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  1. Facebook Ads: are they the modern day ‘hilly billy’ California Gold Rush? Rumors circulate about Facebook Ads being the MOST profitable way to advertise your business and everyone jumps on it to make a quick buck. Hence it’s quickly become the 21st century gold rush. And just like the gold rush, the people really profiting are the ones selling the tools to the prospectors… AKA Facebook But they’re still gold out there if you know where to look and what your doing. The purpose of this post is to give you a short introduction, so you know roughly how to make profitable ads. It’s not going to turn you into an expert, but it might stop you digging in the wrong spot and spending BIG on things you should avoid. I’m not going to go into too much technical detail… Otherwise we’ll find ourselves like Alice down deep the rabbit hole. What Type Of Marketing Is Facebook Ads? It’s important to define Facebook Ads as interrupt marketing. Someone is not actively looking for your product at the time of seeing your ad. So your ads need to be distracting and bold to literally GRAB attention. If people are more likely to be searching your products then should you choose Facebook Ads as a primary marketing channel? Why Does That Matter For Building Communities? When you’re using Facebook Ads to build communities (especially off the platform e.g. not a Facebook Group). Your ads need to be eye catching and demand attention, with a clear benefit of the community AND call to action (what to do next). If you’re community is big then use the size as social proof, people follow the herd and using this herd mentality when talking about the number of members etc will help you grow. Does Facebook Work For Every Business? As a primary marketing channel? Absolutely not. If you have a business that people proactively search for that’s very transactional - like an ecommerce store then you’d be better using google adwords. Yet any business SHOULD 100% be retargeting website visitors with ads. It’s a great way to build rapport and make the most of your site visits. If your business is a business that’s heavily reliant upon growing a relationship then Facebook Ads is perfect. Big purchases, information products, service based businesses all do VERY well with Facebook Ads. It’s a great place to grow and build relationships with your audience. In my opinion this is the MOST powerful way to use Facebook Ads. Do Facebook Ads Help Build Communities Absolutely yes… Facebook Ads can help you build and grow your community. Be clear on your message and the benefits of the community. Having a good understanding of the audience will help too. If it’s a male audience of people who like Star Wars for example, there’s no point advertising to women or people who like football. There is merit in testing adverts to the same interests groups e.g. men who like Star Trek. How To Get The Most From Your Facebook Ads Being successful with Facebook Ads is much more about relationship building than it is billboard advertising. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people using Facebook Ads as the internet’s ‘yellow pages’ I.E. The only adverts they ever place are “hey come buy my stuff” If you only use FB Ads for sales messages it’s going to be crazily expensive and ultimately ineffective. Still people ONLY want to pay for an ad when they have something specific. Instead, think of the platform as an extension of networking, with the same relationship interactions. Only your paying Facebook to have these ‘interactions’ and not having to do it manually. The BEST Way To Do This Is Retargeting Retargeting in the oldest & simplest sense of the word was when someone visited your site or product you identify them and give them adverts that are “come back and buy” This makes things MUCH more effective. But here’s how you get a system that works… You want to layer your retargeting… That means have multiple different offers that are layered one on top of the other. If you’ve heard the expression sales funnel (the process of ‘funnelling’ potential customers through your marketing into customers) then that’s essentially what you’re creating on Facebook all via your retargeting. Sounds complicated… It’s not… For example I could record a video about facebook ads and retarget people who have watched 25% of the video (because I know they’re interested). Then I might give them the option of downloading a PDF to add them to my list… Those that take the PDF could then be offered a webinar. At the end of the webinar is the option to become a customer. The layering of funnels takes time and is more work, hence most people choose the less effective ‘yellow pages’ method. I could go on and on about the nuances involved in advertising on Facebook. But here’s some dos and don’ts to keep you in check Do Treat the platform more like networking than the ‘Yellow Pages’ Focus on building relationships and meaningful interactions. Make sure you’re using retargeting, whatever business you’re running. When writing adverts focus on the customer and their wants, needs, desires Give value before you ask for something in return. Understand your maths and make sure it’s profitable. Layer your retargeting Read the terms and conditions and make sure you’re compliant (otherwise you will get banned) Don’t Expect to become an overnight millionaire. Put big budgets in you can’t afford to lose until you know it works. Copy everyone else ads. Use boring stock photography. Try and cheat the system. Get too hung up with the technical It’s A Powerful Tool, Not A Panacea There’s an epidemic out there (mainly from Facebook Ad Consultants) who push it as the panacea to all business problems. It’s not true… Facebook Ads is a super powerful tool that you could use to grow your community. Especially if you’re struggling to attract new members. It’s not a miracle cure. If there’s a problem with your community messaging or attractiveness then Facebook Ads won’t fix it. Instead Facebook Ads is more of a magnifying glass. It will highlight any problems. Which is very helpful if you don’t know where the gaps are in your community. Not so good if you’re expecting a miracle. Final Thought If you’re thinking about using Facebook Ads for your community then you 100% SHOULD! Depending on your budget will decide if you get someone paid who knows what they’re doing (like me) or you run the ads yourself. If you do find someone make sure they’re realistic with the platform and what it can achieve. If you’re doing it yourself, then have a go… Try a traffic campaign to get you started. The WORST that can happen is you’ll spend a bit of money without getting anything in return. It’s only beginner tax… Or making a donation to the ‘Zuck Fund’ as it’s known in the industry. I’ve seen total beginners make 5 figures with their first ad… It’s pretty rare, but I’ve seen it happen. The ONLY thing you can do is have a play and see what happens. It doesn’t bite. Martin Jolley-Jarvis is the owner of Full Spectrum Agency.
  2. Most guys who go to the gym, want to get big and strong. They want to develop a physique which looks good with and without clothing. Chances are, you have the same goal and you have tried every strategy to bulk up and develop a muscular physique. If you have failed to do so, there is a high possibility of you getting inaccurate information. Or you have been fooled to think that you can only grow muscle if you take steroids. Here is a 5-step guide you can follow to gain muscle drug-free: 1. Lift Weights © Getty Images If you aren't engaging in resistance training, then begin soon! Doing cardio is not bad, but it can be detrimental when done too much; especially when your motive is bulking. Resistance training is a sure-shot way to improve your body composition and to literally direct the systems of your body to hypertrophy the skeletal muscle mass. Engaging in resistance training 3-5 times a week can give you an anabolic boost which can help you grow. Your training routine MUST contain multi-joint movements like the bench-press, push-ups, barbell-squats, barbell-deadlifts, dumbbell shoulder presses, etc. Performing only isolated movements like bicep curls and tricep extensions will not help you achieve your goal as these movements target the smaller muscles. Always make an attempt to progressively overload your training by increasing either the number of sets, repetitions or the weight lifted. Take a step back if you feel that the training load is almost impossible to lift and could cause injury. Be consistent and persistent. 2. Eat More © Getty Images It is already known among the masses that nutrition plays a big role in bringing changes to the body composition. Gaining and losing weight follow a simple but complicated rule: Reducing your calories than what you usually consume leads to weight loss and increasing calories than what you usually consume leads to weight gain. However, this definition is very basic and it requires specifics in terms of grams of the macronutrients to be consumed. While bulking, carbohydrate and protein are the main macronutrients that will help you achieve your “gainz”. It is simply so because carbohydrate will fuel your workouts while protein will help with recovery. It is very important for you to understand the macronutrient-breakdown of your current diet and to determine a rough estimate of calories on which you maintain your current body weight. Consuming 1.6-1.8 g of protein/ kg of body weight is recommended during the bulking phase. There are some recommendations that range higher than these but increasing your protein dosage slowly over time makes sense if you are not eating enough. Regardless of whether you are vegetarian or not, you must try to consume protein from a variety of sources. Consuming approximately 3-4g of carbohydrate/ kg of body weight is recommended during the bulking phase. The rest of the calories must come from fat. Note: These are only theoretical estimates and the intake of macronutrients only depends on your current diet and how your body responds to change. Changes in body composition are highly individualistic. 3. Sleep Like A Baby Growth occurs whilst you rest. This is where many individuals fall prey to over-training and don't rest enough for efficient recovery. Sleep is the best time when our bodies rest and repair and the common recommendation is 7-9 hours of sleep each night. While sleeping 8-9 hours per night may sound too much due to hectic work schedules, maintaining 7 hours of sound sleep each night is the least you can do for growth. Sleeping enough also ensures a strike in your hormone profile which positively affects your bulking process. 4. Track Your Progress © Getty Images Keep a track of your measurements and body-weight. Each body has a different tendency to gain weight but theoretically gaining 1-2 lbs (roughly 0.4- 0.9 kg) of weight per month is acceptable. Aiming to gain too much too fast increases chances of gaining more fat than usual (regardless, you will gain some fat during the bulking process). 5. Enjoy The Process Enjoying this journey will keep you away from unnecessary stress. Stress is known to impair growth which directly affects your muscle-building procedure. It is YOU who have decided to undergo this journey and it is YOU who will have to be patient until you see apparent results. Winning the bulking phase requires no rocket-science; it only requires you to stick to the process for long enough.
  3. Growing your beard can be a tricky business. But who doesn't like a good beard? However, growing a beard can be a little tough. So here are hacks that'll help you grow your beard faster. 1. Exfoliation Is Key © Getty Images It's important to keep your face fresh and exfoliate to weed out the dry skin cells. Dead skin cells hinder hair growth. 2. Taking Care Of Dietary Needs © Getty Images It's important to have a balanced diet and drink at least 8 glasses of water. Apart from that, the hair is mainly made of protein, so consuming more of protein-based foods. 3. Exercising Helps © Getty Images Trust us. Exercising regularly makes your body fit also encourages hair growth which means your beard is going to grow faster. 4. Don't Fret Too Much © Getty Images Your beard just like your hair will take its own time to grow. You'll have to be patient. Nothing takes place overnight. 5. Beard Oils Are Vital © Getty Images Regular beard oils or essential oils like amla and eucalyptus help stimulate the much-needed boost for hair growth. Additionally, the beard after using beard oil is softer. 6. Face Massages © Getty Images A face massage encourages blood flow throughout the face and helps your beard grow faster in no time.
  4. If this is your first time growing a beard and you don't know how to proceed from here, or you've had a couple of failed attempts in terms of growing a beard, you need to read below. Growing a beard is not tough if you do it the right way, and if you do it right, you can get a healthier, wholesome, softer and fuller beard. 1. Here's The Plan Do your research and figure out which beard styles flatter your face shape. If you have a long rectangular face structure, a narrow beard is not going to do you any good. While growing, make sure that extreme sides are soft so that you can mould it any which way that you want. You should always keep the crop flexible so that you can shape it whenever you want. 2. But You've Got To Be Patient © Getty Images Time is key. You can't be impatient if you're growing a beard, okay? The beard that you can possibly grow could be mighter than the one you can fathom. So, it's important to be patient and grow through the process. So the patches that you're worried about after a stubble will take a while to grow. So, you stay at it, you'll reap the benefits. We promise. 3. Shave The Sides Well You could either let the scruff grow or if you want to actually grow it out the way you want to you should take charge of the neck and cheek lines. Maintain them well by shaving them in a shape that you like. Rely on your intuition or take help of a professional in shaping them. 4 Take Supplements For The Beard © Getty Images Supplements can help grow your beard faster. Take hair supplements and dietary supplements that help in hair growth for a new crop that's softer and fuller. 5 Keep Trimming It's less about layering and more about shaping the beard. An awkward growth doesn't look good on the face. Think of it this way: you can't grow everything to equal length at the same time which where trimming comes into the picture. 6. Use A Conditioning Product © Getty Images A product like a beard conditioner and a hair oil help create growth that is soft and itch-free( for you and your partner). Massage any of them into your whiskers daily for maximum effect.
  5. Ranveer Singh clearly has a weakness for the good ol' handlebar moustache, even though he can pull off any kind of facial hair. Honestly, we don't blame him because that is probably the most iconic facial hair style ever, and most Indian men would agree. However, it is not easy to grow a handlebar, and the popular belief is that it takes ages to grow one. However, we disagree, and here, we are sharing the best way to grow a handlebar moustache in a few weeks, just like Ranveer Singh: 1. Use a good beard and moustache oil. Oil is like food for hair follicles, and a regular application will boost their growth. You will see a difference soon. © Instagram/Ranveersingh 2. Don't wash your beard and moustache too often, because it will rob it of the essential moisture. However, that does not mean you have to leave your facial hair greasy and dirty. Use a good beard and moustache wash, and wash it thoroughly 2-3 times in a week. © Instagram/Ranveersingh 3. The most important part is to be patient. Wait for the hair to grow. To stimulate growth, eat a lot of protein, and have a healthy diet. Brush your beard and moustache regularly, to facilitate blood circulation in the area. © Instagram/Ranveersingh 4. The final step is to start using a good wax after a few days. As soon as you start noticing some growth, start twisting the moustache in your desired shape and use the wax. Your moustache will take the shape soon, and you will get your desired handlebar moustache in a matter of weeks.
  6. Long hair for men is a style statement that will always be 'in' - irrespective of whether celebrities are indulging in it or not. If you've had long hair, ever, you'd know what we're talking about. It feels amazing to have a head full of hair that's strong, long, and thick. You can leave it open, tie it in a man-bun, or try more unorthodox styles - the kinds that will always help you turn heads. But the problem is, it takes a long time for men to grow hair (or so we think). Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 things to do everyday that will help you grow your hair much faster (and thicker too). 1. It might sound weird, but don't wash your hair every day. Most of us like washing our hair really frequently, because in a country like India where the climate makes us sweat bucketloads, that is just a natural urge. However, most of us also don't know that washing our hair very frequently strips hair off the natural oils, which is detrimental to hair growth, and also aids to hairfall. So, try not washing your hair every day with shampoo. Try washing it on alternate days (because cleanliness is important as well). © Getty Images 2. Pay more attention to conditioner, as compared to shampoo. If you wash your hair everyday, please make sure you don't use shampoo, but always use a conditioner post wash. That will keep dryness away, and also help you control hairfall, thereby aiding hair growth. © Getty Images 3. Eat a lot of protein. No matter what kind of grooming routine you follow, if you don't ingest the right nutrients, you will never be able to grow your hair at an optimal rate. A good breakfast with eggs and chicken can never be underestimated. Try protein rich veggies like broccoli if you're vegetarian. It will work amazingly well for your hair, and also your muscles. © Getty Images 4. Make sure you're getting all the vitamins and minerals. Meet a dietitian and figure out whether you need multivitamin supplements. Plus, most Indians are Vitamin B and D deficient, which is also responsible for less hair growth and also a bunch of other problems. Try taking fish oil supplements. © Getty Images 5. Start getting a champi done once a week. The power of a good ol' hair massage with warm coconut/almond/olive oil is immense, and it will do wonders for your hair growth, and overall scalp condition. © Getty Images 6. This may sound ridiculous, but shift to silk/satin pillowcases. When we're growing our hair, pillow fabrics with harsh materials can result in a lot of hairfall and tangling. Using a silk/satin pillowcase can sort that out for you. © Getty Images 7. Know when to comb your hair. Never comb when your hair is dripping wet, because that's the time your hair is at its most vulnerable state. If you have curly hair or ringlets, try combing it as less as possible, because it messes up the natural texture and flow of the hair (do head massages to take care of the blood circulation that usually happens because of combing). If you have straight or wavy hair, comb with a wide toothed brush for best results minus the breakage. © Getty Images Try these and see your mane grow bigger and bigger within a short span of time!
  7. A good beard is an asset, and every man wants one (well, almost). But the trouble is, it's not something you can buy. You have to grow it and the situation isn't exactly even like growing muscles, which you can manage by working out and following a proper diet. Growing a beard can be a challenge if you're not gifted, and most people try to avoid being hit by this truth-bomb. Plus, some personal habits coupled with an intense disregard for patience result in super slow beard growth for some unfortunate souls. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 7 things one should strictly avoid doing while growing a beard: 1. Excessive Trimming © Birchbox There is a beard myth that says the more you cut/trim your beard, the faster it grows. Please don't pay heed to such myths. If you don't let your beard grow out physically, it just won't. It's that simple. 2. Using Hair Shampoo On The Beard © Beard Style The composition of hair shampoo is not suitable for your beard. It will strip your beard of its natural oils, and give rise to dry, scraggly strands of hair, which will definitely hamper healthy growth. 3. Not Washing It Altogether Or Washing It Too Often © Scotchporter The beard is a tricky territory, because it's a patch of hair that's located on your face. Your face needs to be kept clean (duh!) but it must be done without causing damage to your beard. How do you do it? By coming up with a beard cleaning cycle and sticking to it. Use a good beard wash/beard shampoo to wash your beard instead of soaps/hair shampoos, but don't do it too often. Depending on the growth and density, washing your beard every alternate day or once in three days should be fine (provided you don't let food get stuck in it or roll around in the mud, face-first.) 4. Ignoring The Existence Of Beard Oils/Softeners © Fatherly As Indian men, more often than not, we attach minimal importance to grooming. Please don't let your beard suffer because of that. Use beard oils and softeners to facilitate a healthy growth. They do work, if you use them religiously. 5. Not Brushing Your Beard © Balding Beards Brushing your beard, irrespective of its size will make it grow with a proper shape. Plus, brushing improves blood circulation at the beard base, thereby resulting in much faster growth.
  8. waqas dar

    never grow up

    I am fairy and i will never grow up. Thinker bell magic.

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  9. When it comes to an impeccable beard game, one man who can give everyone a run for their money is Rana Daggubati. He probably is the only 'villain' who has legit impressed more people than the hero in his respective movies. One of the things that make him an incredibly intimidating, yet handsome man, is his beard game. © Instagram/Ranadaggubati © Viral Bhayani Every man, at some point or the other, has wanted to grow a beard like him. Now, growing a beard is not easy, unless you're blessed. However, there are ways in which those who struggle with beard growth can achieve a glorious beard. Here are 3 things you can do daily to get a big, thick, dense beard like Rana Daggubati. 1. Use a beard oil and comb it out © Beardoholic Dryness can hamper your beard growth, and also cause problems like itchiness and beard dandruff. A well-moisturized environment will help your beard grow fast. Also, don't wash your beard too frequently, as that will dry it up. Every time you take a shower and wash your beard, make sure to apply some beard oil after towel drying, and comb it out. Doing it regularly will make sure that your beard grows in shape and appears fuller, as opposed to being unruly and scraggly. Trim your beard to maintain the shape, but try to leave it alone as much as possible. 2. Eat protein for breakfast © Onepixel What you eat plays a major role in deciding how fast your beard grows. Protein intake is a must when it comes to hair and beard growth. In fact, hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. If you want to max out your beard growth, make sure you have a high protein diet. Along with that, foods rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E, and F, and minerals are also a must. Grooming products won't help if you have a bad diet. Also, having a protein rich breakfast is good for muscle gain, and overall well-being. (Eggs for breakfast FTW!) 3. Exercise and get enough sleep © Instagram/Ranadaggubati Now, if you're thinking 'What does that have to do with beard growth?', hear us out. Applying stuff on the outside will not stimulate beard growth. Beard (and hair growth) in general as a process has got more to do with your lifestyle than what products you apply. Beard grows faster when you're relaxed and stress-free. Sleep is essential for that. Exercise boosts testosterone production, which is an essential element in terms of beard growth. Plus, when your body is in good shape and well-rested, you will be able to see substantial improvement in your beard growth, thickness, and well as density, Start doing them, and up the ante for your beard game!
  10. Elon Musk can do a lot of things (I don't even have to give examples, cos no one can even dispute this) but turns out growing facial hair is not one of those things. It's kind of sad that he can make the hair on his head make a comeback but he can't really grow a moustache. Cue the 'you're not ugly, just broke' cliché. © Twitter But, since technology has come so far - much to Chris Evans' dismay - there are other ways to show everyone your capability of growing hair. Yep, Elon used some really advanced technology to give himself a moustache and he was so impressed with the result that he showed it off with his profile picture on Twitter. #NewProfilePic pic.twitter.com/W4xT1ywqjA — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2019 Haters will say it's photoshop but we should really appreciate how seamless it is. Okay, all jokes aside, that's one hilarious picture and it garnered even more hilarious responses. From 0 to 100 (or 35) real quick? @MafiaCityAds pic.twitter.com/AhgQaZHLT9 — Piores Tirinha Mene (@PioresTM) January 7, 2019 So natural. Fixed! pic.twitter.com/Teka8naPtX — Kevin A. (@FermionicSoup) January 7, 2019 Full props for the photoshop skills. pic.twitter.com/SFpSiTGECj — GuillaumeTC (@GuillaumeTC) January 7, 2019 Desperately needs a monocle. pic.twitter.com/NRma2uX7A9 — WeAreSatÏshi (@sovereignmonkey) January 8, 2019 Uwu? @elonmusk you did it wrong. pic.twitter.com/MtILAkFqXy — Martin { God of Mars } (@martinengwicht) January 7, 2019 Much better, tbh. This seems better. Sometimes better to be kid's hero. pic.twitter.com/y9iBj8B3bh — M.ÇaÄrı EryiÄit® (@mcagrieryigit) January 7, 2019 Honestly, I'm uncomfortable looking at this. If we're talkin new profile pics, hear me out on this one Elon pic.twitter.com/n8fvMwjtY5 — Jð­ (@jj2chill_hill) January 8, 2019 But, moustaches are already great. To: #NewProfilePic BCC: #NikolaTesla #MakeAmericaGreatAgain From: #TeamElon Subject: Make Mustache Great Again :-) pic.twitter.com/XikG1WDexb — ð âðð©ððð¤ ðð¥ð¦ððð (@Reno_Web_Design) January 7, 2019 Perfect. fixed it for ya pic.twitter.com/kkcHPScsiz — FOMOâ¿Y DICK (@FOMOBYDICK) January 7, 2019 This is just weird. pic.twitter.com/RouH4P8Qlx — ®â¿â⸙ââ¡âââââ¡ (@grinder_o) January 8, 2019 One and the same. pic.twitter.com/biY6R165gx — Gagan Rai (@Gaganrai101) January 7, 2019 He sure does. That's Eloníto del Musko, he likes to drink Teslaquila a lot! pic.twitter.com/mhwmv8CRTf — Monika Wojdas® (@MoWo91) January 7, 2019 Is the Italian meme making a comeback? pic.twitter.com/cq7Thfeykv — South of Kevin (@KevPassthewater) January 8, 2019 Never! pic.twitter.com/gpIVoSxgCk — Cyber-Fox â­â­ (@CyberDuret) January 7, 2019 Wait, was this inspired by Ranveer Singh? pic.twitter.com/USz2MgEhTr — VISHNU (@Vishnu__Bala) January 7, 2019 Now he's a pirate? pic.twitter.com/x3hw5jmLSr — Chris Hughes (@WhosChrisHughes) January 7, 2019
  11. Unless you are an 'everyday is an upper-body day' kind of a dude, you must be aware of the importance of squatting. It is one of the most fundamental exercises you can do for leg development. In this article, I will take you through the most common squatting mistakes or sins that I see people committing: 1. Not Bracing Your Core An average gym enthusiast who is about to squat, just walks up to the squat rack, un-racks the bar and starts doing the up and down motion with the weight on his back. He will always remain average and never realize his true strength and potential unless he braces his core, or in layman terms, keeps his belly tight and full of air. © Tnation Here`s how to do it: Take a deep breath and fill as much air as you can in your belly. This will require additional effort and skill if you have never done it before. Another tip is to tighten your belly just like someone is about to punch you there. Hold your breath during the whole downward phase of squat and release only when coming up or when at the top. This technique enables you to squat more weight, hence more muscle. This will also make you more stable during the movement. 2. Wrong Footwear If you want to learn the best way to do squats, learn from the way power-lifters or weightlifters do it. The use of appropriate footwear is of utmost importance while doing squats. You will never see a powerlifter or weightlifter squatting in running shoes. So why should you? The problem with the commonly used running shoes for squatting is that they don`t let you remain close to the ground due to excessive cushioning and interfere in the force transfer from ground to the body. They are fine when you are doing bodyweight or lightweight squats but not when attempting 1-5 rep max. © Thinkstock Images You have two options when it comes to optimal shoes for squatting. First is any kind of flat sole shoes or sneakers. Just make sure their bottom is hard enough. The second option would be to buy proper weightlifting shoes. Don't let the name make you think that these shoes are just for weightlifters. These shoes have a solid base and an elevated heel which makes them good for anyone who wants to be more stable during heavy squatting and helps to hit more depth. 3. Knee Sleeves To Cover Pain Let me tell you one thing. Knee sleeves are a great training accessory for someone who indulges in any sort of exercises that puts direct stress on knees such as squats and lunges. I am calling them great because neoprene sleeves available in the market keep your knees warm and compressed during squatting and help with better blood flow to the area. There`s no harm wearing them. © Thinkstock Images However, the problem arises when people start thinking of it as a training aid as a cure for knee pain. How many times have you seen people throwing unsolicited advice for wearing knee sleeves in case they have their knee troubling them? If you have knee pain due to weight training, then you need to check your stretching, foam rolling or technique and not try to self medicate via pain relief ointments, painkillers or any kind of knee sleeves or braces. You will be making the condition even worse by hiding and continuing to work out with it, without getting it cured. Adopt the above squatting guidelines and you will see improvements in your squat poundages pretty soon. Share this with someone who you feel should be squatting the right way. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  12. Winter is 'the gaining season', and no, I am not going back on my words when I told you earlier that you can gain and cut anytime irrespective of what season it is. However, you would agree with me that majority of the people who follow fitness religiously, prefer winters to bulk up and for summers to cut down. So, today let me tell you the only 3 tips that you need to follow for 'The Winter Bulk'. 1) Count Your Macros © Pinterest Yes, you can't get away with this. Just because you are bulking, it doesn't mean that you will add any random food item that comes your way into your diet. People who do so, are the ones who complain of adding too much fat during their bulk. The purpose is to gain muscle mass with minimum fat gain. Now, there are various methods to calculate your calorie intake, but this time, I will give you a very simple formula. Take your weight in pounds and multiply it with 18. For example, if you weight 70Kgs which is approximately 154lb, then your calorie intake will be 154 multiplied by 18 which is equal to 2772. Now, I am not saying that this is the most scientific way to calculate the required calories but I know that a majority of you won't make any efforts to make the calculation, if I gave you a complicated equation. You will atleast get a rough idea of your calorie intake through this simple method. 2) Choose Your Macros Wisely © Thinkstock Now, when have you the calorie calculations in your hand, you need to find out how much of each macro you need to have and what will be the source of each macro. First, let's talk about protein, as protein is the macronutrient that's going to help you build muscles. I am going to take an upper limit here which would be taking per gram protein per pound of body weight. So that would come down to approximately 154gms of protein. The calories that will come from protein will be 154x4=616. Now let's calculate the fat intake. Take one gram of fat per kg of weight. In our example, that would come down to 70gms of fat. Calories from fat will be 70x9=630. Now, the left over calories 2772(Total) – 616(Protein)+630(Fat)=1526 will come from carbs. Since a gram of carb has 4 calories, the total grams of carbs will be 1526/4= 381. The overall macro ratio of carbs, protein and fat will be approx 55:22:22, which is a good ratio for gaining muscles. A good source of carbs will be the ones that have a low GI and are carb-dense like sweet potato, oats, brown rice, chapati, quinoa, beans, whole wheat bread and pasta. Lean source of protein include chicken, eggs, tofu, whey protein, milk etc. Fat can come from nuts, nuts butter, olive oil and coconut oil, cheese etc. 3) Progressive Overload Training © Pixabay You will hear lots of stuff about the reps that you should be performing in a set to gain muscles. I am not going to get into the details of those, but I am just going to suggest you a rep range that will help you to gain muscles. You can't measure the exact number or reps that will give you the best results, but you can definitely follow a rep range to gain muscles. I recommend a rep range of 6 to 8 reps with progression overload. Progression overload means that you add certain amount of weight every week in your lifts to create that stimulus in your muscles for growth. The body will only build new muscle fibers when they are constantly put against an increased resistance. Thus, try to follow a rep range of 6 to 8 and try increasing the resistance every week as the rep range increases. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  13. It's the last day of November, but our Insta feeds are still full of #NoShaveNovember pictures, and rightfully so. Who doesn't want to show off a big, healthy, well-groomed beard, irrespective of the occasion? There is something about a big beard that is inexplicably classy, and is equally impressive to both men and women. A lot of people have taken to the trend, and we are digging it! For those of you who want to be a part of the phenomenon and grow a beard, we have some solid inspiration. Here is a list of 11 men who have grown impressive beards, that can definitely serve as a source of your 'beard-inspo': 1. Nitin Mehta © Nitin Mehta Nitin is one of the very few bearded models over the age of 50 in India, who is giving youngsters a run for their money. 2. Nitin Chauhan © Nitin Chauhan Nitin Chauhan is an extremely well-known model, who has been associated with Raymond. 3. Daljit Sean Singh © Daljit Sean Singh Daljit is a model, actor, & entrepreneur who has also appeared in the movie 'Padmaavat'. 4. Harp Farmer © Harp Farmer Harpreet is a model, actor, and director based out of Punjab. 5. Karnar Randhawa © Karnar Randhawa Karnar is a well-known bearded face from Punjab. 6. Lokendra Singh Ranawat © Lokendra Singh Ranawat Lokendra is one of India's top fashion bloggers and Social Media Influencers. 7. Arya Bhat © Arya Bhat Arya is a well-known Delhi-based model, who works with top Indian brands & designers. 8. Prajval © Prajval Prajval is a bearded influencer and model from Bangalore. 9. Ritesh Assudani © Ritesh Assudani Ritesh is a Bhopal based menswear designer and stylist. 10. Sunil Vyas © Sunil Vyas Sunil is a businessman from Bhopal. 11. Vishal Singh © Vishal Singh Vishal is the Founder of Bharat Beard Club & BeardoThon. Most of these faces can be seen in the Annual Beard and Moustache Championship. Those of you who are confident about your own beard and want to register for the competition, click here
  14. There are no hard-gainers. There are only the under-eaters. If you want to see yourself grow, the most important thing to do is to EAT! Learn how to eat solid food and learn how to eat it very often. Only going to the gym and doing bro-splits wouldn't help. Get you training structured and follow these eating tips. 1. Not Eating High Calorie Foods Most people make this mistake of eating the same foods which they were eating in cutting (losing fat) and maintenance (staying at same weight) phase. This is not actually a problem per se, as you can always increase the quantity of same foods in bulking. However, your stomach has only limited capacity to fill itself with food and you are better off filling it with foods that provide higher nutritional value or calories. For example- Replacing 100gm of chicken breast (commonly eaten during cutting) with 100gm of whole chicken/thighs will give you more calories as it has good fats along with almost same amount of protein. Other examples are - replacing low fat milk with high one, adding virgin olive oil and chia seeds to salads. © Thinkstock Images 2. Eating Just About Anything If not eating high calorie/eating enough is a problem, then we have other category of people who will simply stuff their face with anything they see in the name of bulking. Remember guys, a calculated approach with eating good foods is required in bulking. This HARDLY should include fries, burgers or regular trips to Mc Donald's. For so many people, bulking becomes an excuse to let loose on all the foods which they already know are bad for them. 3. Worrying About Abs TOO MUCH I assume most of you reading this article are naturals (not using steroids). As a natural, you need to understand that you will lose some of your 'aesthetics'. Come to terms with the fact that you midsection will get soft for the time you feed to grow. Little bit of fat gain on belly area during bulking is almost inevitable if you are doing it naturally. So don't stop eating is a steady surplus if you lose definition around the abs. © Youtube 4. Focusing Way Too Much On Stupid Supplements And Other Small Things Best magic supplement for muscle gain, best protein powder with 0 carb, how to train upper chest, how to train lower abs and what not; these are just frills. Guys, these things hardly ever matter. Listen. It won't make any difference if your protein powder has 0gm or 4gm carbs, unless you are competing and please leave the muscle anatomy of upper chest or lower abs for advanced bodybuilders. You have limited energy and time, invest it where it matters the most- heavy compound lifts and eating right. Daman Singh is an internationally certified sports Nutritionist and an athlete competes in Strongman and powerlifting without the aid of Anabolics .He also runs a YouTube channel named :- SIKHSPACK and you can follow him on Instagram and trains Drug free population .
  15. Calves, the muscle group that every guy seems to be struggling to grow. Everyone seems to think that there's something mysterious about them. This leads to them making calves training too complicated than it should be or playing the card of bad genetics and completely overlooking them. But just like any other muscle, you train them with resistance, progressive overload it and voila, you will grow your calves. © YouTube Now, there are three categories of people you will see who have badass calves and they apparently do not even lift: 1. Cyclists 2. Fat guys 3. People who live in the hills That tells us a bit of a secret about training calves, it all comes down to VOLUME. Cyclists train day in and day out for their events, invariably training their calves. Fat dudes who do not look like they lift, invariably end up training their calves whenever they climb the stairs or walk on inclines due to the sheer amount of load they are required to carry just to move their body. Those living on the hills, they do incline walking most of the time and a shit ton of it. So How Do You Get Massive Calves? Do not worry, you do not have to go cycling 6 hours a day, eat cake and get fat or even live in the hills. You just need to take the common denominator from these conditions and replicate it in your training routine, which is to do more volume. To add more volume, understand this simple formula: Volume = Load x Sets x Reps Now, let's look at it with an example. Say you do standing calf raises on one day and seated calf raises on another in a week. Tuesday (Standing calf raises) - 3 sets of 10 with 70 kilos Volume = 3x10x70 = 2100 kilos Friday (Seated calf raises) - 3 sets of 10 with 50 kilos Volume = 3x10x50 = 1500 kilos Total weekly volume = 2100 + 1500 = 3600 kilos How do you push this up by manipulating the variables of volume? 1. Increase Load: Increase the kilos to 75 for standing calf raises and 55 for seated calf raises, keeping all else the same. Standing calf raise volume = 3x10x75 = 2250 kilos Seated calf raise volume = 3x10x55 = 1650 kilos Total weekly volume = 2250 + 1650 = 3900 kilos 2. Increase Sets: Increase sets in both seated and standing calf raise to 4 sets, keeping all else the same. Standing calf raise volume = 4x10x70 = 2800 kilos Seated calf raise volume = 4x10x50 = 2000 kilos Total weekly volume = 2800 + 2000 = 4800 kilos © YouTube 3. Increase Reps: Increase reps to 12 reps per set in both seated and standing calf raise, keeping all else the same. Standing calf raise volume = 3x12x70 = 2520 kilos Seated calf raise volume = 3x12x50 = 1800 kilos Total weekly volume = 2520 + 1800 = 4320 kilos Two other ways you can still add volume is: 1. Increased frequency - Train 3 times per week as opposed to 2 times and later, push it to 4 times per week. 2. Add different exercises - Adding more exercises on top of it will simply add more volume. The exercises you can pick from: 1. Leg press calf raises 2. Leg press calf jumps 3. Donkey calf raises 4. Smith machine calf raises 5. Single leg dumbbell calf raises The last thing would be to pay some attention to the tempo. Blast on your way up, squeeze the muscle and have a controlled rep down. There is no real need to complicate it further. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  16. Have you ever wondered how would it be possible for an average Joe to pack on good amount of muscles in their calves? Human muscles are made up of fibers, the same way you would find fibers on cloth. There are two major types of fibers: Type1 and type2, and then they are subdivided into, type1 (a), type2 (a), type2 (b) type2 (a). There are 3 major muscles that comprise the calf muscle group: • Gastrocnemius • Soleus • Tibialis anterior Calves are very important muscles, from the postural standpoint view. Also if there is limited strength and mobility in your calves, then it's going to hinder the process of squatting. Research suggests that these muscles are majorly endurance muscle fibers (type1a) and these muscles are used regularly in our day to day activities such a walking, sitting, dancing, etc. But since bodybuilders also want these muscles to grow for aesthetic purposes, they developed different training styles to train these muscles. 1. The Guru Of 800 Olympic Athletes Mr. Charles poliquin says, like all normal muscles, these all muscles also have type1 and type2 muscle fibers, they have to be trained heavy as well as with moderate weights in order to grow. He suggests training them twice or thrice a week if you really want them to grow badly. 2. 6-Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates © YouTube Dorian used the principle of training this muscle to failure. He says avoiding rest is one of the best things you can do to grow your calves. His calf training regime included- 10-12 reps for heavy weight Rest 15 seconds 6-8 reps with the same weight Rest 15 seconds Another 5-6 reps 3. According to majority of old school trainers, the biggest mistake which people make is not training the calves to the full range. This means people are just swinging around on the machines, not using their muscles to the full contractile range. In order to do this, you need to train the muscles slowly and feel the muscles working in their end ranges. 4. IFBB pro athlete Ben Pakulski suggests training these muscles with moderate to heavy weights, targeting a rep range between 6 and 15. Starting with heaviest sets first and lightest at the end. © Pinterest How To Deal With Soreness Having problem taking care of calf soreness the next day? Here are a few tips to get rid of that soreness: 1. Stretching (getting rid of the lactic acid buildup) 2. Massage (to relax the muscle after stress) 3. Regular exercise (to get used to the stimulus that is being imposed on it) 4. Glutamine for faster recovery 5. Ice pack therapy 6. Rest Conclusion: Remember not to give up if your calves seem to be a lagging part of your development. Due to genetics, people living in the mountains have larger calves, but doesn't mean you have no hope. Proper rest is also needed for development and over training the calves may not be such a great idea. Helius is one of Mumbai's most promising fitness professionals and part time kettle bell lecturer. His knowledge on nutrition and trainer soft skills management is well recognized. To know more about him CLICK HERE, and mail your queries about fitness to heliusd@hotmail.com.
  17. Moustaches are not only considered to be the ultimate symbol of virility in cultures around the world, but they have evolved into major fashion accessories - if you will. From Ranveer Singh's wicked handlebar to John Abraham's swanky pornstache, moustaches are making a major comeback and for good reason. They have always been fascinating, and if that wasn't enough, here we have compiled a list of 10 strange facts about them that will keep you scratching your head. Or your moustache. © Twitter 1. Moustache hair grows faster than any other body hair. © Twitter 2. Cops in Madhya Pradesh get a slight upgrade in their pay if they sport a moustache. © Twitter 3. In a deck of cards, the only king to not sport a moustache is the King of Hearts. © Twitter 4. In Nevada, US, it is illegal to kiss if you have a moustache. (What?) © Twitter 5. Ram Singh Chauhan from Rajasthan is the proud owner of the world's longest moustache. It is 14 feet long, and he has been growing it since 1982. © Twitter 6. On an average, men with moustaches touch it about 750 times in a day. © Twitter 7. Moustache transplant is a legit thing. You can get it done in India for a hefty amount of around Rs 3 lakhs. © Twitter 8. Babies grow moustaches in the womb, and then eat them. (We realize you were doing perfectly well without having known this fact, sorry.) © Twitter 9. A moustache is pretty absorbent, and can soak up to 20 percent of its own weight as a liquid. © Twitter 10. Studies show that having a moustache can actually have amazing health benefits, because depending on their length and thickness, it can reduce exposure to sun significantly - thereby reducing cancer risk. © Twitter
  18. As a well-groomed and luscious beard can (more often than not) make all the difference in transforming you into a hit among ladies, it's probably safe to assume that you'd want to follow all the tips that'll help you grow and maintain a proper beard. After all, taking care of your facial growth shouldn't be an exercise that is just confined to the month of November. And since there should never be a time frame attached to looking your absolute best, here are five essential tips all Indian men should keep in mind if they want to show off a badass mane. 1) Beard Oils Are Essential, Invest In Them Wisely © Instagram Official/ Vicky Kaushal Your beard requires adequate grooming and care, something you cannot afford to ignore if you have any plans of growing and maintaining a proper mane. As such, opting for the best beard oils out there is not only advisable, but also highly recommended. After all, bead oils provide the proper nourishment and care to your skin and hair, enabling you to grow a beard that'll make you the envy of many men. 2) Your Choice Of Trimmer Makes All The Difference © Unsplash As was the case with beard oils, the type of trimmer you opt for also plays an instrumental role in ensuring your beard is well groomed. As such, you need to ensure that you pay a lot of attention to your choice of trimmer. Whether you want to opt for a rotary or foil trimmer or a wireless or wired option, ensuring that you get your hands on the best trimmers for men is highly advisable. Pro tip: Opting for some of the best Philips trimmers out there will make for a premium and cost-effective option. 3) Keep Your Skin Clean © Instagram Official/ Kartik Aryan You might have the best beard trimmer and beard oil in your possession, but it'll be all for naught if you don't take care of your skin. After all, keeping your skin clean and hydrated is just as important as investing in the right beard care products. So invest in quality face washes and scrubs, premium shaving creams and gels and A-grade aftershave lotions. 4) Don't Forget About Your Mooch! © Instagram Official/ Ranveer Singh This is one of those rookie mistakes that most men end up making. Taking care of your beard but neglecting your mooch is an absolute no-no. So make sure you take care of your mooch as well by investing in the best moustache waxes and oils out there. Pro tip: Ustraa and Beardhood come out with some of the best moustahce waxes you could get your hands on. 5) Vitamin B Is Great For Hair Growth, Incorporate It In Your Diet © Instagram Official/ Ranveer Singh You are what you eat. As it turns out, this is true for beard care too as adapting a diet that is rich in Vitamin B will do wonders for your hair growth. So eat as many nuts, eggs, chickpeas, lentils and whole grain breads as you can, and you'll be one step closer to getting and maintaining that beard you've always desired.
  19. 'You can never have big biceps.' You may have heard this a lot if you have been into lifting. Nearly everyone is working hard to add more size to their biceps. They follow specialized programs, do things like every day is arms day, follow a host of bodybuilders and their 'advanced' muscle building secrets and techniques to no result whatsoever. The main reason that this happens is missing the basics. In this piece, I shall give you the top five things you can start doing if you want to grow your arms. 1. Eat In A Caloric Surplus Nutrition is one of the highly overlooked aspects of most of the gym-going population. Everyone would want to follow the most advanced routines, would want to consume a host of magic promising, sorcery assuring supplements but not once would they want to watch what they eat. To gain muscle, you need to be in a caloric surplus. And yes, this does not mean everyone should eat in a caloric surplus. You also need to be lower in terms of your body fat to put on muscle optimally. Ensure that you are first in the 10 - 17% body fat range and then only eat in a surplus if your goal is to gain muscle. If you are 18% and above, cut to the 10 - 12% range first and then bulk. 2. Train Arms Directly Pretty simple! If you want to get bigger arms, you need to train your arms. There are a lot of people who make a case like 'I am doing heavy rows and pulls, or I bench heavy' or 'I only do CrossFit or functional.' I am not saying you should not do the exercises that you enjoy. But if you want to gain size in your arms, simply train them. © Thinkstock 3. Prioritize Arm Training There are studies that show that the thing you prioritize will give you better results. For example, if you want to get better at your bench press and your barbell rows, you will become better at the exercise you train first in that session. If you bench first, you will grow much stronger on your bench compared to rows. If you row first, you will get stronger at it compared to the bench. So if you want to get stronger and muscular arms, train them first during the session. For my athletes, if they want to build bigger arms, I plan mesocycles/training cycles where the arms are given priority during those 6 to 12 weeks. 4. Train Arms More Frequently Most of the trainees at the gym do the classic bro-split like chest day, back day, shoulder day, etc. Studies have consistently shown that at the same volume (total sets), more frequency has been associated with better muscle growth, strength gains, recovery, and performance. So if you are training arms just once a week, push that number to 2-3 times per week. © Thinkstock 5. Do Not Ignore The Triceps This is how I remember it, tri - three, bi - two. Your triceps are a bigger muscle compared to your biceps. Many people just do a lot of bicep curling and ignore tricep work altogether as they associate bigger arms with bigger biceps. The fact of the matter being the better your triceps are built, the bigger your arms will look. Want bigger arms? Do NOT ignore the triceps. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram. Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness.
  20. When does a man feel like he has reached the zenith of fulfillment? The correct answer is: when he has managed to grow a handlebar moustache. A handlebar moustache is so much more than just a moustache - it is the ultimate, undisputed symbol of masculinity. In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, big biceps and defined abs didn't do it for women as much as a proper handlebar moustache. There is something about it, a mysterious allure, if you will, that sets the owner of a handlebar moustache apart from his counterparts. The bonus: You're instantly noticeable, and it acts as a dope conversation starter, not to mention impresses the ladies. The tricky thing about handlebar moustaches is that, not everyone can grow them. While a small percentage is because of facial hair growth issues, mostly it is because of the fact that most men are clueless about how to go about it. Don't worry, this is where we step in. Here is a step by step guide on how to grow the perfect handlebar moustache. Step 1: Be patient © Twitter Patience is a virtue but when it comes to matters of vanity, most of us forget it. The first step you need to follow is not to do anything at all. If you are clean shaven, with decent facial hair growth, it will take some time for you to grow a handlebar moustache, and there is absolutely nothing you can do but wait for it to grow. Do not give up in the middle when you start to look a little, umm, homeless, for your patience shall bear fruit. Step 2: Facial hair care © Twitter Start using a good beard oil, and massage once everyday, gently. Get a good beard and moustache wash, and use it everyday before going to bed. You must comb too, at least once in a day. Step 3: Start using a moustache wax © Twitter Once you start seeing a bit of growth, start using a wax. Take a little bit of wax in between your thumb and index finger, and apply it on the ends of your moustache, twisting it in the shape you want. Do it everyday, because this will help your moustache hair grow in your desired direction. However, wash it off everyday before you go to bed. Step 4: Communicate well with your barber © Twitter Poor communication with your barber can destroy your moustache. Tell him what you want categorically, loud and clear. Show him a picture if you have to. When you go to the salon, tell him to trim only the moustache hair that is overlapping your lips downwards, and to leave the lateral ones alone. He will anyway know which parts to trim once you tell him clearly about what kind of moustache you are aiming for. Step 5: Trimming unruly hair and maintaining the shape © Twitter Once you're used to twisting your newly grown, majestic moustache, you'll find out that there are some hair strands that are refusing to cooperate. Just snip them off, carefully. Also, keep a moustache wax handy all the time because you will initially need to do over the twisting bit several times in a day, till you're used to the process.
  21. Beards are majestic. Well, probably not all of them, but to their proud owners, they always are. The fact that facial hair can have so much allure and mystique associated with it is strange in itself, not to mention the frenzy around it and the meteoric rise of the 'beard gang' phenomenon over the years. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 super weird facts about beards that will surely make you go 'WTF?' Read on! 1. Clean shaven men, as compared to bearded men, are three times more likely to carry harmful bacteria on their face. Next time your parents tell you to get rid of that dope beard, tell them it's doctor recommended. 2. Historically, beards have been regarded as the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Rightfully so, we say, because look at the brightest minds such as Shakespeare, Socrates, Galileo, Plato, or Vincent Van Gogh - all of them had beards. © Twitter 3. In the early '60s, the CIA came up with a conspiracy to tarnish Fidel Castro's public image by making his beard fall out chemically. (What?) They failed. 4. If you have pollen or dust allergies, start sporting a beard. It will help you. It has been proven, medically. 5. Abraham Lincoln was the first US President to have sported a beard. He grew it, because an 11-year-old girl wrote to him and advised him that he would look better with a beard because he has a thin face. Who knew 11-year-olds are that intelligent? © Twitter 6. In the middle ages, it was considered offensive to touch another man's beard. You'd have to duel, as a repercussion. Good times, huh? 7. When the Romans were ruling, beards used to be taxed. One actually required a special beard license to sport a beard. Someone in power was super jealous and couldn't grow a beard, clearly, we say. © Twitter 8. The International Boxing Association had a rule, according to which amateur boxers with beards were prohibited from competing. Again, what? © Twitter 9. Statistically, after a man grows a beard for the first time, most of the compliments he receives will be from his male friends. Bro-ship FTW. © Twitter 10. As opposed to the popular myth, shaving does not cause your beard to grow back thicker. It just looks like it did, because it takes time for the hair end to grow tapered at the ends, and it appears darker because it hasn't yet been exposed to a lot of sunlight or natural elements.
  22. Wondering how to grow a beard faster? Should you be using a beard oil or other beard products for beard growth or not? Are there too many suggestions everywhere and you don't know which advice to follow and which one to ignore? Don't worry! Here we have a list of some easy tricks to follow to get that badass beard you have always wanted. 1. Patience © Twitter Lack of patience can be a complete beard-killer. During the first few weeks, your beard growth is uneven and it starts to get dry and itchy. But do not worry, this happens with everyone. Also, avoid taking any rash decisions such as shaving your beard, let it grow freely for at least 3-4 months. It will bear fruit. 2. Never use hair products on beard © Twitter For all of you who are thinking of using a coconut oil on your facial hair for beard growth, please think twice before going for it. This is because your facial skin is very delicate when compared to your hair scalp, and the thick coconut oil clogs the pores of your skin. All it does is leads to acne instead of helping in beard growth. 3. Beard Growth Supplements © Twitter Taking medicines or tablets for beard growth without a doctor's suggestion, is a complete no no! It is unsafe and can harm your body or your hormones. On the contrary, a safe solution for faster facial hair growth is Ustraa's Beard Growth oil (https://www.happilyunmarried.com/ustraa/beard/beard-growth-oil.html)). This oil is free from harmful chemicals such as sulphates and parabens, and has Redensyl, which has been scientifically proven to strengthen hair follicles, thereby helping in beard growth. 4. Beard Care © Twitter The most important thing to keep in mind is that a well-groomed beard is the one that grows faster. Include beard products like Ustraa's beard wash, beard softener, and mooch and beard oil in your daily routine, which not only provide daily nourishment but also help prevent split ends and itchiness. 5.Healthy Diet © Twitter The building blocks for your facial hair lie inside your body. You need to get the right supply of proteins and vitamins in your daily diet, for a healthy beard. This will not only benefit your body massively, but will also help in natural beard growth. Include nutrition in your diet that ultimately help in the production of testosterone in your body. A high protein diet, green vegetables, and fruits should be a must when it comes to that.