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Found 330 results

  1. ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research Khusro Bakhtiar said Sunday that the prevalent wheat crisis will be solved tomorrow (Monday). Bakhtiar was speaking during a press conference during which he said the crisis will be solved by Monday as the government currently had 4 million tonnes of wheat in its stock. He said that Sindh government's "late lifting" of the wheat from Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) had resulted in the artificial crisis taking place in the province. He said that the transport strike in the province made matters worse. "Sindh did not even procure a grain of wheat this year whereas their target was 700,000 tonnes," he said. "The NLC has gave 9,000 tonnes of wheat to the Sindh government only for Karachi. Today, they will provide 10,000 tonnes [of wheat]. "Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government was receiving 2,000 tonnes of wheat daily while Sindh was only lifting 150 tonnes," he added. Speaking about the flour crisis in KP, Bakhtiar said the Punjab government's food department noticed that wheat was being provided to KP "more than the necessary amount" saying that as checks and balances were introduced by the provincial government, it led to a "suspension in the supply chain". The federal minister said as flour mills open from Monday, wheat prices will start declining. He said about 40,000 metric tons of wheat were smuggled to Afghanistan per month and special measures were also made to check this smuggling to keep the supply smooth in local markets. Bakhtiar said a special helpline was also established to monitor the wheat supply in local markets and wheat procurement targets were also enhanced from six million tons to eight million tons to keep the strategic reserves for local requirements. To a question, he said incumbent government has attached higher priorities with the agriculture sector and initiated development projects worth Rs 300 billion to enhance the output of major crops including wheat.
  2. Twitter/Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh (@ImtiazshaikhMPA)/via Geo.tvKARACHI: Police have accused Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh of being a leader of a group of criminals, a new report released Thursday said. According to the report, the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leader uses criminal wing to suppress and intimidate his rivals and had had a political opponent's son killed as well. The provincial minister gives refuge to criminals in guest houses, farmhouses, hotels, and pumps, it added. The report further noted that call records of Shaikh, his brother, and his son speaking with criminals existed and had been obtained. The minister and Attu Sheikh, a dacoit, had contact multiple times, it added. He was also involved in a facilitating a dacoity, the report said. In addition, the report claimed that Shaikh has people of his choice hired in top police posts. However, sting operations — after the emergence of incriminating information — failed. Shaikh, however, has denied the charges, saying the allegations levelled against him were based on personal enmity. During the tenure of the senior superintendent of police (SSP) for Shikarpur, Rizwan Shaikh, crimes were on the rise, he said, adding that the official was transferred after his complaint.
  3. IT Minister Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. Photo: Geo News screengrab KARACHI: Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Sunday announced his resignation from the Federal Cabinet. "We had promised the government that we would help in forming the government and we have fulfilled the promise. However, none of our promises were fulfilled,” Siddiqui said while addressing a press conference in Karachi along with senior Muttahida Quami Movement- Pakistan (MQM-P) party leaders in Karachi. "MQM-P is passing through a new phase. It is useless to be in the cabinet," he added. "We did not propose Farogh Naseem's name for the ministry neither we asked for the law ministry." More to follow.
  4. Photo: Reuters JERUSALEM: Israel's defence minister on Wednesday said he aimed to boost the number of Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank to one million within a decade, from around 400,000 at present. Naftali Bennett, a hawk who draws much of his support from settlers, is leading his New Right party to elections in March. He was speaking at a Jerusalem congress on Washington's November policy shift stating that it no longer considers Israeli settlements illegal, alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US ambassador David Friedman "Our aim is that within a decade a million Israeli citizens will live in Judaea and Samaria," Bennett said, using the biblical term for the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Friedman, who is also Jewish and a strong supporter of settlements, disputed the use of the term "occupied". "We are not occupiers in our homeland, we are not occupiers in our own land, we are not like the Belgians in the Congo," he said. Both men's comments drew swift condemnation from the Palestinian Authority. The PA foreign ministry described them as "racist" and "reflecting the Jewish colonial nature of the deal of the century" — a reference to US President Donald Trump's so-far undisclosed peace plan. The ministry added that Friedman and Bennett's statements were "official confessions of their involvement in the crime of settlement and the confiscation of Palestinian land". On November 18, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States no longer considers Israeli settlements to be "inconsistent with international law". Previously US policy was based, at least in theory, on a legal opinion issued by the State Department in 1978 which said that establishing settlements in Palestinian territories captured a decade earlier by Israel went against international law. The Fourth Geneva Convention on the laws of war explicitly forbids moving civilians into occupied territories. The about-turn brought stiff international and Palestinian criticism. The United Nations and European Union said the decision would not change the reality that the settlements were illegal, while the Arab League condemned Washington's unilateral move. More than 600,000 Israelis live in settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, alongside more than three million Palestinians. Israel seized control of the territories, seen as pivotal parts of any future Palestinian state, in the 1967 Six-Day War. Shortly after taking up his post in November Bennett announced a plan to double the number of settlers in the flashpoint West Bank city of Hebron.
  5. Education truly is an important factor in our lives. It's what shapes us, and makes us who we really are. And if we get good quality education, we have more to be grateful for! But some of our ministers happen to disagree with the quality of education we're receiving and they have their own opinions and views on how they perceive education entirely. I remember I had a friend who studied in a convent school and even though her schooling environment was quite strict and orthodox, the school emphasised on secularity quite heavily. I found that rather remarkable and engaging as kids were exposed to not just studying the Bible, but also the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran and even the Guru Granth Sahib. All festivals were celebrated equally, be it Christmas, Diwali or even Eid and I thought there was no education as fulfilling as the one my friend's school provided. But in lieu of the same, perceptions have changed and how and our authorities have actually questioned the sanctity of education provided to students by convent or missionary schools. © Twitter Union Minister of Animal Husbandry, dairy and fisheries, Giriraj Singh said that students from missionary and convent schools aren't 'sansakari' enough, as he negated the fact that they've received any form of quality education at all. According to a report by The Hindu, this is what the Union Minister said while addressing a gathering at Begusarai recently: “The students who go to missionary schools, though qualify IIT and become engineers, but when they go abroad most of them start eating beef because they do not know about our 'sanskaar' and 'sanskriti' (traditional values and culture).” If this wasn't enough, the Hindustan Times reported that Singh also made comments on how every missionary school should teach 'shlokas' (verses) from religious texts such as the Bhagvat Gita and the Hanuman Chalisa as a sure shot way to resolve the 'problem'. © BCCL Well, as shocking as this statement may sound, it's actually now a normal occurrence and expectancy from the current government. Their constant absurd statements to promote Hindu ideology has become a part and parcel of how the government actually functions. But even so, Twitter didn't take this statement sitting down and people reacted in the funniest way to what our beloved Union Minister had to say about 'quality' education in the country. Don't tell Giriraj Singh. ð Enjoy! — Suvendu Rout (@suvendu_bapu) January 4, 2020 Is Giriraj Singh paying for what Indians are eating abroad https://t.co/44ZrkhVqOP — sanjoy adhikari (@sanjoy1110) January 3, 2020 Children who study in missionary schools lack 'sanskaar' - Giriraj Singh Advani ji studied in St Patrick's High School, Karachi! — Rashid Hussain (@koolrash2002) January 3, 2020 So the biggest concern this government has is indians eating beef..this is what we have come to...the cow is holier than thou!Indians abroad eating beef, a matter of concern, says Union Minister Giriraj Singh | City - Times of India Videos https://t.co/nJofQ3UbHj — Rana (@Rana52762809) January 3, 2020 Of course it's a matter of concern. Why are Indians going abroad? Only to eat delicious beef steaks? #GirirajSingh — Hubert D S Fernandes (@Hubert75000680) January 3, 2020 Very bad, Howdies! Preaching to Indians from foreign shores and then sneaking off to eat beef. Good that Giriraj Singh has called out the hypocrisy of Howdies! https://t.co/HzbN1jW5aK — Rohini Singh (@rohini_sgh) January 2, 2020 By the way we are second largest exporter of Beef After Brazil. We are only sending that beef for our NRIs. — Sakshi Joshi (@sakshijoshii) January 2, 2020 Do our food and education choices really define how 'sanskari' we are? Well, given the current situation, I believe they really do! View the full article
  6. Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an old video that has resurfaced recently, revealed that he was offered to work in Bollywood by renowned Indian actor Dev Anand. However, he rejected to do so. During an interview in a TV show titled India Questions, in 2006, PM Imran was quizzed about having thought of joining Bollywood. To this, he replied with a grin stating, ”You won't believe it, I was asked by one great Indian actor who we all used to look up to. Who in fact, even turned up in England to ask me to act in a film. But you know I was puzzled." The premier then raised questions about who made him the intriguing offer, and why did he turn it down. At first, PM Imran didn’t reveal the name and said, "I won't name him because it'll be embarrassing." However, the 1992 World Cup victor skipper, on insistence confirmed that it was none other than Dev Anand. “But for me, it's strange. Just because I'm playing cricket, how can I become an actor? It makes no sense to me," he said. PM Imran also shared, “In fact, Ismael Merchant once asked me to act in a film. But again, I was always puzzled, how can I act? I couldn't even act in a school play, forget about going into films." The incident has also been mentioned in Dev Anand’s 2007 autobiography Romancing with Life.
  7. We're ending the year with another hilarious mix-up by a politician, the perfect way to say goodbye to 2019. Someone tried to fool Pakistan's former Interior Minister Rehman Malik and he fell for it, rather spectacularly. Basically, someone tagged him in a tweet which said that this is an Indian actress who's wearing a hijab to show solidarity with Indian Muslims protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and he obviously only had positive things to say about it. The catch, though, was that one of the women in the pictures shared was Mia Khalifa, and well, she doesn't need any introduction. May God really bless her. The tweet is now gone, for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean he won't get trolled for this hilarious mix-up. Senator Rehman Malik gives his blessings to pornstar Mia Khalifa for showing solidarity with Indian Muslims. pic.twitter.com/GwlSKlvuf8 — Naila Inayat नायला à¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤¯à¤¤ (@nailainayat) December 30, 2019 Wait, it gets worse. Apparently, Senator Malik thinks he will get Indian govt with the help of pornstars. Chalo, there's still hope there.. pic.twitter.com/MKlTvAzlU1 — Naila Inayat नायला à¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤¯à¤¤ (@nailainayat) December 30, 2019 There's one person who can probably feel Rehman Malik's pain as this is almost exactly what happened to former Pakistan envoy Abdul Basit. Remember when this happened? Former Pakistani high commissioner to India Abdul Basit, mistakes Johnny Sins for a Kashmiri man who lost vision from pellet. Unreal times these, really. pic.twitter.com/9h1X8V8TKF — Naila Inayat नायला à¤à¤¨à¤¾à¤¯à¤¤ (@nailainayat) September 2, 2019 Hmm. Eska Matlab Rahman Malik sareef aadmi hai....fawad aur sheikh Rashid hote to wo pahchàn jaate... — in the end it does not even matter (@jio_jeene_do) December 30, 2019 Fact check, always. Abdul Basit made Johnny sins a Kashmiri pellet gun victim. Now Senator Rehman Malik made a Lebanese woman an 'influential' actress from Indian regional films!!! @majorgauravarya https://t.co/m0duWL7xMq — Aishwarya Palagummi (@APalagummi) December 30, 2019 Isn't it a good thing that they don't know who these women are? What's with Pakistani politicians/diplomats and pornstars? First Abdul Basit and Johnny Sins, now Rehman Malik. Shah Mehmood Qureshi will jointly address the UN with Lana Rhoades next? https://t.co/9tyw5CjZUL pic.twitter.com/pkchtxjfPL — Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) December 30, 2019 For sure. May god bless her https://t.co/x1ABo4VfYQ — Shashank Trivedi (@sshashanktrive1) December 30, 2019 View the full article
  8. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud. Photo: File ISLAMABAD: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud will arrive in Islamabad today to discuss bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest. According to Foreign Office, the Saudi foreign minister will call on Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit and hold a meeting with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. "This will be the Saudi foreign minister’s maiden visit to Pakistan, during which the exchange of views would cover bilateral matters and regional issues of mutual interest," the FO spokesperson said. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy a deep-rooted and longstanding fraternal relationship. The two countries are committed to further strengthening bilateral cooperation in all fields. Read also: PM Imran arrives in Saudi Arabia for day-long visit Last week, PM Imran embarked on a day long visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss bilateral matters and recent developments in the region with the Saudi leadership. The visit was the prime minister’s fourth visit to Saudi Arabia this year. His earlier visits were in May, September and October. From the Saudi side, HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman paid a visit to Pakistan in February.
  9. ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud, will arrive in Pakistan on Thursday to discuss bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest. According to a press release from the foreign office spokesperson, the Saudi minister will call on Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit and hold a meeting with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. "This will be his maiden visit to Pakistan, during which the exchange of views would cover bilateral matters and regional issues of mutual interest," it added. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy a deep-rooted and longstanding fraternal relationship. The two countries are committed to further strengthening bilateral cooperation in all fields. Frequent high-level visits are a key feature of the relationship and serve to further deepen and broaden mutual collaboration.
  10. LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat said on Wednesday that 39 people have been arrested in relation to the attack by protesting lawyers in the city, which claimed the life of one female patient and wounded several others.A group of lawyers on Wednesday stormed the emergency ward of Punjab Institute of Cardiology in Lahore, vandalising public property, setting a police vehicle on fire and attacking provincial minister Fayyaz ul Hasan Chohan.Following the attack, a woman died due to lack of medical attention, while several patients were forced out of the building to sit on footpaths.In a media talk by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ministers, Raja Basharat said that dereliction of duty shown by police is also being investigated. He said that the prime minister has taken notice of the incident and directed the Punjab government to take immediate action in this regard.“Some of those who were a part of the violence have been identified,” said the provincial law minister. He further said that if provincial ministers Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chohan and Dr Yasmin Rashid were not present at that time more damage could have been inflicted.Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chohan hints at PML-N involvement in attackPunjab Information Minister Chohan claimed that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz workers are behind the attack on him, which took place earlier today.“The list has surfaced on social media of those PML-N workers who attacked me. Those PML-N workers have their pictures with Hamza Shehbaz and Maryam Nawaz,” he said."Gullu Butts have taken law into their hands"Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, Firdous Ashiq Awan likened the lawyers’ attack to that of Gullu Butt, who was one of the main vandals in 2014 protests.The SAPM said that the perpetrators of the attack will be badly punished, adding that the "black sheep among lawyers will be exposed"."Doctors chanted slogans against me, but I stand with them"Provincial minister Dr Yasmin Rashid said that at the time of the attack when she reached the site of incident, doctors also chanted slogans against her, but she stands with them."It was really shameful to attack the hospital," said the provincial minister.Dr Rashid expressed her anger, saying: "My blood boils at what these rogue lawyers have done today. We have lost precious lives and our doctors have come under attack. Let it be clear, NOT ONE of them will be spared. I will ensure they are charged for murder under Article 302."
  11. Federal Interior Minister Ijaz Shah on Wednesday constituted a high-level inquiry committee to investigate the lawyers attack that took place at Lahore’s Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).The interior minister wondered why the attack had taken place when issues between the lawyers and doctors had been resolved. “Action will be taken against anyone involved in the attack”, he said. "Hospitals have their own security but they can’t control a mob comprising of four to five thousand people,” he said.“I think the lawyers got upset after a video went viral on social media,” he added. He also said that a month ago, tensions between doctors and lawyers were resolved.Shehbaz Sharif and Ahsan Iqbal react to lawyers attackPML-N President Shehbaz Sharif said that the law of the land was "torn into pieces". Former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal criticised the government saying that “Where was the government today?” Marriyum Aurangzeb's condemnation Death of patients who were undergoing treatment in the hospital is saddening, said Pakistan Muslim League’s (PML-N) spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb."Today’s attack on Dr. Yasmin Rashid and Fayyaz Chohan is indeed condemnable. Unfortunately, this tradition has been set by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) itself," she said.PTI is reaping what is sowed against the opposition, she added. Imran Khan should come out of his hatred for Nawaz and focus on real issues at hand.
  12. Indian Home Minister Amit Shah. Photo: India TodayWASHINGTON: The passage of the religiously discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in India, widely seen as being aimed at marginalizing the 200-million strong Muslim minority in the country, has fanned concerns in the United States. The lower house of the Indian legislature early Tuesday passed the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which will grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighbouring countries but not Muslims. The bill was voted on amid raucous scenes in parliament and protests in the northeast of the country.The bill provides that Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians fleeing ‘persecution’ in Muslim-majority Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan may be granted Indian citizenship. There is no similar provision for Muslim refugees. The bill sailed through the lower house with 311 votes in favour and only 80 against. It still has to be voted on by the upper house of the Indian legislature before it can be enacted as law. Reacting to the controversial bill, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released a statement saying that the US is ‘deeply troubled’ by the legislation. According to the USCIRF, the US will consider sanctions against senior members of the Indian political leadership if the bill is enacted as law. In its statement,the USCIRF noted that the bill specifically excluded Muslims, setting a legal criterion for citizenship based on religion. "The Citizenship (Amendment) Billis a dangerous turn in the wrong direction; it runs counter to India’s rich history of secular pluralism," the statement said.The commission also condemned the bill as a ‘violation’ of the Indian constitution, relating it to recent efforts to introduce the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam and nationwide. The NRC, like the citizenship bill, is widely believed to be the brain-child of the Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah. "USCIRF fears that the Indian government is creating a religious test for Indian citizenship that willstrip citizenship from millions of Muslims," the USCIRF warned. In a statement made separately early Tuesday, the US House Foreign Affairs Committee also condemned the passage of the contentious bill through the Indian lower house, saying that the so-called ‘religious test’ for citizenship undermined basic democratic tenets shared by the US and India.The ruling BJP in India had included the passage of the CAB as part of its manifesto released ahead of elections in May 2019.
  13. Prakash Javadekar is currently serving as the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; so we assume that whatever he says about the environment and climate change will be fact-based, research-based and in short, make sense. Well, turns out, it's not necessarily true. On one hand where Delhi is choking on the polluted air, Prakash Javadekar on the other hand apparently claims that there is no connection between air pollution and a shorter life span. He made this remark in the Parliament where he said that no Indian study has shown that pollution shortens life and criticised the Opposition for allegedly creating a "fear psychosis among people". © Reuters Wait! Does that mean we can take deep breaths outdoors or throw those pollution masks away? Not at all. Before you even think something like that, check out WHO's reaction towards his statement. The World Health Organisation said that the world body wished that air pollution "did not kill people but it unfortunately does". In fact, according to Dr. Maria Neira, WHO Director (Public Health), "Independent of which methodology is used or what are the estimates, it is urgent to take action because the levels of air pollution in certain cities in India are very high and this is definitely having an impact on the health of citizens." © BCCL Neira further said, "We urge the Indian government, which has enormous amounts of expertise and competencies, to do its best in tackling the sources of air pollution and reducing toxic pollutants that citizens are exposed to at the moment." Looks like we still have a long way to go before we can throw those masks in some corner of our room. Desi people, as expected could not believe Javadekar's words and took to social media to express their concern and join WHO to virtually facepalm at his statement. What kind of minister is this ? @PrakashJavdekar - you need to read about what medical fraternity has to say on pollution ! @IndiaRebellion / @CPCB_OFFICIAL / @PMOIndia / @narendramodi - we need to act on this crisis with sense of emergency & panic !! https://t.co/SchY3LGwud — Anupama Pande (@AnupamaPande2) December 8, 2019 Wow ð® so we should just embrace pollution now and call it part of “economic growth” ? @PrakashJavdekar - sad to see such mindset !! @CPCB_OFFICIAL - so no action needed now ! Your body can officially cease to exist https://t.co/omaTjw4uEQ — Anupama Pande (@AnupamaPande2) December 7, 2019 Pollution doesn't kill you @PrakashJavdekar . How the hell , all idiot ministers are in one single party, BJP. — Chetan Tayshete (@chetan_tayshete) December 7, 2019 This is our Minister for the Environment. We are so dead. #AirPollution https://t.co/vKV7tGaLLO via @economictimes — Neha Mathur (@Menenners) December 7, 2019 Dear @PrakashJavdekar i want to ask you one thing as u said there is no Indian study has been found that relates pollution to health so on basis of which studies you installed air purifier in pmo and rastrapti bhavan worth of approx 3 million rupees... — Anchal (@anchal2433) December 8, 2019 Sir, pls think before you speak, Pollution is going to above all criteria criteria. @PrakashJavdekar @BJP4India https://t.co/PnFrYVNHgn — Ketan Gondaliya(KK) (@prajapatiketang) December 9, 2019 View the full article
  14. ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet Tuesday decided to take action against the federal minister and secretary involved in the Karkey Rental Power Project case.The settlement agreement of the Karkey project was presented before the cabinet meeting...
  15. Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi. Photo: File Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi has clarified that contrary to reports circulating on social media, he did not complain to anyone about former Director General of Federal...
  16. Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry. Photo: FileMinister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Tuesday called on international organisations to take notice of India?s irresponsible space missions.In a tweet, the minister...
  17. Sri Lanka´s new president picks brother as Prime Minister. Photo: ReutersCOLOMBO: Newly-elected Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday named his brother Mahinda as Prime Minister, cementing the grip on power of a clan credited with...
  18. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/c214633bbb5420f9c47e4fcc7545b852.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTEvMTgvMjAxOSA0OjQzOjA3IFBNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9OEJvejhEaHJGR29rNG5QV09qMmpsdz09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x...
  19. There are biryani lovers, and then there are biryani lovers. No, really. It almost feels unreal to imagine that such people may exist who don't like this absolutely drool-some non-vegetarian delicacy. Yes, non-vegetarian. Because nothing like a veg-biryani exists. But let's save that discussion for another time. The reason why we are discussing biryani in the first place is because Pakistan's Minister of Agriculture of Sindh, Ismail Rahoo came up with the most absurd solution to deal with the current onslaught of locusts in the city of Karachi - Locust Biryani. In my balcony in #karachi. Massive swarms of locusts! pic.twitter.com/Cp0NeGai1o — Ayesha Mysorewala (@ayeshamysore) November 11, 2019 Just to give you more context, here is the deal. So, of late, Karachi has been under attack from swarms of locusts infesting the city, and agitated people are reaching out to the government to come up with a solution for this nuisance. Reportedly, when Agriculture minister Rahoo was contacted by the media and asked for a response, he gave the strangest 'solution' - cook the locusts and enjoy them as barbeque or as biryani. The swarm of 1000s of locusts invades Shahra e Faisal , tipu sultan road, baloch colony , kokan ground and nearby areas. Beware everyone! #Locusts #Karachi pic.twitter.com/MtL0FDn7IB — Asim Jofa (@asimjofa) November 11, 2019 Say whaaa? Mr Rahoo said, "Iska aap barbeque kar sakte hain, biryani bana sakte hain. Kadhahi bhi ban sakti hai iski. Iski badi badi dishes banti hain." Here's the video that went viral. #Locusts #Karachi Ù¹ÚÛÙÚº Ø³Û Ø®ÙÙ ÙÛ Ú©Ú¾Ø§Ø¦ÛÚº بÙÚ©Û Ù¾Ú©Ø§ کر کھائÛÚº Ø Ø¨Ø§Ø± Ø¨Û Ú©Û٠بÙائÛÚº Ø Ú©ÚاÛÛ Ù¾Ú©Ø§Ø¦ÛÚº Ø Ø¨Ø±ÛاÙÛ ØªÛار کرÛÚº اÙر ÙØ²Û Ø§ÚائÛÚº pic.twitter.com/KHIsgupFQF — sanjay sadhwani (@sanjaysadhwani2) November 11, 2019 Now, what sort of a solution or even response is that? As a public servant, the least Mr Rahoo could have done was to show some concern and offer some sort of assistance. But alas, that was not to be, and he ended up offending scores of biryani lovers instead. Janta maaf nahi karegi Rahoo sahab. View the full article
  20. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/6ac01883f52fa6ed804ac1ac8957cc9f.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTEvMTEvMjAxOSA1OjE2OjMxIFBNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9NVpqdnhreDJ2QkhJaSsrajA1THFtUT09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x...
  21. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/d3cbcd748028ad5ca06187e3231d081b.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTEvMTEvMjAxOSAzOjQxOjU2IFBNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9U1VQSWhKc1JmS1VXSmw3QUdZeEpCQT09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x...
  22. Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul WazirThe minister of state for climate change has blamed neighboring India for sending a toxic haze of smog to Punjab.In a video message on Thursday, Zartaj Wazir Gul, the junior minister, first...
  23. "The very basis of sport is the concept of fair play and the need to keep proving oneself each and every time," the premise of Nikhat Zareen's heartfelt plea to Indian Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju couldn't have been more accurate. Earlier this August, Zareen had her sights set on making the cut for the Indian contingent for the World Boxing Championships in Ulan-Ude, Russia. But, her dreams of securing a spot in the Indian contingent were handed a severe blow by the Boxing Federation of India (BFI) after it handed an automatic selection to Mary Kom on the basis of her current form and consistency. The six-time world champion from Manipur needs no introduction to boxing and there is no doubt over his skills or achievements. But, the BFI's decision to select Mary purely on the basis of her current form and not without a selection trial, robbed young Zareen of a key opportunity to proving her mettle for the country on the international stage. Hardwork breaks new ground! Ready to take the new challenges!ðªð#TuesdayMotivation #breakingnewgrounds #thestruggleisreal pic.twitter.com/RKdMO6yDQO — Nikhat Zareen (@nikhat_zareen) October 15, 2019 Undone by the free pass to Mary, the 23-year-old voiced her displeasure and sought answers from concerned officials but to no avail. Mary, against the popular perception, went on to represent India and even secured a bronze medal after losing in the semifinals of the 51kg category. It was her first medal in the new weight category of 51kg and the bronze-medal finish earlier this month etched her name in the history books as she became the first-ever boxer (both male or female) to win eight medals the prestigious World Boxing Championships. But, while Mary's performance garnered plaudits, Zareen's misfortunes continued. Last day of multi- nation training camp in Assisi, Italy. where team China, India, France, Korea, Italy, Greece, Finland, Switzerland trained together. I gained a lot of experience in this training camp. Now time to get back home and start preparation for the new season!ððð»ðªð» pic.twitter.com/RrkImQpbao — Nikhat Zareen (@nikhat_zareen) September 21, 2019 After her plea seeking a trial against Mary fell on deaf ears, Zareen was handed another blow by the BFI. Owing to her recent performance, the BFI has now decided to send the veteran Indian boxer for the Olympic qualifiers which will be held in China in February next year. Interestingly, the BFI, not until recently, was only giving direct selection to the gold and silver medal winners. But, it seems that the Indian boxing federation has moved away from the old criteria to accommodate Mary. The latest decision by the BFI has emerged as another tough and unfavourable call to Zareen who, left with no choice, penned a heartfelt plea to the Sports Minister. All I want is a fair chance.If I'm not given the opporunity to compete what am I training for. Sports is about FairPlay & I dont want to loose faith in my country.Jai Hind @KirenRijiju @RijijuOffice #AjaySingh @Media_SAI @DGSAI @BFI_official @kishanreddybjp @PMOIndia #TopsAthlete pic.twitter.com/t1ie62tMJy — Nikhat Zareen (@nikhat_zareen) October 17, 2019 In her open letter, Zareen, giving due respect to the decorated Indian boxer, highlighted her plight following the BFI's latest decision. "I have been inspired by Mary Kom since I was a teenager. The best way I can do justice to this inspiration was to strive to be as great a boxer as her. And Mary Kom is too big a legend in sport to need to hide from competition and not actually defend her Olympic qualification,” she wrote in the letter. © Instagram/@zareennikhat "I look for no favours, just fairplay. And whether Mary Kom or any other boxer qualifies after the trial, we can at least sleep at night knowing that every one of the candidate for the best possible opportunity to make India proud at Olympics,” she added. And, she's got a point there. If Mary, early in her career, was ignored like Zareen to favour a more prominent boxer, India surely wouldn't have seen her true potential, let alone celebrate the six-time world champion. A trial for selection is a process which allows young and veteran stars to be treated at par, while it provides a much-needed platform for the governing body to select the best-suited candidates purely on the basis of merit and not by their past achievements. While I have all the respect for Marykom , Fact is ,an athletes life is an offering of proof. Proof that we can be as good as yesterday. Better than yesterday. Better than tomorrows man /woman. In sport, yesterday NEVER counts. https://t.co/B0MBT3HFU0 — Abhinav Bindra OLY (@Abhinav_Bindra) October 17, 2019 While India's only individual Olympic gold medallist shooter Abhinav Bindra supported Zareen's plea seeking a trial bout against Mary, Sports Minister Rijiju, in his response to the young boxer, reiterated that the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs is not entitled to intervene in selection matters of any national federation, as it is deemed a violation of the Olympic Charter, before claiming that he will convey her message to the BFI. I'll surely convey to Boxing Federation to take the best decision keeping in mind the best interest of the NATION, SPORTS & ATHLETES. Although, Minister should not be involved in the selection of the players by the Sports Federations which are autonomous as per OLYMPIC CHARTER https://t.co/GqIBdtWRMp — Kiren Rijiju (@KirenRijiju) October 18, 2019 Imagine, if 23-time Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps can abide by the fair process of undergoing selection trials, we believe Mary shouldn't have any problem either. And, in all fairness, she doesn't. #ChampionSpeak ð£ 23 yr-old @nikhat_zareen is one of India's best contemporary young boxers.ð¥ ðð»She won a silverð¥medal at the recently concluded #ThailandOpen. ðð»She speaks on her win & her preparation for #Tokyo2020 #Olympics.@RijijuOffice @BFI_official #KheloIndia ð®ï¿½ï¿½ pic.twitter.com/WeEGAiszNe — SAIMedia (@Media_SAI) August 3, 2019 Mary, who defeated Zareen in the India Open semifinal earlier this year, has maintained that she would follow the BFI guidelines on selection trials and will compete if asked by the federation. On the other hand, Zareen has made it pretty clear that if she were to lose the trial bout, should she get one, she would feel content about at least getting a chance. So, what's really stopping the BFI from giving a nod to the Mary-Zareen trial bout to pick the right candidate for Olympic qualifiers? That's a question the BFI must answer.
  24. There's a lot of things you can compare roads with, but honestly, I never thought 'cheeks' would be one of them. But, Madhya Pradesh minister PC Sharma is getting a little creative - and a lot creepy - while talking about the road repairs in the state. Basically, he said the roads in Bhopal would soon be 'chakachak, just like Hema Malini's cheeks'. Yep, this is real. You know what he thinks the roads look like right now? Apparently, the roads have spots similar to small-pox, like "(BJP general secretary) Kailash Vijayvargiya's cheeks". © Twitter What is his obsession with 'cheeks'? And, I wouldn't want to be Kailash Vijayvargiya right now, tbh. While talking to reporters yesterday, he said, "Under the leadership of Public Works minister Sajjan Vermaji and directives of chief minister Kamal Nathji, the roads would be repaired in 15 days. They will be made 'Chakachak', like Hema Malini's cheeks in 15 to 20 days." Obviously, the 'cheeky' comment is a little unsettling and it would've been weird if it wasn't called out. But, people didn't disappoint, of course. Yep, for sure. As Hema Malini turns 71 today, her cheeks are still figuring in day's headline with politicians considering them as standard parameter for good roads Dream Girl, who has done over 150 movies and is now an MP seems to hv strange fan base among lawmakers.https://t.co/Y6DjVTaTBn — Ashish Kedia (@kediashish) October 16, 2019 That person needs to be fired. "Expressing concern over bad condition of roads, the state law minister said the roads have spots similar to smallpox, like "(BJP gen sec) Kailash Vijayvargiya's cheeks." Who is this Minister's speechwriter? Also, #HappyBirthdayHemaMalini. We're sorry.https://t.co/FFrmrMGS50 — Maanvi (@Maanvi2501) October 16, 2019 Umm. Looks like Hema Malini's cheeks so smooth ð — marcopolo ð®ð³ (@shahtalai) October 11, 2019 Not in good taste. Irrespective of the party he represents such remarks are deplorable Roads in MP are like Vijayvargiya cheeks, will make them like Hema Malini's cheeks: State Min https://t.co/gYgthf4I6x pic.twitter.com/rG3pvVDLWk — Diganta Guha (@diganta_guha) October 15, 2019
  25. Bihar is currently undergoing a massive outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) that has led to the death of over 100 children in the state in the past two weeks. The situation was critical and there was a dire need for taking rapid action to deal with the epidemic and have as much damage control as possible. In order to figure out a plan of action quickly, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan carried out a press meet along with Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister Of State for Health and Family Welfare and Bihar's Health Minister, Mangal in Muzaffarpur on Sunday. However, instead of showing their concerns towards the loss of life for the young infants of the state, the Health Minister seemed more interested in the ICC World Cup match between India and Pakistan. Check out the shocking video shared by the official Twitter handle on ANI: #WATCH Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey asks for latest cricket score during State Health Department meeting over Muzaffarpur Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) deaths. (16.6.19) pic.twitter.com/EVenx5CB6G — ANI (@ANI) June 17, 2019 “Kitna wicket hua tha?” asked the politician wishing to know how many wickets had fallen in the game. This kind of insensitivity shown by the representative towards his people, especially during such a crisis led to the opposition demanding an immediate resignation from Pandey. "Pandey was more interested in knowing the cricket score while Harsh Vardhan was telling mediapersons on they plans to alleviate the situation arising from the encephalitis outbreak," IANS quoted RJD leader Ram Chandra Purve. The unfortunate and heartbreaking incident comes after Minister Of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey was being extensively criticised for sleeping at another press conference on the mass outbreak to which he had replied by saying that he was indulged in “deep thought” and was not asleep. Twitter is livid with the inconsiderate behaviour of the ministers and their reactions are completely justified: They all should be sacked with immediate effect by Modi. — The Baba (@whateverbaba) June 17, 2019 Score: #IndiaVsPakistan in #Bihar ð #AcuteEncephalitisSyndrome crosses the 100 mark as Pakistan failed to control the outbreak in #Muzaffarpur ðWhose negligence? Why infrastructure lacking?#SaveChildrenInBihar ð¢The future cricketers But #WhoCares, "Choti Si Baat" haið pic.twitter.com/lNxedKQxwT — ð« f@¡z ð« (@zules7172) June 17, 2019 One doc goes blue, IMA on strike...100s of kids die, none protest...Where are the electorates? — ð« f@¡z ð« (@zules7172) June 18, 2019 Score rises to 100+ — Aminul Hb (@notinnames) June 17, 2019 Elections are over, power retained, so the people of India, go to hell, see how we will torture you, people perhaps deserved this after all they votes for people like these blindly — Citizen Shivam (@ShivamJ24) June 17, 2019 Shame shame ... iske bachhe bhi jab ye dekhenge to unhe bhi sharm aayegi , par inko nahi — SAURABH (@aerosaurabh) June 17, 2019 Shame.. we are shameful that such people run our country #shame @NitishKumar @BJPBiharState @BJP4India — Gurjinder Singh (@GurjinderSinghz) June 17, 2019
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