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Found 33 results

  1. The fact that Anil Kapoor doesn't look anywhere near his age has long been established and envious 30-year-olds across the country have been trying to make peace with that. However, he recently clicked some pictures with son-in-law Anand Ahuja, and he legit looks younger! In fact, courtesy their all-black ensembles, Mr Kapoor almost looks like he could even be Anand's younger brother. Now that's a lot to digest, considering he's 62, and as impressed we are, we are also confused AF about what on earth he is doing to 'reverse the ageing process', if you will. © Instagram/Anilskapoor Doesn't he look younger? And no, we aren't even referring to Anand's salt-n-pepper scruff and Mr Kapoor's jet black and partially highlighted crowning glory. He just looks younger, miraculously. That skin, that glow, that overall demeanour - age has got nothing on him and he proves it every single day! © Instagram/Anilskapoor In his Instagram post, he captioned the images "Boys Day Out! Subtle, no? Calling myself one of the boys?!" Well, you are, Mr Kapoor. You definitely are! View this post on Instagram A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Mar 10, 2019 at 10:28pm PDT View this post on Instagram A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Jan 28, 2019 at 9:50pm PST Does it look like it's been 30 years since 'Ram Lakhan' released? Three whole decades? And not a single sign of ageing on this man here. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Jan 26, 2019 at 10:45pm PST Please let us in on your age-defying techniques, Mr Kapoor, for we could all use some help!
  2. Sujoy Ghosh is dishing out a brilliant revenge thriller called 'Badla', which releases tomorrow. Starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu in lead roles, the solid drama movie has already impressed everyone in its trailer. If you're planning on catching this gripping flick, here are 5 things you can expect from 'Badla': 1. Big B & Taapsee's Strong Performances- There is no doubt that these two stellar actors will not stand up to our expectations in the movie. We have already witnessed their fantastic chemistry in the courtroom drama 'Pink'. They are essaying the same role of a lawyer-client in 'Badla' and we're assuming the performance is going to be seamless this time as well. © Red Chillies Entertainment 2. Gripping Storyline- Trust Sujoy Ghosh to not disappoint you with what you can expect from a well-crafted movie. The trailer is already gripping and has left us intrigued. 3. It Is A Balanced Adaptation Of A Spanish Movie- If you didn't know this, 'Badla' is actually an adaptation of the famous Spanish movie 'Contratiempo' (The Invisible Guest), so comparisons are natural. However, the makers have done a fine job in spinning their own tale borrowed from the original. 4. A Good Bollywood Murder Mystery- After a very long time, Bollywood has shifted focus from biopics and other genres to explore something which boggles and keeps the audience engaged till the end. There is a dearth of good murder, revenge thrillers in Bollywood and hopefully, this movie will bridge the gap. The movie releases tomorrow, so make sure your plans are set in place for the weekend!
  3. Khaki and camouflage t-shirts have made quite the comeback in men's fashion, after having taken what seems like a tediously long hiatus. Now that they have smoothly swivelled their way into most men's fashion checklists, it has become more important than ever before to stock up your wardrobe with the best options available out there. It goes without saying that choosing what suits your style best, as well as a t-shirt that speaks the most to you, is essential, especially if you want to stay at the top of your fashion game. The greatest thing about camouflage t-shirts is that they are probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing men can ever own, especially since they can be teamed with a multitude of looks for a variety of occasions! And so, on that fashion-forward note, especially for all those looking for the best camouflage t-shirt for men, here are ten incredibly modish options that fit the bill. The Best Camouflage T-Shirts For Men To Complement Your Style 1. Garcon Camouflage Print T-Shirt © Koovs If you want to look stylish in an effortless and laid-back way, you don't have to look any further than this Garcon variant. This camouflage tee will compliment your ensemble for a variety of occasions - be it a casual brunch with your family, a dinner date, or just a random day out with your friends. Comfort with style is the best one can get, and this piece offers just that. Team it up with a pair of cargo shorts or washed jeans for an effortlessly stylish ensemble. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 2. Adamo London Camo Print T-shirt © Koovs To take your style up many notches without trying too hard, choose this Adamo London camo print t-shirt and team it up with literally any pair of bottom wear you own. This piece mixes high street fashion with everyday wear like never before and effortlessly accentuates your positives. We'd recommend a pair of black wayfarers to accessorize your look with this, and you'll be good to go. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 539 Buy it here 3. DNMX Camouflage Print Henley T-shirt © Ajio This is the perfect pick if you want to come across as casual, yet be prepared for the best. An ensemble with this t-shirt - aided by a pair of jeans and a suaveness in your steps - will make you ooze coolness. The style used is commendable too, with a slim fit, elasticated sleeves, and a cut-out neck. We think this would make you look uber cool when paired with white sneakers and a denim jacket. A strong contender for the title of being the 'best camouflage t-shirt for men'. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 499 Buy it here 4. Jack and Jones Slim Fit Camouflage Print Polo T-Shirt © Ajio Jack and Jones is known for their collections which amalgamate high-end fashion with everyday casualness. As such, this slim fit camouflage print polo t-shirt is no different. One of the best camouflage t-shirts for men out there, this polo variant will make you look stylish and trendy, without having you go overboard with your fashion choices. Make sure you're ready to receive all those compliments that are certain to come your way when you're dressed in this stylish polo tee. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs.680 Buy it here 5. Nike Men Black Camouflage Regular Fit T-shirt © Myntra Who can ever go wrong with Nike? Especially if you happen to be an avid runner? Well, this camouflage print t-shirt, that comes equipped with DRI-FIT technology, makes for an amazing addition to any Indian man's wardrobe. To begin with, the utility purposes that it checks off are not just limited to the spheres of style and fashion. After all, the fit, design, and fabric composition ensure that it makes for the perfect workout gear for your morning runs or evening sprints. Additionally, the promising quality of this t-shirt also enhances its value for money and further broadens your horizons of styling. With a basic khaki or camouflage print running through it, and the signature Nike trademark tick on top - there's just one thing you need to hear from us, Just Do It! Fabric composition: 100% polyester MRP: Rs. 1397 Buy it here 6. Difference of Opinion Khaki Olive Green Camouflage Print Polo T-Shirt © Amazon Now let's talk about those variants that look just as cool as the other fashionable options on our list, but are also significantly lighter on your pocket. As such, this Difference of Opinion khaki olive green camouflage print polo t-shirt is everything you need. With an amalgamation of colours that would look best paired with black trousers, this polo collar variant is all things suave. Fabric composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 384 Buy it here 7. Wear Your Opinion Men Khaki Camouflage Print T-Shirt © Myntra The brand says Wear Your Opinion - and MensXP wants to make sure your opinion is expressed in the most stylish of ways. So here is a camouflage print t-shirt that has major overtones of green shining through it that will definitely make you look like the fashion icon that you are. Did someone say airport look? Because we can definitely see you getting papped after you make an appearance wearing this t-shirt, one that can safely be considered as being one of the best camouflage t-shirts for men out there. Fabric composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 8. Nike Men Blue-Black Camouflage Printed T-Shirt © Amazon Now if you're someone who loves to bend the rules a little, all the while keeping the base foundations intact - this Nike Men Blue-Black Camouflage Printed T-Shirt is the perfect choice for you. It tries something new by adding tones of blue to the print but remains grounded to its camouflage style with its print. Team this up with a pair of black or brown trousers and you are good to go. The fact that it also comes equipped with DRI-FIT technology, as well as six months of warranty, ends up being an added bonus. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1231 Buy it here 9. Roadster Men Olive Green Printed Round Neck T-Shirt © Amazon Roadster has been emerging as the go-to brand for many people when they are looking for stylish and comfortable options that happen to be affordable as well, and so if you too were looking for the same, look no further. This olive green printed variant from Roadster provides a rugged yet classy look that is sure to make a style statement for you. You should totally pair these up with ripped or distressed jeans to adorn a trendy ensemble. Fabric composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 349 Buy it here 10. Bravesoul Olive Camo Print Polo T-Shirt © Amazon Bravesoul, which is a new label, brings to the table affordable and slick off-duty pieces. Mixing eclectic prints and laid-back styles like never before, this olive camouflage print polo t-shirt makes for a great (and budget friendly!) addition to any Indian man's wardrobe, especially if you were actively looking for the best camouflage t-shirt for men. The contrast tape detail adds another touch of style - just enough to keep it simple and classy. Fabric composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 599 Buy it here
  4. Since we live in more tolerant times where relationships are concerned (or so I'd like to believe), a lot of people are choosing to make peace with their past. That's mostly because the world is shrinking and social media's unprecedented outpour of information really never lets you forget things. So, in order to keep your mind more sane and calm, it's only relevant to make peace with your past and by past, I mean your 'ex'. © Pintrest Most of you would want to loosen up the knotted ties between you and your ex and the reasons could be many. You could either want to shed away all the malice you hold for one another, or you still want them in your life because inherently they are good people or you still may have feelings for them, in which case, it's better to let go than figure out ways of having them in your life. But if the first two reasons are keeping your thoroughly confused then we have ways to make sure you have a healthy relationship with an ex. Here are 5 ways to keep in mind if you're looking at refreshing ties with an ex: (1) Are They In The Same Place As You? Yes, I know this is an obvious point to ponder over, but we seldom think what the other person wants in order to satiate what we want. So, the first step is to ensure your ex wants to be friends too. Because if she doesn't, then you really can't force free will can you? You can just wish them luck and hope they're happy. © Pintrest (2) Can You Trust Them Again? If you guys ended on bad terms then you have to think about how you want to go about this. If she did something to break your trust, can you accommodate trust in your equation, again? Of course, it wouldn't be in the same capacity as before, because you're not trying to get back together, you're trying to be in a good space as friends. So, if you trust your ex enough to not engage in any negativity or turn around and start a fight, then you should go ahead with it. © Twitter (3) Do Either Of You Have Feelings For Each Other? This one's a tricky one only because you may think you're over her, but you're really not and that can be a bit blurry while you're making a decision to keep in touch with her. Maybe sit down and give it a thought about your feelings for her. If you think they haven't changed since you started seeing her then maybe give it some time. © Pintrest (4) Do You Hold A Grudge? You can hold a grudge against your ex for a number of things, that is why she's your ex, to begin with! But if the grudge is minor and not too vicious then perhaps you can work on letting it go, if you think friendship with her is absolutely worth it. If it's a major grudge and cannot be reversed, then there isn't a point in looking out for any association, because you'll never be able to let the grudge really go. © Eros International (5) Have You Had Enough Time Apart? It's practically impossible to extend an arm of friendship when you've just broken up. Ideally, it takes about more than half the time you've spent with your ex, to maybe be friends with them, after you two break up. If you've never been friends before then it's a tad tough and only time apart can make that possible. So, take some time away from each other. If the break up is mutual and amicable, then definitely take time away and start a new association as friends. If it wasn't an amicable break-up, maybe take a lot more time away, get rid of the negativity you hold against them and try again. © Pintrest Break-ups are fairly hard but if two people are ready and willing for a resolution and want to take the dynamic from a negative to a positive by starting a brand new friendship, there are ways you can work things around and move away from the bad things that have happened and be good friends with your ex.
  5. One of the first prerequisites to date someone successfully is seeing how you're first date ever went with them to give them a second chance! That's how dating life get's a lifeline if you don't screw up on the first date or avoid a 'red flag' situation; then there is a bright chance for you to be a part of the second date. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images So, in order to have the 'perfect' first date, here are 5 prominent red flags you can and should avoid and get to see the girl you really like for the second date! (1) Don't Act Miserly It's a date for heaven's sake, not a night out with the boys! So, if you do get the bill and you're splitting it, don't become a miser for the last rupee she may have left! What I mean is stop splitting the bill to the T and making sure she pays every penny of the split. Offer to pay and if she wants to go dutch just let her decide how she would like to. Either by paying cash or splitting the amount on the debit card is her call and you don't have to do severe math and waste time on the bill! (c)Pintrest (2) Do Not Treat The Wait Staff Like Shit If you're out and about and don't show any decency to the support staff at restaurants and hotels then you're in for trouble my friend. Let me tell you, the biggest red flag is unkindness and if you act like an entitled man where you shouldn't be acting like one, she's definitely going to strike you out. Women determine a man's character by the way he holds a conversation with other people as well. So, if you treat someone poorly, she's going to show you the door! (c)Pintrest (3) Don't Force Anything Women have a mind of their own and they like to speak it whenever necessary. So, there isn't a point in you telling her what to do or how to do it really. In fact that's a big turn off. Of course decide the evening unanimously, I am not saying let her take charge of the evening but steer clear of the things she rather not like you do. Understand consent and what it really means before taking any steps forward. If she doesn't want to come back home with you or invite you to hers, don't force her to do the same, it'll really not go down well. Have fun on your first date, don't dictate terms or be forceful. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images (4) Keep A Check On Your Alcohol Intake First dates are markers for the second date. It's a good time to realise for both you and her whether or not you'd like a second date. So, it's best to keep your inhibitions in check and maybe not splurge on alcohol and get absolutely wasted. I mean if that's the plan to have some unadulterated fun, then go ahead but if you really want to get to know her and remember it the next day, it's wise to hold your drink. If both of you decide to get wasted then I guess that makes for a successful good first date too! (c)Pintrest (5) Misogyny Is Never Welcomed Misogyny could come under any form. You describing your ex in bad taste, you generalising other women, showing off about your work and putting others down, it takes all forms and shapes and more often than not we don't realise when we're being misogynists because of our conditioning. So it will be good if you're mindful of how you structure your words during a conversation with her. Even saying something as simple as ' you're not like the other women' can be termed as misogynistic. You may not realise it and you may think you're praising her but in reality you're insulting all the other women. Honestly, it's offensive to say the least. Give her more prominent compliments and keep the misogynistic comments in check! (c)Pintrest There are other red flags such as bad grooming and table manners, lack of confidence etc. but these 5 are very prominent because they tell a woman a lot about your conditioning as a man and talk more about your basic inherent mannerisms. A girl does judge a man by the most basic and fundamental manners he may possess and if you have these all sorted, you're definitely a liable candidate for the second date!
  6. While I agree that dating is hard in today's day and age, it's also necessary as a survival tool for the young generation today. That's because it's healthy and keeps the young people balanced and on their feet constantly. While dating has become the need of the hour, it's still circled as something only 'confident' men excel at. However, that's not entirely true. While you do need confidence to manoeuvre your dating game, you also need to be complete in order to look for another person. You can face nervousness while asking a girl out but what you need to remember is that the nervousness is just a solemn cover for making sure you don't ruin the game for yourself. In simpler words- it's okay to be nervous. © Twitter So, the next time you want to approach a girl and you think you lack the confidence to ask her out on a date, just remember these 3 simple things: (1) Let Her See You As The 'Nice Guy' Why don't we end the stereotype of 'nice guys finish last' once and for all? It's a give that women nowadays seek nice guys and not the usual chunk of 'bad boys' anymore. The sensitivity to be with someone who is kind and understanding is growing steadfastly and that's the side you need to show her. If you spot her at a bar or if she's someone you already know, it's time to show her your nice side. That doesn't mean put up a charade or show her a side where she ends up friend zoning you. It just means that you need to make her see you as someone she'd have difficulty finding, in today's and age. © Zee Studios Approach her with a conversation and find something of common interest to pick up on and start talking. Maybe have a deeper meaningful conversation and actually LISTEN to what she says. Not only will you come out as a good listener but also as a sensitive bloke. Just be the nice guy every woman wishes to find today. (2) Let Her See You As The Funny Guy Yes, agreed not everyone is funny but you can try appreciating good humour. I am not saying try your best to be humorous. Humour comes naturally, yes. But you can try and make her laugh the best to your ability. Humour always shows a very kind and soft side to someone. If you can muster up the courage to narrate a few jokes or make the conversation lighter with humour, you have her right then and there. If not, you can advocate some good humour and take her for some good comedy shows around town or a movie that's funny perhaps. Whatever you do, make sure you add the element of humour to it. © Pinterest (3) Let Her See You As The Chivalrous Guy They say chivalry is dead, but it shouldn't be. Chivalry is the mark of a man. If he's chivalrous, he's got it all. Chivalry includes everything- kindness, manners, etiquettes, compassion and being a gentleman. When we were growing up we often saw our fathers or men around show utmost chivalry. Be it opening doors or holding the chair back so a woman could sit. We don't see that anymore. Yes, women are capable of opening doors or paying the dinner bill but it's an aspect that gives women the additional strength and warmth they need, if and when a man is chivalrous. So, if you do go up to her, be your chivalrous best, to a point where if she sneezes, you hand her your handkerchief! Chivalry shouldn't die and if you gradually bring it back, you'll see the dating game change in your favour. © UTV motion picture So, if you have these three things sorted then you're good to go out and ask the girl you've been doting on, out. Just remember, pretence can only take you so far. So be your natural self and try and do your best. Your nervousness will fade away and you'll understand what women really want, clearly.
  7. “What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” – Pearl Bailey, Actress “Money can’t buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.” – Christopher Marlowe, Playwright “If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question?” – Lily Tomlin, Actress “Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” – Fernando Pessoa, Poet “Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.” – Jules Renard, Author “Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There’s too much fraternizing with the enemy.” – Henry Kissinger, Political Scientist

    © https://fundayforum.com

  8. You can certainly blame Bollywood as to why most women love big gestures and dramatic declarations of love. Something about going all out conveys the depth of one's emotions, apparently. But not all men can live up to such lofty expectations. Not all men like to talk about their feelings or go on and on all day telling their partners how much they love them. However, women know just how difficult this task might be for some of you and therefore, they are happy with some subtle gestures that reassure them of your love for them. Luckily, you can show how much you love your wife/girlfriend with the right gestures, if not big. Like making sure that this Valentine's Day, you gift her the precious gift of safety. Steer her away from mass-produced products that could be harmful to her, with these organic/handmade gifts that won't even burn a big hole in your pockets: 1. Summer Tan Natural Matte Creme Liquid Lipstick - Deep Yellow Brown Qtrove.com This lipstick will surely keep your partner's lips soft, hydrated, plump and wrinkle-free! This impeccable combination of Jojoba oil and Beeswax will lock the moisture in and keep her lips soft. Just one swipe will give her full coverage (she will love it!) with gorgeous lips throughout the day! Win-win for the both of you, right? Price: Rs. 799 Buy it here: Qtrove.com 2. Love Hamper Qtrove.com Gift her the perfect blend of a keepsake semi-leather case, and to sweeten the moment, chocolates and a feisty game of scratch cards. Once you scratch your card, you will know what things to do. Price: Rs. 850 Buy it here: Qtrove.com 3. Natural Glow Face Pack Qtrove.com This face pack is made from an ancient recipe using an infusion of powerful Indian herbs that rejuvenate, soften & nourish her skin, transforming it from dull to glowing by brightening the complexion of natural fairness. Price: Rs. 575 Buy it here: Qtrove.com 4. Luxury Handmade Little Heart Soap Gift Pack Qtrove.com These handcrafted soaps have a high percentage of nutrient-rich oils such as Golden Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Shea butter, Olive and natural Almond oil. Natural aroma oils and exotic Ayurvedic herbs add a multitude of benefits. Natural essential oils in these soaps not only uplift her senses but also promote skin health by regenerating, energizing and moisturizing the skin. She will definitely thank you for this. Price: Rs. 250 Buy it here: Qtrove.com 5. Lemon Bath Salts Qtrove.com Lemon Bath salts made of Himalayan Pink Salt and Epsom salt are a wonderful gifting option for any woman. These are excellent for a foot or body soak and exfoliation of dead skin cells, which can also help in relaxing muscles. Dip your feet in some warm water infused with this bath salt and enjoy the night with your girl. Price: Rs. 250 Buy it here: Qtrove.com And you can find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop for all things good- Qtrove.com, as they make sure they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. The products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Spread the good karma by embracing this ultimate shop for all things good and natural. And for a limited period, if you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100! So hurry up and get to shopping!
  9. We are just about a week away from Valentine's Day, which basically means that getting a gift for your girlfriend or wife should probably be your numero uno priority for the coming days. Add to this the fact that men, more often than not, tend to be incredibly bad at getting gifts for the special women in their lives, and you've got the perfect recipe for a Valentine's Day disaster. This is where the iDiva Beauty box ends up being such a godsend. Not only is it an absolute treasure trove of some of the best grooming essentials for women, but it is also a great value purchase that will end up becoming your girlfriend's go-to grooming box on most days. And in case you are still not convinced about it being such a kickass gift, here are 11 products (that double down as 11 reasons!) in the iDiva Beauty box that might convince you otherwise. 1. MyGlamm All Eye Need Eyeshadow Palette Suitable for all skin types, this eyeshadow palette from MyGlamm makes for an incredibly worthy addition to your girlfriend's grooming kit. It comes equipped with a trio of neutrals accompanying a statement blue shadow, making it the perfect palette for girls on the go. The pale neutral shade is ideal for priming the eyelids for better colour payoff from the saturated blues, while the shimmery gold makes for a great highlight shade to add effect. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 478 2. Indulgeo Rose Gold Oil Best suited for normal, combination, and dry skin, Indulgeo's Rose Gold Oil is another winning product that your girlfriend is going to absolutely swear by. It actually comes infused with 24k gold flakes (yes, real gold flakes!), and will help smoothen your girlfriend's skin, fill up its pores, and enhance its overall glow. An all-round winning product. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 240 3. Plum All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal If there is one cosmetic product you must have seen your girlfriend rely on the most, in all likelihood, it's going to be her kajal. So we probably don't have to convince you about the utility a kajal holds in her grooming kit. What we can convince you about, is just how grateful she is going to be when you gift her this all-day-wear kohl kajal from Plum. It's waterproof, is long-lasting and made using 100% organic kohl, making it an amazing vegan and eco-friendly grooming product. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 198 4. Sugar Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Available in a pink shade, this matte lipstick will make for yet another useful addition to your girlfriend's grooming kit, one that she will keep relying on from time to time. In fact, the utility of this particular matte lipstick is greater than other variants, since she can pretty much pair it up with either a dramatic or a minimal look. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 120 5. Juicy Chemistry Facial Mist Considering winters are on their way out, it's time to prep up for the hot and humid weather. And so you can rest assured that your girlfriend is going to be incredibly grateful to you when you get her this facial mist from Juicy Chemistry. Made using all-natural ingredients, this particular face mist will help her maintain her skin's pH balance, engulf her in a lavender fragrance, refresh her skin, and hydrate it. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 180 6. Olay's Anti-Ageing Cream Now even if you harbour next to negligible knowledge about grooming products for women, you'd at least have heard about Olay's famous anti-ageing cream. Well, as it turns out, it's yet another reason why the iDiva Beauty Box makes for such a great gift for your girlfriend. This multi-tasking cream is perfect for the woman who doesn't want to invest in a 10-step beauty routine. Easily absorbable, it fights the first signs of aging and also has SPF to protect her from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 160 7. Happily Unmarried's Body Wash Who can ever say no to a quality body wash? Well, this Happily Unmarried variant, that is formulated with soothing aloe and soy proteins, makes for a great tool to help repair and nourish one's skin. The premium quality of this body wash, that is sulphate and paraben free, is almost akin to gifting a spa session to your girlfriend. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 140 8. Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash With the alarmingly rising levels of harmful toxins and air pollutants in our atmosphere, getting a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend that actually comes equipped with a dependable face wash makes a lot of sense, and especially when the face wash in question is Aroma Magic's grapefruit variant. Suitable for oily and blackhead-prone skin, it will help unblock clogged pores, remove dust and dirt particles, and also go a long way in rejuvenating your bae's skin. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 38 9. Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Cream Suitable for all hair types, this makes for a great gift if your girlfriend especially hates oiling her hair. Well, this Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement cream acts as a mask and leave-in conditioner, one that will her take care of her hair without having to make constant trips to the parlour. A win-win situation. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 34 10. Yardley Morning Dew Deodorant No one likes body odour. So carrying a deodorant is pretty much a no-brainer. As such, this Morning Dew variant from Yardley, that comes infused with a talc-like floral scent, makes for a great Valentine's Day gift. In addition to its aromatic scent that your girlfriend is sure to love, this dry-touch spray also happens to be long-lasting, making it a great addition to your grooming kit. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 26 11. TS Travel Hairbrush Last, but certainly not least, is this travel hairbrush from TS. If your girl is constantly complaining about suffering from bad hair days, to the point that her hair-related rants are all you talk about, then you need not think twice about getting her the iDiva Beauty Box. The fact that it's so lightweight and easy to carry only becomes an added bonus! Beauty Box Price: Rs. 80 Now get all of these amazing products for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day by gifting her the iDiva Beauty Box. Beauty Box Price: Rs. 1,699/- Click here to buy.
  10. If you're looking for someone to date or fall in love with in 2019, your timing couldn't be perfect. I don't just mean that because it's a brand new year and it's still the beginning, but because 2019 is a marvellous year of revelations and strengthening certain aspects about how you react to things around you. Just like how everything happens with an evolutionary spin, dating too takes that curve every once a while and permits us to seek new rules every time we want to start exploring the world with someone. Apart from the rules you need to stick to, for dating in different cities, there are something's which are stagnant and unanimous, in terms of qualifying as the 'deal breaker'. And for a man, in 2019 particularly, it's his tryst with honesty. © Eros International Even with a heavy spin off on finding the 'perfect match' at a brink of a second, we're still looking for folds of realism in people we ardently want to be with and if things aren't real, it's difficult to define what the intent actually is. The crux of everything a man is today or what he should be doing, is all matched up to how honest he is as a human being and if he's indeed as honest as he should be, greater good does come his way. In relationships though, which are certainly not archaic anymore, honesty has become a trivial concept and it certainly shouldn't be one. Because people are dishonest they move away and start swiping again but if you're honest to one another, you're amorous, even though you want to head in different directions eventually. So here are 4 pertinent things every man should definitely be honest about, if he's looking to date in 2019: (1) What You Really Want From Her The new year brings a new age, or that's the easiest assumption I summon. No, really, can we go a little old school here? Remember a time when there were no dating apps or much of social media influencing our decisions? We would take time to wonder and think what we really want out of a dynamic? Yes, let's bring that back. Be open about what you really want because honestly, women are done with men playing games or giving them the chase. If you want an open relationship, be vocal about it, if you want to be in a relationship, there's no harm sharing that, if you just want something casual, let it out, but there isn't any point of being dishonest about your intent, because when she finds out you're dishonest, you'll just be a man who lies and gets away with it! © Fox Star Studios (2) Are You Commitment Phobic? A commitment phobic person could break at any point in time. If you're not ready for a commitment, don't dazzle her with your charm and leave her to figure the rest. Let her know that commitment scares you and even if you really want to be with her and the big 'C' gets in the way, ask her to help you out with it. Maybe she can help you take it slow, maybe she can opt for something casual with you. Who knows? and you won't know either unless you voice out your very obvious concern. Don't let her find out through some 10,000 alarming signals you let off, during the day. © Fox Star Studios (3) That Sexism Scares You, Not Feminism Yup, as text-bookish as I may sound right about now, it's actually true. Be wary, you're always judged for that and that's not because women want to judge you till you evaporate, it's because equality is very important for them and if you're on the same wavelength, hallelujah! Women have found a voice in 2019, well they had one way before too, maybe you just weren't listening. But now, if you hear, they're saying it's okay to understand what they really need and want from a man, which doesn't reek of sexist behaviour and aligns with some feminist ideology. It certainly doesn't mean you have to embrace everything in the name of feminism, it just means you have to start being equals. Chivalry is great but maybe go dutch on the bill? Let her drive you for a change or even pull a chair back for you? © Eros International (4) Be Honest About Your Long-Term Goals You can slip it into a conversation or just have a long conversation and disclose all you want to about what you're looking at, in 2019. You could be looking at getting married or maybe just being with someone, whatever it is, being honest about it, rather than shying away from it is way easier and classier, might I add. © Yash Raj Films You could add-on more honest things to be honest about other than these 4 pointers and make a classic example of how you've understood what I am trying to say, or you can just press the little obnoxious cross on the top-right corner of your window and close this article, but let me tell you this- Who doesn't love an honest man? He can live a tough life but he'd never be forgotten and that's how important a role honesty really plays, in society and of course in 2019, today.
  11. Apple is inviting its users and iPhone photographers alike from around the world, to submit some of their best shots for its next “Shot on iPhone” campaign. Apple first started the “Shot on iPhone: campaign in 2015 when the Cupertino giant launched the iPhone 6. Apple mined Twitter and Instagram for pictures with the hashtag “#ShotOniPhone” that went on banners, billboards and magazine ads. The campaign was extremely successful as iPhone sales shot through the roof. © BCCL In fact, some of the best ads from Apple have come from user-generated content; especially from people who don't consider themselves photographers. Entering the contest is quite simple as you just need to upload your best pictures on Instagram or Twitter with the “ShotOniPhone” hashtag by February 7th. Weibo users can participate as well using #ShotOniPhone#. In the image caption, note which model was used. Alternatively, you can also submit the photo in its highest resolution to shotoniphone@apple.com with the file format 'firstname_lastname_iphonemodel.' © Adweek The pictures will be judged by a panel of judges and will select 10 photos that will be featured on billboards in select cities, retail outlets and an online store. The images will be judged by Pete Souza, the official photographer for President Barack Obama, Luísa Dörr who rose to fame after she photographed TIME's Firsts issue exclusively on iPhone and Austin Mann amongst others. If you are serious about submitting your images, you can find additional information here
  12. You are already aware of multiple trends making their way into men's fashion. Amongst the plethora of options from all different eras and styles, there's a classic that holds a special place in our hearts. The blazer. It can transform any look, from casual to a business meeting or a night-out, ready in seconds. So, we took the liberty to compile a list of blazers under Rs.2000, that are versatile enough to take you through a range of dress codes. Here are 10 blazers under Rs. 2000 to add that extra touch of awesome to your wardrobe: 1. Peter England Elite Grey Slim Fit Blazer © Myntra This slim-fit blazer will be perfect for a casual day at the office with white v-neck tee, blue jeans and your trusted white kicks. Price: Rs. 1999 Buy it here 2. Indian Terrain Men Navy Blue Blazer © Myntra This navy blazer features a tailored, modern fit with a trim silhouette and has a notched lapel. Pair it with chinos for a sure-shot impressive look. Price: Rs. 1924 Buy it here 3. Jack & Jones Olive Green Printed Blazer © Myntra A spin on the colour palette used in camouflage print, this olive geometric blazer is a statement on its own. Pair it with black trousers or jeans to nail the semi-casual look. Price: Rs. 1924 Buy it here 4. Hangup Black & White Geometric Print Tuxedo Blazer © Myntra For the man looking for a statement piece of clothing, this blazer is for you. Channel your inner Ranveer Singh with this monochrome blazer that can be dressed up with pants and a bow-tie or down with tee and jeans. Price: Rs. 1749 Buy it here 5. Mast & Harbour Grey Blazer © Myntra Office party memo says formal but not too formal? Fret not. This grey blazer can be paired with tapered pants. A casual take on what's traditionally a formal colour scheme, this look would be a hoot! Price: Rs. 1999 Buy it here 6. Jack & Jones Black Printed Blazer © Myntra The blazer is laidback, but can also be dressed up with white jeans or trousers for a summer party. It's pretty much perfect for a night out on a tropical vacay as well. Price: Rs. 1799 Buy it here 7. Hangup Monochrome Printed Blazer © Myntra If you're done with the boring blue check print, houndstooth is your saviour. This blazer lies at a fine line between casual smart and work-meeting appropriate and totally looks the part. You could team it up with a turtleneck too for a winter look. Price: Rs.1619 Buy it here 8. Mast & Harbour Navy Denim Blazer © Myntra Love denim jackets but office dress code says formal? Behold, the denim blazer. In a classic navy, this could be paired with a white shirt or tee with jeans for a low-key formal denim on denim number. Price: Rs. 1399 Buy it here 9. United Colors Of Benetton Black Blazer © Amazon If you are on the lookout for a lightweight and comfy blazer for the wedding season? Then, you might want to consider this slim-fit black blazer. It's a design that's always in trend. Wear it for a floral shirt or a graphic tee for a quirky touch or go classic, it'll do you good anyway. Price: Rs. 1999 Buy it here 10. The Indian Garage Co White Solid Blazer © Myntra Underrated but stylish to the max, this white blazer will definitely make heads turn. The design is quite suitable for a live band, event or party. It also gives formal wear a dignified look. Price: Rs. 1849 Buy it here Blazers that are stylish, practical and pocket-friendly? Now that's a deal you shouldn't miss out on!
  13. Gone are the days when you'd put on a pair of joggers just to Netflix and chill or hit the gym. As the athleisure trend shows no signs of waving off. The good ol' joggers have been given a style makeover by designers and several brands. It can be rocked while working out as well as for a night out. Bonus? When they come hella cheap, you just can't resist. Here are 10 joggers under Rs 1000 that are super stylish yet comfy : 1. U.S. Polo Assn. Navy Blue Straight Fit Joggers © Myntra Who said basics aren't stylish? Pair these basic blue joggers with a graphic tee and see your fashion game go onwards and upwards! Price: INR 999 Buy it here 2. Playboy Grey Straight Fit Joggers © Myntra Pair these joggers with a classic white V-neck t-shirt and a denim jacket for the perfect airport look. Price: INR 749 Buy it here 3. French Connection Black Joggers © Myntra You can never go wrong with a pair of black joggers. It is a wardrobe staple and can be literally paired sweatshirts, t-shirts or jackets. Price: INR 999 Buy it here 4. Duke Off White Straight Fit Joggers © Myntra Put your best fashion foot forward with this pair of white joggers. Pair these with your best kicks, a basic t-shirt with some reflective sunnies and you're good to go! Price: INR 744 Buy it here 5. FOREVER 21 Black Solid Joggers With Text Detail © Myntra This number by Forever 21 is for the men out there who love street style. The side panel text detailing in white is a definite way to stand out amongst the crowd. Price: INR 899 Buy it here 6. Puma Red Joggers © Myntra These red hot joggers from Puma are definitely a fresh change if you want to give your greys and blacks a rest. Price: INR 899 Buy it here 7. Jack & Jones Grey Joggers © Myntra These grey joggers by Jack & Jones with pocket zipper detailing are durable, comfy and super stylish. Pair these up with a basic black hoodie and slip-ons and they won't let you down. Price: INR 999 Buy it here 8. Mast & Harbour Stretchable Denim Joggers © Myntra If you're looking for the perfect alternative for days when you just don't want to put on a pair of jeans, this is it. These denim joggers give you the comfort , stretchability and look great with everything. Price: INR 749 Buy it here 9. Flying Machine Navy Blue Printed Cuffed Joggers © Myntra These Hawaiian printed joggers look super chic and will transform your overall look by adding a layer of funk. Wear these with a snapback hat and carry a backpack for the ultimate airport look. Price: INR 919 Buy it here 10. John Players Camouflage Print Joggers © Myntra Channel your inner military spirit while giving your shorts a break with these camo print joggers. The print and color scheme is very versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Price: INR 989 Buy it here
  14. On one hand where people in some parts of the world are fighting each other in the name of religion, there are some who are setting great examples of communal harmony with their selfless deeds. For instance, this Muslim family in Pakistan that has been taking care of a church which is over a century old. For 100 years now, the custodianship of the St. Matthew's Church has been passed down from one generation to the other. YouTube/ BBC News Located in the picturesque Hazada District town of Nathia Galiyat in Pakistan, this church is currently being taken care of by Waheed Murad, the third generation caretaker in his family. Murad has been looking after the church for almost 17 years now. His grandfather and father looked after it for 35 and 45 years, repectively. In fact, Murad is proud of his work and says that he is the only person in his area who knows how to ring the church's bell. Murad's family has been looking after the church by themselves, because the governement didn't make any efforts since there are hardly any Christians in the area. Speaking to the local media, Murad said "We believe in all messengers of God and believe in all the holy books, hence we give the same respect to this church, as we give to our mosque." If only more people could think like Murad, the world will be a better place to live in.
  15. The latest season of 'Koffee With Karan 6' is all about sibling jodis, epic father-daughter duos, unusually interesting pairs and lots and lots of juicy gossip they spill on the couch. After hosting Saif-Sara, Alia-Deepika, Arjun-Janhvi and the Baahubali gang; Karan Johar hosted on his couch, the hottest and the most fashion forward Kapoor siblings in town. It was for the first time that Rhea and Harshvardhan Kapoor graced the Koffee couch with their sister, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. No points for guessing who's mom's favourite when it comes to the Kapoor siblings! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithKapoors #sonamkapoor #rheakapoor #harshvardhankapoor pic.twitter.com/gxoitEIcQT — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) December 30, 2018 Tagged as 'partners-in-crime', the Kapoor siblings are known to be extremely thick and their chemistry can bring the whole house down and that's exactly what happened in last night's episode. In fact, Anil Kapoor even warned the trio and said – “You all are on a very dangerous show”! And like a good samaritan, we will share the highlights from the episode where the trio spilled their secrets and had lots of candid conversation. 1. Sonam cried after looking at Anushka and Virat's wedding pictures Virushka aka Virat and Anushka were possibly the first ones to tie the knot, and since then the wedding season doesn't seem to come to an end for Bollywood. After Virushka, Sonam Kapoor got married to Anand Ahuja but did you know that Sonam cried after looking at Virushka's wedding pictures? © Star World When Karan asked her whose wedding she considered was the most beautiful, Sonam stated that she felt extremely emotional during Anushka and Virat's wedding and she also cried when she saw the images. In her defence, she stated that Virushka's was also the first wedding to take place. During the episode, Sonam gave deets about her own wedding too. She said that Anand's favourite movie is 'Andaz Apna Apna' and the two used to listen the song 'Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori', when they were in a long-distance relationship. 2. Sonam reveals Sanjay Leela Bhansali told her “I don't have a bad angle”! During the episode, Karan introduces Sonam as the fashion force and we can totally understand why, since she is always appreciated for her fashion sense. Referring to themselves as the 'craziest Kapoor siblings', Sonam K Ahuja faced the rapid fire in the most kickass way possible. Safe to say that when you make an impression on Rhea, she's going to do an impression of you! #KoffeeWithKaran #sonamkapoor #harshvardhankapoor @HarshKapoor_ @sonamakapoor #rheakapoor #sonamkapoor pic.twitter.com/bWdsCcH35K — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) December 30, 2018 But it was Rhea who revealed about Sonam's shining confidence and said that she feels that she looks amazing from every angle, something she thinks Sonam got from their father Anil Kapoor. To this, Sonam said "I don't have a bad angle and Sanjay Leela Bhansali told me that"! Well, we can't disagree with Sonam or Sanjay Leela Bhansali. 3. Harshvardhan Kapoor doesn't celebrate his birthday While Sonam can be considered a legend on the Koffee couch, Rhea and Harshvardhan made their first appearance; so the expectations were really high from this one. © Star World In the episode Harshvardhan reveals that he doesn't have many friends in the film fraternity and all his friends are from school. In fact, Anil Kapoor reveals, "He never used to celebrate his birthday even when he was a kid. Harsh explains that a birthday is like any other day." According to Anil, Harsh is the most mature, sensible and intelligent among all three children and a mama's boy. 4. Sonam stalks Sonakshi on Instagram because she is 'Cool' Just like Deepika Padukone's guilty pleasure is stalking Taimur Ali Khan on Instagram, Sonam Kapoor too loves stalking people on Instagram. Turns out she stalks Sonakshi Sinha and Tiger Shroff. © Star World During the rapid fire round, Karan asks Sonam about her favourite person on social media and she says Sonakshi. Sonam confessed that she stalks Sonakshi's account because her page is really cool and in fact not just the page but also her personality that is very cool. Later during Rhea's turn, she revealed that she likes to stalk Tiger Shroff. Sonakshi and Tiger, are you guys listening? Watch Koffee with Karan Season 6, every Sunday at 9 pm on Star World!
  16. Dinner table conversations are often dominated by how urban millennial women have to go through a harrowing time trying to find a suitable groom for them. Their angst resonates around stereotypical questions about family, career and good looks and how they are regularly grilled on by a prospective groom's family. While this may be true, it has to be added that being an urban millennial man is not easy either, especially when you have to converse with the dad of the woman you are planning to 'settle down with'. This article looks at the various types of dads most urban millennial men have to interact with: 1. “Mirror Mirror On The Wall, How Much Gold Do You Have After All?” The benefit of having a conversation with a 'Gold Digger' dad is fairly straightforward. He will ask you pointed questions around your fixed pay, your variable pay, your company stock options, your savings, your family inheritance and your expected salary hike. Once he has put all of this in a neat excel sheet, he will ask you about your siblings to understand how the family wealth will be split up and the details of your real estate! Instead of talking to your family financial advisor, it is advisable to talk to a 'Gold Digger' dad as they are incredibly accurate at judging your financial net worth. And the best part is they can give you your net worth on the first phone call itself! 2. “Does Your Venus Match My Daughter's Jupiter?” It is a pleasant surprise to have a conversation with a 'horoscope obsessed' dad. While they might or might not be interested in your net worth, they will be hugely interested in what the planetary stars have to say about your marital prospects. It is a strict no-no if your Venus at birth seems to wink like a Romeo at his daughter's Jupiter! 3. “Is Spirituality Your Calling In Life?” The 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' dad seems to be an extension from the 'horoscope obsessed' dad. While he may not be concerned about your planetary configuration, he will be deeply interested in if you can get up at 4 am and find your inner calling every day. A recommended course of action to handle this species is to politely reply, “Sir, I am looking to marry your daughter, not to go for a permanent pilgrimage to the Himalayas!” 4. “Do You Promise Me An Onion & Garlic Mukht Bharat?” The 'dietary obsessed' father is deeply concerned about this daughter's well being. Hence, he will fight to his last breath to ensure your life is free of all worms and pesticides viz onion, garlic, potato and radish. There is another breed which tries to ensure that their delicate, petite daughters are being fed adequate protein every day. You can expect an order along the lines of, “my daughter likes to eat 700 grams of mutton every day”. 5. “Hello! Hello! Can You Hear Me?” This breed of species is by far the peskiest to have a conversation with. Once a conversation is on and if they like you, they will go to any extent to 'close the deal'. They will call you five times a day after you have said no. After the advent of Jio, they will call you from a different SIM card every day. They will reach out to you on Facebook and LinkedIn. They are even capable of opening an Instagram page to break into your page. If everything else fails, they will call up your office boardline number and ask to speak to your boss! Stalker dad alert! 6. 'Gothra' Is The New Sexy A few years back, the coolest conversation surrounded around majestic movie makers like Christopher Nolan or Martin Scorsese. However, such a movement didn't last long as Rahul Gandhi disrupted this entire chain of conversation by unleashing his 'gothra' on India. As a result, gone are the days when yoga, 8 pack abs or kickboxing resonated with a healthy lifestyle; to impress the uber-cool dad, you have to be on top of your game and sell your 'gothra'! 7. “Do You Want Another Credit Card / Insurance Scheme / SIM Connection?” There are some men who are born to be businessmen. Especially the ones in the 'agency line'. The aspect I admire about them is their ability to never give up. They keep trying and trying and trying to sell whatever they can even after a conversation about their daughter hasn't gone through. “Do you want another credit card? My agency does it! Why don't you take life insurance? My agency does it! Do you want a broadband connection? My agency does it! At least buy another Jio SIM?” 8. “My Daughter Is Purer Than Kent RO Water Purifier!” By far, this type of dad is the most difficult dad to converse with. You will be barraged with anecdotes praising his daughter's purity, chastity, character, innocence, values, dressing sense and non-sluttiness! The conversation heads in a difficult direction when you get quizzed, “my daughter has never held a guy's hand. I can guarantee and vouch to you that she is 100% virgin. Not 99% but 100%! What about you?” In conclusion, managing the to-be-dad of your princess is an enviable task. Hopefully, this article has given you a sound glimpse on what to expect on the other side of the table! About The Author: The author, Sandeep Das, is an MBA from IIM Bangalore, a management consultant, author of 'Yours Sarcastically' & 'Satan's Angels' and a columnist.
  17. Thanks to the celebration of maximalism, the likes of KJo and Ranveer Singh, the colour red, finally, is all around, especially during the Holiday season. Quite literally. We're talking Christmas decor, red-themed parties, red presents from secret Santas, red candy bars and red velvet cake with even the Starbucks cuppa assuming the colour red! This also means that you might have to or want to participate in the parade of some rouge play and we don't blame you. Now, even though you might be tempted to dress as Santa, don't. Red is a great colour to play with, but styling it right can be rather tricky and if done right, is sure to gather compliments. But don't you worry, here's a definitive guide that breaks down styling the colour rouge so you don't get called uncle Santa next time you decide to ho ho ho in the coming days! 1. Pulling off jumpers is probably the easiest, extremely effortless and a comfy way of wearing a red shade smartly. Go wild with intense and deep shades of red here, because the shade is toned down automatically with a jacket or pants that you pair along. © H&M , Marks & Spencer, Zara 2. If a knitted pullover is not your jam, red plain sweatshirts and the ones with cool graphics are also a great choice for days around Christmas. Exhibit A. © Adidas and Zara 3. Work the red flannel: Another alternative to wearing a solid red. Flannel takes the pressure off instantly if you don't want to go all-red and works great for theme parties where red is mandatory to wear. © Zara,H&M 4. Layer, layer, layer! Layering your reds with bombers, knits, scarfs, bum bags, cool sneakers takes your outfit a notch higher and gives it an added definition. Mix and match textures, prints and colours, the outfit will automatically draw attention in a good way! © Zara 5. The upside down: The red trousers, an unusual choice works well if you experiment with different materials like corduroys. Pro tip: add an over-sized long coat and see your look light up. © Marks & Spencer, Zara 6. The scarlet blazer: Maximalist fashion is risque but can also be extremely rewarding. The red blazer, an offbeat choice looks great when styled in darker shades of burgundy and maroon to tone down the intensity of the colour. © Zara
  18. Many consider gaming consoles to be a thing of the past given the rising capabilities of mobile phones. But, the comfort and edge that a console provides continue to remain unmatched. It isn't as complicated as PC gaming and offers top-notch gameplay experience. For years, gaming consoles have depended on discs, and this could be changing for good. According to a report by Thurrott, Microsoft is working on a disc-less Xbox One. Slated for release sometime during 2019, the new unit would become the baseline Xbox One S with a cheaper price tag. This would be the company's first attempt to finally implement the "disc-to-digital" program. © Unilad With the disc-less console, the company will also launch a conversion program that will convert physical games to digital. Users shall be able to trade-in their already purchased discs for a digital copy. The PC gaming industry has long shifted to the digital medium and users prefer purchasing games online from platforms like Steam. This way, all the game data is saved in the cloud, multiplayer integration is deeper than ever, and the game is available for download anywhere. © YouTube Making the Xbox One disc-less would also mean the company can bring down the entry-level cost. Currently, the Xbox One S starts at US$ 299, the disc-less version could start lower at US$ 199-250. The Blu-ray disc drive has always taken a large chunk of the unit cost and elimination of the same would open up the product to more buyers. Going all-digital would also let Microsoft offer more services. The company feels a subscription model like the Xbox Game Pass has massive potential as the user can access more games at a fixed periodic rate. We've already seen how the subscription model has changed the music and video streaming industry with Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. © Windows Central As of now, a particular time frame isn't available, though the report says the console was first targeted for Spring 2019. Microsoft isn't rushing with the disc drive removal and treading carefully with its next line of Scarlett (next-gen Xbox consoles) line-up. Right now, the company is working on creating a more robust digital ecosystem so that the transition is smooth and hassle-free.
  19. Animated characters are our first real introduction to cinema. They're entrusted with a very important responsibility. Shaping the minds of children. Yes, the influence animated characters have on us when we were children tends to stay with us for the rest of our lives. That's why it may not seem like much, but animated characters really do matter. When we speak of animated characters there is one name everyone knows, Mickey Mouse. For the last 90 years, Mickey (and his friends) have been educating kids while also keeping them entertained. From our grandparents to our parents, us and our kids, Mickey Mouse is going to be a part of our lives. Better believe it. So, for the 90th anniversary of Mickey's first appearance in Steamboat Willie, we thought we'd take you down memory lane and look at how the character has evolved over the years. Yeah, just like the times, Mickey too has seen some changes over the years. So, here are some fun facts about the world-famous mouse that not many would know: Here's one of the first images of Mickey from way back in 1929. Source: Disney India Initially, it was Walt Disney himself who voiced the character. Source: Disney India He was the first animated character to speak. The first words he said were, “hot dogs!” Source: Disney India Mickey was the first animated character who got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Source: Instagram Mickey was originally supposed to be called Mortimer. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Instead, his arch enemy was called Mortimer. Source: Disney India
  20. Seems like Priyanka Chopra can just not stop partying! The 'desi' girl is all set to tie the knot with 'pardesi' lad Nick Jonas and is currently on a 'bachelorette' party binge across the globe with her favourite girls. When you are a celebrity with oodles of money and equally rich bridesmaids, you don't stop at just one party. After a star studded bash in the US, PC is currently letting her hair down with Parineeti Chopra, Isha Ambani and Sophie Turner in Amsterdam. View this post on Instagram Red, white and Bride!!! #Bachelorette A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Nov 5, 2018 at 7:39am PST View this post on Instagram Featherweight Champion of the world... #Bachelorette #FauxNotFur @georgeschakraofficial A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Nov 5, 2018 at 7:06am PST Also, Sansa Stark and Kashi bai are already bonding like it was meant to be! View this post on Instagram “This is what you have to do for sister-in-laws these days”, says Priyanka Chopra ! . . . . #bollywoodbubble #priyankachopra #priyanka #pc #bridetobe #bridetobe2018 #bacheloretteparty #bachelorette #spinster #piggychops #nickjonas #jsisters #amsterdam #priyankawedsnick #prick #nickyanka @nickjonas @mamadjonas @madhumalati @priyankachopra @papakjonas @sophiet #sisterinlaw A post shared by Bollywood Bubble (@bollywoodbubble) on Nov 4, 2018 at 8:58am PST View this post on Instagram 1) #PriyankaChopra partied with #SophieTurner at her bachelorette in Amsterdam this weekend 2) They are officially called #TheJSisters 3) We are *obsessed* (#regram: @priyankachopra) A post shared by FLARE (@flaremag) on Nov 5, 2018 at 12:21pm PST Our bride-to-be is having fun and we are here for looking at all these gorgeous faces in one frame. View this post on Instagram ð« A post shared by Parineeti Chopra (@parineetichopra) on Nov 5, 2018 at 11:10pm PST View this post on Instagram @priyankachopra's bachelorette weekend is underway in Amsterdam and so far it looks like they are lunching at fab places, cruising the canal with buckets of champagne. #priyankachopra #nickjonas #priyankaandnick #pcsbachelorette #amsterdam #bacheloretteparty #bachelorette #bridesmaids #celebrity #celebritybride #bollywoodnews #bollywood #celebritywedding #weddingsutra #news #celebrity #bridesquad #bridegoals A post shared by WeddingSutra.com (@weddingsutra) on Nov 3, 2018 at 9:30pm PDT Now we are waiting to see how Nick Jonas parties with his group of boys. The couple is all set to tie the knot in first week of December next month.
  21. Glute training or butt poses have become way too popular due to the female fitness models on Instagram flexing the muscle or selling booty bands or booty building programs. Due to this, there has been unnecessary sexualization of the booty, with men almost skipping booty work in the gym, as they consider it feminine or associate it with female fitness models. If you are one of them, you are horribly wrong. As wrong as you were about BCAAs helping in muscle growth or the anabolic protein window. What are the benefits of stronger glutes for men, you ask? . You Are Stronger & You Look Better Glutes are literally the powerhouse of a muscle in your body. Stronger glutes mean that you can generate more power from your lower body and it builds a good looking butt. Believe it or not, women like men with a strong butt. And another thing, strong glutes are never found on weak men. . They Improve Athletic Performance Glutes provide power for quick and explosive movement. Go check out any Olympic sprinter, you will never find one with weak glutes. If a sprinter has weaker glutes, they won't be competing in the Olympics in the first place. . They Ensure You Do Not Have Lower Back Pain When you are not doing anything at all, the glutes work to keep the lower back area aligned. It does not mean that developed glutes always mean a guaranteed good lower back health. That is not always the case, though it does give a higher chance of better lower back health. So, now that we have established the importance of developing the glutes, let's look at the top exercises that you can include in your gym routine right away: 1. The Barbell Hip Thrust © Stack You can also do this using a Smith machine if you are a total beginner and feel that it is overworking your lower back. Put your feet on the ground and set up the bar at your hips and your upper back is on the bench. Keeping your back straight, drive the bar off the floor with maximal power until you are at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Come down, pause for a bit and repeat. 2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts © Stack Most people in the gym fail to do a Romanian Deadlift with a proper form. To them, this exercise should be done with extra caution or better yet, after learning the normal Romanian Deadlift properly. Hold a barbell in the top deadlift position, so that you are standing up with the bar in your hands. Now, slowly raise one of your legs off the ground in the opposite direction while lowering the bar down. Ensure that you are maintaining a straight flat back while doing so. Lower the bar until you feel a stretch in the hamstring of the leg planted on the foot and then come back to neutral standing position. This is one rep. Caution: Handling a barbell right from the first time you do this, may not be a good option. Start with a dumbbell, progress to an empty bar, and then move to the loaded bar. 3. Kettlebell Swings © HIIT This exercise will help you develop immense power and speed in your hips. Hold the kettlebell in a half squat position almost touching the ground and drive your hip forward swinging the kettlebell. The hip drive should be as explosive as possible and you should feel the movement in your hips. Ensure that the hip hinging is done and you are not taking the movement on your lower back. Start doing these exercises today and develop some mean and badass glutes. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  22. Even though everyone seems to be obsessed with losing weight, being skinny isn't always something aspirational, especially for someone who is on the 'too skinny' side. Ask Nishant Tripathi, our main man for the 3rd episode of 'Groom Barabar Groom', and you will get to know exactly what we are talking about. Nishant has always struggled with his skinny frame, and fashion has been a tricky area for him throughout - precisely because of this very reason. But he chose to deal with it, and we were there, as his trusted wingmen. © MensXP Our host, Siddharth Batra, along with celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi and menswear designer Abhishek Paatni, took on the challenge, and it proved to be one hell of a transformation journey. Abhishek Paatni's clothes are all about structured street style, which are meant to give more volume to the frames of lean people - thereby making them look more proportionate. As Akshay pointed out, that was precisely what Nishant needed for his skinny frame. © MensXP © MensXP Once the mix-n-match bit was done for the clothing, it was time for Nishant to get a grooming makeover by the Grooming Guru - the one and only Rod Anker. Rod wanted to cut down on the volume on Nishant's head to give him a sleek look, while shaving off the stubble on his face - which clearly would aid the process. © MensXP Once it was done, a whole new, different, extremely fashionable person walked out - one who is almost unrecognizable in his new clothes, new hairdo, and of course, the newfound confidence that comes with it all. Nishant clearly was over the moon, thanks to his new, fashion-forward avatar that he embraced with unmatched zeal. © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP Take a look at the video right here. We've seen multiple grooming and makeover shows for women over the years, but none for men. MensXP wishes to change that. Now more than ever, men are more up-to-date with all the latest trends when it comes to grooming products or the latest fashion. On the other end of the spectrum, a majority of them don't know where to even begin. With Groom Baraabar Groom, MensXP wants to create India's first male-focused makeover show that along with being a masterclass in everything fashion and grooming, will provide a safe space for underconfident guys to overcome their self-perceived shortcomings. Some of these guys might not even know the reason for years of self-doubt in them that we might have a very simple solution for. From a much-needed haircut to hygiene routines like pedicures, styling based on the body type (short, tall, skinny, overweight), fashion and grooming advice and a little note on improving self-confidence to finally the big reveal -- our show is more about breaking self-inflicted notions of physical shortcomings rather than a superficial makeover. MensXP wants to change the grooming game in India with this show.
  23. The year 2018 has given us some really good movies so far, with most of them crossing the 100-crore mark (let's keep 'Race 3' out of this discussion) within a few weeks of its release. While we thought things can't get any better that this, looks like Bollywood isn't done for the year yet. Thanks to Bollywood and this impressive line-up of movies, October just got a whole lot better. From 'Baazaar', 'Badhaai Ho' to 'Andhadhun', October will come packed with some really interesting movies and only time will tell if they manage to capture viewers' attention or not. So without further ado, let's take a look at these movies. 1. AndhaDhun Starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Radhika Apte, 'AndhaDhun' is a romantic thriller that has the potential to leave us clueless, confused and hooked to it till the last minute of the movie. Ayushmann plays a blind talented pianist who finds himself stuck in the middle of a murder mystery as a prime witness. But is he really blind though? Directed by Sriram Raghavan, 'AndhaDhun' is releasing on 5th October. 2. Badhaai Ho With two back to back movies in the same month, Ayushmann Khurrana is on a roll this year. And not just any movie, both these movies have the chance to become blockbusters at the box-office. Ayushmann Khurrana gets the shock of his life when he fnds out his mother is pregnant. What unfolds next is a series of hilarious situations which brings out the best of each character in the movie. Directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma, 'Badhaai Ho' is releasing on October 19. 3. Baazaar Directed by Gauravv K. Chawla, 'Baazaar' is a movie based on stock market. Saif Ali Khan plays a Gujarati businessman called Shakun Kothari, a ruthless businessman who puts money above everything else and wants to make it big in the world. Looks like Saif Ali Khan has decided that he will rule the box-office this year with his kick-ass performances. The movie is releasing on October 26. 4. Helicopter Eela Starring Kajol and Riddhi Sen, 'Helicopter Eela' is the story of a single mother, who decides to pursue her education after 22 years and joins the same college where her son studies. This modern age drama is a humourous, quirky, emotional and never seen before take on a mother-son relationship. The movie is releasing on October 12. 5. Namaste England Starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, the movie has huge responsibilities on its shoulders, given it's a sequel to the 2007 blockbuster hit 'Namaste London'. Although the trailer failed to impress a lot of people, let's not give out the judgement already. We guess we can still give this movie a chance for its amazing music. 'Namaste England' is releasing on October 19. 6. Jalebi How can we miss this movie that gave us some of the most hilarious memes, when the internet was officially done with 'Sui Dhaaga' memes. Featuring Rhea Chakraborty, debutante Varun Mitra and Digangana Suryavanshi in lead roles, 'Jalebi' is a movie about love, its complexities and how sometimes one has to let go of things that are important to you. It's a remake of the Bengali movie 'Praktan'. 'Jalebi' is releasing on October 12. 7. Loveyatri Even before its release, the movie has been making headlines for the controversies surrounding it. Starring Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and newcomer Warina Hussain, the movie is a romantic-comedy with major garba and dandiya vibes in every frame. Directed by Abhiraj Maniwala, 'Loveyatri' will hit the theatres on October 5. 8. 5 Weddings Directed by Namrata Singh Gujral, '5 Weddings' is a film set in the United States and India and stars Rajkummar Rao and Nargis Fakhri in leading roles. This movie is about an American journalist, who travels to India to cover the multiple Indian wedding ceremonies. '5 Weddings' is expected to release on October 26.
  24. Looking at a well-built physique and thinking that the person is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition is a wrong assumption. It's common for trainers with the biggest muscles to have the most numbers of clients on the floor. In the same way, people tend to listen to that fit Instagram model more than a person who might be 10 times more knowledgeable just because the Insta model is ripped (or Photoshop-ripped) 365 days a year. And this is wrong on so many levels! © YouTube Now, don't get me wrong here. Want to build bigger arms? Find the guy with the biggest arms in the gym and replicate his every trick, right? Nope, wrong! That's because you would be ignoring numerous factors that come into play here. From genetics, to training age, to nutrition, to exogenous assistance, the list here is endless. This is almost foolish to think that the random advice given by that buff dude in the gym is Holy Grail. © Pixabay It is true that dream physiques are the result of years or sometimes even decades of hard work, dedication, patience and consistency in the gym. But many of these so called 'natties' that you see in gyms or on the covers of fitness magazines are actually very, very gifted when it comes to genetics. Also in almost 99% of the cases, they are on steroids. And being enhanced means that no matter which technique they use, they will make progress and keep growing or keep getting shredded, which of course a natural guy like you won't. Confused? Think about it, tomorrow just because a bodybuilder claims that he developed huge arms by doing 1000 reps and eating frog legs, would you start doing the same? Just because a fit looking person says something and (tries to) sound knowledgeable and technical about fitness and nutrition, does not make it true automatically. In other words, someone who looks good does not necessarily have to be an expert in the field of training and nutrition. On the other hand, someone who is not the most ripped or the buffest dude can know a lot more about the art and science of training. Case in point is that of knowledgeable writers/speakers who often get criticized for not being big enough or ripped enough. All a good coach or trainer needs is to know things about fitness that you don't; stuff that was learned in class, through books, through personal experience, or by innovative genius. That person also needs to be passionate about teaching weight training or fitness and has academic qualifications which shows that the person has put in time and effort in learning the art and science of training and nutrition. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness to take your fitness and physique to the next level.
  25. White sneakers, we feel, are really underrated. From comfort to fit, to style, which other footwear allows you as much versatility? Wear it with casuals, street style, or even with a suit, you can never go wrong. Kartik Aaryan clearly believes the same, and often steps out wearing statement white sneakers. Continuing the streak of good taste, he recently wore a pair that we think are the best looking pair of white sneakers we have seen this year. © Viral Bhayani Kartik is wearing the Y-3 KUSARI II white sneakers by Adidas. The edgy pair boasts of a smooth neoprene upper, which is accented with leather details and has an engineered lacing system for enhanced stability. © store.y-3.com The shoes are cushioned with 'boost', which Adidas Y-3 claims is the most responsive cushioning they have used in a shoe. © store.y-3.com With the Y-3 logo graphic woven on the tongue, Drawcord eyestay, and EVA heel piece for support, the Y-3 Kusari II is a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to white sneakers. © store.y-3.com Coming to how much they cost, the Adidas Y-3 Kusari II is worth 485 Euros, which when converted to INR is Rs 41,257/-. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the rest of his outfit, we are in love with the denim-on-denim aesthetic. The relaxed grey T-shirt he's wearing inside complements the blue of the jeans and the denim shirt. Talk about a stylistically nonchalant but classy outfit! © Viral Bhayani Still on top of your fashion game, Kartik. Kudos!