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Found 96 results

  1. Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli's kids had to see their parents go to jail just as the holiday season began
  2. PM Imran Khan uploads a picture taken with his mother and father from more than four decades ago
  3. While recognising and then coming to terms with the signs of mental health troubles can seem pretty difficult in itself, we can only imagine how tough it might get to open up to somebody else and lay bare the troubles and worries that are weighing on your mind. Though it is understandable if this is the case when you’re trying to open up to a friend, the same shouldn’t be the case when trying to share things related to your mental health with your parents. But who are we kidding, it seems like one of the scariest things you may have had to do. © Pexels Since we know how important yet how sensitive it might be for one to talk things through with their parents, we got in touch with Ms Ila Kulshrestha who is a licensed clinical psychologist and a CID- UNESCO certified Arts based Therapist to guide you on how to best broach the topic with your parents. Ms Kulshreshtha says, “Talking to parents can be intimidating and scary for a number of reasons such as, not being sure if they will understand, not wanting to upset/disappoint them and even due to confusion about how to articulate our struggles and challenges so they can understand better.”Because the subject is sensitive for all the parties involved and we want to eliminate any possibility of misunderstanding (or keep it to a minimal level), Ms Kulshreshtha shared some tips for how to have a conversation with parents regarding mental health. © Pexels 1. Don’t be rushed and pick a time of the day with enough free time. 2. Privacy is key. Choose a location inside or outside the house where you feel comfortable and safe. It helps to know that you are not likely to be interrupted or overheard by someone else. 3. Choose a quiet, comfortable space. 4. Pick a method of communication that works for you and feels comfortable - phone, text, face to face. All first conversations don’t have to start off as face to face conversations. See what you feel comfortable with and what will allow you to share maximum information without getting nervous. © Pexels 5. Let them know if any of their questions make you uncomfortable and you are not ready to answer just yet politely. Don’t feel pressured to have all the answers. 6. Communicate what you expect from them after having received this information from you. Let them know how you would like to be supported in your recovery journey. 7. Don’t expect too much from one conversation. Learning about mental health concerns is a process and it may take all of you a few conversations. These really are just the initial steps you could take to introduce the subject and talk about your struggles with your parents. As difficult as it may seem, we need to remember that our family needs to be in the know of our state of mental well-being. That will not only put us at ease but also help our family to support us better in dealing with the issues at hand. View the full article
  4. Back in the old days, it seemed like Bollywood only had one agenda - show who can make the most adarsh child in a movie. Sanskaars this, sanskaars that, all that the grown-up children could do was literally what their parents told them to, after all, don't want them to be batameez, right? But, like always, it was taken too far and I'm not even talking about all the misogyny masquerading as sanskaars in these movies. Yes, of course, kids should respect their parents and listen to them but not to the extent of giving up any free will and living their life just according to them. That's honestly extremely problematic, but sadly, way too relevant for desi children. And overly-sankaari movies didn't help the case at all, everything was so extreme and over the top, it almost feels like propaganda movies that parents collectively made for kids everywhere. 1. Baghban © B. R. Films The first movie when you think of sankaars will never not be Baghban. I get what the movie was trying to say, children can be disrespectful after 'leaving the nest' but they showed such extremes sides of the spectrum, it honestly feels like a comedy. © B. R. Films On one hand, the worst, most disrespectful kids any person can have, and on the other hand, you have a son who puts his parents' picture in the temple? It's so bizarre that there was no balance between the behaviour, just polar opposites. 2. Hum Saath-Saath Hain © Rajshri Productions A well-loved typical Bollywood drama showing how great joint families are. You have righteous, adarsh children who will do anything to not let their parents down, even if it involves being more mature than the parents and going away to protect the family. © Rajshri Productions 3. Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! © Rajshri Productions I would personally like to thank this movie for bestowing upon the internet the meme of Renuka Shahane falling down the stairs. But, there's still so much problematic stuff in the movie, almost as problematic as the internet making a joke out of a death scene. Every one of these sanskaari movies has Mohnish Bahl playing the sensible and mature older brother and has Salman Khan playing a character named Prem. Was this in their contract or something? © Rajshri Productions If the older brother's wife died, didn't anyone think it was weird to marry off the widowed guy to his late wife's younger sister? Anything to keep the sanskaars intact, I guess. 4. Vivah © Rajshri Productions Oh yes, the only goal in life for a woman is to get married and become fair otherwise who will marry you? A lot of these movies are just straight-up sexist and it's infuriating to see. © Rajshri Productions Sanskaari bahu is the ultimate life goal, no other personality trait. 5. Cocktail © Illuminati Films Okay, I know this is the farthest thing from a sanskaari movie, but hear me out. The movie is on this list because it basically shows the juxtaposition of a wild party girl with a simple and sankaari woman. © Illuminati Films It shows the party girl as someone you just have fun with, but she's not marriage material, of course. What a subtle way of showing sanskaari is better than an independent woman. Hmm, I smell something. Oh, it's misogyny! View the full article
  5. Star kids enjoy a ton of limelight and popularity by the virtue of being born to well-known personalities. However, these star kids, for their part, do try to create their own space that is not dominated by their parents' celebrity status. One of the best ways the star kids try to create a name for themselves is by growing their social media presence where people get to see them in a very different light, which is often not shown by the paparazzi. Here are nine such Bollywood star kids who are giving their celebrity parents tough competition on social media. 1. Ananya Panday © Instagram/Ananya Panday Whether you like her as an actor or not, you cannot deny that Ananya has a strong social media presence. With 14.8 million followers, she is pretty active on Instagram and regularly posts snippets of her work and personal life, giving her followers a glimpse into her life. On the other hand, her dad Chunkey Panday has 229k followers on the platform. Just three films old, she has already established herself as a social media star. 2. Aryan & Suhana Khan © Instagram/Suhana Khan Unlike Ananya Pandey, neither of SRK’s children have made their Bollywood debuts yet, and still both of them enjoy a great amount of popularity online. With just 24 posts, Aryan has a following of 1.2 million, while Suhana boasts of 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram account. While there is no comparison between them and King Khan, who has a fan following of whopping 22.7 million, we have to admit that his children’s fandom will probably skyrocket upon their debuts. 3. Babil Khan © Instagram/Babil Khan Babil was launched into the limelight upon his father’s sudden demise. That’s when people flogged to Babil’s Instagram account where he had started posting throwback pictures and private trivia related to his father and their relationship which every Irrfan fan appreciated and wanted more of. Since then, not only Babil’s content, but also his followership has grown and now he has 83k followers on the platform. Though it’s nowhere close to Irrfan’s 749k, we have to admit it’s still a lot given that the guy is still a student of cinema and not a global star like his father..yet. 4. Jhanvi Kapoor © Instagram/Janhvi Kapoor Jhanvi is just two movies old in Bollywood, but her online community of 9.1 million followers on Instagram will tell you that she is already considered to be a future star in the making. While Sridevi had a following of 1.1 million during her lifetime, Jhanvi has grown her fandom leaps and bounds over the last two years. 5. Yashvardhan Ahuja © Instagram/Yashvardhan Ahuja Yashvardhan hasn’t even made his Bollywood debut yet and still the guy already has a strong follower base on his Instagram account. With 29.5k followers, Yashvardhan may not be anywhere close to his father Govinda’s 930k followers, but it’s still noteworthy given that we have hardly seen the guy in public and still, he has managed to carve a place for himself online. 6. Meezan & Alaviaa Jaaferi © Instagram/Meezaan Jafferi Meezan who made his debut in 2019 with Malaal may not have been able to deliver a blockbuster at the box office the first time, but he surely enjoys a lot of popularity online. However, with 109k followers on Instagram, he is still far behind his younger sister Alaviaa who is much of a social celebrity herself with 156k followers on her account. Now, although Javed Jaaferi boasts of 904.4k followers on Twitter, which is a lot more than his kids, it may not be wrong to presume that they will catch up to him soon over the next few years. 7. Aaliyah Kashyap © Instagram/Aaliyah Kashyap Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah who is said to be presently studying at Chapman University in Southern California, USA has turned out to be quite the social media celeb with 159k followers on her Instagram account. While Anurag currently boasts of 1 million followers on his official account, we can expect Aaliyah to match the number soon when she becomes a Bollywood celebrity after her graduation. View the full article
  6. Melissa Benoist and her husband and actor Chris Wood were blessed with a baby boy
  7. Education minister emphasises schools will have to ensure that government-issued safety protocols are followed
  8. There are numerous ways in which Indian parents wish to nurture their children. Some want to make them absolutely spoilt brats, others believe in using a stricter approach and help them become independent and finally, there are those who have practiced throwing chappals at their kids so many times, they might as well join the Indian archery team. Having said that, there is a list of very specific things that every parent, regardless of which category they belong to, has told his kid at least once in his lifetime. Here are 5 things every Indian kid has heard their parents say at least once: 1. We Used To ‘Walk 1200 KM’ To School © iStock “Beta, teri umar mein main do nadiya, chaar pahad aur chhe jungle paar karke school jata tha.” How is it that none of the parents of our generation of people ever managed to live around a school? Why would their schools always have to be on another continent altogether? 2. Eating Seeds Will Grow A Tree In Your Stomach © iStock “Beta tarbooz mein se beej nikal kar khana warna paet mein paudha ugg jaega.” Evil fruits are just waiting for us to consume their seeds so that they can finally get the proper nutrition to grow into a plant inside our body, even if it is our stomach that literally has acid in it because…. Desi parent logic! 3. Struggle Now, Enjoy Later © iStock “Beta abhi puri jee-jaan se padhai karle. Aage jaake maze hi maze hein.” So you topped your class, graduated from the university as the most promising prospect, even landed a job, great! Ab toh maze hi maze hein, right? What’s that? You’re underpaid? Your work hours are messed? No have no social life left? But yeh toh kisi ne bataya hi nahi! 4. Eating Non-Veg On Tuesday Is Bad, Eat Tomorrow © iStock “Beta, Mangalwar ko non-veg nahi khana. Kal kha lena!” Clearly the idea behind refusing non vegetarian food on Tuesday isn’t to save all the chickens because eating it on Mondays and Wednesdays are completely fine. And even if it is considered a sin to eat it on one day, why is it not a sin the next day? 5. Cutting Nails At Night With Give You Nightmares/Brings Bad Luck © iStock According to Hindu mythology, you shouldn’t cut nails at night because evenings are when Goddess Laxmi enters our home and blesses us. There is another reason why people refrained from cutting nails at night back in the day and it was because they didn’t have light in their homes. Why can’t we do it now? View the full article
  9. 'Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove Bloom!' announced Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
  10. Tamannaah Bhatia said "The results have just come in, and unfortunately my parents have tested positive."
  11. Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas are expecting their first child together and the news first broke in February
  12. Watching movies with your parents that are more like Hum Saath Saath Hai or a bit more advanced like Rockstar, still seems okay because, well, less awkward scenes. But if a movie is stirred with a lot of adult content, then you are bound to get those stern glances with a lot of embarrassing moments. These prospects do change as we grow up but some movies still need to be watched all alone or just with your friends and without parental presence. So, here's a list of movies that are just for you to watch! 1. Masti (Series) Masti as a series became a sleaze-fest. Even though the first instalment was hilarious, the next ones just had deteriorated to include vulgar scenes which were just uncalled for. While the plot is quite funny, the movie is a gamut of adult scenes with double meaning dialogues, which you should just avoid watching with your parents. 2. MatrubhoomiA movie that talks explicitly on the subject of sexual atrocities that are faced by the women of rural India, Matrubhoomi is definitely a must-watch. This non-commercial movie is the first feature film based on female infanticide, which is quite noteworthy and real. You should watch this now, just not with parents around. © Wikipedia 3. Ragini MMS (Series)A horror movie mixed with a lot of adult content seems like a good idea, right? There is Ragini MMS for that which is not just the scariest movie made but is also a combination of a lot of steamy scenes, which will definitely make you feel all awkward if your parents are around. 4. Below Her MouthThe title, Below Her Mouth, in itself, is provocative and gives a good idea about the concept of the film. But just in case you want to know a tad bit more about it then it's a movie based on erotic romance, which is about a lesbian couple who embark on a steamy love affair. Watch the trailer, before you decide to take the plunge! 5. 365 DNIA recent movie that went live on a digital platform, 365 dni or 365 days, has left the audience all bothered with so many steamy scenes. This erotic, romantic drama is about a relationship that goes way beyond love and you would witness multiple, ***-filled plots in it, which makes even Fifty Shades Of Grey a tamed version in front of this one. 6. LoveLove is a French film, an erotic drama, which you should not even dare watch in front of your desi parents. This movie has *** scenes recorded on a camera, and hence it's best to steer clear of making this one a public affair. 7. Aastha: In The Prison Of SpringImagining a movie based on explicit raunchy scenes back in time is just a little hard to digest but Aastha made waves, being one of the most unanticipated films of Bollywood. Portraying the role of a married woman who then becomes a prostitute, this movie was severely criticised and yet became a huge success. Kudos to Rekha, for pulling this off so well! © Wikipedia 8. GirlfriendWhen a movie includes a lot of adult scenes, it hardly takes time for it to become a controversial fare. So when a Bollywood movie called Girlfriend was made, there was no doubt, it would all stir up again. Starring Isha Kopikar and Amrita Arora, even this movie has fiery romance which you should not try watching with your parents. © Shemaroo View the full article
  13. Actor Sonu Sood has come a long way from being the quintessential 'middle class boy' to becoming Bollywoodâs villain, to a real life âsuperheroâ. Within a short span of time, the actor has captured a place in everyoneâs heart across the country because of his unflinching support to the migrant workers, who are worst affected by the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. From arranging buses to airlifting people through chartered flights to launching a toll free number, Sood has ensured to leave no stone unturned in sending stranded migrant workers to their home states. His generous efforts have now transformed him into a national hero. Recently, the 46-year-old actor took to his Twitter account to share an emotional post for his late parents. He shared the post with the caption that read., âThey both will be smiling somewhere from heavens. Miss u both maa n dad.â They both will be smiling somewhere from heavens. Miss u both maa n dad â£ï¸ https://t.co/6NYalWV4hF â sonu sood (@SonuSood) June 6, 2020 Sonu Soodâs selfless efforts have been widely appreciated across the country by common people as well as celebrities from his fraternity. Growing up in Nagpur in a middle-class family background, the actorâs early years were spent with his two sisters and parents. His father Shakti Sood was a small-time businessman and ran a garment shop named Bombay Cloth House, while his mother Saroj was a professor. View this post on InstagramSomeone said today is Motherâs Day. I was celebrating it everyday unknowingly. How can there be one day that you dedicate to some one you call MAA? Sheâs the one who celebrates your presence in her life everyday. I miss u Every second of my life maa. I miss dropping you to your college on my scooter. I miss attending your lectures as a student. I miss receiving letters from u. Life is not the same maa. A lot more goals to meet but the drive that motivated me was always you. Stay happy wherever u are . I am sure dad must be taking good care of you. I miss u both a lot ð Take care maa till I see u again. Happy Motherâs Day.A post shared by (@sonu_sood) Meanwhile, people on the micro-blogging site flooded Soodâs emotional post with loads of heartwarming comments. Check out some of the reactions here: नमन â Sone Lal Singh ð®ð³ (@AviatorSone) June 6, 2020Rest in peace..stay happy where ever you are..mom & dadð» â @sajidcrafts (@Ahmad_crafts) June 6, 2020Proud of you Sonu Sir .... Lots of love from uttrakhand â à ÃHáY ÃéGíī (@a_negii) June 6, 2020You are real hero sir â RANDHIR KUMAR SHARMA (@RANDHIR73747253) June 6, 2020May almighty grant them highest level in paradise.. â sehbaj khan (@KhanSehbaj) June 6, 2020सà¥à¤¨à¥ भाठà¤à¤ª सठमà¥à¤ à¤à¥ सà¥à¤ªà¤° हà¥à¤°à¥ हà¥à¤à¥¤ बाà¤à¥ तॠबस बà¥à¤² बà¤à¥à¤à¤¨ हà¥à¤à¥¤à¥¤à¥¤à¥¤ हमॠà¤à¤ª पर à¤à¤°à¥à¤µ हà¥à¥¤à¥¤à¥¤ â Manish thakur (@ManishT20132842) June 6, 2020Coming from a humble background himself, he clearly understands what it takes to be generous and compassionate in todayâs circumstances. We desperately need more people like Sonu Sood in this country. The actor has set up a toll free number to reach out to the maximum number of distressed people. Here is that number - 18001213711. This number connects to a call centre set up by him for those who seek help. He truly is a messiah for all those who are in dire need of help at this difficult time. Kudos to you, Sonu! View the full article
  14. Ramanand Sagarâs Ramayan first aired more than three decades ago in 1987. The amount of sentimentality and reverence the show enjoyed at the time, can be gauged not only by the testimonials the elders in our house share, but also by the showâs current rating on Doordarshan. © MensXP People flocked to the sets in large numbers to get a glimpse of Ram, Laxman and Sita, made immortal by actors Arun Govil, Sunil Lahri and Dipika Chikhlia. As the popular show is being rerun on DD National amid the country-wide lockdown, MensXP got in touch with the son of the showâs late art director. Mr Vipin Bhai Patel was kind enough to share some unknown facts and never-seen-before photos related to Ramanand Sagarâs Ramayan. © MensXP/Vipin Bhai Patel 1. There are many reports which claim that Ramayan was shot in Mumbai. But in reality, the show was shot in the Vrindavan Studio in Umargam, Gujarat. 2. Art director and the then owner of the studio late Mr Hirabhai Patel was responsible for designing all the major components of the show, right from the costumes, sitting areas, chariots to the set itself. © MensXP 3. Hirabhai Patel had also been well-versed in Trick Photography (a special form of photography that uses special methods to make unreal things seem very real), which gave the show a whole new dimension and made everything seem true to life. 4. Mr Hirabhai Patel acquired a 40-acre piece of land in Gujarat under a government subsidy scheme, and set up the Ramayan studio on it. © MensXP 5. The studio is located along a seashore and has multiple locations on its premises. Many scenes featuring the sea in Ramayan were shot inside the studio itself. It is also said that post the shooting of Ramayan, Shri Krishna was also shot in the same studio. 6. Son of Late Mr Hirabhai Patel and the current owner of Vrindavan studio, Vipin Bhai Patel also shared that director Ramanand Sagar and his father were close associates. The director would discuss various matters of the show with Hirabhai Patel and then decide on the future course of action. © MensXP 7. Reportedly, the shooting of Ramayan began in 1985 and went on for the next five years. 8. The studio was let out on shift basis and for every 8-hour shift, the renting changes would be Rs 2000. Every significant scene in the show, right from the jungle to the battle scenes were shot inside the studio. 9. The creation of particular elements of the set, including costumes, jewellery and even weapons were first hand-painted by Mr Hirabhai Patel upon discussing it with the director. Only then were they physically created. 10. Trick photography/videography would be used to make things appear larger than life on-screen. For instance, Ravanâs palace in the show seems humongous, but in reality, the palace was merely 4 feet in height. © MensXP Check out more never-seen-before photos here: © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP Inputs taken from an exclusive story covered by Mradul Rajpoot for MensXP Hindi. View the full article
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