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Found 355 results

  1. When I heard the price of the Redmi Earbuds S, I literally spat the water out of my mouth. That's because I was testing the earphones for a week prior to its launch and had assumed that it would cost between Rs 4,000 to Rs 7,000. Having tested many TWS earphones over the years, I have a fair idea of what a device should cost due to its sound signature, but the 'Redmi Earbuds S' is literally challenging the status quo. These wireless earphones are not meant for music enthusiasts but for users who don't want to use wired earphones for calls and listen to some music casually while in office or even at home. Here are our thoughts on the 'Redmi Earbuds S' after using them for ten days and what makes it worth the purchase: Design When looking at the design of the Redmi Earbuds S; you will notice that you may have seen something similar before. That's because Redmi sells these wireless earphones in China as the AirDots while in India they are called the Earbuds S. The design of the 'Earbuds S' has no resemblance to Apple's AirPods and instead uses a tried and tested design that many users prefer. It comes in a very cute yet classy pill-shaped charging case which has magnets inside to hold the earphones in place. The earphones are ready to pair with a phone the moment you open the lid of the charging case. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The stalks on the earphones are minimal and they have a rectangle design instead of an elongated design like AirPods. It sits in your ears at a 45-degree angle and comes with two additional tips that suit your Concha or your ear canal. Even the earbuds are fairly simple as it does not come with any gesture controls and instead uses physical buttons on the base of each earphone that has basic controls such as music playback options and calling up Google Assistant. Additionally, there is an indicator light on each bud which shows the status of the earphones. Red means they are charging in the case and a white light indicates that the Earbuds S is ready to pair with a device. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The charging case is also made of plastic and we can't really complain here as these earphones cost less than a fancy meal in Delhi. However, the charging case does come with a micro-USB port which was disappointing to see as most devices have now moved on to the USB-C ecosystem. You will be happy to know that the Redmi Earbuds S has an IPX4 rating which means it is sweat and splash resistant, making it perfect for the hot and humid weather of India. Sound Quality © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The sound on the Redmi Earbuds S is directly dependent on the design of the TWS and the results were quite impressive, keeping the price in mind. Due to tighter seal and the 7.2mm drivers, the bass is more defined, however the earphones do drop the ball when it comes to mid and high frequencies. To be honest, most people like harder bass feedback and the Redmi Earbuds S is delivering quite well on that front. You can, however, adjust your sound levels manually via a music player if you need your mid and high frequencies to be clearer. As these earphones are not really meant for a music enthusiast, there isn't much to talk about the sound as the sound signature stays quite similar when testing the earbuds with different types of genres. The bass or the low frequency tends to overpower other frequencies but it still remains somewhat enjoyable to listen to music casually. If you prefer a clearer sound, you may want to consider the 1More Truly Stylish or the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The most impressive part of the Redmi Earbuds S is the range you can use these earphones up to. In normal mode, we could use the earbuds without any issues in the connection up to 25 feet away from the smartphone. Having said that, we did have to maintain a clear line of sight for it to work that far. If I went to a different room, the audio would cut out from time to time due to the thick walls in between. That said, the range of the earphones is quite impressive and is even better than most of its expensive counterparts. The primary use of the Redmi Earbuds S is supposed to be for making calls and the earphones really do that well. Most TWS have weak earphones that often make your own voice sound muffled. The Redmi Earbuds S have microphones in each bud and we used various apps to make calls for the test. We tested the earbuds on Discord, WhatsApp call and a normal call. The other person on the other end could hear our voice clearly, however it sounded as if we were in a big spacious environment. For gamers who use discord, there is a dedicated low latency mode that reduces lag and helps in faster communication when playing games. It gets reduced to 122ms and can be activated by pressing the physical button on the earbuds three times. Battery Life © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The Redmi Earbuds S packs a punch when it comes to the battery life of the earbuds when in use. We managed to keep the wireless earbuds running for around 4.5 hours, however in low latency mode you can expect it to drop by 45 minutes. The earbuds can be fully charged again with the charging case, but it does take its time to get to full charge. The charging case also does not support any fast charging, so we advise, you charge the case and the buds when you have ample time. Having said that, the charging case can charge the earbuds up to three full charges on a single charge so you can expect the total battery back up to be around 12 hours when using in normal mode. The Final Say When taking the price of Rs 1,799 into consideration, the Redmi Earbuds S is a sound purchase if you are looking to go wireless. These TWS earbuds are great for making calls and can also serve gamers well for games that require constant communication. Even the sound of these earphones matches up to TWS earphones that cost Rs 5,000 or even above which makes this a great deal already. Redmi has truly democratised the wireless audio game with the Redmi Earbuds S and you should not hesitate from buying these wireless earphones. View the full article
  2. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey may not be the most vibrant public figure out there, but he surely comes across as the finest Steve Jobs-level tech-wiz with top-class leadership qualities. Time and again, through various means and approaches, Jack Dorsey has shown the world that running a successful business takes much more than just establishing it. Great organizations of this world are built upon strong ethics and ideologies which thrive on consumer satisfaction provided through high employee engagement and happiness index. © Twitter/ajplus And the Twitter CEO isnât just a man good with words, but also knows how to walk the talk and lead the way. Here are 7 such reasons which prove Jack Dorsey might just be the coolest boss out there that all of us need: 1. He Actually Cares About His Employeesâ WelfareHours ago, Jack Dorsey made headlines for sending his Twitter employees an email which said that they can continue to work from home as long as they want, even after the pandemic is over. So, basically what that means is, âif our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen.â © Twitter Complex I mean, which other CEO would even consider such a move even if they get the chance? Think about it, Iâll wait. 2. He Is Least Bothered About His âAppraisalsâJack Dorsey is known to have taken just $1.40 as his base salary since 2018 - forgoing any increment or extra remuneration. However, keeping in mind that the total compensation of Twitter's median compensated employee was $213,155 in 2019, an employee to CEO pay ratio is less than 0.001. © BCCL While his employees continue to get their dues for their services year after year, the Twitter CEO hasnât claimed any benefits for himself and continues to work for his company and its future every day. 3. He Leads The Way By Setting ExamplesAmid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Jack Dorsey has gone out of his way to ensure that he takes effective personal measures to help the world fight the pandemic. The man swore off â28% of (his) wealthâ, that is $1,000 million, to aid the fight against coronavirus and build a better future. © Twitter/nnavinsingh21 So, before calling people to donate whatever is in their power, Dorsey is doing his bit to encourage others. So far, he has donated $2.1 million to the Mayorâs Fund for LA towards domestic violence victims, pledged $10 million to REFORM Alliance which will help provide 10 million face masks and other PPEs for inmates, officers, health care workers and other prison employees. © Twitter/CBSNews The Twitter CEO has also donated $15 million to San Franciscoâs COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, to help people and businesses impacted by the pandemic. Apart from all that, Dorsey has also donated $750K to Eminemâs Marshall Mathers foundation which works to help the youth in Detroit. 4. He Teaches His Team (& Others) To Have Faith In Their ProductNo company, however strong, can sustain itself in the long run if the ones who are working in it donât have faith in its potential and future. Similarly, Jack Dorsey, who also happens to be the founder and CEO of mobile payments company Square, has shown his team that trusting their own product is crucial. © Twitter/DatHaxor By regularly buying Bitcoin worth $10,000 every week, and maxing out his Bitcoin buys on Cash App, a subsidiary of Square, Jack Dorsey is encouraging his employees and customers to have faith in their products and services. And thatâs just one such instance. 5. He Welcomes Criticism & FeedbackWe all know how welcome any form of criticism or feedback is to most bosses. But thatâs not the case with Jack Dorsey. According to reports, earlier this year, the Twitter CEO made a video call to tech giant Elon Musk during a staff meeting to take âdirect feedbackâ and âcritiqueâ on Twitter from the man himself. © Twitter/nypost According to SkyNews, Dorsey asked, "Give us some direct feedback, critique, what are we doing poorly, what could we be doing better, and what's your hope for our potential as a service?" He further added, "If you were running Twitter - by the way do you want to run Twitter? What would you do?" © Twitter/Recode Musk gave him an honest response and said that it would be âhelpful to differentiateâ between real and fake (bots and organised trolls) accounts. "How do you tell if the feedback is real or someone trying to manipulate the system? ...Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out what's real public opinion and what's not.â By encouraging an open feedback/criticism session during a staff meeting, Dorsey imbibed a good culture within his team and encouraged his employees to work with an open mind, accept criticisms and improve as they go. View the full article
  3. The very first initial build of Android started developing sometime in 2003 when feature phones were still mainstream. While today we know it as the most popular operating system for smartphones, it wasnât the case in the early/late 2000s when the operating system was still in its nascent stages. While it was still being developed in secret, the operating system catered to popular phones at the time, albeit for phones that physical buttons and keypads. In fact, Android did not support touch screen interactions until the first iPhone launched in 2007. © Wikipedia Commons We know this thanks to documents made public from Apple and Samsungâs patent trial which detailed how Android worked at the time. In the specification sheet from the trial, Google clearly stated that âTouch screens will not be supported.â This document by Google was distributed to potential hardware manufacturers including Samsung that stated: "The product was designed with the presence of discrete physical buttons as an assumption.â The document was shared prior to the first iPhoneâs launch in 2006. âHowever, there is nothing fundamental in the product's architecture that prevents the support of touchscreens in the future,â Google added. The iPhone Effect © Apple The very first iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in January 2007 which showed a radical new phone that was mostly made up of screen and metal. The phone was aptly called âiPhoneâ and it was Appleâs way to showcase its version of the touchscreen control. Touchscreen phones existed before the first iPhone however the experience was not as cohesive as the iPhone. It was the first phone that was fully controllable by the touch screen thanks to Appleâs custom operating system for the device. © EverythingApplePro At the same time, Android prototypes looked nothing like the iPhone as they resembled BlackBerry smartphones with small screens and a QWERTY keypad. The first commercially available Android smartphone i.e. the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 launched in 2008 with physical buttons and no touchscreen support even though it had a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. However, as soon as the first iPhone became a great success, we saw Android transform its interface and basic functions to support touchscreens. If it werenât for the iPhone, we would have never really seen Android-based touch screen phones as early as we did. View the full article
  4. The Bigg Boss house is a place wherein we will see some contestants fighting and some of them turning into best friends. But, as soon as the housemates get out of the house and step into the real-life dynamics between the celebrities totally change. From ugly fights to announcing that they are in love on national television, the Bigg Boss contestants have done it all. So, here is a list of contestants who stopped talking to each other after getting out of the show and their friendships only lasted till the finale: 1. Paras Chhabra and Shehnaz Gill © Endemol Shine Former Indian Team cricketer Sreesanth bonded like brother and sister in Bigg Boss 12 but arenât on talking terms anymore. During the show, they always supported each other and were seen together all the time. Dipika had won the show and Sreesanth became the runner up in that season. Recently, Sreesanth said that he had invited Dipika to her daughterâs birthday and she didnât reply or attend the party. 3. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta © Endemol Shine In the show during a task, Gautam had to sit on a seat and Karishma Tanna had to force him out of the seat. She applied chilli powder on his face and eventually she was successful in forcing him to leave the seat during the task given by Bigg Boss. After a point, Gautam couldnât take it anymore and abused Karishma in front of the whole house which led to turning everyone against him. 5. Tanishaa Mukerji and Gauahar Khan View the full article
  5. Arguably one of the most popular sports around the globe, cricket remains dear to fans owing to the pulsating contest between the bat and the ball that it brings to the table. Spread across three formats, namely Tests, ODIs and T20Is, cricket as a sport has managed to overshadow its counterparts in terms of popularity and fame. Thanks to its evolution over the years, cricket continues to capture the imagination of fans who treat cricketers no less than demigods. From swashbuckling batting heroes, majestic bowling stars to the superlative fielders, cricket has given idols in all shapes, sizes and domains to the fans. © Reuters But, while the men playing on the field tend to run away with the limelight, the umpires and match officials, who work just as hard, often fail to get their due. Majority of these men, including the on-field umpires who are seen standing tirelessly under the sun, have been part of the game for a long time. Many of them represented their respective nations on the international circuit before calling time on their career. But, such is their love for cricket that even after retirement they couldn't stay away from the gentleman's game, only to return as umpires. This is the compilation of seven international cricketers who chose to become umpires after retiring from cricket: Ian Gould © Reuters A left-handed wicket-keeper batsman, Ian Gould played over two decades of first-class and List A cricket to eventually earn his England debut in January 1983. Opening the innings for England in his debut game, Gould couldn't score more than 15 runs, but he made up for his mediocre outing with the willow through his impressive glovework, taking two catches and pulling off a stumping in England's 54-run win over New Zealand. The Sussex cricketer represented England in 18 ODIs, including the ICC World Cup in 1983. Gould also had some Ashes glory to his name when, coming on as substitute fielder in the 1982-83 series, he took Greg Chappell's catch, sending him back into the hut for just 2 runs, in England's three-run win. Gould was also a prolific performer in first-class and List A cricket. The left-hander scored 8,756 runs in 298 first-class appearances and 4,377 runs in 315 matches in List A cricket. His wicket-keeping skills, too, were on the money as showcased in 603 dismissals effected by him in first-class cricket and another 279 in List A cricket. Soon after his retirement, Gould joined the first-class umpires panel in 2002. He was promoted to the international panel in April 2006. And, three years later, Gould was inducted into ICC's Elite Panel of umpires. Arguably one of the most effective umpires on the international circuit, Gould has officiated in 99 Tests, 187 ODIs and 55 T20Is as an umpire (including TV umpire). Kumar Dharmasena © Reuters Arriving on the international circuit at the age of just 22, Kumar Dharmasena quickly established himself as a key performer with his quickish off-spin bowling, delivered with an unorthodox action. He was a vital cog in Sri Lankaâs outstanding ODI team of the mid-1990s where he formed a part of the spin pack led by Muttiah Muralitharan. Featuring in 172 matches, the former off-spinner took 207 wickets during his stint in ODIs and Tests for Sri Lanka. Apart from his bowling, Dharmasena was also more than handy with the bat, scoring 868 runs in Tests and 1,222 runs in ODIs. After retiring from international cricket in 2006, the former Sri Lankan cricketer turned to umpiring. So far, he has officiated in 83 Tests, 165 ODIs and 33 T20Is as an umpire (including TV umpire). After officiating in the 2011 World Cup opener, Dharmasena was chosen as one of the two umpires to watch the proceedings in the coveted 2015 World Cup final. In 2012, he also won the ICC's David Shepherd Trophy, given to the Umpire of the Year, which made him the only cricketer-turned-umpire to bag such an honour. Richard Illingworth © Reuters Sporting a clipped moustache and a gentle manner, Richard Illingworth arrived on the international stage after playing first-class cricket for almost 19 years, making 376 appearances. Making his debut in 1991 for England, Illingworth was roped in for his ability to bowl a tight line and build pressure - a technique that might have helped him in domestic cricket, but didn't help on the international stage. His lack of wicket-taking skills saw the Yorkshire cricketer featuring in just 9 Tests and 25 ODIs for England. With England persisting with the more effective option in Phil Tufnell, Illingworth, in 2002, retired from international cricket with just 49 scalps (ODIs and Tests) to his name. The England star focussed his energy on training as an umpire, making his international debut in 2010. Since then, Illingworth has officiated in 65 Tests, 124 ODIs and 23 T20Is as an umpire (including TV umpire). Paul Reiffel © Reuters The Australian right-arm pacer was known for hitting awkward lengths and his ability to move the ball off the pitch both ways, making him a difficult bowler to read. He appeared in 127 international matches â 35 Tests and 92 ODIs, picking up 210 wickets overall. His career was affected by a lot of injuries, which led to his retirement in 2002 when he was 36. His last international appearance, interestingly, was in the ICC Cricket World Cup final of 1999, which Australia won. Reiffel returned 1/29 from 10 overs on that occasion. A decent lower-order batsman, Reiffel ended with six half-centuries in Tests and one in ODIs. In 2009, he returned to the international fold as an umpire and has had a successful career, appearing in 71 Tests, 119 ODIs and 25 T20Is since. Srinivas Venkataraghavan © Reuters One of the members of the great Indian spin quartet, the off-spinner was accurate and effective, picking up 156 wickets in 57 Tests and also making a name for himself for his close-in fielding. He played his first Test in 1965 and the last in 1983, playing a key role in Indiaâs maiden Test series wins in the Caribbean and in England in 1971, picking up 35 wickets in eight Tests. He also captained India at the 1975 and 1979 ICC Cricket World Cups, and after a long gap following his retirement in 1985, officiated in his first game in 1993 after a short stint as an ICC match referee. He went on to officiate in 73 Tests and 52 ODIs, becoming one of the most respected umpires in the game before retiring in 2004. Asoka de Silva © Reuters The most successful Sri Lankan umpire in terms of appearances in international cricket, de Silva is probably a better-known official than a cricketer, even though he played 10 Tests and 28 ODIs between 1985 and 1992. A useful leg-spinner and lower-order batsman, de Silva scored 323 international runs and picked up 25 wickets. He officiated in his first international game â an ODI between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Galle in 1999 â just two years after his last first-class appearance and was a part of 49 Tests, 122 ODIs â including at the 2003 and 2007 ICC Cricket World Cups â and 11 T20Is, the last of them in June 2012. Mark Benson © Reuters A good player of fast bowling, the left-handed opener was a regular part of the Kent set-up for 15 seasons, scoring 18,387 first-class runs overall in 292 matches at an average of 40.23. He got his Test debut against India in 1986, and made 30 and 21 in many hours of gritty batting. That, however, was his only Test appearance and he played just one ODI, and after retiring in 1995, Benson turned to umpiring, even becoming part of the International Cricket Councilâs Elite Panel, and officiated in 27 Tests, 72 ODIs and 19 T20Is. View the full article
  6. Weâve all been there, done that â been the shoulder to cry on for our crush after their breakup. Weâve been there for the ugly cries, for the drunk dials and weâve also been there standing right in front of them hoping to break out of the friendzone. If only! The cursed friendzone is a hellish pit of ifs and buts. Crawling your way out of it is no mean task. And thatâs why Girlfriend Chor Akash is our new hero. Dice Creator Network Presents An MX Exclusive Series Girlfriend Chor and the protagonist Akash is the guy we all need to be. Tired of being the âbest friendâ she shares all her secrets with, Akash decided to amp it up and battle his way out of the friendzone to win his girl. Starring actor Mayur More in the lead, Girlfriend Chor is a slice of life drama that will get you laughing, cheering and taking notes. The five episodic series follows the life of Akash, who is on a mission to make his best friend Neha (played by Himani Sharma) fall in love with him. Alas, someone else gets there first. After an ugly breakup with her ex, Neha gets into a rebound relationship with Vishal (played by Kushagre Dua). And thatâs when Akashâs father (played by Shishir Sharma), seeing him struggle, intervenes and gives his mission a new lease of life with his expert tips on how to get his girl back. Just as they draw out their plan, along comes Ritu (played by Diksha Juneja), Vishalâs friend-zoned buddy who has fallen for him hard. Thatâs when they decide to gang up and set the complicated love square in order. MX Player This hatke take on love and friendship is the just the light-hearted rom-com you need during the lockdown. It makes you smile, reminisce your good old college days and gives you pro tips on breaking it out of the friend circle. To bring the cheer on, you can start streaming it for FREE on MX Player right away! View the full article
  7. Children all over the world are the same. Every kid wants to avoid school and homework as much as they can. And, because of coronavirus, kids in China probably thought they wouldn't even have to worry about stuff like that for now, since a pandemic is happening right before our eyes. But nope, teachers apparently always find a way. Basically, since people are under quarantine in Wuhan, China, schools are obviously shut as well. So, an app called DingTalk was introduced, which is essentially an online school. Side note - how many of you are relieved that we all finished school before the technology for things like these was invented? I sure am. Coming back, since teachers always find a way, so do the kids. They figured out that if enough of them gave the app a bad review, it would be removed from the app store. Apparently, the app's rating went from 4.9 to 1.4 overnight. See, people can achieve anything if they work together like this. Moreover, people are loving how smart and creative the kids are and honestly, this is the only funny thing about coronavirus. good morning to all the kids under quarantine in wuhan who defeated the app assigning them homework by spamming it with 1-star reviews until it got removed from the app store https://t.co/gDxjivabte â ðððð¦ð¤ âð ð¤ð ð¥ (@zenalbatross) March 7, 2020That picture, tho. School: Ok, no school, cause caronavirus. Students: Yay, less stress, so I can worry about staying safe and healthy with my family and- Also school: Here is your homework. pic.twitter.com/J60uiBtFKx â Aisha's Forehead|| REMINISCENCE (@OrbitGlowstick) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids are alright. The parents have no clue. https://t.co/ru20OnBQ64 â Mike Stuchbery (@MikeStuchbery_) March 8, 2020That was a moment in internet history. Thanks for reminding me of that! She was still the best IMO, but this comes close. â Charlie Foxtrot (@strumphs) March 7, 2020The future is in good hands. Children are the future https://t.co/3Z24raEJXu â Joseph Fink, M4A is a human right (@PlanetofFinks) March 7, 2020Hmm. We're seeing the best and worst of the human condition in the time of coronavirus From the worst files: The Toilet Paper Wars The best: Wuhan kids tuning in for school online amid lockdown work out that by giving 1-star reviews they can get their homework app taken offline https://t.co/BGUptdFZR4 â Talia Shadwell (@TaliaShadwell) March 7, 2020Yes. This is literally the first coronavirus-related news that gives me hope that the human species might survive this. https://t.co/biEw6vzPL1 â Ntina Tzouvala (@ntinatzouvala) March 7, 2020Absolutely. I think they all deserve straight Aâs for this forward thinking. â BTS_Genreâ· (@BTS_ARMYFANACC_) March 7, 2020Self-awareness? pic.twitter.com/Z9pkrLGJVU â Theoc (@Theoc900) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids in China outsmarted the app for school, and it was taken out. There's a big lesson, here. Work together to achieve your goals, and listen to the wise ones, amongst yourselves. https://t.co/MbcGclI3zk â QUEERWIRE (@QueerWire) March 8, 2020Truly. I am truly in awe at the ingenuity of these children. https://t.co/GhGYSPPrQO â Angela Chen (@chengela) March 7, 2020Proper. This is *proper* cyberpunk https://t.co/lPFKA2euQK â James Deardenayake (@TechnocratGames) March 7, 2020So much respect. Solidarity to these kids in Wuhan who figured out how to get out of doing homework while in quarantine. Massive respect. https://t.co/xXfACZZYJC â Ciara King (@iamCiaraKing) March 8, 2020 View the full article
  8. If there's one actor we know who always goes against the tide with his bold fashion choices, it is Ranveer Singh. He has an unapologetically loud wardrobe that's a perfect mix of number of zany styles. Not just that, Ranveer also has an expensive taste. Be it his Burberry suit or his Franck Muller watches, everything that he sports, usually comes with a price that you and I can only think of paying in our dreams. Here are some ridiculously expensive things that Ranveer has splurged his hard-earned pay cheques on. 1. Franck Muller Vanguard Yachting Watch Number 64716 © Viral Bhayani Ranveer is Franck Muller's brand ambassador and he owns a massive collection of watches from this brand. Out of all of them, Franck Muller Vanguard Yachting Watch Number 64716 is an exclusive and rare timepiece that he has. This is one of the most outrageously expensive watches that costs a whopping amount of Rs 2.6 crores and since Ranveer loves all things flashy, this watch didn't come as a surprise to us. 2. Ariel Vintage Motorcycle © Viral Bhayani In India, finding a Ariel Vintage Motorcycle is a rarity. While there are only three or four Ariel Vintage Motorcycle, one of them is owned by Ranveer. This bike was seen in his movie Lootera, starring Sonakshi Sinha back in 2013. The makers of this film gifted Ranveer the exclusive bike as a token of appreciation and it is estimated that the bike is worth something in the ballpark of Rs 7 lakhs. Yes, let that sink in. 3. Gucci Reversible Wool Coat © Viral Bhayani We all know that Ranveer has a quirky style sense who never fails to channel his inner maximalist to his full potential. For one of his airport appearances, he was seen wearing Gucci's Reversible Wool Coat with a denim on denim ensemble. This coat alone costs Rs 3,27,000. Add to that, his Gucci Cap is another expensive addition that rounds up to Rs 31,000. Well, all this on an outfit? Hats off, Ranveer. 4. Mercedes Benz GLS © TOI The Mercedes Benz GLS is one of the most expensive cars that Ranveer owns. This one, in particular, is a customised one and has a matte black paint job on it. Coming to its price, well it is worth Rs 1.6 crore and he has been driving this one with all the pride and glory. 5. Aston Martin Rapide © TOI View the full article
  9. Admit it, at some point of time in your life you have fantasised about becoming filthy rich, by winning the lottery or a massive inheritance or something, and made a wishlist of all the things that you would do with that money. Yes or no? © iStock Now, you for sure may have thought of buying a fancy mansion in the poshest areas that you can think of, thought of going on a world tour and stay at the most luxurious hotels, and have the best that the world of culinary arts has to offer. Oh, and buy a fleet of Ferraris and Lamborghinis and some other exotic brands. With us so far? © Scenic Rush Well, believe it or not, there are a few among us who are not just savants and bon vivants who want to enjoy all the finer joys of life, but massive hypebeasts who dream of owning the most hyped sneakers and street style goods someday, well before they even hit the market. Even though they are quite content owning the latest editions of Yeezys and Jordans, they aspire to own a closet full of Ablohâs and Balenciagas. © iStock Well, if ever that day comes and you end up with a ton load of cash to burn on sneakers, these are the pieces that you ought to go for. Now mind you, they are not the most expensive sneakers out there. There are a few rare one-offs and limited edition pieces that were worn by sport legends, or that have been dipped in gold or are made from the locks of a mermaid, essentially sneakers that are monstrosities in their own right. The sneakers we are talking about are regular, run-of-the-mill pieces, which, in spite of being âcommonplaceâ are so exquisite, that they have managed to leave us absolutely smitten. Christian Louboutin Red Runners - Rs. 90,000 © Christian Louboutin Straight from the Parisian ateliers of one of the most iconic footwear makers ever, comes a sneaker that is mesmerizing in every single way. Called the Red Runners, these sneakers, come in a number of variants, each of which, have a very dandy-esque appeal. Thanks to its avant-garde design and varied use of exotic materials for its upper, including stuff like wet leather and patent leather counters and is adorned with metal spikes, this is truly a masterpiece. Gucci Flashtrek Menâs Sneakers - Rs. 85,000 © Gucci When it comes to creating a hype, no one does it better than Gucci. Their Flashtrek sneakers are genuinely one of the most iconic chunky sneakers in the market today, especially if you consider the one that they have for women, with the crystal-studded bands that spruce up the style of the sneakers. As for the ones that were designed for men, they only âmake doâ with golden lace loops. That, along with the retro-inspired Gucci logo in Sega font on the tongue, make it one of the most iconic pieces ever. This is a timeless classic in the making. Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Claudio Sneakers - Rs 80,000 © Ermenegildo Zegna Sneakers do not get any zanier than the Claudio Couture Sneakers from Ermenegildo Zegna. They have a very unusual silhouette, thanks to the bumps on the uppers, which, when combined with the rather understated colours that they come in, look rather classy, but with an oozing panache. Louis Vuitton Run Away Pulse - Rs 95,000 © Louis Vuitton There was no way that Louis Vuitton would have not have made this list. One of the most popular and iconic high fashion brands to be in the market right now, LV has been hitting out of the park for quite some time. And ever since Virgil Abloh took the reign of the company in his own hands, they are a different thing altogether. The Run Away Pulse has the silhouette of that of hiking boots, but the finish and details of that of a finely made suit. Definitely worth the price. Now, there are a number of sneakers from LV that are actually even more expensive, but we havenât been able to locate them in India. Sure, you can get them imported, but be ready to pay out some heft taxes and duties Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Chunky Sneakers - Rs 65,000 © Salvatore Ferragamo There was a time when Ferragamo was considered shoemakers to the stars. At one point of time, the whoâs who of the world were wearing Ferragamo. Is it any wonder that they would be making the list then? We particularly like their Gancini Chunky Sneakers. They have a very unique aesthetic - thanks to a chunky silhouette and quirky and zany detailings; they are a massive hit not just among our filmstars but also with celebrities and tycoons all over the world. View the full article
  10. We can make fun of Bollywood movies all we want and honestly, most of the movies deserve that. But, Bollywood does, every once in a while, give us such an incredible movie that not only gets appreciated in our country but also by people all over the world. Recently, Gangs Of Wasseypur earned a similar honour. Yes, I know it was released years ago, but it was just included in the International Cinephile Society's list of top 100 movies of the decade. What an incredible honour! View the full article
  11. "Bollywood can't do horror movies" - this is one of the biggest topics of discussion every time a Bollywood horror movie comes out and well, looks like this is going to be upheld for the time being as Vicky Kaushal's Bhoot â Part One: The Haunted Ship seems to have failed to impress people, oh well, except for the actor's fans, of course. While Vicky Kaushal is one of the top, most critically-acclaimed actor right now, apparently, he missed the mark with this one. Full props for experimenting with a new genre, though. View the full article
  12. Like it or not, the Academy Awards are always a big deal. For the makers, for the actors, for the crew and all those who work behind the scenes to create some of the most meaningful, memorable, hard-hitting and precious audio-visual masterpieces, year after year moving beyond the limits of medium, language, geography and reception, it's the highest accolade. © Twitter For this reason, the Oscars holds a special place in the hearts of every individual connected to the creatively-charged entertainment industry. While it is a coveted dream for many to take the golden boy home, what people didnât know about was the extravagantly grand goodie bag that comes with it. © Twitter Apparently, Oscar winners get a goodie bag which is sent to their residences after the Awards ceremony comes to an end, and unlike other goodie âbags,â this one is usually a suitcase instead. And, if reports are to be believed, the Oscars 2020 goodie bag is worth around $215,000 or a whopping Rs 1,53,58, 202! © Twitter This is what the Oscars 2020 goodie bag allegedly contains: 1. 5-nights stay at the Waikiki Beachcomber hotel 2. 12-day cruise from Scenic Eclipse 3. Millianna crystal earrings 4. A 24-karat gold vape pen 5. A Royal Chakra bath bomb 6. A meditation headband from Muse 7. A 1-year membership to LiveItUp, in which celebrities will receive free life skills text messages from financial, health and wellness experts 8. Reportedly, winners also get to choose from a selection of high-end treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing, Botox and chemical peels I mean, this is so extra, we are sure Ranveer Singh is feeling threatened right now. View the full article
  13. Ever since the makers of Taapsee Pannuâs Thappad dropped the trailer, a debate on domestic violence has been initiated and people have appreciated the actor for talking about something which everyone has been taking for granted. After watching the trailer, many people said that the movie is only talking about domestic violence but Taapsee begs to differ as according to her, the movie talks about a lot of other things too. âThe film is not just about domestic violence. It is just one trigger. There is a dialogue in the film which says 'I can suddenly see all the unfair things that I did not notice earlier'. So Thappad (slap) is a trigger and suddenly you see these things that were taken for granted in a relationship," Taapsee told PTI in an interview. She added that through the movie, they are trying to bring out the elephant in the room. âIt is like there is a (separate) to-do list for both women and men that is expected from them in a relationship. Who decided this? Did you just blindly follow what was told to you? It is not a mistake of any one person but of everyone as a society that we are trying to normalize it," Taapsee said. View this post on InstagramKya yeh bas itni si baat hai? Kya pyaar mein ye bhi jayaz hai? Yeh #Thappad Ki pehli Jhalak hai! #ThappadfirstlookA post shared by (@taapsee) When asked about the setting of an upper-middle-class family in the movie, Taapsee said it was a conscious decision to keep it that way as domestic violence is not only restricted to uneducated people. âIt is not that such things happen in those houses where people are uneducated, this happens in educated families as well. It is happening with three women out of five," she said. âWhen you are growing up you are told to follow certain things. But with age, as I became independent, I realized I am working as hard as a man of my age and I am earning well, maybe not more, but I can run my house like any other man. So why are rules different for me? I should not do certain things because I am a woman, why? When you start becoming independent, you become confident and start questioning things,â Taapsee raised valid questions targeting society. Taapsee Pannu plays the role of Amrita, a wife who moves court to seek divorce after her husband slaps her at a party. However, everyone, including her parents, questions her move saying it's a 'trivial' matter. Hereâs the trailer: The movie, also featuring Pavail Gulati, Dia Mirza, Ratna Pathak Shah, Tanvi Azmi, Kumud Mishra, and Manav Kaul, is set to hit the theatres on February 28. View the full article
  14. A TikTok video of a hairstylist using fire to style his customerâs hair is doing the rounds on the internet. The video showcases a hair stylist styling a manâs hair using a bizarre fire technique and the man who is sitting on the chair looks calm. In the video, the barber uses a lighter to set his customerâs hair on fire and then further uses two combs to pull the hair back. This process is repeated until the time fire is extinguished on its own. The video was first shared on TikTok and then on Twitter. Watch the full video here- This is an origin story for a hairstyle like mine.pic.twitter.com/gBKrhr1AQH â ð¹ððð ð¶ððððð (@JoshuaGrubbsPhD) January 27, 2020 The video has over 30 million views on TikTok and has also now gone viral on other social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter the video has been viewed around 13 million times. The only question is why someone will want to put their own hair on fire. However, the internet is shocked and here is what the people want to say about the bizarre hairstyle technique- OMG that'd damage your hair wouldn't it not? Also How'd that not hurt him o.o â Emsha (@EmmaShosha) January 27, 2020Can you even imagine how much that must stink? â Arden Brooks (@ThatArdenBrooks) January 27, 2020I saw that at a Japanese flaming grill restaurant... â David J. Ley PhD (@DrDavidLey) January 27, 2020Once my hair reached the point of no return this is how I'm going down. â Andrew [Ëfeɪvi.É] (@andcarnivorous) January 27, 2020 pic.twitter.com/NrM0gpdVW3 â JC Murphy (@NotThat_JC) January 27, 2020Is it weird that I screamed? â Jack Arnal (@DrArnal) January 27, 2020 pic.twitter.com/ERbRYZFaP7 â Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt (@dr_sweatt) January 27, 2020We will never suggest anyone to get that done and never try doing that on your own too. Are you brave enough to try this? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  15. ISLAMABAD: Former JUI-F senator Hafiz Hamdullah on Thursday taunted Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry by saying that the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has religious scholars and legal experts as members but the only person it lacks is Hareem Shah. Hamdullah was reacting to Chaudhry's criticism of the CII's declaration earlier that certain NAB ordinance clauses were 'in violation of Islamic laws'. Read more: CII terms several clauses of NAB Ordinance 'against Islam' The ex-senator said religious scholars and legal experts were members of the body. He sarcastically commented that the only thing that the council lacked was Tik Tok star Hareem Shah. He said it was unfortunate that a federal minister was disrespecting a national institution such as the CII. Hamdullah wondered whether it was a feature of the 'State of Medinah' for a federal minister to question the religious body's performance. Hamdullah said Chaudhry had earlier been replaced from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for his poor performance and sharp tongue. He urged the federal minister to pull up his socks or resign instead of criticising others. Certain sections of NAB ordinance in violation of Islamic laws: Chairman CIIChairman Dr Qibla Ayaz had said that sections 14-D, 15-A and 26-A of the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance were 'in violation of Islamic laws'. Section 14-D of the ordinance states that the burden of proof "shall lie with the accused", whereas Section 15-A says that a convicted person "shall cease to hold public office" and "stand disqualified for a period of ten years" from holding a public office. Section 26 empowers the NAB chairman to grant pardon under a plea bargain deal. The CII chairman further said that detaining, handcuffing and parading the accused in front of the media "is un-Islamic”. Fawad Chaudhry slaps TV anchor Mubasher LucmanChaudhry had slapped TV anchor Mubasher Lucman a few days ago after he had salaciously linked the Tik Tok star to the federal minister during his show. The move prompted Chaudhry to confront the TV anchor at an event and slap him. Read more: Fawad Chaudhry slaps TV anchor Mubasher Lucman After the CII said stated its observation, Chaudhry slammed the council by questioning why the government was spending a huge sum on an institution that never provided any guidance to religious scholars. “Spending millions of rupees on it is beyond my understanding. CII needs restructuring and people who are highly qualified. [People] aware of latest trends should be tasked with running it," he tweeted.
  16. If you have been following limited-over matches of the Indian cricket team in the recent past, you must have recognised umpire Anil Chaudhary's face by now. Most of India's ODIs and T20I matches in the past few years, that have taken place on home soil, have been officiated by the Delhi-born, who was also seen during their contest against the visiting Sri Lankan side in Indore on Tuesday. According to a PTI report, the 54-year-old has now been selected as the only Indian umpire to be a part of the International Cricket Council's officiating team for the upcoming U-19 World Cup tournament in South Africa, starting January 17, 2020. One of the leading umpires of the ICC in the past decade, Chaudhary made his ODI debut on November 27, 2013, during India's match against the West Indies at the Green Park stadium in Kanpur. He also made his debut in the shortest format of the game when the Men in Blue locked horns with George Bailey's Australian side at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot. © Twitter Ever since, Chaudhary has officiated in 20 One-Day Internationals and 27 T20Is and has received a lot of praise for having a great eye for the minute details of the game that helps him make the right call most of the time. However, his career as an umpire began on a rather interesting note when Pradeep Gupta (one of the local umpires during Chaudhary's club cricket days in 1989), gave him a call to make him stand as a substitute official. “I got a call from Pradeep Gupta (local umpire) to report at the St. Stephen's ground. He had taken ill and I was to stand as a substitute. Obviously, I was unprepared and honestly had little clue about umpiring. Fortunately, it turned out to be a low-scoring match with little pressure on the umpires,” the Delhiite had mentioned to The Hindu in 2016. © Twitter His first paycheck? 50 Rupees. “I went to give the money to Guptaji and was told to keep it since it was the fee for my work. That was petrol money and I just loved the idea,” he said. His dedication and also a little bit of good fortune guided him towards more and more matches and eventually landed him right next to international umpire Ram Babu Gupta, someone Chaudhary truly credits his career to. “I owe everything to Ram Babuji,” said the then 51-year-old Chaudhary. “He shaped my career. There was a SAIL Trophy match (between Mohan Meakin and Central Warehousing Corporation). It was a big tournament with some renowned players participating. It was again an emergency replacement and I did a decent job going by the reports that reached Ram Babuji. A pat from him made my day.” View the full article
  17. The much-awaited trailer of Himesh Reshammiya's Happy Hardy and Heer is finally out and we know who're the people really excited about this one - meme makers. The trailer begins with internet sensation Ranu Mondal singing Teri Meri Kahani which shows Happy (Himesh Reshammiya) and Heer (Sonia Mann) appearing to be madly in love, although the truth is Happy has actually been friend-zoned. Heer then ends up falling in love with Hardy, who's basically a sunglass-wearing stylish musician version of Himesh. Wow, so much in the name of true love! © Pooja Entertainment This 2-minute trailer features Himesh Reshammiya in a double role where one Himesh, wearing turbans, fights the stylish Himesh, because let's accept it; if there's anyone better than Himesh, it's Himesh himself. Both of them are fighting hard to win the girl's heart and literally NO ONE, throughout the trailer, is going to be curious or shocked about why they look like a carbon copy of each other. Maybe that's the mystery they'll solve in the movie? Honestly, we're now excited and waiting for honest reviews from memesters. Directed by Raka and produced by Deepshikha Deshmukh, Happy Hardy and Heer was earlier expected to release on January 3, but it will now hit the theatres on January 31. View the full article
  18. Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott only focused on co-parenting, dispel patch-up buzzEx-couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have time and again sparked buzz about their patch-up but for now, that remains far from the truth. As 2020 kicks off, the couple are rolling into the new decade by shooting down all chitchats of them getting back together as a source close to the two has revealed that their main focus is their daughter Stormi, and that is that. Speaking to HollywoodLife, a grapevine close to the family revealed: “Right now Kylie is focusing on herself and her daughter and co-parenting and those are really her only concerns.” “She’s told some friends she doesn’t think she will be working things out with Travis in a romantic way in 2020 or beyond,” they further added. The insider further goes on to say: “Raising Stormi together is very important to her, but she’s said she thinks they’re done for good as far as a future relationship.” “The main reason Travis was at the family party was to be a united parental front for their daughter. She knows Travis is an amazing father and she always wants to include him,” it was further revealed. “This is something Kris has always instilled in her and she really listens to her mom on this one,” the source further added.
  19. In another bizarre robbery incident that went wrong, a bunch of thieves tried their luck in Delhi, only to get the opposite of what they bargained for. A group of thieves planned a smooth robbery and drilled a hole in a post office wall to steal all the money, however, fate had something else in store for them. While they did successfully manage to dig a hole in the safe and get away a bag of money that was left by the cashier the previous day, much to their chagrin, all the bag had was Rs 487, and that too in coins. © BCCL According to TOI, the hole in the wall was around two feet wide and one foot long which also made the investigators reckon that the heist also involved a slim, minor boy who helped the robbers. DCP East Delhi told HT, “It is likely that the dilapidated condition of the building gave the thief the idea to commit the theft. It wouldn't have taken him much effort to break a hole in such a wall.” The official also added, “The hole is so narrow that only a slim child could have entered it. We are probing whether it is the role of an individual boy or he was used by someone to carry out the theft.” The robbery took so much effort to be pulled off and the ridiculous outcome somehow makes us feel a little bad for the robbers. Nonetheless, a case has been registered and the police are on the lookout for the suspects. View the full article
  20. Let's face it, as much as we'd like to brag about having run marathons, most of us haven't set foot even in a half-marathon in all this time. Not once. Though we're pretty sure many of you really wish to tick this one off your bucket list, there are perhaps a number of reasons why (read excuses) this wish has come to fruition, yet. While we continue to avoid stepping into ground zero, make excuses on our behalf and expend more and more time and energy running after money instead, there are people twice our age, who are smashing every hurdle and inhibition to run on tracks and roads, and complete long-ass marathons. We have curated a list of 5 of the oldest Indian runners, who have done what we are still hoping to achieve and have set great examples for youngsters like us. 1. Fauja Singh - 108 Years © Twitter/SocietySikhi One of the most renowned marathon runners under this category, 108-year-old Fauja Singh from England has broken many records over the years. He broke a record at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon under the '90 & above' category. At the age of 100, Mr Singh bagged almost 8 group world records in a single day. In 2011, he became the first 100-year-old person to complete a marathon. 2. Dharam Pal Singh Gudha - 120 Years (Approx.) © Twitter/ashoka1967 Self-proclaimed oldest marathon runner in the world, Mr Gudha claims that he was born in 1897, though he has never been able to convince the world about the same. A farmer from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, he has won 20 national and international medals in various athletic events. Mr Gudha also won a gold medal in the Malaysian Championships in 2014, and has a special National Geographic episode and American documentary to his name. 3. Dagadu Bhamre - 105 Years © Twitter/Anagha Sawant This Malegaon resident is a regular at Mumbai marathons and has inspired many youngsters with his grit and devotion. A believer of simple living, Mr Bhamre believes that a healthy diet and fixed routine keeps him in the pink of health. Mr Bhanre suffers from hearing ailment and worked as an accountant before retiring. Since then he has been participating in marathons and loves that he has been an inspiration to other people. 4. Man Kaur - 103 Years © Twitter/DDSportsChannel Another regular at world marathon championships, Ms Kaur was a gold medalist at the World Masters Athletics Championships held in Spain. The 103-year-old hails from Patiala and runs the track for an hour everyday. She started her journey as a 93-year-old senior citizen in 2009 and went on to become multiple record holder over the years and won over 17 gold medals. 5. Ashis Roy - 87 Years © Twitter/Sandhiralnc One of the more popular faces in the country, 87-year-old Mr Roy started running marathons since he was 52-years-old. By the age of 75, he had participated in over 85 races and ran his 100th marathon in 2010. A retired Air Force officer, practicing cardiologist, and a published author, Mr Roy has his name written in the Limca Book of Records as well. View the full article
  21. Hrithik Roshan is the man of the hour as he is not only an impeccable actor but has also been rated as 'The Most Handsome Man' in the world. It's not just his good looks that make us go weak in the knees but even his fashion game has an effortless charm that we cannot miss out on. © Viral Bhayani He struts in elegant outfits, no matter what the occasion is. This time around for a birthday bash, he made an appearance in a casual, laid-back outfit. While his outfit looked like he was ready to groove on his song 'Ghungaroo', his pants, on the other hand, had a different knack altogether. Yes, it looked like the pants have ripped bandages. We have to admit that this pair is quite hippy and certainly a unique pair that we have seen of late. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani These days ripped jeans are stealing a lot of attention. Be it minimally ripped or highly distressed options, every style looks quirky. Just a couple of days back, we even noticed Ranbir Kapoor making a statement in his maximalist pair of distressed jeans. It means that the trend is here to stay and undoubtedly, it is a must-have in our wardrobes too. © Viral Bhayani As far as Hrithik's pants are concerned, well, they don't actually have bandages but the ripped style is such that it gives an illusion of bandages on both the sides. This idea makes his grey jeans double dekko worthy and we cannot wait to see more of such looks. © Viral Bhayani Hrithik knows how to strike a chord with us with his sartorial choices. As for his outfit goes, he made a statement in a summery white shirt with ripped jeans and black boots. Add to that, his hat and neckpiece instantly score all the brownie points. Now, if you need ripped jeans that are actually exuberant and quirky, this style is it. Keep up the game, Hrithik! View the full article
  22. Football, as a sport, has no dearth of exciting talents and iconic superstars who've managed to carve their own niche in the beautiful game over the years. While some win coveted trophies and awards, others elate fans with their impeccable football skills. But, then there are those who serve as great characters in the sport for being true to their own, uncanny nature. And, without a doubt, Zlatan Ibrahimovic belongs to the latter category. From a rare breed of footballers, Ibrahimovic is one of the most entertaining characters to have graced the beautiful game. He is a prolific striker who has a knack for scoring impossible goals. From the overhead bicycle kick to long-range screamers, Ibrahimovic has scored it all to become an absolute fan-favourite. Take Zlatan Ibrahimovic for example, he's mostly considered to be funny because he is so arrogant. I've never been called out for retweeting a video of his. pic.twitter.com/q79ADgoNYi — ineshelene (@inihelene) July 14, 2019 But, as much as his crazy goals, Ibrahimovic is also famous for his uncanny behaviour and quirky responses off the field. Whether he is plying his trade on the field or giving an interview off it, the moment you see Ibrahimovic in the spotlight, you know something's going to happen (generally entertaining). He may no longer be in his prime, but there seems to be slowing down for Zlatan, neither in terms of skills nor in quirky remarks. In the latest incident of Zlatan being Zlatan, the Swedish footballer didn't just take a dig at Cristiano Ronaldo, but absolutely roasted him with a savage comment. MLZ @LAGalaxypic.twitter.com/X8YvMO8cRW — Zlatan IbrahimoviÄ (@Ibra_official) April 1, 2018 Following a sensational run in the Major League Soccer (MLS), Zlatan has been linked with AC Milan with a possible move to join the Serie A football club. Owing to the speculations, the 38-year-old was recently asked whether he will find competition from Ronaldo who recently picked the Best Player award in the Italian league. © Reuters Responding to the burning question in the most Zlatan manner, the former LA Galaxy star claimed that the Portuguese is not even the real Ronaldo. “I will find the real Ronaldo in Italy? None of it. There is only one Ronaldo, the Brazilian!,” he said in a recent interview with GQ. Zlatan has always looked up to Brazilian legend (Ronaldo), who played for teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and AC Milan. “When he played, everyone wanted to copy it, the movement, that little bag, bam-bam. He had too elegant a style. He was the one who made me stand in front of the television watching the game,” he added. View the full article
  23. Humans have wiped out more than 50 percent of earth's wildlife for their selfish needs and the ripple effect of that still carries on. After the last male White Rhino died last year in March, it's now the last Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia. The Sumatran Rhino has become extinct in Malaysia after the last one of the species died of cancer. Now, let's first focus on what the word 'extinction' really means, since we haven't experienced it yet, within our species. 'Extinction' is complete and absolute termination of an organism or a group of organisms or a species, from the face of this earth. This literally means there is no way to evoke a complete species unless of course there is a rare phenomenon such as the 'Lazarus Taxa', where a species presumed extinct, suddenly 'reappears', after a period of long absence. But unfortunately, that's not going to be the case for the Northern White Rhino, unless of course nature performs an absolute miracle! (c)ABC The wildlife department in Eastern Sabah state on Borneo island said the Rhino, named Iman, died of natural causes due to shock in her system. She had uterine tumours since her capture in March 2014. Iman was 25-years old and was suffering from pain due to the growing pressures from the uterine tumour on her bladder, dying sooner than she was expected to, according to department director Augustine Tuuga. Iman's death was announced six months after the death of the country's only male Rhino in Sabah. Efforts to breed the Rhino have been a little futile, but the authorities in Sabah have harvested their cells for possible reproduction. “Despite us knowing that this would happen sooner rather than later, we are so very saddened by this news,” said Sabah Environment Minister Christina Liew. (c)Emma Napper He also added that Iman had escaped death a few times over the last couple of years, due to massive blood loss, but each time the facility managed to nurse her back to health, also obtaining her egg cells for a possible collaboration with Indonesia, to produce the endangered animal species though artificial insemination. (c)USA Today The Sumatran rhino is the only rhino with two horns and the smallest of the rhinoceros species. The species was also fund in India but sadly, its numbers shrunk due to deforestation and poaching. A WWF report states that only 80 are left in the world, mostly concentrated towards Borneo and Sumatra and at the rate at which we're abusing our environment, it wouldn't be long enough till these 80 get extinct too someday! View the full article
  24. Less than a day ago, Joker smashed past $1 billion in box office returns, making it the most successful R-Rated film in history. This begs the question for both fans and studio executives - 'Do we want a sequel?' Surely enough, director Todd Phillips already has an answer, and it's a complex one. According to Phillips, any potential second film must be 'thematically similar and tonally appropriate.' A fair enough request, given that Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the complex villain held more in common with psychological drama than the action-thrillers we've come to associate with the Batman universe. In an interview with the LA Times, Phillips said: "It couldn't just be this wild and crazy movie about the Clown Prince of Crime.” © Warner Bros "It would have to have some thematic resonance in a similar way that Joker does. Because I think that's ultimately why the movie connected, it's what's going on underneath.” "So many movies are about the spark and this is about the powder. If you could capture that again in a real way, that would be interesting." Curiously, Phoenix himself was also asked this question in a previous interview, again with LA Times. Since he's been incredibly skeptical of media enquiries and targeted questions in the past, it may be anyone's guess as to how serious he was, but the 45-year-old actor definitely addressed the topic. “Long before the release or before we had any idea if it would be successful, we talked about sequels,” he shared. "In the second or third week of shooting, I was like, 'Todd, can you start working on a sequel? There's way too much to explore'. It was kind of in jest - but not really." © Warner Bros However, he clarified: "I wouldn't just do a sequel just because the first movie is successful. "That's ridiculous.” "I guess the fear was that you'd get locked into doing something repeatedly that you don't really care about, that doesn't motivate you or excite you. Part of the whole attraction to me [of Joker] was there was no expectations.” The actor seals up the topic by confirming the project's agreements. “I didn't sign a deal to do [more movies]. It was a one-off,” Phoenix adds. View the full article
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