali is here, and we have the entire city to show for it! Diwali - the festival of lights, also happens to be India's most favourite festival. The entire nation comes together to celebrate the occasion as one; regardless of the boundaries, languages and cultures that might separate them on other days. © Flickr For most of us, Diwali evokes glad memories of colourful Chinese lights gracing every inch of the verandah at home, wearing sparkling new clothes, gobbling up a hell lot of mithai and namkeen, and of course, the deafening sounds of crackers and glittering sparklers that filled our silly, childish heart with endless mirth. However, this year, the aforementioned tradition, and the nostalgia it welcomes year after year, might undergo a major change. After Supreme Court's order pushing for a 'green' Diwali, only those fireworks falling under permissible noise and smoke levels shall be allowed for use this Diwali, and that too only between 8 - 10 pm. © wikipedia SC's verdict comes as a welcome news for Delhiites, who are literally struggling to breathe post-Dussehra celebrations. With the city's Air Quality Index (AQI) recorded at season's highest at 337 on Saturday as per CPCB records, it would do all of us great good to break away from our age-old traditions and conform to the ban on crackers. Agreed that traditions are fun and emblematic of our cultural heritage, but ancient traditions that don't leave room to accommodate change, and move forward with the changing times only prohibits socio-cultural growth. To establish a more sensitive and progressive society, we need to break away from the shackles of ancient, unjust and harmful traditions. Traditions that not only threaten to squash our fundamental rights, but also prevent a holistic development of the society and its people. © AP The verdict on firecrackers is just one of the latest moves that challenge such regressive traditions. This year, the SC has shown us time and again that we must stand up against laws and traditions that are harmful to society. Be it Section 377 or the Sabarimala Temple verdict, we have seen how moves have been made to discard laws that are harmful to the society. Yet, with each of these decisions that came our way, a certain segment of men in our society stood up against them. They somehow keep overlooking the entitlement they enjoy in our society merely by the virtue of being men. Men are almost never questioned or judged, and the concept of victim-blaming in the case of men is simply non-existent. Remember Mulayam Singh Yadav's outrageous comment in 2015, when he said “boys will be boys...they make mistakes”, expressing his dissent against capital punishment for rape? That's really an honest reflection of the prevailing mindset of the Indian society. © Twitter More recently, with the #MeToo movement's furore gripping the nation, and with the endless accounts of harassment and assault pouring in from women across the country, men have yet again failed to play their part in stepping up, and making a positive impact to the situation by wielding their authority and power to aid women's concerns and voices be heard, and taken seriously. A Facebook user by the name of Bhandari Pb was seen commenting, “A dog at my frnds place licked my toe 5years back...I felt so uncomfortable...Me Too” on a #MeToo post listing the names of the accused. Another user commented on MJ Akbar's resignation with this, “justice has been without court order ... who served justice? feminist court of India?”. Such reactions only go to show how men have taken to trivialising the matter, or defacing the movement by giving it a political colour. In this entire man-made ruckus, what they seemed to have forgotten is that women, who are constantly fighting gazillion other personal and professional battles within the society, have finally decided to break out of the tradition of 'silence'. The tradition that dictates them to stay mum about injustice and assault, who glorify the notion of playing victim instead of rising as a survivor. © Instagram It's time men realised that the onus lies with them to bring about a change and leave behind such practices that harm us, and stubs our growth. Yet, perhaps, there is still hope for us because of men such as retired officer Mr. Datta, who believes that “the #MeToo movement might usher a safer future for my granddaughter." Maybe now men will also learn to think twice before making every single move like the women of our country have done of centuries at a stretch. Or if nothing else they might learn to mind their own business at the very least. The young generation isn't lagging behind either. The unrest around the Sabarimala verdict unsettled CAT aspirant Uday, who believes that, “when the women in our society are expected to further our religious and cultural traditions on all other occasions, when they are the ones following every religious tradition and ritual to the T in our society, then why should they be stopped from seeking God Ayyappan's blessings? They deserve it just as much as anybody else. Young or old.” © BCCL Will more please rise and dare to break the traditions, or at least come out in support of the ones who are fighting to bring about a change? Let's remember the efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy who stood up against Sati, the tireless efforts of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who fought to legalise widow remarriage, and hail the terrific move of Savitri Bai Phule who went against an orthodox society to open a school for women and untouchables. It's about time the men of our generation stood up to similar challenges in our society today, just like they did.
  19. Given the comebacks of all things retro, there's no predicting what might come back. This very fact was reiterated, when Bobby Deol stepped out wearing a pair of capri pants. Remember capri pants? They used to be a rage back in the '90s, but somehow vanished off the face of the earth - the fashionable face of the earth, rather - because of the incredible pace of fashion evolution, one in which only the silhouettes blessed with functionality and solid aesthetic appeal could survive. (c) Viral Bhayani At first glance, Bobby seemed to have worn a pair of sweatpants, pulled all the way above the calves - but on closer inspection, it was revealed that he has in fact pulled off the unthinkable: wore a pair of capri pants, while making it look super cool. (c) Viral Bhayani When was the last time you saw someone wear a pair of capri pants without attracting attention (the bad kind)? Bobby sure did turn the situation around. We love the colour and the fit of the pants, and the zipper details are only giving the construction a modern, street edge, which is what athleisure is all about. (c) Viral Bhayani Coming to his overall outfit, we love that he has kept it basic, minimal, but absolutely classy with black on top. Plus, what would you rather wear with this outfit other than this particular pair of sneakers that Bobby is wearing here? They go perfectly well with the super casual, playful vibe of the outfit. (c) Viral Bhayani Moral of the story: In fashion, nothing is outdated, if you know how to bring it back.
  20. Google is about to launch a set of new devices at its annual event in New York next week and we have a fair idea what in store for all of us. There have been countless leaks that point towards a range of devices that are most probably launching alongside the Pixel 3. The 'Made By Google' event will surely feature the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, however, there are other devices slated as well. Google is expected to launch a new tablet called the 'Google Pixel Slate' along with a Google Home Hub Smart Display and more. Pixel 3 & 3 XL: What To Expect © YouTube The two flagship devices by Google are probably the most leaked smartphones in history and we have a few details that give us a fair idea — unless Google surprises us all together. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are going to have considerable upgrades under the hood and will have a familiar design when compared to its predecessor. Internally, both smartphones are going to be identical in terms of specification and will have differences when it comes to design. The Pixel 3 XL will have a larger screen and a notch at the top that will probably host face unlocking sensors. The smaller variant will have an all-display look, similar to the previous generation with smaller bezels. The camera on the two smartphones are going to host a similar single camera setup and the only noticeable change, will be in the front-facing camera. The notch at the front will host two camera sensors where one will be a wide angle lens. As anticipated, we can expect some exceptional photography from either of the cameras, as Google enhances images, thanks to the photography algorithm. As for the innards, the Pixel 3 is expected to have Qualcomm's 845 processor under the hood and will be coupled with at least 4GB of RAM. The Pixel 3 is expected to have an Adreno 630 GPU and 64GB or 128GB of storage. The two smartphones will come with Android 9 Pie out of the box which has always been Google's selling point. Google Pixel Slate © Twitter The Pixel Slate is expected to be Google's first tablet powered by Chrome OS and will compete with Apple's iPad Pro and Surface Pro. Based on Brydge (a company making compatible keyboards) renders, we know that it will have a minimal design and will use a USB-C port. It is also expected to have a fingerprint sensor and will support both third-party and first-party keyboards. © Twitter Under the hood, benchmark tests of the secret device reveal it will have an Intel Amber Lake i7-8500Y processor and 16GB of RAM. 9to5Google also found out from the Chromium source, that it will have a 3000×2000 display, Sony IMX319 secondary camera sensors and, Sony IMX355 primary sensor. Google Home Hub © MySmartPrice Google Assistant-powered smart displays were announced at CES 2018 and we saw our first product by Lenovo shortly after. Google is now going to announce its own version of a smart display and will probably be called “Google Home Hub”. The device was discovered by MySmartPrice and it will essentially be a 7-inch display with a speaker. It is expected to be available in black and white. In terms of specifications, there will be a switch on the back-left side that will turn off the microphone, similar to Google Home. It will have other features such as Bluetooth, Wi-FI, and ambient light and colour sense. What Else? © Twitter Google is also slated to announced a wireless charging stand for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL which hints that the new smartphone will have support for the said feature. Google is also expected to launch a follow-up to last year's Pixelbook. A refreshed Chromecast is also in the books as it was accidentally sold by a BestBuy employee recently. Are you expecting anything else from Google's hardware event next week? Are you excited about the Pixel 3 and other devices? Let us know in the comments.
  21. We have come a long way since the times of Chaudhary Baldev Singh in 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' to the Bhashkor Banerjee in 'Piku'. During this time, the father figures of Indian cinema gradually but consistently, underwent subtle transformations that were to change Bollywood's concept of cool dads, that the GenY would be able to appreciate and relate to. A lot of this change must be credited to the feminist movement that has been gaining pace and active recognition across the country, over the past few years. The feminist movement, at the very core of its existence, thrives on the need for gender equality for all, as well as equal avenue and exposure for the sexes. Feminism's another powerful fight is against the de-humanisation of men, who are carved out as stoic authoritarians, as per patriarchal ideologies. Over the past few years, Indian cinema has witnessed a gradual evolution in the father figures. These dads are not authoritarians and dictators but instead, hold the ability to be friendly, nurturing and forthcoming with their feelings towards their children and family. They are everything India is fighting for and its darn good! 1. Dattatreya - '102 Not Out' © SPE Films India Dattatreya is the new age super dad who cares for his son's health and welfare like a mother would, while he dons the father's hat. He goes out of his way to watch out for his son and enables him to face the world by his own might. He is fearless, unapologetic and openly expresses his feelings to his son. 2. Mr. Joshi - 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan' © Colour Yellow Procductions Sugandha's father in this movie was a man who is coming to terms with GenY's openness towards love and sexuality and has moved beyond any awkwardness around such issues. He stands up for his daughter's happiness, goes against the elders and even goes on to discuss how marital bliss shouldn't take a backseat in her life. 3. Bhashkor Banerjee - 'Piku' © MSM Motion Pictures Perhaps the epitome of everything this article is talking about, Bhashkor Banerjee is his daughter's biggest cheerleader, who appreciates his daughter's achievements as well as her decisions on love and ***. He is proud of the daughter he has reared, who is capable of holding opinions and voicing them too! 4. Mr. Thapar - 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' © Dharma Productions Bunty's dad in this movie is one of those dads who does not shy away from expressing their feelings to their children. They will sit you down and pour out all of their concerns and expectations, even if it means openly dealing with feelings. Mr. Thapar wishes to know more about the life Bunty has chosen for himself, he wants to be as involved as a mother is in her children's life and let his son know that he cares. 5. Mahavir Singh Phogat - 'Dangal' © Aamir Khan Productions Though it is true that he isn't the perfect feminist father one could show off, yet a lot of Mahavir's stance is that of a father who is defying the stereotypes and valuing his daughters' dreams, more than the ideals of the society. For him, to take up this stance in a Haryanvi community is a great move forward. 6. Kamal Mehra - 'Dil Dhadakne Do' © Excel Entertainment Another character who begins as an absolute opposite of what feminism stands for - he forces his son to join the family business against his son's wishes and is against his daughter's divorce, is almost a little insensitive towards his wife but by the end of the story, we see a changed father who fights for his daughter's happiness and safety and acknowledges his skewed ways as a husband to his wife. If that isn't a start, then what is? 7. Narottam Mishra - 'Bareilly Ki Barfi' © Junglee Pictures We admired how this character was created. Narottam is unapologetic and also happens to be his daughter's biggest champion. His daughter is opinionated, independent and knows what she wants from life and in her life partner, and Narottom supports her every step of the way. He has raised a daughter who will go on to create a life based on her own rules. 8. Amarjeet Kapoor - 'Kapoor & Sons' © Dharma Productions Amarjeet aka Dadu in 'Kapoor & Sons' does what is expected of a woman of the house - to bring the family close and keep it together. His family had grown apart due to numerous personal tragedies and Amarjeet took it upon himself to try one last time to bring the family together, so everybody could give life another a second chance, in the guise of his last wish. He doesn't succeed completely but the misunderstandings do get erased. What do you think about these dads? They're awesome right?
  22. Sunny Leone is known for a lot of things. But, there is one facet of her life which has been largely overlooked. Who knew that Bollywood's very own Sunny Leone even had enough time to talk about fast cars, cool gadgets, and video games, let alone actually indulge in some of these teenage fantasies. © MensXP While Sunny now has three beautiful kids who are probably taking up all her time she's a huge fan of all things fast, cool and geeky. We sat with her for an exclusive interview and here's how it went: MXP: What's the fastest car you've got a chance to sit in? How fast did it go? Sunny: A Lamborghini. We weren't driving that fast because I was headed to an event, though. MXP: Everyone knows Sunny Leone - the actress and model, can you tell us more about Sunny - the speed junkie? Sunny: Well I like extreme sports and I also like really nice cars. I love the sound a car makes when you hit the gas. © MensXP MXP: What do you think of the iPhone X? Is it worth its price? Sunny: I like a lot of the features it has. A phone is something that we all use all day long so why not have one that is among the most advanced gadgets to date? I am not sure how many people will be able to afford it but for those who can i think they will enjoy it very much. I definitely want to upgrade my phone every year. MXP: Would you prefer going off-road or speeding down the highway? Sunny: Highway so that I can drive as fast as I want. I like fast smooth rides over bumpy ones. MXP: How important should grooming be for your ideal man? Sunny: Extremely. No ones likes to date someone who doesn't care about hygiene. I like to meet men who dress nice and are well groomed. MXP: If you could own any car in the world right now, what would you buy? Sunny: 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Convertible. © YouTube - CanAm Motorsports MXP: What about video games? Are you every geek's dream come true? A hot gamer girl? Sunny: Yes I like video games very much. I love nerds and geeks. They are the ones that run this world and I love men who are really smart. I guess if you saw me at home playing games you might not think I was so hot. Gamers will understand.
  23. The Nawab of B-town is close to hitting a half-century, and we can't help but reminiscence about all the times over the past two decades when he gave every millennial kid the best walk-through on how to be the 'coolest dude' around. There is no denying that since the very beginning, Saif Ali Khan has been known as the chocolate boy of B-town. He gave an entire generation of young men the ultimate cool dude #goals and yes, we want to go down that very particular lane on his 48th birthday today. © Twitter Saif kicked off his 48th birthday celebration in style by cutting a decadent looking cake at midnight amidst all the hullabaloo, courtesy his close bunch of family and friends. While the world is busy gushing over him, we feel credit needs to be given to the guy who pulls off the cool dude antics like no other actor in Bollywood. He's got the looks, the swag and even the persona to speak for it and we have decided to prove our point by picking out 7 of his prime 'cool dude' personas from a number of movies. 1. Heartthrob & Headache Packed In One - As Deepak Kumar In 'Main Khiladi Tu Anari' © YouTube This was one of Saif's initial movies that was an absolute hit at the box office, and also put him on the radar as a star who could play on his looks and act well too. As a romantic hero, Saif's character was a rather light-hearted one that made him look good in those relaxed-looking suits, long locks and charms that struck a chord with his huge female fanbase. Having played his part well, Deepak's character became close to several young men as well, who wanted to emulate the dynamic Deepak Kumar in real life. 2. The Ladies' Man - As Karan Kapoor In 'Hum Tum' © YouTube Karan's character was a major hit, and so was the movie that was hailed as a relatable take on the dichotomy men and women share in real life. In 'Hum Tum' Saif played a flamboyant and carefree young man who knows how to get around with women. Even though Karan's looks at certain points in the movie seemed a little questionable, he managed to pull it off when coupled with his “ways”. Karan was witty, charming and knew how to tread through tricky situations, while having fun at the same time. 3. Crazy Car Racer - As RV In 'Ta Ra Rum Pum' © Twitter RV came across as that guy in our friend circle who is extremely passionate about that one dream that keeps him awake at night. A hardcore car-racing enthusiast, RV's character did not only come through as that guy who wanted to achieve all his dreams but also as the one who's successfully living the high life. He's the #1 race car driver, a great guy to hang out with and later, a cool dad who struggles hard to protect his kids and their innocent smiles. Saif's character in this movie didn't only charm the women when he tried to win Radhika over with his antics, but his ways of turning tough situations fun also made a cool impression among many. 4. The Boy Next Door - As Sameer In 'Dil Chahta Hai' © YouTube Yet another memorable character that's a favourite of every millennial. Sameer was the fun guy all of us wanted to be around. He is a good friend and someone who's not scared of wearing his heart on his sleeve. Sameer's struggles as a friend as well as a lover did hit home a few times but his demeanour and his perspective reminded us where we'd be without a guy like him in our life. Fun, dependable and cooler than a cucumber, he stood out in the movie with his brilliant comic timing. 5. Truly Yours - As Rohit Patel In 'Kal Ho Na Ho' © YouTube Rohit is that honest man, who is an occasional flirt, who tries to make things work for him in one way or another. With a soft heart that tricks him pretty easily, he's much cooler than he gives himself credit for. Struggling in a number of ways to balance his life to the best of his ability, we often find a trace of the guy he can be, should he choose to take things into greater consideration. He's funny, honest and caring which to us, makes him pretty cool. 6. Running After Time - As Nikhil Arora In 'Salaam Namaste' © Twitter Another one of the Nawaab's finest roles, Nikhil comes with his own quirks that we cannot help but laugh at. He is always late, struggles with his emotions AND has a hard time expressing them. Nikhil is all about having fun and living the life while he struggles to constantly balance the equilibrium in his relationships. With some hilarious dialogues and a persona that screams “IDGAF” about the world, but a heart that feels deeply, he reminds us a lot of the “cool” guys we have come across in life. 7. The Cool Casanova - As Gautam Kapoor In 'Cocktail' © YouTube Gautam's character epitomises the 'cool dude' title because he's all that and much more. One of Saif's super successful movies, Gautam's story is all about living the 'wild' life with a YOLO attitude. The perfect example of a Casanova, he's often the guy who gets away being the sleazy flirt because he's so cool and charming about it. He shows you how to live life on your own terms and never budge when an opportunity presents itself. Saif makes a statement in each of these characters and even when he's close to hitting the half-century, we can't help but admire his skills and charms of delivering such great performances and giving us the 'cool dude' goals.
  24. When all of Bollywood is trying to win at style, Ayushmann Khurrana sits in the comfort of his bed, with the trophy by his bed side. His sartorial decisions have a league of their own, all thanks to a knack for picking dope pieces every day, cc: his stylist Isha Bhansali. His willingness to try new things, experiment like he's talking and bringing his A-game onto the forefront, have been his life-constants for a while. And while we're citing this fact about him, let's also mention, that he's one of the front-runners of wearing apparel-hybrids in public. Once again, at a recent press conference, the actor gave a splendid example of his fly-ness at fashion. While topping a knit over a crispy white, layering it up with a Pawan Sachdeva jacket, black bottoms and a pair of FILA Disruptor shoes; the guy pulled out all stops with his ensemble here. The highlight for us, however, were his lug-soled white sneakers: © Instagram/Ayushmann Khurrana For #1, it's hard to ignore, that the shape of the shoe is a FILA-classic. As a matter of fact, the Disruptor style is also a represent of a 90s revival, all while being supremely comfortable and light on the feet. It features a moulded rubberised outsole, an embossed/embroidered logo and a unique eyebrow detailing on the sides. © FILA India The pair is completely manufactured out of a synthetic leather upper, textile lining and well, let's just say — looks like quite the winner for channeling some dope street style. It won't be weird to mention, that the pair is another symbol of the trend of clunky, gigantic kicks, that's been taking the sneaker-world by storm nowadays. © Instagram/Ayushmann Khurrana Having said that, fortunately, the FILA Disruptors aren't the most expensive out there either. Easily available at VegNonVeg and Superkicks, they retail at a price of Rs. 6,999 (which is honestly, quite a steal). If you're looking to drop your cash on a versatile pair, that also scores high on the charts, let's call this an end to your search.
  25. Whether it's about comfort, ease of movement, or showing off your toned legs (well, if you're going through the torture that a leg day entails, you deserve to show off), a pair of short shorts is the ultimate piece of garment you need. Whether you pair them with a T-shirt, or a shirt, or a blazer (for that sophisticated street style aesthetic), Summer is incomplete without a pair of fashionable short shorts. But, the tricky bit is that you need to pick the right pair, if you want to avoid looking awkward. Keeping that in mind, we have picked out 7 pairs for you that will make you ramp-ready before hitting the road: 1. Point Zero Tropical Print Reversible Shorts These panelled reversible shorts with a tropical print in blue are a must have for the times you want to relax - but in style. Price: INR 1,350/- © Ajio Buy it here 2. Zara Drawstring Denim Bermuda Shorts These ripped and frayed light denim shorts will give your outfit that extra edge, irrespective of whatever you choose to pair them with. Price: INR 790/- © Zara Buy it here 3. Koovs Raw Edge Skinny Shorts Skinny shorts in the truest sense of the term, these will definitely show your quads and hamstrings off, not to mention your glutes. Price: INR 795/- © Koovs Buy it here 4. H&M Patterned Sweatshirt Shorts When it comes to a pair of playful floral shorts, this is the ultimate pair you should invest in. Price: INR 449/- © H&M Buy it here 5. Mr Button City Trotter Shorts When you want to feel comfortable without losing out on that formal charm, go for this pair of super smart shorts. Price: INR 1,999/- © Mr Button Buy it here 6. Ed Hardy Regular Fit Jersey Shorts This coral pink drawstringed pair is super playful, and comfortable enough to be worn anywhere. Price: INR 1799/- © NNNOW Buy it here 7. ASOS Design Denim Shorts In Slim Washed Black With Abrasions Want to keep it extremely minimal, but make it 'fashion' as well? Just go for this pair. Price: INR 1084/- (approx.) © ASOS Buy it here