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Found 29 results

  1. 'Game of Thrones' is finally over and has left us with disappointing plotlines and character arcs from Season 8. I believe that's more disappointing than the entire show wrapping up, and that really says something about how the show completely tanked towards the end. While most people do believe it did crash and burn, a lot of fans have salvaged some good parts of the show to reminisce over in a future without 'GoT'. But the point is that there is a way to get absolute closure from the show, the kinda closure you couldn't get but always wanted and that can only happen if you keep the good parts with you, always and forever. It's like therapy, really. © HBO So, in order to forget things like how the hell did Arya randomly attack the Night King or where the f**k did Drogon take Dany's body, we have a compilation of some iconic moments from 'GoT' Season 8 instead. Have a look at these, and let the torment of ambiguity go. It's about time, man. Here are 28 most memorable moments from 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, which make up for the drastic downfall of the show towards the end: (1) When Jon and Daenerys walk into Winterfell, looking all important and knowing, just like how Robert Baratheon walked into Winterfell when he came there 8 seasons ago! © HBO (2) When Jon and Bran meet each other after umm... 8 years and Jon is super excited to see him and Bran is...well Bran. © HBO (3)When Arya sneaks up behind Jon at Godswood, telling us she's good at doing that and may do it again in episode 3 with the Night King. And Jon hugs her believing she's still an innocent little kid. © HBO (4) When Jon rode the dragon named after his actual father! (5) When Jon finally learned the truth about his lineage, which was a pretty useless piece of information in hindsight, because nothing really came of it in the end. © HBO (6) When Jaime and Bran locked eyes when they first saw each other and Jaime was like 'oh no'. (7) When Theon and Sansa became best friends and would have probably become lovers if Theon didn't act so stupidly towards the end. (8) When Ary and Gendry decided to get... ahem, up-close & personal because they thought they were gonna die soon enough. © HBO (9) When Lyanna and Jorah shared a cousin moment together, wishing each other goodwill with pride. © HBO (10) When Podrik surprised us all and sang a beautiful song called 'Jenny Of Oldstones' and we wonder if that's what he did at the brothel too, when the brothel workers refused to take money from him. (11) When Jaime knighted Brienne and we were all like 'awwww'. (12) When Melisandre literally lit the fire, for the big war. Especially for the Dothraki. © HBO (13) When the Dothraki disappeared in precisely 30 seconds after the fire was lit for them. © HBO (14) When Lyanna Mormont plucked the giant zombie's eyeball out before she went down. (15) When Sansa and Tyrion shared a moment with each other while everyone else was trying to save their lives. The season is otherwise rushed, but here they are talking, taking their sweet time rekindling crap from the past. © HBO (16) When Melisandre comes back and reminds Arya what she's going to do. But Arya just does half of what Melisandre predicts, really. Whose green eyes was she supposed to shut? © HBO (17) Also, when Arya defeats the Night King. Yeah, well, for some people this moment was quite awesome. (18) When Jaime and Brienne finally hook up, post-war. (19) When Tyrion and Jaime have that extremely emo talk and Tyrion tells Jaime the escape plan for him and Cersei. © HBO (20) When Dany actually looked like a dragon. Woah. (21) When The Hound and Arya have that brief moment before he leaves to fight The Mountain, and Arya thanks him and calls him by his first name for the first time ever. © HBO (22) When the Cleganebowl finally takes place. © HBO (23)When we actually heard a dragon cry for the first time after losing his mother. Okay, this was the saddest scene ever actually. (24) When Jon bids his family goodbye, even though he can stay at King's Landing, now that the unsullied have left. You really know nothing, Snow. © HBO (26) When Brienne pens down Jaime's good deeds. The memes on this scene have actually killed how awesome it actually is! © HBO (27) When Jon finally meets good boi Ghost and all is fine with the world again. (28) When Jon disappears with the wildlings, deep into the forest, way beyond The Wall, knowing he's absolutely war-free. You now do nothing, Jon Snow. © HBO
  2. 'Game Of Thrones' just got over. Let that sink in. As we waddle through the bittersweet waves of emotion, trying to make peace with the fact that perhaps never again, shall we be as excited as we have been throughout the show - be it waking up at 6.30 in the morning, or shielding ourselves from spoilers, or getting into animated discussions with strangers in the middle of nowhere. That, precisely, is the power of a good story, almost like Tyrion pointed out, poetically, before electing Bran The Broken as the new king. © HBO However, the last season had the fans divided, about how good of a story it actually has been. After the peak it reached with the end of season 6 with a fierce storyline unlike anything else we had witnessed before, it seemed to just go downhill. Season 8 had the least rated episodes, with what seemed to be a superbly accelerated pace - a pace the story could not cope up with. The character arcs seemed to have fallen flat, and 7 seasons' worth of build up came crashing down, unable to shoulder the sky-high expectations of viewers (or as some would like to call it - shoddy, lazy writing). However, the finale had a few moments that did try to salvage the wreckage that was season 8. Here are 5 of them. 1. Jon reuniting with Ghost © HBO This has to be the highlight of the episode. After Jon left Ghost with Tormund, and didn't even pet him goodbye, the whole internet went into a crisis so deep, that the dankest memes weren't able to mend. When he finally petted him, we couldn't control our tears. And the smiles that followed. He, after all, has been a 'good boi'. 2. Brienne completing Jaime's story © HBO Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister's incomplete love story perhaps is one of the greatest things this show has given us. Their chemistry, love, and respect for each other knew no bounds, and it stayed on, even in death. Jaime abandoned Brienne to return to Cersei - the love of his life, and instead of carrying the bitterness around, Brienne chose to write a respectful end for Jaime in the pages of history, announcing to the entire world that he died while protecting his queen. 3. Bronn becoming Master of Coin © HBO Everyone is aware of Bronn and his castle dream. Not just he got to be the Lord of Highgarden, he also became the Master of Coins - which means he gets to control all the money. From a sellsword to this - Bronn's character arc shows nothing is impossible when you persevere and play smart. 4. The Stark children all growing up and going their independent ways © HBO The portrayal of the Stark children showed us what family is all about. They had each other to lean on till the very end, but it did not mean that they had to lead lives that were chained to each other. While Jon went back to the Night's Watch, Sansa became Queen of the North, Arya chose to go on another expedition to a place no one knows about, and Bran became the new King - but they still stayed a happy family, till the very end. 5. Monarchy was abolished in Westeros © HBO The Iron Throne was destroyed, and along with that, monarchy came to an end in Westeros. There can't possibly be a better ending (while ignoring the weird events of Season 8 leading to that, of course) for the people of a country. The fact that rulers won't be born anymore, but chosen, even if by a select few, is an upgrade from what it was. Yes, they laughed at the prospect of democracy, but perhaps Oligarchy is still preferable to Monarchy, any day. Well, we didn't want it to end, but like they say, all good things must.
  3. Even though the spoiler ban has officially been lifted, I will still be nice and put a disclaimer. 'Avengers: Endgame' spoilers ahead. PS: if you're a true Marvel fan and still haven't watched the movie, I'm judging you. All of us are still talking about 'Avengers: Endgame' but Marvel cannot wait anymore. After making over 2 billion dollars with just one movie, they're already focussing on their next multi-million dollar movie, which is of course 'Spider-man: Far From Home'. The first trailer was all fun - Peter Parker going on a much deserved vacation to Europe with his friends - but now things are getting serious and emotional. Now, Marvel can actually show Peter dealing with Tony's death in 'Endgame' freely. It's good that they're showing him mourning the loss of Tony, but I wasn't prepared to see Peter crying. Not cool, Marvel. After the heartfelt moment, it picks up and Spider-Man is back to joking around. It's again all fun and game till Nick Fury shows up and hijacks Peter's vacation. Actually, Nick Fury just saying 'Bitch please' was the highlight for me. We've all analysed everything related to 'Endgame' to death, so let's focus our energies on 'Far From Home' now. Here's everything that stood out for me from this trailer and also the reason that the next phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe is kicking off with a great movie. 1. Peter Ghosting Nick Fury Like father (figure), like son? Only Peter Parker and Tony Stark can get away with ghosting Nick Fury, tbh. 2. Multiverse?! “He's from earth, just not our earth.” I'm already so confused by alternate timelines and time travel in 'Endgame', a multiverse will just make it worse. 3. Nod To OG Avengers All the Avengers are busy and the responsibility of saving the world comes on to a friendly neighbourghood Spider-Man. With that, let's move on to the next point. 4. “I'm Just A Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man.” That is it, this has already made the movie for me. I can't wait to see just this specific scene in theatres. 5. MJ Knows He's Spider-Man First Aunt May, now MJ. Peter really is the worst at hiding his secret identity. 6. Mysterio Possibly Referring To Tony's Death More emotional stuff. While we don't know if he's talking about Tony exactly, I think it's safe to assume and not just because Tony has been ready to sacrifice himself in literally every movie. 7. Tony's Glasses That looks exactly like Tony's glasses, but what is Peter doing with them? 8. Iron Man Refernce With Iron Man's Glove? What is that glove thing? What is happening? Is he going to be the next Iron Man? 9. New Spidey Stealth Suit Yes, it was there is the last trailer as well, but it's still cool, okay? Thanks.
  4. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the ideal example of how a mere idea and the passion to actualise it can snowball into something so massive and praise-worthy, having an impact, not only on the lives of the people involved in the making of these movies but also, the billions from various countries who can relate with these characters and make a commitment to them. Ever since the first piece of the puzzle was played with Robert Downey Jr. becoming Iron Man and really personalising the character of Tony Stark as himself, the seed was sown which would become this beautiful, magnificent tree in the next 11 years. What made these Marvel movies so special and different from the rest of the superhero movies of the past is the kind of effort put in the storytelling. Not only did the plots get into the deep integrities of character building but also took care of the tiniest of comic book details that we now know as 'Easter Eggs' and hid them across the MCU, making the experience even more awesome for the real fans. Credit: Iron Man 2 (2009), Marvel Studios Yet another attribute of Kevin Feigi's (President, Marvel Studios) vision was the small delights that came after the end credits of every MCU movie. Some gave us an insight about what to expect in the coming years, others were just to tickle our funny bones. Nonetheless, it was a great way to making the audience stay in the theatres until the name of every single cast member had appeared on the big screen. With time and the impressive post-credit scenes, it became a ritual for all MCU fans to patiently sit in their chairs and wait for what's next to come. Then came the final piece of the puzzle, 'Avengers: Endgame' and reports came pouring in saying that there are no post-credit scenes after the movie. While standing in line to enter into the cinema hall, people spoke about how the movie will end without telling us what's next and how it will end just like any other film we watch. After three hours and two minutes of being mesmerised however, something changed. Credit: Dissolve In spite of knowing that there will be nothing once the credits roll up into that black screen, not a single soul moved from their seat. They just sat there, not talking but in awe of what a wonderful journey it was and thanked the stars of the series, in their own little way, silently, in their hearts. Some happy, others overwhelmed with the conclusion, 'the quiet' was probably the greatest recognition an audience could honour Marvel with.
  5. What can I say? Oh God, I am a mess right now! Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am a Disney nerd to my core, so obviously, anything and everything associated with it instantly become my new obsession. And right now, it's the new trailer for 'Aladdin' that I've been watching on repeat. I remember losing my sanity when the first trailer had dropped last month, as we got the first glimpse of a lot of major characters including the oh-so-fabulous Genie. via GIPHY The new trailer, which arrived last night, finally showed us more than a glimpse of Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie and was almost a confirmation of how magnificent this movie is going to be. So, here are 10 moments from the new trailer that have only whetted my appetite for the movie: 1. Princess Jasmine In All Her Finery via GIPHY The trailer opens with Jasmine walking down the palace stairs with Rajah, her faithful pet tiger, right behind her. Yes, she is beautiful and looks very regal indeed, however, my only point of concern is that pink outfit. I know, I know, I should not compare it frame-by-frame with the original version, but I can't help it. The Jasmine I know wears blue and has long, flowing hair that can leave Rapunzel green with envy. But…let's see how it turns out. 2. Genie Transforming Aladdin Into Prince Ali via GIPHY Yup, our boy is ready to win the heart of his Princess, with a little help from his new blue friend. Oh, I can't wait to see the full-fledged scene once it hits the theatres. 3. Jasmine Not Looking Very Impressed With Prince Ali via GIPHY Well, Aladdin has successfully transformed into a Prince and is making his way to the royal palace to meet Jasmine, in an out-of-this-world procession. But is it enough? Our Princess doesn't really look that impressed here! 4. Genie Giving Some Serious Gyaan To Aladdin via GIPHY “I made you look like a Prince on the outside, I didn't change anything on the inside. Prince Ali got you to the door, but Aladdin has to open it.” Wow. I mean, I can see this gem of advice being totally applicable in all our lives as well. No matter how we transform from the outside, it's how we are from the inside that matters at the end of the day. 5. “Do You Trust Me?” via GIPHY AAAAAAA! I screamed so hard at this part. It was just like from the original version. Even the voice of Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, sounds like the one from the animated movie. Now that's a good sign, folks! 6. Aladdin + Jasmine + Magic Carpet = A Whole New World! via GIPHY Sigh…I will not lie, I had tears in my eyes when I heard the first bars of this iconic song. Naomi Scott's (who is playing Jasmine) voice is incredible and Lord, I could also see myself singing this at the top of my voice in the movie halls. Also, did you see that Magic Carpet ride? 7. The Almost-Kiss On The Balcony via GIPHY Pretty sure we're gonna get to see the full smooch when the movie is out, but this was not bad either. The Magic Carpet giving a little nudge to Aladdin to help him make his move is just so incredible to look at. Can't wait to see more of the Carpet, we all know how crucial it is to the plot. 8. Jafar Or Iago Possibly Chasing Aladdin & Jasmine via GIPHY Not really sure who it is at this point, but we get a blink-and-miss shot of a giant red bird chasing our lovebirds, who are trying to escape on the Magic Carpet. Both the trailers, so far, have not really given us a better picture of the evil side of Jafar…who is like, the main antagonist of the movie. Here's hoping we get to see the evil wizard in all his diabolical glory soon.
  6. 'Avengers: Endgame' is so appropriately named; it really is the end of an era and it will also be the end of us Marvel fans, for sure. This is probably the last time we'll see all the OG Avengers together for the last time and everyone's already emotional about it and we haven't even lost our favourite characters forever yet. Since it's such an emotionally draining month, someone decided to remember the entire Marvel cast - who are basically BFFs now - in the best way possible. Twitter user @colonelrhodes(twitter.com/coIonelrhodes/ ) compiled a long list of just the entire Marvel cast being wild and fun together while filming their movies, during the press tour and promotions, and on the red carpet and it's just the best Twitter thread to exist, tbh. Chris Evans starting it off by being weird. 1. chris evans randomly talking in a baby voice in the middle of an interview pic.twitter.com/L3uSNnU7Nt — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 This is so wild and so cool. 2. rdj facetiming tom holland pic.twitter.com/ziBYaLYIiz — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 These two are precious. 3. chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston pretending to be dragon ball z characters on the set of thor: the dark world pic.twitter.com/uwydqcuXfV — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 The superior Chrises together. 5. that time the two chrises just absolutely lost their minds during an interview pic.twitter.com/a4IyxMSLo6 — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 The trendiest infinity stone. 5. elizabeth olson saying one of the infinity stones is rose gold coloured pic.twitter.com/SqhWBAKJGn — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Well, he was his sugar daddy in Ragnarok. 6. jeff goldblum saying hes sure that tom hiddleston is a “tender lover” pic.twitter.com/Kr42ikOzrj — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Do you really want to do that, RDJ? 7. tom hiddleston and rdj comparing the length of their legs??? pic.twitter.com/nsryDHfACM — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 He's so confused. 8. tom hollands prank interview with josh pieters pic.twitter.com/h8M01dutuW — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 They are so great together. 9. sebastian stan and anthony mackies ongoing “beef” with tom holland pic.twitter.com/xqffoP7PsR — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Everything about this. 10. chris evans saying he loves fucking girls in the butt during telephone pic.twitter.com/eYXTivpFNE — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Drunk Chris is the best Chris. 11. chris evans being drunk at the age of ultron premiere pic.twitter.com/XhQ7ri5PQQ — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Can't ever get over this. 12. mark ruffalo accidentally leaking the first 20 minutes of thor ragnarok through instagram live at the premiere pic.twitter.com/vsY4fH6KTp — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 It suits him. 13. chris evans finding out sebastian stans nickname in china is “chubby dumpling” pic.twitter.com/yGkfkyMizs — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Her face, tho. 15. brie larson finding out theres an avengers whatsapp group pic.twitter.com/69lxmMSwGU — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 So complicated. 16. chris hemsworth and his kids dancing to wrecking ball, a song written by his now sister-in-law about his brother ð pic.twitter.com/KKji3CfICs — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Iconic. 18. sebastian stan reading this iconic thirst tweet pic.twitter.com/2h9jKWnJMR — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Such a thottie. 20. chris hemsworth being a thot in public pic.twitter.com/BxbfYDxOKQ — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Wait for that picture, just wait for it. 22. graham norton showing tom hiddleston “stripper loki” fanart pic.twitter.com/CmQ0OnaMhG — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 I can't figure out how. 23. chris evans saying the best place to hulk out is the bedroom pic.twitter.com/LAb4sFs4Re — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Another reason why Ragnarok is the best. 27. tom hiddleston chris hemsworth & taika waititi taking a nap together in a pile pic.twitter.com/M54VK7CsJb — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 He's pulling it off. 31. rdj having to wear huge heels or stand on boxes/ramps to make up for his height difference pic.twitter.com/DJs7Bf7eHg — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 That's why we love him. 37. tom hiddleston explaining what a stan is in the most academic way possible pic.twitter.com/0dAoYEuvBy — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Chris Pratt is still a yeehaw, I think. 39. various cast members being yeehaws pic.twitter.com/fjv1LZG7F6 — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 It's so cute. 43. scarlett johansson and mark ruffalo doing their birthday routine (yes they really do share a birthday) pic.twitter.com/J2Tc7tIq5W — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 He did Chris dirty. 44. tom hiddlestons impression of chris evans pic.twitter.com/bcyNfYbk7E — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Only Mark would do that. 47. mark ruffalo accidentally sliding down the ramp on the set of age of ultron pic.twitter.com/cKe4XGEp7b — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 He's still acceptable. 50. rdj exhibiting furry behaviour pic.twitter.com/UIDn4tc2lQ — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 The most iconic thing ever. 56. tom holland on lip sync battle, DEFINITION of iconic pic.twitter.com/JtYApIV09q — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Cursed images. 61. josh brolin is 5”10 irl so during filming for infinity war they had to attach a picture of thanos' head to his mocap helmet so the other actors knew where to make eye contact pic.twitter.com/saxYlKeU30 — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Oh no, don't make him cry. 67. this interviewer panicking cuz he made tom hiddleston cry pic.twitter.com/fn30gBbO2p — LâHIâH ð°14 days (@coIonelrhodes) April 5, 2019 Check out the entire thread for so many more funny and awesome moments. It's worth it.
  7. The names Mufasa, Simba, or Timon, Pumba and Rafiki tug at our hearts in a way that is capable of evoking a sense of deep-rooted belongingness and nostalgia from the years gone by. 'The Lion King' happens to be one of the best-est animated movies ever broadcasted for kids in the history of television. Our childhood was made special by Mufasa's kindness and playfulness, Rafiki's wisdom and great comic timing, as well as Timon and Pumba's crazy antics, besides a lot of other things! Just moments ago, Disney released the trailer for the much-anticipated remake of the 'The Lion King', and here are the 8 moments from the new trailer that made our jaw hit the floor really hard: 1. Baby Simba In The Elephant Graveyard via GIPHY Simba's appearance at the Elephant Graveyard is a pivotal moment in the story. His one-on-one encounter with the notorious Scar and the threats that follow it are some of the bone-chilling experiences we all recall all too (un)easily. 2. We Finally See Scar via GIPHY The teaser had given us a glimpse of Mufasa's arch-rival and notorious brother Scar, who wants nothing more than to kill off Mufasa and take his place as the king of Pride Lands. And he is still as intimidating and loathsome as ever. 3. Baby Simba & Mufasa Watching Over The Pride Lands via GIPHY A scene that is etched into our memory forever. Mufasa and Simba standing atop the Pride Rock overlooking the Pride Lands, and Mufasa imparting his biggest lessons to young Simba and telling him about the ways of the world, is truly precious. 4. Mufasa About To Die via GIPHY The impending death scene is dark, and even without it being shown in the trailer, we all know we are in for major heartbreak that is going to hurt far worse than any other, because seeing a part of your childhood die on-screen isn't something any of us want to sit through all over again. 5. Timon & Pumba Mentoring Simba via GIPHY Timon and Pumba aren't just two characters in the story who have been created to bring in the element of comic relief to the plot. Timon and Pumba turn into Simba's closest guides and mentors who see him through some of his toughest times. 6. Simba & Nala Falling In Love via GIPHY With bad comes good, and this goodness melted all of our hearts at one point. Even today, not much has changed, from their first sighting to the promise, a glimpse is all it takes to see the affection Simba and Nala share for one another. 7. Rafiki Finding Out Simba Is Alive via GIPHY Can we ever get over that moment? Especially with a background score that gives us goosebumps and ushers in the true king of the Pride Lands. More than the celebration, it's the hope for the future of Pride Lands that seeps right through! 8. Simba Climbing Up Pride Rock & Taking His Place via GIPHY If stepping into your dad's shoes needs a representation, nothing else would have done it better. The moment is too dear and loaded for us to not give it the kind of attention and ear-numbing cheer it deserves.
  8. The game of basketball can be considered a machine that runs on adrenaline, inspiration and emotion as fuel. To lift the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy in front of their city and add a championship ring to their jewelry collection might be the ultimate desire for any and every National Basketball Association (NBA) star, however, their journey to limitless success does include some special moments of pure outpour of sentiments that makes the expedition even more memorable. Here are four of the most emotional moments in the history of the NBA: 1. Lebron James Fulfills His Promise To His City To see a 6'8'' tall man dive to the ground, weeping all by himself in his opponent's court, surrounded by his brothers and teammates, is just heartbreaking. A man, who grew up in the small streets of Akron, Ohio had returned home to the city of Cleveland after winning two championships with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, during the 2014-15 with a single promise and desire in his heart, to win a championship for the city that had given him all that he had. One year later, James' Cleveland Cavaliers made a heroic comeback from a 1-3 deficit in the NBA Finals against a supreme Golden State Warriors to win the 2015-16 season and also the chip for his city. “Cleveland! This is for you,” yelled the King after winning his third title while ending his city's 50+ year championship drought. 2.Kobe Bryant Scores 60 In His Retirement Game If there is one thing you need to know about Kobe Bryant, it has to be his relentless love and passion for the game of basketball. Known for his grueling training schedule and endless number of shots he used to take before, during and after his practice sessions had to pay off during the final game of his well decorated career. In a matchup against Gordon Hayward's Utah Jazz, Kobe started out in a decent fashion, allowing his young teammates to shoot more frequently, while passing the ball almost every time he touched it. The second half however, was a different ball game altogether. Heading into the third quarter, his Los Angeles Lakers were trailing by double digits and Kobe decided that he did not want his career to end with a loss. Thus entered the 'Black Mamba' his LA fans were used to. Not giving a damn about his shooting efficiency or accuracy anymore, Kobe shot the ball without thinking twice and made most of them. At 37 years of age, the five-time champion looked exhausted and completely spent, but there was no stopping Kobe. Making a comeback from a double-digit deficit, the man led his team to victory one last time. “I challenged him to get 50 and the mother****er got 60,” said Kobe's former teammate and all-time great, Shaquille O'Neal. With the injuries Bryant had suffered in the past couple of years, the pain was visible on his face. Limping and gasping for air, Bryant hugged his crew one last time like they were his family before bidding adieu. 3.Kevin Durant's MVP Speech Say what you may about Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors, his MVP performance during the 2013-14 season was proof of how good he is even without a supporting cast. After having the best run with the Oklahoma City Thunder and his career in terms of scoring, Durant took to the podium after receiving the MVP award and what followed, moved every single person present in the hall to tears. Here's an excerpt from his emotional speech: “When something good happens to you, I don't know about you guys, but I tend to look back to what brought me here. You wake me up in the middle of the night in the summer times, making me run up a hill, making me do pushups, screaming at me from the sidelines of my games at 8 or 9 years old. We wasn't supposed to be here. You made us believe. You kept us off the street. You put clothes on our backs, food on the table. When you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You sacrificed for us. You the real MVP.” 4.Isaiah Thomas Plays A Day After His Sister's Death Losing a family member, especially your sibling in an untimely accident, has to hurt like hell. Nobody should go through a loss so grave but life isn't fair and that's how it was for the former Boston Celtics Point Guard Isaiah Thomas who was having one of those seasons that propelled him from being “average” to becoming an NBA All-star. After winning the first round of the 2017 playoffs against the Chicago Bulls, Thomas had to take a leave of absence as he had to read the eulogy at his younger sister, Chyna Thomas' funeral. “When I found out the news, I wanted to give up and quit. Never in my life have I thought about quitting," Thomas addressed the family and friends. "I realized quitting isn't an option," added an emotional Thomas. "That's the easy way out. I will keep going for my sister because I know she wouldn't want me to stop. I love you, Chyna, and I miss you so much, and everything I do for the rest of my life will be for you." And Thomas kept his word. Returning to his team with less than 6 hours before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final against John Wall's Washington Wizard, Thomas went on to score a game-high 33 points while dropping nine dimes in 38 minutes as the Celtics won 123-111. "Basketball, when I'm on the court, it just keeps me going," Thomas said in a post match interview. "I do everything for my sister now. That's all I can do.”
  9. In early January 2019, it was announced that a biopic on our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in the works. It was also revealed that actor Vivek Oberoi would be seen essaying the titular role in the film titled 'PM Narendra Modi'. 'PM Narendra Modi' biopic will narrate PM Modi's journey from his humble beginnings, to his rise as the Prime Minister of India, and it has been reported that the film will be released in 23 Indian languages. © Legend Global Studio The makers of the film recently released the 'PM Narendra Modi' trailer and all throughout the trailer launch, the makers and actors of the biopic had just one thing to say, “Modi hai, toh mumkin hai”. While it is understood that the movie traces PM Modi's journey, the trailer also gives us an insight into more private and not-so-public aspects of PM Modi that a lot of us might be unaware of. Whitewashing or not, the trailer did do a fine job of capturing our complete attention and left us craving for the complete picture. © Legend Global Studio Here are the 5 most important moments from 'PM Narendra Modi' trailer: 1. 'PM Narendra Modi' trailer gave us a glimpse into PM Modi's childhood, his tryst with selling tea, his stand on patriotism, his days during RSS training, as well as the time when he decided to leave everything behind and become a sanyasi in order to learn the meaning of life and his purpose. © Legend Global Studio 2. The trailer nicely follows the transition of Modi from his years of association with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as a Sevak, his extensive tenure as Gujarat CM and moving on to BJP's clean swipe during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. There is a promise of deeper insights in those recreations. 3. 'PM Narendra Modi' trailer also touches upon one of the most sensational aspects of PM Modi's life - the 2002 Gujarat riots. He is shown to be rescuing Muslims and taking personal initiatives related to the 2002 attack on the Akshardham temple. © Legend Global Studio 4. PM Modi's version of nationalism is loud and clear in the trailer, wherein at one point it is shown that he places the nation above any religion, as he salutes the Indian flag. 5. The trailer presents PM Modi's stand against terrorism pretty clearly and it finds a voice in the trailer more than once. The trailer also tries to bring in an element of gender equality when we hear PM Modi say, “jab tak iss desh ki mahilayen majboor hain, yeh desh kabhi majboot nahi ho sakta.” © Legend Global Studio 'PM Narendra Modi' directed by Omung Kumar of 'Mary Kom' and 'Sarbjit' fame will release on April 5, just a week before the beginning of the General Elections on April 11.
  10. The Russo Brothers have finally shown some mercy and have given us another 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer! First of all, just watch, that's it. There's so much happening, but not enough happening at the same time. The new trailer has me a little too overwhelmed but after watching and re-watching this much-awaited trailer, here are the things that stood out to me. Okay, we can get through this, the trailer was incredible, as expected, and there's a lot to unpack here, which is not surprising since this is not just a Marvel movie, this is THE Marvel movie that will destroy all of us. Okay, rambling over. 1. Tony Stark Makes It Back To Earth! The question has been finally answered, Tony Stak and Nebula make it back to earth. He's ready to join the Avengers once again and if we don't get an emotional scene of Tony and Cap reuniting, I will personally fight the Russo Brothers. 2. Hawkeye Has A Mohawk Did he get it just because of the name? Why is he getting a new hairstyle in a basically post-apocalyptic world? Guess we'll find out. Also, damn he has a lot of footage in the trailer. 3. Nat's Red Hair Is Back Are they trying to show us the timeline with Black Widow's hair? We can see the blonde at the end of the trailer, then we can see her growing out her red hair and she has half blonde and half red and then in another scene, it's almost all red. 4. What's With All The Focus On Red? Why is all the red highlighted in the beginning when they're showing clips from the old MCU movies? What's the significance of the colour red? 5. The Matching Avengers Outfits They finally united, for real, and are now wearing matching suits. Thanos is shaking. Also, I want to know how they found their own Edna to design new clothes after the 'dusting'. 6. The Edited Out Person From The Teaser Was Tony Remember that moment of all of them walking in slo-mo from the teaser? We could see they had edited out someone from that scene and it was Tony and Nebula. 7. Thor 'Likes' Captain Marvel Carol Danvers may have not gotten approval from a lot of people who watched 'Captain Marvel' but she sure got Thor's and that's the only thing that matters. She doesn't even flinch when the Stormbreaker just swishes right past her face. Okay, April 27th cannot come fast enough.
  11. If you're someone like me who is simply, obstinately and irrevocably stuck in the past, well, then it's moments like these that just make you feel alive! So, last night, when my fever-addled mind was trying to decide between going to bed ridiculously early or just binge something Korean on Netflix till I pass out, a notification literally had me screaming my already hoarse throat off. Mother of God, the trailer for the live-action remake of Disney's classic 'Aladdin' was finally gracing my laptop screen! I will not lie. I think I cried a little. Well, how can one not, when those opening bars with the scintillating Arabic music, take you right back to 1st grade? And that aerial market shot of the bustling Agrabah market? Perfection. So, without further ado, let's jump into the 10 moments from the trailer that almost cured my fever and then left me for dead within minutes: 1. Aladdin's Freaking Parkour Skills Yea, we all knew from the original movie that he could jump across rooftops with ease, but when you throw in those angles right in the opening shot with our boy literally flying through the air, well, excuse me while I pick up my jaw off the floor. 2. Aladdin & Jasmine's Oh-So-Filmy Yet Perfect Eye Contact Could it get any more Bollywood than this, people? Not that I'm complaining. I love me some slow-motion, frozen-in-place, googly eyes, rose-petals-floating-in-the-background, action. Just look at Al, he is a complete goner. And Jasmine...daymmmm! 3. Jafar Tempting Aladdin To Enter The Cave Of Wonders Kudos to this scene for looking legit Xeroxed from the original movie. And might I add that that giant tiger/panther/jaguar cave sounds 10 times scarier now, even though I am a fully grown adult female? 4. Aladdin Rubbing The Golden Lamp & Letting The Genie Out The cave of wonders filled with riches looks freaking brilliant, almost giving competition to Smaug's hoard in the Lonely Mountain. And yes, Aladdin's expression of pure horror and bewilderment upon letting the Genie out is on point. 5. Will 'Genie' Smith In All His Blue Glory Recreating 'Friend Like Me' Okay. Hold on. Don't even think of coming at me with your “he is so lame” comments. I will hear nothing, absolutely nothing against my man Will. He is going to nail this role so hard, all you naysayers gonna wish you had a magic carpet to fly away on. Just look and listen to this clip of 'Friend like me' and tell me it's not perfect? 6. A Glimpse Of The Awesome Song 'Prince Ali' “Prince Ali - fabulous he - Ali Ababwa”. Remember this? Genie singing as Aladdin makes his way through Agrabah to meet Princess Jasmine, decked as a Prince, in a glittering, extravagant procession along with his “seventy-five golden camels” and “ninety-five white Persian monkeys”? 7. Aladdin & Genie's Sassy Yet Hysterical Chemistry Can't stress enough but the entire movie rests on this particular element. The bromance between these two. Sure, like any purist concerned with the sanctity of the original work, I had my worries too. But the trailer assured me that I had nothing to worry. Plus, it's Will. The man has never disappointed me before! 8. A Whole New Woorrrrlllllldddddddd! Sigh. This is literally one of my all-time favourite Disney tracks and music videos. Aladdin and Jasmine starting something new as they soar about on that magic carpet...slowly falling in love...while singing...okay. Earth to Marina! Anyway, I'm gonna be belting this so hard in the movie hall, pretty sure they will have to fling me out. 9. Abu & Rajah While Rajah definitely looks super ferocious here, and not as cute as in the original, given that this is a live-action movie, Abu has managed to look mischievously adorable and still play a pivotal role in getting that lamp to Aladdin. 10. Jafar Becoming A Genie/Sorcerer This was literally a blink-and-miss shot. But what I could deduce from that second of a shot, is that this is when Jafar orders Genie to either change him into a genie himself or the greatest sorcerer in the world. Will have to wait for the movie to confirm that. So, there you have it. Now that we have broken down the trailer all the way, how about you let me know in the comment section as to which scene from the trailer was your favourite moment?
  12. Nothing in football is as beautiful as watching/playing the game under the floodlights. The intensity, enthusiasm and passion that fans and players showcase in a midweek fixture are second to none. Either it is the Champions League, league fixtures or cup competitions, midweek fixtures always deliver. And last night was no different. With the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham all in action, it was a perfect setup to stay awake and miss the office the next morning. Here is your roundup of all the key moments from last night. 1. One-Sided El Clasico Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid have been nothing but a shadow of the side that won three Champions League titles in a row. In an already disastrous season, this was Los Blancos' chance to register a win against their arch-rivals Barcelona and save their season. After being sounded out of the race of La Liga title and deemed not good enough to go all the way in Champions league, this was Madrid's chance to at least win one trophy this season, but Luis Suarez had different plans. i love Real Madrid but this Suarez penalty thoughð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ pic.twitter.com/Vjpz7DG8Vw — Napoleon Bonaparte (@VusiLesego) February 28, 2019 It was all going well for Real Madrid. They were ahead in the tie with an away goal and just needed to keep calm. But it was Suarez who turned into a 'Super Saiyan', scoring two of the three Barcelona goals and turning the scores of El Clasico's win to 95 each. 11 - Luis Suarez has scored 11 goals against Real Madrid in all competitions, his favourite opponent for @FCBarcelona. Nightmare. pic.twitter.com/m7QxGp6ILb — OptaJose (@OptaJose) February 27, 2019 2) Chelsea's Revival After some torrid weeks, Chelsea vs Tottenham is not the exact match that any Chelsea fan would've wanted to get their team back on track. Losing 6-0 to Manchester City, 2-0 to Manchester United, 4-3 on penalties in the League Cup final plus the whole Kepa fiasco, this London Derby seemed like a walk in the park for Spurs. Pedro Rodriguez He may be inconsistent, old, and frustrating at times But you cannot deny this guy will put 120% effort and determination into every game he plays for this club. Not to mention still pop up with classy and important goals. Class act pic.twitter.com/h37OGaMi3K — Chief TJ (@Cxlteck) February 28, 2019 However, Spurs being Spurs, bottled it. With scores at 0-0, Pedro decided to get on his bike and slotted a beautifully lofted pass by Azpilicueta past Lloris. If that was not enough, Kieran Trippier stepped up and did the most Spurs thing ever. We still cannot wrap our heads around it. Trippier's own goal with his World Cup goal commentary! ð­ðpic.twitter.com/jyeVONn4Sd — Talha (@talhaj04) February 28, 2019 3) Gunning For North London Derby In a routine 5-1 victory over Bournemouth, Arsenal's quality was on point. With Mesut Ozil finally getting his chance in the first team it was a fun ride for the Gunners. What stole the show was Ozil's chip over Bournemouth keeper, Artur Boruc. Play. Repeat. Play. Repeat. Godzil done The Ozil finish again! #TheOzil #Ozil #Signaturefinish pic.twitter.com/a6q9rXj8FQ — Dee (@Deee213) February 28, 2019 4) Liverpool Smelling The Title After a stalemate at Old Trafford, Liverpool was back to its real self when they faced Watford. Beating the Hornets 5-0, it was Liverpool's defenders who enjoyed the evening the most. 2 assists each from Alexander Arnold and Robertson, a brace from Van Dijk plus a clean sheet, made for a perfect evening at Anfield. However, it was Sadio Mane's backheel which stole the thunder with his amazing back heel. Get yourself defenders that do both ðªpic.twitter.com/UgvLA9SGez — B/R Football (@brfootball) February 27, 2019 The Senegalese striker has already matched his best return for Liverpool and is hitting the form at the right time. Mane with a filthy backheel pic.twitter.com/JT0rp9I16x — Damian (@AIisson13) February 27, 2019 5) Lukaku's Reminder Manchester United seldom have it easy at Palace and this was another South London slog, thanks to a brace from Romelu Lukaku and a late strike from winger turned right-back, Ashley Young. This game marked a comeback for Lukaku on the scoring sheet, as the 'Big Belgian' scored for the first time in nine appearances, reminding haters that he still has a career at United.
  13. The 91st Academy Awards got off to a fantastic start, thanks to a memorable performance by the surviving members of the iconic band 'Queen' and Adam Lambert. A rocking performance which included them singing the classic 'We Will Rock You' from 'Bohemian Rhapsody' saw the crowd engage immensely with the aura of their music. The so called 'hostless' Oscars' stage was then taken over by Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph. The trio's 'Not Your Oscar Hosts' opening was received with a huge roar of laughter from the crowd. Moving on, just like every year, this year's 'Biggest Night Of Hollywood' was another memorable affair. From winners to reunions to special moments, here are some highlights from 91st Academy Awards. 1) Making India Proud © BCCL Oscars 2019 proved to be a historic night for India as Guneet Monga's 'Period. End Of Sentence' won 'Best Documentary Short Subject' at the awards. The film based on menstruation was competing with the likes of 'Black Sheep', 'End Game', 'Lifeboat' and 'A Night at the Garden'. 2) Real Life Captain © Twitter/9gag Chris Evans had a real life 'Captain America' moment because of his chivalrous act towards 'Best Supporting Actress' winner Regina King. Evans helped King up the stairs proving him to be the leading candidate for 'Best At Supporting Actors' award. 3) Wayne's World Reunion © Entertainment tonight Mike Myers and Dana Carvey had a reunion (which we're not worthy of) at the Oscars. The duo's coming together reminded people of the iconic friends headbanging violently while singing along a Queen song in the car scene. Mike and Dana came together to introduce 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. 4) 'Wa-kanda' Awards © Bustle After the amazing year that Marvel has had, many people questioned, “Wa-kan-da awards Marvel hasn't won?” It turns out it was the Oscars. Marvel ended its barren run of the prestigious awards by winning not one, not two, but three trophies as 'Black Panther' won awards for 'Best Costume Design', 'Best Production Design' and 'Best Original Score'. 5) Cooper And Gaga's Show What stole the show was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's intimate performance of their song 'Shallow' from the movie 'A Star Is Born'. We cannot be thankful enough for a performance like that. Shallow also led Lady Gaga to her first ever Oscar in the 'Best Song' category. 6) Brian And Melissa's Parody Brian Tyree Henry and Melissa McCarthy performed a subtle parody by putting on a fashion show when they came out to announce the category for 'Best Costume Design'. McCarthy stepped out in a mash-up of 'The Favourite' and 'Mary Queen of Scots' in bunny rabbit couture, completed with a bunny hand puppet, while Henry rocked a 'Mary Poppins Returns' look with lots of lace and a dress to match. Below is the list of all the winners of the coveted trophy. Best Picture Green Book Best Director Alfonso Cuaron, Roma Best Actor Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody Best Actress Olivia Colman, The Favourite Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali, Green Book Best Supporting Actress Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk Best Original Screenplay Green Book Best Adapted Screenplay BlacKkKlansman Best Cinematography Roma Best Film Editing Bohemian Rhapsody Best Sound Mixing Bohemian Rhapsody Best Sound Editing Bohemian Rhapsody (John Warhurst and Nina Hartstone) Best Original Score Black Panther, Ludwig Goransson Best Original Song "Shallow" A Star is Born (written by Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, Andrew Wyatt; performed by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga) Best Animated Feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Best Costume Design Black Panther (Ruth E. Carter) Best Visual Effects First Man Best Animated Short Film Bao Best Documentary Feature Free Solo Best Documentary Short Period. End of Sentence. Best Foreign Language Film Roma (Mexico) Best Production Design Black Panther Best Makeup and Hairstyling Vice Best Live-Action Short Film Skin
  14. Mahendra Singh Dhoni evokes emotion as well as passion for cricket like no one else. One of the most popular cricketers, he garners attention for the good, bad and everything in between on the field and outside of it. Apart from being a stellar cricketer. he also gets attention from the beginning for his chameleon hairstyles that have evolved over the years. But here's the thing, they've all represented a phase in his life and changed with the kind of person he's become today. 1. The Long Breezy Hair © Twitter We all remember that Dhoni started with the breezy low maintenance, shoulder length hair. 2. The Long Crop © Twitter Let's be honest, this hairstyle lasted a long time before it was traded for something much shorter for MS Dhoni.This hairstyle has always been iconic. 3. The Short Quiff © Twitter Briefly, Dhoni got a generic hairstyle. Short and simple in its finish but this phase wasn't going to last for very long. 4. The Beginning Of A Mohawk © Twitter Dhoni, apart from being responsible for the cricket dreams of millions of boys, is also responsible for having them cut their hair in a sharp, angular finish just like his. 5. The Iconic Mohawk © Twitter This is the beginning of Dhoni trying out bolder hairstyles. Here he's transformed his older hairstyle into a fuller, proper mohawk. 6. The No Crop Land © Twitter There came a point in M.S.Dhoni's life when he shaved it all off. Exhibit A. 7. The Buzzed Effect © Twitter The buzz cut version of Dhoni gave serious competition to the non-buzzed versions of Dhoni Singh. 8. The English Crop © Twitter M.S.Dhoni transitioned into a classy hairstyle in the past year and it worked for him. 9. The Recent Cut (66) Dhoni got another sleek hairstyle last week and we can't wait to see what he gets next.
  15. Often regarded as one of the most notorious stables of the wrestling world birthed during the famous Attitude Era, the pinnacle of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE/WWF), D-Generation X has given us some of the best memories of our childhood. With the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chyna leading the team, DX gathered remained the leading stable in the ring for decades. For their innovative and extraordinary contributions to the WWE Universe, D-Generation X will be inducted into the 2019 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame, a day before the show's 35th Anniversary at Wrestlemania in April. Here are the top 5 moments of the coolest wrestling squad: 1. McMahon Family Mockery During the Attitude Era, the McMahon family was extensively involved in the storylines that went on through the years. The duo of Vince and Shane McMahon used to bring the best response out of the crowd. The extra-animated Vince McMahon walk followed by son, Shane McMahon's jumpy dance on an extremely catch song “Here Comes The Money” would make any ardant WWE fan's stomach turn. So when baby-faced DX made mockery of 'The Family' of the business, it made for an instant classic. 2. Goo Attack On The Spirit Squad Vince McMahon's personal gang of cheerleading bodyguards (don't ask us how they got their gimmicks), the Spirit Squad had a great rivalry going on with DX. The stable of five over-excited bodybuilders, all dressed in green and white cheerleading attire, which also consisted of the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler (Fun Fact?), was always considered to be the bad guys. On a RAW episode, the Spirit Squad called out Triple H and Shawn Michaels after the rumours of DX reuniting were in the air. Showing up on the jumbotron (the Big screen over the entrance ramp), the DX simply asked the cheerleading squad to “look up” and the rest is history! 3. “Not Controversial Enough” During a backstage segment, Triple H and Shawn Michaels were talking about picking up a target for their next prank when HHH mentioned Eric Bischoff, the WWE RAW General Manager. He said that Bischoff thought that DX, specifically Shawn Michaels was “not controversial enough”. Upset by this comment, the Heartbreak Kid reminded the world about the infamous Montreal Screwjob and then Sweet Chin Music-ed anyone who came his way. 4. SummerSlam 2009 Entrance 12 years in since their inception in 1997, D-Generation X was an entity of its own. A custom entrance music, merchandise, their own catchphrase and the whole military theme to the stable's appearance, DX had done it all. So during the 2009 pay-per-view at SummerSlam, they decided to go all-out on the budget. In a 10-minute-long entrance, with two military jeeps with US Army soldiers carrying kayfabe guns, followed an actual tank, atop which were Triple H and HBK. 5. “Suck It”, The Iconic DX Sign Remember getting called to the principal's office for making the DX sign in elementary school? Yes, that was probably the biggest (most controversial?) contribution made by the iconic stable. When Michaels and Triple H used to say “We got two words for ya…”, you knew what was coming. “Suck it,” you used to shout in front of your television, along with everybody present inside the stadium.
  16. If you ask any NBA star how important a role do the fans inside the stadium play in impacting their performance, they would probably rank audience engagement right at the top. In an uncanny relationship, we have often seen a team make exponential comebacks when their fans are energised and constantly cheering them up. In such a scenario, when the cheers or boos of the people can cause the team a game, the role of the mascots to keep everyone on their feet especially when the game is on the line, becomes significantly crucial. Throughout the history of the NBA, we have seen a number of extremely talented mascots who have not only amused the fans with their dance moves and innovative segments but have also received a lot of love in return. 1. Benny, The Bull - Chicago Bulls Arguably the most iconic mascot of them all, Benny is known for his notorious pranks on the on-court security guards, videobombing reporters and reverse one-arm half-court shots during the half-time break. However, the moment which would go down as the greatest 'Benny, The Bull instant' would be him celebrating his birthday with the extremely loyal Chicago Bulls fans with a popcorn party. 2. The Coyote - San Antonio Spurs From the time when the Texan coyote lost his eyes to getting snubbed by the legendary dimer, Jason Kidd while looking for a hug, the San Antonio mascot is thoroughly entertaining to the core. Following the footsteps of his idol, Manu Ginobili, the coyote booked himself a Hall of Fame berth when he single-handedly saved the day by capturing the evil bat who was terrifying the AT&T Center, the home of the Spurs, before a game. 3. Burnie - Miami Heat The one to give you a run for your money in a dance-off, Burnie, with his red and orange fur, is a perfect fit for Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat. While often considered to be ill-mannered and rude to his fellow mascots, he was finally humbled by the love of his life, Burnice. © Getty Images Burnie has always been the one to try and reach for the stars. On his birthday in 2016, the basketball-nosed mascot tried to make a world record for the longest front flipped by a mascot but botched it at the end. Turned out to be a lot more entertaining this way, if you ask us! 4. Harry The Hawk - Atlanta Hawks Often found in a bad mood (probably because of the Hawks' Eastern conference record), Harry looks ferocious and ready to fight anyone who gets in his way. You need to watch out for that pointy, yellow beak. However, the angry hawk can be a little sentimental at times. Case in point, when rapper Gucci Mane decided to proposed to model Keyshia Ka'oir, Harry came out as Mane's wingman, with a giant bouquet for the bride to be.
  17. Shah Rukh Khan has charmed his audience as the perfect prince charming for the longest time. He was once the biggest heart-throb in the Hindi film industry, and women still crush on the man even after all this time, and regardless of the fact that SRK hasn't delivered a blockbuster in a long time. However, with the news that the actor might be playing the lead in the Rakesh Sharma biopic 'Saare Jahan Se Achha', a lot of people came to pin their hopes on the film to bring back the SRK of the glorious days of 'Swades'. However, rumours are rife that SRK might have pulled out of the film to star in the third instalment of Farhan Akhtar's directorial series 'Don 3'. © Yash raj Films Even though no official announcement has been made either confirming or denying the speculations, reports suggest that King Khan made the switch owing to the box office disaster of his experimental project 'Zero'. Shah Rukh's latest movie terribly bombed at the theatres and failed to impress his fans and critics alike, who simply wrote the film off. This is said to have made the SRK more cautious about his future projects and apparently, after all these years of taking risks, he has been reconsidering playing unconventional roles of late. © Red Chillies Entertainment So when asked about his biggest fear, SRK came clear with his concern. He told Deccan Chronicle that, “I hope the day never comes when I am so tired that I tell myself that it is ok to do just a regular film which will get made in 40 days, release soon, become a box office hit and I can buy myself a new car and be happy. That thought scares me.” Well, this statement which clearly spells out that SRK is afraid of getting so demotivated about work or even life in general, that he ends up settling for less or mundane stuff just for the heck of it, sounds like a thought a lot of us have had at some point. © YRF Come to think about it, be it school, college or even work, there must have been a number of such moments in our lives when we were going through a real low or facing a major setback/disappointment which could be termed as our personal 'Zero' moments of life. And isn't it so easy to settle for less and just try to keep going with safe options because “well, at least I didn't stop” or “this a fool-proof formula, even though I have tried it a 100 other times”? © Red Chillies Entertainment We know, we have all been there and done that at some point in time, but it's good to know that a big star like SRK is also acknowledging to facing such situations in his life, and resolving to come out of it fighting. Instead of taking the easy way out. There's a lesson for us right there. Getting comfortable with our situation is easy, and easier still when you want to avoid failure. But that would only leave us feeling discontented and unhappy. So let's take those risks regardless of whether we make it or lose.
  18. Cricket may seem like one of the most pleasant and polite games the sporting world has to offer. But, once you get down to the crease and listen to what the players say to each other, you'll realise, it isn't. Despite being called the gentleman's game, cricket surely doesn't stop cricketers from taking a dig at their opponents – infamous as sledging. It is a tool used by players to get into the mind of their opponent and weaken their concentration by insulting or verbally intimidating them. And who could do it better than the closest person to the batsman, the wicket-keeper himself? Standing right behind the batsman, a wicket-keeper has all the ways to play with the batsman's head. And if words can kill, they certainly can distract a batsman from playing his natural game. Here are a few instances where wicket-keepers managed to play with the batsman's head: 1. Kiran Moore The 1992 World cup is famous for introducing the concept of coloured jersey's. But other than that, another thing that caught attention at the mega event was the altercation between Pakistan's Javed Miandad and India's Kiran Moore. The former Indian wicket-keeper was stumping and appealing on almost every run, which irked Javed. They both had a brief argument before resuming to their respective positions for the next ball. But, just when the spectators thought that the drama was finished, Javed Miandad came up with a hilarious response to Moore by imitating his way of appealing, that is by jumping all over. 2. MS Dhoni When we talk of wicket-keeping, how can we forget MS Dhoni? Despite being the calmest player on the field, his wit and words can sometimes make you fall off your chair, just because of laughing so hard. The best part about our 'Captain Cool' is that he hardly talks to the batsman, but still manages to affect his mind by talking 'about him' to the bowler. That's the best trick that anyone can apply. Making the batsman so conscious about his own shots that he ends up committing a mistake. 3. Rishabh Pant Over the years, the clashes between India and Australia have provided some really exciting games to the spectators. The rivalry between the two cricket powerhouses is what makes theirs a thrilling spectacle. And, India's recent tour Down Under was no different. Filled with exciting moments, the Test series brought the duel between Rishabh Pant and Tim Paine to the fore. While Paine called him a 'babysitter', Pant, too, gave the Aussie Test captain a piece of his mind. Indian captain Virat Kohli, too, joined in with the 'Temporary Captain' jibe. For a 21-year-old who was playing in his first tour of Australia, it was quite ballsy on Pant's part to sledge the opposition captain. 4. Mark Boucher Do you remember the Test between South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2005? Actually, why would you? There is literally no reason to remember that game as the Proteas, expectedly, won the encounter by an innings, despite three of their four fast bowlers going off injured on Day 1. But, during the one-sided contest, Mark Boucher revealed his funny side as he took aim at Tatenda Taibu in what eventually turned out to be a hilarious banter. He began by telling Taibu that he only looks to score runs when there is one seam bowler in the field. And, when Taibu played a drive towards short cover, the South African wicket-keeper once again teased the Zimbabwean by saying: "That's a big shot Tatenda." Another side of Mark Boucher came to the fore that day.
  19. To try and compile a list of everything that has happened in the NBA over the last 68 years or so would be next to impossible. It would make for an extremely lengthy read too. But, there are some moments which stand out above the rest. These are moments which will be forever remembered as some of the most amazing moments in the history of the NBA. If you want to know about some of the biggest moments in NBA history, we've got you covered. Remember, these aren't all record breaking moments. They are simply moments which were spectacular for one reason or another: Wilt Chamberlain Scores 100 Points In A Single Game When the NBA is forced to change the rules of the game, you know you're damn good. He was a prolific point scorer and restricting him on the court was tough, if not impossible. One of his standout performances was when he scored 100 points in a single game. It was an iconic moment and is probably never going to happen again. © Getty Images The Philadelphia Warriors scored 169 points on the day. The New York Knicks had absolutely no idea what hit them. Boston Celtics Win 11th Title In 13 Years The Boston Celtics were considered too old to win another title in 1968-69. They didn't have a great regular season finishing fourth but somehow managed to make their way into the finals. © Getty Images But, they were facing Wilt Chamberlain and the LA Lakers. No one imagined they would pick up their 11th title in 13 years. They won the finals 4-3. A fitting end for what many considered to be one of the most dominating dynasties in pro basketball. Jerry West 60-Foot Shot There are a ton of buzzer beaters over the years in the NBA. But, in most cases those shots helped teams win something huge. But, Jerry West's buzzer beater from the 1970 Finals game between the LA Lakers and New York Knicks makes it to this list even though his team didn't win. Why? Simply because it was a 60-foot shot. Now, that's not something you see every day, is it? Celtics Vs Suns: The Greatest Game Ever? There have been some memorable games throughout the decorated history of the NBA but when you talk about the greatest game ever, one instantly comes to mind. A game that was played on the 4th of June 1976. © Getty Images The game had 3 overtimes and more twists than a Bollywood movie. The Celtics eventually came out on top 128-126 after most of the star players on both teams had been fouled out. What a game. Michael Jordan, “The Shot” (1989) If there was one shot that cemented Michael Jordan as the king of the court it was this one. Yes, he is considered one of the greatest (probably the greatest) of all time. But, if you sat someone down and wanted to show them just how good he was with a single shot, this is the one you would choose. Hands down! Golden State Warriors 73-9 Record (2015-16 Season) Finishing a season with 73 wins out of 82 is no easy feat. They won their first 24 games of the season setting yet another record. The record was set exactly 20 years after the Bulls enjoyed a 72-10 season. © Getty Images Steph Curry was their star player for the season and became the first player to be named MVP unanimously. Unfortunately, they couldn't win the title that season losing to the Cavaliers 3-4 in the finals. If only they did, the 2015-16 GSW team would go down as one of the most dominating teams the NBA has ever seen for sure. Yao Ming: 2002 1st Draft Pick The last point on this list doesn't look too great at first, does it? There's a first draft pick every single year. So, what makes Yao's so special? Is it that he was the first international player to be the first draft pick? No. Then what was it? © Getty Images Yao was the first ever player to be chosen as the first draft pick even though he had never played college basketball in the United States. It was a huge moment for the NBA and was also a huge moment for China. Yao Ming, take a bow.
  20. When most people were wondering where the year 2018 went by, we were busy compiling the list of some of the biggest events and people who broke the internet this year. From Netflix's love affair with Radhika Apte, Chai Pilo Aunty's infectious wave to Stan Lee's demise, here is a compilation of all the people and events that shook the nation and the world like no one else. Ayushmann Khurrana © Instagram Ayushmann Khurrana is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in Bollywood. And he proved the same this year, with two back-to-back superhits, 'AndhaDhun' and 'Badhaai Ho'. Where Bollywood's biggest Khans failed to impress the audience at the box office, Ayushmann single-handedly slayed and emerged as the dark horse of the race. Bohemian Rhapsody © 20th century fox Not the song, but the movie made a remarkable entry in to 2018 and stole the show. A fine tribute to the crazy glam band of the 80s, Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody depicted the life and death of Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist of the then band. Chai Pilo Fraandz © YouTube If "Hello Fraandz, Chai Pilo...Garam Hai" doesn't ring a bell, then you have been missing out on the best thing in the world. A random woman called Somvati Mahawar, whom we don't even know, asks us to have tea (that is hot), and soon enough the whole country starts accepting her invite and turns her into an internet celebrity. Social media is a weirdly interesting place to be in right now. Donald Trump © Twitter Well, we've seen a lot of Mr. Trump this year but we can't get over the fact that his name appears on Google when you type 'Idiot'. When Sunder Pichai, the CEO of Google was asked the same question, he gave us an answer straight up describing how words typed on Google work on relevance, popularity and keywords, primarily. We bet Trump disagrees though. Elon Musk © Twitter Well, he's been up to a lot this year and we're never gonna run out of a good Elon Musk adventure! From wishing to move to Mars (yes, the planet) on one of his SpaceX rockets, to smoking weed with Joe Rogan on a podcast, this dude's quite the mad hatter. Recently, he also shared his love for the movie 'Bajirao Mastani' and we will never stop writing about him for sure. France Winning The FIFA World Cup © Reuters This year's Football World Cup was probably the most unpredictable sports event the world has ever seen. This was the tournament of the 'Underdogs', where even the fans couldn't figure out who will win the finals, until the last minute of the game. One of the biggest suprises was the final between France and Croatia, where France clinched its second World Cup by 4-2. Google Hearing © Reuters You can always trust Google to help you out when you need it the most. But, there are times when even the world's largest search engine can totally f**k things up for you. From drawing stark comparison between North and South Indian masala, showing Donald Trump's image when you type 'Idiot', to showing PM Modi as India's first PM, Google was in the middle of a few storms this year. Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, was even summoned by the US lawmakers to explain how it works. Hima Das © Reuters The 18-year-old prodigy won a gold for us at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletic Championships and she was the first Indian woman to do it. We can't stop gloating about it and it's definitely worth a mention. What an achievement in such a short amount of time! Infinity War © Marvel Studios 2018 was the year of superheroes, but if there was anyone who got the whole world wrapped around their superpower-laden fingers, it was the gang of superheroes from the Marvel universe. 'Avengers: Infinity War' was and will remain the biggest crossover the world has ever seen, even bigger than Priyanka-Nick's wedding. Juventus © YouTube The Portuguese superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo made his move to Juventus this year from Real Madrid for a total of £105 million. The former Manchester United man won a total of four champions league titles in the Spanish capital and shocked many who thought that he would end his career there. Kiki Challenge © YouTube When most of us were stuck in traffic and cribbing about travelling from Delhi to Gurugram, some people were busy confessing their love to Kiki in the most bizarre and dangerous way possible. Yes, we are talking about the viral Kiki Challenge that took the whole country by storm. This was the year's most dangerous challenge, where people were willingly risking their lives to get a few minutes of thrill and fame. Luka Modric © Reuters After guiding Croatia to their first football World Cup final, Luka Modric, the midfielder maestro sent ripples across the footballing world after winning the FIFA Player of The Year, ending the Ronaldo-Messi decade-long reign at the top of the pile. #MeToo © Instagram Actress Tanushree Dutta's story led to the #MeToo movement to pick up pace in India and opened the doors to a fresh set of debate sessions. After she accused actor Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of 'Horn Ok Pleassss', many women found power and courage to come forward and share their harrowing experiences of sexual abuse by the men in power. From 'Sanskaari Babuji' Alok Nath to 'Queen' director Vikas Bahl, almost every day someone or the other was found guilty of harassing women. Netflix © Netflix From 'Sacred Games', 'Ghoul' to 'Lust Stories'; 2018 was the year of Netflix and Radhika Apte. The love affair between Radhika and Netflix was so evident that after a point Netflix started trolling everyone who made fun of Radhika for being 'Omnipresent'. Because according to Netflix, "Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai." Osho © Realisation 2018 decided to throw some light on the controversial '***' guru Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh aka Osho and talk about his life, through a well-rounded documentary called 'Wild Wild Country'. The documentary also describes Ma Anand Sheela's contribution toward building a fabulous empire in Wasco County, Oregon, USA. The documentary came out on Netflix and took the cinematic world by storm! Priya Prakash Varrier © YouTube When we say social media is a bizarre place, we mean it. Here people can literally wink their way into our hearts and become a celebrity overnight. The 19-year-old became so popular that she even dethroned Sunny Leone to become Google's most searched personality this year. If only our wink game was this strong, we would have probably made it to the list too, right? QueerRights377 © Reuters It was a milestone year for the LGBTQ community with the landmark decision of Supreme Court decriminalising same *** relationships. That's a massive victory for the community in a country like India and we couldn't be happier. Truly, #lovewins! Rakhi Sawant © Instagram We are not even remotely close to kidding when we say that the second half of 2018 was 'owned' by Rakhi Sawant. From challenging a wrestler to a dance-off and getting knocked out instead to announcing her wedding to 'King of cringe' Deepak Kalal, Rakhi Sawant won the internet by doing things that most of us can't even dare to imagine. Stan Lee © Reuters We lost a 'marvel'ous hero this year and we're not done grieving yet. The creator of the Marvel Universe breathed his last in November and passed away at 95. After successfully creating the likes of Iron Man, Spider Man and even Black Panther, Lee was the best thing to happen to the comic book revolution of the world! Excelsior, indeed! T-Series Vs PewDiepie © YouTube, Twitter 2018 was the year of unexpected events and one of them was the war between T-Series and PewDiePie, to become the number one channel of YouTube. With 78 million subscribers, PewDiePie continues to remain the YouTube king, but T-Series is not one to give in so easily. The channel is currently at 77 million and we can't wait for the day when the Indian music label dethrones him. UFC 299: Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov © Reuters Dubbed as the biggest bout of 2018, the fight ended in total chaos. Soon after Khabib dismantled McGregor, he uncharacteristically jumped out of the ring and attacked some members from the Irish contingent. Even McGregor took some blows, but didn't file a police complaint in the aftermath. Round 2 in 2019, maybe? Vicky Kaushal © Instagram This was definitely Vicky Kaushal's year, with some thrilling and magnificent performances in movies like Raazi, Manmarziyaan and Sanju. Can't wait for some great performances by him in 2019, starting with 'Uri' of course. Weddings Of The Year © Instagram From 'DeepVeer ki Shaadi' and Isha Ambani's wedding to 'Sonam Ki Shaadi' and the Priyanka-Nick gala; this year was the year of regal and royal big-fat Indian weddings and the multiple receptions that followed. Even if most of us were not invited to all these weddings (not that we were expecting an invite), we are sure that by now everyone knows what food was served at these weddings, what cake they ate and everything about their wedding outfits. X-Overs - Biggest Crossovers Of 2018 © Instagram 2018 was the year of crossovers, not only in the Marvel Universe but also in real life between Hollywood and Bollywood. Who would have imagined that Beyonce will perform in India this year, but it happened at Isha Ambani's wedding. As sudden and unexpected as it gets, Nick Jonas became the national jiju and Sansa Stark wore a lehenga at a wedding (which wasn't a red wedding). What's more, Drake turned out to be a Suneil Shetty fan who watched 'Mubarakan' three times on Athiya's birthday. Yogi Adityanath © Twitter Well, this gentleman has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and he's still managing to make a cut in our A-Z 2018 list. It seems the only thing Yogi does, other than wanting to build a memorial for the South Korean Queen, is rename places in UP and give them a saffron persona. Well, let's hope 2019 changes things around for him. Zayn Malik © Instagram After his break up with Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik was asked other pertinent questions about his life this year. The prolific singer-songwriter claimed that he isn't a Muslim and that he never 'professed to be a Muslim' in the first place, to stir up an online storm. Well, he just wears desi clothes for Eid, but who's questioning that right?
  21. The year is about to come to an end and it's time to look back and cherish the amazing memories we've made. Smartphones have become our de facto companions and are a core part of our everyday life. For the nerds out there, 2018 has been a spectacular year, given the number of new things we've seen. 2016 was all about removing the headphone jack, edge-to-edge display, and faster fingerprint scanners. 2017 was all about dual cameras and AI-based features. But 2018 has brought a number of new aspects, along with a tonne of devices. Every week we saw companies launch new products. Xiaomi itself held launch events every other month, Realme made a surprisingly quick launch (like a rocket), ASUS is back in the game with Stock Android, and OnePlus continues to rule over others. The flagship maker Samsung was seen cruising at a constant speed while Huawei tried to gain as much as possible. OPPO and Vivo were in an alternate universe, trying new things with their offerings like a kid who just can't get enough. Oh, and how can we forget the Pixel leaks! While a lot has happened, these are the primary new trends we saw in 2018 and expect them to slowly become mainstream in the coming year as well. 1. The Notch: © MensXP / Shivam Vahia It all started with the Essential Phone that was launched in 2017, but the iPhone X made it mainstream. And we all know, once Apple does it, everyone follows. Since the beginning of 2018, every brand was busy slapping a notch on as many phones as possible. Thanks to the notch, everyone had a slightly better screen-to-body ratio to boast. The only company to stay away from this trend is Samsung. Well, their flagships displays are already too good, they just don't need any more space. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia By the end of the year, phone makers started working on making the notch smaller (Google rebelled against this, it's still young!). The BBK family that includes OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus got onboard the water-droplet notch and even included their cousin, Realme. Within a short period, a notch-less phone started giving very ancient vibes, and the notch helped in making 18:9 aspect ratio mainstream. The notch was welcomed by some and hated by the rest, but it just wouldn't go. The demand was so high, Google was quick to include support in Android Pie as well. 2. Sliding / Moving Modules: © MensXP / Akshay Bhalla Apple implemented a notch because there was no space for a 3D infrared array. Other brands followed, irrespective of the fact that they didn't even have these sensors to use. The notch soon housed the front camera, earpiece, ambient light sensor, and just a few selective phones had a small infrared sensor. But we all knew, the notch is a makeshift solution, what are we going to do next? Moving Modules. BlackBerry was a laughing stock when it launched the Priv back in 2015. Who would've thought Android OEMs will be messing around with the age-old concept in 2018? Well, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Huawei took this seriously. How do you remove the notch, put in an edge-to-edge display, and place multiple sensors on the front, all in one go? You use a sliding mechanism! The Vivo APEX was a concept phone and it made it to production within a few months. Soon, the Vivo NEX was in the market with a sliding camera module. A small block slides out of the top when you open the camera app and conveniently goes back in when not needed. This was a eureka moment for the Chinese. © BCCL In the next few months, we saw the launch of OPPO Find X and it had a much bigger sliding mechanism. Xiaomi has the Mi MIX 3 and it basically slides the back, similar to the BlackBerry Priv. Even the Honor Magic 2 is suspected to have a similar build. Though, we still don't know how durable or reliable these moving parts are, only time will tell. Also, these companies are still trying to figure out a practical setup for these modules and all the phones launched till now are pretty much crash test dummies. 3. In-Display Fingerprint Scanner: © The Verge By the end of 2017, we were sure these are close by and we expected Samsung to be the first one. Though, Vivo took the first spot by joining Synaptics and launching the Vivo X21. The scanner was soon seen in the Vivo NEX as well as the V11 Pro. The major concern everyone had was speed, how fast and accurate can this technology be? The X21 was fairly slow but accurate. The recognition speed did gradually improve and even OnePlus went on to use it in the OnePlus 6T. For OnePlus, this year was all about speed and using onboard AI, the sensor got faster over usage. © AndroidHeadlines Though, this wasn't as groundbreaking as we expected it to be. Even the end user didn't actually care whether the scanner is located on the back, or inside the display. For phone makers, it's a huge deal because an in-display sensor takes up lesser space. This authentication method was also backed by a much improved facial recognition process called Face Unlock. When the two offerings were combined, the user experience remained unhindered. 4. Multiple Cameras: © Huawei Dual cameras are a thing of the past. We've seen a dual setup on the rear as well as on the front. But this year, Huawei took it to the next level with the P20 Pro. In a normal setup, you have a primary lens along with the option of a telephoto sensor, monochrome sensor, or wide-angle lens. The P20 Pro brought in a primary lens, a telephoto sensor, as well as a monochrome shooter. When the three were combined and used, the output was exceptionally good. No other phone came close. In most cases, you won't be able to distinguish between a picture shot on a DSLR and the phone. Huawei followed the same trend with the Mate 20 Pro as well. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia Out of all the ongoing trends, the multi-camera trend caught Samsung's attention. Not only did it launch the Galaxy A7, a midrange phone that sported a primary lens, a depth sensor, and wide angle lens but also the Galaxy A9 that brought in four cameras on the rear. We expect to see more phones coming up with these setups in the future given the amount of attention they have garnered. Even though the feature is technically a niche, sales have been extremely positive. 5. Gaming Phones: © Variety When we usually hear about gamers, a high-end PC or console usually comes to mind. Now, we're making way for a completely new genre of gaming: Mobile Gamers. While mobile games have been present for decades, the new trend has been kicked-off by huge games like PUBG and Fortnite. Players are addicted to these games and spend hours playing every day. This has suddenly opened up a completely new market segment for smartphones. There is a demand for phones that have the incredible processing power, cooling, and battery. While the Razer Phone was launched last year, the latest demand has opened up doors for Redmagic, Xiaomi, ASUS, as well as Huawei. © YouTube In fact, Honor Play was a beast at a midrange price. Many even consider the POCO F1 to be in a similar category. Liquid cooling has let OEMs slightly overclock the processor and add a better display panel. These phones are built for gaming, and hence portability isn't really a primary point of consideration during the design process. Hence, companies have also managed to add a bigger and heavier battery in them.
  22. 2018 will probably forever etched in history as the year of Big Fat Indian Weddings, and rightfully so. It started off with 'Sonam ki Shaadi', and from then onwards, things have only got grander and crazier. Never before has the world seen such eccentricity in weddings, except of course, you count the legendary royal weddings from the pages of history. Things have been so extra, we can conclusively conclude that MET Gala has got nothing on our weddings. Here are 6 moments that prove that: 1. Ranveer Singh wore an outfit that, wait for it, glows in the dark. The Manish Arora outfit, composed of fluorescent pink and blue, and an array of bright colours, was as statement as statement pieces go, and screamed 'Ranveer'. That was one hell of a party outfit, we must say. © Instagram/Ranveersingh © Instagram/Ranveersingh 2. Sonam Kapoor wore a lehenga to Isha Ambani's wedding that had her own name embroidered on it. Extra? You decide! © Instagram/sonamkapoor © Instagram/sonamkapoor 3. Priyanka Chopra's wedding veil was 75 feet in length. Yes, you read that right. © Instagram/priyankachopra © IANS 4. Did you see the Bachchan's neck pieces at the Ambani wedding? We'll just leave these images here. © Instagram/Shwetabachchan © Instagram/Shwetabachchan 5. Isha Ambani's lehenga was designed by Valentino. Yes, you have just read Valentino and Lehenga in the same sentence. © IANS © IANS 6. Ranveer and Deepika's Mumbai reception outfits legit gave MET Gala looks a run for their money. Just look at Deepika's train! © Instagram/Ranveersingh © Instagram/Ranveersingh All we can say is we love extra and it has been delivered.
  23. I knew the second I watched the trailer that this movie was going to wreck me, and boy was I not wrong. I was still on a high as I stepped out of the hall after two hours, and as the song goes, it “sent shivers down my spine.” Being a Queen fan, I knew I was in for a treat. Yea, yea I read some reviews trashing the movie, but I have never given a damn about critics and I was not going to start this time. And my faith was rewarded. via GIPHY I think my headline in itself gives away the fact that this copy does contain SPOILERS. So please, proceed with caution and do not abuse my ancestors in the comment section for having not warned you. So, getting down to it, here are 8 moments from the movie that knocked the wind out of my lungs and left me a complete mess. 1. Opening 20th Century Fox Electric Guitar Riff The same old track, but with an electric guitar. Oh, my God! It totally set the tone of the movie and I was already psyched. 2. The Recording Of Bohemian Rhapsody & The Argument With Ray Foster © 20th Century Fox The second Freddie plays the opening bars of the song on his piano, in a little room away from everyone, in a desperate attempt to create something different…I kid you not, I got goosebumps. A bit of the recording of this song was shown in the trailer and yes, the 'GALILEO' part is still funny when you watch it on the big screen. Watching Roger Taylor (Ben Hardy) lose his shit as Freddie (Rami Malek) keeps asking him to raise his pitch is f*cking hilarious. The effects they add to the song, while having tons of fun recording, takes you into the dynamics of the band and how much they loved doing what they did. via GIPHY The scene that turned the entire hall into a laughing mess was definitely the one with record executive Ray Foster (Mike Myers), who wants Queen to make commercial music and has issues with their new song 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Of course, the most iconic exchange happens between these two men over the duration of the song. “It goes on forever, six bloody minutes.” To which Freddie replies, “I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever.” BURN! 3. Freddie Coming Out To Mary © 20th Century Fox One of the most emotionally charged scenes in the movie. Freddie, who was already married to Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton, who is also Malek's real-life girlfriend) struggles with his inner conflict and finally blurts out that he thinks he is bisexual, to which Mary replies, “You're gay, Freddie.” © 20th Century Fox What makes this scene so raw and powerful is that it highlights the ever-so-vulnerable yet unbreakable bond these two have. What they feel for each other goes beyond love, and we see it clearly in this scene, as they try to grapple with harsh times. 4. The Creation Of 'We Will Rock You' via GIPHY The band coming together to create the 'anthem' for the people is one of my favourite scenes. Brian May (Gwilym Lee) pitches the idea of creating a song in which the crowd could participate, and then we witness the iconic 'stomp stomp clap' beat come to life. via GIPHY Oh man, I had such a ball headbanging to this when Queen plays the song in a concert. 5. Breaking Up With Paul & Firing Him I hated this character right from the start. He weasels his way into Freddie' life, despite knowing that he was with Mary and tries to create a rift between him and the rest of the band. © 20th Century Fox So, watching Paul (Allen Leech) being tossed aside by Freddie after he realises that his manager was nothing but a blood-sucking parasite in his life, was such a brilliant moment. Freddie calls Paul “a dirty little fruit-fly” who is feasting on what's left of him and tells him to “fly off”. 6. When Freddie Is Diagnosed With HIV AIDS & A Patient Cheers Him Up Freddie finds out that he has been tested positive with AIDS, and we can see his world crash around him as the doctor tells him the diagnosis. However, what broke me is what happened next. Freddie is walking out of the clinic when a young HIV patient sees him and feebly croaks out 'Ay-oh', to which Freddie responds with an affirmative 'Ay-oh'. Oh my God, so powerful. 7. When Freddie Make Amends With His Dad Before The Live Aid Concert Throughout the most part of the movie, Freddie and his father have stark different opinions on how he needs to lead his life. While his father still calls him by his real name- Farrokh, Freddie later goes on to announce that he has officially changed his name throughout the movie to Freddie Mercury. But towards the end, when Freddie is about to leave for the Live Aid Concert, heart still heavy from having learnt about his disease, he makes amends with his father and says “good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Just like you taught me, papa,” after which his father proceeds to hug him tightly. 8. The Iconic Live Aid Concert © 20th Century Fox I don't think words can convey how brilliantly this scene was executed in the movie. I, along with the rest of the audience, was literally swaying and singing along (thanks to the karaoke-like words appearing on the screen). It was like I was there at Wembley! Freddie's emotions as he sings the line “Mama, life had just begun. But now I've gone and thrown it all away” hit me so hard, it took me everything not to start bawling right there on my seat. Of course, when the bars for 'we are the champions' started, I, along with the rest of the people in the theatre, lost my sanity. It was such a powerful performance, especially when the shot cut to Ray Foster for the line 'no time for losers' (Lol, that was so brilliant)! They ended the movie with a powerful punch through this concert. This movie was a gift to me as a musical lover and a Queen fan. It was nothing short of an experience that was a treat to my eyes and ears.
  24. After a 4-day long fashion extravaganza, the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week came to an end. The beautiful artistry involved in the skilful execution of all the garments, as well as the shows, transformed it into an affair to remember in the fashion fraternity. The big cherry on the cake, however, was the finale, which was a celebration of love. The show was dedicated to freedom - the freedom of choice that the LGBT community has only recently acquired because of the landmark ruling regarding the striking down of section 377. Here are 5 never-before-seen moments from the show, that made it one of the most iconic fashion shows ever: 1. For the first time ever, 40 designers came together to showcase their respective work, based on one single celebratory theme. The rainbow was the unifying factor and was presented in the form of 40 different, mindblowing outfits. © Viral Bhayani 2. True to the theme, division based on gender and sexuality didn't cast its shadow on the show. From transgender models to gender-fluid outfits, everything that paves the way for a more inclusive society graced the stage with unmatched beauty. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani 3. From a conceptual view of art and design, there were some never before seen pieces. From Gaurav Gupta's illuminated dress to start off the show to Rajesh Pratap Singh's iconic white dress, that bled rainbow colours as it entered the runway, it was an artistic paradise. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani 4. Never before have we seen such positive energy on a ramp, when all 40 designers walked the ramp as well, accompanied by their respective models and creations. It was nothing short of a party, one that should inspire everyone to embrace their individuality. View this post on Instagram A post shared by MENSXP (@mensxpofficial) on Oct 13, 2018 at 11:09am PDT 5. When designer Suneet Varma kissed his partner/husband Rahul Arora on the runway, we saw a glimpse of freedom in terms of pure, raw, unbridled love. After all, freedom was the celebratory theme! © Viral Bhayani Here are some more pictures from the amazing show: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani
  25. Every time there is an event in the Ambani family, it's less of a family event and more of a grand spectacle that the national media is all too eager to cover, and for good reason. Isha Ambani just got engaged to Anand Piramal, and their engagement was one such occasion, that saw the biggest of names - in and outside of Bollywood- in attendance. Men's fashion was something we kept an eye out for, and honestly, we weren't disappointed. Here are the most notable menswear moments from the lavish engagement: 1. Nick Jonas & Manish Malhotra © Instagram Nick and Manish both looked dapper in black. Nick wore a black bandhgala with matching black trousers, with a grey kurta to give the layering an edgy dimension. Manish decided to keep it basic but classy with white detailing on his black bandhgala. The stunning PC next to them helped, we must say! © Instagram Look at Nick though! Wedding preparations are on we say, as he's clearly preparing himself to rock a traditional Indian ensemble on his own big day. 2. Anil Kapoor © Instagram Mr Kapoor looked classy as ever in a black tux. What can be more appropriate for an engagement ceremony, than a black tux, replete with a gentlemanly bow-tie? © Instagram He doesn't age, does he? What is this sorcery? 3. Anand Ahuja © Instagram Son-in-law Anand Ahuja was equally fashionable, in a classic black bandhgala that he paired with white trousers. 4. Karan Johar & Aamir Khan © Instagram KJo & Mr Perfectionist also decided to go with black. We're in love with Aamir's classy black achkan with white churidaar, and can't get over Karan's calculated maximalism in his black and gold blazer. Also, whoever thinks men can't wear shoes with heels, is clearly mistaken. 5. AR Rahman © Instagram It's a rare sight to catch the maestro clicking a light-hearted selfie. But why would he want to let the moment go, when he's dressed so sharply?