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Found 21 results

  1. George RR Martin's acclaimed novel titled 'The Song Of Ice & Fire' when adapted into a show, almost ten years ago by HBO, left an overpowering impact on the viewers. Within the first two seasons, everyone was discussing the show, it's intriguing characters, the complicated relationships, deceit, wars, a very compelling plot and everything else the show brought to the table. The thing is, 'GoT' is not just your run of the mill epic-fantasy show but a lot more. It dissects the very fabric of society we live in, the people we interact with, the relationships we harbour and the battles we fight. If you look into it with more depth, you'll know how it seeps into a trajectory which is very familiar with today's modern world. Of course, there are no brothers having *** with their sisters (we hope not) and you may not see dragons flying about, but there are some firm life lessons you can take back from the show and apply them to your own life. © HBO One of the most stringent and important lessons the show gives us on a platter is the skill to be a good leader. If you see how the show is streamlined, it isn't much without apt leadership skills at display. Be it through a demonstration of power, strength, wisdom or union, leadership is the essence of 'Game Of Thrones' and through this article, I will point out 5 fantastic leadership lessons you can learn from the show, to apply in your personal life. (1) Always Listen To Advisors Well, of course, you probably won't have advisors because you're not the Protector Of The Realm TBH but it's always wise to seek counsel from someone who is more experienced and wiser. Whether it's the work front or personal life, if you're leading something fiercely, don't act upon your ego and heed advice when you need it best. When Tywin Lannister became the hand of the king to Tommen Baratheon, he asked him what makes a good king. After certain answers that Tywin wasn't happy with, Tywin told him a good king is someone who listens to his advisors and heeds their advice until he comes of age. Of course, he was saying that to manipulate him but there is a very deep lesson in there somewhere. So, if you're in a momentary fix with work, and if that's acting up on your leadership qualities, don't shy away from seeking help when required. © HBO (2) Always Know Your Weaknesses "A wise king knows what he knows and what he doesn't." These words were said by Tywin Lannister to his daughter Cersei, who'd come to him to ask him to bestow more responsibilities upon her as she had more to contribute than her brothers. Her father certainly thought otherwise, only because she was not smart enough to recognise her weakness. If you've noticed Cercei's rule, she's instilled more fear in people than respect for her and that's only because she's refused to realise her weaknesses over time. As a good leader, you must have enough faith in yourself to acknowledge what you're good at and what you're willing to improve, in order to bring clarity to your own thought process. If you do recognise something you're weak at, you're going to be more empathetic towards it, in order to understand graver problems that may lie ahead. A good leader who knows his weaknesses can turn them into strengths by acknowledging and addressing them. © HBO (3) Knowledge Is True Power Yes, strength does conjure power but when you have the knowledge, it lets you use your strength wisely and in a timely manner. Have you ever heard of the saying 'strike when the iron is hot?'. Well, it's something like that. I don't mean become an opportunist but gathering knowledge and using it when you really should, is a good aspect of leadership. If you see how Tyrion Lannister, or Varys or even Littlefinger displayed their leadership skills in the show, you'll know exactly what I mean. Both Littefinger and Varys rose from modest origins and made their way into the small council by displaying a sheer thirst for understanding everything and using it at the right time. They're not perfect examples of great leaders but they used one of the skills fairly well. Tyrion, on the other hand, always was the smart witty one, who used knowledge to the greatest advantage and became the hand of the queen, eventually. Another good example from the show is Samwell Tarly, who was forced to become a part of the Night's Watch, but his interest lay in reading books and applying that knowledge in resolving conflicts, and he did so fairly well in the show. You might be street smart, which is also an essential skill to lead but if you gather enough knowledge over time, it makes you wiser, resilient and unlike Jon Snow, you know things! © HBO (4) Always Plan Ahead By planning ahead I don't mean foresee an undeniable future, by planning ahead I mean always look at the many possibilities and go through them until you trust your instincts and chose the right one to follow. One always needs good leadership skills to study the situation thoroughly and take appropriate action, which can also help in the future too. That's what makes Jon Snow an excellent leader. He always led by example and examples told him about the foreseeable future, and he would apply those learnings to his present. For instance, when he witnessed the Night King's army, he immediately took action because he knew what was coming for the world. He went beyond the wall to persuade the wildlings to join him in the fight, even though he lost his life for it. He went to the south and bend the knee, just so Daenerys Targaryen could help him fight. He initiated a meeting between all the leaders to warn them against the dead and persuade them to fight together, even though a few backed out. He planned ahead because he saw some important shortcomings he obviously couldn't overcome alone. Always be wary of every situation, while you lead! © HBO (5) Be Fair In Your Judgements Fairness is an important quality every leader should practice. Having just democratic leadership skills can take you where you really want to be. If you think about the welfare of everyone you're working with or for those who work under you, you're already a good leader. Daenerys inspires both loyalty and respect from those who follow her. And why shouldn't she? She is a fair leader after all. She gives everyone free-will to follow her and never demands people to accept her as a leader. When she freed slaves from the 3 cities of Slaver's Bay, now known as the Bay of Dragons, she never forced anyone to follow her lead. She gave them a just and fair choice and they all decided to make her their queen, only because she acted fair, unlike their previous 'masters'. Her use of power and her dragons was minimal when it came to earning the respect of her people. If you're leading a team, always be fair in judging their demeanour, behaviour, practices and their work and then make a fair assessment out of that. If you're a fair leader, you'll earn more respect than someone who uses power to lead. © HBO There are many more leadership skills we can all learn from 'Game Of Thrones'. Hopefully, your accent to leadership isn't as cut-throat as the show, but whatever it is you're leading, if you apply the above-mentioned skills, you're sure to ace your endeavour in every way possible!
  2. With the biggest revelation that just came out, something that binds the show's fundamental plot line, just blew our mind. Aegon Targaryen, the sixth of his name, King of the Andals and the first men, Lord of seven kingdoms and protector of the realm, risen from the dead to proclaim his throne just officially set foot on the show, and we've got major goosebumps. But what the heck, we're still gonna call him Jon Snow. © HBO Jon's a dedicated man, who lists his priorities firmly and never lets anything get in the way of them. Well, almost. He still has a heart that loves fiercely and even with the daunting choices he has to make, his love for Dany is pure and real. Dany and Jon officially met in season 7 of 'Game of Thrones', where Jon made his journey to the south to meet the Dragon lady. Things unfolded quite quickly and before you knew it, they were making sweet love on their way to Winterfell. Daenerys is as smitten with Jon as he is with her. In fact, in the latest episode Dany tells Sansa how all she wanted was to take back the throne all her life, but now she's fighting Jon's war instead because she loves him dearly. © HBO Their love is pure, clean and strong and we truly hope the recent developments don't deter the compassion and respect the two hold for each other. If anything, Jon and Dany's story is the strongest in the series and we might have learnt a thing or two from their meaningful relationship and that's what this article is about. © HBO Here are 3 main learnings from Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen's relationship in 'Game of Thrones'. Maybe you can use them to strengthen your bond with your loved one. (1) Effective Communication Is Important One thing that stands out between both Jon and Dany is their love to communicate everything effectively. Whether they're discussing strategies or a thing or two about love, they're straight up about how they feel and always counter each other's decision healthily. If you've noticed, Dany always seeks Jon's councils in pertinent matters, especially when it comes to making important decisions. He's always sought her advice on matters he might be a little confused about. The best way to build or re-build an association is to communicate effectively and build a narrative suited for your purpose. For example, Jon didn't take long to tell Dany the truth about who he was even though he knew it could potentially destroy his dynamic with her, on a permanent basis. Maybe they'll find a way around this, maybe they won't, but they're sure of how they feel for each other which might act as a saving grace, thanks to their excellent communication skills. © HBO (2) Sometimes Sacrifice Is Inevitable If you've truly been in love and have struggled to keep it alive you'll know what I mean by sacrifices then. Let's face it, sometimes love isn't easy, especially if you've fought for it in the past and failed miserably. That's what Dany and Jon did earlier. They met people they fell in love with and couldn't be with them in the longer run, so they decided to strive harder. While Dany joined the Dothraki to be with Khal Drogo, Jon couldn't give up his Night's Watch responsibility to be with Ygritte. But when the two come together, they both realise how important sacrifices are in love, in order to keep it alive. While Jon gives up his title as the King of the North, when he bends the knee for Dany, Dany too gives up her lifelong dream of marching to King's Landing and taking over the throne. Instead, she's in the North helping Jon prepare for a bigger war. That's what sacrifices enable you to do. Show empathy where it's required most and give up on something for a greater good. © HBO (3) The Ability To Keep Calm During Conflict This isn't just pertinent for people in power but for every relationship. The only helpful resolve comes through calmness and nothing more. If Jon and Dany were disagreeing on matters that affect the Seven Kingdoms then they'd be on loggerheads most times, instead of leading a war. While both have had a different approach to conflicts, there are times when they've intervened in the other's working and told them what they're doing is wrong. Especially Jon, who has always openly told Dany what he feels, when she asks him for his council. When Dany wanted Jaime executed, while he was in Winterfell, Jon didn't agree with her and she ultimately took his advice on the matter. Even after disclosing who he really is to Dany, we didn't see them get in to a brawl, knowing fully well that he's the true and rightful heir to the throne. To make love a stronger bond, you need to have adequate tools for it to work and avoiding conflict with a sense of calm is one of them, which these two display with ease. © HBO Jon and Dany display other learnings throughout their time together. For instance, sometimes you need to keep your ego aside to balance an equation, or how it's important to maintain balance between family and love. Though GoT happened a million years ago, there are some important lessons primarily from relationships in the show you can take back home with you and Jon and Daenerys' equation is probably one of them.
  3. Two headlines caught my eye today as they appeared side by side in my newsfeed. On first glance, they seemed contradictory. The first was that the UK lost nearly 2,500 shops and stores last year and the second is that discount fashion retailer Primark has just invested £70m in a new store in Birmingham. This new store covers 161,000 sq ft over five floors and features a Disney-themed cafe, a beauty studio, a gents hairdresser and a Harry Potter themed section. If the UK is closed thousands of stores, and a recent department store has just fallen into administration why would a brand invest £70m in a new store? The answer is that they are not building a store, they are building an experience. It's clearly not enough to just stack products and open the doors anymore. You have to offer more to entice people in through the doors. This is why Toys R Us failed in the end. I maintain that if they had reduced shelf space and installed soft play, cafes and product demonstration areas, they would have had a chance at turning around their failing business. Primark has learned from other's mistakes. With themed "shops in shops" and child-friendly cafes, they are offering more than discount clothes. It is exactly the same as your community. Offering a space to facilitate conversation is often not enough unless you dominate your niche. Are you known for well thought out reviews? Perhaps you write valuable articles that get people to your site. Or you might be focusing on building an audience with a photo competition as Helen from The Dogly Mail has. What are you doing to encourage more people through your doors?
  4. People say there's something good in everything. I guess the writers of the show 'Californication' had this in mind when they wrote its script. We have a male protagonist who drinks like there's no tomorrow, smokes like a chimney, occasionally does drugs, sleeps with random women, pisses people off, and can never get his shit together. via GIPHY But, no matter how much you try, you just can't hate his guts. In fact, you would find his antics charming. He's a fucked up guy who lands himself in fucked up situations but somehow manages to come out of it using his charm. We're talking about Hank Moody, the writer who can't write. His cheeky smile, dry sense of humour, and the will to enjoy life just won't let you hate him. via GIPHY Let's see what we can learn from his fucked up yet adventurous life that can benefit us in the real world: 1. Never Say Never Karen, the love of his life, was no longer with him. But he didn't give up and always tried to make himself a better person so that he could deserve her. via GIPHY That's what dreams are for. Don't stop chasing them and always make yourself better each and every day to achieve them. It could be applicable to anything; career, love, passion, or hobby. Don't give up just because there are hurdles on the road. Get yourself up, dust off, and keep going until you achieve them. 2. Never Stop Living For Yourself The man did whatever he wanted to do, whatever he thought would give him just a glimpse of happiness. He slept with random women, drank his guts out, and never gave a **** about what people thought of him. He was simply looking for happiness in his own ways. He didn't participate in any rat race and didn't live life by society's rules. via GIPHY Whatever you do in life, keep your happiness a priority. You don't owe anything to anyone, so work towards being happy. Live for yourself and you might just enjoy life. 3. Don't Let The Child Within You Die Behind Hank's occasional portrayal of a matured persona, there was a child who came out every now and then. And that was the child which made him fun. via GIPHY Never become too serious in life. Plan your tomorrow like a matured man but live your today like a child in Disney land. It's your innocence and the eagerness to have fun that should never die. 4. Be Calm On most situations, you wouldn't see Hank agitated or anxious, no matter how bad it was. He was (almost) always calm, composed, and believed in thinking of a solution instead of worrying about the situation. That's what you need to be if you want to have a smooth life. Worrying doesn't solve anything and being anxious doesn't make the situation any easier. Be calm, MADAFAKAAAA. 5. Love Like Your Life Depends On It No matter how much of a p***y eater Hank was, he never cheated on Karen. He never stopped loving her. He never thought of loving someone else. If you're going to love someone, give it all. via GIPHY Feel the pain, the pleasure, and the journey of this shitty thing called love. It's always worth it, irrespective of how it ends. Never be afraid to love, find someone who makes you happy, and love her like she's the happy ending of your life! Hank is the guy who would live for himself but would die for his loved ones if needed. Be that guy!
  5. Arguably one of the greatest athlete of his generation, Michael Phelps dominated competitive swimming every time he entered the pool. From creating records to bagging Olympic golds, matching Phelps' astronomical achievements will surely be an uphill battle for the next generation swimmers in years to come. The American legend might have called time on his career, but such has been his success in competitive swimming that he continues to garner public affection and enjoys popularity across the globe. So, when he set foot in India for the very first time, the excitement amongst people was quite understandably at an all-time high. Arriving in India in collaboration with a sports and fitness brand, Phelps was seen enjoying interactive fun sessions in the national capital. But, the moment that surely stands out on his recent trip was his exchange with Delhi Capitals (DC) destructive batsman Rishabh Pant in nets. View this post on Instagram Michael Phelps takes batting lessons from Rishabh Pant! A post shared by Delhi Capitals (@delhicapitals) on Mar 27, 2019 at 4:28am PDT The 23-time Olympic gold medallist was seen taking batting lessons from Pant as he tried his hand at cricket in the nets. In a video shared by Delhi Capitals on Instagram, Pant can be seen helping him with his stance while imparting batting tips to the swimming great. After sharing a light moment with the legendary swimmer, Pant was asked how would he convince Phelps to play cricket. In reply, the left-hander told IANS: "I would just tell him that he is most welcome to stay at my place for as long as he wants, where I can teach him how to play the sport". View this post on Instagram Just a causal chat before we got together for the group picture! ð¸ A post shared by Delhi Capitals (@delhicapitals) on Mar 27, 2019 at 3:13am PDT Apart from Pant, Phelps was also seen interacting with Capitals' other players including captain Shreyas Iyer, Chris Morris and Ishant Sharma. "The man is an absolute legend. He is the all-time leading gold medal winner at the Olympics. It is quite an honour to interact with him. I was excited to see him today. Phelps is a name that is synonymous with Olympics. Two Olympians -- Phelps and Usain Bolt -- have become household names, and I'm really buzzing," Morris told IANS. "It was a great opportunity for all of us to have met him. You know he's a world champion and we shared a few moments with him as well. He has been a huge motivation to athletes around the world over the years, and it was the same for all of us at the Delhi Capitals," Delhi's bowling spearhead Ishant said. View this post on Instagram ICYMI: We hosted the most decorated Olympian, @M_Phelps00 at #QilaKotla for our first home game! Here's what happened when we had the man with many strokes on the front foot ;) @StarSportsIndia @UnderArmourind #ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals A post shared by Delhi Capitals (@delhicapitals) on Mar 27, 2019 at 3:58am PDT After spending some time with the cricketers, Phelps was also seen attending Delhi's clash against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. While Delhi couldn't match Chennai's might, losing the contest by six wickets, Phelps was just happy to watch a live cricket match. "I don't think cricket is my next sport, but I loved seeing the match with the Delhi Capitals. It was nice to see how excited the crowd was, and to see how the players shift when there is a change of ends, or a dismissal. I loved watching the sixes. Definitely, today has been about getting a couple of tips from the boys, starting with how to hold a bat. I'm sure I will be better prepared to play cricket when I visit India next," Phelps said.
  6. The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week just took off, and the first day saw a plethora of interesting street style moments. From innovative fabric patterns to elaborate layering, we saw it all, and here are 10 style lessons we learned. 1. A well-fitting black turtleneck with a pair of high-waisted pants will give you an effortlessly chic, runway-ready vibe. © Studiopicsing 2. A well-tailored black suit will never be out of fashion. © MensXP 3. It's time to embrace our long lost legacy of patchwork and 'Katha' stitch designs. FDCI Chairman Mr Sunil Sethi is rocking this jacket made of it, and how! © Studiopicsing 4. Super relaxed silhouettes will make you look dapper, and you get extra comfort! © MensXP 5. Print-on-print can make for an extremely interesting statement when paired right. © MensXP 6. A cool bag, shades, and bright sneakers can transform the most basic outfits. © MensXP 7. Designer Suket Dhir shows us how a bright bomber jacket can be super fashionable while being functional. © Studiopicsing 8. An Ikat patterned kurta pyjama can be converted to a snazzy street outfit by throwing on a leather jacket and a scarf. © Studiopicsing 9. Solid brown/chrome is one of the best colours when it comes to casual but sophisticated outerwear, and using a backpack as an accessory will always make you score brownie points. © © MensXP 10. A pair of well-fitted jeans and ankle boots will always make you look dapper AF. © MensXP
  7. Sledging - the art of getting under your competition's skin by throwing shade at them via verbal intimidation. The idea is to shake your opponent's concentration thereby putting them in a situation in which they are likely to make mistakes and give you the opportunity to exploit their distraction. Having said that, there exists a very fine line between competitively mocking someone and actually offending them on levels that are not only socially unacceptable but can also mentally scar them, and sledging works along that thin line. Understandably, the process could get a bit tricky especially in today's era of the internet in which information travels faster than light and nothing ever is truly forgotten. In the first month of 2019, the cricketing world has seen two examples of sledging that were triggered for similar reasons but turned out to be poles apart in terms of their respective outcomes. While on one hand, we got to witness the great competitive spirit between the Indian wicketkeeper, Rishabh Pant and the Aussie Test captain, Tim Paine, during the Test series between India and Australia, on the other, was what we can only call a complete disaster at the hands of the Pakistani skipper Sarfraz Ahmed against South Africa's Andile Phehlukwayo. During India's tour Down Under, there were various instances in which Pant and Paine exchanged some cheeky comments. While Paine called him a 'babysitter', the 21-year-old returned the favour by asking him how his 'temporary' captaincy was going. The fact that Tim's wife Bonnie Paine joined the ongoing sketch with the classic photo with Pant and even the Australian Prime Minister appreciating the competition, made the rivalry a lot more exciting and fun to watch. Tim Paine doing some recruiting for the @HurricanesBBL out in the middle of the 'G... ð#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/6btRZA3KI7 — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) December 28, 2018 Despite the comical banter, the two wicketkeepers and batsmen kept it classy while respecting the competing nature of one another. No badmouthing or display of passive aggression was reported during the series or even after it. It was good entertainment for the players, the commentators and the millions of Indian and Australian fans of the game who tuned in daily to watch the two historically great teams go head-to-head. It was Rishabh Pant's turn for some fun on the stump mic today... #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/RS8I6kI55f — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) December 29, 2018 And then there is Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed's absolute blunder which came up during the second ODI against South Africa. In a desperate attempt to break a completely dialled-in Andile Phehlukwayo's focus, the wicketkeeper yelled out: “Abey kaale, teri ammi aaj kahaan baitheen hain? Kya padhwa ke aaye hai aaj? (Hey black guy, where's your mother sitting today? What [prayer] have you got her to say for you today?).” Not so subtle, is it? Sarfaraz Ahmed to Andile Phehlukwayo: "abbay kaale teri Ami kahan bethi hoyi hain aaj, kya parhwa kay aya hai aaj" "black man wheres your mother sat? What have you asked your mother to pray for you today?"#SAvPAK pic.twitter.com/vw6yuE73OE — Saj Sadiq (@Saj_PakPassion) January 22, 2019 The comment was so offensive that even the legendary Ramiz Raja, the on-air commentator during the match, seemed uncomfortable even speaking about it and when asked by fellow commentator Mike Haysman to translate it for the rest of the English speaking audience, he bailed out by saying that it was a “big long sentence” and was therefore “difficult really to translate.” Racism, in any form, is unacceptable and when you are visiting a country like South Africa, that has a history so tainted by sacrifice and blood lost over colour based discrimination for decades, the visitors must be extra sensitive about such issues. For Ahmed, who happens to be the captain of a national team and therefore the most influential representative of his country, to say something so appalling, is a testament to his lack of sportsmanship and insensitivity towards the others. Pakistan not only lost the match at the hands of Phehlukwayo, who went on to become the Man of the Match but now, Ahmed is also looking at some very serious sanctions that the ICC is mulling over his violation of the ICC Anti-Racism Policy for International Cricket.
  8. Getting swipe rights is certainly not that easy, and it's no child's play either to get matches on any dating app. While men have bugged their female best friends for advice, it's important to follow styling tips as well, that make your picture stand out from the crowd. It's actually not that hard. Look at Vicky Kaushal or Kartik Aaryan, their fan following will tell you that if they were on a dating app, they would definitely get the most right swipes. But here's the thing, these actors don't magically look that great. A lot of handwork goes into planning their looks and pictures. But if you can take away some tips simply by observing, that also helps a lot. Firstly, before we start, please don't be naked in your profile picture. We mean, we're obviously assuming you're sensible enough to not upload your junk which will definitely get you reported, but pictures in your boxers/underwear, pictures, where the zip of your jeans is open, pictures with hand on your junk, pictures of you in a vest or without a vest are a big no. I'm sure you're proud of these pictures and you should be. We're all for body positivity. Think of it this way: your first impression on the dating app simply can't be your naked self. We're sure you can do better than that. We believe in you. Instead, put your best foot forward with photos where you look so attractive that girls can't resist swiping right. Learn from these hot men. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Kapoor (@arjunkapoor) on Dec 27, 2018 at 4:09am PST 1. There is so much happening in this picture. We love the whole intense-but-casual look on Arjun Kapoor's face. The beanie gets the extra points. The picture has a mysterious vibe to it. It's the kind of picture girls would swipe right to discover what the mystery guy is like in person. View this post on Instagram A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Nov 9, 2018 at 11:53pm PST 2. This picture carries a secret message. If you still don't get it, look at Kartik Aaryan's t-shirt. Women love guys who respect women for obvious reasons. A guy who knows respecting a woman does not harm him in any way, checks the box instantly. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aditya roy kapur (@adityaroykapur__) on Oct 8, 2018 at 8:45am PDT 3. Here's an adorable shot of Aditya Roy Kapur that is simply a no-brainer swipe right picture. You don't necessarily have to look straight at the camera to look desirable. A side shot or a candid sometimes trumps generic profile pictures. These shots give a glimpse to girls the kind of person you might be when they meet you in person, which is more than what they see in other profiles. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on Nov 10, 2018 at 11:56pm PST 4. If you know how to style your clothes right and if you're good at it, you should definitely display those skills in your profile pictures. Let the women know that you can give them competition when it comes to style. Women always appreciate that. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Feb 24, 2018 at 5:21am PST 5. If you feel strongly about a certain movie and have props that express your love for it, it's time to get creative with your pictures. Find ways to include your passion in your profile pictures, let the picture speak for itself instead of words. A woman who feels the same way about the movie will make it a point to message you first! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Feb 24, 2018 at 5:21am PST 6. If you have glasses that suit you really well and you look nerdy in them, but in a good way, don't hide them! Click photos with your glasses on that stand out from the crowd and instantly grab the attention of women who are swiping right. They won't miss you, we promise. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Harshvardhan Kapoor (@harshvardhankapoor) on Dec 8, 2018 at 4:50am PST 7. Everyone appreciates men who can clean up well. A picture in formals done right is like a unicorn in the crowd. Trust us when we say that. So, if you're a person who knows how to keep your corporate game on point, don't let this tiny detail amiss from your profile picture. In the end you'll be grateful you followed these, because I'm sure you'll be saying:
  9. We adore Anand S. Ahuja's style. The Delhi boy, now married to Sonam K. Ahuja hasn't let the glamour affect his sense of style. A true sneakerhead, comfort obviously is his first priority. But that, obviously, doesn't mean that he would stray away from keeping it suave. After all, marrying Sonam means keeping up with her style and that's not a very easy task. But boy, Anand never fails to keep up. Here are a few ways he curates his everyday looks that seem like hard work but at second glance, aren't very hard to cop. 1. Mr Ahuja knows his style game very well. White sneakers, groovy patterns and a well-fitted blazer, who knew this would make for a charming look? Look for blazers that hug your body perfectly without looking too tight. Experiment with funky patterns in t-shirts that would make your layer underneath the blazer. You could even try cool graphics. Pro tip: match a colour from the pattern of your t-shirt with the colour of the blazer. This will make your outfit look well put together. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Sep 23, 2018 at 1:13pm PDT 2. Sonam's style choices are fabulous. However, Anand is giving her some serious competition with a well-tailored suit that not only fits his frame flawlessly but complements Sonam's look. Now, that makes for a power couple look. © Instagram Accessorizing a suit makes all the difference. Add a nice tie and a pocket square, finish up by wearing a watch that works well with the suit. 3. A perfect example of how layering works really well for guys too. Blues and whites work well together: a breezy Summer outfit you don't want to miss for the next summer. Remember: Layering in Summer does not have to be tedious and tiresome. If you choose your fabrics right, you won't feel hot even with the added layers. Pro tip: Go for light cotton fabrics in cooler shades like white and pastels that don't let you feel hot and sweaty. Use a shirt to finish your outfit and voila! A finished look without doing too much. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Jul 30, 2018 at 3:25am PDT 4. Choice of footwear always matters. You can't step out in sliders if you're wearing a jacket or a blazer. An important detail that men tend to forget. Loafers don't work either. Choose comfortable sneakers that work well with chinos for a look like Anand's. Aside from Anand's sense of style, his brand Bhaane also has really cool pieces. Exhibit A: Look at him casually looking so fetching with a cool white t-shirt, a beige jacket and sneakers. Obviously. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on May 26, 2018 at 6:59pm PDT 5. Jerseys are a great way to express your love for a team in a loud way. If that's your jam, you should also know that it can easily go wrong. For all the jersey lovers out there, here's a super cute way of pulling off a jersey without looking drab. Remember, you can't wear a jersey with formals, bad idea. So that rules out formal shoes and pants. Keep it casual and real with fitted track pants and shoes that stand out, and your look is made for the day. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Jul 23, 2017 at 11:40am PDT
  10. The sport of bodybuilding is an extreme one. Competitors often go to extreme lengths to get on the stage which can leave a physical, mental or a social scar on them on the road to get there. This extremity also makes it one of the most loved and supported sport out there. Though bodybuilding is not a sport meant for everyone, it does not take away anything from the fact that bodybuilders at the professional level are few of the most dedicated lot out there. Here are some valuable lessons that everyone can learn from the sport of bodybuilding and incorporate into their lives: Lesson1- Failure Is Not Exactly A Failure There are times in our lives where we feel like we have lost it all. That the thing ends there and there is no point chasing it as it is just fulfilling self-prophecy. But, is it? It is very common among bodybuilders and people who lift weights in general that they miss a lift and fail at a particular exercise or a particular rep. But do they ever just call it quits and never do that exercise again? Not really. They get back to the exercise in the next session with double the intensity and double the dedication. Translate this into your real life and you will not feel let down by failure. © Pixabay Lesson 2- Patience Always Pays Off It is rightly said that 'Good things come to those who wait.' I feel the correct extension of it would be 'Good things come to those who wait and work towards it.' When was the last time you heard of a guy who signed for a gym membership one day and won a pro bodybuilding show the very next day? That does not happen. Same goes for anything worth achieving in life. It does not come to you and sit on your lap. You have to be patient and work towards it. Nothing teaches you that like bodybuilding does. Lesson 3- You Will Start Appreciating The Small Gains Humans are a selfish species and this selfishness has made us a bunch of very unhappy people. We are never satisfied with what we have, and we constantly want more and more. And not a little more, A LOT MORE! In bodybuilding, after the newbie phase is over, your muscle building rates drop drastically. Even the top pros step on stage every year at the same bodyweight or with a gain of a couple pounds of muscle at most. A year worth of work for 1-2 lbs. of muscle. Funny, right? But they are the happiest people on the planet when they gain these 1-2 lbs. Because they know how tough it is to get that. Bodybuilding teaches you to appreciate the small gains and value it as they are rather than making it a comparison game. © Pixabay Lesson 4- Transformation Never Stops There has been no recorded history of a bodybuilder saying that they are happy with the progress they have made and would stop working altogether on improving their physique. The transformation never stops. It is ever moving forward. The same goes for your goals, ambitions, and milestones in life. It should never stop at a point. Reached a point? Good. There is always a step forward and you should be ever motivated to take that step forward and work hard towards it. Bodybuilding, thus, truly teaches you the reality of life. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  11. This is the age of selfies, so no matter which way you lay your eyes, you're bound to come across a zillion people clicking away at their own “godly” faces for no particular reason at all. It's no news that we've been witness to numerous unfortunate selfies doing the rounds on the world wide web either because they went viral or perhaps because they were turned into memes. But no matter the reason behind the #selfiefails, what we cannot deny is that there is no room for such mishaps when you're trying to share a snap with a girl, more so if she's potentially your future girlfriend too. Fear not, for we've got you covered and taken the help of one of India's most eligible bachelors, Rahul Khanna, to help you decode the Dos of taking a selfie for every occasion and ace at flat-out impressing that girl. The “Woke Up Like This” Selfie If you ever get too tempted to send her a 'good morning' selfie that's just you with a mussed head and puffy eyes, we'd say you refrain from the idea and instead choose the tactic of peek-a-boo that Mr. Khanna resorts to in this selfie. A little 'hiding' from the camera can lead to a lot more 'seeking' off it. (Did you get the pun, eh?) © Instagram The “Hot & Sweaty Workout” Selfie Another selfie inclination most guys harbour in their hearts is of conveying to the girl that they're into fitness which leads to them sending a selfie in which they appear to have been sloshed with a fresh drizzling of sweat. No. That's not how you do it. A workout selfie needs to be aesthetically appealing, where the sweat does only as much to add sheen to your body. © Instagram The “Freshly Served” Selfie If you feel there's nothing like a good selfie right outta shower, wait a second before you go all out with a mirror selfie in a towel. Instead of that, try this. Take care of your dishevelled hair, look a little prim and perhaps also try to keep the focus above the waist to add a bit of tease. © Instagram The “Lazy Afternoon” Selfie On days you're staying in and got a good enough lazy vibe going on for you, take this selfie as your inspiration to send that “lazing around” selfie that's evident yet gives the viewer something to behold and admire all at once. Don't forget to add a hint of that lazy grin into the selfie, okay? © Instagram The “Traveller” Selfie That's another one to pop-up quite often as pictures you'd wanna share with a girl, right? But be smart and avoid sending her a selfie of you stuck between an endless stream of traffic to make the point. Restrict these selfies to those where you add a bit of the vista you're enjoying so that it appeals to both the travel bug in her as well as gives her a happy traveller's face to behold. © Instagram The “For Your Eyes Only” Selfie Let's keep this as a special one, or perhaps even a bonus you'd wanna throw in when you want her to think of you a little longer than she'd like. How you ask? Just bring in your pets into the frame and you have a selfie that's sure to strike a few chords of her heart and make her go “aww”. © Instagram The “Work Mode On” Selfie The work attire selfie is for those days when you're dressed for the job and feel capable of taking on anything life throws at you while at work. Happens not so often but there are always those days you feel and look good in dashing workwear. Well, just steal a selfie on such days! © Instagram The “Dapper In Tux” Selfie There mustn't be a need for an excuse to click and send a selfie when you're dressed in a tux. Period. Whether you're out for a office dinner with the hotshots of your company or it's a wedding you're dressed to kill for, be sure to send a selfie of yourself when you're looking like a business mogul. © Instagram The “Dream Of Me” Selfie This one has a LOT of potential. When you're done for the day, and ready to unwind, send your girl a quick selfie reminding her of the good, hard work you've gotten done that day while she can take in tousled hair look of you and hold her breath in awe. © Instagram Take inspiration from these selfies and go at it 'cause this is gonna work, we tell you.
  12. Just last week I read an article on how women are living in 'scary' times and the city has lost its safety net, where women are concerned. The news did unsettle me. Not that I didn't know we as women are always compromising on our safety, but those written words ascertaining our fears of dwelling in a city we grew up in, were becoming more transparent every day. The fear is real, I am not denying that but experiencing it is another level of existence altogether. © AA Films Just recently I happen to catch this movie called 'Stree', starring Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor and it baffled me relentlessly, thinking about the message it left me with. The movie is a dynamical mirror representation of our society and what it means to live under constant fear. The movie revolves around a small town in Madhya Pradesh which is haunted by the ghost of a young woman called 'Stree' (woman). She haunts the town once a year for four days, during a religious ceremony and picks up only men, who are not constrained behind their four walls and takes them away. What's bizarre is, she leaves their clothes behind, while she picks them up. The only way they can save themselves from Stree is by writing 'Stree Kal Aana' (Oh woman, come tomorrow), on the walls of their house, as a protective mantra. © AA Films The story is a representation of an age-old urban legend where men folks believed Stree to be an embodiment of a woman who was killed by village folks because she was in love with a man they didn't approve of. So she came back to find her lost lover and seek revenge from the men who unjustly killed her in a cruel way. The town lives in constant fear of this seductress spirit and cannot find a solution for her to stop taking the men away. The director, making his point out rightly has blended humour with horror quiet well and while you're getting spooked watching the movie, you're laughing at Rajkummar Rao's impeccable comic timing as well. The movie spun well in my mind. I thought it to be beautifully eerie, with an element of mystery and funny at the same time but then, when I digested the eventual takeaway, it actually got me thinking. Our society is quite like what it is in 'Stree', if the dynamics are completely changed and there is an apt role reversal. The director has very intelligently, might I add, made his point and driven it home. © AA Films Women live in constant fear in our society. Fear of walking the streets at night, fear of being picked up by fearless men, fear of grappling with living a comfortable life every day. In the movie, the men were on the edge for four days, every year because they feared their own fate. So they remained beneath closed doors, prayed to the Gods, asked their wives to protect them and even donned womanly attire to save themselves from Stree. Have you not realised, that's exactly how women live today? So, here I am, writing an article to urge every man to take away the best he can from the movie, which is a very subtle representation of the man-woman dynamic in our society. Here are some important life lessons 'Stree' is trying to teach every man. (1) It's Imperative To Slip Into Someone Else's Shoes In this case the director has taken this point out of the box and pinned it up really well. He tried to figuratively imbibe Atticus Finch's words into motion (the endearing character from 'To Kill A Mockingbird')- "climbing into someone else's skin and walking around in it", wherein, the director shows the men in town living under a strict curfew after hours, when there is danger lurking in the form of a woman. He made the men slip into women's characters and showed the fear of surviving in a space with predators roaming about. And that's the only way one can understand what a woman truly goes through, in a similar setting. To understand that, you truly have to understand the fear. © AA Films (2) You Face The Consequence For Everything We live in a world where everything is consequential and that's exactly what the director is trying to say as well. That no matter how hard hitting or subtle your wrong doing is, you have to eventually face the consequence, like the entire town did, trying their best to escape Stree after bestowing cruelty upon her. It's the Yin to every Yang and it completes the karmic circle. So before you take any step, always think about the consequences in hand. Either that, or constantly run away from your fears for the rest of your lives. © AA Films (3) Respect Can Go A Long Way How do you think Stree's painful journey ended towards the end, where she found peace eventually? It was a realisation that struck the protagonist (Rajkummar Rao), who faced his fears and came forward to acknowledge the wrongdoings of the men in town and took espinsibility for their consequences by showing her the respect she was looking for in the first place. And that's what the women in a society truly want and deserve from the men today. And that's why the movie's focus was more pronounced towards the end, when the men folk realised what they'd done was wrong and took steps to rectify it. How did they do it? By sculpting a statue of 'Stree' right at the brink of the town with the words 'Oh Stree Raksha Kar' (oh woman, protect us), etched on it, giving her (Stree) the respect she always wanted. © AA Films This article is not a feminist propaganda but an insight into a progressive cinema's metaphorical depiction of society, which some of you might have missed, within the realms of humour and horror the movie displays. The ardent lessons men can learn from this movie are plenty and I have just thrown light on the three main ones, leaving the rest for you to figure further. So, if you haven't watched the movie yet, I urge you to do so, to understand the society we live in today.
  13. Dear Dad, I know letters aren't our thing. We are not really good at expressing ourselves. But here's a thought - let's work on that like we've worked on every other thing together. You are my rock and as rocks go, you are the strongest of them all. Over the years, I've learned a lot from you (not sure if you were going for that or I just picked on them). Those life lessons have shaped me to be the man I am today. Just to give you a big SHOUTOUT and thank you for everything, here's my list of Life Lessons that I'll treasure forever. 1. Family First! Unsplash When it comes to a family, there is no you and me - it's only 'US'. And that's the biggest and most important lessons I'd like to take with me wherever I go. Dad, just want you to know that no matter where life takes me, my priority will always be my Family because our life is clearly incomplete without our everyday tussles and infinite love. 2. Equality & Respect Unsplash I'm proud to say that I'm a Feminist and it's all thanks to you. I know you don't believe in tags and nor do you understand Feminism but it's something you have done every single day. You never differentiated between me and Di. Our curfew timings were the same, the housework we shared never defined our genders and that right there was you and mom, raising a Feminist son. 3. You Showed Us That Men Can Be Emotional Unsplash You taught us that being emotional doesn't undermine our masculinity, unlike what the society perceives. You showed us how to be vulnerable around the ones we love and make this vulnerability our strength. 4. You Taught Us It's Okay To Make Mistakes Unsplash No one is perfect and even superheroes like you can make mistakes. But the way you embraced them and turned them into a learning curve showed me how to be a better person. You told me you are allowed to fail without being a failure. 5. Your Lectures Taught Me About Second Chances Pexels Every single time I goofed up I'd be stuck at the receiving end of your boring old lectures (or at least, that's what I thought of them). Today, I realize that each of those lectures, were you giving me another chance to better myself. 6. You Taught Me About Sharing The Little Moments In Life Pexels Be it a promotion, a heartbreak or another important milestone in my life - sharing it with your loved ones is just a great reminder that no matter what, there are people to whom you matter the most. And the countless bits of advice that come along my way are of great help too. Remember that time you and Di couldn't stop going on about my finances and saving after my promotion? Well, let's just say I've finally given into your advice and bought my first LIC. I have had the pleasure of learning 'how-to' everything by you, papa. Thank you.
  14. Dear Dad, I know letters aren't our thing. We are not really good at expressing ourselves. But here's a thought - let's work on that like we've worked on every other thing together. You are my rock and as rocks go, you are the strongest of them all. Over the years, I've learned a lot from you (not sure if you were going for that or I just picked on them). Those life lessons have shaped me to be the man I am today. Just to give you a big SHOUTOUT and thank you for everything, here's my list of Life Lessons that I'll treasure forever. 1. Family First! Unsplash When it comes to a family, there is no you and me - it's only 'US'. And that's the biggest and most important lessons I'd like to take with me wherever I go. Dad, just want you to know that no matter where life takes me, my priority will always be my Family because our life is clearly incomplete without our everyday tussles and infinite love. 2. Equality & Respect Unsplash I'm proud to say that I'm a Feminist and it's all thanks to you. I know you don't believe in tags and nor do you understand Feminism but it's something you have done every single day. You never differentiated between me and Di. Our curfew timings were the same, the housework we shared never defined our genders and that right there was you and mom, raising a Feminist son. 3. You Showed Us That Men Can Be Emotional Unsplash You taught us that being emotional doesn't undermine our masculinity, unlike what the society perceives. You showed us how to be vulnerable around the ones we love and make this vulnerability our strength. 4. You Taught Us It's Okay To Make Mistakes Unsplash No one is perfect and even superheroes like you can make mistakes. But the way you embraced them and turned them into a learning curve showed me how to be a better person. You told me you are allowed to fail without being a failure. 5. Your Lectures Taught Me About Second Chances Pexels Every single time I goofed up I'd be stuck at the receiving end of your boring old lectures (or at least, that's what I thought of them). Today, I realize that each of those lectures, were you giving me another chance to better myself. 6. You Taught Me About Sharing The Little Moments In Life Pexels Be it a promotion, a heartbreak or another important milestone in my life - sharing it with your loved ones is just a great reminder that no matter what, there are people to whom you matter the most. And the countless bits of advice that come along my way are of great help too. Remember that time you and Di couldn't stop going on about my finances and saving after my promotion? Well, let's just say I've finally given into your advice and bought my first LIC. I have had the pleasure of learning 'how-to' everything by you, papa. Thank you.
  15. It was almost a decade ago that the world of avid sitcom hoggers was gifted by the marvel that came to be known as 'The Big Bang Theory' which is much more than just a sci-fi based sitcom. Now with the twelfth, and reportedly also the final season all set to hit the screens in another 28 days, 677 hours, 40620 minutes and 2437200 seconds, we can't seem to come to terms with the impending 'black hole' that would leave on our list of 'beloved series that shouldn't ever come to an end'. © Facebook The show has gifted its audience with a lot besides the obvious dibs at geekiness and a healthy scoop of nerd references we all love to pull off during our times of need. The show has turned into a life-coach of sorts over the years and there is just so much one could take away from it. © Facebook The news has pushed us to reminisce about all the golden decrees that the show has gifted the mankind with and here are 5 of the best ones that are fit to be accepted and applied by anybody, in any given situation. 1. Choose Friends Who See The Crazy In You & Still Decide to Stick Around via GIPHY The show is an epitome of how a true friend chooses to stay beside you even when he/she sees how messed up you can be in the head. Despite the disagreements you have, the “quirks” that come along with your OCD and even the most bizarre agreements and arguments you come up with to have things your way, a true friend would always choose to stick by your side. 2. It's Okay To Flaunt The Geek In You & To Top That Off With Introversion via GIPHY If we had to choose that one trope that proudly shoulders the X-factor of this show, it has to be its way of showing how the nerd culture can be cool as well. The show marvellously utilizes the academic jargon and geek humour to dismantle popular beliefs around geeks and introverts which makes them seem like social misfits when in reality their world is too fun with new theories to discover and greater inventions to be made. 3. There Is Always Some Room For Love & You Must Trust To Find It In The Most Awkward Places via GIPHY Another aspect of the show that's highly relatable is the possibility of finding love in our lives. The lead characters in the sitcom comprises of two physicists, an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist along with an actress-cum-waitress, so it's only expected that love and relationships wouldn't top their priority list but their heart begs to differ. Though for them, love comes as an alien concept requiring different commitments and emotional explorations, we have seen the men face their demons and (struggle to) find love. 4. Honesty Is The Best Policy & You Mustn't Shy Away From Being Blunt With It via GIPHY With the kind of personalities each characters possesses it is only expected to witness a clash of beliefs that spur exceedingly mind-blowing, well backed up yet daft arguments on anything and everything. Sheldon is known to have a knack for the spoken word and he can be exceptionally brutal with his honesty during arguments and discussions that often leads to cathartic interludes for the audience. 5. It's Okay To Not Win At Everything Or Live Up To Popular Demands/Expectations Every character in the story comes with its sets of shortcomings that are seen as “flaws” by an ever judgemental society but thankfully none of the characters in the show are sorry about it. via GIPHY Be it Sheldon with his orderliness and OCD, Leonard with agitations and eccentricities, Raj with his social anxiety and selective muteness, Howard with his creepy overtures or Penny with her academic and professional lacking, every character displays the ideal mix of Yin and Yang in the plot. Every character brings to the fore the many, unexplored layers of an individual which can be best explained by the fact that while all the guys in the story maybe be great academically, yet Penny manages to teach them a lot about life that they are unaware of. via GIPHY It would be such a low to not have the guys back on the screens for a new season after this, but here's hoping for all the closures and a series of memorable anecdotes to take away from the final run of the upcoming 24 episodes in the final season.
  16. You may fight, wreak havoc or bicker over the most useless things but if you have a sister, younger or older, there's a lot you can learn from her. Besides the fact that she's your kin and you share the same blood, she's also someone who will constantly challenge and love you at the same time and help you grow as an individual. So, this Raakhi maybe reflect upon what all you've learnt from having a woman or a girl in your life as a constant and thank her for everything that you can, including the name-calling and the ass-kicking you may have indulged in, with each other. Here are a few things only a sister can teach her brother, to make him a better man! How To Share Ever heard the phrase 'sharing is caring'? Well, it's truly applicable if you have a sister for a sibling because what I am about to say next is the least bit sexist. Girls are inherently more compromising when it comes to sharing something. So be it the toys you both have custody over or space, she will teach you how to share and you will carry that lesson with you for life! I mean, you will be sharing a lot more with someone in the future, so it's best to learn how to share from your sister! How To Get Over A Breakup Again, having a sister by your side while going through a heart break is an added bonus. Chances are she's already gone through a heartbreak so there is no one better to empathise and be there for you than your own sister. Girls are also in tune with emotions, so if you can't express your emotions elsewhere, you can definitely express them to your sister, who'll probably make fun of you for crying later but for that moment, she'll be there for you. How To Deal With Not Getting What You Want, Always Your sister could be your parents' favourite or your dad's favourite and she probably gets something more than you do, including their love. And that's okay! Your parents love you equally I am sure but that's what it teaches you that you can't always have what you want and that's life for you and also one of the most important lesson while growing up with a sister. How To Handle 'Women Problems' Well, I learnt they aren't really problems but a part and parcel of life. Living with a sister, you'll get accustomed to living with PMS (which is a real thing and I learnt it the hard way), period cramps, puberty, hormonal changes women go through and times you really shouldn't mess with her! It helped me understand women to a great deal and I'm glad that I asked her all the right questions! How To Flirt With Someone If you've ever crushed on someone while you were kids, I am sure you went and told your sister about it. Like the cute neighbour you couldn't take your eyes off. Your sister would be the best person to relay that information to her because she would always help you in a 101 of flirting with girls or asking them out! If you're confident in asking girls out today, it's only because you have a sister! How To Show Unconditional Love Unconditional love is something you can't learn but experience and if you've had a sister, younger or older, she'll always show you unconditional love and protect you no matter what. In fact, showing love to people in your life, especially unconditional love, becomes easier because your sister has shown you that kind of love, always. So, if you have a sister and have never thanked her enough for teaching you these importa nt and valid life lessons, it's time to go meet her or call her and thank her in abundance!
  17. The world is going through a revolution when it comes to fashion. Streetstyle is taking over, and every look is all about comfort first, and vanity later. But luckily enough, people with a penchant for making the best of both worlds are finding ways to make it work. Actor Dheeraj Dhooper is definitely one of them, and he has an extremely functional yet edgy approach to style when it comes to everyday dressing. Here are 4 style lessons every man should learn from him: 1. Wear vertical stripes for an extremely modern appeal. Pair them with your regular outfits, and see your style game get elevated to the next level. Bonus: They will make you look taller. © Dheeraj Dhooper © Dheeraj Dhooper 2. You can wear your favourite beverage brand logos. It's a legit fashion trend that has taken over. No, you won't look like a brand poster. Even if you do, it will be a good-looking brand poster! (winks) © Dheeraj Dhooper © Instagram 3. Ultra comfortable, worn-out, tattered joggers will do more for your style game than a new pair of pants/trousers. Plus, you can pair them with pretty much anything for that rugged, raw edge that streetstyle is all about. © Dheeraj Dhooper © Dheeraj Dhooper 4. Gone are the days when suits were all about dressing formally. You can easily make them a part of your everyday casual dressing by pairing them up with sneakers and wearing them in a laid-back, relaxed manner. Plus, make 'em colourful! © Instagram © Instagram Dheeraj is the perfect example of the fact that new age styling is all about maintaining a balance between comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.
  18. It's been almost a year after a really intense break-up with my girl and it has been one hell of a ride. I've gone through several phases of feeling different emotions and the ride hasn't been easy at all. It's not easy to long for someone who may never come back into your life. Most times, staying away from the person may be the right thing to do, but that doesn't mean you stop hurting or stop missing them altogether. After all, you've given yourself to someone and cutting them off from your psyche, due to unfortunate circumstances can be one of the most difficult things to do, ever. © Thinkstock Images But there's a lot you can learn from this phase. Sometimes you don't stop and think about what can be learnt from such an experience, because you're so caught up being miserable. But once the dust has settled and you can see things clearly again, you will realise how the breakup has changed you for the better. It's a lot different for men to cope up with breakups than women. We don't show we're hurting and we only talk to that one friend who's probably been through something similar. But at the end of it all, we always realise what we can take away from the experience. Here's what I learnt from my break-up: It's Okay To Put Yourself First You know what they say, when you're on an aircraft, always fasten your seatbelt first before you help anyone else. That's just a life lesson from being with someone and then being alone. When you're with someone you always put their needs first. You're always going out of your way and doing things for them to make them happy. But when you break up, there is no 'them' anymore and you have to get used to putting yourself first, again. Which is ideally a good thing to do. It's not selfish when you think about your own well being and the things that you want. So, it's absolutely okay to put yourself before anyone else. © Eros International Being Alone Is Not Bad At All Yes, it's true you get used to someone's time and presence and try and fit into their schedule, while they try doing the same. But when you're not with them anymore you have to do everything on your own but you don't necessarily have to feel alone. Loneliness is a state of mind and if you're alone its absolutely okay mate! You have more time in your hands to do the things you really couldn't indulge in while you were with them. It's okay to go out with your friends while you're single and they're not. It's okay to travel alone and feel content and it's okay to sleep alone and feel complete. © Twitter Always Pay Attention To Advice We're men, we always think we don't need advice and we can brave any situation on our own. But it's okay to talk to someone, that one person who gets us and take advice from them on how to deal through the challenging time. Because only that person is allowed to see our vulnerability and the scars left behind by the break-up. But definitely, have that one person. I shut everyone off and thought I could do it on my own, but I really couldn't. You always need a sane-sounding board. © Pinterest Never Negate The Signs Something ardent I learnt, was never negate the signs if you sense something is wrong between you and your partner. But it also depends on the nature of the relationship. If it's a mutual break up, then it could be because you two stopped getting along or some other reason like adultery. Even then, you can sense when things are going downhill and you can try and fix them. If you think she's losing interest in you (which was what happened in my case), then address the issue, before it becomes more pertinent. © Eros International Never Forget Your Friends & Family Man, I can't stress on this enough. I never used to find time for my family or my friends when I had a girlfriend. All my time went into work or being with her and meeting her demands of giving her adequate time. I didn't realise how I pushed my friends away and stopped making time for my family. Of course, this realisation will dawn when you break up and need your support system. Not like they won't be there for you but you will realise how important it is to always keep them close, whether you're single or dating. © Twitter You Will Cry & You Will Hurt, But It Will End Yes, men cry. At least I do. Not in front of people, no, but I do cry when I am alone and I am missing her and it's okay to cry. It doesn't weaken you, it releases the stagnancy of toxic emotions trapped inside your body. You will get up feeling heavy inside, your stomach churning, you feeling like absolute shit for the first one month, but if you can brave through a month and another and then another, you're almost there, almost healing. Crying and letting your pain out is the best way to heal, apart from travelling, and soaking yourself in things you love, like work and other hobbies. So dude, you're going to go through hell and back and when you're back, you're going to feel like a different man altogether. Someone who is kind yet, self-preserving, someone who works twice as hard and knows when to have fun, someone who has learnt companionship and also learnt to be alone and someone who is ready to give himself to another person again, but when the time is right and the person is absolutely worth it.
  19. Utter the name Dulquer Salmaan anywhere, and you'll hear a collective sigh of the young women around, which half symbolises the fact that they can't get over how irresistible he is, and the other half over the fact that he's not available (he's happily married and even has a daughter). We tried to analyse why women find him so handsome, and the result is what we'll discuss here. Apart from the magnetic charm that he effortlessly spreads around (we can't teach that here, we're afraid, you're just born with it - or so they say), he also knows how to style himself in a way that is subtle, classy, and most importantly, effortless. Here are 11 style lessons every guy next door should learn from Dulquer: 1. You can experiment without driving yourself over the edge. Look at how Dulquer has paired a denim shirt with a plaid jacket on top. Plus, he is wearing a white shirt underneath that, which has been paired with grey formal trousers. Layering game on point! © Instagram 2. Any look can be transformed into a cooler version if you know how to tweak it a little. Dulquer has buttoned up the top button of his denim shirt and let the rest loose. He's paired it up with a relaxed pair of navy blue chinos that have been cropped at the ankle, and is wearing statement white sneakers. Street style at its best! © Instagram 3. A leather jacket will always give you an edge over everyone else present in the room. Pair it up with T-shirts or sweaters depending on the weather, and you're all set! © Instagram 4. Bomber jackets are in. Plus, the way Dulquer has synced his outfit colour throughout, gives it a cool, high fashion aesthetic. © Instagram 5. Need to wear Indian ethnic for an occasion? Wear white kurta-pyjama with a Nehru jacket, or go for a classy black achkan. Throw in a statement pocket square, and get ready to grab eyeballs! © Instagram 6. If you want to keep it extremely classy and sophisticated without putting in a lot of effort, always go for a well-fitted double-breasted jacket, and accessorize it with a pocket square. Easy, yet extremely impressive. © Instagram 7. Want a versatile outfit that can be worn anywhere - right from the boardroom to an evening soirée? Look no further than a well-fitted suit in navy or grey. It just can't go wrong. © Instagram 8. If you want to go the extra mile with Indian wear for a special occasion, invest in metallic or gold plated buttons for your achkan. Wear a white churidaar underneath, and go for a statement pocket square. © Instagram 9. Turtlenecks go amazingly well with well-fitted plaid jackets. Plus, that's the ultimate 'gentlemanly' outfit. © Twitter 10. If you want to keep it low-key and layered, wear black on black. All you need are statement sneakers to amp up the look. © Instagram 11. Denim jacket, beige chinos, and a white T-shirt paired with white sneakers make for the ultimate, tried and tested day look. © Instagram
  20. Netflix's 'Sacred Games', directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikaramaditya Motwane, has left all of us shaken. Dark, uncensored, and raw, the show captures Mumbai's mafia underbelly in its most honest and disturbing form. We bring you some hard-hitting lessons about survival in the modern world that 'Sacred Games' taught us. 1. Your success is not complete till you start hanging out with the right people © Netflix Hard work is not always a yardstick of success, sometimes who you hang out with matters more. Kukoo tells a smitten Gaitonde to steal her from Isa, the reigning king of the Mumbai mafia, and prove his mettle. It is then that Gaitonde realises Kukoo is the yardstick to his success. By winning her, he wins over Mumbai – he sends out a message that the most coveted woman is by his side. 2. The allies you choose to be on your side can make or break your future © Netflix We think we are alone in our journeys to success or failure, but we are just a sum total of the experiences we choose and also the ones we don't. We choose our friends, our aides, our partners. And every person we choose to be with and listen to affects our decisions and outlook towards life, even without us realising. While a Kukoo could catapult Gaitonde's image to the god of mafia town, an unfaithful employee got his best man killed. 3. Power doesn't come from a having muscular bod or a fat bank balance, it comes from the courage in your heart © Netflix Ganesh Gaitonde becomes the undisputed god of Mumbai's underbelly. In a world run by guns and muscle power, here is a petite skinny man calling the shots. In the jungle, when confronted by a tiger, he stares right back at the beast with courage that even the beast can sense – that, right there, is when he wins over the town. Not with muscle, not with power, but with sheer courage. 4. In times of crisis, we are stronger than we think © Netflix No matter how easily scared we are or how meek-hearted, we're capable of infinite strength and courage in times of crisis. The human spirit is immensely strong and its strength comes out in full force when it faces danger enough to kill it. Ganesh Gaitonde faces soul-crushing misery in prison and almost gives up. One word of comfort from a stranger and he is ready to fight again. 5. There is no perfect time for anything; you have to make things happen © Netflix If you keep waiting for it, it will never happen. You will never be fully prepared. After a point of time, you have to take a chance and grab the opportunity you want. Waiting for every condition to be favourable will only leave you with lost opportunities. A restless Gaitonde grabs the single moment he finds his second boss alone in a river, even though his only friend Mathu has abandoned the plan and he has nothing to fall back on. 6. Most of us play a small part in someone else's bigger plan © Netflix Working day in day out, we keep following a pattern already set for us. Whether it's the job we take up, the career we chose, our decisions are hardly our own. We don't even realise when our will ceases to function and we give in to expectations and fads. Even Gaitonde, who wrote his own destiny, eventually ends up at the mercy of forces stronger than him. Chances are he is a mere pawn in the hands of Bhonsle and Guruji, who represent the dangerous alliance of politics and religion. 7. Love is not bound by gender © Netflix When Gaitonde falls in love with Kukoo, he falls for not just her body. He tells her he no longer wants 'Kukoo ka magic', he wants the real Kukoo. The fact that she is transgender doesn't bother him; he has already fallen in love with the person and doesn't care whether she has a ***** or a vagina. 8. Religion can turn even the most secular of men © Netflix Nothing is more powerful than religion in convincing someone. The masses are an easy subject for practitioners of religion to sway and influence. Ganesh Gaitonde was steadfast in his decision to not let religion enter Gopal Math and did not give too hoots about religion. And yet when he lost his wife Subhadra to a gang war, communal hatred crept in and took the better of him. 9. When you think the worst has happened, there's more to come © Netflix Life is not a feel-good self-help book that tells you everything will always be better. Gaitonde's plight in prison is disturbingly pitiful. After being given the horrible egg cell punishment for days, when he eventually gets out, he is broken but relieved that the ordeal has ended. Real life hits when he realises he is mistaken – there is impending death waiting for him in the form of Isa's men. 10. No one is invincible © Netflix Right in the beginning of the show, Ganesh Gaitonde says “Kabhi kabhi toh lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai”. He is the undisputed king of his world. Wanted in tons of police cases, he manages to live away from the hands of the law and rule freely over his fiefdom. But in the end, even he falls apart. Taken in by the police, he disintegrates into a mere speck of pity and despondency, ready to give up on life as he pleads Parulkar for a sip of water. Disclaimer: This post does not intend to glorify the violent means adopted by the characters of the show to achieve their means. The lessons derived are only symbolic in their meaning.
  21. Ishaan Khatter's 'cool school boy' vibes are a massive hit among the audience, and he clearly has made a note of it. What makes us think so? His outfit choices. He has been wearing relaxed, super casual outfits of late which are endearingly charming, and complement his lean frame perfectly. His latest outfit was no exception. © Viral Bhayani Here are 3 styling lesson's from his latest outfit that will make skinny guys look more buff. Read on! 1. His choice of T-shirt pattern is perfect for a skinny frame. Horizontal stripes give out an illusion of a broader, more voluminous frame, which is ideal for skinny guys. © Viral Bhayani 2. The T-shirt sleeves are over-sized and the overall fit of the outfit is super relaxed. This covers up a lean frame optimally, and works to make it look fuller. The super casual vibe is helping mask how big the T-shirt is. © Viral Bhayani 3. His choice of shoes and the funky AF accessories are helping shift the focus from his frame. The red sunnies, the red bluetooth speaker that he's carrying like a sling, and that shaker is making him look like a college student who's too cool for school (pretty sure Ishaan aimed for that). © Viral Bhayani It's these small, seemingly trivial factors that help an outfit manipulate someone's frame. Try them out the next time you get dressed, and it will surely make a difference.