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Found 8 results

  1. Whether you are preparing for a competitive exam or for life, a healthy brain will always help you wherever you go. After all, it is directly related with your success in life. You do not need to devise a military level kind of plan but practising a few healthy habits that you can infuse with discipline in your lifestyle can take you places. Here are few simple ways you can help your brain become more efficient. 1. Eat Healthy © Thinkstock Here in order to help you brain muscles develop, you need to eat food that are high in Vitamin B, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acid. You can have blueberries, carrots, spinach, red grapes, salmon, beans, and lentils plus some leafy vegetables. Drink green tea, red wine, and coffee. You can have a moderate amount of dark chocolate as well. 2. Quit Smoking © Thinkstock Researchers at Tel Aviv measured the IQs of 20,000 men between the ages of 18 and 21 enrolled in the Israeli Army. There they found out that people who smoked more than a pack a day averaged a 90 on their IQ tests, while that for a nonsmoker was 101. From several other studies, it has been concluded that years of tobacco use appears to dull mental performance. It just dims the speed and accuracy of a person's overall thinking ability too. 3. Meditate © Thinkstock Stress not only breaks you at an emotional level but it also damages your brain cells. What do we do to deal with stress? We meditate. There are many apps available for your Android and iPhone that you can install and begin practising with. Here is one for your reference. 4. Just Dance © Thinkstock A recent study done at Colorado State University found a surprising correlation between dancing and strengthening white matter in the brain. The researchers divided a group of people in following categories with a certain task: aerobic walking, aerobic walking + daily nutritional supplement, balance and stretching classes, dance classes. The study found that the group who was involved in dance as an activity maintained the strongest brains. 5. Ditch Sugar Whenever Possible © Thinkstock Make it a thumb rule, as any diet high in sugar can induce inflammation, cause oxidative stress and poor insulin regulation in the body. If you are consuming a diet high in fructose over the long term may then it can alter your brain's ability to learn and remember information. 6. Don't Be Sleep-Deprived © Thinkstock It is very important for you to have enough sleep for your mind to function efficiently. It should be in the cycle of 1.5 hours and should be at least straight 8 hours long. In a study conducted at the University of Luebeck, it was found that individuals who had rested well were three times more likely to figure out the rule for solving the equations than those who did not get enough sleep. If you are having trouble with your sleep pattern then here are some mindful hacks to get a better sleep without oversleeping. 7. Cut Back Your TV Hours © Thinkstock A study conducted at Iowa State University showed that people who watched more than two hours of TV a day were up to twice as likely to be diagnosed with some form of attention disorder such as ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). This majorly occurs due to the amount of rapid-fire stimuli the brain is typically overloaded with while watching television. 8. Exercise © Thinkstock According to Harvard Medical School reports, if you practice Tai Chi, along with yoga, it improves your mental clarity and induces relaxation. Such exercises also help maintain focus, energy, and composure at work. Here are 13 proven ways that can help you develop a laser-like focus. 9. Take Up Swimming © Thinkstock Whenever you hold your breath while swimming it improves the flow of blood to your brain. This way the more oxygen that travels to your brain, the stronger it gets. 10. Consider Taking An HGH Supplement © MR SUPPLEMENT While too much consumption of Human Growth Hormone can be bad, the regulated use of it can help your body to develop. It helps in cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans. As per a study conducted at the University of Washington, it was found that cognitive ability improved 5–7% in people taking HGH supplements, compared to those taking a placebo.
  2. In tonight's final, Ronaldo can join the club´s iconic forward Alfredo di Stefano on five European Cup triumphs. Photo: Reuters KIEV: Cristiano Ronaldo responded to his worst run of domestic form at Real Madrid with a record-smashing scoring...
  3. Samsung has to pay Apple $539 million for infringing a total of five patents with smartphones that were sold by the South Korean company in 2010 and 2011. The legal fight has been taking place for over seven years and the court has finally come to a conclusion. © YouTube The decision was unanimous in the US District Court in San Jose, which is in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The case involved two of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world where the two companies have been in battle since 2011. Samsung will have to pay $533,316,606 for infringing three Apple design patents and the remaining $5,325,050 will be paid for copying two utility patents. “We believe deeply in the value of design, and our teams work tirelessly to create innovative products that delight our customers,” Apple said in a statement given to Bloomberg. “This case has always been about more than money.” Bloomberg pointed out that the jury was trying to determine whether Samsung owed Apple money based on the components that infringed or based on sales of their smartphones. © YouTube Apple initially demanded Samsung to pay $2.5 billion when the lawsuit was first filed in 2011. However, that figure was later reduced to $1 billion in 2012. An appeal in court later ruled Apple could not legally trademark the appearance of the iPhone which resulted in Samsung to play only $548 million in 2015. Samsung and Apple argued in the week-long trial over the meaning of “article of manufacture.” Apple claims that design patents included the look of the entire iPhone design and the article of manufacture being the entire Samsung smartphone. Samsung argues that patents cover very specific parts of the smartphone which includes the bezel, front glass and display. Apple argued that Samsung should compensate with all profits that were made with the smartphones in question whereas Samsung said it should only be forced to pay damages on the value of the three components. Source: Bloomberg
  4. The current government is expected to conclude its five-year term on May 31. Photo: FileISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah announced on Thursday that he would no more meet Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for consultation on the name of...
  5. While we spend our summers looking for discounts on rented ACs, there are some people who probably do something a little less depressing. Shopping, for example. Manish Paul sure is one of them. He was recently spotted with a Limited Edition LV backpack that made us cry looking at our wallets. Manish looked ecstatic as he showed his majestic new acquisition off. Have a look. © Viral Bhayani The super swanky red backpack is a Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher Backpack Epi PM, that is a rare, limited edition piece. The secret behind the neon-like vibrancy of the bag lies in the exclusive durable Epi leather, which debuted as Louis Vuitton's first permanent leather collection in 1985, and goes through a special dying process. The bag has adjustable leather straps, with a matching leather top and flap opening. It debuted at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 menswear show in Paris. © Twitter Now, coming to the price bit. When we say it's exorbitantly priced, we are not exaggerating one bit. It costs a whopping $3900, that is, Rs 2,66,350. You can legit buy a car for that amount. Well, a Nano, but that still counts as a car. Not too shabby, Manish! © Viral Bhayani We like the fact that he has chosen to wear the most basic colours, so that none of our attention is deviated from the red beauty slung over his shoulder in a 'supreme'ly camera friendly manner. The black-grey combo with the white shoes is the perfect accompaniment with that bag. Yes, we believe the clothes qualify as the accessories here, with that bag in the picture. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that, it is a kickass bag to have and we all are jealous, Manish. *opens wallet, cries*
  6. There are many different reasons to build a community. It might be based on your business or a hobby. It may be to talk about your favourite sports team. Whatever the content, the key to success is to engage your community. We've been helping successful communities for over 15 years. During that time, we've picked up a handful of tips that we are going to share with you today. Pick one to try this week and let us know how you get on. Welcome every single member A great way to make members feel welcome at your community is to post a daily or weekly topic welcoming your new members. Post a short message asking them to introduce themselves and tag new members. This will encourage them to start a discussion that others can get involved with. It won't be long before friends are made and what may have been a passing member will be part of your core community. Host a "lurker week" Every few months, host a "Lurker week" where you encourage non-posting members to join in. You can explain the benefits of the community and encourage them to say hello. It's a great way to get people to introduce themselves. Suzi Nelson pioneered this over at Digital Marketer. She created a lurker themed week and was able to activate 44% of her previously inactive members in only five days! Spotlight members you want others to model Often you will see a member do something amazing in the community. Maybe they posted a really good question or perhaps they have been very active and helped many other members. Create a topic about it. Highlight how and why they are an asset they are to the community. This sends a positive message to other members that these kinds of actions will be celebrated. You can even turn this into a weekly or monthly ritual where you celebrate the member of the week or month. Educate about notifications The notifications system in Invision Community is the best way to get return visits. Why not put up a pinned topic in a visible area reminding your members how to get the best from the notification system, and asking them to enable them and follow any interesting forums or topics. This way they won't miss out of any discussion while they're away and as a bonus, they're more likely to return to catch up. Regular Interaction This is a very simple but often overlooked tip. As the community manager your purpose is to facilitate discussion. Make sure you show up regularly and create new discussions as well as reply to existing ones. People are more likely to post if they feel they will get a reply. Often your reply will send off a cascade of more interaction as different facets of the conversions come out. Ask for feedback Members love to be involved in brainstorms and to share their thoughts. Asking for feedback works on two levels. You get great ideas on how to improve your community. It is also a great tactic to get discussion going. Taking action on feedback makes that person feel more invested in your community and will champion it to others. Try and be specific when asking for feedback. Try "How can I increase the level of activity" or "Do you need any articles or topics written on specific subjects". The more specific, the easier it will be for your members to narrow down their thoughts. Be persistent These tips might give your community a short burst of engagement. To build a long lasting and highly engaged community, you have to be persistent and keep at it. The key to building a community is simple: put in the work and care about your members. If your members see how much you care and that you are showing up every day, they are more likely to show up too. Which of these tips are you going to try this week?
  7. Stripe is the most popular payment method in Commerce, allowing communities to take payments by card securely with easy setup. While there's no doubt that credit cards are still the most popular methods of making a payment, digital innovations such as Apple Pay and Bitcoin are increasing in popularity. For 4.3 we've deepened our integration to support some of their latest features. Apple Pay & Google Pay Apple Pay allows users to pay quickly with their iPhone, iPad or Mac (with Safari and either a paired iPhone or using the MacBook Pro with Touch ID) using the card details stored on the device, authenticated with Touch ID or Face ID. Apple Pay Google Chrome (on desktop or Android devices) supports a similar feature allowing users to pay with card details stored in their Google account with Google Pay, or stored in Chrome itself. Paying with card details stored in Google Chrome Both of these features are now supported through Stripe in Invision Community 4.3. Setup is simple - for Apple Pay you simply need to verify that you own your domain by uploading a file you obtain from the Stripe dashboard, and nothing special is needed for Google Pay - and then create the payment method in the AdminCP. Stripe does not charge any additional fees for either option. Commerce will automatically hide the option if the user's device does not support either method. Bitcoin Bitcoin support is also now available. If enabled, after the user chooses the Bitcoin option, the amount to pay is automatically converted into BTC and the user is shown an address to send bitcoins to: Bitcoin Payment Screen After the payment is received, the user will automatically receive an email confirmation. 3D Secure Also known as Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, and other brand names, 3D Secure is a system that is used to verify a customer's identity before purchase is completed and transfers the fraud loss liability from the merchant to the cardholder bank in case of fraudulent disputes. After the user has entered their card details, they are redirected to their bank's website and asked to provide additional verification. Our integration with Stripe in 4.3 now supports this process. A new setting allows you to choose if you want to use 3D Secure just for cards which require it (i.e. cards which would decline the payment if 3D Secure is not completed) or for all cards which optionally support it as well. Amex Express Checkout American Express cardholders can use Amex Express checkout to pay by using their American Express login rather than providing their card information. This is also now supported through Stripe in 4.3. Amex Express Checkout Alipay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL, SOFORT These are popular payment processors internationally (Alipay is popular in China, Bancontact in Belgium, Giropay in Germany, iDEAL in the Netherlands, and SOFORT in several European countries). The checkout experience is similar to PayPal with the user being redirected to the appropriate site, authenticating the payment, and then being redirected back. All of these are also now supported through Stripe in 4.3. Dispute/Chargeback Handling A dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when one a cardholder questions your payment with their card issuer, which causes the funds, plus a fee, to immediately be taken from your account until evidence is provided that the transaction was legitimate. Anyone operating an online store knows how frustrating this experience can be. In 4.3, we've made dealing with this situation a little easier. When a dispute is created, Commerce will now mark the transaction as disputed, which will immediately revoke any benefits from the purchase (for example, if it's for a subscription that moves them into a different group, they will be placed back into their original group; if it's a Downloads file, they won't be able to download it any more; if it's for a physical item that hasn't been shipped yet, the shipping order will be placed on hold). Disputed Transaction All transactions with currently open disputes can be accessed quickly from the transaction list. The transaction page will show you the status and reason for the dispute, and links to your Stripe dashboard where you can respond. When the dispute is resolved, the transaction screen will be updated, with either the transaction being marked as refunded if the dispute is lost, or going back to paid if the dispute is won and the funds returned to you. A dispute that was lost A dispute that was won Radar Radar is Stripe's suite of fraud detection tools using machine learning and customisable rules to help detect fraudulent transactions. Stripe will automatically blocks transactions is considers highest risk already. However, for "elevated" risk transactions, while Stripe would alert you of them so you could review them, Commerce would process the transaction normally. In 4.3, Commerce will place any transactions which Radar reports as having an "elevated" risk level on hold for manual review, so you can decide whether to approve or not before the funds have been captured. In addition, the transaction details screen for Stripe transactions now provides some additional information about Stripe's checks on the transaction, including the Radar risk level, if the CVC check passed, and if the billing address provided matches the card's billing address. If a fraudulent transaction does make it through, you will now have the option to indicate this when refunding the transaction to help Stripe's anti-fraud systems learn.
  8. waqas dar

    Cricket: More Cricket Week talk

    Bangladesh. More death of Test talk. England’s spin. Other cricket things. Go, here, hear. View the full article