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Found 759 results

  1. When Vietjet Air first invited me to Vietnam in December last year, aboard their first flight from Delhi, two very distinct images flashed across my mind. One was of course from Diane Nguyenâs amusing homecoming trip to Hanoi in Season 5 of Bojack Horseman, and second, much more contrastingly, was the gruesome 1972 âNapalm Girlâ from the Vietnam War. Voted as one of the most influential photos of all time, the latter, an iconic war image, shows a nine-year-old girl running unclothed towards the camera, as a bomb burned down her village, then her clothes and then almost half of her skin. View this post on Instagram#Vietjet is the first airline to bring you direct flights from New Delhi to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In just 4 hours, you can start exploring the fine concoction that is Vietnam! Log on to www.vietjetair.com to book your flights today. . . . . #vietjet #vietjetair #vietnam #vietnamtourism #flights #bestdeals #travel #travelphotography #travelgram #instatravel #travelogue #travelling #instatravelling #vacay #vacation #vacationmode #explore #tourism #travelphotography #welltravelled #flight #flightcrew #friendlystaff #directflight #vietnamese #vietnamesefood #hanoi #hanoivietnam #hochiminhcity #hochiminhA post shared by (@vietjetindia) And despite a preset itinerary, I set out to trace their footsteps in my rather bastardly, touristy ways, only to discover something completely unexpected ultimately. FYI neither was I going through a divorce like Diane, nor was my country burning like the Napalm Girlâs (or at least thatâs what I thought while taking off on December 12, 2019). Before we begin, a few quick pointers for the curious: You need a passport with minimum six months validity, with at least two blank pagesEasiest way to get a visa and avoid queues is to apply for visa on arrival online. Upload documents and get the visa within 3-5 working daysIdeal way to travel from Delhi is via a Vietjet flight (https://www.vietjetair.com/Sites/Web/en-US/NewsDetail/news/4109/vietjet-is-a-pioneer-in-launching-2-direct-flights-from-vietnam-to-new-delhi-india) to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. We all know how insane the sale prices were, but otherwise also you can get tickets for under Rs 12,000-15,000 if you plan well(The process isnât too tedious; mine was completed by the organisers, so jokeâs on you, JK) Part 1Coming back to the trip, it kicked off from an airport lounge at Delhiâs Terminal 3 (again arranged by the organisers) with a bunch of fellow journalists and bloggers. The flight to Hanoi took off on time and upon landing early morning, the immigration process was hassle-free as well. We set off on a local sightseeing tour immediately after breakfast, most amazingly in our own bus. We even got our personal tour guide, a 50-something gentleman who was extremely fatherly to say the least. Quick Vietnam socio-geography lesson before we begin: The country is made of three parts primarily â north, central and south. After many years of conflict, the communists finally seemed to rule the entire state before a proxy war started between Russian (pro-communist) and American (pro-capitalist) allied forces, who supported North and South respectively. And although the war ended with a communist victory in 1975, cultural and political differences still exist between the people from both sides. We are in the North right now. First stop: the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Itâs literally got the embalmed body of Ho Chi. Who is Ho Chi? Popularly referred to as Uncle Ho, heâs the Mahatma Gandhi equivalent of Vietnam. He led the independence movement from 1941 onward, defeating the French Union at the Battle of Äiá»n Biên Phủ in 1954, and ending the First Indochina War. Wish we could preserve Gandhiâs body, but we also wish that he was not murdered like he was. (Note: Donât wear short shorts, tank tops or anything non-sanskari) Next stop: The Temple of Literature.Essentially, this near 1000-year old edifice was once a college for the royals and other members of the imperial society. Fun fact: The temples of this variety that are dedicated to Confucius, the Chinese philosopher who advocated personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity, are called Confucian temples. © MensXP/Alshaar From my little understanding of Vietnam till this point (mostly from conversations with the tour guide and locals), it sure appears that a part of Confucius has stayed with them. It remains a communist regime, one of the handful that have survived in the 21st Century. Yet, it is one of the leading economies in South East Asia. Its infrastructure is at least a decade ahead of India and even its manufacturing sector is set to hit targets better. As a society, there is more gender equality in Vietnam and compulsory education policy is quantitatively eight years ahead of India. Moreover, English is their first foreign language and Mandarin is also fashionable. All in all, you would have a better standard of living doing what youâre doing in India right now. Some might struggle with the food though. We had a big lunch at a famous chicken restaurant downtown following the temple visit. And of course, mister tour guide ensured all local culinary delights are spread out on the table. This included heaps of chicken, prawns, shrimps and boiled fish. Vietnamese sauces are not as spicy as their Thai rivals, but youâll love the cuisine if youâre fond of seafood. © MensXP/Alshaar But the coffee is universally loved. Weâre talking about OG Vietnamese coffee; not the coffee + condensed milk pudding that you get in India in the name of Vietnamese coffee. My coffee baptising happened at Café Giang (the founders of egg coffee in 1946), post an hour-long cycle ride around Hoan Kiem Lake & The Old Quarter, where I shared a cigarette with my driver. In sign language, he told me that you can find the stronger stuff in the market too. Not that I necessarily indulged. The coffee, just like all traditional coffee shops in Vietnam, is made with egg. Yes, egg. The main ingredients of the egg coffee are espresso, condensed milk, a little sugar, butter, cheese and egg yolk, resembling a tiramisu in taste. Everything but the coffee is whisked into a creamy foam in a beater (originally in a small cup and by a bamboo whisk), before being poured over the coffee. You get two versions â the hot and the cold â and of course I tried both. After all, how much coffee is too much coffee? Donât listen to me, these two cups were enough. It was a stupid idea, but there was a seat reserved for me at the world-famous Lang Toi human circus in the cityâs opera house. And despite my coffee rush, I was obliged to attend. © MensXP/Alshaar Blame it on the caffeine, but the acrobatics and gymnastics, the stories of the village, the portrayal of innocent love, of seasons, of women, of men, of children, are scintillating, often leaving the jaw dropped, more often the heart stopped . After the 70-minute show, the group of 20-odd even escorts you out of the auditorium with music originating from the clapping of bamboo sticks. The night ended with another wholesome local meal, at Grandma Restaurant, before we ventured out to explore the nightlife at the Hanoi Night Market, very close to the Old Quarter. The streets are lined with tiny bars and pubs. A beer can costs around Rs 60-70 and Hanoi is a must-try. There are local breweries in other parts of the city too, but I was at my touristy max and wonât have much to offer to the discerning taste buds. © MensXP/Alshaar Back at the hotel though, my not-so-touristy instincts took me back to the Diane place. I somewhat managed to relive her experience, squeezing so much into one day, and still felt the same kind of cultural emptiness that she experiences, despite being here for some kind of enlightenment or higher gain. Part 2But the trip would then take me to exactly where she went next: Ha Long Bay, and marked a completely new dawn. © MensXP/Alshaar Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, around 180km east of Hanoi. The bus took around four hours to reach the boarding point of the ferry, which then carried us inside the waters of this astounding archipelago of around 2,000 limestone karsts and isles that come in various shapes and sizes. The limestone in this bay has undergone 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments. And in the land where even prehistoric humans might have existed, we paid them a fitting tribute by getting drunk. The ferry had a variety of wonderful prawns and fishes on offer as we drank the afternoon away. © MensXP/Alshaar At the farthest end of the waters, marked by the Luon Cave, was a dock that hosted activities like kayaking and snorkelling. Iâm not a swimmer but the beer helped conquer the nerves and we saw the sun go down from kayaking in this gorgeously vestigial part of the South China Sea. Part 3Following another big local meal and a late night of beer drinking, we flew Vietjet to Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon) the next afternoon (of course, we got another tour bus and a rather puffed-up tour guide). This now is South Vietnam, where a large chunk of action happened during the Vietnam War. But again, the packed itinerary meant our tired souls needed a quieter evening, in order to resume the hardcore sightseeing on the final day in the city. But a dramatic turn of events later I was hooked to my Twitter feed, reading up on the police brutalities that took place in the Jamia Millia Islamia campus that day. The conversation about selective targeting of Muslims was now peaking, days after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in the Parliament as an Act. As most people know by now, it allows all non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to seek citizenship in India, and when clubbed with the National Register of Citizens (NRC), has invoked fears of Muslims being put in detention camps, like it happened in Assam in 2019. Night transitioned to day, and I was now in the Vietnam War Museum. The news from India kept developing. Protests were aplenty and the âapoliticalâ on my feed had also begun participating. The right-wing of course had hardened further. © MensXP/Alshaar Inside the four-storey museum was an account of the gruesome consequences of the Vietnam War. It told tales of the generations of people affected by bio-chemical weapons, the massacres committed by the American army on innocent Vietnamese villagers, and most remarkably, in the middle of a series of tear jerking pictures was the Napalm Girl. It represents the lowest of human actions and the most inhuman nature of their ramifications. And as details of police brutalities emerged from the Jamia violence, the metaphor could not be clearer. Our last and final stop on the trip was at the Cu Chi tunnels. The now restored forests spurted out thousands of arms and artillery at the time of being vetted post war. Another metaphor? The tunnels, used by anti-America soldiers as hiding spots during combat, emerged as symbols of resistance and the battle for liberation. They also served as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous North Vietnamese fighters. The tunnel systems were of great importance to the fighters in their resistance to American forces, and helped to counter the growing American military effort, according to my tour guide. With this as the last conversation and a heavy heart from all the violence in India, we headed back to the airport and landed in India via the second direct Vietjet flight route. I was supposed to write this travelogue immediately after, but the protests kept me occupied, psychologically, when not physically. Despite being there, I couldnât help being apologetic about my privilege. Just like Cu Chi though, Shaheen Bagh emerged as Indiaâs biggest hotspot of resistance. And just like the strong women soldiers of Cu Chi, whose videos are proudly screened for visitors, the women of Delhi have spearheaded Indiaâs battle for true democracy. At the end of the dimly lit tunnel that India traversing right now, the protestors represent a rare glimmer. Of the many lessons that can be learnt from Vietnam, one is that there is no winner in a war. And the second, in very Bojack Horseman-esque manner is: âIt gets easier. Every day, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day â thatâs the hard part.â The fight to regain Indiaâs original fabric is going to be long, and more strength to the ones showing up every day. View the full article
  2. As India gears up for Republic Day tomorrow, anticipations run high for what promises to be an important and momentous parade ceremony - although with over 10,000 security personnel assigned to cover the event, itâs also one of the countryâs most extensive displays of armed and even digitized security forces throughout its history. Controversial Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro happens to be this yearâs chief guest, and according to DCP (New Delhi Zone) Eish Singhal, special security arrangements have been made to accommodate him and his entourage. © Reuters âWe have a four-layer security arrangement. Inner, middle, outer and one along the border areas across the national capital,â Singhal said, adding that drones will also be deployed. âAround 5,000 to 6,000 Delhi Police personnel have been deployed in New Delhi district along with 50 companies of paramilitary forces.â No traffic will be allowed on Rajpath from Vijay Chowk to India Gate from 6 pm on Saturday till the parade gets over on Sunday. Access to Rajpathâs main zone will continue to be cut off till 12 PM on Sunday with several facial recognition cameras deployed around the area to help identify and apprehend potential suspects during the event. âWe have intensified patrolling in public places. Group patrolling, night patrolling and vehicle checking is being carried out with the help of Central Armed Police Forces. Frisking at metro stations, railway stations, airports and bus terminals has also been tightened,â a senior police official said. Along with the heightened patrols, the police have also instructed hotel staff, taxi and autorickshaw drivers to stay alert. âTenant and servant verification, border checking, security of vital installations, malls and markets, patrolling in heavy footfall areasâ were among the anti-terror measures listed by police officials. View the full article
  3. As the Delhi Elections loom ever closer, one of the fiercest campaign battlefields is turning out to be Twitter, rather unsurprisingly. Yesterday evening, the BJP Twitter account decided to highlight party President Amit Shahâs statements criticising the AAP governmentâs recently advertised free Wi-Fi scheme. à¤à¥à¤à¤°à¥à¤µà¤¾à¤² à¤à¥ à¤à¤ªà¤¨à¥ à¤à¤¹à¤¾ था à¤à¤¿ पà¥à¤°à¥ दिलà¥à¤²à¥ मà¥à¤ फà¥à¤°à¥ Wi-Fi à¤à¤° दà¥à¤à¤à¤¾à¥¤ मà¥à¤ रासà¥à¤¤à¥ मà¥à¤ Wi-Fi ढà¥à¤à¤¢à¤¤à¥ हà¥à¤ à¤à¤¯à¤¾ हà¥à¤, लà¥à¤à¤¿à¤¨ बà¥à¤à¤°à¥ à¤à¤¤à¥à¤® हॠà¤à¤ मà¤à¤° Wi-Fi नहà¥à¤ मिला: शà¥à¤°à¥ @AmitShah pic.twitter.com/oTEfBkbOPA â BJP Delhi (@BJP4Delhi) January 23, 2020 âKejriwal-ji, you said that I will make free Wi-Fi in all of Delhi. I came on the way looking for Wi-Fi - the battery ran out but could not find the Wi-Fi.â Mere hours later however, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwalâs Twitter account hit back with a quick-witted reply. सर, हमनॠफ़à¥à¤°à¥ wi-fi à¤à¥ साथ साथ फ़à¥à¤°à¥ बà¥à¤à¤°à¥ à¤à¤¾à¤°à¥à¤à¤¿à¤à¤ à¤à¤¾ भॠà¤à¤à¤¤à¤à¤¼à¤¾à¤® à¤à¤° दिया हà¥à¥¤ दिलà¥à¤²à¥ मà¥à¤ 200 यà¥à¤¨à¤¿à¤ बिà¤à¤²à¥ फ़à¥à¤°à¥ हà¥à¥¤ https://t.co/eCe51evCFz â Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) January 24, 2020 âSir, we have also arranged free battery charging along with free Wi-Fi. Delhi has 200 units of electricity free of cost,â quipped Kejriwal, pointing towards the recent power subsidies that have made his party hugely popular in the capital. Several users followed suit, as the post gained more traction through the afternoon: WiFi ka password hai: AccountMein15lakhAaGaye Amit Shah ne password daala hi nahi toh wifi kaise connect hota â Kapil (@kapsology) January 24, 2020 pic.twitter.com/BsRackQjYu â Rishi (@Rishi04798295) January 24, 2020@AmitShah Amit sir, 50 car ke kafila n jammer ko hatake aam insan ki tarah nikalte to wifi bhi milta n charging station bhi.Jammer me net kaise ayga?apne bola tha kaha h cctv camera lakin baad me dikhaya tha na @msisodia sir ne cctv footage apka â BharatMataKiJai (@NirankushKejri1) January 24, 2020Really Sri Kejriwal has made his state example for other CM by relaxing 200 units electricity unit free for Delhi consumers. He is really god father for Delhi residents. He has done what he has committed not fake like jumla party. â B. B. Mohanty (@bibhukhusi) January 24, 2020.@AmitShah à¤à¤ª à¤à¥à¤°à¥à¤¨à¥à¤²à¥à¤à¥ समà¤à¤¿à¤, पहलॠबिà¤à¤²à¥ फà¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¤°à¥à¤à¤à¥, फिर wifi लà¤à¤µà¤¾ à¤à¤° डाà¤à¤¾ फà¥à¤°à¥ दà¥à¤à¤à¥à¥¤ ताà¤à¤¿ à¤à¤ªà¤à¥ à¤à¤à¤à¤°à¤¨à¥à¤ à¤à¤° à¤à¤¾à¤°à¥à¤à¤¿à¤à¤ दà¥à¤¨à¥ à¤à¥ सà¥à¤µà¤¿à¤§à¤¾ मिल सà¤à¥à¥¤ â Vivek Gupta (@30guptavivek) January 24, 2020बाà¤à¥ राà¤à¥à¤¯à¥à¤ मॠà¤à¤¨à¤à¥ भà¤à¥à¤¤à¥à¤ सॠपà¥à¤à¥ तॠà¤à¤¹à¤¤à¥ हॠ70 साल à¤à¤¾ à¤à¤à¤°à¤¾ हॠसाफ़ à¤à¤°à¤¨à¥ मॠसमय तॠलà¤à¥à¤à¤¾! यहॠभà¤à¥à¤¤ दिलà¥à¤²à¥ मॠ: यॠà¤à¥à¤¯à¥ नहà¥à¤ हà¥à¤? वॠà¤à¥à¤¯à¥ नहà¥à¤ हà¥à¤? वाह रॠदà¥à¤à¤²à¥ ð¤¦ââï¸ð¤¦ââï¸ð¤¦ââï¸ à¤à¤¿à¤¤à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤¾à¤® à¤à¥à¤à¤°à¥à¤µà¤¾à¤² नॠ5 साल मॠà¤à¤° लिठवॠतà¥à¤® à¤à¤¿à¤à¤¦à¤à¥ मॠना à¤à¤° सà¤à¤¤à¥! Only AAP for future of India ð®ð³ð®ð³ ð®ð³ â Anup Agrawal (@anupagrawal23) January 23, 2020With only 15 days to go for Delhiâs elections, Kejriwal is hoping that recent populist measures, such as free power, water subsidies and system improvements along with education reforms will make this year a clean sweep win for the AAP. His last (and first) elections in 2015 led to the party winning a resounding 76 of 80 seats. Meanwhile, the BJP has resorted to contradictory measures - simultaneously criticising while looking to one-up AAPâs promises. Kejriwalâs BJP counterpart Manoj Tiwari recently claimed that his party would offer âfive times moreâ to the people of Delhi. Hot air or genuine campaigning? Weâll just have to see. View the full article
  4. In 2019, the Kerala government had announced that it'll make the entire state, especially its tourist destinations, disabled-friendly by 2021. A program started by Kerala's tourism's Barrier-Free Tourism Project has now received global recognition as the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) made a special mention about Kerala for the Emerging Global Destination in the Accessible Destination Awards 2019. © Twitter Well, the special mention was in place for Kerala being the first to work as per the UNWTO guidelines for making tourist destinations disabled-friendly and we surely do need these places in numbers, across the country. The recognition though was for the implementation of the project in Thrissur, which is India's first disabled-friendly destination to win the honour. The award is given by the World Tourism Organization and ONCE Foundation that works for people with disabilities. The awards at the Spanish capital were given away as part of FITUR Trade Fair, which is a meeting point for tourism professionals the world over and is the second-biggest global gathering of travel and tourism professionals. In March last year, Kerala introduced the barrier-free project in order to make at least 120 destinations within the state disabled-friendly. In October, Kerala Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran had said that 98 destinations out of the 120 tourist spots across the state which were identified for the first phase have already been made completely disabled-friendly. Thrissur was amongst the first only because it's the cultural capital of Kerala, one of the first few destinations in the state, to create the complete infrastructure in all its destinations like Azhikode and Snehatheeram, the hill destination of Vilangankunnu and the scenic dams in Poomala and Vazhani. © Twitter The upcoming project include Chavakkad Beach, Peechi and Thumboormuzhi. The facilities include ramps, accessible toilets, lactation rooms, Braille pamphlets, signage, touch-screen kiosks, audio and sign aids, wheelchairs and walking aids. They have been made available in major tourist destinations in the district. Hailing the achievement, Kerala Tourism Minister Shri Kadakampally Surendran said, âWe deserve this honour. It will enhance Keralaâs reputation as a global tourist destination.â While Kerala tourism is working towards making all its tourist destinations travel friendly for disabled people, we only hope more states in India come forward and implement progressive and infrastructural and viable structures for the differently-abled. This is a great project initiated by Kerala and we hope by 2021 the entire state caters to disabled people through its tourism. View the full article
  5. Cricketing legends Virender Sehwag and Shoaib Akhtar canât seem to get over their India-Pakistan rivalry despite having faced each other on the field years ago. Talking about the former Pakistani pacer appreciating the Indian cricket teamâs effort during the last few years, Sehwag said the following during an event in 2016: "Shoaib Akhtar's become a good friend of ours as he needs business in India so he has to praise us. If you look at any Shoaib Akhtar interview, you'll notice he's saying so many things in praise of India which he would not have said in his playing days." Addressing Sehwagâs comments from over three and a half years ago, Akhtar said: âI have more maal (money) than you have baal (hair) on your head.â âIf you are not able to fathom that I have such high followers, then understand it. It has taken me 15 years to become Shoaib Akhtar. Yes, I have a huge fan following in India, but I criticised them when they did not play well in the first ODI against Australia," he said on his YouTube channel. "Just tell me one Pakistan YouTuber who does not praise India when their team does well. Ramiz Raja, Shahid Afridi all praise Indian side when they do well. Tell me one thing, isn't it right that the Men in Blue are in fact the number one side in the world, isn't it right that Kohli is the number one batsman in the world," Akhtar said. "I do not understand what is the problem people have when I am giving my opinion on matters related to cricket. I have played for Pakistan for 15 years, I am not famous for just doing the YouTube thing. I was the fastest bowler in the world," he added. On January 29, 2020, Akhtar will complete one year since he began his YouTube channel and is well on his way to having over two million subscribers by February end. In his videos, the âRawalpindi Expressâ shares his opinion on the happenings all around the cricketing world. However, the videos of him talking about India and the Men in Blue have significantly more views than the rest of his videos. On numerous occasions in the past Sehwag and Akhtar have said that they have become good friends ever since moving away from their cricketing careers and have had multiple conversations debating and sharing their thoughts of various games as well. View the full article
  6. Game streaming is being touted as the future for the industry and companies like Google and Microsoft have already invested heavily in game streaming infrastructure. Microsoft extended the preview of Project xCloud for Indian users and other regions, however it is currently still in the beta stage. While Google Stadia is officially available to use in the US and UK, the platform has suffered a rocky launch due to some missing features and lack of third-party games. Microsoft, on the other hand, is going all-in by adding even more games to the service at no extra cost and already boasts a larger library than Google Stadia. © Microsoft and Google Project xCloudâs recent addition of Destiny 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sid Meier's Civilization VI amongst 12 other new games, brings the total number of games in the library to 80+. Whatâs impressive is that Microsoftâs streaming service has not even officially launched yet, while Google Stadia is currently available to purchase in the US and UK. © Microsoft However, while streaming services are the future of gaming, Google Stadia currently lacks a comprehensive library that can make people switch from traditional consoles. Game streaming will be an important service in countries like India and other Asian regions. If you want to know why, you can read our detailed feature here. © Youtube_Gaming Zone As of now, Google Stadia is currently not available in India or in any other region for that matter, apart from the aforementioned countries. Microsoft, on the other hand, has already opened up its services for preview in every region that has Xbox Live support. It is disappointing to see that Google Stadia still lacks a comprehensive library after launch and things are going to get even harder when the new consoles will launch in Holiday 2020. Having said that, Google has already announced that the service will be adding more than a hundred games in 2020. By the time Google Stadia users get more games to play on the service, we would already have the next generation of consoles by Xbox and PlayStation. Regardless of which streaming services people use, it all boils down to the library of games available and which will offer more value. Currently, as it stands, Microsoftâs Project xCloud offers more value due to the number of playable games for the service. With the Xbox Series X launch scheduled for later this year, we can expect Microsoft to expand the service even more for their users to gain an upper hand over their competitors. View the full article
  7. We can call Varun Dhawan the most bankable B-town celebrity. A quick look at his style and you would see that he has the most-sought, fuss-free fashion game. Be it for the promotions or at the airport, Varun's wardrobe is what every guy would love to have too. We have to give to his stylists, Priyanka & Kazim AKA The Vainglorious who create every look with ease and total finesse. © Viral Bhayani The latest instance made us fall in love with his style a bit more. Varun slayed the casual outfit like never before as he was seen elevating his debonair with ripped shorts coupled with long black boots. He pulled it off quite effortlessly but wearing shorts with boots is unbelievably the best thing we have seen today. View this post on Instagram ðµHey-hey-hey-hey Beware of the Diamond Dogsðµ Tee - @Botter_Paris Shoes - @RepresentClo from @UJ_NG Sunglasses - @Balenciaga Assisted by @shradhapamnani @priyanka2.0 #VarunDhawan #BenjiAndKenzo #StreetDancer #Botter #Represent #Balenciaga #Bottermania #Wrestlemania #PunkRockOrBretHart #DavidBowie #DiamondDogs A post shared by Priyanka & Kazim (@the.vainglorious) on Jan 12, 2020 at 10:03pm PST © Viral Bhayani Shorts are a casual essential. In addition to that, a pair of long, patent leather boots can instantly change its appearance. It lends a unique aesthetic to any ensemble. You can easily dress up for any causal event since these boots are super versatile and fashionable. At first, boots and shorts combination might seem odd to you, but when you couple it with the right sort of colours, an ultra-stylish repertoire is just a step away! © Viral Bhayani One of the easiest ways to wear a pair of shorts would be with a T-shirt. Varun rather took an unconventional route and teamed the ripped shorts with a quirky graphic tee and layered it with a leather jacket. This is truly a masterstroke and adds more to the laid-back feel of this look. © Viral Bhayani At the moment, Varun is promoting his upcoming movie Street Dancer 3D starring Shraddha Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Prabhu Deva. It's all set to release on 24th January 2020. The overall ensemble has a sleek edge to it and is definitely a fail-safe way to team shorts and boots together. This is really well put, Varun. Kudos to you! View the full article
  8. U-19 head coach Ijaz Ahmed. Photo: ReutersPakistan's U-19 head coach Ijaz Ahmed believes that his side carries more passion than India, which could prove the difference when the two young sides face each other in the World Cup, which is to begin on January 17 in South Africa. "India have a very good cricket system and it is organised but I know that we have more passion than them when we play against each other. That is why we beat them in the semi-finals of the recent Asian Emerging Nations Cup," Ijaz is quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India. "Even in the past, we defeated India because of our greater passion and this time, too, I know that the passion of our players will prevail over them, although they have a very strong outfit," he added. Read more: U-19 captain Rohail Nazir confident ahead of departure for World Cup When asked whether India will have an upper hand, having played a four-nation tournament in South Africa, the head coach disagreed. "Our players have also trained hard in Lahore and we have played around 11 matches. We will also reach South Africa nine days before the World Cup and we have some practice games so I think our preparations are also very good for the tournament," he said. Read more: Misbah, Waqar offer parting advice to World Cup-bound U-19 team The coach did not express any disappointment or bitterness at being deprived of teenage pacer Naseem Shah. "There was no controversy at all. The way we now see things is that you can't expect an MBA to sit in BA exams. That is how we look at Naseem Shah. He has made the grade for Pakistan and now he should be performing for the senior team," said the head coach. Instead, he backed several more of his charges, including captain Rohail Nazir, to eventually graduate to the senior team. "We have a couple of exciting young talents in the ranks. I expect Rohail and Haider to play for the senior team in two to three year's time ... they are that good," he said.
  9. Deepika Padukoneâs much-talked-about movie Chhapaak has finally hit the screens today and her husband Ranveer Singh is all praises for his talented wife's stellar performance as Malti in the movie. Even before its release, Chhapaak generated a lot of buzz and just the trailer alone left everyone in awe of Deepika and her incredible acting. Ranveer, recently, took to social media after watching Chhapaak and joined the chorus of people hailing Deepika. In his post, Ranveer did not hold back from being emotional in praising his wife and stated how Deepikaâs performance moved him completely. He took to Instagram to write a long, heartfelt note for Deepika and director Meghna Gulzar. Praising Meghna, he wrote, âMeghna, your film gives the audience hope and courage. It shows you the best and worst of humanity in a kaleidoscopic cinematic spectrum. It elucidates a subject that weâve only ever heard of but never really fully understood. It offers a definitive and insightful deep-dive into the horrific gamut of acid violence. The story shakes you to your core and then lifts you heroically until your emotions soar. Talvar, Raazi and now Chhapaak..may I say Bravo!â He then went on to praise Deepika for the strength that she displayed for her role as Malti. It could not have been easy, in any way, for Deepika to play the role of an acid attack victim on the big screen, emotionally and physically, and Ranveer acknowledged his wife's efforts to create this masterpiece. He wrote, âMy baby. Iâve witnessed you toil relentlessly to create this special piece of work. Youâve been an engine behind the project, and are the soul of the film. This is the most important instalment in your body of work. You laboured with such honesty in intent and action. You dug deep and fought through your challenges, faced your fears, overcame your struggles and today you and your team stand triumphant as the creators of one of the films of our times. Your performance is way more than everything I thought it could and would be. Itâs moved me, stirred me and stayed with me. You blended strength with vulnerability and lent dignity to an immensely complex portrayal in such a fine manner that Iâm simply awestruck at your craft. It's staggering and astonishing what youâve achieved with Malti. A glowing gem in your repertoire. I love you, baby. Iâve never been more proud of you. @deepikapadukone #chhapaakâ added Ranveer. Check out the post: View this post on InstagramMeghna, your film gives the audience hope and courage. It shows you the best and worst of humanity in a kaleidoscopic cinematic spectrum. It elucidates a subject that weâve only ever heard of but never really fully understood. It offers a definitive and insightful deep-dive into the horrific gamut of acid violence. The story shakes you to your core and then lifts you heroically until your emotions soar. Talvar, Raazi and now Chhapaak..may I say âBravo!â And âEncore!â â¤ï¸ My baby. Iâve witnessed you toil relentlessly to create this special piece of work. Youâve been an engine behind the project, and are the soul of the film. This is the most important instalment in your body of work. You laboured with such honesty in intent and action. You dug deep and fought through your challenges, faced your fears, overcame your struggles and today you and your team stand triumphant as the creators of one of the films of our times. Your performance is way more than everything I thought it could and would be. Itâs moved me, stirred me and stayed with me. You blended strength with vulnerability and lent dignity to an immensely complex portrayal in such a fine manner that Iâm simply awestruck at your craft. Its staggering and astonishing what youâve achieved with Malti. A glowing gem in your repertoire. I love you baby. Iâve never been more proud of you. @deepikapadukone #chhapaakA post shared by (@ranveersingh) Ranveer and Deepikaâs photos from the special screening of the movie have been going viral. © Viral Bhayani Deepika got the loudest cheer from her actor-husband Ranveer, who showered her with hugs and kisses on the red carpet. Check out the video here: View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@viralbhayani) Talking about the movie, Deepika, as Malti, initiates the conversation on completely banning the sale of acid, besides portraying the immense struggle in the life of an acid attack survivor and has done a stellar job in Chhapaak. The movie has hit the screens today. Are you planning on catching a screening? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  10. If you have been wanting to get a VR headset that doesnât make you look weird, Panasonic may have an answer for you. The Japanese company launched a new VR headset that has a very steampunk vibe and looks less bulky than any VR headset we have seen until now. image 2 Panasonic claims that it is âthe worldâs first HDR UHD virtual reality eyeglassesâ and are the most advanced glasses ever made. The design of the VR headset certainly reminds us of a pair of sunglasses and is very different from the usual VR headset we have seen so far. image 3 The company says that with the growth of 5G, it can expand the uses of the VR glasses. Panasonic said in a press release, âWith the anticipation of the forthcoming full-fledged commercial services of the fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications system, a number of new services using VR glasses are expected to be offered, including for VR sports viewing and engaging virtual travel experiences.â Panasonicâs VR glasses sport a 1.3-inch OLED panel for each eye and can deliver a picture resolution of 2560 x 2560. The VR glasses need to be connected to a PC which means it does not have any on-board processing capabilities. image 1 The current VR glasses weigh around 300g which may sound heavier than usual but Panasonic is going to reduce the weight by half for the final product. Currently, the VR glasses are in the prototype stage which means there is no telling when the final product will be available to purchase. VR headsets are mostly used in virtual experiences and gaming. Currently, there are a plethora of games available on Steam that support VR and in 2020 we expect even more games to release with virtual reality support. Would you buy Panasonicâs less bulky VR glasses? What do you think of the design and how does it compare to VR headsets youâve seen before? Let us know in the comments. View the full article
  11. Geo.tv/FilesSix more polio cases have been detected in the country among which two have surfaced in Sindh, confirmed the province's Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) on Thursday. The overall tally of reported polio cases across the country has reached to 134 this year, including 91 cases in KP, 24 cases in Sindh, eight in Punjab and 11 in Balochistan. A three-year-old child, the first case of Sindh, was reported in union council Lalu Raunk of Qambar, reported APP. According to the parents, the child did receive oral polio vaccine but no routine immunization or IPV. These cases fall in last year's tally based on the date of detection of the virus in the children. Another polio case pertained to that of a 12-year-old boy from Sehwan of district Jamshoro. The boy was tested for the polio virus after he complained of weakness in his facial muscles. Two girls were infected by polio virus in Punjab's Dera Ghazi Khan District. The cases of the girls, one aged six months and the other a year old, were confirmed by the concerned authorities. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, taking notice of the matter, summoned a report from the Ministry of Health regarding the virus. CM Buzdar also urged concerned departments to work hard to get rid of the crippling disease. Two more polio cases surfaced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa taking the province's tally to 91. KP's Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) for Polio said that a two-year-old boy from Dera Ismail Khan and nine-month-old girl from Lakki Marwat's tehsil Sari Naurang, have been affected by the polio virus. The centre's spokesperson said routine immunisation coverage remains to be a major challenge that was further aggravated due to long gap in door to door campaigns last year. It was claimed that National EOC and Sindh EOC were trying to fight back and get polio eradication on track so as to reverse the trend.
  12. It's hard to remember the moment when the words following jana gana mana… became second nature to me. Was it the preparatory school teacher who worked her magic and helped me commit the entire composition to memory when I couldn't even remember all the letters in my full name? Or was it even earlier than that, when Ma would sing it aloud at home and urge me to repeat the song of the nation after her? © BBC For most of us, recollecting the exact moment when our mind gave way to the national anthem verbatim, is a rather difficult one. But you see, that's how it's been. It was the mind that caught onto the words, while the heart was kept out of the loop from the start. We know our rashtriya gaan by heart, but is our heart in it? © Twitter Today, nobody needs to be told twice that we ought to stand up for the national anthem, that there are proper times and places for one to play/sing it, that the national anthem demands a certain kind of respect and that most people expect fellow Indians to show that respect, especially when in public. The national anthem is a big deal and here's why. A national anthem is the song of the people. Often soaked in patriotic fervour, the anthem is representative of a country's history, culture, tradition, and beliefs. Therefore, it becomes an emblem of national identity and is held dear by citizens and the government alike. © Rediff The national anthem is so powerful that it can bring an entire nation together with one song, reminding them of their country's glory and heritage. The anthem is used to evoke pride and feelings of belongingness and unity when sung by one and all, regardless of their caste, creed or gender. But there is more. © YouTube What makes India and our national anthem all the more invaluable is the fact that the subcontinent is known for its diversity; be it ethnic, religious, linguistic or even cultural. For ages, India has shown the world how a hundred contradictions can exist peacefully together, living and building a greater nation in harmony. India's national anthem literally spells it all out. Here is what our national anthem means, literally. You are the ruler of the minds of all people, Dispenser of India's destiny. Your name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat and Maratha, Of the Dravida and Odisha and Bengal; It echoes in the hills of Vindhya and the Himalayas, Mingles in the music of Ganga and Yamuna and is chanted by The waves of the Indian sea. They pray for your blessings and sing your praise. The saving of all people waits in your hand, You are the dispenser of India's destiny. Victory, victory, victory to you. It's a hymn to India, the pride and joy of every individual who lives on its land, breathes its free air and collectively works to bring more glory to its name. There is no distinction between those who call India their motherland, their homeland, their home. © Twitter Perhaps understanding the true essence of our anthem will remind us to put all else beyond our limited scope of worldview and come together to celebrate our country's greatest strength - we are all for this country, this country is for us all. View the full article
  13. Deepika Padukone's upcoming film Chhapaak has hit the headlines once again but this time it's falling into trouble. According to reports, Laxmi Agarwal's lawyer, Aparna Bhat, has decided to sue the makers for not mentioning her name in the film. Chhapaak is based on Laxmi's life and struggles in which Deepika plays the titular role of an acid attack survivor. The film also features Vikrant Massey alongside Deepika. Recently, Bhat took to her social media account to express her disappointment. She mentioned that the makers of the film didn't given her due credit for her work as she played a pivotal role in getting justice to Laxmi and that she is "deeply disturbed post watching the film." Bhat, on her Facebook post, wrote, “Have never been the one to demand attention to my work. Deeply disturbed by the turn of events post watching Chhapaak. Compelled to take legal action to protect my identity and preserve my integrity. I represented Laxmi in her criminal trial in Patiala House Courts... tomorrow someone will represent me in my cause... Ironies of life." Later, the advocate wrote another post thanking people who were coming out in her support. “I thank all my friends who endorsed my contribution and challenged team Chhapaak in failing to say 'Thank you!'. I cannot match the powers of these mighty producers of Bollywood but keeping quiet will further endorse injustice. I have decided to take my cause to the next level. Ready to face the consequences," she wrote. The controversies around the much-awaited film is only seeming to increase with each day. Earlier on Tuesday night, there was a huge controversy around Deepika's visit to JNU to show solidarity with the students who were attacked by masked mob on Sunday night. Some even called her visit a publicity stunt. The film, directed by Meghna Gulzar, marks Deepika's first production venture and is scheduled to release on January 10. View the full article
  14. Ronaldo vs Messi, Messi vs Ronaldo...for football fans, the debate is as ageless and classic as the debate on which tastes better, Coca Cola or Pepsi. There's no clear cut answer to this conundrum. © Giphy Say what you will about the two, you simply cannot dismiss one thing - that as far as style is concerned, he has a leg up over the little maestro. From some really zany hairstyles to insanely pricey and rare watches, the man seems to have a penchant for the finer things in life. © Instagram/cristiano In fact, we did a quick check, and it turns out, Cristiano has a soft spot for timepieces. Who knew that the Juventus forward would be a bona fide horologist? © Instagram/cristiano The latest watch that he was spotted wearing, a piece that he recently gifted himself, is truly a thing to behold. The particular watch that he is wearing is the GMT Master Ice from Rolex, the most expensive watch they offer. © Reuters Made entirely from 18 karat white gold, the watch's face is embellished with numerous tiny diamonds. There are real diamonds on the strap as well - all in all, Cristiano is carrying about 30 carats of diamonds just on his wrist. © Instagram/rolexenthusiastsociety The watch, in its most rudimentary form, is a classic and is more familiar to commoners as the GMT Master II, or the Pepsi watch as it is known, thanks to its red and blue bezels. © Rolex The Master Ice, apart from being one heck of a way to flex some style muscles, is also a very capable watch, considering its bedazzled glory. Being a watch with Rolex's 2186 calibre, it has a self-winding mechanical movement and has been certified as a chronograph. The watch is also capable of working flawlessly well and precise, even at a depth of 100 metres. Considering how most watches conk out at a depth beyond 50 metres, this is quite impressive. © Rolex The price of all this sophistication and panache? Well, it's expensive. Very expensive, actually. The watch retails for about $485,350, or Rs 3,49,000 (that's Rs 3 Crore and 49 Lakh). Add about 30 per cent for the cumulative import duties, cess charges and other tariffs, and you are looking at an eye-watering figure of Rs 4.5 Crore, which still is a conservative estimation. © Hodinkee For that amount of money, you can easily afford a 6 bedroom villa in Delhi, considering that you play your cards right. Heck, you can even buy a small island off the coast of Scotland, for that amount and still have lakhs to spare. We kid you not, the island of Little Ross, in the United Kingdom, is listed for just over $425,000. © Wiki Commons That being said, we would actually go for the watch. A piece that flashy and elegant, at the same time? Definitely the watch. View the full article
  15. Oh yes, waking up wrapped around in your cozy blanket, three hours later than your normal wake-up time, staying in bed to finish your favourite web-series instead of doing laundry and deal with the dirty dishes, skipping showers on weekends, wait what? Just me then… hmm. Do you feel that your productivity during the winters goes way down as compared to warmer days? Well, you are not the only one. In fact, research shows that January is the least productive month of the year. But why is it that we feel exhausted or out of energy during the winters? Is it all in our head or do physical factors actually affect us in ways that make us in this season? via GIPHY Turns out there is one thing and one thing alone (outside of our psyche) that is to be blamed for not letting us go to the gym like we used to in summers and that is: the sun. According to physician Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the smaller days and lack of sunlight that the winters bring along with them have a direct impact on a person's mood and the ability to make things happen. Dr. Ashton says that sunlight affects your circadian rhythm or your internal clock. This changes the serotonin levels in your brain. via GIPHY The National Institute of Mental Health (USA) states that the changes in the serotonin levels in your brain leads to various symptoms such as lethargy, losing interest in activities you normally loved to do and yes, the temptation to crawl under a bulky blanket. While productivity goes down for everyone, it is found that people working from 9-5 get affected the most. When they leave for work in the morning, the sun isn't out yet and on their way back, it has already set. So they are missing out on all the goodness of serotonin that the sun has to offer. via GIPHY And hence as the time passes, and your serotonin levels continue to go down and your become less and less productive. This seasonal lapse in productivity is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). “We have a tendency to want to blame everything on psychological causes,” Dr. Norman Rosenthal, one of the experts who named the condition, told The New York Times. “We overlook the obvious, which is that it's dark as pea soup outside. That's why I think [SAD] goes unrecognized — it's right in front of our noses.” Thankfully, there are some simple yet effective ways to overcome SAD. All you need to do consciously take care of yourself. The reason behind such laziness simply comes from not getting enough sunlight. Head out for a brief walk after lunch or stand next to the window for five minutes. via GIPHY The Independent also suggests maintaining a good sleep cycle and trying to stick to the one that you have during summers. This helps maintain that internal clock we were talking about before. It is normal to feel a bit more lazy during the winters as compared to the months of May, June and July. All you need to do is keep reminding yourself of why it is that you started doing something. Self-realisation is the biggest motivation factor that you need to skyrocket your productivity right up. View the full article
  16. Ayeza Khan's 'Meray Paas Tum Ho' trends yet again as Twitter was left amused after Saturday's episodeHumayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui's Meray Pass Tum Ho has recently begun trending yet again as Twitter was sent into fits of laughter and amusement after Saturday's episode hit main stream TV. Some fans were floored by dialogues while others turned to creating hilarious memes at the show's expense. One of the most top trending posts featured a rented car which, eagle-eyed observers noted to be rented from a car rental page online. A screenshot of the ad was posted side by side to the car's license plate in the drama. One user captioned his post with the following words, "Pakistanis are better researchers then NASA #MerePaasTumHo." Others took to the show's recent plot twists with a fine tooth comb, asking what the previous episode was even about while one user questioned the emotional availability of Shehvar's wife. Lamenting over the situation in the country and the public's extensive interest in dramas, another user pointed out a sad truth about Pakistani citizens, they were quoted saying, "If our people take Pakistan's progress as seriously as they take drama's, we would have made progress by now. Some Twitter users took a jab at the show in the most light-hearted of ways.
  17. India offers some of the lowest tariff plans for data in the world and there's no doubt that mobile internet has taken off, thanks to these low prices. In fact, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has also said that the consumption of data has increased in the country since 2018. © Reuters To put things into perspective, according to TRAI, Indian mobile users consumed around 46,404 million GB data last year. Data consumption by Indian mobile internet users was expected to increase in 2019 and as of September; the total data consumption stood at 54,917 million gigabytes - a growth rate of 36.36 percent since last year. "The volume of total wireless data usage increased from 828 million GB during the year 2014 to 46,404 million GB during the year 2018-19. The wireless data usage in the year 2019 is expected to surpass the previous year's usage by a significant margin as reflected by usage of 54,917 million GB till September 2019," TRAI said in a press release. © Reuters TRAI said that the increase in data consumption was possible because of a new TSP using Long Term Evolution (LTE)/4G technology and is expected to grow even more next year. The growth was also possible because of upgrading mobile networks from 2G to 4G in many parts of the country and access to affordable smartphones for consumers. TRAI also disclosed that the total number of mobile internet users which stands at 664.80 million as of the end of September 2019. View the full article
  18. People on social media, irrespective of what they do in their 'non-virtual' lives, are great at one thing in their virtual lives - turning everything into a meme. On most days they make a meme out of anything and everything under the sun. Today, they turned the sun into a meme and how. Since morning, people have been talking about two things - the solar eclipse and a picture of PM Modi trying to watch it. While the latter is going viral on social media as a meme, people didn't leave the former either, the main reason why PM Modi is a meme. Most welcome....enjoy :) https://t.co/uSFlDp0Ogm — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) December 26, 2019 After all, it's the last solar eclipse of this year and the decade too, so it's only fair that we celebrate this 'auspicious' day through these memes. This year's solar eclipse was hyped a lot with people calling it 'Ring of Fire' and what not, but what most of us saw was either the sky covered with clouds or a crescent shaped sun which was barely visible. So all the butthurt people, like me, who couldn't see the solar eclipse today, let's settle for these funny memes instead, because they're really hard to miss. When you watch #SolarEclipse with bare eyes pic.twitter.com/OXLV4xBhgi — Savage_नारà¥ð¼ (@atram_shatram) December 26, 2019 Truuuuee#memesdaily@allindiamemers #solareclipse2019 pic.twitter.com/IZtiNDVt1F — Sojwal Patil (@DDnlakade) December 26, 2019 #SolarEclipse explained ð#solareclipse2019 #Eclipse2019 pic.twitter.com/Jc9RQtzJV9 — Zahran Careem (@zahranc) December 26, 2019 Solar Panels on terrace during #SolarEclipse pic.twitter.com/MpzrhG0IjX — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) December 26, 2019 That myth about people getting blinded by the sun during the Solar Eclipse today is absolute bonkers. The ones in India are blinded by everything happening anyway.#SolarEclipse — Suhas R Vaidya (@punchatantra_) December 26, 2019 #solareclipse2019 Pic 1 : Sun on any other day Pic 2 : Sun on solar eclipse pic.twitter.com/wBx2LF1W59 — Rahul (@iamRahul66) December 26, 2019 #solareclipse2019 Pic 1: What we Pakistanis Expected Pic 2: What we Saw ! ðð pic.twitter.com/DGrNQtxj6V — AÙi Shah (@__GeminiMan) December 26, 2019 #solareclipse2019 people since 8am me at 12pm pic.twitter.com/j0qKHyGEAN — ð¼ââ¯áµâ°â° (@perferror) December 26, 2019 me wanting to witness the the clouds#solareclipse2019 pic.twitter.com/1GfMBEVcX3 — madeleine. (@purpleyue_) December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipseð of 2019 begins, will turn Sunâï¸ into Ring of Fire ð¥#solareclipse2019 pic.twitter.com/B4fmcFBYip — KarthickPrabhakaran (@KarthiPrabha23) December 26, 2019 #solareclipse2019 exist. Memers ready to make memes Meanwhile sun:- pic.twitter.com/IVBiexnE1B — The Skinny Hulk (@Abhijee22691599) December 26, 2019 And the award goes to...#Solareclipse2019 pic.twitter.com/KVs4pCC1x5 — Kiran Kumar S (@KiranKS) December 26, 2019 For those who didn't pay attention in their science class, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. Reportedly, the solar eclipse began at around 8:15 am and continued till 11 am. View the full article
  19. Most dating or hookup apps, Tinder and the likes, function on how you present yourself. Invariably then, having an A+ selfie game and knowing how to pose in front of the camera becomes important. © iStock Believe it or not, having a dope hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to amp up your style, and by extension, the appeal of your selfies. And of all the things that you can try, a man bun is guaranteed to work far better than what most men can muster up. © Viral Bhayani Now, having a man bun may seem arduous and an endeavour that takes a lot of time and effort. However, that simply isn't true - a simple hair care routine is more than enough to get that jaw-dropping man-bun. © Instagram/ranveersingh 1. Regular Coconut Oil Massages © iStock Isn't it obvious? You would want to make things easy for your hair as well as yourself. Warm coconut oil massages act as the base on which the health of your hair and your scalp depends. Try to get one every week, at the very least. Coconut oil has a lot of nutrients that make the roots of your hair stronger, as well as the strands itself. Plus, it locks just the right amount of moisture in your scalp which makes it even healthier. 2. Don't Skip Shampooing © iStock When you start growing your hair out, it is imperative that you keep your hair as clean as possible, otherwise, no matter how exquisite your hair care routine is, it is effort down the drain. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type, as well as your skin type. Also, try to go for products that are free of sulfates, alcohol and other harmful chemicals. The same goes for your conditioner. And no matter what, if you are shampooing, always, follow it up with a good conditioner. 3. Use A Hair Brush Instead Of A Comb © iStock A hairbrush is far better for your scalp and hair than a comb. Combs tend to cause far more hair breakage and are not able to massage the scalp when you style your hair. Furthermore, using a comb puts some stress on your roots, especially if you use a fine-toothed comb. A hairbrush, especially the ones with thin, densely packed bristles is actually softer on your hair. Plus, they deal with more hair in every stroke, which gives it a nice texture and fill. 4. Use Dry Shampoos and Leave-In Conditioners © iStock Shampooing every day is not feasible, at least for us men. Therefore, the next best alternative is going for dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners. Although there's no wrong way to use a dry shampoo and a leave-in conditioner, it's best if you use little of these products, right after you take a shower, or right before tying up your hair. 5. Visit The Barber To Get Things In Shape © iStock Finally, visit your barber regularly. Just because you are growing your hair out, you will completely let go of grooming it. It still needs a basic hair trim every now and then, otherwise, your hair will end up looking like a caveman. Also, try to fix one hairstylist or a barber as 'your guy', who knows what you want, what your plans are, and your hair, in and out. That way, he will be able to suggest hair products and other services which will actually do you good. View the full article
  20. The environment we live in definitely needs some form of aggressive intervention. And by that I mean some heavy-duty preventives that can ease up the corruption that has made a patterned stronghold around certain practices that are environmentally hazardous. And that is why the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) has recruited women to protect the world's natural heritage along Africa's Zambezi river and they're doing a phenomenal job of it. © Environews Twitter The group is called Akashinga, which means 'Brave Ones'. It's a privately funded and highly trained, vegan group of local women who come from rather disadvantaged backgrounds, who are assigned to protect the natural habitat of the lower Zambezi ecosystem. The organisation aims to hire and train about 2,000 women who will protect about 30 million acres of African wild lands by 2030. Imagine having a fully armed anti-poaching team full of women. Now that's something no one thought of before and something that will probably change the way the world looks at women and their role in society. Akashinga was founded in 2017, by an Australian Special Operations soldier, Damien Mander, as a part of his efforts to completely end poaching all across the jungles of Africa. The team is fully armed and is giving tactical and arms and ammunition training before they're given arms to fight the poachers. © Environews Twitter “Many current western solutions to conserve wilderness areas continue to struggle across the African continent, hampered by ongoing corruption, nepotism and a lack of partnership with local communities,” Mander told a popular environmental publication in an interview. "We saw that an alternative and highly innovative approach was needed, a response that worked with, rather than against, the local population for the long-term benefit of both their own communities and nature,” he added. Most forest reserves in Africa, especially the Lower Zambeni ecosystem, are areas with large tracts of land, which are usually used for trophy hunting and are not a part of the wildlife preserve. But even so, the animals from the protected area wander off into the areas where trophy hunting is common and fall prey to hunters. But the Akashinga represents an alternative for conserving wildlife in these parts by following the technique of big game management. “You cannot sustain an ongoing offensive against the local population as a means of conservation. The long-term solution depends on winning the hearts and minds of the community,” Mandar told the BBC in an interview. © Environews Twitter After the death of Cecil the lion in 2015, by a dentist from the USA, Walter Palmer, it leaves the big question of whether or not morals and ethics in hunting are sustainable in the long term. In all probability, if hunting isn't put an end to, it will be difficult to save these areas which are vulnerable homelands to a lot of species residing there. Mander realised the importance of being a vegan while fighting poaching. He even hired people who were ready to accept veganism, leaning towards the belief that it would be hypocritical to fight for animals and come back and eat more animals. “I don't miss meat at all, when I go home for leave and people try to feed me meat, I can't eat it because my stomach hurts if I do, and I tell people no, don't give me meat, I am vegan,” - An Akahinga ranger, Vimbai Kumire, told a popular publication in an interview. © Environews Twitter Other than turning vegan, the training for these women is hardcore. Well, it really has to be, since they're fighting criminals in the wild! The women are pushed hard and go beyond their threshold to endure what the actual reality can be in the wild. “Thirty-six women started our training, modelled on our special-forces training, and we pushed them hard, much harder than any training we do with men — we put them through hell,” Mander told a popular publication in an interview. He also revealed that out of the 36 women, only three gave up the training because it was too intense for them. Even though anti-poaching rules and laws are a bit sluggish around the world and not just in Africa, we need vigilant teams such as the Akashinga to monitor the most heinous crimes against animals. We're programmed to fight for our kind and our species but when we go beyond that and fight for animals, we go beyond our own selfish reasoning to help a species that we can't communicate with. © International Anti Paoching Foundation What Mander is doing in Africa is remarkable, especially with the inclusion of women and such anti-poaching squads should be set up all around the world, where forest lands along with their ecosystems are in grave danger. With inputs from Enviro News, World News. View the full article
  21. NEW DELHI: Police opened fire on hundreds of protesters in southern India on Thursday, killing two, an official said, as fresh violence erupted around the country over a contentious citizenship law critics say is anti-Muslim. The fatalities brought to eight the death toll from more than a week of unrest and came as authorities shut down internet and text messaging for tens of millions in India´s most-populous state. In the southern city of Mangalore, two men identified as Abdul Jalil, 49, and Samshir Kudroli, 23, "died in police firing during the protests", Qadir Shah, a spokesman for the deputy commissioner, told AFP. He said a curfew had been imposed in the city with schools, restaurants and bars shut. A third fatality was also reportedly linked to protests in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, where a man was hospitalised in Lucknow with a gunshot injury and died soon after, a hospital source told AFP. Police did not confirm the death, but his father told the Times of India his son was shot after getting caught in a crowd of protesters while out to buy groceries. Four others were being treated at a hospital in Mangalore "with bullet injuries following the clashes", a district medical officer told AFP. Deadly protests have broken out across India over a new law easing citizenship rules for people fleeing persecution from three neighbouring countries -- but not for Muslims. Seven months after Modi swept to a second term, the law has stoked accusations at home and abroad that he wants to reshape India as a Hindu nation, which he denies. The past week had already seen six people killed and dozens injured in the northeastern state of Assam. On Thursday, authorities had banned gatherings across swathes of the world´s biggest democracy including all of Uttar Pradesh and Bangalore, areas of the northeast and parts of Bihar, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. But that did not prevent tens of thousands from taking their anger onto the streets. - Internet cut - In Mangalore, Shah said police fired their weapons after some 200 demonstrators refused to stop their march. "They marched towards the busiest area of Mangalaru. This led to lathi (big, wooden sticks) charge. Then the tear gas was fired. When the protestors still didn´t stop, the police had to open fire after that," he said, using an alternate name for the city. Security forces and protesters also clashed in the states of Karnataka and Gujarat -- Modi´s home state where police said they baton-charged demonstrators and arrested 50 people. In Uttar Pradesh -- home to some 200 million people -- the government cut both mobile internet and SMS services after hundreds of protesters in the city of Samhbal set fire to vehicles and threw stones at security forces who responded with tear gas. In New Delhi, metro stations were shut down, while authorities ordered telecom firms to cut calls, text messages and data in parts of the city. Prominent rights activist Harsh Mander was detained in the capital, while in Bangalore the renowned historian Ramachandra Guha was among a number of protesters dragged onto a police bus. In the northeast, where the protests originated last week, around 20,000 people marched in different locations -- although this time no violence was reported. The day´s biggest demonstration took place in Malegaon district of Maharashtra state with as many as 60,000 people, police said. And a crowd of around 40,000 people in eastern West Bengal´s Kolkata city was led by the state´s chief minister Mamata Banerjee, a strong Modi critic. - ´Something has changed´ - In Mumbai, thousands including tattooed students and older Muslim men wearing skullcaps brandished Indian flags, posters of Mahatma Gandhi and handed out copies of the constitution. "Something has changed. This is the first time in a long time that people in Mumbai have come out in such large numbers to register dissent," said consultant Karishma V. The protests have been fuelled by anger about alleged police brutality including at a university in Delhi on Sunday night. Security forces in the capital have fired some 450 tear gas shells in the past five days, the Hindustan Times daily reported. One student reportedly lost an eye. The demonstrations in the city have at times turned violent with vehicles set on fire and protesters hurling stones at police in heavily Muslim areas on Wednesday. "If they show us the lathi (police baton), we will show them roses," a student in Delhi, Shivanji, told AFP as she handed flowers to police on Thursday.
  22. Even though Ranbir Kapoor is low-key with his appearances, his fashion game still creates a buzz, every time he is spotted. He is one of those actors whose sartorial choices are easy to cop. Be it his joggers or super relaxed sweatshirts, his sense of style ups the street style aesthetics like no one else could possibly do in B-town. © Viral Bhayani Ranbir is not a big fan of Instagram but even then, none of his looks go unnoticed. We have seen him constantly elevating his style with pieces that revv up our wardrobes as well. We always learn a thing or two from him and this time, yet again, he sported something incredible and enviable too. Case in point, his tattered jeans. A pair of ripped jeans are now a wardrobe must-have for us and the way RK has styled it, you would want to steal it instantly. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani There are various types of jeans that help us with our personal style game. When it comes to the arena of ripped jeans, from minimal to highly distressed, there are a plethora of options to own. It looks like, Ranbir is quite updated with the fashion world as he stepped out wearing jeans that have a maximalist level of rips. The pair is minimally distressed on top but if you see the whole look of it, you would notice that it is distressed from everywhere. Now, that's flamboyance at its best! © Viral Bhayani Ranbir ensembles are always note-worthy and definitely have a perfect blend of streetwear and athleisure style. We have to give it to his stylists, Priyanka Shahni and Kazmi Delhiwala, aka The Vainglorious who make sure that he looks effortless and has the utmost relatability factor. For the ones, who don't know, RK is also a sneakerhead. Mostly seen in chunky and edgier pairs, his collection is unbeatable. As for this outfit, he wore a light pink T-shirt. The cap and his sunglasses sure took his whole look a notch higher. This style is not just comfortable but can instantly turn heads. Hats off, Ranbir. We are finally going to own such a pair of jeans, without worrying about what our moms would say! View the full article
  23. Anil Kapoor is a magician, if you ask us. We cannot recount the number of times we have seen his pictures on Instagram and asked ourselves, “How on earth does he manage to look so young?” And more to the point, far better than people half his age. © Instagram/anilskapoor Well, we do know that he has an impeccable eye for details and style, and that he takes what he wears very seriously. All of this, however, are just superficial, albeit, very important things. A sense of style of and an eye for detail will only help you to a very limited extent, if you don't have a strong base. Having a healthy and fit physique, A-level energy always at your disposal, is a major aspect that people often miss out on. © Instagram/anilskapoor Now, it seems that we finally know how exactly Anil Kapoor manages to stay jhakaas. It turns out, a lot of it has to do with the way he trains. Now, it's no secret that the man is nothing short of a beast when it comes to training. Even though he is touching 63, he trains in a manner which would leave 20-something Millenials gasping for breath. Take a look - View this post on Instagram Ain't no rain or shine getting in my way! A run is always a good idea! #noexcuses #dailymotivation ⬠âª#FitIndiaMovement ⬠âª@narendramodi @kiren.rijiju â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â Training to improve my running technique with @marcyogimead & @movevo.fit A post shared by anilskapoor (@anilskapoor) on Sep 4, 2019 at 11:38pm PDT That's not all. The thing is, he trains with the best people. Recently, when Yohan Blake, a Jamaican track Olympian was in India, Anil took the opportunity to invite him to the track and train with him. © Instagram/anilskapoor And we're not speaking of a walk in the park, warm-up as training - it was a full-blown session, with Yohan spotting for Anil, timing his runs and doing everything that a track athletic trainer does. © Instagram/anilskapoor © Instagram/anilskapoor For people who do not follow athletics enthusiastically enough, Yohan Blake was crowned as the youngest 100m champion back in 2011 at the 2011 World Championships. In the 2012 London Olympics, he was just a fraction of a millisecond behind Usain Bolt, in both, the 100 metre and 200 metre sprints. © Instagram/yohanblake Saying that Yohan is the second-fastest man on earth, and clearly, one of the fastest in the world, ever, would not be farfetched. © Reuters What caught our eye was the watch that Yohan was wearing. After all, you don't see someone wearing a signature piece as unique as that. Yohan is seen wearing the Richard Mille RM 59-01 Yohan Blake edition. That's right, the athletic champion has a watch dedicated to his own name (two, actually). The particular piece that he is wearing retails for about $ 620,000 or Rs 4.42 crores, and is limited to just 50 pieces in the world. © Instagram/yohanblake That being said, we still cannot take our eyes off of Anil Kapoor. After all, who isn't enamoured by eternal youth. We will take what Anil has, over the RM any given day. View the full article
  24. What is it about social media that gives common people the hope of making it big as a social media celebrity, so long as their content 'clicks' with people? Not only have scores of people made it big, but there are thousands of cute and funny animals who have established their very own fandoms and boast of millions of loyal fan following on the Gram - a number we'd all love to show-off but can't. Not only are their Insta-feeds LIT to the T, but the very content on their page is so adorable, relatable, and shareable that the 'celebrity status' is quick to follow them. We curated a list of 7 such animal influencers on Instagram who have more followers than most stars: 1. Jiffpom Follower Count: 9.6m View this post on Instagram ð A post shared by jiffpom (@jiffpom) on Dec 4, 2019 at 4:10am PST With a whopping 9.6 million followers of Instagram, this sleek-looking cutie is a Pomeranian dog who has amassed a bazillion admirers with just 669 posts on Instagram! Not only did Jiffpom make an appearance in Katy Perry's music video titled Dark Horse, he also holds two Guinness World Records for top speed when it comes to walking on two legs. 2. Nala Cat Follower Count: 4.3m View this post on Instagram I can't wait for Friday! How many pets do you have? â¤ï¸ A post shared by Nala Cat ™ (@nala_cat) on Dec 5, 2019 at 5:14pm PST If cute had a cat-ty manifestation, Nala would take that trophy without much of a fight. A Guinness Book record holder, Nala is one of the most initial flag bearers in the field whose journey began in 2012. What draws more and more people to this account are the captions that are always on-point. 3. Doug The Pug Follower Count: 3.8m View this post on Instagram “HAPPY PUGSGIVING!!” -Doug • Who's getting all dressed up just to go to their living room today? A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on Nov 28, 2019 at 9:23am PST Often called 'The King of Pop Culture' this Pug has people eating out of his hands with his cute antics and many cosplay get-ups. Hollywood celebs swear by his charm and the many pop-culture digs on his posts have his fans hooked. 4. Tucker Budzyn Follower Count: 2.1m View this post on Instagram I be-leaf you forgot to boop me ðð¼ð A post shared by Tucker | The Golden Retriever (@tuckerbudzyn) on Nov 22, 2019 at 6:58am PST This one, starring an absolutely endearing Golden Retriever named Tucker, is a complete winner. More than anything else, the subtitles on the videos are so on point, one cannot help but connect with him instantly. 5. Maya The Polar Bear Follower Count: 1.9m View this post on Instagram When your dog is more photogenic than you'll ever be ðð A post shared by MAYA THE SAMOYED (@mayapolarbear) on Dec 13, 2018 at 6:24am PST The Samoyed dog is an absolutely gorgeous sight to behold, but it's also Maya's interest in ASMR that adds to her USP. With that, it wasn't long before Maya hit a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. 6. Lil Bub Follower Count: 2.4m View this post on Instagram winter is coming A post shared by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on Nov 11, 2019 at 12:46pm PST One of the internet's most popular pets, Lil Bub was such a heartthrob and loved among her admirers that even merchandise with her face on it became a great hit. Despite a genetic condition and no teeth, she turned her weakness into her greatest strength and became a social media celeb! Lil Bub recently passed away after spending 8 happy years with her family and admirers. 7. Venus The Two Face Cat Follower Count: 2m View this post on Instagram I had a life threatening emergency just after I turned 4. Thankfully after a 4 day hospitalization for a urinary blockage (a condition very rare in females), I made a full recovery and just celebrated my 10th birthday! ðºðMale cats with blockages however is something emergencies centers see on a daily basis and most often catches the owner completely by surprise both emotionally & financially. ðMy family could've saved thousands if they had pet insurance but at the time they didn't. Emergencies are stressful enough without worrying about how much the bills will be so now, we are all covered by @trupanion so Mom can have peace of mind about future medical expenses. ð¾#ad #trupanion #soican #soicantrupanion #trupaniontails #uti #vet A post shared by Venus the Two Face Cat (@venustwofacecat) on Aug 17, 2019 at 8:33am PDT As gorgeous and enamouring as Venus is to look at, she sure has a face that many felines must be jealous of. It was back in 2012 when a post on Reddit with her face on it went viral. Her rare cellular and DNA makeup, that has lent her this distinctive look, makes her very rare and special, and her 2 million admirers agree with that. View the full article
  25. Ali Fazal is, without a doubt, a star that aspiring actors look up to. There was no looking back for him after his movie Fukrey became a massive hit at the box office. Slowly and gradually, he made his mark in the industry and now, he is all set to entice his fans with his upcoming movie Death On The Nile, where he will be sharing screen space with a bevvy of stars including Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Russel Brand, Rose Leslie, Armie Hammer, and Letitia Wright. Fazal's new look from Death on the Nile is out wherein he is seen sporting a pencil-thin moustache, wearing a black striped suit with black gloves and a striped muffler. Fans are looking forward to seeing the actor nail this character as well. © Kinberg Genre Talking about his look, a source close to him told Mid-Day, “The actor who was earlier sporting a prominent facial fuzz has shaved off his beard. His look for the last month has been with a pencil moustache. Ali is the kind of actor who believes in sinking his teeth into his character completely. Because of the representation of Indians in movies, Ali is extremely particular about his look in films he does internationally. He categorically picks parts where acting is a priority over the race of his character. For the longest time, Indian actors in the West had stereotypical imagery, and Ali is cautious to not allow his characters to suffer from similar issues. He is imbibing the traits of his character, taking a step ahead of what the script had. He even started reading the original material at the start of the shoot, keeping the script as his bible all along.” View this post on Instagram Abide! A post shared by ali fazal (@alifazal9) on Dec 1, 2019 at 2:25am PST The film is a follow-up to the 2017 blockbuster Murder on the Orient Express by the same studio, 20th Century Fox. It was also an adaptation of Christie's novel of the same name. Death on the Nile is slated for an October 9, 2020 release. Are you excited for this one? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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