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Found 22 results

  1. What can be worse than being single in the New Year? Watching a frog make headlines for finding his soulmate and making lavish Valentine's Day plans with her. via GIPHY Turns out, the 'World's Loneliest Frog', Romeo isn't so lonely anymore as he has finally found his girlfriend aka soulmate in Juliet. For 10 long years, Romeo (a Sehuencas water frog) had been living in isolation at the Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Orbigny in Bolivia. But, thanks to a team of scientists, who played cupid, Romeo found a female mating partner. Seriously, where can we sign up to get such a dedicated team to find a soulmate for us as well? Here they are! The dream team that found @romeothefrog's beloved Juliet in the heart of the Dromne Forest! #Match4Romeo @MuseodOrbigny pic.twitter.com/7fzvEnkq50 — Global Wildlife Conservation (@Global_Wildlife) January 16, 2019 Anyway, the reason such efforts were made is that Romeo is said to be the last one of its kind. This sent the conservationists into panic mode and they started looking for a mating partner for him, in order to save the species from becoming extinct. YouTube When we were busy swiping left and right on dating apps, the conservationists were making a profile for him on Match.com. Maybe, it's time to uninstall Tinder. Now that they've found my love, starting to get really nervous...have I still got it?! #sweatingnuptialpads #dating #Match4Romeo — Romeo the World's Loneliest Frog (no longer!) (@romeothefrog) January 16, 2019 The frog not only has a dating profile, but he's also quite popular on social media. Just a daydreaming frog waiting for my love.... Where are my hopeless romantics at?! #loveisintheair #Match4Romeo pic.twitter.com/XkXqPRWtPq — Romeo the World's Loneliest Frog (no longer!) (@romeothefrog) January 10, 2019 Reportedly, people even raised $25,000 to send an expedition team to the cloud forests in Bolivia to find more frogs of his kind and finally, they found one and named it Juliet. Drum roll.....here she is! My sweet Juliet. #exceededexpectations #luckyfrog #Match4Romeo #Julietthefrog pic.twitter.com/sStJ70x7d4 — Romeo the World's Loneliest Frog (no longer!) (@romeothefrog) January 15, 2019 Romeo, now probably the world's happiest frog, even tweeted about his new found love. What's more, Romeo and Juliet are set to go on a blind date on Valentine's Day next month. Pinch me! Can this be real?! This isn't an early April Fool's joke, right?! It's starting to sink in ð #toogoodtobetrue #match4romeo https://t.co/pZxQ9s0BlH — Romeo the World's Loneliest Frog (no longer!) (@romeothefrog) January 15, 2019 Twitter has all sorts of reactions about this love story. While some are genuinely happy for Romeo and Juliet, others are plain jealous that even a frog has Valentine's Day plans and they don't. Never thought I'd be rooting for frog ***, but here we are. Hop to it, my dude. https://t.co/rE0iL35oVL — Taylor McCleve (@TaylorMcCleve) January 17, 2019 shit this is more exciting than waiting for avenger's movie https://t.co/bqEkiepqWG — MaD (@retardito) January 17, 2019 All you single people complaining you'll never find someone — if this frog can wait 10 years for a mate, YOU can make it. ðð» https://t.co/9jD2nMJsoe — Sophie ð (@thatgingeRNurse) January 17, 2019 I know they are frogs but I find this so romantic! ð¸ðð¸ https://t.co/r2vJBnsy5L — Graciela Valenzuela (@Graciegurrrl) January 17, 2019 Great. So frogs can turn into mates? Miracles can happen? Oy. I hate it when my mom is right. #Jewishmothers #froganalogies #nature https://t.co/x9dEnACnwB — Susie D. (@SusieD_NYC) January 18, 2019 A literal frog has a date for Valentine's Day and I can't even get a text back.. Ok. https://t.co/aJCn7SSd8X — heidi (@leshay_heidi_) January 17, 2019 I'm happy for this frog species. Conservation is a great thing. However, do any other single humans find it a tiny bit depressing that a frog will have a date on Valentine's Day while the rest of us are at home still single? Guess we can all live vicariously through Romeo. https://t.co/3FEmhsfT5c — Aimee Hicks (@ahicks83) January 18, 2019 So a frog is going to have a better Valentine's Day than me this year Happy 2019... https://t.co/Ewt7aEHNAa — Andy L (@AndrewLegon) January 17, 2019 ...if this frog can find a soul mate in 2019 then so can I probably https://t.co/7ZHfyiGOZy — Shaxx Jr (@MalcomXanX) January 18, 2019 While the frog is tweeting about his girlfriend, we still continue to be the 'world's loneliest humans' and February 14 will basically be another 'Netflix and chill' day.
  2. Tiger Shroff is a man known for his good looks, a body probably made of elastic and iron, and dance moves that can throw anyone off the dance floor. Also, his action sequences are beyond our imagination. View this post on Instagram #2019, it's only getting better from here. ð #Myfitstart @prowlactive @becurefit A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 3, 2019 at 10:55pm PST View this post on Instagram Came across an amazing piece by the legendary “ @officiallestwins ”. And to my fav songgg! #liberiangirl #KING #mikej @jueevaidya @yashjain_14 A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Nov 23, 2018 at 10:55pm PST So when you're a man carved out of perfection basically, then it is natural that the social media exposure gives you more love than you can fathom. While the entire Bollywood fraternity is a fan of him and he carries the lineage of his father with great pride, Tiger's dance moves and killer looks have found a new fan in Hollywood who is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow herself. View this post on Instagram Something sparkly for under the tree @tousjewelry #touspartner #tousgift #tousjewelry #touslovers A post shared by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on Dec 21, 2018 at 2:02am PST Recently Tiger posted a killer video for his idol Hrithik Roshan's birthday where he recreated his 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena' from 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai'. As expected, people and celebs alike couldn't help but comment on how 'awesome' the video was. View this post on Instagram Blessed to be working with my inspiration ððððð thank you for being born and giving direction and inspiration to so many of us! #happybirthday @hrithikroshan ⤠A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 9, 2019 at 10:52pm PST One surprise comment that we spotted was by the Hollywood actress herself. Didn't know she followed him, but then can't blame her because have you looked at this fine man? © Instagram Can we get a crossover right here? Well, that would be a long shot but it would be fun to watch them together in a dance video if not movie, right?
  3. I call Delhi my home. And why shouldn't I? I've lived here for over 30 years and went through all of its phases it had to offer. As a child, I developed chronic bronchitis while staying in the city and it made me uncomfortable from time to time. It was nothing major to worry about because it was latent and it hardly ever occurred again in my growing-up years. But as the years progressed with my time in Delhi, the latency of my health issue started brimming to the surface. It wasn't because my lungs were not functioning well. it was because the air quality in Delhi subsequently dipped. (c)Twitter The last five years have been a literal living nightmare in Delhi with the bad air quality that surrounds us and let's face it, we've done nothing productive to counter or tackle this grave issue. Instead, we've been counter-productive towards this very problem and enhanced it in a way that we can't seemingly make it better instantly. But I wouldn't blame the commoners as much as I'd blame the government and together, we've managed to make Delhi the most polluted city in the world. Yes. Let that information sink in, slowly. Imagine, living in a smoke bubble constantly, trying to find your way out. Well, let me tell you, there is none, and the only probable solution that'll ever come out of this is if we dearly depart this highly toxic city. (c)Times Of India Recently, I caught the flu pretty bad due to severe weather change and it developed into a bad chest congestion bringing my bronchitis back. I went to the doctor immediately because I was literally choking and when I got there, I had to wait for 1.5 hours to see her. Why? Because everyone around me was really sick. When I finally got my time with her she told me I was the 106th patient to come see her for the same reason. The symptoms appearing after breathing in the toxic air are- wet cough, wheezing, chest congestion, eye burns and swollen glands and other lung-related ailments and the doctor had a fair share of patients dealing with the same that day. The worst bit- she said, was that 60 cases out of the 106 cases she'd seen that day were babies and children. (c)Twitter "I get a lot of patients on a daily basis fighting pollution-related ailments and my only advice to them is leave the city. There is nothing else we can do right now. Especially children" - Dr Mugdha, Fortis Hospital. #Delhi's Anand Vihar at 999, area around US Embassy, Chanakyapuri at 459 & area around Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium at 999, all under 'Hazardous' category in Air Quality Index (AQI) pic.twitter.com/QX7z5UYOl9 — ANI (@ANI) 8 November 2018 But it's not just the lack of information and awareness. My doctor telling me to leave this city to improve my health is not the solution and backing down and bowing in front of it will not make it any better. The only solution left is to fight the air, which will continue to make the Delhi winters worse. The lethal level of pollutant PM2.5- the particles of which can easily penetrate the lungs and cause respiratory diseases was at a 'hazardous' 644ins some parts of Delhi about two days before Diwali this year. But Diwali left us with little or no mercy and the air quality worsened instantly, right after Diwali. The air quality oscillated between 'poor' and 'very poor' because people defied the Supreme Court's orders to not burst hazardous crackers in the first place. The air quality recorded with an overall index rising to 574, which falls in the 'severe-plus emergency' category according to data by the centre run-SAFAR. (c)Twitter So, this is how it really works- An AQI ( air quality index) between 0-50 is considered good, 51-100 is 'satisfactory', 101-200 is moderate, 201-300 is 'poor', 301-400 is 'very poor', and 401-500 is 'severe'. Any guesses which category we fall under? Dear Delhi: we just let ourselves down with this brazen contempt of the Supreme Court. We were better than this, I thought... — barkha dutt (@BDUTT) 7 November 2018 "The origin of Delhi air pollution problem is linked to the development of it obviously. When Delhi's population started expanding, construction dust, which is a high factor to the pollution in Delhi contributed to air pollution a lot and so has industrialisation and obviously vehicular emissions, which are increasing air pollution all year around. The last 3-4 years stubble burning came to the narrative and stubble burning only impacts pollution during winter. So, all year around, waste burning, plus the mentioned issues become contributors to the pollution factor to Delhi. (c)Twitter From a solving perspective, obviously sustainable development is one, improving your waste practices is one and protecting our trees - are the small solutions we can work towards or a more long-term benefit" - Tamseel Hussain, an environmentalist who also runs #letmebreath, which is India's first pollution storytelling community, which started last year during peak Diwali season. The depletion, though, in air quality hasn't just been witnessed this year. In 2017 the AQI pos Diwali was 340, in 2016 it was 445and in 2015 it was 360, all falling under the 'severe' quality. "The Delhi government has proposed the Graded Response Action Plan, which we still have to see the impact of and the central government has proposed the National Clean Air action plan The thing is, everyone keeps blaming that people need to contribute but I think it's a combination of the government and people coming together and collaborating to solve this crisis" - Tamseel Hussain Long ago I was told that there was no culture in Delhi but a "vulture". Today I discovered that we are worse than vultures. We feed on ourselves. How else do you explain crackers going on in brazen violation of court orders, leaving behind choking smog putting all of us to shame. — Anil Swarup (@swarup58) 7 November 2018 While we think the problem lies with the people who've been burning firecrackers all year round, I solemnly believe it's not just them. I have witnessed a terrible drop in air quality because I am prone to sicknesses when that happens since the past three years, and it's something that happens frequently and not just during Diwali. Yes, the air quality does worsen during Diwali but we suffer a lot more from the smoke of crops that burn and we don't realise it. But as ardent citizens of a country that's losing its face in the name of corrupt practices, we can surely rectify these issues and make them more minor than major. As Tamseel points out, we can do our own bit to maybe curb the pollution issue so the kids in our city can breathe fresh air, instead of being rushed to the hospital to be nebulised. (c)Twitter I wish to go back to the Delhi I grew up in, where the air was cleaner than what it is today and for that to happen, we need to encourage more changes in and around us and obviously, within our lifestyles as well.
  4. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's upcoming wedding next month, will clearly be the 'wedding of the year' that the nation has been eagerly waiting for. After keeping mum for years and dodging the world's prying eyes and questions every single time, the couple finally made their wedding announcement yesterday and broke the internet in the process. View this post on Instagram Good morning everyoneð Deepveerians â¤â¤ @ranveersingh @deepikapadukone . @ranveer_deepikafanclub . . . . . . #ranveersingh #deepikapadukone #deepveer#deepveerforever #ramleela #bajiraomastani #padmaavat #couplegoals #couplelove #instacouple #bollywoodcouple #bollywood #hollywood #indiancinema#bollywoodupdates A post shared by deepveer fcâ¤â¤ (@ranveer_deepikafanclub) on Sep 28, 2018 at 8:41pm PDT However, the gorgeous couple had a string of relationships in the past long before they finally found love in each other. Here's a list of men Deepika dated before meeting Ranveer: 1. Nihar Pandya- Deepika and Nihar go back to the days when she moved from Bangalore to pursue her dreams in Mumbai. Rumour has it, that the two met in acting school back in 2005 and fell in love. © Twittter 2. Upen Patel- While there is no concrete proof that the two dated, rumours are rife that they had a thing when they were hot properties in the modelling world. © Twittter 3. Sid Mallya- This was one cosy affair with a lot of PDA. The gorgeous lady accompanied the business tycoon's son to many events and the couple was seen getting cosy during IPL matches. © Twittter 4. Ranbir Kapoor- This was one affair which apparently broke Deepika's heart. When they made their relationship public, they instantly became Bollywood's hottest couple and fans were crazy over their chemistry. She has always been vocal about this relationships and in reality, they continue to remain good friends and have worked in projects like 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' and 'Tamasha' post their breakup. © Twittter Coming to Ranveer Singh, his known relationships are not many in number actually. Here are two ladies from the showbiz world with whom he has been linked with: 1. Ahana Deol- Not many know this but Ranveer's heart was stuck on Ahana back in college, before she went on to date Aditya Roy Kapur. © Twittter 2. Anushka Sharma- Everyone knows that the two made a lovely couple and even did some great movies together. In fact, Ranveer made his debut opposite Anushka in 'Band Baaja Baarat'. Ranveer has always remained cordial towards her and there's no bad blood between them. © Twittter It's kind of adorable to see how they went through multiple heartbreaks to finally find true love in each other. The couple is all set to get married next month and it will be nothing less than a fairytale wedding.
  5. Well 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' but looks like the handsome Farhan Akhtar has finally found love again in the gorgeous Shibani Dandekar! When Shibani shared a picture of her with a mystery man, the rumour was rife that it was Farhan himself. However, the cat is now out of the bag since he made it Instagram official. View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Farhan Akhtar (@faroutakhtar) on Oct 14, 2018 at 11:43pm PDT The duo has been spotted hanging out lately and the actor even wished Shibani on her birthday in his Instagram stories. View this post on Instagram #Repost @karishmanaina ã»ã»ã» When Bombay comes to play! Thanks for coming home for the most amazing Sunday lunch ever @angena.bhagwandeen @shibanidandekar @faroutakhtar @nikhil1975 @divyesh_tailor @rgavaskar @utsavakasera @rebeccamala88 A post shared by Shibani Dandekar (@shibanidandekar) on Sep 17, 2018 at 8:34am PDT © Instagram Farhan is currently on his 'SELF Tour' in USA and Canada, while Shibani is a successful singer, model and anchor. View this post on Instagram Those dewy vibes courtesy the crew @beejlakhani @khyatibusa @shamitag @azima_toppo ð± #thatbrowngirl A post shared by Shibani Dandekar (@shibanidandekar) on Jun 29, 2018 at 11:19pm PDT Recently, Shibani was seen defending Farhan when he was called out for 'knowing' about Sajid Khan's involvement in sexual harassment instances, as they are cousins. I cannot adequately stress how shocked, disappointed and heartbroken I am to read the stories about Sajid's behaviour. I don't know how but he will have to find a way to atone for his alleged actions. — Farhan Akhtar (@FarOutAkhtar) October 12, 2018 I deeply resent your insinuation that me or my family knew of his behaviour yet did nothing. Your anger is justified. Your conspiracy theories not. @_Amrita_Puri https://t.co/MCLptZioWR — Farhan Akhtar (@FarOutAkhtar) October 13, 2018 He can't be held accountable for something he didn't do or know of .. we need to focus on the girls and stop with the blame https://t.co/IijmjxMI3O — shibani dandekar (@shibanidandekar) October 13, 2018 We think they make a gorgeous couple and we hope they continue to 'Rock On', because after all, 'ye hai waqt ka ishara', right?
  6. Actress Tanushree Dutta's allegations against Nana Patekar and recently, a group of women accusing former AIB comedian Utsav Chakraborty of sexual harassment, have triggered a domino effect in the media industry. Social media is flooded with stories of women getting assaulted or harassed at the hands of those in power, which only makes us lose faith in people. But amidst all this, we came across a story that is nothing short of a silver lining in the dark clouds. Almost everyday we hear stories of women getting attacked, molested and physically assaulted, but this story is different and heartwarming. Mumbai Mirror It was 1:30 AM, when bus number 398 dropped a woman at a deserted bus stop in Mumbai. The BEST bus driver asked her if someone was coming to pick her up, to which she replied no. Realising that the woman might have to wait for an auto alone in the middle of the night, the driver and the conductor waited along with her. In fact, the driver made the entire bus wait until the woman found an auto. This is the reason i love #Mumbai I would like to thanks #Best Bus driver of 398 ltd. Who dropped me at 1.30 am at a deserted bus stop and asked me if someone is there to pick me up. To which i replied no. He made the entire bus wait until i got the auto. @WeAreMumbai — Sleeping Panda #Followback (@nautankipanti) October 5, 2018 Even though it wasn't their job to wait for the woman, but as fellow humans, they've done their part and for that, we respect and salute them. After she shared her story, many people came forward to narrate their own similar experiences, proving that humanity isn't dead yet. pic.twitter.com/LcV5EfOOPL — Rahool J Thote (@rahooljt) October 7, 2018 About 3 yrs ago, was here to answer an exam. Caught an auto from my hotel to the center. Missed the address and it took us a while to reach the location. When I freaked out because I was late and had no change to pay, I was asked to go and answer my paper well and pay whenever.ð — Madhav Dessai (@madhavdessai) October 6, 2018 This has happened with me too. I was travelling from pune to Mumbai.Met my lecturer on my way...when we reached boriwali bus station,knowing that I was alone & it was 11pm..he stood there with me, untill I booked a cab,gave me his and his wife's number in case I need any help. — @ntra (@antrajoshi3) October 5, 2018 This Driver is a role model, A grand salute to this amazing guy. He shud be nominated for a special award . So that he stands as a role model to all the folks — Dhananjay A Pai (@dhananjay_pai) October 6, 2018 Heart melting short story amidst sea of stories about sufferings,scams, violence,etc,etc. I love #Mumbai & have immense respect for BEST bus drivers. I salute #Bestbusdrivers & conductors for their sensitivity & alertness — Kirti Deolekar (@kirti_sd) October 6, 2018 @MumbaiPolice We must show appreciation and gratitude for such kind hearted people. He deserves to be appreciated in person because perhaps these tweets may never reach out to him. He needs to know his gesture is truly praise worthy ð — Zarna⨠#BawseBook (@zarnashah18) October 6, 2018
  7. What is that one thing that gives you an unparalleled amount of kick and release on a day-to-day basis? Most of you may be able to think of a number of quick responses to that, ranging anywhere from breaking a sweat in the gym at the crack of dawn, to downing a shot of espresso before you kick start your day at work. Now, while the reasons may vary for each of us, there can be no denying the fact that no matter the means, each of them serve the purpose of making us feel more prepared or equipped to take on the rest of the day, head on. © Pinterest But this is where I must come forward and admit that I get my frequent doses of mental boost or “kick” out of another, a not-so-less ordinary form of activity- retail therapy, and more specifically online retail therapy. This is my story. My confession to being an online shopping addict and coming out to identify as one. For the longest time shopping as an indulgence has been attached to the notion that it's a woman's territory, that is to say, that “excessive” or “compulsive” shopping is more akin to a woman's behaviour, than it is to a man's. Yet, here I stand before you admitting to the possibility of #NotJustWomen and #YesMenToo. It's okay if some of you guys can't seem to make any sense out of this, and perhaps that calls for a more in-depth insight into my current disposition. A day in my life looks like any of yours on a given day - getting up, going for a run, quick shower and breakfast. Then I head to work, punch the keys on my keyboard for the next 8 hours, head out for a drink post work or have dinner at home. Browse through WWW/TV/Facebook. Call it a day. © Thinkstock Images But then, so very often I experience these moments in a day, when all logic and reason evade me, and I feel there's no way to get past the intense need and craving, of picking items from the wishlist on an online shopping website/app and putting them into the cart. From then on, everything else kinda goes spiralling. One checkout leads to another, and I end up with multiple emails notifying me about all the goods that will soon be mine to claim. For me, the rush, the thrill and the release comes with every buzz on my phone delivering a message of confirmation that I have bagged the items I had my eyes on, regardless of the need or use I'm expected to find in them. The pleasure of finding the colour of choice, the right size and clinching it before anybody else, brings me a satisfaction and peace that nothing else can compare. © Twitter I let this exercise go on for as long as over two years, I started out as a 25-year-old, without ever stepping back to reconsider my shopping behaviour, until very recently, when I maxed out on all three of my credit cards within a fortnight. I had been rallying my frustration to a dear friend who finally put her foot down and pushed me to see things as they were. Apparently, I was addicted to online shopping, but I couldn't disagree with her more at the moment, I surely didn't think that was true. But isn't that just how all of us “think” when someone points out a shortcoming in us? But this was far more serious, she was calling me an addict and of course, I felt offended. But then she pointed out the obvious “signs and symptoms” I had been apparently exhibiting, “for the longest time and it is was somebody broke the news to you”. © Weinstein Company A quick Google search and thirteen articles later, I found myself sitting across the table from my now therapist, Dr. K. I will spare you all the details of our interaction(s), but I'll tell you that the diagnosis didn't come as a shock to anyone besides me. So, post a couple of successful sessions, here's what I, an online shopping addict, have to share with you. So, while I did my own research, what that helped put things into perspective was that I am not the only man who is an online shopping addict. A survey conducted by Stanford University found that one in every 20 people suffer from compulsive buying, and men featured in just as many numbers in the survey as did women. The only reason we don't hear about it as often is because men feel it isn't “manly” to seek help, said Dr. Lorrin Koran when the results came out. © Thinkstock Images While every individual indulges in compulsive shopping for varying reason, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Sussex, Dr. Hilga Dittmar stated that the 2 major factors are “materialist values and poor self-image”, which is “taken care of” by buying things for self-improvement. For a layman, this may be also translated to - 1. You enjoy shopping privately. 2. You appreciate the variety in styles and prices online shopping platforms have to offer. 3. You are big on instant gratification. Because it makes you feel good about yourself, and life in general. Just so you know, I ticked off each one of those points, and the following sessions with my therapist only helped me see things clearly. © Twitter So here I am, still coping with the revelation, filing this confession post my diagnosis, and trying to survive each day without subconsciously reaching for my credit card every other moment. I wouldn't lie, the urge still persists, but I try to look past the pressing need to browse through every existing online shopping platform and checking out with all the good stuff, simply for the pleasure and satisfaction of it. It's true, my days seem incomplete, and most often I miss the feeling of accomplishment online shopping brought to my day, but you know what? At some point, I would have had to stop and I am glad it happened sooner than later, when it would have been too late. Thus, to simply reiterate, don't ignore your addiction and go about your day believing shopping addiction is a “woman's disease”, 'cause it sure as hell isn't and you need to be aware of it.
  8. For Sunny Leone's fans in the capital city, clicking pictures or taking a selfie with the beautiful actress will finally be possible. Joining the prestigious list of influential people, Sunny is the latest name being added to Madame Tussauds' list in New Delhi. View this post on Instagram Hello and Nite Nite! A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on Aug 31, 2018 at 2:05pm PDT View this post on Instagram #TUSSAUDSDELHI IS OFFICIALLY LIT WITH #SunnyAtTussauds ð¥ ð¥ ð¥ A post shared by Madame Tussauds Delhi (@madametussaudsdelhi) on Sep 18, 2018 at 2:12am PDT The gorgeous woman was recently in the capital to unveil the statue and was pretty excited for the same. Do you guys want to see the behind the scene photos of how my wax figure was made at Madame Tussaud's? It's so cool. — Sunny Leone (@SunnyLeone) September 18, 2018 And of course, her husband was super proud of this beautiful and powerful woman. View this post on Instagram Going to be a special day :))))). Once in a lifetime !!! Proud of you @sunnyleone !!! @madamtussauds here we come !!!! Forever !!! A post shared by Daniel "Dirrty" Weber (@dirrty99) on Sep 17, 2018 at 7:59pm PDT Sunny joins the list of big names like Salman Khan, Big B and SRK who already have their statues here. © Instagram Sunny is currently basking in the glory of the success of her biography show 'Karenjit: The Untold Story'.
  9. This is Liam Hemsworth. View this post on Instagram Morning! It's Monday. 6am. And I'm standing in the rain. Gonna be a good week! A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Jul 24, 2017 at 3:08am PDT He's the actor in 'The Last Song', 'The Hunger Games' and 'Independence Day: Resurgence'. Lionsgate Films This is Liam Hemsworth hugging Rafael Nadal, after playing a gruelling match at the 2018 U.S. Open. Instagram Oh wait, that's...not...Liam Hemsworth. Or is he? via GIPHY Tennis fans across the world and millions of others watching the U.S. Open, were in for a shock when they saw Rafael Nadal's opponent, Karen Khachanov for his striking resemblance to the actor. View this post on Instagram We've had a great run here in Toronto at @rogerscup. Thank you everyone for your support. It meant a lot to me.Next stop- @cincytennis ðð» // ХоÑоÑÐ°Ñ Ð½ÐµÐ´ÐµÐ»Ñ Ð² ТоÑонÑо @rogerscup .СпаÑибо болÑÑое вÑем за ÑообÑÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ Ð¸ поддеÑжкÑ.ЭÑо оÑÐµÐ½Ñ Ð¼Ð½Ð¾Ð³Ð¾ Ð´Ð»Ñ Ð¼ÐµÐ½Ñ Ð·Ð½Ð°ÑиÑ.СледÑÑÑий ÑÑÑниÑ- @cincytennis ðð» #Toronto #ATP1000 #TeamKhacha A post shared by Karen Khachanov (@karenkhachanov) on Aug 13, 2018 at 1:22pm PDT Honestly, unless I see both Liam and Karen together in a room, I refuse to believe that they are two different people. But then I stumbled upon Karen's Instagram and my mind was blown. View this post on Instagram What's up Torontoð¨ð¦ð¥âð»ðð»ðð» @rogerscup #Toronto #ATP1000 #USopenSeries A post shared by Karen Khachanov (@karenkhachanov) on Aug 5, 2018 at 3:42pm PDT The 22-year-old is a Russian professional Tennis player of Armenian descent. He has won 2 ATP singles titles and is currently ranked world no. 25 (singles). View this post on Instagram Last day in Biarritz before going to Moscow ðâð»âï¸ A post shared by Karen Khachanov (@karenkhachanov) on Jul 13, 2018 at 2:14am PDT We guess the Hemsworth clan should gear up to welcome the 4th brother in their family of insane hot genes. Well, we aren't suggesting this. Karen jokingly called himself the "4th brother" when someone asked him if he is related to Liam. Yeah I am the 4th brotherð¤ð¤« https://t.co/I5pG9vjixY — Karen Khachanov (@karenkhachanov) September 5, 2018 Although Khachanov lost the match to Nadal, he left the court with the tag of a heartthrob, and while we don't know about any prize money, he's definitely hit the genetic jackpot.
  10. I can't refer you to people from whom you can get relationship advice. I can't give you any suggestions on impressing your crush. I can't talk about 1001 ways to propose to someone either, but I can tell about one guy you shouldn't take any relationship advice from nor learn how to propose someone. I am talking about Mikesh, the goofiest and funniest guy from 'Permanent Roommates'. If you have seen the series, you will know what I am talking about. How can we forget Mikesh's epic proposal fail? Although Mikesh's proposal was a disaster and he does not really tick all the boxes when it comes to being an ideal man, actor Sumeet Vyas is quite the opposite in real life and has the most beautiful love story to share. Instagram Actor Sumeet Vyas, who was last seen in 'Veere Di Wedding' is all set to get married to actress Ekta Kaul on September 15 and recently spoke with 'Humans Of Bombay' about his love story and what made him realise that Ekta is the one for her. Ekta wasn't bothered by the fame and the insane popularity Sumeet enjoyed. In fact, she wasn't affected even after watching 'Permanent Roommates'. View this post on Instagram Unbeatable filter #happyfilter #nofilter â¤ï¸ ð¤ð» A post shared by Sumeet Vyas (@sumeetvyas) on Jul 26, 2018 at 7:39am PDT While talking about love, he said, "It's not one big moment when you know you've met 'the one'. It's how they make you feel everyday; if they make you a better person. And she does. But one stand out moment was last year during holi! I rode my motorcycle to a party and had a little bit of bhang. I was in no state to ride. She saw that and took the keys –I thought she was joking! I mean it was a Bullet! But she just got on and off we went, me in the backseat and my lady driving the bullet. I was thinking then, Man! I'm going to marry her! She's the one!" View this post on Instagram “I'd been single for sometime–you know that phase where your friends say, 'you're single, doing well, don't get into a relationship'?–I tried but got over it quickly. Around then, I met her.. at shows & on sets, but I didn't know how to pursue her! She tweeted about my show & we started talking–I invited her to my play & we went out after! We ended up talking for hours about acting. By the third time, I had a feeling she wasn't getting it! So I specified, 'This is a date okay? & she just nodded! She's not from the acting circuit–she was discovered by chance. It was a breath of fresh air! I've been around serious artists all my life.. this was so different! Even our choices didn't match! The first movie we watched was La la land–I came out of it emotional & she was like eh! I thought oh no–how's this going to work? When we started dating, I was at sea. How do I impress her? I told her that I'm kind of famous as this character, Mikesh..She wasn't bothered! When people asked me for photographs- she'd wonder why! The next time we met, she'd watched my entire show! I asked her how–it was so long-she said she watched it while getting ready! I was confused–Why wasn't it affecting her! But that's how I knew she was with me for the right reasons. It's not one big moment when you know you've met 'the one'. It's how they make you feel everyday; if they make you a better person & she does. But one such moment was last year during holi! I rode my bike to a party & had a little bit of bhang. I was in no state to ride. She saw that & took the keys –I thought she was joking! I mean it was a Bullet! But she just got on & off we went, me in the backseat & my lady driving the bullet. I thought then, Man! I'm going to marry her! She's the one! But, all of a sudden she left for Jammu because she realised acting wasn't for her! I knew then that I wanted to do everything to make this work. I asked her to move back for our relationship–to give us a chance. Thankfully, she agreed, but I didn't want to risk it, so this year on my birthday, I popped the question! She was so happy, she had a childlike smile & I swear even though I gave her a ring, it's me who found the diamond!” A post shared by Humans of Bombay (@officialhumansofbombay) on Sep 8, 2018 at 11:14pm PDT He further said, "This year on my birthday, I popped the question! She was so happy, she had this childlike smile on her face, and I swear even though I gave her a ring, it's me who found the diamond!" Shah Rukh Khan taught us that the day you fall in love you will hear bells ringing, rose petals falling from the sky and a soft violin music playing in the background. While most of us are waiting for that day (hopefully not), for Sumeet it was a Holi party and bhang and eventually a Bullet that turned into Cupid.
  11. Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan's upcoming movie 'Sui Dhaaga' is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The trailer of the film has received an overwhelming response and you will understand the excitement around it once you've watched it. Helmed by Sharat Katariya, who gave us 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha', the movie is expected to be an interesting tale that gives us an insight into India's textile industry like never before. © Yash Raj Films Set in a small town, the movie depicts the real ups and downs of human life. The story of Mauji and Mamta might be ordinary but it certainly is relatable to many Indians who are trying to make something meaningful out of their lives. Their romance, which begins to develop after they get married, is shown rather beautifully in the trailer and we can't wait to see how it progresses in the movie. However, right now, the funny memes around the film are flooding the internet and people are letting their creative juices flow. © Yash Raj Films A particular screenshot of Anushka Sharma from the trailer, captured with an extremely emotional expression on her face, has become the fodder for trolls. In fact, Varun even called her 'memes ki rani'. Obviously, this did not escape Anushka, who finally came around to seeing herself as a meme, and her reaction was priceless. #suidhaaga #anushkasharma #varundhawan #zoom A post shared by Kamal Jena (@kamaljena) on Aug 13, 2018 at 8:47am PDT Because the struggle of FASTING is REAL! Who is your friend with whom you can relate this to? #AnushkaSharma #SuiDhaagaMadeInIndia #suidhaga #memes #funny #bollywood #suidhaagamemes #anushkamemes #varunmemes #trolls #fun #jokes #comedy #humor A post shared by BollywoodNow (@bollywoodnow) on Aug 13, 2018 at 9:45am PDT The trip we all dreamed of! . . #memes #haha #funnymemes #sarcasm ##goa #trip #letsgo #parents #struggle #meme #meme #happiness #finally #wanderlust #pain #discussion #dialogue #anushkasharma #suidhaaga #letsdothis #keepitcoming #more #better #fun #travel A post shared by Ishita Mathur (@ishitamathur9) on Aug 14, 2018 at 5:49am PDT #Agle #janam #mohe #Ambani #kijo ð¢ð¢ #suidhaaga #anushkasharma #varundhawan #Bollywood #movie #celebrity #celebs #memes #gossip A post shared by Chaa Mudi Pari Hai (@garibmeme_) on Aug 14, 2018 at 6:09am PDT Sab Badhiya hai Maujiðð Aap ne to kamal hi kardiyaa. #varundhawan #anushkasharma #suidhaagamadeinindia #SuiDhaaga #28thSeptember #yrf @varundvn @anushkasharma A post shared by Varun Dhawan Fanclub ð (@varuniacslove) on Aug 14, 2018 at 6:38am PDT Talking to Mid-Day she said, “I thought the memes were hilarious. I kept sharing them with Varun, Sharat [Katariya, director] and my friends. It is a compliment that my character has been stuck in people's head after they watched the trailer. Mamta has become a figure that everyone identifies with. Memes have become a common feature today. People actually dedicate time to make them. But in our case, it happened naturally and that too, on a huge scale." © Yash Raj Films What a kickass reply, Anushka! Talking about her character in 'Sui Dhaaga' she further said, "It takes a lot of work to play a character that you have not lived. I had to be restrained. Also, Sharat tries to keep the narrative as raw and real as possible. You can't follow his vision unless you are completely immersed in the character."
  12. While most of us are stuck with our 9-5 desk job, there's a company hiring people to travel the world and stay in luxurious resorts for free. If you are even remotely active on social media, then you might have come across this 'World's Best Job' offer that has gone viral for the perks it has in store for its future employee(s). We're talking about a company called Vidanta, a luxury resort chain from Mexico, which is looking for a social influencer who will represent them as their brand ambassador. Cheers for those great moments by the pool at Vidanta Riviera Maya! When are you coming back, @elonatheexplorer? A post shared by Vidanta Resorts (@vidanta) on Aug 16, 2018 at 2:31pm PDT Are you wondering why this profile is making people go crazy on social media? The company is offering a salary of USD 120,000 (Rs. 84 lakhs approx) annually and free stay at luxurious resorts in Mexico.This means you won't have to ask for leaves or holidays because your job will be a vacation in itself. Sun's out, stars & stripes are out ðºð¸ How are you celebrating your Fourth? #Vidanta #July4th #FourthOfJuly #StarsAndStripes #HappyFourth A post shared by Vidanta Resorts (@vidanta) on Jul 4, 2018 at 11:35am PDT The company as part of the campaign will conduct a lucky draw where the interested candidates can fill out a form and apply along with a 60 second video. Santuario at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is one of those places where you could stay for hours and never even notice. Come for a drink, a dance, and a laugh. A post shared by Vidanta Resorts (@vidanta) on Aug 26, 2018 at 2:55pm PDT The shortlisted candidate will go through an extensive training, work closely with sales and marketing team to create engaging content for social media. The last date to apply is October 21 and the job will start from December this year. It's Friday and we're at Salum in Riviera Maya. Could it get any better? A post shared by Vidanta Resorts (@vidanta) on Aug 10, 2018 at 2:43pm PDT So basically according to the offer, the person who gets shortlisted for this job will get to chill and stay at their luxurious resorts, post photos and videos of your stay at the comfortable suites, enjoy gourmet food, get spa treatment, be taken to some of the coolest nightclubs, picturesque locations and UNESCO heritage sites, and take home a whopping package too. If this isn't called a lucrative job offer, we wonder what is!
  13. Have you ever started talking to a girl on a dating app and you feel like you're hitting it off and you ask for her number, but she refuses to give it out? Well, it might be too soon for her but at least she's politely declining instead of doing what Hannah did. It might not be the right thing to screw around with someone like that, but it sure is hilarious and at the end of the day, humour is the only thing that matters. Let's begin this funny story of Hannah finding the most perfect excuse when she doesn't want to give her number to random guys. Here it goes. So, the guy – Patrick – gave her his number and now the ball was in her court. It was up to her to message him or call him first. But, when you don't want to do that, play it smart, and have some fun while you can. She simply said, 'wait that's my number' even though that's impossible, but people can sometimes be dumb, so it's understandable. Patrick is confused. She then turns it around on him, saying 'you're kidding me right?' and also innocently claiming 'how she can't make this up'. She even convinced him that they have the same phone carrier and it was their mistake that both of them ended up with the same freaking number. Look at that last message – 'I wish I could call you'. I feel bad for him, he seems so defeated. Imagine thinking you're missing out on talking to a girl just because your phone carrier screwed up. i just convinced a tinder boy we had the same number so i didnt have to text him pic.twitter.com/guDBlP3iw3 — hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) August 22, 2018 That's kinda evil, but it's so hilarious and I still can't believe Patrick actually bought it. She even proved that he actually believed it, because some people were calling it bullshit. update for yall who didnt think he believed me pic.twitter.com/Mt26f8xC0r — hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) August 23, 2018 This was me after reading the conversation. update for yall who didnt think he believed me pic.twitter.com/Mt26f8xC0r — hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) August 23, 2018 That was the best part. Shit had me dying lmaoo how can you be this dumb??! — Risky. (@RiskyRoss22) August 23, 2018 And lastly, this article would be incomplete without this gif. Imagine if she made someone call him asking for Hannah and he was just like –
  14. The might of an actor lies in their ability to act, yes, but it is equally about creating an impact capable of leaving the audience intrigued and hooked on for more. An actor does not just portray a character and performs on stage or the screen, but also works on the delivery that does justice to the demands of the character and renders it memorable to every theatre or movie-goer. While we talk about such fine actors, there's got to be a mention of the man of the moment, who has every cinema enthusiast going gaga about the endless possibilities over a particular '007' development. © Reuters News has surfaced that we might be looking at Idris Elba as the next “double-o-seven” in the making and we couldn't be more satisfied with the choice. Known best for his dynamic acting skills and a voice that has played a pivotal role to making many roles highly memorable (think Shere Khan in the 'Jungle Book'), we bear no doubts that Idris makes for a great fit as “Bond, James Bond” in the upcoming movies after Daniel Craig's departure from the franchise next year. More On The Man Himself © Reuters For those who might not be well aware of the man in question, Idris Elba is a 45-year-old British actor, who has made a name and carved a niche for himself in Hollywood. Fondly remembered for his stellar performance as Stringer in 'The Wire' and BBC's home production drama 'Luther', Idris has time and again showed the world that he holds immense potential to go from suave to ruthless and from sinister to disarming in a matter of few characters (or even frames for that matter). The news of him having potentially bagged the role of 007 started doing the rounds when he posted this intriguing tweet - my name's Elba, Idris Elba. pic.twitter.com/kEyyaVg8JX — Idris Elba (@idriselba) August 12, 2018 This got the tabloids into a frenzy and the news soon hit the screens across the world. However, within a little while, after the 'hype' began to gain momentum, Elba posted a new tweet that acted as sort of a killjoy to all the premature celebrations. This is what he had to say - Don't believe the HYPE... — Idris Elba (@idriselba) August 12, 2018 While we agree that we'd love to have a confirmation, this tweet has, however, left all of us hanging and we simply can't wait for a confirmation (or sadly even a denial) on the rumours! Now, while we have been voicing our support for this choice, you surely didn't expect us to leave you hanging without giving you valid reasons for it. Here are Elba's performances in 5 major productions that will re-affirm that he is indeed the best choice for the iconic role. 1. Stringer Bell From 'The Wire' © YouTube We had to kick off our argument with this one. The character of Stringer Bell portrayed by Elba in 'The Wire' is perhaps how the world went gaga over the man. His captivating and charismatic take on the aide de camp to a drug lord Barksdale, goes well with the cool and panache exhibited by Bond in difficult situations. Stringer Bell is calm and calculative with a display of intelligence we identify with 007. Convincingly cutthroat and well assessed in his means to achieve his targets, Bell reminds us of Bond's obsession of completing his missions to the T. 2. John Luther From 'Luther' © YouTube The titular role that put Elba on the map was that of detective John Luther who exhibited more than a few similarities to Bond's ways in this show. The otherwise calm Luther's demeanour stood out in greater contrast when he lost his cool, again reminding us of Bond, who is known to play to cool and sharp at all times. The show's violent edge also comes in handy when we're trying to pitch the two characters' combating skills against each. Severe and exuding vibes that scream danger, Luther chooses to stay aloof and within a shell, with not many friendships to count on, much like Bond. 3. Commandant From 'Beasts Of No Nation' © YouTube Another one of Elba's memorable portrayals, he does justice to the characters that are complex and flawed with defunct morals. His portrayal of a brutal and nuanced commandant or leader of a militia sets him as the predator who fights for the cause. The Commandant stands as an example of how situations can turn any man into a beast. The character and its struggles are relatable and on the other hand, remind us of Bond and his skilled antics and methods to achieve his goal without caring about the means. Charisma, strategy and resources all pulled into one - like Commandant, like Bond! 4. Nelson Mandela From 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' © YouTube When most actors shuddered at the idea, Elba came through as the perfect fit to play one of the world's most loved political leaders of all times. The stellar performance he renders in the movie befits Mandela's amazing life story. Elba effortlessly presented the leader's struggles and strengths, thereby giving the world a closer look at the man's life. From the myriad shades of Mandela that he showcases on the screen, it can be said that he possesses the capability to portray the multi-hued and demanding character of James Bond. 5. Stacker Pentecost From 'Pacific Rim' © YouTube The leader of the pack and the one who sounded the cry of war and claimed his right to might, Marshal Stacker Pentecost came through as the ideal person to look up to. The depth of character and gravity that he showcases sets him in line to take up Bond's role in the truest sense. Pentecost is stern but can be kind too, just like Bond is to M, and knows just the right way to make people follow his commands. © Reuters Based on the many skills and acting calibre exhibited by Elba over the years and across various genres of film and drama, we bear no doubt in our minds that he is indeed a great choice for Bond and is more than capable of doing justice to the iconic character.
  15. The stray dogs of any city live a life of grave difficulties. Pushed around, starving, looking for food and shelter is their daily routine and while many volunteers do everything that they can for the furry babies, it is never enough. representational image The iconic Tata 'Bombay House' opened after a restoration period of nine months to mark the occasion of 144th birth anniversary of JRD Tata and along with it's re-opening, it is also now the new residence for the street dogs on Mumbai city. The heritage building has a dedicated kennel area for the younglings to sleep and eat. © BCCL The building was inaugurated by none other that Ratan Tata himself. The pictures of the canines having a good time together at their new home was shared by a Mumbai NGO. Mr. Tata is not only one of the richest men in the world in terms of wealth, but he is super rich in his heart as well!
  16. On one hand, there are people who love Dan Bilzerian and love to follow whatever he does, which he religiously documents on his social media accounts, and on the other, there are people who flatly hate him for being sexist. And then, there are people who honestly don't give a **** about him, like me, but the fact is that he simply can't be ignored, something that he has proven time and again. Anything and everything this guy does is extravagant and simply outrageous. His goal in life honestly seems like 'go big or go home' and he follows it religiously. I mean, just look at his Instagram, it's almost telling us “wow, you're so poor and ugly”. But, he still has over 20 million followers, because he's one person that a lot of people love to hate. However, there are also some out there who aspire to have his lifestyle. But, a lot of people endure his douchebaggery just because of the army of beautiful women he is constantly surrounded by. His life looks like it consists of nothing but beaches, women, and partying and his Instagram is always lit with incredible pictures and even more gorgeous women. What am I doing with my life A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jun 10, 2018 at 8:23pm PDT Didn't he go monogamous? That did not last at all. Leader of the fuckboys A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jul 8, 2018 at 5:01am PDT Sometimes he even invites his friends and makes a pun out of their names. Posted A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jul 17, 2018 at 1:40am PDT But today, he just needed to show his 'big snake' to impress all the women... just his huge snake. Got big snake A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on Jul 27, 2018 at 2:17am PDT Wait, did you think of something else? Oh no, get your head out of the gutter! (Just kidding) See, all of them loved it. But if a guy showed off his 'snake' here in India, it would probably be like a 'Crime Patrol' episode.
  17. The iPhone X was touted to be the most expensive smartphone ever made by Apple and by no means, you can find it for cheaper even today — unless you buy a second-hand device. According to a report, the iPhone X holds great resale value even as a second-hand smartphone when compared to previous iPhone models. © MensXP/Naasir Jamaal Liquidation specialist B-Stock reports that due to the high demand for a used iPhone X, the device sells for an average of 85% of the original price. B-Stock adds that this is a “substantially higher percentage than previous iPhone models sold at the same time in the product life-cycle.” © Youtube It has been found due to the aspirational value that is associated with the smartphone and taking high demand into consideration, the high resale price for the phone exists. It was also reported that the majority of the iPhone X sales come from the United States while only 2% are being sold abroad. The popularity of the iPhone is also due to the new form factor which appeals to users who want a smaller premium phone. People tend to look for a cheaper iPhone X in order to save money by buying a used one. © MensXP/Naasir Jamaal Apple products tend to have a higher resale value in general as compared to other competing devices and models. Having said that, it is quite impressive to see that the iPhone X holds a higher value than previous iPhone models. Are you looking for an used iPhone X? We suggest you don't hold your breath as it would still cost you a lot of money. Source: 9to5Mac
  18. Representational image. Photo: FileThe frozen body of an Indian soldier has been found on a Himalayan glacier, a mountaineering team said Saturday, 50 years after he and more than 100 others died in a military plane crash.The team said it also...
  19. Who doesn't love a good mysterious Sarcophagus movie? Haven't we all seen 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'? Well, at one point the movie did give us goosebumps and made for a great entertaining watch. The plot was simple, an archaeologist goes and digs a tomb that's not supposed to be found or for a reason has been kept away. But despite all the cues and indication, the team unveils the tomb unleashing the curse and putting all of mankind under threat. How interesting is that now? Well, something exactly like that happened in the past couple of days. A 9.8-foot-long black granite tomb was found in Alexandria City. The discovery of this mysterious sarcophagus has raised various eyebrows. Some are calling is a cursed mummy while some believe that Alexander the Great was buried there. © Twitter The Egyptian Council of Antiquities is celebrating this discovery but many are wondering what might be inside it, after all. The black tomb is said to be from the Egyptian Ptolemaic period, sometime between 350BC and 30BC. The thing has remained under the ground, away from the world for two millennia and many think that it should have remained this way. But the archaeologists certainly don't feel the same. © Twitter Twitter, of course, can't keep calm and is already saying how it's not cool to play with the ancient history. Some have linked it to the movie “The Mummy”. Taking the whole thing ahead was David Milner, editor at Gamer Informer Australia, who tweeted: “As a fan of Brendan Fraser's 'The Mummy', I say don't open the cursed sarcophagus. But as someone who saw Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy', I say do it. We deserve the horrors that await.” Netizens are getting creative again. Some are totally against opening it while some are all ready for the curse to unfold. Check out the hilarious Twitter reactions here: fucking do it. i'll do it. I'll lick the dang thing. who gives a shit. https://t.co/Fz5ikGJohM — Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) July 17, 2018 Finally, some good news. https://t.co/rZk22KouD9 — Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) July 17, 2018 I, for one, welcome our new Zombie Mummy overlord. https://t.co/la53pcT40i — Ashley in Wonderland (@NotATadpole7) July 17, 2018 being eviscerated by an ancient spectral force would make more sense than most things that happen on a daily basis. i say open it up. https://t.co/q504KA81BG — brendon bigley (@brendonbigley) July 17, 2018 Egypt after opening that mysterious Black Sarcophagus pic.twitter.com/GQfIX2Tn0U — F.A.C. (@ROTLD_2) July 17, 2018 *sarcophagus opens* *evil spirit emerges* MWAHAHAHA FINALLY.. AFTER CENTURIES AT REST, I, SUTEKH, HAVE RETURNED TO UNLEASH CHAOS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER SE... *looks around* ...did...did another unholy force beat me here? No? YOU guys did this? Wow.. well.. nice job I guess? — John Karalis ð¬ð· (@RedsArmy_John) July 17, 2018 (•_•) <) )â¯We're / (•_•) ( (> Gonna / (•_•) <) )> Dieeeee / https://t.co/XIKT7vC0Lk — Delaney Strunk (@delaknee) July 17, 2018 If Brendan Fraser isn't involved in this I give up on the internet. https://t.co/OQXdWsPRJT — Shockingly Right (@RightShockingly) July 18, 2018 "Oh goddammit. Can't a vampire motherf'er get some sleep up in this B?!" When they open this thing and unleash some insane plague, I'm gonna be REAL mad at somebody. https://t.co/3LMWU4nQDZ — John Steven Rocha (@TheRochaSays) July 16, 2018 This feels like the beginning of a horror movie.... https://t.co/FwkjebuBxp — Odie Still Sucks At Hiatuses‏ || [SEMI-HIATUS] (@sweetbtstea) July 18, 2018 Isn't there a film series on why this is probably a bad idea? https://t.co/HaEgRJZ8fU — Michael Ohiku (@MichaelOhiku) July 17, 2018 Yesssssss... DO IT. https://t.co/34EedFR35A — Mike Dougherty (@Mike_Dougherty) July 17, 2018 https://t.co/jfn9xFnxq2 pic.twitter.com/FMqRBj1I67 — correlophus sillyhattus (@indik) July 17, 2018 No doubt, the curiosity is killing us. Archaeologists will soon open it. But we wonder if it will be just some ancient findings or some curse that will ruin the whole world.
  20. Amaia Arranz-Otaegui, a University of Copenhagen postdoctoral researcher in archaeobotany, and Ali Shakaiteer, a local assistant to researchers working at an archeological site in the Black Desert in northeastern Jordan, are seen collecting wheat...
  21. We've all had smartphones for a while and we've all come across teething issues such as a cracked screen. This problem kickstarted the highly profitable market of smartphone covers and screen protectors that have become an essential accessory to buy today. Every smartphone is plagued by this problem. However, a new story reported by Newsweek sent shockwaves amongst smartphone owners. Sarvinder Naberhaus dropped her iPhone out of a biplane while she was trying to take pictures. © Pexels The incident occurred when Sarvinder and her friend hired a biplane to get a better view of their city. As common as it gets, her smartphone slipped from her hands and plummeted a 1000 feet. Here's where the story gets interesting, Sarvinder used the 'Find My iPhone' app to locate her phone in a nearby neighbourhood. To her surprise, the smartphone was still alive and started to call her phone in order to locate it. She heard her phone ring and found the phone in a yard. Her smartphone was found lying in long grass, working perfectly, without a single dent or scratch on its body and it even greeted her with an alarm. Now that is quite unreal. The iPhone was in a bumper case which provides protection, but not the kind where it would be able to withstand a 1,000-foot drop. © YouTube It's not the first time where an iPhone has been found working after being dropped from a high altitude. In 2015, a man dropped his iPhone more than 9,000 feet from a plane and found his phone to be still working. Yesterday we reported how an iPhone managed to survive underwater at a depth of 30 feet for two full days. It's great to hear such stories where the iPhone has managed to do the impossible. What sucks is that we all know that not everyone is lucky and we are able to break our screen by simply dropping it on a hard surface, even from our desk. We can only hope to have a really tough cover that may just save us from having a huge bill at the repair centre. Source: Newsweek
  22. The sixth installment in the MI series aka 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated and awaited movies of this year. I am sure y'all have varied reasons to patiently wait for the movie to release – Tom Cruise's epic comeback after a deadly injury, him performing the death-defying HALO jump or jumping from 25,000 feet over a 100 times like it's nobody's business, or Henry Cavill's moustache that cost Warner Bros. 25 million dollars. Paramount Pictures Well, whatever your reasons are, we just found one more to add in your already heavy list and that is the fact that, India plays a huge role in Ethan Hunt's quest to save the world. Paramount Pictures Reportedly, the climax scene of the movie is set in the backdrop of Kashmir, where Tom Cruise and his 'Mission Impossible' team will stop a sinister plan from taking its course. In fact, India will find its mention in the narrative multiple times throughout the movie. Instagram Although the movie mentions India, the Indian Army and the climax is set in Kashmir, the scenes aren't actually shot in India. Yes, you read that right! The movie talks about India a lot, but the makers didn't really shoot in the country. They gave a makeover to a valley in New Zealand to make it look like a small village in Kashmir. Reason – the makers didn't get permission to shoot a helicopter chase scene anywhere else except New Zealand. Paramount Pictures Wondering how Kashmir finds its way into the movie? It begins with a breakout of an epidemic in Kashmir that brings the nation on the radar of the after-effects of an attack. Ethan Hunt and his team cross borders and head to Kashmir to save the world and ward off the danger that is threatening a large chunk of the population. (FYI, don't call this a spoiler and even if you think so, don't blame me for it. I am equally surprised!) The movie is said to mention the Indian Army, show the daily lives of people in Kashmir and top it with a high-octane helicopter chase and crash in the snow-capped mountains. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' is releasing on July 27 and also stars actors Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Monaghan and Sean Harris. Source: Hindustan Times