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Found 13 results

  1. 'Game of Thrones' is finally over, and no one is happy with Season 8 (what else is new?). However, now that it's over, we thought that it's finally time to hand out a very important award - the award for 'The Goodest Boi Of Westeros'. There were many contenders in Season one, but by the end of Season eight, we saw a lot of eliminations. After a lot of deliberation, we have decided that it should go to our top two finalists - Drogon and Ghost. Even though Ghost was leading with major sympathy votes post Jon's unceremonious 'petless' goodbye to him, Drogon caught up in the final episode, and how. Here are 4 reasons why Drogon and Ghost both deserve the coveted award: 1. They are the only two animals to have fought multiple battles valiantly and survived. Ghost fought in the battle of Castle Black, and then against the Night King's army. He lost an ear, but that did not defeat his spirit. Drogon fought the Lannister army during the loot, the White Walker army beyond the wall, as well as the final battle against the Night King's army. He also was injured multiple times, but did not give up. (c) HBO (c) HBO 2. They always had their parents' back. Ghost always came to Jon's rescue whenever he needed him, and continued doing it till the end. Drogon did the same for Dany. Even though he deserted her to go away for a short adventure for some time, he was right there when his mother needed help inside the fighting pit. Both of them always shadowed their mom and dad, and never gave up, even in the face of grave danger. (c) HBO (c) HBO 3. Both are just very intelligent bois who did their best and refused to let go of their parents, even after their death. Ghost refused to leave Jon's corpse post his death and made sure he sat right next to him till he was revived by Melisandre. Drogon tried reviving his dead mother with his snout, before taking her with him as he flew away from King's Landing. When Jon abandoned Ghost without petting him, one could see the sadness in his blood-red eyes, as he stood far away with his head drooping. Drogon, on the other hand, clearly was a perceptive creature who did not harm Jon, despite knowing he killed his mother. Instead, he burned down the Iron Throne as a final goodbye to his dead mother. (c) HBO (c) HBO All we can say is, both of them deserve this, and so much more. You boys are the best, and we shall always love you.
  2. Premier League's final day saw a very disappointing end for the 13-time champions Manchester United after a 0-2 loss at the hands of Cardiff City at Old Trafford last night. While neither of the teams entered the field with the motive of winning anything other than the honour of reigning supreme at one of the most celebrated grounds in the world, the disrespectful way in which the Bluebirds dominated Ole Gunnar Solskjær's men for the entire match led to an ugly verbal bout between the fans of the Red Devils and one of their leading men in Paul Pogba. After the loss, when the United players were in the middle of their 'lap of honour' at full time, which they do as a ritual after the final home game of every season, the outraged fans of the club barked down at the Frenchman. “You're F*cking Sh*t”, they shouted at Pogba, who took off his jersey quietly listening to the crowd talking down at him. A few moments later, Pogba calmly folded his hands in front of a hostile audience, and exited from the field without saying a word. Paul Pogba receives abuse from a fan. We don't deserve him. #mufc pic.twitter.com/tW5lkyN62b — ManUnitedZone (@ManUnitedZone_) May 12, 2019 Manchester United great, Lou Maraci slammed Pogba for his contributions in bringing up the fight, which, honestly, did not have enough substance to begin with in the first place. "Oh come on, come on! I haven't come here today to [see this]," said Macari on MUTV. “What are you thinking about?' What's this all about?” Talking about Pogba talking off his jersey and thinking if it signified his desire to quit the club, he said: "Keep your strip on to start with… who else do you see with a strip off?” But the question here is whether Pogba got so much hatred because of the way he plays or was it because of something that has absolutely zero relation to the game? Even though in the 35 appearances that Pogba has made in the EPL this season in which he has scored on 13 occasions and has helped his side have a 18-8-9 winning record and was Manchester United's only representative in the PFA (Professional Footballers' Association) Team of the Year, it was Pogba who faced the heat in difficult times and no one else. Why? Is it because he is not English, or is it because he is black? What people do not realise is that racism is not limited to calling someone the 'N' word. Whether intentionally or unconsciously, slandering Pogba to such a degree, regardless of how bad his season was, does not seem to be because of his skills in football. This is not a one-off opinion, people from all around the world believe so: Racism at the highest.. Why whites insult Blacks.. Sorry brother @ManUtd Pogba . pic.twitter.com/RBTXyNi60t — Dr Ryan Samir ™ð (@Ryan_Mucilih) May 12, 2019 This agenda against Pogba is fuelled by racism, there is no other explanation. Because the whole back four, midfield and forward put together are not half as good Pogba. https://t.co/U8nPR51n7A — Arya Stark (@_syedali97) May 12, 2019 I'm shocked Ole got done with his post match interview and didn't address the Pogba incident. Do this to an English player, they'll raise the racism flag and put on polos to kick it out — Prophet Chijioke. (@ProphetChijioke) May 12, 2019 i am going to treat every Pogba slander from united fans as racism — i love you 3000 Arya Stark (@s1_kwasi) May 12, 2019 Manchester United fans are known for a feeling of compassion towards their players, regardless of the language they speak or the colour of the skin. So, when something this grave and unfortunate happens at Old Trafford, it either means that these so called “fans” aren't real or it means that the moral base of the Red Devils supporters is shaking, both of which are saddening and it breaks my heart.
  3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is known to be the 'most beautiful woman in the world', and rightly so. The insanely gorgeous woman refuses to age, has donned many hats in life like a true queen and her journey from being crowned 'Miss World' to becoming one of the most successful faces of India on the global map is par excellence. View this post on Instagram ðHere's lookin' at you...â¤ï¸2019⨠A post shared by AishwaryaRaiBachchan (@aishwaryaraibachchan_arb) on Jan 5, 2019 at 12:43am PST Now the world is a big ball of similarities where uncanny resemblances are not so uncommon as we might think. Aishwarya Rai also has a doppelganger and while we didn't know we deserved so much of aesthetic beauty in our lives, turns out, we are blessed by this wonderful, uber famous Iranian model. View this post on Instagram Thanks to @sugarbearhair my hair feels and looks so healthy. #ad #sugarbearhair A post shared by MAHLAGHA (@mahlaghajaberi) on May 4, 2019 at 8:33am PDT Meet Mahlagha Jaberi, the Iranian beauty who enjoys a stellar fan-following of her own. View this post on Instagram ð ð A post shared by MAHLAGHA (@mahlaghajaberi) on Dec 7, 2018 at 11:43am PST Mahlagha is currently known as the most beautiful woman in the world after she was gifted the title post multiple poll results across the globe. View this post on Instagram Be you. The world will adjust. A post shared by MAHLAGHA (@mahlaghajaberi) on Oct 6, 2018 at 9:44pm PDT View this post on Instagram ð¤ @nizarotb A post shared by MAHLAGHA (@mahlaghajaberi) on Sep 16, 2018 at 12:19pm PDT Talking about how eerily she reminds us of Aishwarya, these pictures make it look like you're staring at a pair of twins basically. © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Wonder what Miss Rai has to say about this lookalike from another side of the world!
  4. In sports, you simply aren't considered a real champion until you have defended your title successfully. Winning it once can be a fluke, winning it twice proves you are the best. And that is exactly what Vidarbha did today by defeating Saurashtra in the Finals of Ranji Trophy 2018-19 to win their second title in a row. The Ranji Trophy Final swung in multiple ways over the course of four days. In the first innings of the match, Vidarbha posted a decent total of 312, in response to which, Saurashtra tried to strike back but fell short of 5 runs, courtesy Aditya Sarwate's five-wicket-haul. Later in the second innings, Jaydev Unadkat and men managed to restrict Vidarbha to a score of 200, widening their chances of winning. But once again, Vidarbha's blistering bowling attack, consisting of Sarwate, Akshay Wakhare and Umesh Yadav, took the game away from Saurashtra as they wrapped them up on a mere total of 127, and winning the match and the title by 78 runs. © AP We all know that the most important role in winning a test match is that of a bowler's. You can't win a test until and unless either team bags all the ten wickets. Having said that, bowlers from both the end showed full character till the end. On one hand where Dharmendrasinh Jadeja took 7 wickets for Saurashtra, the 29-year-old Aditya Sarwate, who was playing on his home ground, turned out to be the trump card of Vidarbha, bagging 11 wickets. Despite their loss in the final, Saurashtra would surely take a lot of confidence from their magnificent performance throughout the season. Every single player has stood out in some or the other match, be it Ravindra Jadeja (scored 178 against Railways) in the beginning or Jaydev Shah (scored 427 runs in 9 matches) throughout the tournament. Dharmendrasinh Jadeja (59 wickets and 276 runs) is another rising star who stole the show for Saurashtra at many occasions, not only with the ball, but also with his brilliant batting strokes. Cheteshwar Pujara (scoring 131 in the semi-final) was yet another big gun, who joined the team in the later half of the tournament, helping his team get into the final. Coming in the tournament as a nobody, Saurashtra managed to start on a decent note with a draw against Chhattisgarh, and later went on to beat big players such as Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra on their road to the final. The entire season was brilliantly commanded by Jaydev Unadkat (39 wickets in 11 matches) and a little help towards the end from the experienced Pujara, helped Saurashtra to get to this position. © AP We hope this thrilling performance by Saurashtra sets an example for other teams to showcase their talent and strive to come at the top in the seasons to come.
  5. Women have the special distinction of being blessed with a myriad of options when it comes to apparel. Men, on the other hand, often remain confined to the staple t-shirts, shirts, and trousers, except for of course our very own Baba, Ranveer Singh, who can wear anything and everything and look dapper. Since most men are too lazy to experiment with their clothes, designers have come up with distinct ways to add hints of vogue to the simplest of the attire. One such fad is that of thumbhole t shirts. If you don't already know, these t-shirts feature a slight detail on the thumb area, i.e. a peeping hole for your thumb. This thumbhole accentuates a simple tee, without overpowering the basic t-shirt look. The markets today are packed with variants of these tees, giving you plenty of options to choose from. So give your wardrobe a fashion upgrade with these best thumbhole t-shirts for men! 1. SKULT by Shahid Kapoor Men White T-shirt with Thumb Hole © Myntra Flaunt that minimalist charm as you don this white thumbhole t-shirt from Skult, Shahid Kapoor's exclusive athleisure collection. This classic white thumbhole tee is packed with a casual appeal, and can be paired with anything from a pair of blue jeans, caramel trousers, to that casual pair of shorts which you hurriedly put on for those frequent trips to the market. Featuring a comfortable cotton make and full sleeves, this tee is ideal for those days when you want to look your casual best. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 699 Buy Here 2. Nike Solid Men's High Neck Black T-Shirt © Flipkart Looking for the best thumbhole t-shirt for men? Well, this solid high neck variant from Nike's collection makes for a worthy contender for that title. Featuring a Polyester lycra blend fabric, this tee is super duper comfy. Casual yet trendy, this t-shirt can be worn during an intense workout session at the gym, a casual jog in the park, or even on a day out with your pals! While you may find the cost a little on the higher side, this is an investment that you won't regret making. Fabric composition: Polyester and lycra MRP: Rs. 2,699 Buy here 3. Maniac Men's Checked Thumbhole T shirt © Amazon While checks are time and again associated with shirts, Maniac here proves that they can work just as good on t-shirts. Check prints can never go out of style, and this thumbhole t-shirt with a check print is here to establish it for all. Since this t-shirt is crafted out of fine quality cotton fabric, it feels extremely comfortable on the skin and allows your skin to breathe. One of the trendiest variants in this curation of the best thumbhole t-shirts for men, this tee legit deserves a space in your wardrobe! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 430 Buy Here 4. U.S. Polo Assn. Navy Blue Solid Thumb Hole T-shirt © Myntra This thumbhole t-shirt from U.S. Polo Assn. is perfect to set a style statement, such which would make you stand out. An example of fine craftsmanship, this t-shirt is a must-have for every man, who likes to be in vogue. It also feels absolutely amazing on the skin, all hail to its polyester fabric composition, which also adds to the durability of this tee. The mock neck with a zipper makes for another stand-out factor. Team it up with a pair of slim pants, and your favourite shoes, and you are good to go! Fabric Composition: 92% polyester, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,249 Buy Here 5. GRITSTONES Black Thumbhole T Shirt © Amazon Is your wardrobe missing something? We are pretty sure that it is this black thumbhole tee from Gritstone! This t-shirt will make you look effortlessly cool, and you can head out sporting this tee on your next date, or on a casual day out with your friends. This t-shirt features a round neck with drawstring, which adds to its already dashing appeal. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 344 Buy Here 6. KOOVS Thumbhole T Shirt © Koovs Undoubtedly one of the most fashion forward variants in this list of best thumbhole t-shirts for men, this tee redefines style and comfort. Boasting of chic tier sleeves, this thumbhole tee can be perfectly teamed up with a pair of joggers for an outdoorsy appeal, and exude a stylish yet laid-back vibe. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 955 Buy Here 7. SCATCHITE Printed Thumbhole T shirt © Amazon Are you all for prints? Well, we are too, and so we have listed for you this printed thumbhole tee in this list of the best thumbhole t-shirts for men. With a black base colour, and soft solid texture, this t-shirt is jazzed up with a red and white print which absolutely compliments its base. The cost-effective price, and the print makes this t-shirt suitable for college students. The breathable cotton fabric, on the other hand makes it an ideal everyday wear. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 395 Buy Here
  6. I don't know how to stress this enough - people really suck. Everyone would complain about how India is not advancing and then would destroy any new thing that is introduced for the betterment of the country. Case in point - the fastest train in the country - Train 18, which is scheduled to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 29, has already had people hurl stones at it for no apparent reason. According to a senior official, the train was pelted with stones yesterday during a trial run between Delhi and Agra, and it ended in a broken window. Wow, people are so great. Sudhanshu Manu, General Manager of the Integral Coach Factory, tweeted, “Train 18 running at 180 km/h between Delhi and Agra at this time... Srinivas, the Chief Design Engineer of ICF is in the cab, they touched 181 kmh for record sake... Some vandal threw a stone breaking a glass, hope we nab him”. Train 18 running at 180 km/h bet Delhi and Agra at this time...Srinivas, the Chief Design Enginner of ICF is in the cab, they touched 181 kmh for record sake ð...some vandal threw a stone breaking a glass, hope we nab him. pic.twitter.com/YXpqUS6qqC — ManiSudhanshu (@ManiSudhanshu58) December 20, 2018 This is honestly why the country doesn't deserve good things, people don't know how to behave, they don't want any advancement, but they still want to complain. This isn't even a first shameful train related incident. Last year, the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express got a similar treatment with people stealing headphones that were provided to them and overall damaging the train on its maiden run. What's the point, then? I really want to know what that person gained by smashing a window of Train 18. It doesn't even make sense. Everyone is disappointed, everyone is confused and everyone understands my point - we don't deserve anything. Ppl say that India is a Nation of Uneducated, Filthy & Uncouth people but I retorted but today it seems they were always right Stone pelted at India's fastest train, Train 18 during a trial run from Delhi to Agra. This nation deserves any developments? Pathetic ppl via Manish pic.twitter.com/fx32IjglRW — #GauravPradhan ð®ð³ (@DrGPradhan) December 20, 2018 Yep, some people really want to go back to the 'stone' age. There will always be those who want to put us back in the 'stone age'. • India's fastest & 1st engineless train will replace Shatabdi trains, will run between Delhi and Varanasi. • Manufactured by ICF Chennai at a cost of Rs 100 crore.https://t.co/FCuxb8M4dS — Anurag Thakur (@ianuragthakur) December 20, 2018 Shameful, indeed. Shame! India's first train set Train 18 vandalised by unknown stone pelters between Agra-Delhi on trial run. pic.twitter.com/1aY1H2kQLZ — Rajendra B. Aklekar (@rajtoday) December 20, 2018 Hypocrites. India's first engine-less semi-high speed train, Train 18, has been vandalized by stone pelting even before it's inauguration & first run. People don't care for public property, responsibility & duties, and then they demand for Ache Din. — Anshul Saxena (@AskAnshul) December 20, 2018 The first line is spot on. Vandalism may not be our culture, but tolerating vandalism is. A stone pelter broke the window of Train 18, the fastest train of India during trials between New Delhi & Agra today. I salute his parents and teachers, who have brought up this talented fella. pic.twitter.com/0AoWDEvS9T — Shubhranshu (@shubhranshuu) December 20, 2018 Exactly. Pic 1: How we want our country to be. Pic 2: What we do to our country. Train 18 damaged before inauguration. What is your feedback? pic.twitter.com/bydOE8bK1u — Nidhi gupta (@nidhidynamic) December 20, 2018 No, they can't apparently. News 1:- Made in India, engine less train 'Train-18' crosses 180kmph speed during trial run. Feel proud? News 2: Some vandal threw stones and broke window of Train 18. Shameful! Some people just can't see growth of India. ð¡ — An Open Letter (@AnOpenLetter001) December 20, 2018
  7. This year has been significant for so many different reasons, but more than anything else it was the year of men who made a whole lot of difference to this world and its people. Men, both young and old, who stood up for causes, lent a hand to people in need or took some personal steps to bring about a positive change in the society and people's lives. But more than anything else, they have inspired us beyond all else and given us hope for a better future. One, where people still stand up for others without any selfish motivations and care for others much like their own families. Let's take a look at these 7 men, who made a huge difference to this year, and inspired the young and old of our country. 1. Sudhanshu Biswas © Twitter- _srks 99-year-old Sudhanshu Biswas from West Bengal is a former freedom fighter who selflessly serves the poor, by running schools and orphanages, that allow poor children to get an education and shelter for free. 2. Ashok Rane © Siemens Having grown up in rural Maharashtra in a household of limited means, Ashok decided to write his own destiny. The man toiled day and night, to work during the day and take classes for his electrical engineering diploma by night. In a quest to help others like him, Ashok founded the Aikya Foundation in 2006 that trains youngsters from poor households to become electricians, free of cost! The outreach program has since touched hundreds of lives. 3. Rajagopalan Vasudevan © Twitter Known as the plastic road-maker of India, Vasudevan from Tamil Nadu has developed a patented and path-breaking method to reuse plastic waste to construct roads. He has also been awarded the Padma Shri for his contributions. 4. Prakash Bilhore Dadarao Bilhore' son Prakash died on July 28, 2015, after his bike fell into a deep pothole on a rainwater clogged Mumbai road. Now, Dadarao has been filling up potholes in Mumbai to avert such accidents. Already 550+ filled! Hopefully govt wakes up and takes up his job. pic.twitter.com/ghmHIdLtbJ — Kiran Kumar S (@KiranKS) July 31, 2018 Known as Mumbai's “Pothole Dada”, Prakash Bilhore lost his son to killer potholes that come to life post every Mumbai rainfall, in a freak accident. He decided to stop moping and took matters in his own hands. Shovel and rocks in hand, Bilhore began filling up every pothole he came across in the city. He has filled 500+ potholes so far. 5. Arvind Gupta © Wikipedia An IIT Kanpur alumnus and Padma Shri winner, Arvind Gupta is the same man who hosted the popular TV show Tarang in the 80s. The man has inspired an entire generation of kids to learn science! He has visited 3000 schools, and made 6200 short films on toy-making in 18 languages so far! 6. M R Rajagopal © Twitter Known as the “father of palliative care” in India, this Kerala physician who specialises in palliative care, helps relieve pain for people suffering from terminal illnesses. Rajagopal has also set up India's first palliative care unit at Kozhikode. Ranked among the top 30 anesthesiologists globally, he is recognised for his safe anesthesiology procedures. 7. Bhajju Shyam © YouTube Hailing from a poor, tribal family in Madhya Pradesh, Shyam is an internationally-renowned Gond artist. He is famous for depicting Europe through Gond paintings, he worked as a night guard and electrician before becoming a professional artist. His 'The London Jungle Book' sold 30,000 copies and it was published in five foreign languages.
  8. For the longest time, LGBT characters just didn't exist in Bollywood. And even if they were depicted in a film, they were simply relegated to the sidelines. Notwithstanding those few rare exceptions (Deepa Mehta's 'Fire' and Hansal Mehta's 'Aligarh' come to mind), most Bollywood portrayals of LGBT folks have either been meaningless supporting roles, or they've been laced with offensive stereotypes. Recently, however, there have been a few shining examples of positive representation that have stood out. While these characters may not have been the protagonists of their films, they were able to leave a significant impression on us. If they had more screen time, or if their sexuality was given more prominence, each of them had the potential to become one of the best depictions of LGBT representation in Indian films and television. So, on that note, and in light of the recent landmark Supreme Court verdict that scrapped Section 377, here are five Indian LGBT characters that deserve their own movie: 1) Cuckoo, 'Sacred Games' © Official Instagram/ Kubbra Sait Cuckoo was, without question, one of the best things about the first season of 'Sacred Games', so much so, that the actress who portrayed her so effortlessly on the screen (the amazing Kubra Sait) has developed a major fan-following of her own. It's rare enough to see transgender characters being depicted on our screens, but to have one depicted in such a positive light, and to see her being accepted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui's character, not in spite of, but because of her gender identity was an absolute highlight of the first season. It would have been even better, however, if Cuckoo wasn't relegated to just a few episodes and wasn't, spoiler alert, killed off so quickly. As such, seeing an entire movie on Cuckoo is something that I'm sure most of us would love to watch. 2) Rahul Kapoor, 'Kapoor & Sons' © Official Facebook Page/Kapoor & Sons Yes, Fawad Khan's portrayal of Rahul was sensitive, poignant and not laced with offensive stereotypes (something which Bollywood happens to be a habitual offender of). But the problem with this characterization was simple - Rahul's sexuality was solely used as a 'shocking plot twist' and not as a substantial character trait. In fact, we hardly got to hear ANYTHING about Rahul's boyfriend or his relationship. Just ask yourself, was Rahul's boyfriend even given a name? So needless to say, seeing a movie entirely based on Rahul's character - one that preferably depicts his relationship in all its glory - is warranted. 3) Dev, 'Bombay Talkies' It's often said that some of the most homophobic men out there happen to be ones who themselves are in the closet. Karan Johar's heartbreaking and brilliant short in Bombay Talkies depicted this perfectly, and happens to be one of those rare portrayals of LGBT characters that wasn't offensive or substandard. Unfortunately, this was just a 20-minute short film and we hardly got to spend any time with these wonderfully written and acted characters. 4) Muniya (And Begum Para), 'Dedh Ishqiya' © Official Facebook Page/ Dedh Ishqiya Spoiler Alert - if you haven't seen 'Dedh Ishqiya' yet, stop reading this. The ending of 'Dedh Ishqiya' gave the viewers a pleasant surprise - the revelation of Muniya and Begum Para's sexual orientation. While it's not said out loud, it's heavily implied that the two of them are either lesbians or bisexuals. As great as that decision was, it was yet another example of LGBT characters having to either undermine or hide their sexualities for the entire running time of a film. After all, here was a film that featured not one, but two main characters who happened to be queer, and yet again, the only time their sexuality was depicted was at the end of the movie. As such, won't it be great if there was a sequel that depicted the relationship between Muniya and Begum Para in all its glory? 5) Rahul Arora, 'Fashion' © Filmfare It's hard to remember now, but 'Fashion' actually came out at a time when Section 377 hadn't even been scrapped by the Delhi High Court (that landmark judgement actually came a year later in 2009). As such, Samir Soni's subtle and poignant portrayal of Rahul Arora - a gay man living in the closet - was one of the bright spots of that film. What made Rahul so real and memorable was his decision to settle down with a woman (Mugdha Godse's character) due to societal pressure. Sadly, this is too common a phenomenon that's rarely, if at all, depicted in our movies and so to see an entire film revolving around Rahul's character would shed some much-needed spotlight on this issue.
  9. There are series which are great and loved by many. Then there are some which are just blindly loved and there's nothing great about them. But for one reason or the other, they get a hold of the audiences' nerve and become quite popular, despite being just an average show. Following are 5 such shows which got way more attention than they deserved: 1. Arrested Development With an IMDB rating of 9, this show is supposed to be great. Not 'FRIENDS' level great, but still, great enough to get you hooked and make you laugh. After all, that is what a sitcom's primary objective is. But it fails to even make you chuckle on most occasions. This sitcom certainly isn't funny enough to get a 9 rating on IMDB. The storyline is fine at best, the acting is passable, but at times it seems more like a drama series than a comedy. 2. 13 Reasons Why This is one of the slowest TV series I have ever watched. I am not saying slow TV shows are bad, I am a huge fan of 'True Detective' – Season 1, but slow does not mean it can't be gripping. '13 Reasons Why' got by solely because of its novelty. The concept is good, but the storyline isn't. This show is like Priya Prakash Varrier, got famous for no reason whatsoever. It should have been rated around 6, instead of 8.1. 3. Daredevil – Season 1 I'm going to get a lot of heat on this one, but hear me out! I loved 'Daredevil' Season 2, thanks to the Punisher. The reason I found season 1 just average is that it lacks character development. When you're showing a superhero series from the scratch, it should answer the 'how & why' questions about the superhero's strengths, which it failed to do miserably. All we see is a blind man who trained a blind kid to fight like no one else can. There is no 'how' behind this story. If you've seen the first couple of seasons of 'Arrow', you'll know what I am saying. From punching a guy to aiming the arrow with precision, every cool move that was shown in the 'Arrow' was associated with the background of how he learned it. That is how a good superhero series should be. You shouldn't leave the character development to the audiences' imagination. 4. Parks and Recreations I couldn't bear this one for more than a few episodes. A series with an 8.6 rating should be good since the start. But it isn't. It isn't funny, the storyline is weird, and it seems that the show was simply riding on the pivotal character of Leslie Knope, played by the delightful Amy Poehler. Usually, this happens after a few seasons where the network can't find a good direction to take the story forward, but still stretches the show just because of its popularity. 'Parks and Recreation' gave me that feeling in the first episode itself. 5. House of Cards This show definitely does not deserve a 9 IMDB rating! Apart from some stellar instances of acting, the show simply doesn't have anything else to offer. The storyline isn't good, the plot is weak, and the content isn't gripping. One character alone does not make a show. After I watched the first 4 episodes, I couldn't force myself to watch anymore. And now, with Kevin Spacey being kicked out of the show, the series has blessedly reached its finale!
  10. The Asian Games may have ended but it's okay, Olympics are here to entertain us. Are you confused? Wait, I will clear it up. No, I'm not talking about the next Olympics in 2020 that will happen in Tokyo but a very different and far more superior edition right here on Twitter. People on Twitter, mostly desi people, have started awarding Olympic medals to everyone and the categories the celebrities have won, I have to say it's truly well-deserved. This is like an alternate universe for Olympics and everyone from Karan Johar to Anushka Sharma to none other than PM Narendra Modi are thriving in their respective categories. We have to obviously start with PM Modi. I honestly just have one word for him - #wanderlust! If Traveling wan an Olympic sport. pic.twitter.com/xLvapvxZEl — Rofl Ganbhi & Team㤠ã¤ã¤ 㤠(@Roflgandi) September 11, 2018 But he wasn't even driving! If "Car chalana" was an Olympic sport ðð pic.twitter.com/ECGslZvbFt — Junglee (@Junglee027) September 11, 2018 Best meme of 2018. If being "best meme material" was an Olympic sport ðð pic.twitter.com/zYu8Vk4FBq — Junglee (@Junglee027) September 11, 2018 Oops. If loosing election was an olympic sport ð pic.twitter.com/25LMiMLKUH — Ye Teja Teja Kya Haið© (@TrollBhilwara) September 11, 2018 The only clear winner. if "singing sad song" was an olympic sport. pic.twitter.com/JTnaWHpzh4 — shubham singh thakur (@asli_thakur) September 11, 2018 Yep, seems apt. If "badla lena" was an Olympic sport ðð pic.twitter.com/2CkX2sy7ib — Junglee (@Junglee027) September 11, 2018 She is the queen of that. If bringing people back to life was a sport. pic.twitter.com/oqPjWMZ3K5 — Angoor Stark ðð®ð³ (@ladywithflaws) September 11, 2018 This is a good one, tbh. If hitting high notes was an Olympic Sport. pic.twitter.com/d2JTgaeudI — shubham â̽â̽ (@Perfect_1D_Fan) September 12, 2018 Kangana Ranaut approves. * If launching star kids was a sport in Olympics* pic.twitter.com/TH1PTr4LrK — Hunà¤â¹â¹â (@nickhunterr) September 11, 2018 No one's better. If Hide & Seek was an Olympic sport pic.twitter.com/uWQYt80Jma — V I V E K ð¥ (@tavetiya_brand) September 12, 2018 Alternate category – If being in love with Babita ji was an Olympic sport. If having troubles in life was an Olympic sport! pic.twitter.com/wx83oTdYAf — Himanshu G. (@_HimanshuG) September 11, 2018 The kind of friend everyone needs. If solving a friend's problems was an Olympic sport! pic.twitter.com/HPnZSukcnM — Himanshu G. (@_HimanshuG) September 11, 2018 Okay then. If "Bhoomi Pujan" was olympic sport. pic.twitter.com/W7HhThTDTz — Kuptaan ð®ð³ (@Kuptaan) September 11, 2018 Oh no. If conversion was an olympic sport pic.twitter.com/cFUaqI4PzX — Tyrion (@ekchbhau) September 11, 2018 “308 tak yaad hai.” If doing "Ghapa ghap" was an Olympic sport.ð¥ pic.twitter.com/0zJgbzfdmi — Tweeterað¦ (@DoctorrSays) September 11, 2018 And lastly, a personal attack. If not Rting tweets was an olympic sport. pic.twitter.com/fLOIbzjnRs — Erza Scarlet (@LS_dweet) September 11, 2018
  11. The relevance that history has today in our lives is undeniable. A lot of historical facts get lost with time and age and somehow, records of them even existing are tough to rebuild or imagine. We might have studied history during our school and college years but stories pertaining to some unsung heroes fall on deaf ears and they get lost in the realms of time and space. But due to the technological essence and the digital age we're living in, we're lucky these stories are brimming on the surface more often than ever, and we have no one but Bollywood to thank for that. Bollywood has invested a lot of its time and effort into making biopics and stories based on true events, to showcase the lives of people, less talked about. A lot of things have happened in history that have changed the nomenclature of the country but haven't really gotten the limelight they deserve. Bollywood finds these inspiring stories and gives them a mirror to showcase what the actual participants went through, when a particular event was happening or what a particular person did, to change the course of history. © Excel Entertainment Recently, we shared an article about a new trend that's befitting Bollywood's style- sports biopics, where we shared a list of upcoming biopics on various sportsmen and women and how they shaped Indian sports. While delving into the matter, we found more historical stories getting relevance this year, and I am glad Bollywood is focusing on the right kind of cinema, while also making movies like 'Race 3'! Come on, what else could I have named here? Here are 7 movies releasing/released this year (2018), which are based on historical and real-life events: (1) Raazi © AA Films India Released in May 2018 A real-life spy story (nothing close to Mata Hari) but a commendable espionage thriller, 'Raazi' is about an Indian spy- Sehmat Khan, played by Alia Bhatt. She's a dutiful wife, an obedient daughter and a patriotic Indian spy who is married off to a Pakistani officer, during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Based on a novel, which is inspired from true events, Sehmat devised her own tactical ways of spying on the Pakistani military plans and she managed to save the lives of a lot of Indian soldiers who were on the battlefield then. Watch this one for Alia's brilliant acting! Watch the trailer here (2) Gold © Excel Entertainment Released in August 2018. Reema Kagti's 'Gold' is loosely based on India's first gold medal in the Olympics. The film is conceptualised around the 'golden era' of hockey in the country, in the late 30s, where a young Indian by the name of Tapan Das dreams of playing the sport as an independent nation. The film stars Akshay Kumar in the lead along with Kunal Kapoor, Mouni Roy Vineet Kumar Singh and Amit Sadh. Watch the trailer here (3) Soorma © Sony Pictures Released in July 2018. 'Soorma' is based on the life of Sandeep Singh, the former captain of the Indian hockey team, who was paralysed waist down and couldn't play hockey for his country but got back on his feet after a two-year sabbatical and made a comeback in international hockey in 2008. The film has Diljeet Dosanjh and Tapsee Pannu in lead roles. Watch the trailer here (4) Sajan Singh Rangroot © Vivid Art House Released in March 2018 The film focuses on World War I and the Sikh soldiers who served in the Indian British Army and talks about their heroism and sacrifice for the country, as part of the Indian Expeditionary Force of the Western front during the war. The movie stars Diljit Dosanjh, who plays an eponymous Sikh soldier, who has grown up with the thoughts of fighting for an independent India. Watch the trailer here (5) Mulk © Benaras Media Works Released in August 2018 The Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu starrer is based on a true story about reclaiming what is rightfully yours! The story revolves around a Muslim joint family who fight to reclaim their honour when a member of their family takes to terrorism. The movie is a raw take on the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists and it's time such prejudices were done away with. Phenomenal acting by Rishi Kapoor and Pannu, this movie should be watched for the growing religious intolerance in the country. Watch the trailer here (6) The Accidental Prime Minister © Bohra Bros. Production Releasing in December 2018 The film is a biopic on none other than our dearest 14th Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, played by the veteran actor Anupam Kher. Obviously, the movie will talk about the life and works of the brilliant economist and his ten years of service under the UPA government. Can't wait to catch a glimpse of a movie based on the silent man! Trailer not available. (7) Paltan © Zee Studios Releasing in September 2018 So you thought 'Border' and 'LOC-Kargil' were the last of the war films J.P. Dutta would ever direct? Well, he's back with yet another one and this one has a star cast too. 'Paltan', a war movie based on a real historical moment, is about the 1962 Sino-India war and it showcases real incidents that took place during the war. The movie focuses on the 1967 Nathu La and Cho La clashes that took place along the border of Sikkim, post the '62 Indo-Sino war. The movie has Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Harshvardhan Rane, Esha Gupta in it and we're wishing it's as dramatic and moving as 'Border'! Watch the trailer here Definitely catch these movies whenever you can, because a lot of research, effort and emotions go into making movies about historical sacrifices that were made by people in the past, for our country. It also brings their untold story out in the open and we're truly grateful to Bollywood for doing that, time and again.
  12. Ever since they landed in England for their much-anticipated tour, the Indian cricket team knew the kind of expectations they carried as they chased the elusive dream of proving their mettle in hostile conditions. They did well to win the T20I series 2-1 before narrowly missing out in the ODIs. But, their biggest test was arguably the five-match Test series where Virat Kohli and his team were looking to right the wrongs of their forgettable 2014 tour. The first Test at Edgbaston saw India putting their best foot forward with a spirited performance on the field. Even though they ended up losing the first Test by a narrow margin of 31 runs, the Indian fans were still happy as the much-improved showing promised a good contest in the remaining four games. However, contrary to popular perception, dreams of a billion fans back home were shattered to pieces following the turn of events in the second Test at Lord's. The promise of a good contest was sadly transformed into a brutal and shambolic hammering as India lost the match by an innings and 159 runs. © Reuters The Indian cricket team was so poor that it beggared belief. If Kohli's team selection left everyone scratching their head, the unbearable misery of Indian batsmen against master tormentor James Anderson was a sight every fan back home dreaded for. There was no surprise to see the fans, pundits and even former cricketers drawing general consensus to slam the lack of fight displayed by Team India. If this was the case of Indian supporters, you'd imagine the sheer delight of England and their fans. In fact, former England cricketer Geoffrey Boycott minced no words while absolutely shredding Kohli and his men to pieces in his column for the Daily Telegraph. "India have come to England complacently and arrogantly thinking they can bat the same way and everything will be OK on the day. Any time you do not plan and work at your cricket, the game will kick you up the backside, and India deserve the thrashing they are getting," Boycott wrote. © Reuters "So far, the Indian players have let themselves and their supporters down. The batting has been so naive and irresponsible, it has bordered on stupidity. Wafting drives at tempting outswingers is thoughtless," Boycott added further in his column. While Boycott's comments might enrage the Indian fans, the Englishman does make a crucial point in his assessment of Kohli's men. The fact that Kohli scored 54 per cent of India's total in the first innings and then held fort for his side in the second, shows how dependent the visitors are on their captain. No other batsman has looked convincing or challenging enough to negate England's fierce seam attack. The openers have become a major worry, while the middle-order has proved unreliable to aid India. Having lost two successive games, Kohli and Indian selectors must address all these questions if they intend to bounce back in the series, or else their world no. 1 tag (in Tests) would stand for nothing.
  13. US Defense Secretary James Mattis. Photo: ReutersUS Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday spoke in support of waivers for sanctions being imposed against nations buying military gear from Russia.The move comes amid concerns that imposing...