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Found 26 results

  1. A man who knows how to layer right will never run out of interesting ensembles, because new outfit combinations effortlessly give rise to an ever-expanding wardrobe. To layer right is to understand fashion in its truest sense, and it also makes sure that your wardrobe is super versatile. Here are 5 easy layering hacks that every man should use to upgrade his wardrobe: 1. Plaids & Patchworks Relaxed but well-fitting shirts & jackets in plaid and patchwork patterns will definitely up your style game, when paired with cottons and linens. __ECOMPRODUCT__15__ __ECOMPRODUCT__25__ 2. Pastel Waistcoats A pastel waistcoat can be paired with both button-downs and round neck T-shirts for a sophisticated Indie aesthetic. __ECOMPRODUCT__26__ __ECOMPRODUCT__27__ 3. Oversized Shirts One can completely transform a bland outfit by casually throwing on an oversized shirt on top, and it makes complete sense to utilize that to its fullest potential. __ECOMPRODUCT__17__ 4. Super Relaxed Half-Sleeved Shirts Be it a brunch or a casual get-together with your buddies, wearing a super relaxed half-sleeved shirt on top of a monochrome ensemble will definitely turn heads. __ECOMPRODUCT__28__ __ECOMPRODUCT__16__ 5. Self-Layered Silhouettes Self-layered silhouettes will make you the centre of attention in a room full of fashionable people, without you having to compromise on subtlety or sophistication. __ECOMPRODUCT__21__ __ECOMPRODUCT__23__ __ECOMPRODUCT__24__ Get ready to grab the limelight with your newfound knowledge.
  2. If excessive sweating is what you face every day, we have your back. Anyone who sweats excessively tends to fret over sweat stains. We get it that it's a struggle, especially in this scorching heat. Not only does it affect your look, but also hampers your confidence level. Don't let it affect you in any way. Check out these fashion hacks for your wardrobe to keep the stench away, forever: © Facebook 1. Choose The Right Colours It seems like an excellent idea to wear light colours in this hot weather, but tbh, they don't do a great job at hiding those sweat stains. Light colours like white, grey or beige grab all the attention, but dark navy blue, black or brown will work out for you. © Getty Images 2. Opt For An Absorbent T-Shirt Worried about sweating through your entire look? Absorbent t-shirts are the exact summer saviours you were looking for. Yes, they can be worn underneath and are a sure shot way to keep the stains miles away! 3. Use Natural Fibers For Summers Instead of opting for nylon or polyester shirts, splurge on cotton or linen. They are a safe haven for men who sweat a lot. Natural fibers go a long way and are bound to make you feel less sweaty. Keep this suggestion in mind so you never mess up in an interview or on a date night! © Getty Images 4. Sweat Pads For The Win In case, you sweat a lot from your armpits, sweat pads are the fix you need. You can either stick them on your shirts or wear them directly with clean-shaven armpits. © Getty Images 5. Fix The Stains We all are aware of the disastrous stink of armpits. The sweaty patches tend to stick by for a longer period of time. Next time, before you throw your t-shirt to wash, apply a dab of lemon juice on the stain to eliminate the marks completely and stay fresh all summer long. © Getty Images 6. Opt For A Good Pair Of Shoes Sweaty feet invite trouble, not just for yourself, but also for the people around you. Let your feet breathe in this weather. Steer clear of canvas or plastic shoes and keep your feet rejuvenated at all hours. Wear cotton socks with lightweight formal shoes, sneakers. © Getty Images 7. Ditch Your Backpack Backpacks are your enemy as the sweat gates open up. They also weigh you down due to the whole world stowed in it. Keep yourself cool with messenger bags to lower down the burden on your back, thus lessening the chances of sweat stains. © Getty Images
  3. There are a number of reasons why man boobs occur and no matter the cause, the effect of this one is quite dreadful. We get it and we are with you! So, why does this happen? Due to multiple factors like obesity and hormone imbalance known as Gynecomastia, man boobs draw unwanted attention. With certain changes made to your wardrobe, from sturdy woven fabrics to wearing darker colours, our clever fashion hacks pave the path for sartorial style: 1. Look For What Fits You The Best © Getty Images When I say fit, I am trying to convey that avoid choosing extremes sides. Anything which is either too fitted or too loose will draw in attention. Aim at getting the right type of fabric. If need be, get a style that's a size up and customise the shoulders and waist as per your specifications. This fashion hack is your best bet. Try it out! 2. Choosing The Right Style © Getty Images Shirts are a better choice, as they have an undeniable structure that's ideal to conceal man boobs. A denser fabric shirt in twill, oxford and flannelette shirts will add up to your style suaveness. Opt for dark coloured shirts in black, grey or charcoal shade as they eliminate the tell-tale lines. We aren't saying your wardrobe should be filled with darker hues, as you can also experiment with pastel colours as well. 3. White Is A No No © Getty Images White shirts are more likely to draw unnecessary attention than shirts in darker tones. Avoid wearing low necklines, accessories like chains to steer clear of inadvertent looks. Choosing the right fabric and colours in your style statement will do the trick and add a perfect spin to your outfit. 4. It's All In The Details © Getty Images Pockets can either work wonders or fail your look completely. Whatever style you choose, make sure the pockets are not too detailed. We suggest you opt for smaller patterns like darker plaids or black checks instead. Believe us, this could be your new signature look! 5. Pin The Pinstripes © Getty Images Most suits have the charm to lend you a streamlined profile automatically with their sharp silhouette. They create a vertical line which is exactly what you need to deftly distract the attention. To give a new edge to your look, choose narrow pinstripes. Ditch large patterns for a good, fashion etiquette. 6. Accessorising © Getty Images Deck yourself with accent pieces as they can instantly divert the eyes. Put briefcases, stylish eyewear or two-toned shoes to your advantage as they are a great way to spiff up your look.
  4. Growing your beard can be a tricky business. But who doesn't like a good beard? However, growing a beard can be a little tough. So here are hacks that'll help you grow your beard faster. 1. Exfoliation Is Key © Getty Images It's important to keep your face fresh and exfoliate to weed out the dry skin cells. Dead skin cells hinder hair growth. 2. Taking Care Of Dietary Needs © Getty Images It's important to have a balanced diet and drink at least 8 glasses of water. Apart from that, the hair is mainly made of protein, so consuming more of protein-based foods. 3. Exercising Helps © Getty Images Trust us. Exercising regularly makes your body fit also encourages hair growth which means your beard is going to grow faster. 4. Don't Fret Too Much © Getty Images Your beard just like your hair will take its own time to grow. You'll have to be patient. Nothing takes place overnight. 5. Beard Oils Are Vital © Getty Images Regular beard oils or essential oils like amla and eucalyptus help stimulate the much-needed boost for hair growth. Additionally, the beard after using beard oil is softer. 6. Face Massages © Getty Images A face massage encourages blood flow throughout the face and helps your beard grow faster in no time.
  5. A big beard is amazing, but what about the dandruff it brings along? Oh come on, you might be making a face, but we both know you get it from time to time, if you're as busy as the regular Indian man. You probably have it more often, but you only notice it on days you're wearing you favourite black T-shirt. © Getty Images Fear not, for we have the solution to get rid of this super pesky problem. Here are 4 definitive hacks that will help you get rid of your beard dandruff along with the dry, itchy, flaky skin underneath. 1. Use a medicated beard shampoo © Getty Images First of all, you need to make sure you treat the root cause. Wash your beard with a medicated shampoo to make sure you rule out minor infections etc, while cleaning your beard thoroughly. 2. Use a beard conditioner © Getty Images You know the root cause of dandruff? Dryness. If your beard strands are dry, they make sure the skin underneath is dry and lifeless as well. To counter that, make sure you use a beard conditioner regularly, especially every time you shampoo your beard. 3. Brush/Comb your beard regularly © Getty Images How do you get rid of flaky, dry skin underneath your beard? You brush/comb your beard religiously. It's as simple as that. 4. Use a beard oil © Getty Images A beard oil will not just keep your beard nice, shiny, and healthy, it will also make sure that the skin underneath the beard is deep conditioned and moisturized, while giving it the nourishment it requires. Do them religiously for a week, and see the difference for yourself!
  6. Hickeys are the best and worst at the same time. This innocent-looking bruise can get you in trouble with your mum or can be rather embarrassing at work, but boy, are they fun to get! © Getty Images Before you learn to hide them, it's important to understand what they really are. While making out, kissing for a longer duration can sometimes create a vacuum, which if has a stronghold, breaks capillaries. The broken capillaries cause 'ecchymosis', which is a medical term for what is commonly known as a 'bruise.' If you find yourself in a situation with visible 'bruises' inflicted with a well-meant intention, that you don't want your co-workers or friends, or more importantly, your mother/family to notice, there are a few hacks like rubbing a cold spoon around the purple area or toothbrush bristles, but those tools are not always accessible or guarantee results each time. Regardless, excuses like a 'mosquito bite' or a 'spider bite' or a 'fight bruise' or any other random excuse might not work each time if people ask you what's up with your bruise. Especially your family. But hey, a scarf is not the only solution for hickeys and refraining from hickey action doesn't help either. But the overall health of a person and whether your skin is moisturized or not can play a huge role in determining how long a hickey stays put. So, remember to always moisturize and eat a balanced diet which is great for you either way. If you have a hickey that isn't going away, the following tips can help: 1. Headphones © Getty Images Headphones work really well if you want to hide your hickeys from your family. Just wear your headphones around your neck and voila! Say, you've to meet someone for ten minutes and step out. 2. Collared Shirts © Getty Images Shirts usually have a collar high enough to hide that bruise. Just make sure you're buttoning-up high so there is no scope for exposure. 3. Concealers © Getty Images Don't shy away from using this cosmetic. The formula works like magic in blending your bruise with your skin. 4. Aloe Vera © Getty Images Aloe Vera gel calms the blood clot and helps to nix the redness. 5. Vitamin K © Getty Images Vitamin K rich creams are good for minimizing redness instantly. A great remedy for major hickeys. These hacks should save you from all the awkward situations that hickeys land you in.
  7. 1. Exfoliation Is Key © Getty Images © Getty Images There are exclusive face scrubs in the market for men in any departmental store or even online. Form a habit of using the scrub right before you shave every time. Dab some on your fingers and gently work it on your face. This not only helps with making the shave smooth and removes tan as well. 2. Witch Hazel As A Toner © Getty Images Witch hazel as a toner comforts the skin after a close shave and prevents nicks. You'll be surprised by realizing how the number of nicks you usually get begin going down once you start using this. 3. Moisturizing Is Key © Getty Images Sometimes, your daily moisturizer can be your best aftershave if you don't want to spend extra money on an aftershave. Dab it on your fingers and work it gently with your fingertips and see the difference. 4. The Cold Water Hack © Getty Images Here's a secret: post-shave, never wash your face with the same hot/lukewarm water you used while taking a shower. Instead, wash your face with cold water as it will close your pores and immediately tighten your facial skin. This means fewer wrinkles so you don't have to worry about ageing. 5. Keep The Strokes Short © Getty Images One hack that you might be aware of already is that you should always keep your strokes short. Instead of going for long-drawn-out strokes, go for short sharp strokes for a clean cut. 6. Substitute Baby Oil For Shaving Cream © Getty Images If you've run out of both shaving cream and hair conditioner, do it in the shower while using lukewarm water. That will open up your pores, soften the tough bristles of your whiskers and give a close shave. 7. For Nicks And Cuts Use Fitkaris © Getty Images Fitkari is extremely handy for nicks and cuts, better than using a tissue paper! You can even use a pinch of lip balm. Just dab some on the cut and you're good to go. 8. Wear The Shaving Cream For At Least Five Minutes © Getty Images A good hack to avoid razor burns is to let the shaving cream sit for at least five minutes. This prevents the red spots from coming back. It works better if you use a quality shaving cream as opposed to foam.
  8. The financial year end is here and you would be stuck in the office for long hours neck deep in work. You would barely be getting enough sleep let alone the time to go to the gym. via GIPHY Here is what usually happens during such time, you end up gaining weight, your waistline increases horizontally and you lose the motivation to go to the gym altogether. Well, guess what? If you are gaining a lot of weight and getting fatter during this time, it is YOUR fault. via GIPHY Yes, you read that right. Now, I am not here to blame you. Rather, I am saying that it is you who has control over these things. If you are smart enough, you can manage your fitness just right at this time and get back to progress as soon as the workload drops. 1. Add Some Activity To Your Sedentary Routine via GIPHY Most jobs require you to sit all day long and this drops your activity all day long. You can include very simple things like taking the stairs in place of the elevator, getting up from your desk whenever you get a chance and get a 5-minute walk, and so on. Just increasing this activity can help you burn 100 - 200 extra calories a day. 2. Get In A Quick Workout Session via GIPHY Cannot get to the gym? No problem. Understand that during this stressful time, your goal is to maintain and do enough. Do simple things like having a quick 15-min workout in the morning by doing 50 push-ups and 50 body squats. It is not comparable to the gym but it is something. The extra benefit being you will feel fresh and have a great start to the day. 3. Stop Mindless Binging via GIPHY I have worked in a corporate structure and they do little things to make your life a bit more comfortable there. And yes, most of this comfort is adding to your waistline. I have seen pantries filled with biscuits and chips and most employees walking to the pantries and getting these things to the table and mindlessly eating them. One simple thing - Out of sight, out of mind. Do not stock your tables with these high-calorie foods as you never know you may end up eating a 1000 extra calories a day. 4. Use Low-Calorie Beverages via GIPHY At times when you are stressed out, you do feel the need to eat or drink something. Instead of going with the juices loaded with a lot of calories, you can pick low-calorie beverages like salted lemonades, lemon sodas with salt, diet coke, green tea, or black coffee. These little things will simply help you maintain your fitness during these stressful times and you would not go down that road where you start ignoring your health and pile on a ton of weight in the future and regret it. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  9. Going to parties becomes a constant after a certain age in every guy's life. And especially after you start working, drowning away the sorrows of work life with alcohol becomes a necessity more than a leisure activity. © Getty Images However, for those of us who still live with our families, walking home smelling like ten bottles of alcohol (even when you haven't had ten bottles of alcohol) can be incredibly embarrassing. And yet, sometimes you might've noticed that no matter what food you have after or the number of hours that have passed since the alcohol consumption, your mum will still find out that you have an alcohol breath. So here are a couple of hacks that you can take cue from so that the next time you smell like flowers and not the stingy alcohol that might get you in trouble. Let's start with the basics: 1. Never Forget Your Munchies © Getty Images Make sure you're eating before or after having alcohol or while having it. Food helps balance out retention in your body and prevents puking if done correctly. The last thing you want is going home stinking of alcohol and puking. That'll get you grounded in no time. 2. Hydration Is Key © Getty Images Alcohol dehydrates your body. You need a hydrating agent to bring back the lost water. This not only helps with hangovers for the next day but also lessens the chances of the alcohol breath. 3. Carry Handy Mouthwash And Mints © Getty Images If the party-life chose you, in return you've to choose to carry a handy mouthwash and mints. Ten minutes before reaching home, use these so that your breath doesn't smell off at all. This is a prime fighter in driving away the stench that can get you in trouble. 4. Never Mix If You Have To Go Home Right After © Getty Images If you're not sleeping over at someone's place at night, definitely, do not mix your drinks. Different drinks have different odours. If you mix alcohol, for example, whiskey with rum or beer with whiskey, it can make the overall odour worse, you'll definitely get caught. Stick to one type of alcohol you like for the night as this can lessen alcohol breath. 5. Try Onion And Garlic Based Food © Getty Images Foods which are aromatic can help overpower alcohol breath. Red onion and garlic both cling to your breath for a long time, reducing the smell of alcohol. You can order bar foods that contain onion or garlic. Garlic-infused items, such as garlic fries or garlic bread, are often popular bar items.
  10. Spritzing perfume might seem easy. You just have to pump the bottle twice, right? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but no. You must have wondered why the fume doesn't last long and you need to wear it again and again throughout the day to smell fresh. But, what if you don't have the time? Here's what you should keep in mind while spraying perfume on to ensure it stays on for a long time: 1. Rubbing Kills The Fume © purplle That faulty application habit—pumping scent on the wrists and then pressing them together and against your neck is what creates friction that heats up the skin, which produces natural enzymes that switch the course of the scent. This affects the notes that quickly die down, far from making them distinctive. Do it right: Spritz on your wrists, wait for the liquid to sink in and don't rub your wrists against anything after. 2. Keep It In A Storage Box At Room Temperature For storing your fume, you need to factor in the detail that liquid fragrances are extremely fragile to environmental changes. Perfumes get ruined in cold to hot temperatures that make them age faster. 3. Buy Them In Small Bottles © Getty Images Perfumes should be consumed quickly. Storing a half-used bottle unused perfume on your shelf allows oxygen to break down the scent's molecules, altering its composition. 4. Lathering With A Moisturizer Helps A few hacks can carry a scent a long way. Fragrances don't last long on dry skin. You could accompany body lotion with your fragrance. The fact of the matter is that where you wear the perfume also matters. Here are the best perfumes in that market that you should know about: 1. Bleu De Chanel © purplle With citrus and woody notes, this fragrance is deep, fresh, intense, and vibrant at the same time. 2. Prada L'Homme © purplle Debuted in 2016, it's dominantly floral with prominent hints of wood, amber, and spice notes to round things up. 3. Dior Sauvage © purplle With contrasting notes of bergamot and pepper, followed by floral, amber, vanilla, and cedar for a strong but well-rounded finish. It's one of the long lasting fumes 4.Ralph Lauren Polo © purplle A heavy scent: tobacco, pine, oakmoss, and patchouli make it a Winter staple and a fume that you could rely on. 5. Calvin Klein Obsession © purplle Packed in a sensual bottle, the perfume has notes of cinnamon, amber, sandalwood, myrrh, musk, and vanilla. Obsession leaves a lasting impression. 6. Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme © purplle With notes of yuzu fruit, lemon, blue lotus, and vetiver, it's like an uplifting traditional Japanese tea for a warm experience. 7. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male © Getty Images The soft tones of mint, lavender, and orange blossom, juxtaposed against vanilla, cinnamon, and amber. 8. Hermès Terre d'Hermès © purplle Terre D'Hermès has notes of orange, pepper, cedar, grapefruit, and vetiver. More importantly, Terre d'Hermès is the base for spinoff scent: Terre d'Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver.
  11. Recently, the Greenpeace and AirVisua analysis of air pollution readings from 3000 cities around the world made a shocking and alarming discovery. 22 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Not just that, Gurugram holds the unique honour (or rather dishonour!) of being the most polluted city in the world. When you take into account how Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Noida hold the 2nd, 4th, and 6th ranks respectfully, it becomes clear that, now more than ever, Indians need to start making some serious and necessary lifestyle changes. Fortunately for all us, it isn't all that challenging to 'go green', especially when you can just practise some simple eco-friendly hacks that will go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. And so to help reverse the alarming trend of Indian cities dominating the list of the most polluted cities in the world, and to do our bit to combat global warming by large, here are five eco friendly hacks that all Indian men should practice, for their own sake if not ours. These Green Tips Are Easy AND Effective HACK 1: Carpooling Is Mandatory © Pexels There are multiple benefits of carpooling that aren't just limited to reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit to save the planet. After all, not only do you get to actively help reduce the massive traffic jams all of us are constantly stuck in, but you also end up saving a decent amount of money (whether you are carpooling in your own car, or using Uber pool). In other words, it becomes a win-win situation for all us, which is precisely why carpooling makes for such an amazing eco-friendly hack. HACK 2: Invest In Organic Clothes © Pexels Most of us don't pay much attention to the fabric composition of the clothes we wear. While we are more concerned with the fit, the styling, and even the brand of our clothes, the fabric composition, arguably the most important aspect of the clothes we wear, is rarely a priority. This is where investing in organic clothes makes for such an amazing eco friendly hack to practice. First of all, clothes made out of organic cotton are a result of organic farming practices which happen to be immensely eco-friendly. So you are immensely reducing your carbon footprint by just replacing your clothes with organic alternatives. That's not all though, as organic cotton clothes also endure better colour and sweat absorption (primarily because they are equipped with natural wicking properties), and prevent any potential skin allergies. They are also not that expensive to purchase. In fact, some of the best organic cotton t shirts for men out there are actually incredibly affordable, thereby giving you yet another reason to invest in organic clothes. HACK 3: Go Paperless © Unsplash This is perhaps the easiest eco-friendly hack to practise. After all, thanks to the rapid advancements in technology that have taken place, going paperless has become easier than ever before. With smartphones and tablets becoming more and more efficient, there is simply no excuse for you to be carrying around a notebook. In fact, nowadays you can find an app for pretty much anything. And while nothing can beat the old world charm of flipping through the pages of a book, switching to a Kindle is both practical (you can store thousands of books in one small device), and helps you do your bit to save the environment. HACK 4: Get A Reusable Tote Bag © Pexels Believe it or not, but plastic (especially plastic bags) is a leading cause of environmental pollution and degradation. And since most Indian shopkeepers, particularly department store owners, aren't necessarily shying away from using plastic bags, the onus lies on us to do something about this damaging trend. As such, investing in a tote bag becomes a no-brainer. Not only will this help you avoid getting your groceries in a plastic bag, but you can also use it again and again (one tote bag should ideally last you at least a year). HACK 5: Rent Things, Don't Buy Them © Shutterstock This is one hack that can be applied to a vast majority of things that you own (or want to own!). While we all need our own smartphones and grooming essentials (razors, moisturisers,etc.), there are other things that we don't necessarily have to buy. Whether it's the latest PS4 games or a suit you want to rock for your friend's wedding, there is nothing wrong in renting them instead of purchasing them out right. Apart from reducing your carbon footprint, you will also save lots of money, and when can that ever be a bad thing?
  12. The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week just got over, and there was a lot going on beyond the runway. We were there for all of it, especially the uber cool street style. While it had a lot of elements, what impressed us most was the edgy, innovative examples of layering. Here are 11 cool layering hacks for you, inspired by that. 1. Get a knee length jacket. Wear it with co-ords for a snazzy yet sophisticated street outfit. © Studiopicsing 2. Throw a bomber jacket on top of a longline shirt. © Studiopicsing 3. Any statement piece of outerwear when paired with a button-down shirt and relaxed trousers spells ramp-ready. © Studiopicsing 4. Asymmetric, bizarre silhouettes are in and if you're confident enough to carry it off, nothing will come in your way. © Studiopicsing 5. Round neck T-shirt + pleated pants topped with a statement jacket will make you look like a million bucks. © Studiopicsing 6. Every man needs a black turtleneck to amp up his layering game. © Studiopicsing 7. A subtle bomber with a relaxed pair of linen pants will make you look fly AF - just like Khanijo here. © Studiopicsing 8. While wearing a fur-lined piece with a big collar, keep the rest muted and simple. © Studiopicsing 9. Layering with different all-black textures can be super fun, and it never goes wrong. © Studiopicsing 10. Have you tried this 'over the shoulder' way of wearing a jacket? © Studiopicsing 11. Bold jackets, relaxed pants, statement sneakers, cool bags - the street will be yours. © Studiopicsing
  13. Having the right tools in your arsenal and a well-thought-out routine is pretty much all it takes to get a great shave every time, which is why it's quite easy to shave well. However, shaving smart is another matter altogether. Having a few tried and tested tricks in your playbook can not only elevate your grooming game, but they will also cut down on the time you spend in order to look your absolute best. After all, no one really wants to spend more time in front of the bathroom mirror than absolutely necessary. That's precisely why we've put together the following cheat sheet of life-enhancing shaving hacks that will get the job done, no matter how trying the situation may be. Stay Well-Groomed At All Times With These 5 Shaving Hacks Hack 1: Shower First, Shave Later © Flickr During the hectic morning routine that all of us are familiar with, it can be tempting to rush through everything else before finding solace in a nice warm shower. While you can do that with most activities, your morning shave is something you ought to be indulging in AFTER you step out of the shower. Not only will the hot water from the shower soften your facial scruff, but it will also open up your pores, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. We're sure you're already using the best razor for the job, but this small hack will make its job even easier. Hack 2: Think Outside The Shaving Kit © Shutterstock Your shaving kit might contain all types of razors, but they can't help you when your trusty shaving cream runs out midway through a shave. Or maybe it's a particularly chilly morning and you don't want to feel icy cool menthol on your face. Do you forego the shave and pass off your new facial hair as 'designer stubble?' Well, there's no need to do that - in a situation like this, swapping out your shaving cream for a hair conditioner works a treat. In fact, because the conditioner moisturises your skin, it might even result in a less drying shave! Hack 3: Respect Your Razor © Flickr One of the most common grooming mistakes most men commit is to use the same old razor week after week for their daily shave. While this act might save a couple of minutes, and a few bucks, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Even the best razor blade becomes dull over time if you keep using it, which means you'll have to drag it over the same area more than once to get the job done. This leaves you open to skin irritations and ingrown hairs that will make you regret not binning that blade earlier. However, if you're really hellbent on prolonging the life span of your razor, holding it under the tap to clear out the blockage isn't the only way. Use your hair dryer to give your blades a blast, which will remove the hair stuck in the gaps and preserve their sharp edge without running the risk of oxidation. You can even use your hairdryer on the best beard trimmers out there, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck. Hack 4: Give Toilet Paper A Miss © Flickr No matter how long you've been shaving for and how steady your hand is, there's always the threat of annoying little nicks and cuts to contend with. After all, you're literally running a blade over your face! Using styptic pencils and alum blocks are the best ways to deal with them, but let's face it (pun not intended!), they're never really on the top of our shopping lists, are they? That's why a quick home remedy for the same is worth its weight in gold. You can use wet toilet paper to stop the bleeding, as long as you remember to remove it before you step out of the house. However, a much better alternative would be to apply some lip balm over the wound, which helps create a seal to stop the bleeding and acts as an invisible plaster. Hack 5: Ice, Ice Baby © Shutterstock Taking a hot shower is the first step before selecting your best safety razor to start shaving with, but cold water is what you need to finish the job. The hot water softens your bristles and opens up your pores, but you also need to close them back up again. Washing your face with cold water does just that, firming up your skin in the process to help it retain that smooth texture. If the water coming through your tap is too warm, add a handful of ice cubes to a bowl of water and give your face a few refreshing splashes.
  14. Ironing your own clothes is one of those tasks that will strike you as a Herculean task once you move out of your parents' place. Unless, you've always been trained to iron your clothes, figuring your way out can be a hassle. via GIPHY While a viable option is giving your clothes to laundry, if you want to save some money and be self-reliant, you could learn ironing your clothes. Trust us, it'll make your mother proud. via GIPHY After all, ironing your own clothes is a pretty impressive skill to have. A list of thing you need before you start ironing your clothes: 1. An iron 2. Distilled Water 3. Ironing Board (If you don't have a board, spreading out two bedsheets one over the other on the floor works just as well) For a pair of jeans, we would recommend ideally not ironing them or if needed, just giving a little ironing (only if there are too many creases). Ironing the jeans makes it look shiny and crisp and ruins the shape of it. For a pair of trousers: 1. Check the kind of fabric of the pants that you're dealing with and set the temperature of the iron to the corresponding temperature. © art of manliness 2. Iron the lining of the pocket If the lining of the pockets are too creased, you iron them. Some people tend to forget this important part. If you don't iron the lining, it might be visible through your trouser and it looks like an unlikely bulge. PSA: if pants fit you weirdly, you should look at this. © art of manliness 3. Start ironing from the waistband Iron the waistband to perfection. Then iron the upper thigh region carefully keeping in mind the pleats of the pants. After that make a middle crease for these pants and iron them from top to bottom. Repeat the step on the other leg. The crease in the middle is super important to take your leg off at the knee. © art of manliness
  15. If you see the first signs of a receding hairline, start taking actions to tackle it. In case you're confused about what you should be doing, check this out. The most probable symptom of a receding hairline is dandruff, but there are easy ways around it. Grooming is super important. If you're not taking care of your self, it's time you start. However, with problems like a receding hairline, there are definite ways around it. Case in point, getting a haircut that conceals your hair-shedding from the world. Who would've thought? While you're working on ways to stop the shed, you don't have to let the world know with these saucy hairstyles. 1. The Short Cut For the people with a less prominent receding line, this hairstyle gives length in the sides and more on the top. The added length makes it a versatile hairstyle as you mold them whichever side you fancy. You could even wear a disheveled look. © YouTube 2. The French Crop If your major problem is that funny M that forms at the top of your head, it's best you try the french crop. It's great at concealing the uneven lines. A fringe is created at the top of your head which is cut in a line then layered to give texture at the front. The back sides are faded down low before blending the top weight. © Twitter 3. The Buzz Cut Another alternative to hide male pattern baldness is getting a bold buzz cut. A buzz cut looks hot and stands out in the crowd without giving your receding line any attention. © YouTube 4. The Close Shave You could also shave it all off if you're tired of keeping up. At the end of the day, it's just hair. No one cares, we promise. Not the ones that matter anyway. © Amazon Other hacks to get hairstyles that add volume to your hair include: 5. Blow dry Blowing your hair out instantly makes them look thicker and stronger and more in volume. This hack works great for thinning hair. © fashionbeans 6. Volume Adding Shampoos There are shampoos and conditioners, and other hair products that offer to add volume to your hair. These can help your hair look puffier which is always a plus right? © Amazon 7. Sea Salt Spray A sea salt spray adds texture and beachy volume to your hair. It's perfect for when you have a party or a date to go to for a quick touch up of volume. © Amazon
  16. Contrary to common belief, man boobs, a.k.a moobs are fairly common. You might feel embarrassed to have them, but you're not alone. There is an end number of reasons as to why you could have man boobs. From having more flesh on the chest because of being overweight, to suffering from a medical condition called gynecomastia, which is an excess amount of breast tissue to the side effect of taking in steroids, or being born with them, to name a few reasons. Ideally, first, you should try to understand why you have them and then possibly set a treatment plan in place to fix it, after consulting a doctor, of course, which would possibly involve medication and minor lifestyle changes. But meanwhile, there are ways to hide it completely if you get a few hacks right in terms of styling your clothes. These can save you from having people discover the two bumps on your chest: 1. A Compression Shirt A snug fitted compression tee is great for your chest area and works as a great base layer for starters. You can even get them with short sleeves for Summer. © Instagram Price: 1,499 Buy it here 2. Thick Fabrics & Layering Layering is a great way to hide uneven bumps, as the different layers of fabrics grab the attention. Try to experiment with different silhouettes, and weaves to get a well put together outfit. This works especially well in the Summer. © Instagram 3. The Fit One tends to choose loose fitted, baggy clothes under the impression that these clothes hide fat. Far from it, baggy clothes exaggerate fat and make it seem even worse. So contrary to instinct, choose clothes that will fit you well. But at the same time, you shouldn't choose clothes that are too tight at the same time. You need to find a middle ground in finding a fit which is neither too tight or too loose. © Instagram 4. Shirts & Fitted Garments Shirts and fitted garments give a better fit than say, t-shirts and light silhouettes. In terms of the structure of the neck, V-necks work better than round necks. Try to add statement pieces like a watch or boots, a necktie. These always help hide the bumps in your outfits created by man boobs. © threadsnetwork 5. Pastels & Whites Are A Huge No These hues enhance the bumpy regions, instead, go for darker hues that submerge any unevenness. Here are a few examples of you can style some of your looks to avoid the exposure of man boobs: © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram
  17. Everyone has, at some point, envied the thick and abundant mop of hair on someone else's head. While getting that naturally is quite the blessing, most people aren't that lucky. So, we are here to let you in on a few hacks that'll let your hair look like it is thick and plentiful. Some of these are pretty simple, and super easy, while some require a little bit effort. Also, remember that these hacks can only make it look like your hair is thicker and more. Actually fixing thinning hair requires more than basic hacks. Let's get started with these hacks for thick hair: 1. Use Body-Boosting Hair Products © Official Instagram/ Ranveer Singh To give your hair volume, an obvious answer is to use volume boosting products. You can use shampoos that work on increasing the body and the volume of your hair. Pair it with a conditioner that is also geared towards doing the same. These products can't stop hair fall or thicken your hair. They just add more body to the hair. 2 Be BFFs With The Blow Dryer © Flickr You can add more body and volume to your hair, thus making it look more full, by blow drying it. Brush the stands outwards from your face, to give the illusion of more volume. Lift up the base as much as you can while doing this. Hold up the roots, to give some extra body to the hair while blow drying. Don't smoothen the roots, just smoothen out the ends. Be careful while styling that you don't flatten the roots. Use a good hair serum to keep the softness, and protect your hair from the heat. You should also keep some heat-protecting products around, if you blow dry your hair often. 3 Get Yourself Some Hair Mousse © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor Before your blowout, take a coin-sized amount of mousse and work it in your hair. Use more if needed, according to your hair length and type. The mousse helps your hair retain the volume created by the blow dryer. It also lets you have more control with your hair, than using just a serum would. Avoid using it at the roots though, and focus more on the mid-length and the ends. 4 Pick Up A Dry Shampoo © Official Instagram/ Vidyut Jamwal Yes, the purpose of dry shampoo is slightly different than what we are recommending it for here. The consistency of dry shampoos makes a great way to add volume to your hair. The powder form is meant to get rid of the greasiness of your hair, without having to use water. But it also settles on the hair strands, and creates a bit of an extra layer on it, thanks to the powder. You can also use it on the roots safely, so this is a super easy way to add some quick volume to your hair. The best way to do it is getting through coverage, so tip your head over, spray over the strands properly, from roots to ends, holding the bottle a few inches away. Afterwards, just brush out your hair or finger comb it. The dry shampoo takes care of the greasiness, getting rid of the flatness. And the lightweight powder shampoo gives you fullness. 5 Cover Up The Gaps © Official Instagram/ Ranveer Singh This one is the most innovative, perhaps even the most ambitious hack. Thin hair means that often there are gaps in the hair roots. So a quick-fix is to cover those gaps up. How do we do it? That's where it gets innovative. You can use anything that matches your hair colour and is safe to use on skin. We are thinking quickly dusting off some of your girlfriend's black or brown eyeshadows should do the trick. There are a few easy root touch-up products as well on the market these days, like this one from L'Oreal: L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch © Amazon MRP: Rs 298 Buy it here
  18. The struggle of surviving yet another semester in the college hostel is real, as is the fact that the mere thought itself can be pretty soul-crushing. Those of us who have gotten a taste of 'life in a hostel' can attest to the fact that times in a hostel room can be pretty testing more often than not. via GIPHY Sure, we may often end up meeting some “friends like family” in our dorms and make many-a-lasting memories in their company but let's face it, none of it seems to help in real moments of struggle when the independence you craved so much for, looks more like living on your own with limited means and dreary bouts of homesickness, every time things come a little undone. via GIPHY While all the hostel fun and games are here to stay and so are the difficult times that end up making us more skilful individuals in the long run, we bring to you these awesomely quick and pocket-friendly hacks to help you breeze through a few of the hiccups you might face during your time of 'life in a hostel'. 1. Save Up On Extra Wash Load via GIPHY Doing laundry is perhaps one of the biggest put-offs of your hostel life but here's how you can get away with using the same bed sheet four times before washing it and save that extra wash load. Simply use a double bed sheet folded in half for your single bed by simply flipping the sides! 2. Anytime Maggi Using An Electric Kettle Love it or hate it, you still can't deny it that on most days we survive on Maggi noodles after the measly and bland mess of a food our hostel mess provides. But this hack here will be your saviour when you want to fill up on something that's a classic and tasty too. 3. Save Up On Constantly Washing Dishes Washing the dishes and other utensils we might need to use, can be quite a hassle and nobody wants to constantly wash up after every meal. So all you gotta do, is cover your plate with cling film before you put your food and simply take it off once you're done. Clean plate, without any washing! © YouTube 4. Midnight Snacks Using An Iron We've all been there, right? Midnight hunger pangs are real deal breakers and we've all spent many sleepless nights over it. Well, not anymore because now you can quickly grill a cheese sandwich in your room using an iron and a few other supplies. Here's how: 5. More Closet Space With No Extra Cost This one is a total lifesaver for those of you who like to own a few “extra” pieces of clothing. The limited amount of closet space available to us isn't always enough to hang all our (once worn) ironed clothes that we'd want to use again. So, all you need to do it save those metal tabs on your soft drink cans and use them as shown to hang more clothes in your closet! © YouTube 6. Emergency Ironing Hack If you happen to find yourself in an emergency which involves ironing your shirt and no electricity, fear not, because we have the perfect jugaad for you! Simply fill a saucepan with water, boil it and use the saucepan to iron your clothes with. You'll be amazed by how wonderfully it works. © YouTube 7. Keep The Buttons On Your Shirt From Falling Off Admit it, we've all been in situations when we are getting ready for class in a hurry and suddenly notice that one of the buttons is this close to coming off. So, when sewing is not an option in such situations, a quick hack is to keep a clear nail polish handy and apply it over the loosened threads of the button to keep it from unravelling. Now, you can go about your day with a worry. © Pxhere 8. Save Up On Muscle Power While Cleaning The Toilet A lot of you might know about this already, but we figured there still remains a bunch of you who are unaware of the fact that this actually works! So if hygiene is one of your concerns, simply splash some Coke inside the toilet pot, let it sit for a while and flush it off for a cleaner-looking toilet with no extra hard work! 9. 2-Second Shirt Folding Method No one needs to explain to you why we absolutely avoid folding our shirts/t-shirts after every wash! Why? Because it's a LOT of work to fold the shirts neatly when we can simply throw them in the cupboard. But the wrinkles after that can be pretty awful too. So, try this 2-second shirt/t-shirt folding method to save yourself some pain. 10. Lengthen The Life Of Your Razor With This Hack This hack has been an absolute game-changer for us because it allowed us to sharpen the dull blades of our razors and give them a second lease of life. So, now we can use our razors for a longer period of time with no added cost! Here's how to do it: There you go. Hope you find these hacks useful. Let us know how these work out for you.
  19. If there's anyone with the skills of saving one's face — it's David Beckham. Blame his terrific skincare routine and grooming ritual here and we'd declare you as a smart man. After all, a habit of taking care of yourself, ensuring you do it daily, and doing the right things at the right time (also, before it's too late) — is the way of ensuring you look 23 at 43. So, going by that theory, let's just say: Beckham comes with capital-G moves to cop. But that's like talking of senior-Beckham. David has three sons from his marriage with Victoria Beckham too, that are drops of genetically-blessed entities themselves. But before age starts to hit them and just in case, they've been skipping a step or two, here's a list of 5 grooming habits they must learn from their age-defying father right away. © WWD 1. Face masks are as golden as golden gets As stated by the ex-footballer himself, David indulges in face masks quite frequently. But well — he does it in private, and not to garner likes on Instagram. But whether you use these masks to remove the excess oil, dirt and grime off your face or to simply hydrate your skin using a sheet mask; the point remains that face masks ensure your skin goes a long way. Time we relent. Plus, don't face masks feel great anyway? Even Beckham thinks so. © Innisfree 2. Under-eye care isn't for losers Correct us if we're wrong: baggy/puffy under-eyes, dark circles make any man look haggled, fatigued and well, just not very attractive. Plus, having zero under-eye stress is rule #1 of looking younger than usual, right? Using Vitamin E oil, hydrating serums will help prevent wrinkles and rid you of the appearance of any kind of under-eye tiredness. Result? You're going to end up looking a lot younger. © Clinique 3. Your hands need a hand job — with a cream In case you're not aware, your hands lack the presence of sebaceous glands, meaning: they're a hell lot prone to drying. Also, meaning: they're a lot more susceptible to cracking up and peeling off, come whatever weather their way. To avoid all that, the trick lies in moisturizing daily, and doing that with a season-less approach (hand creams aren't just for winters). Use a cream that gets absorbed faster and doesn't make your hands feel greasy. © Clarins Men 4. Thickening shampoos actually help God forbid, if you're not wanting to look like David Beckham in life, you can happily succumb to hair-thinning. But the truth is, no one (except you) would appreciate that sight. Take our suggestion, and begin with using hair-thickening shampoos occasionally, starting from your 20s. And, keep them closer through your 30s and 40s. Hair-thickening shampoos contain special polymers, that'll give your shaft a collective bounce. Just look at David Beckham's mane! © Molton Brown 5. Know about hair serums? It's a world-renowned fact that hair serums prevent your strands from damage, reduces frizz, hydrates them, make them easier to style and well, give them a much longer life. Plus, they're useful in controlling the oil produce on your scalp, so that there's no excess oil trickling down your forehead, neck and back, causing troubles like breakouts and boils in the heat. But most importantly, hair serums ensure that your mop looks as glorious as Beckham's. Rub some into your mop right after a hair-bath or a minute (or two) before you're starting to style them.
  20. Almost like a synonym of embarrassment, unfortunately — man boobs exist on a lot of chests. Reasons could be plenty: an unhealthy lifestyle, an excess intake of the wrong edibles and well, even Gynecomastia. But these are just facts, another harsh reality also persists — it's nothing that you need to show off. © Just Jared But while you're on your way to try and eliminate them (through a planned workout regime or surgical removal), you can rather try and conceal them in public. These style hacks below, will take you a long mile in this aspect: 1. Ever Spotted Compression T-shirts On Anyone? Also known as a go-to apparel move for gym buffs — compression T-shirts are form-fitting pieces that literally fit like second skin; they stick to your body. Result? For workout freaks, they provide support, flexion and reduces the risk of injuries and for men with man boobs, it flattens the surface to boost your self-confidence (in case you're conscious of your man boobs). Compression T-shirts are a concealing layer for your unwanted chest bumps. © Under Armour 2. More The Layers, The Better. While we'd recommend layering up, come what may, in summers — it does become a little impossible. However, you can find an alternative anyway. Instead of hopping on a jacket, throw on shirts in thick materials onto your T-shirt of choice (your T-shirt's your primary layer). Think woven fabrics, padded materials to a great concealing experience. 3. When Wearing Prints, Opt For Minimal Contrast. In general, prints are a great way to hide your man boobs. But if you think big, gigantic prints will do the trick, think twice — its going to make your chest region appear bigger. Instead, turn to smaller prints to try and flatten the surface around your chest. 4. When Going All-Solid, Wear Darker Colours. It's a given: lighter hues and tones put any body flaws on display (at least better than a dark-toned shirt). So, if you're planning on going all-solid in life, turn to dark coloured or neutral hues (blues, dark greys, black etc). Try this for maximal results. © Todd Shelton 5. In General, Contrast Is Your Enemy. Stay Away From It. By offering lesser colour-contrast to the eyes, you're going to keep the attention away from what you're wearing on top. People would give it a look once and then, look away; they wouldn't give it a long glance. So, stick to minimal or no contrast in your choice of shirts/T-shirts for a splendid man-boob concealing exercise. Plus, don't break your body up using contrast. Give the eye a linear view, to ensure people ignore the aspect of having man boobs.
  21. Humans, as a species, are obsessed with how their mops appear. And though, this held true for only women first, men too, are now investing time and money in taming them. They're aware that well-tamed hair can enhance their appearance, so they'd rather relent, you know? But of all the things men are crazy about (in the hair styling space), achieving thicker and voluminous strands is their primary aim. It boosts their confidence, makes them feel great and all in all, let's admit: thick hair on men look great. But what if, genetically or unfortunately, one doesn't have thick hair? © Pooja Entertainment Now that's where these easy hacks would come in: 1. Texture Powder This may sound uncanny to you, but just fine powder can add volume to your hair. Just sprinkle it in and you'd notice an instant lift. How? Well, the trick lies in the ingredients of this product; that boost the friction between your strands. You can literally throw it right on your hair roots and as per the amount of volume you desire, use a preferred amount. Use a texture powder right after you've towel-dried your hair, gone past a blast-dry and are all set to style them. We'd recommend using the American Crew Boost Powder: © Amazon India Price: Rs. 1,854 Buy here 2. Hair-Thickening Shampoo Medically, while it's impossible for off-the-rack products to enhance the thickness of your hair, let's just say, they do improve it by at least 20% anyway. That too, only if you use them regularly. Shampoos, that are aimed at thickening your hair, contain some special polymers that give your hair shaft a collective bounce. Result? Over time of usage, a quick mask of added volume and well, much thicker hair on your scalp. Give the GO247 Mint Thickening Shampoo a try. © Amazon India Price: Rs. 2,477 Buy here 3. Sea-Salt Spray Yeah, much like food, your hair needs salt too. But most primarily — if hair-thickening is on your mind. The idea is simple: sea-salt sprays add volume, texture and offer a lot more control on your hair. They absorb all the excess oil and with ample usage, make your hair appear plump. Spray it into your hair right before blow-drying and experience a quick volume-pump, after you're done styling your hair. We're recommending the R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray for Indian men. © Amazon India Price: Rs. 3,863 Buy here Final words: Hair thickening products are temporary measures and in the best case, work on hair that's more than two inches in length. If you're actually suffering from hair-thinning, we'd suggest you turn to medical help.
  22. Fact: Your apparel choices play a pivotal role when you're prepping up for a date and well, if done right, can make the girl your girlfriend on the first date itself. Short story, cut shorter: Showing up well-dressed to a date is very important. But mind you — it isn't just about what you wear, but also about how you wear it. Plus, looking your best for a date isn't difficult at all, so why the hell not? Here are 5 fashion hacks that every guy should follow, before heading out for that big (date) night! 1. Don't Overdress © Facebook/Karan Wahi Showing up for a date in a three-piece suit (or a two-piece) is almost like walking straight into a well (it's a casual meet, not a business meet). That said, we're not asking you to pick out a funny slogan T-shirt either, pair it with jeans and walk in with your head up high. Agreed, this may have worked out for you during your school days, but hey, you are an adult now. Find a middle ground here by turning to smart-casuals, that are not only date-appropriate but also really comfortable. 2. Wear Your Personality Simple & Blue - favourite state of mind! #Raazi11thMay A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on May 7, 2018 at 2:21am PDT Your clothes shouldn't just be date-appropriate but should also look good on you, which is only possible if they are comfortable and highlight your personality. Street style, athleisure or even a biker-inspired look with a leather jacket- choose your vibe and pick out the best outfit that goes with it. If you need inspiration, there are always celebrity Instagram accounts to help you style it just right. 3. Innerwear Matters Too! © Amazon India Your innerwear might not be on display during the date (at least not right away), but choosing the right pair is essential anyway. A pair that's baggy — maybe a pair of boxer shorts — will start to ride up when you walk in those well-fitted chinos, resulting in a very unfortunate sight. You don't want a bunch of fabric around your crotch! Turn to boxer briefs, briefs or trunks, we'd say. Pro-Tip: While you're at it, select a fresh and clean pair too. What if your luck works in your favour this time? You'd rather give her a sight she's waiting to see. Buy IT here 4. Mind Your Shoes © Amazon India Pick out an appropriate pair; dirty shoes, running shoes can't be making the cut here. First off, while heading out for a date, ditch all your athletic footwear. The only acceptable ones are white sneakers, brogues or even suede footwear. If not kicks, opt for loafers/slip-ons instead and remember to polish and clean them before stepping out of the door. Buy it Here 5. Wear A Wrist Watch © Facebook/ Varun Dhawan The perfect accessory to compliment your date night outfit is a timepiece. Check out our guide to choose the right one for yourself here, so that you don't ever make a mistake. This will not only bring your outfit to a terrific close, but also ensure that you reach (at least) 5 minutes prior to impress her with your punctuality.
  23. Anil Kapoor is ageing in reverse. His transformation over the years legit has the potential to give rise to a full-fledged conspiracy theory, involving anti-ageing potions or pills that have already been discovered, but being hidden from the public, and him being the probable test subject. That perhaps is a long shot, so we'll settle for the fact that this man here really knows how to take care of himself, and has managed to not let old age touch his well-being. Son-in-law Anand Ahuja posted a comparison picture on Instagram a few days ago that showed the Anil Kapoor from 1984 Vs. AK from 2018. © Instagram It looks like he hasn't aged a day! Right? The reason? Along with the diet and fitness bit, superficially, he does know the fashion bit as well (that probably is Rhea and Sonam, but he carries it off like a pro). What we're trying to say here, is that he doesn't dress like a 61-year-old, and applies certain dressing hacks that do in fact, make him look like a 25-year-old at times. Let's take a look. 1. He wears the latest silhouettes that are super popular among youngsters, like long-line shirts. © Instagram 2. His accessory game is on point. His staples are statement sunnies and watches, which look dope AF, with that light-hearted and charming personality. © Viral Bhayani 3. He understands the complicated game of fitting and length. He has moved away from the typical, safe space that every Indian man finds comfort in - and dabbles in unconventional fits and lengths. The result is here for everyone to see. © Instagram 4. He doesn't do 'dad-shoes'. His son-in-law might be a renowned sneakerhead, but he knows how to play the game equally well. © Instagram 5. He has not skipped a beat when it comes to embracing 'new-age grooming'. Look at that sick fade he's sporting here. © Instagram We bow down before you, Sir.
  24. The rains have officially hit the country (including in excess, in a few cities) and well, the weather has almost turned into bliss. But, while the monsoon brings a lot of relief from the heat, it also means a lot of mess on the streets, as well as a major shift in the way we look (our skin and hair reacts differently to various weather changes). Result? You need to keep a few grooming tips handy, to keep any unwanted skin reactions at bay. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind: 1. Face Care © Amazon India Monsoons have the tendency of turning our face skin oily, all thanks to the humidity in the air. Turn to a face cleanser that will not just eliminate the oil from your face, but one, that also keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized after use. We'd suggest the Garnier Men Oil-Clear Face Wash. Use it twice a day. Also, opt for a face mist or facial wipes to keep your skin fresh throughout the day. 2. Hair Care © Amazon India The humidity in the air doesn't just make your skin greasy, but also your hair. However, that doesn't mean you turn to an overuse of your shampoo and conditioner. In our opinion, stick to using a shampoo and conditioner as per your usual regime — every two days, and turn to a dry shampoo) otherwise. Pro Tip: Keep your hair dry at all costs during the monsoon; to avoid fungal infections. Just carry a towel and dry them off! 3. Hair Styling © Amazon India Hair styling could be a herculean task in the rains. Your strands tend to get wet all the time, hence, greasy. Plus, the rain tends to wash off any products you've used in the day (or minimize their effect at least). Opt for a matte-finish hair gel we'd say, that's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, to styles your hair as desired, without the greasiness involved. Buy it here 4. Beard Grooming © Amazon India Just like your hair, your beard too, needs special care in the rains and hence, it's critical to maintain it's overall hygiene. Wash your beard often with a mild cleanser and dry it completely to avoid any infections due to moisture accumulation. Keep the beard length short and well-trimmed, because long mugs would be difficult to maintain. For guys who prefer their face clean shaven, remember to apply a post-shave balm after your shaving routine, so that your skin gets moisturized and isn't prone the annoyance in the air. 5. Body Wash © Amazon India We get it: your body feels wet and sticky during the monsoons. So, first off, it's essential to take a shower twice a day. Use a body wash or a shower gel, that not just cleans your body for you, but also leaves you fresh and rejuvenated. Remember to wash your feet at least once a day, as they could be prone to fungal infections. 6. Body Odour © Amazon India Smelling great through the monsoons isn't difficult at all if you use the right products. For #1, start by using an antiperspirant (so that the humidity doesn't take the best of you), ensuring you don't stink at all. As for smelling like a delight, choose the Axe Signature Perfume ( https://www.amazon.in/Signature-Perfume-Gold-Black-Cedar/dp/B01N3YB9H4/?tag=ilnmedia-21 ) that will keep you smelling musky and woody throughout the day. 7. Sun-Focussed Skin Care © Amazon India Even if the sun's overpowered by the clouds during the rains, doesn't mean you ignore wearing a sunscreen. You need a sunscreen all year round. For the rainy weather though, we advise you to use a gel based, water-proof sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Buy it here
  25. While this has nothing to do with self-esteem (or for some, it probably is), bigger-looking biceps is something that men are obsessed with. But as they say that every human isn't blessed with everything, not all of us have muscular biceps in life. But fortunately, gyms exist, that allow you to to achieve muscular arms. But in the rare occasion, if you're working out consistently and yet your biceps aren't appearing as big as you desire, simple style hacks can be put into use to accentuate that for you. These style hacks below will ensure your biceps look big (if not a hell lot bigger than usual) every time you slip into your apparel of choice: © Instagram 1. It all lies in how you roll up the sleeves While rolling up your sleeves right is almost like doing yourself a service, doing it a certain way can also enhance the ability of your guns looking big. Roll them up to just an inch/two below your elbow and notice how the cuff will add more weight to your biceps and offer an illusion of bigger arms. 2. Wear the right size (or slightly smaller lol) Though, a lot of women hate the sight of a-size-smaller apparel on men, if you're wanting to do it anyway, just know that while you're at it, you'll also end up making your biceps look bigger. If you're able to grab a lot of fabric in your hand, you're probably not doing the right thing. But all in all, our suggestion: buy the perfect fit for yourself. And, visit a tailor for any alterations. © Instagram 3. Stretch cotton is for you While entering a mall and selecting a T-shirt, remember to read the info on the label well. Most importantly, if your pick is made of stretchable cotton, buy it right away. But ensure it fits you well in all the right corners. In general, stretchable cotton will stick to your body and of course, fit you like second skin on the biceps too. That's all you need! 4. Tailor your shirts We may not be able to help you in driving and parking your car outside the tailor's, but we can sure help you in what to instruct. Ask your masterji to tailor you a shirt that's slightly skinny-fitted through your chest, sides and armholes and slim-fitted otherwise. By doing so, though, the shirt will fit you well throughout anyway, it will stick a lot more to the area around your arms, making your biceps look bigger. © Instagram 5. Heard of muscle fits? If not many, but a lot of apparel brands offer a fit called 'Muscle fit'. The idea is simple: apparel tailored in a muscle fit tend to have a slightly shorter/tighter sleeves to enhance the appearance of your biceps. By slipping into this, your biceps will automatically stick to the fabric, making themselves appear larger in size.