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Found 845 results

  1. We live in a country where anything closely related to Bollywood gets a special mention, as that's what people really like to talk about. Whether it's a star kid going out to the gym, or a party, or an actor even going out on lunch with a friend, photographers are already in place to capture the most basic moments of the celebrity's life. © Istock If something as normal as that gets the limelight, can you even imagine the amount of attention a Bollywood wedding would get? However, if one really needs to take a lesson on ditching the paparazzi and millions of eyeballs, you only need to ask Bollywood actor Yami Gautam. © Instagram/Yami Gautam The 32-year-old star recently got married to URI director Aditya Dhar in a private ceremony that just had some close friends and family members. View this post on Instagram Not just her sudden marriage, but her entire relationship with Aditya came as a surprise to a lot of people, however, the Kaabil actress has now finally decided to open up on her love story with Aditya. “I’d say the start was during the promotion of Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019). That’s when we started talking,” Yami Gautam told HT City. However, the actor said she “wouldn’t call it dating. But yeah, that was a time when we started interacting with each other and started a friendship.” said Yami while speaking to the Indian Express. The actress said that her decision to marry Aditya had a lot to do with the value system and the ethics the two shared in common. “You just know it. When you start understanding the person’s value system, and what family he belongs to. You don’t have to have similarities or share common things in your interests, but have similarities in your value system and in your ethics. "And we share that a lot. I have a lot of respect for Aditya and I had a lot of respect for him as a professional and as a person. I respect him for who he is,” said Yami. Well, what can we say? As much as we like the drama in films and the noise around it, we're glad that Yami could find her soulmate and marry him in an environment most suited to her. We really wish her a very happy life ahead! View the full article
  2. The Celine Dion film is set for release before Christmas, and now due in cinemas this November
  3. In this current world of fierce competition between the biggest companies fighting for the top spot in the market, we rarely see a gesture of cooperation or love between rival firms. © iStock Be it Apple or Samsung, Xbox or Playstation, Pepsi or Coca Cola, everyone wants to be better than the other, and that's why we don't really see them lauding each other very often. © iStock Well, that trend was certainly changed by a heartwarming gesture from a 'big' company in India. In what is considered to be the biggest example of sportsmanship and respect, Indian food delivery company, Swiggy sent a lovely good luck message to rivals Zomato for opening its IPO for subscription on Wednesday (July 14). © VCCircle The message was sent across to Zomato by Swiggy Executive Harnidh Kaur, who took to Twitter to write, "Cheering our friends on because we all grow together. Best of luck for the IPO, Zomato!" Cheering our friends on because we all grow together. Best of luck for the IPO, Zomato! pic.twitter.com/khpl9sNpex — harnidh (@chiaseedpuddin) July 14, 2021 While the message was, of course, sent as a gesture of enhancing camaraderie between the two biggest food delivery giants in India, people noted how Swiggy was smart enough to capitalize on their rival's big day. "Love how they turned this into an ad for themselves. Smart move." wrote one Twitter user. Love how they turned this into an ad for themselves. Smart move — Yutika (@YutikaGhiya) July 14, 2021 While another wrote, "This is called low cost marketing" This is called low cost marketing — Anees (@Anees26690556) July 14, 2021Well, Swiggy's good luck message definitely came at the right time as Zomato founder, Deepinder Goyal, had already admitted of being guilty of stress eating owing to the huge buzz around Zomato IPO being opened today. © Times Now Goyal took to Twitter to share that he had ordered what was a triple breakfast in a bid to keep his mind at rest ahead of what was surely a big day for the food delivery giant. Just ordered a triple breakfast @zomato. Stress eating 🤯 — Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) July 14, 2021— Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) July 14, 2021Following his tweets, Zomato head Rahul Ganjoo, also echoed similar thoughts using a gif. pic.twitter.com/7BlvyiWipc — Rahul Ganjoo (@elegantlywasted) July 14, 2021 The Gurgaon-headquartered food delivery giant's Rs 9,375 crores initial public offering (IPO) will be open for subscription for three days, with the company pricing its IPO at Rs 72-76 per share. There is bound to be a lot of excitement and tension on such a tremendous development within the company touted to have a great future in the country. However, it appeared that the breakfast sure helped to a certain extent, with Goyal taking to Twitter again. Feeling better after the breakfast and all the love. Topping up the breakfast with chai from @Chaayos ️ pic.twitter.com/U9025BexVC — Deepinder Goyal (@deepigoyal) July 14, 2021 So, if there's one thing to learn from this, it is that no matter whether you're the founder of Zomato or just an ordinary guy, a good breakfast sure helps you go a long way. Good luck, Zomato! View the full article
  4. Prince Charles never tried to run his sons' life, and taught them to choose love over duty
  5. Who doesn’t love being admired and spoiled rotten by their partner in a new relationship? Hardly anyone. But if it happens too often, too soon and ends up with you feeling overwhelmed by it, there are chances you are falling victim to love bombing, the most toxic and slyest dating trend. © Viacom18 Motion Pictures It is a manipulation tactic of narcissists and abusers to shower you with a lot of attention, affection and gifts and basically get you addicted to their love. They make you emotionally dependent on them so they can control the relationship, and you. © Kunal Kohli Productions Save yourself from a mental trauma and self-destruction by noticing these tell-tale signs of whether or not you are being love bombed by your SO. They show too much love, too soon © iStock Love bombers tend to show extreme love and care too early in the relationship which sure feels nice in the beginning but takes a nasty turn as the relationship progresses. They would sing praises for you, surprise you with big romantic gestures and behave extra sweet to make you feel super special. They make future plans © iStock Not which movie you’ll go to see next week or what you two are having for the dinner date you planned, but more serious stuff like where you’d want to settle and that too in the beginning stage of your relationship. They would often want you to include them in your plans to make you feel hooked to the idea of “together forever”. They make you feel guilty © iStock They don’t care about what you want whether it is your space or you wanting to take things slow. They want to pour all their love on you and if you try to set boundaries, they get upset and would take you on a guilt trip for it. All they care about is getting their demands fulfilled. They are needy © iStock They want your attention 24X7 and keep on texting or calling you throughout the day. If you don’t respond, they might even show up at your door because they sometimes show borderline stalker traits. You could be constantly entertaining them and they would still not be satisfied. They convince you they’re ‘the one’ © iStock They would make you believe that you two are meant for each other. They would say things like ‘we’re so alike’ or ‘we are soulmates’ even when you met a couple weeks ago. This comes from their desperation to be in a relationship and making the other person obliged to it too. With time, their intensity and overwhelming attention would make you feel trapped in the relationship. Now that you know what a love bomber does, make sure you don’t get love bombed by them. View the full article
  6. Feroze Khan said ?I?m 31 today and I have uncountable reasons to be grateful for.?
  7. Tom Holland jumped in joy to see Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff in Marvel's 'Black Widow'
  8. With so much heat around the topic of marriage, religion and love, not because any of that is problematic in its own accord, but because it is problematic when put together, the Assam government has decided to take action against forceful religious conversions, especially with topic of ‘love jihad’ raking up in the media. With a view to bringing the problem of concealing identity or religion before marriage to an end, the state government in Assam is now looking forward to a law that will require the bride and groom to be transparent about their religion and their income before marriage. The proposed ‘marriage bill’ is said to bring an end to the menace of ‘Love jihad’, but by encompassing all the communities. Assam marriage bill will check 'Love Jihad’ of all kinds: CM Himanta Biswa Sarma (@utpal_parashar reports) https://t.co/v8UQ4roj8U pic.twitter.com/HpCt1IClB2 — Hindustan Times (@htTweets) July 11, 2021 Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “Love jihad doesn’t only mean a Muslim cheating a Hindu. It could happen among Hindus as well. If a Hindu boy uses dubious means to entrap and marry a Hindu girl that is also a form of ‘love jihad’.” He went on to say, “We won’t like to use the term ‘love jihad’, but dubious means or cheating to entrap and marry a girl shouldn’t be done by Hindus too. We will act against such frauds. The law won’t be only against Muslims. No girl or woman should be exploited in that manner.” © Twitter CM Sarma also said, “We had mentioned it in our election manifesto. Our government is just two months old. First, we will bring the cow protection law, next month we will notify the two-child norm and later we will bring it." Meanwhile, people are still divided over the news as some stand in support of the bill while others think it could be used to infringe on the fundamental rights of Muslims. Of late, the public had also been riled up after the trailer released the names of Farhan Akhtar and Mrunal in the upcoming movie Toofan. Boycotting the movie on the ground of promoting ‘Love jihad’, the public stands sensitive on the topic and this is how they are reacting to the news - Yesterday it was changing from Gaon Burha to Gaon Pradhan. Today its a variant of Love Jihad!! Assam has no other problems eh? https://t.co/LXecJvNYDo — Rahul Mukherji (@RahulMukherji5) July 10, 2021I've pretended to like Alt J's bland music for a bunch of Tinder dates in the past. Would that count as Love Jihad under whatever crazy laws Assam wants to test? https://t.co/7utaccCKRK — Shivam Bahuguna (@JanusBlinked) July 11, 2021I've pretended to like Alt J's bland music for a bunch of Tinder dates in the past. Would that count as Love Jihad under whatever crazy laws Assam wants to test? https://t.co/7utaccCKRK — Shivam Bahuguna (@JanusBlinked) July 11, 2021I've pretended to like Alt J's bland music for a bunch of Tinder dates in the past. Would that count as Love Jihad under whatever crazy laws Assam wants to test? https://t.co/7utaccCKRK — Shivam Bahuguna (@JanusBlinked) July 11, 2021If you trying to bound love within religion boundary, then I am sorry but you need to rethink it again. There is no such thing called love jihad . — Biplab Deka (Assam First and Forever) (@COMMON_MAN_2018) July 10, 2021Where there is love , no kind of jihad will be possible , it's about love only love , stop this nonsense . — Surbhi (@SurrbhiM) July 11, 2021BJP should stop peddling such useless laws which may have negative consequences in future. Instead work on preparation for third wave , health infrastructure , price hike n reviving economy. If BJP doesn't know how to do it, then step down n let competent people run the nation. — Shilpa__P (@Shilpa__P) July 11, 2021 View the full article
  9. Prince Harry, William absolutely turned a new page in their relationship and have started the healing
  10. In another news, an 85-year-old grandma is looking for love after she split with her 39-year-old boyfriend. Yes, you read that right! There is no age for love and 89-year-old Hattie Retroage is proving that. She is from New York and is now contemplating making an account on Bumble as she wants to have ‘fun’ in life. Hattie was around 48 years old when she got divorced and since then she has been interested in dating young men. © Unsplash She said, “I'm not dating anyone now. Will be posting on Bumble, as some friends have met men there. I'll be starting to date again now that I can be intimate, and enjoy making love again! (at 85!).” She added, "Yesterday morning I got a call from a young guy in Israel to tell me he had a crush on me. So cute!" She also said that she used to go on Tinder dates thrice a week and now she is blocked on the app. Also, she expressed how she is not forced to try new dating apps. Hattie split from her ex-husband in 1984 as she thought that her husband didn’t work hard enough to keep her kids in college. © Unsplash She has two kids, and three grandkids. She is a former dancer and now works as a life coach and a writer. She had also appeared in the Channel 5 show Age Gap Love with her former lover John in 2018. She said, "I stopped seeing John after our Age Gap Love Tampa TV appearance. It was fun anyway.” She also expressed that once she put an ad in the newspaper saying that she wanted to date men under 35 years of age and was bombarded with requests. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  11. MS Dhoni, apart from his batting and wicket-keeping skills, was also known for his brilliant decision-making. For a long time, Dhoni was sceptical of the efficacy of the Decision Review System (DRS), hence the Indian team decided not to use the technology in the bi-lateral series. © BCCL With time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was convinced of the technology and soon, became arguably the best exponent of DRS. His accuracy level was such that people started calling it the Dhoni Review System and there were many instances, throughout his international career, when the former India skipper proved they were right. Being a wicket-keeper, Dhoni had the best view of the proceedings and it definitely helped him in making the right decisions. However, the fact that not every wicket-keeper is as good with the DRS only goes on to prove that Dhoni was special. Here are 5 Instances that proved MS Dhoni’s love affair with the Decision Review System: 1. Hard To Deceive DhoniDhoni review system on point https://t.co/HtWejye8HB via @ipl — Aditya Pandey (@adityapandey148) January 24, 2019 Chennai Super Kings were up against Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL 2018. Dhoni opened the attack with Lungi Ngidi and made a strong appeal against KKR opener Chris Lynn, but the umpire Kumar Dharmasena was unmoved. The ball had gone straight to the first slip fielder but everyone, including the bowler, thought it had clipped the pads. To everyone’s surprise, Dhoni decided to go upstairs and guess what, the snickometer confirmed his belief and the on-field decision was overturned. 2. When Dhoni Saved Yuvraj’s Wicket © Reuters Not just from behind the stumps, Dhoni proved that he was a master of DRS even from the non-striker’s end. The incident happened during the second ODI between India and England in 2017. Having scored his century, Yuvraj Singh was looking to push the accelerator. Chris Woakes bowled a wide yorker and Yuvraj went after the delivery but missed it completely. The umpire, however, raised his finger and gave him out. Dhoni signalled, standing at the non-striker’s end, signalled for the DRS even before Yuvraj could make his mind. The replay proved Dhoni was right as Yuvraj was adjudged not out. 3. Bowler Confused But Not Dhonipic.twitter.com/47H8ktlOPf — CricBoll (@mycricboll) September 23, 2018 Even after stepping down from the captaincy, Dhoni continued to be the leader and always helped the skipper by suggesting new ideas. The Indian team was led by Rohit Sharma in the absence of Virat Kohli during the 2018 Asia Cup. In the eighth over, leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal made a strong LBW appeal against Pakistan opener Imam-ul-Haq but the umpire didn’t concur. Dhoni straightaway asked Rohit to go for the review and India got the first breakthrough after the replay showed that the ball would have gone on to hit the stumps. 4. Dhoni Got Rid Of Morgan © Reuters Dhoni was at his best once again during an ODI between India and England in January 2017. A wide-of-off delivery from Hardik Pandya went straight into Dhoni’s gloves after taking a faint edge and the umpire didn’t raise his finger. Confident that the ball took the outside edge, Dhoni went for the review straightaway and the replay once again proved him right and Eoin Morgan had to march back to the pavilion. 5. Proved His Own Bowler Wrong © Twitter Dhoni was playing for Rising Pune Supergiant in the IPL 2017. RPS were playing Mumbai Indians and leg-spinner Imran Tahir had trapped Kieron Pollard right in front. However, Pollard’s bat was way too close to his pads which made it extremely difficult for the umpire as well as the bowler to be sure if it was clear out or not. Just as when Tahir was walking back to his bowling mark with his head down, Dhoni decided to take it upstairs and Pollard had to depart after replays showed the ball had hit the pad first and would have gone on to clip the stumps. View the full article
  12. Salman Khan said ?Wishing u a v happy bday @officialslystallone .. good health, love happiness n more power to u.?
  13. Courtney Love recently went all out and graced fans with her iconic performance of her song ?Lucky?
  14. One of the favourite couples in Bollywood, actor Aamir Khan and his director wife Kiran Rao shocked industry insiders and their fans when they announced that they are getting divorced. The couple issued a joint statement explaining that they will continue working together on professional commitments and will be co-parents to son Azad. After 15 years of marriage , this actually came as a big sad surprise to everyone. © BCCL Their love story was not ‘filmy’, but a gradual progression of friendship. Aamir was previously married to Reena Dutt, who was his childhood sweetheart. In his interviews he had mentioned how he wooed her and tried to win her love. They were neighbours and would often sit at the window for hours while looking at each other. Infact, true to his filmy avatar, he once wrote her a letter written in blood! After 16 years of marriage and two kids later, Aamir announced back in 2002 that he and Reena were parting ways but continued remaining friends. She in fact was also a producer for Lagaan. Talking about Lagaan, the movie was more than India’s entry to the Oscars. Aamir met Kiran on the set during the shoot. Kiran was an assistant director on the set and they were just colleagues until much later. View this post on Instagram Many people believed that his divorce with Reena happened after he got close to Kiran but that is far from the truth. After his divorce in 2002, he became close friends with Kiran and realised that they were more than just ‘friends’ now. In an interview he mentioned that speaking to Kiran during the tough period of his ongoing divorce with Reena helped him a lot. “My God! I feel so happy when I talk to her”, he exclaimed. The second time love happened to Mr. Perfectionist, he took it slow. Kiran and Aamir reportedly were in a live-in relationship for more than a year when they decided to take a natural step towards cementing this companionship. Love blossomed full time for them and in December 2005, the two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony amongst family and friends. Few years later, they had a son named Azan via surrogacy and have collaborated on numerous professional commitments as well. © Instagram This is an ordinary story with extra ordinary love between two individuals which has probably not ended, but definitely taken a different shape now. Here’s wishing the two continue maintaining this amicability between each other. s View the full article
  15. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao on Saturday shocked their fans by announcing divorce
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