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  1. "China will maintain its policy of friendly ties with Pakistan," says Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian
  2. There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and censorship. Invision Community always aims to empower community leaders with options to encourage an open dialogue within a community, while including barriers for members who choose to ignore the guidelines. Invision Community’s latest release, 4.6.11, includes a simple but powerful new feature to help you shape your community’s tone. It’s called Block Submission. Block submission stops a member’s message from being posted if it includes any word(s) added to your Word Filters list with the “Block Submission” option enabled. Word Filters, a previously existing feature, allows community owners to prohibit profanity in the community. If a member types a word included on the banned words list, the platform will automatically either... Replace the word with something else you set Hold the post for moderation Or, with our new Block Submission feature, notify the member they must amend their post. Located: ACP -> System -> Settings -> Posting -> Word Filters -> Add Word Filter Here is an example: I added the word “hate” to the Word Filters list in the Admin Control Panel and selected the Block Submission option. Now, when a member tries to post the word hate, a message pops up indicating it wasn’t published and why. The member must modify their comment in order for the post to go live. In this scenario, that would look like taking out the word hate. Feel free to change the default warning message (the text located in the orange message bar above) to something better suited for your community - it's located in the Languages settings in your ACP. Why did we create Block Submission? This feature not only helps automatically moderate content, but more importantly, it sets a precedent to members regarding what is (and isn’t) accepted. Gently notifying members that their comment doesn’t align with your community’s guidelines helps maintain the existing culture you’ve worked hard on cultivating, as well as your initiative to keep the language and sentiment positive. Interested in trying our block submission feature out? Please upgrade to 4.6.11! If you don’t have an Invision Community license yet, please reach out to me and I’ll help get you started. Thoughts on our latest feature? Sound off in the comments (just make sure it passes our new vibe check 😉).
  3. YCCC announces first step on its search for cricketing talent following recently agreed partnership between two clubs
  4. It really sucks when you turn up at a friend's wedding in a mismatched, loosely fit, or tightly fit suit or formal clothes. © iStock I mean, as it is the chances of many of us having a good chance at dating a girl we like have been low because of the pandemic. It almost goes straight to zero upon not being properly dressed at a wedding or a marriage function where we know there will be plenty of beautiful women to eventually meet while munching on those samosas. © iStock Now, even if you want to wear a proper suit, sometimes the pockets aren't that deep to buy one, it actually is a good idea to rent a formal suit, sherwani for a lot cheaper. Here are some really good places around Delhi NCR, which may be the right fit for you. 1. Dress Like Celebrity (Lajpat Nagar, Delhi) © Facebook/Dress Like Celebrity As the name goes, Dress Like Celebrity has some really insane tuxedo designs that may suit your look. On top of that, there is an in-house tailor, who is ready to assist you in case that pants or suit isn't exactly fitting you right. With a lot of ethnic and other Sherwani options to choose from, Dress Like Celebrity may provide you with the opportunity to really look good on the wedding day at a reasonable cost. 2. WTF Clothing Rentals (Gurgaon) © WTF Clothing Rentals The place is actually located in the basement of what looks like a normal Gurgaon-based property. However, what awaits you is a proper shop with a lot of different designs of suits, tuxedos, Kurta Pajamas, Sherwanis, and even shoes to choose from. The place, managed by designer Varun, is also assisted by his father, who will go out of the way to personally help you out in choosing the right fit for you. I found the prices here to be pretty reasonable myself, and maybe you may find the right formalwear to impress that girl you've not met yet. If not, it's never bad to look super good as it is! 3. Sanroh Creations (Chattarpur, New Delhi) © iStock Now, you may have to navigate around the area of the farmhouse in Chattarpur Extension, New Delhi, but it may actually not be that hard to find. The store has plenty of formal dress wear for parties, marriage functions to choose from, both for men and for women. However, as per my personal experience, it's always wise to call and double-check the particular suit or formal wear you're looking for, as often it gets sold out or might not be there. Still, there are many good options to choose from. 4. Style Icon (Gurgaon) © iStock Located in the Ardee City region of Gurgaon, Style Icon can be the perfect place for you to pick good party wear or marriage wear. Moreover, the rent cost for the clothes might be pretty reasonable and may also be negotiable depending on the time you need them for. Luckily for people staying in the Gurgaon region, the area is not hard to miss and might be a good place to rent a suit at the last moment. View the full article
  5. We will have discussions with Tajikistan on all issues, says member of cultural commission of ministry
  6. Every guy's morning routine involves self-care and grooming. While some trim their beards, others shave. Shaving in itself is quiet a task and we are sure, that over the years you have found your style. What we are concerned about though, is if you are stopping your grooming routine just at shaving. It is essential to take care of your skin post a shave from any rash or bacterial infections. That's where an aftershave comes into play. Available in a balm type or watery-splash, it is essential to choose the right aftershave to get an irritation-free moisturized skin. While there are a host of options available in the market which may confuse you, here we present to you a guide on finding the perfect aftershave based on your skin type. An added advantage- all of them cost Rs.399 or less. 1. For Normal Skin © Amazon India If you are blessed with a smooth, clear and healthy skin, then we suggest you keep it that way by choosing the right aftershave. A mild balm like the Spruce Aftershave Balm is perfect for your skin type. Enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, the balm is also a natural antiseptic that will soothe any irritation and moisturize the skin. Price: Rs. 299 Buy Here 2. For Sensitive Skin © Amazon India If you have an itchy skin that tends to break into a rash every time you shave, fret not, for we have just the right product for you. The best option for a sensitive skin is to opt for natural products and what shouts organic other than Biotique. Biotique Bio Aftershave Gel consists of soothing wild grass that will eliminate any redness or shave bumps. Made out of organic ingredients, the gel is perfect for anyone with a sensitive skin. Price: Rs. 175 Buy Here 3. For Dry Skin © Amazon India Dry skin comes with a rough, dull and cracked skin. So, choosing an aftershave that can provide hydration as well as moisture is essential. The Bombay Shaving Company post-shave balm is perfect for dry skin. It is alcohol free, which means it won't further dehydrate the skin, rather nourish it without leaving a burning sensation. Price: Rs. 335 Buy Here 4. For Oily Skin © Amazon India Oily, greasy skin requires products that will remove the excess oil. While an aftershave balm suits other skin types, an oily skin requires a splash type aftershave. So, we bring you the best a man can get, with the Gillette After Shave Splash. The water like splash will not only remove the excess oil, but leave the skin feeling fresh. Price: Rs. 255 But Here 5. For A Combination Skin © Amazon India If one part of your face is oily and your neck is dry or vice-versa, then you have a combination skin. While you can use more than one product catering to each need, we bring you one product that is the answer to all your concerns. The Nivea Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion will provide moisture to the dry skin and soothe any redness. At the same time the cooling effect will refresh the skin and remove any excess oil from it. Price: Rs. 167 Buy Here
  7. ISLAMABAD: A flotilla of the Pakistan Navy (PN) visited Muscat as part of a goodwill and training visit, said a statement from PN. The flotilla comprised the submarine PNS Hurmat, sail ship PNS Rahnaward and support ship PNS Rasadgar. During the visit, the mission commander and commanding officers of the PN ships and submarines held important meetings with various Royal Navy of Oman officers. "The visit was aimed at improving interoperability and strengthening of bilateral ties between the two navies and creating opportunities for learning from each other's experiences. The visit also afforded the crews and officers of the navy flotilla to hold professional interactions with personnel from RNO. Commodore Altaf Hussain commanded the flotilla as mission commander during the port visit.
  8. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi/File photo ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Wednesday launched power consumer friendly net-metering framework, under which power consumers would be able to generate their own energy and sell the surplus to the national grid. Addressing a ceremony here earlier today, Prime Minister Abbasi said the country stands at the threshold of providing cheap, efficient, reliable and sustainable electricity to consumers. Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Leghari said on the occasion that solar energy-based net metering has become an economical and financially viable option for average energy consumers, even at household and commercial levels. Federal cabinet to meet today over Trump tweet PM Abbasi to chair the emergency federal cabinet meeting to discuss strategy in wake of Trump's latest statement Later today, the Prime Minister will chair a meeting of the federal cabinet to discuss strategy in wake of US President Donald Trump's tweet, in which the US president accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorists and threatened to cut off its aid. The meeting will also discuss the national as well as regional security situation, and the prevailing economic and social affairs of the country.
  9. ISLAMABAD: Two Pakistani Navy (PN) ships, PNS Dehshat and PNS Rahnaward, made a port call to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, said a statement released by the PN. The port visit, scheduled from November 20 to 24, is the second visit by PN ship within a span of a year. Rahnaward, a tall training ship and Dehshat, a fast attack craft-missile docked into port under the command of Commander 10th Patrol Craft Squadron Captain Khalid Pervez. "The visit was aimed to promote peace and' security in the region, enhance maritime collaboration and open new avenues of bilateral cooperation between the two friendly regional navies," said the PN statement. During the visit, the PN delegation held meetings with the naval and military leadership of Iran on matters of mutual interest. A reception dinner was also hosted during the visit by Capt Pervez onboard PNS Rahnaward which was attended by Ambassador of Pakistan Asif Durrani, senior Iranian military and civil officials along with military attaches from China, Poland, Germany and Japan. The visit of the PN flotilla to Iran demonstrates strengthening of cordial relations between Pakistan and Iran based on mutual respect, shared history and culture, added the statement.
  10. TOKYO: US President Donald Trump, charging ?Japan has been winning? on trade in recent decades, said he would push for more reciprocal trade with Washington?s close US ally - but in a friendly way. Trump was speaking in Tokyo on the second day of a 12-day Asian trip expected to be dominated by North Korea and trade. ?We have to do more. The United States has suffered massive trade deficits at the hands of Japan for many, many years,? Trump said at the start of a meeting with Japanese business leaders. ?We have to negotiate,? he said, adding it would be done in a friendly manner. Trump also said Washington wants to make the United States the most attractive place to hire, invest and grow. ?We want free and reciprocal trade, but right now, our trade with Japan is not free and it?s not reciprocal, but I know that it will be,? he said. Japan had a $69-billion trade surplus with the United States last year, according to the US Treasury Department. The US leader, who met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday for golf, lunch and dinner, will hold a more formal summit with Abe later on Monday. In a second round of economic talks in Washington last month, US Vice President Mike Pence and Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, who doubles as deputy premier, failed to bridge differences on thorny trade issues. The two sides remain at odds over how to frame future trade talks, with Tokyo pushing back against US calls to discuss a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA). Trump also said that an Indo-Pacific trade framework would produce more in trade that the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact pushed by his predecessor but which he announced Washington would abandon soon after he took office. ?TPP was not the right answer,? he said, adding he knew not everyone in his audience agreed. ?We will have much bigger trade with the way we are doing it right now and it will be a much less complex situation.? The 11 remaining nations in the TPP, to which Japan?s Abe is firmly committed, are edging closer to sealing a comprehensive free trade pact without the United States.
  11. Every time you head out, does it break your heart to leave your pooch behind?Their puppy eyes look at you longingly like limpid pools of love, as you walk out that door. Don't you wish you could take them along wherever you go? Well, now you can take your furies along to some selective cafe's in the capital thanks to their hospitality towards dogs. So if you wish to spend some exclusive coffee time with your four legged pals, you can head to these café's in town and thank us later! Puppychino- Shahpur Jat © Puppychino FB One of the first cafés to open their doors to all the doggos out there, Puppychino provides a dedicated dog space, special dog food and some yummy treats for hoomans too. They also have their house dogs, Bobo the Lab and Simba the Husky to meet and greet you! Definitely plan a Saturday with your dog and head to Puppychino! Check them out here. Diggin – Siri Fort Road © Diggin FB Situated right opposite Gargi College, this beautiful space serves some awesome milkshakes, Italian cuisine and baked goodies. If you plan to head there with your dog, make sure to find seating outside as that's their dedicated space for all doggos. Don't forget to say hello to all the street dogs they foster around the café! Check them out here Blue Tokai - Saidulajab © Blue Tokai FB Pair their delish coffee with their filling sandwiches and their super fast Wi-Fi and you have your afternoon/evening sorted! Your dogs will love it there as long as it's not too sunny! Check them out here Tabula Beach Café – Asian Games Village Complex © TabulaBeach Cafe FB They have a fabulous sit out for you and your dogs, if you're venturing there during the day. Your baby can dig his/her paws in to the fake beach-ey sand at their outside area while you go nuts on some yummy cocktails and some decent food. Check them out here Leo's Pizzeria – MG Road © Leo's Pizzeria Instagram Love yourself some scrumptious pizza? Then definitely head to Leo's with your dog on a rainy afternoon. No one will ask you to leave anytime soon and you can spend hours with your dog, while you read your book and he chews on some treats which are available there. Check them out here We'll be back again with a full blown Gurgaon edition on where to head for a date with your dog. For now, explore these cafés in the city and leave your woes behind, not your dog!
  12. “We are just testing your security”! We don't know if HBO will be able to forget this sarcastic comment anytime soon, especially after their cyber firewall was breached yet again. Just like Daenerys and the Dothraki attacked Jamie Lannister's forces from the sky and ground in episode four's ‘Loot Train Attack'; a hacker group called OurMine took over HBO's social media accounts like a boss. HBO couldn't even fully recover from the blow of the Game of Thrones' script leak and the hackers are already back to haunt the company and the makers of the show. © Twitter HBO In fact, not just HBO's main accounts, OurMine didn't even spare the network's beloved ‘Game of Thrones'. They hacked into the show's Facebook account as well. To rub salt on HBO's festering wound, the hackers posted “Hi, OurMine are here, we are just testing your security, HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security.” OurMine reportedly holds a notorious reputation for f**king things up with major entertainment companies. According to the BBC, last year, the group targeted Netflix, and later attacked Twitter accounts of Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and Google's CEO Sundar Pichai. © Facebook HBO Although the posts were removed shortly after the hack, the damage was already done and Twitter , obviously, had a field day. @hbo looks like they got hacked again. This came up on my feed not 20 mins ago pic.twitter.com/TQMY04TicZ — We Have No President (@Alberto64971055) August 17, 2017 Well, there you go again, @HBO . #HBOHacked pic.twitter.com/VZNuC6GV2Z — Samyak Sibasish (@SamyakSibasish) August 17, 2017 Dear HBO. You might as well release #GoTS7 You are surrounded... #HBOHacked pic.twitter.com/XgU4BcVy3n — David Wald (@DavidRWald) August 17, 2017 OMG! Hacked again? Upgrade your security HBOðð — CEELIN (@CeelinRobles) August 17, 2017 And HBO is in some way hacked once again. I'm pretty sure that all of their passwords are set to HBO123. pic.twitter.com/z7sFdrlv2s — #Broken Jimmy Kouns (@JimmyKouns) August 17, 2017 HBO hacked again. At this rate prepare to see the season finale by Saturday... #HBOHacked — Ambassador Ortizðµð· (@SkyGriever) August 17, 2017 HBO to Hackers: Who trained you? Hackers: No One ð #HBOHacked — Mark Chhun (@mark_chhun) August 17, 2017 #HBOHacked that's what you get for hurting one of her dragons pic.twitter.com/NZEE86QUsx — osha (@oshawildling) August 17, 2017 #HBOHacked that's what you get for hurting one of her dragons pic.twitter.com/NZEE86QUsx — osha (@oshawildling) August 17, 2017 You need better guards.. ð#HBOHacked pic.twitter.com/Go2EMzbpSq — Saâd (@SAAD_NightOwl18) August 17, 2017 At least the hackers could have given HBO some time to recuperate from the leaks of the unaired episodes of ‘Game of Thrones' and HBO Spain's accidental broadcast of episode 6, but then we all know life isn't fair after all.
  13. If you're a music buff who seeks to find something more unconventional than popular and commercial music, then you have got to check Trunk It out. Trunk it trunks some really awesome hidden pool of independent musician across the country, who go all out giving us some of the best eclectic tunes made solely by them. Apart from being an app that promotes unique home-grown Indie music it's also a multi-genre smart radio, launched for Android , with iOS to follow at the end of the month. Now, you may wonder why it's India's first smart radio. Well, to put it simply, it filters music content based on your preference of a specific genre and gives you exactly what you want to hear. So basically you get to run your own radio station and choose what you want to hear throughout the day. The app is quite user friendly and gives you genres like jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, electric and metal to skim through and give you the best of some Indian artists. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The reason behind such a fantastic idea stemmed from the fact that despite having some great talent amongst the Indian music scene, there is always a struggle musicians face to showcase their product through social media or live performances. Either you have to wait for their LP's to be out or probably catch them at a live gig to hear their music. Trunk It hence stores an array of music from different artists, you can listen to, at any given point in time, with a working internet of course. © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Since each listeners stream is unique, your collection of music gets personalised based on the interaction you have with the app. The aim is simple- a lot of people will eventually be exposed to the Independent music scene of India. The app is quite user friendly. We tried it and loved it. All you gotta do it go to preferences and choose your preferred genre of music. You can of course choose more than three genres in one go. The radio will then throw songs at you based on the genre(s) you have picked. If you love a particular track or an artist, you can trunk it (love it) and the radio will automatically save the song for you, on your play list for future listen. It also helps the radio understand your preferences. If you junk a song, the radio will figure you dislike that particular track and will never play that song for you again. So, what this app beautifully does is give an opportunity to an individual to curate their own music, through the radio. At any given point in time, every person tuned in to Trunk It has a different radio stream going on. The idea is to expose peeps to different sides of the Indian music scenario. Trunk It is the only music based app in the country that helps artists connect to their audience. So if you're an artist and want your music to be showcased, get in touch with them now!
  14. A goal in either half from Henrikh Mkhitaryan and his replacement Juan Mata helped Manchester United to a 2-1 victory over Sampdoria at Dublin's Lansdowne Road in the Reds' final pre-season game on Wednesday. The pair's goals came either side of Dennis Praet's strike to ensure a positive end to United's summer and gave them a boost ahead of next Tuesday's European Super Cup clash with Real Madrid in Macedonia. United boss Jose Mourinho gave new £40million signing Nemanja Matic his debut and the former Chelsea man strolled through a comfortable 45 minutes before being replaced by Michael Carrick at the break. The Italians, 10th in Serie A last season, had no shots on target in the first half, and the closest they came to a goal was from a Danny Blind backpass that required a full length save from David De Gea. De Gea's handling of the ball gave the Italians an indirect free kick on the edge of the six yard box, but United's defenders blocked and immediately countered. Antonio Valencia stormed clear on the right wing and fed Mkhitaryan, who then found Matteo Darmian on the left wing. His cross back into the box was headed home by Mkhitaryan to turn Sampdoria's opportunity into a United goal in just 30 seconds. Valencia and Mkhitaryan teamed up again two minutes later with the winger nipping past his opposite number, before whipping in a cross that veteran keeper Christian Puggioni did well to punch clear from Mkhitaryan's header. The right wing proved a fertile ground for United, with Romelu Lukaku sent clear moments later. The Belgium international cut inside smartly but pushed his left foot strike narrowly wide. Sampdoria came within inches of an equaliser just before the break, and once more it was down to a United mistake with Daniel Pavlovic's free kick bouncing off Victor Lindelof's thigh and going narrowly wide of De Gea's post. The English side made four changes at the break, and two of them, Marouane Fellaini and Ander Herrera combined to put the ball in the net on the hour, but the Spaniard's strike was disallowed for offside. Out of the blue, Sampdoria equalised on 63 minutes, with Praet calmly finishing from the edge of the box, after a poorly cleared cross fell his way. It was the Italian team's first shot on target. The Serie A side grew into the game, but United had the last laugh, with two more replacements, Mata and Anthony Martial teaming up to see the Spaniard grab a deserved winner in the 81st minute.
  15. Wayne Rooney marked his first game back in an Everton jersey with a goal in a friendly against Kenya's Gor Mahia in Tanzania on Thursday. England's record goalscorer was making his first appearance since he rejoined his boyhood club from Manchester United last week on a free transfer after 13 years at Old Trafford. And Rooney delighted the crowd by scoring a superb goal from long range to help the Toffees win 2-1 in what was the first match for a Premier League side in East Africa. Youngster Kieran Dowell scored their winner. Everton are touring the region as part of their preparations for the upcoming Premier League season after signing a deal with Kenyan betting firm SportPesa to become the club's new shirt sponsor. The Toffees received a warm welcome after arriving in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday with large numbers of Tanzanian football fans eager to greet Rooney and his new team-mates. In May, Everton announced they had penned a five-year sponsorship deal with SportPesa to succeed Thai brewing company Chang. "We're pleased to have secured the biggest commercial partnership deal in the club's history with an ambitious and growing, global company," Everton chief executive Robert Elstone said at the time. "From the outset we have been impressed by SportPesa and the company's plans for the future. Over the coming months and years we will be working closely to realise our ambitions together." "We are thrilled to have secured an alignment with Everton, a club weaved prominently throughout the tapestry of world football," added Ivo Bozukov, director of global strategy for SportPesa. SportPesa, which is looking to increase its visibility through the Premier League, is further strengthening its ties with the city of Liverpool by moving its European headquarters there. The Kenyan company were Hull City's shirt sponsors last season, but the Tigers were relegated from the top flight at the end of the 2016-17 campaign. SportPesa also has partnerships with Arsenal and Southampton.
  16. Thousands of French football fans joined in with the English national anthem as tribute was paid to the victims of recent terror attacks in the United Kingdom prior to a friendly match in Paris on Tuesday evening. The words to 'God Save the Queen' were displayed on big screens around the Stade de France before France's meeting with England, allowing the French spectators in the crowd of close to 80,000 to sing along with their English counterparts. A minute's silence was impeccably observed by the crowd, after the teams had come out to 'Don't Look Back in Anger', the song by Manchester group Oasis which was played by the band and choir of the French Republican Guard. They were ably backed up by around 2,500 travelling English fans in one corner of the ground on a balmy night in the French capital. That song was seen as an anthem for Manchester after the English city was hit by a suicide bombing at the end of an Ariana Grande concert last month which claimed 22 lives. Another eight people, including three French nationals, were also murdered in a terror attack in London on June 3. An English flag was displayed by a section of the Stade de France crowd as the teams entered the field. Underneath the display was a banner reading: "United with the Cities of Manchester and London". The match kicked off around five minutes later than the scheduled 9pm (1900 GMT) start, after French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May had arrived at the stadium in the nick of time. Macron and May had met at the President's Elysee Palace a little earlier to discuss business ahead of the start of Brexit negotiations next week. Security was very tight around France's national stadium, as it has been for all events since a wave of terror attacks began to hit the country over the last couple of years. The game was the first meeting of the sides since November 2015, when England won 2-0 in a friendly on an emotionally charged night at Wembley. That match was played despite France being in a state of shock in the wake of the terror attacks that struck Paris just four days earlier. A total of 130 people were killed on November 13, 2015, when the Stade de France itself was one of the targets, being attacked by suicide bombers during a friendly match against Germany. On that occasion, the London crowd joined in with the singing of the French anthem, 'La Marseillaise', which was also played before English Premier League games the following weekend.
  17. Just like Real Madrid and Barcelona in football, India and Pakistan share a rivalry like no other in international cricket. Their clashes are full of tempers soaring at an all-time high alongside some exciting and aggressive cricket. The two cricketing giants might be fierce enemies on the field, but when they are off it, the cricketers from both sides share mutual respect for each other. So much so that when Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi hung his boots up earlier this year, the Indian side sent him a Virat Kohli jersey signed by the entire team which read, "To Shahid Bhai, best wishes, always a pleasure playing against you". Virat Kohli's shirt, signed by Indian team, for Shahid Afridi, with a message "always a pleasure playing against you." pic.twitter.com/KexlCjTNeZ — Faizan Lakhani (@faizanlakhani) April 15, 2017 Be it Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni or even Harbhajan Singh, Afridi, during his glorious cricketing career, always shared a good rapport with Indian cricketers. But, despite his camaraderie with the other cricket stars, there is one particular Indian batsman with whom Afridi would not be found in a coffee house with, ever. © Twitter And, we aren't really surprised to know that he is none other than Gautam Gambhir whose infamous on-field exchange with Afridi during the 3rd ODI between India and Pakistan at Kanpur in 2007 is now a testimony to the excitement their clashes generate. "Contrary to popular belief, India and Pakistan players get along very well. Of course, there are exceptions like Gautam Gambhir, who dare I say isn't the friendliest," said Afridi. "We are unlikely to be found together at a coffee shop anytime soon. We had a heated exchange on the field some years ago and it made headlines all over the world. While I have moved on in life as I feel these things are part and parcel of the game, Gautam for some reason can't get over it. Good luck to him," he said. © Twitter Apart from his rift with Gambhir, Afridi was all praise for the Indian captain who is also his favourite amongst the current crop of Indian cricketers. "Another player I admire and respect from the present lot is Virat Kohli. He has a fantastic cricket bat in hand and an even a better heart in his supremely fit body. I will always remember him for the gesture he showed when he gave me an Indian cricket team's signed shirt following our match in Kolkata in the World T20," he revealed. © Twitter "This shirt sits prominently in my collection and will always remind me of not only my matches and visits to India, but my excellent relationships with most, if not all India cricketers," he concluded.
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