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Found 21 results

  1. The thing that sets Kartik Aaryan's style game apart from everyone else, is the sheer relatability and cool quotient. He has been proving it time and time again with his woke sartorial choices, and he reminds us of it, every now and then. The latest instance was when he wore a pair of white trainers - a pair we think is one of the most playful pairs we have seen this year. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani © Hummel Kartik is wearing the Hummel Edmonton OG, a '90s inspired full-grain leather trainer that is a super-solid performance trainer. Featuring a moulded EVA midsole and a rubber outsole. It includes performance features, such as an internal stability shank and a shock-point EVA in the heel zone absorbing shocks to give you softer landings. © Hummel © Hummel The white and black Lycra details and red top aylets providing extra stability and a snug fit makes it a pair that is fashionable, as well as super functional. When it comes to how much it costs, it's surprisingly affordable considering its features. It costs 109 Euros, which when converted to Indian currency, comes close to around Rs 8400. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Coming to the rest of his outfit, we like the relaxed vibe that the versatile black and white aesthetic extends. When it comes to a sporty summer outfit, this one works like a charm. To more such woke fashion choices, Kartik!
  2. Pre-workout supplements are always a hot topic to discuss. Supplement manufacturers know this quite well and are thus quite responsive towards the surge in the demand that has recently caught up. You can find a new pre-workout supplement on the shelves of the supplement stores, whenever you visit the market. However, not all of them work and are as effective as they claim to be. Here is the list of pre-workout supplements that are really effective and are backed up by solid research: 1. Creatine Monohydrate © Getty Images One of the most researched supplements out there, Creatine Monohydrate has been tested for long term safety as well. If you train for mass and strength, Creatine Monohydrate is the supplement that you should be consuming. Research over the decades has shown its efficiency in increasing lean muscle mass and strength without any major side effects. Creatine serves the crucial role in your energy system by increasing your ATP production. Consequently, you will be able to lift more weight and build more muscles. Though the timing is not that relevant when it comes to consumption of creatine monohydrate, yet it's a good option to have it as your pre-workout.' 2. Caffeine © Getty Images Caffeine is a natural stimulant which is also found in coffee. It is extensively used in almost all the blend pre-workout supplements available in the market. Caffeine intake before a workout can improve your exercise performance by increasing your mental alertness and increase in power output. Since it is a stimulant, it works quickly once it enters your bloodstream. In less than 30 minutes of consuming caffeine, you will start feeling more energetic. It helps you to set yourself in that workout mode even if you were earlier feeling tired. If you work out in the morning and find it difficult to push yourself to the gym, caffeine has to be your supplement. Though stimulants work differently on different individuals, generally a preferred dose would be around 3-6mg per kg of body weight. 3. Beta Alanine © Getty Images Beta-Alanine is an amino acid. It is also one of the most researched and effective sports supplement which is easily available these days. Once taken in the correct dosage, its positive effects on human exercise performance has been documented in various studies. Beta Alanine is especially helpful in exercises that last from one minute to four minutes. An example of such exercise would be hypertrophy training where you perform 8 to 12 repetitions in a set. With the increased concentration of beta-alanine over a certain period, you may be able to pull in more reps than before. The recommended dosage is around 4-6 grams daily. You may feel a slight tingling sensation with its use which is harmless and will go away in approximately 30 minutes. 4. Citrulline/ Citrulline Malate Citrulline or Citrulline malate is also an option to be used as a pre-workout supplement. Though your body produces this amino acid by itself, increasing its concentration with the help of supplementation may help you to increase your exercise performance. Citrulline helps in increasing blood flow which, in turn, may help you in increasing oxygen supply to your muscles. Most studies on endurance exercises have been done on citrulline and effective dosage of 6 gm is recommended to boost exercise performance. Studies on weight training used Citrulline Malate as the supplement and found an effective dosage of 8 gm to reduce soreness by 40% after the workout. However, there have been recent studies that disputed this claim. Though one thing that the studies still agree upon is that citrulline helps you with more blood flow and thus can help with better vascularity as well. 5. Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) Though I am not a big fan of this supplement, yes, there are places where you can fit in EAAs. Before I tell you how exactly to do that, let me be clear that you really don't need to supplement EAAs separately if your total protein intake for the day is enough according to your goals. Now supplementing EAAs in pre workout may be helpful where you are on an extreme calorie deficit and perform empty stomach workouts in the morning. Doing this may help you to reduce muscle catabolism if you train fasted or prefer to workout on an empty stomach. Anuj Tyagi, author of this article, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist from American Council on Exercise (ACE). Now an Online Health Coach, he is also a Chartered Accountant by education. You can connect with him through Instagram on:- https://www.instagram.com/sixpacktummy_anuj/
  3. The one crucial element that drives the entire film industry is how the audience accepts you and your work, and mind it, there are no exceptions for the star kids. Chunky Panday's daughter Ananya Panday seems to have the passed the litmus test and has started to make her place, as she got her big golden Bollywood ticket with the recently released 'Student Of The Year 2'. For a father, seeing his daughter on the big screen and getting accepted by the audience is like a dream come true. In the case of Chunky Panday, his daughter Ananya has done something that he has always wanted to achieve himself. He might not have been able to work with Dharma Productions but his daughter has now accomplished that. MensXP got in touch with Chunky Panday to know how he feels watching his darling daughter Ananya Panday on the big screen. He also addressed the negative comments that followed the release of the film on Twitter. When we asked about his reaction on seeing his daughter perform on the big screen, he told us, "I was very overwhelmed when I saw the film. I didn't expect this from her from whatever I have known about her as a child. She just came across a different person altogether on the screen. She took me by surprise and it was quite a pleasant shock for me by seeing how she performed. I am floored and in fact, she worked really hard on it. She surprised me and Bhavna both. She never discussed anything with us about the film and when we ultimately watched the film in the theatre, we were very happy." We all stay in an era where you are always under the social media radar and are constantly being judged. If you are a star kid, you will be trolled mercilessly, regardless of what you do. These trolls are nameless and faceless, who sit behind their laptop screens and write negative comments to their hearts content. After the very first show of 'SOTY 2', Twitter was flooded with both positive and negative comments. There were people who were seen appreciating Ananya's act whereas some simply trolled the newcomer. We asked Chunky if he has prepared Ananya in any way to tackle the negativity that comes with fame. On this, he said, "As a father, I always told her that you have to judge everything according to your film. You are a commodity and you can't go beyond the film. Your success depends on the success of the film. You don't imitate other people's choices but rather focus on carving your own path. Of course, it is one of the most unpredictable professions I would say, but it has got its own plus points and you have to be level-headed. She has got a big banner like Dharma. I never got a chance to work with them but my daughter did." Adding to his viewpoint, he said that he doesn't pay any heed to negative comments, but his wife and Ananya's mother Bhavna does get upset with it. According to him, Ananya is a little balanced in terms of taking negativity and keeps stays level-headed. "Luckily, negativity has become less after people saw her performance. She has always maintained that 'don't drive me off before you see my performance and then if you don't like it, you can abuse me'. She is quite balanced that way. I am sure negative comments do upset everyone. I don't even read those comments, but my wife Bhavna does and she gets upset. Ananya, on the other hand, does read a few of them and I am sure she does get upset, but I have told her to read five positive comments and two negative comments. Nowadays, the younger generation knows how to tackle such situations in a better way. They know how to distance themselves from something like this," said Chunky. View this post on Instagram 15 years later - you still look like a ladoo, papa is still obsessed with us and I'm still so extra with my poses â¤ï¸ð¤¦ð»‍âï¸ happy birthday Rys, stop growing up now ð¥ A post shared by Ananya ð©ð»‍ðð« (@ananyapanday) on Mar 9, 2019 at 11:47pm PST Further, into the conversation, we talked about how his wife Bhavna had a breakdown while Ananya had left for Dehradun for a 40-day schedule. Were there any breakdown moments for a father? On this, he told us, "Not when she was away but when I saw her film for the first time on the big screen, I had a breakdown. I hadn't seen any rushes of the film. Normally, parents see it but I didn't. Even when the trailer launched had happened, I saw the trailer on YouTube and I never used to tell Ananya or Bhavna that I watch the trailer 30-40 times before going to sleep. The day I saw the preview show, I was completely blown away. I just went up and gave her a tight hug. She has made me proud as she has done a great job." Finally, we tackled the uncomfortable question of how 'SOTY 2' has not really done well with the critics and asked him directly about the screenplay being a bit off track. Many Twitter users felt that the movie was not up to the mark but appreciated the performances of the lead actors. On this, Chunky said, "I felt the movie was made for the younger age group. It didn't have much for the grown-ups. I have always told Ananya that once you commit yourself to a project, give your 200% to it and that's what she had done. She has been trained for that. You know what, sometimes the greatest of things can be a squib and sometimes a squib can turn out to be one of the greatest things that you have seen. I am saying this out of my personal experience. When you are working on a film that you think is not gonna get numbers, sometimes it eventually becomes a blockbuster. You are just having fun on the sets and you have no clue. Sometimes, you think you are working on a huge budget kickass project, but it doesn't even get on the floors. It doesn't stop us from giving our best. I have always told her that if you are not happy with something, defuse it and do not make it linger. These are the little things that I have told her but the rest is up to her." View this post on Instagram Been around since the 1st one, happy 21st anniversary guys â¤ï¸ð¼ð» #DadYouGotLucky #Goals A post shared by Ananya ð©ð»‍ðð« (@ananyapanday) on Jan 16, 2019 at 11:21pm PST The movie is inching towards minting Rs 50 crore at the box office and Chunky is happy to see his daughter's debut doing well on the big screen. "I am thrilled that the film got accepted and moreover, she has been accepted. I feel the biggest struggle for an actor is to be appreciated and accepted by the masses. You can be working in many films in your entire lives, but if you're not accepted, you will never be able to make a mark. There's has to be a connection between the audience and the performer. I am just happy," said Chunky, and we do agree with his point of view. The conversation then veered to the much discussed-about issue which is always making headlines, Nepotism and how being a star kid is no luxury per se. "It is a lot of pressure as there are so many expectations and now, you have trolls that follow. Forget star kids, I had so much pressure as a kid to become a doctor because both my parents were doctors. The pressure didn't come from my parents but from my relatives and friends. I screwed it big time but I couldn't. There's huge pressure on kids, especially star kids and no one sees it. It's actually tough," Chunky said. View this post on Instagram Happy birthday to the coolest dude ever 𧡠#BestFriend A post shared by Ananya ð©ð»‍ðð« (@ananyapanday) on Sep 25, 2018 at 11:37pm PDT Putting forward his take on Nepotism, he said, "This has been happening for a long time now. I remember when I had joined the industry, I was targetted because my parents were very close to Rekha. My mom had a slimming clinic and she had help Rekha lose weight. The moment my film was announced and launched, people were like this boy has got the role because of Rekha. These things used to happen back then too but with the Internet now, it has become crazy. If you talk about my era, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan were all industry kids but they have worked hard. Our film industry has had star kids for a long time and they have proved themselves. They became the biggest stars in the country. For example, Vicky Kaushal - he is doing pretty well. I would suggest that one should work hard and live happily." Have you watched 'SOTY 2'? Did you like Ananya's performance? Let us know in the comments below!
  4. If your team had to make 54 runs off 18 balls to win the game, you'd probably be thinking about your plans for the next match, having already taken this one to be a lost cause. Alternatively, you'd be a lot more confident about trying to chase such an outrageous goal if your team was Kolkata Knight Riders and you have the Jamaican beast, Andre Russell on the crease. On Friday, in what can be considered to be Royal Challengers Bangalore's best game of the season so far, skipper Virat Kohli played an impressive 84-run innings while off-form batsman, AB de Villiers seemed to have found his mojo back as well. Firing on all cylinders in the first half of the game, Kohli and de Villiers helped RCB establish a more-than-great score of 205 in just 20 overs. Things were finally looking good for the men in red and gold as they were looking forward to celebrating their first win of the Indian Premier League 2019 after losing four straight matches and sitting rock bottom on the points table. All they had to do was hold Dinesh Karthik's KKR below 205 under 20 overs and victory would have been theirs. But, as they say, “if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.” After successfully dismissing great batsmen like Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa and Nitish Rana, the only person standing between RCB and the win was Russell. Taking not too long to settle in, the Windies allrounder literally smashed the ball in all directions. Hitting seven maximums and one four, Russell was able to score 48 runs in just 13 deliveries which not only made him the man of the match but also led him to score the required 54 in just 13 balls instead of 18. As gratitude for his otherworldly performance, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who also happens to be the co-owner of the franchise, shared this image on Twitter: Well played boys @KKRiders @lynny50 @NitishRana_27 @robbieuthappa . Each one in the team did so well but you all will agree all words of praise r worth less than this picture... pic.twitter.com/bak2zQ9NqD — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 5, 2019 “Well played boys @KKRiders @lynny50 @NitishRana_27 @robbieuthappa . Each one in the team did so well but you all will agree all words of praise r worth less than this picture…” said the 53-year-old actor. This photoshopped image obviously comes from the movie 'Baahubali' in which Amarendra Baahubali shows superhuman strength to overcome his obstacles. As befitting as the comparison is, it led to some brilliant reactions by the KKR fans on Twitter: AndreBali ðpic.twitter.com/N2G2eoKQF2 — ââ The Club SRK ââ (@TheClubSRK) April 5, 2019 @KKRiders @Russell12A 2nd innings of #RCBvKKR pic.twitter.com/tMaTFQLCbfð¥ð¥ð¥ #KKRHaiTaiyaar — Tá´á´Êá´á´á´ ♠á´°áµáµ (@iamSrkfanking) April 5, 2019 Fantastic play @KKRiders ðð» Jai Maahishmathi. Let's keep the spirit HIGH... @IamSRK !! #IPL2019 https://t.co/nhWjfVoB58 — Aquib Nasir Siddqui (@NasirAquib) April 5, 2019 RUSSELLBALI ð¥ð¤£ — Chowkidar Gautam Sachdeva (@GautamSachdevaa) April 5, 2019
  5. Akshay Kumar's much-awaited 'Kesari' is opening at the box office on Friday but the premiere show opened to packed houses for critics and guests last night and according to the first review, the movie is supposed to be outstanding. Many critics are calling it Akshay's best work so far. #OneWordReview…#Kesari: OUTSTANDING! Rating: â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ Chronicles a significant chapter from history brilliantly... Nationalism, patriotism, heroism, scale and soul - #Kesari has it all... Akshay's career-best act... Anurag Singh's direction terrific... Don't miss! #KesariReview pic.twitter.com/hrNtAgObno — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) March 19, 2019 #MovieReview- #KESARI is embellished with superlative performances especially by @akshaykumar (Best till date), Strong emotions and Patriotism. A story of bravery & courage that shouldn't be missed. Yet another WINNER for Akshay Kumar!!!#KesariReview Rating: â­â­â­½ pic.twitter.com/dSQuLownNw — AAVISHKAR (@aavishhkar) March 19, 2019 Rating :- 4.5/5 ððððð Strongly Recommended ð¥#Kesari not only explains the story of braveheart Sikh regiment soldiers but makes you to feel inside. Kudos Anurag Singh for wonderful execution. @akshaykumar is just amazing in every frame, Mind-Blowing act ð #KesariReview pic.twitter.com/ko3onmOVuU — REAL BOX-OFFICE (@teamrb_) March 20, 2019 Akshay has lately been associated with a lot of meaningful projects like 'Toilet: Ek Prem Katha' and 'Padman'. 'Kesari' is another feather in his cap of success because the critics are loving this patriotic, historic movie. #OneWordReview#Kesari: Blockbuster! Rating: â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ #Kesari Biggest blockbuster of Akshay's career-best act... Anurag Singh's direction awesome ... Don't miss! #KesariReview — ROHAN (@ViratsRohan) March 20, 2019 A powerful film, of courage and sacrifice. The action sequences and dialogues give you goosebumps. Superb performance by @akshaykumar#Kesari #KesariReview@karanjohar @apoorvamehta18 — Soniya Singh (@iamsoniyasingh) March 20, 2019 In case you had any doubts about booking the tickets, they should be clear by now. The movie also stars Parineeti Chopra and is releasing on Friday, 22nd March.
  6. If you have been following the news around PUBG, then you are probably aware of the fact that it's been receiving a lot of flak for being highly addictive. Earlier this year, the Gujarat government banned school kids from playing PUBG, and now, it looks like the Surat district administration has imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile because of the increase in violent behaviour among the children. According to the administration, the game was affecting the academic performance of the students The circular to ban the game has reportedly been sent to a number of primary education officers of the district. The primary objective is to reduce the number of cases coming from PUBG Mobile addiction. As per the notice, the ban will be imposed in Rajkot from March 9 to April 30. Anyone can file a complaint and inform the nearest police station against whoever is playing the game. The police is said to take action under the Central Government Act Section 188. © Tencent Mobile Jagruti Pandya, Chairperson of Gujarat Child rights body, has also issued a recommendation to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) in order to ban PUBG Mobile in the state. Jagruti was quoted saying, "The NCPCR had sent a letter to all the states and recommended a ban on the game. All the states are required to implement it. Looking at the negative effects of the game, we had recently sent a letter to the state government recommending a ban on the game." Source: Timesnownews
  7. Realme is a fairly new brand, but this hasn't stopped it from giving established brands a headache. It has launched a plethora of phones in a very short span of time and intends to become a top contender in the longer run. The company's target audience is the youth and has always marketed its phone's as an all-rounder. With the launch of Realme 3, the brand will be directly competing with Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7. Within a strict price bracket, they need to offer as much as they can, and it should go well with every type of user. This includes the design, performance, camera, software, and battery life. While we used to forgo minor cost-cutting measures, intense competition has left no space for mistakes. The previously launched Realme U1 also has a P70 processor, so what's new on the Realme 3? A lot. Not only does it come with a cheaper price tag, but it also incorporates a host of improvements in all departments. Ultimately, everyone has just one question - can it become the best budget offering? Design & Display: © MensXP/Shivam Vahia The first thing you'll notice about the phone is its design. The Realme 3 feels exceedingly plastic and basic. It doesn't even feel very solid to hold and this is the primary segment where costs have been cut massively. The Realme U1 too had a plastic construction, but it was well-built and you'd even assume the back is made of glass thanks to the reflection. On the flip side though, a plastic construction means the phone is lighter and very comfortable to hold. We have a Gradient Blue with the upper three-fourths being black and the bottom being starry blue. A slight curve on the back edges also makes it very ergonomic and the phone is built from a utilitarian point of view. © MensXP/Shivam Vahia The SIM card tray has a separate microSD card slot and the front screen is protected by Gorilla Glass. The bottom of the phone has a micro USB port for charging along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Lastly, the back has a circular fingerprint scanner that is sufficiently fast and reliable. The front sports a 6.2-inch LCD display with a 19:9 aspect ratio, 1520 x 720 resolution, and Corning Glass 3 for protection. The display is adequately bright but thanks to 720P resolution, sharpness goes for a toss. The colour production feels extreme, it is too saturated sometimes and often very washed out. The viewing angles are great though and it has a high screen-to-body ratio because of the water-drop style notch. Camera: © MensXP/Shivam Vahia The Realme 3 has a 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel rear camera setup and it has two conclusions to it as well. For the average user, the setup performs just like we expect it to. There's nothing exceptional about it and we don't see any major drawbacks. The camera app has an updated UI thanks to ColorOS 6.0 and also brings in a few new modes like Nightscape and Chrome Boost. Nightscape helps in optimising low-light pictures by using multiple frames and AI-backed processing. The results were much better than we expected because it cuts down on noise and retains sharpness. The primary lens has an f/1.8 aperture and it's good to see even budget phone's taking advantage of it. Chroma Boost mode helps in increasing saturation as well as dynamic range and gets the job done perfectly. © MensXP/Shivam Vahia The portrait mode can detect edges very well and it's supported on both, the front and back cameras. Macros are wonderful and look perfectly saturated. With a landscape background, the blur or bokeh effect does tend to get too aggressive though. As I said, the camera has two conclusions: for the general user, it'll get the job done quickly. For the pro users, Realme has also added support for Google's camera 2 API, meaning you'll soon be able to use the Google Camera app and produce Pixel-like pictures. The front has a 13-megapixel sensor and obviously, there's support for AI-backed beautification. But, you can control every aspect of the edits like nose width, blush, and eye size. In broad daylight, both the cameras score well and there's no major point to crib about. © MensXP/Shivam Vahia © MensXP/Shivam Vahia © MensXP/Shivam Vahia © MensXP/Shivam Vahia © MensXP/Shivam Vahia © MensXP/Shivam Vahia © MensXP/Shivam Vahia Performance & Software: A major selling point of the phone is its octa-core MediaTek Helio P70 chipset. It comes in two variants: 3GB RAM + 32GB storage and 4GB RAM + 64GB storage. Our unit comes with the latter and you can see a major point of improvement in the overall experience thanks to well-optimised software. The processor is clocked at 2.1Ghz (four cores) and is blazing fast. © MensXP/Shivam Vahia You'll never see any delay in day-to-day usage and RAM management has been relatively improved as well. I was able to use Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Spotify, and one Chrome tab at a given point of time and for a budget phone, this is significantly good. Games are even more enjoyable thanks to a 720P display (a drawback becomes a benefit) and PUBG is playable at medium graphics without any considerable frame drops or stutters. Following the recent trend, it has a dedicated "gaming mode" that enhances performance on-demand and even PUBG has been deeply optimized. You also get the option of deciding between a battery saver mode, normal mode, and aggressive mode (consumes more battery). And lastly, the P70's NPU comes in very handy. With so many AI-backed features, the NPU has become a critical requirement now and it even helps in faster face unlock. © MensXP/Shivam Vahia Coming to the software, it runs on ColorOS 6.0 and is massively improved. To start with, you finally get an app drawer and many major aspects of stock Android have been retained. The notification centre looks neat and the overall running of the UI is smooth. This enables the phone to offer the goodness of pure Android and added benefits of the skin. There is some bloatware, but it's easily removable. The phone has a 4230mAh battery and is more than enough to get you through a day's heavy usage. There is no "fast charging" as such, but the 10W charger can get you to 50 per cent within an hour. The Final Say: © MensXP/Shivam Vahia Yes, Realme has cut corners with the design and display. But these are minor drawbacks that won't actually hamper your day-to-day usage. And with budget phones, the focus is always more on utility. We expected the Realme 3 to be a superior all-rounder, and it hasn't disappointed. Performance is kick-ass, the camera has some unique offerings, software is cleaner, and battery life is perfect. When compared to the competition, it can easily take on Samsung's Galaxy M10 in terms of performance and camera. The Redmi Note 7 has a better design, subjective software, and a slightly better processor. If you are on a tight budget, the 3GB version makes sense to go with. And we're glad Realme is directly taking on Xiaomi, after all, competition is healthy for the end user and provides more options to choose from!
  8. 'Gully Boy' may have taken the box office by storm, but actually, it's the hearts of the audience that the movie seems to have captured. Given that it was one of 2019's most anticipated movies, Bollywood fans couldn't contain their excitement, and all the hype around the film ensured that fans were kept primed for the 'real deal' from the very beginning of the year. Now, with the film's release on Valentine's Day last week, the Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer has been topping every chart that there is, including its box office collection, which has already crossed the 70 crore mark with four days, and the audience cannot seem to get enough of its songs, characters, plot and what not. (c) Excel Entertainment However, if there is one thing in particular that people cannot stop gushing about after a viewing of 'Gully Boy', it is the tremendous effect the supporting cast of the film has on the entire experience. Movie-goers simply cannot stop praising the impact and dimension the supporting actors have lent to the film, heightening the movie-watching experience even further. Viewers have even picked their favourites amongst the leading supporting actors and have gone on to add how each of them carries the film forward on their shoulders, supported by their talent and stellar acting. 1. Siddhant Chaturvedi (c) Excel Entertainment MC Sher is so realistic a character on-screen, and the man behind the character is an equal marvel. Talented and a natural in front of the camera, Siddhant performs the role of the guru and confidante perfectly in the film. He inspires trust and admiration with his character and we love that he stands beside Ranveer like a pillar of strength, all the way. Um, Gully Boy, scratch that, Bollywood needs more of Siddhant Chaturvedi — Chavvi (@chavvim) February 18, 2019 Siddhant Chaturvedi is the next big thing in Bollywood! Stole every scene he was a part of! #gullyboy — Abhijeet Dash (@AbhijeetDash9) February 17, 2019 2. Vijay Raaz (c) Excel Entertainment The man needs no introduction, yet Raaz's new avatar in the film had us sitting on the edge of our seats the whole time. Gone was the funnyman, and here was a violent and abusive husband and father, and his constant fight against defiance almost makes you hate him, until you behold the man suppressed within the layers of a human who has long lived a handed-down life. Also worth mentioning the terrific acting skills of Vijay Raaz. Have always been a fan. Such an understated yet powerful performer. Zoya Akhtar and whoever did the casting deserves as much applause as any other department. The casting for most parts is spot on. #GullyBoy — Ranjit Nair (@ranzzit) February 18, 2019 How good was Vijay Raaz in #GullyBoy?! Absolutely loved it. From 'Kawwa biryani' to this, man has come a long way. — HK. (@HammaadKhaann) February 18, 2019 3. Amruta Subhash (c) Excel Entertainment A regular face in the Marathi film industry, Amruta nails it as Murad's mother with her feisty and loud comebacks. Initially a pawn at the hands of fate and her husband, she decides to get her own back when things get out of hand. She can be gentle and a tigress all at once and we loved how authentic she made it look on-screen. Vijay Raaz as Ranveer's father is excellent n drives the story forward.Vijay Maurya is a Fab actor n his dialogues are seamlessly stiched in the bylanes of Dharavi.Sheeba Chadha as Alia's mom is v good n Amruta Subhash as Ranveer's mom wins u over completely. #GullyBoy — Faridoon Shahryar (@iFaridoon) February 17, 2019 The supporting cast! Amruta Subhash and Vijay Raaz. Both freakishly good actors! Zoya did that! #GullyBoy — . (@grizzlyknope) January 9, 2019 4. Vijay Varma (c) Excel Entertainment What can we say about Moeen? He is probably one of those people in the film you feel hot and cold about. You can't hate him, and yet you can't love him either, but you do appreciate him for who he is and what he represents and stands for in the film. How he selflessly stands beside Murad, despite having ideological differences, is a testimony to true friendship. On second watch of #GullyBoy can I just say Vijay Varma is absolutely incredibleð¥ the jail scene was everything — N (@pakidillastani) February 16, 2019 The performances in gully boy were so good it is difficult to decide who was the best among the others. The winner was not so obviously, Vijay Varma. Insane performance. — Orgyinho (@Siddiotic) February 17, 2019 5. Srishti Shrivastava (c) Instagram Albina Albina Albina. She is the one who was dhoptoed by Sakeena in the film due to her overtures towards Murad. Her dialogues take you for a spin and you cannot help but notice the girl taking the role and making it her own in such a short period of time. OMG !!! Srishti Shrivastava is doing the character of Albina ð³ð I didn't knew it before ð She is my fav𧡠Well you deserve it girl, you are a very good performer & Proud of you ð Keep shining ð«ð«#GullyBoy — ð§Å³mi|♥ï¸| (@SumiD_tweets) February 14, 2019
  9. Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt's first movie of 2019 'Gully Boy' is less than 24 hours away before it hits the screens all across India. The buzz and excitement around 'Gully Boy' continues to soar high, as even the cast and crew has now joined hands to ensure that little snippets and inside scoop about the film keeps the fervour alive. View this post on Instagram #Azadi out now! Link in bio. @ritesh_sid @zoieakhtar @faroutakhtar @tigerbabyindia @aliaabhatt @dubsharma @vivianakadivine @itsvijayvarma @siddhantchaturvedi @kalkikanmani @zeemusiccompany A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Feb 11, 2019 at 3:32am PST Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt were recently seen at the Berlin International Film Festival for the film's premiere, where the movie received marvellous response from the audience. Closer home, Zoya Akhtar also hosted a special screening of 'Gully Boy' for the who's who of Bollywood, and even the B-town celebrities cannot stop gushing about the film and the actors' performances. Thank you, Berlin! ð©ðª #gullyboy #berlinale pic.twitter.com/4S3VYROnMK — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) February 10, 2019 Numerous tweets followed the said screening where praises for the Zoya Akhtar directorial 'Gully Boy' kept pouring in. and not just Indian celebrities but international film celebrities have also been left in awe of the film. 'Fast and Furious' star Michelle Rodriguez called the film “beautiful” and stated that it reminded her of the rap culture that broke out in New York and the Caribbean. I remember when rap broke out of New York & made it to the Caribbean, my Brooklynn born bros would breakdance on cardboard boxes in Dominican Republic, America had no clue how impactful this platform was going to be for the underdog worldwide. Beautifulð¼ https://t.co/TRjC9ag9X4 — Michelle Rodriguez (@MRodOfficial) February 11, 2019 That's not all, well known Canadian film critic Cameron Bailey also tweeted claiming that the cheers for 'Gully Boy' were the biggest he has heard in 20+ years in Berlinale. Watched the GULLY BOY world premiere tonight in a packed house with @RanveerOfficial, @aliaa08 & @ZoyaAkhtarOff present. Biggest cheers I've heard in 20+ years at the Berlinale. pic.twitter.com/Lk8OUoA663 — Cameron Bailey (@cameron_tiff) February 10, 2019 Indian celebrities too have praised the film unabashedly, calling it one of Ranveer's most spectacular performances yet. Few more words on #GullyBoy. @RanveerOfficial finest work yet. Contained yet free, nuanced yet explosive. @aliaa08 A brilliant, achingly true performance, your heart breaks. The rest of the cast were perfectly pitched. Take a bow @jayoza : brilliant camerawork in a complex film. — Rahul Bose (@RahulBose1) February 12, 2019 #GullyBoy is a cinematic masterpiece#ZoyaAkhtar is in my book the best director in the country right now The film is a technical and emotional triumph Have no words to describe the brilliance of @RanveerOfficial n @aliaa08 This is 1 of the 10 best Hindi films that I've seen — atul kasbekar (@atulkasbekar) February 12, 2019 Just watched #gullyboy !! @ZoyaAkhtarOff take a bow!!! Each scene is magic unfurling!! Each actor, parexcellence!!! Thankyou n best wishes for this gem! — Divya Dutta (@divyadutta25) February 11, 2019 GULLY BOY !!! GULLY BOY !!! GULLY BOY !! What a masterpiece !! @ZoyaAkhtarOff it can be ONLY YOU ONLY YOU ONLY YOU !! @RanveerOfficial it can be ONLY YOU ONLY YOU ONLY YOU !!! Bllllllllownnnnnn away !! pic.twitter.com/a8NkAtNKbj — Shankar Mahadevan (@Shankar_Live) February 11, 2019 The #GullyBoy fan club! #ZoyaAkhtar you're a genius! How do you out do yourself each time? Every performance, every scene, the music, the camera work, the writing â¤ï¸ @RanveerOfficial so contained yet so explosive. This one is undoubtedly your best. @aliaa08 fabulous as ever! pic.twitter.com/WQL9StltyU — Saiyami Kher (@SaiyamiKher) February 12, 2019 'Gully Boy' is one of this year's most anticipated movies which is inspired by the life story and achievements of rappers Divine and Naezy. Director Zoya Akhtar decided to make a movie on the lives of such upcoming hip-hop singers and rappers in Mumbai, and that's how 'Gully Boy' came into being.
  10. Lady Gaga has always stood out, no matter what, and her performance at the Grammys obviously couldn't help but be memorable, and apparently meme-able as well. As usual, she set the stage on fire with her solo rendition of 'Shallow', the emotional ballad from her Oscar-nominated film, 'A Star is Born', but little did she know that one moment from her incredible performance would make her the only Grammys meme that matters. She won three Grammys this time - Best Song Written for Visual Media for 'Shallow', Best Pop Solo Performance for 'Joanne', and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Bradley Cooper for 'Shallow' - but the most important award was Twitter's seal of approval for her deathly stare at the end her performance. At the end of the song, she pulled this pose - Twitter It doesn't look that bad from here, right? It's a little terrifying and uncomfortable, that's it. But, it looked like this in the camera. Twitter Yikes. And thus, a meme was born. What my food sees when I check on them in the oven #Grammys pic.twitter.com/jWzozNUVLJ — Akafi Ali (@AkafiAli) February 11, 2019 We've all been there. Amazon: Your order has shipped. Me waiting at my door: #GRAMMYsâ â #ladygaga pic.twitter.com/4BG303IqOh — Aquacheese (@aquacheeseplz) February 11, 2019 Why do people have private profiles? Trying to look at the profile picture of someone on private who adds you on Instagram #Grammys pic.twitter.com/9lrH8ypiBA — Individual - Not the 1 (@MikeJBruno) February 11, 2019 Card or die? Me when the restaurant is cash only #grammys pic.twitter.com/BXF11lgxw1 — Andy Kenareki (@AndyKenareki) February 11, 2019 Exactly. “per my previous email” pic.twitter.com/nkAJOEkkaG — ryan carey-mahoney (@thegoodcarmah) February 11, 2019 Who did it? Me checking outlets to see who stole my charger. #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/hkQTqlidBo — Kari (@karidigg) February 11, 2019 All Lady Gaga stans be like. Anyone: *talks shit about Lady Gaga* Me: pic.twitter.com/q902GhPyGS — Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) February 11, 2019 Umm. Me when the bar has last call 30 mins before 2am. #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/49KbH1BjT5 — Andy Kenareki (@AndyKenareki) February 11, 2019 Every single Sunday. When someone tells me tomorrow is Monday...#GRAMMYs @ladygaga pic.twitter.com/WcFzLGTq5d — Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) February 11, 2019 Is she peering into our souls? Lady Gaga staring in the camera I'm sitting here like: #Grammys pic.twitter.com/XQ0QoO3Uyl — Errol Nicholson (@errol_nic) February 11, 2019
  11. If you're crushing really hard on Yami Gautam then you must be in a place to praise her excellent performance in 'Uri: The Surgical Strike'. The underrated actress did a phenomenal job in her role for the film and it was well appreciated as well. The film, on an autopilot has become the first film of the year to cross the 100-crore mark. © Twitter With some relatable and real performances by the cast, we're actually hoping they get due recognition for it. But what's interesting is the fact Yami has already been appreciated for her role as an intelligence officer, by the 'core' people, who should be appreciating her role--the jawans. The actress has been lauded for her portrayal of an intelligence officer by the BSF regiment in Amritsar, while she was in the city to promote her film. © Zee Studio While in Amritsar, the jawans felicitated her and praised her performance. If you've seen 'Uri: The Surgical Strike', you'd know the depth and the dedication both the characters, that of Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam display. Yami also received a token of appreciation from the senior officers of the regiment. "BSF is the first line of defense of our country and it gives me immense pride to have met the jawans in person. I am overwhelmed by their kind gesture." Yami said while receiving the token. She also added that the entire team has been receiving a lot of appreciation for the great content they've delivered, all across the country, especially from the armed forces and the others who serve the country. © Twitter 'Uri: The Surgical Strike' is based on the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army on seven terrorist launch pads, across the Line of Control, on September 29, 2016, in a retaliation to terror attacks in the army camp of Uri. The film was a box office hit with everyone giving their best to the movie and towards the country's valour. Especially Yami Gautam, who's experiencing a new kind of josh now, we're guessing!
  12. It's yet another Friday, and while we are already prepping for the weekend that is rolling in with every passing minute, our plans to kickstart the weekend are already in place. With two most awaited (albeit shrouded in controversies) movies 'Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi' and 'Thackeray' hitting the theatres today, the most eventful plan would be to leave work early and hit the cinema hall. Which can always be followed up with good food and wine later, right? View this post on Instagram Zee Entertainment organises special screening of #Manikarnika -The Queen Of Jhansi for the Hon'ble President of India tomorrow at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre along with #KanganaRanaut and the team. The magnum opus gets its first honour! Releasing on 25th January. A post shared by ManikarnikaTheFilm (@manikarnikafilm) on Jan 17, 2019 at 9:15am PST But of course before you do that, you would want to be sure that your time and money would be worth the risk. We get you, and that is exactly why we decided to bring you the initial reviews for Kangana Ranaut starrer 'Manikarnika' which is based on the life and times of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, and her stupendous resistance and fight against the British. View this post on Instagram #Repost @missmalini • • • The teaser of Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi will be released on Gandhi Jayanti - a day when we celebrate the indomitable spirit of freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi. Rani Laxmi Bai has been one of the first, fiercest warrior queens, who fought for independence against the British army. So the makers felt this would be the apt day to launch the teaser of the film that captures the historic life story of Rani Lakshmi Bai. Kangana Ranaut looks gorgeous in this still from the movie. I can't wait to watch the teaser! - @swagatadam, Bollywood Junkie ð·Follow @missmalinibollywood for your filmy fixâ¨ð¹ . . . . . #kanganaranaut #Actress #Manikarnika #Bollywood #moviestars A post shared by ManikarnikaTheFilm (@manikarnikafilm) on Sep 29, 2018 at 1:18am PDT These initial Twitter reviews from real movie-goers will help you decide for yourself if this film is worth your Friday evening. However, from what we gathered so far, movie-goers are in absolute awe of Kangana's portrayal of this powerful historical figure, while some have even claimed that this film will be Kangana's crowning glory and lead her to win a National Award. Ankita Lokhande, who makes her Bollywood debut with this film, and will be seen portraying the role of Jhalkari Bai, has also caught people's attention with her performance. The audience has especially appreciated the screenplay and action sequence of the film, though some have also pointed out that the rising action of the film is slow to start in the first half of the film. With a killer story, stellar direction and performances from the likes of Suresh Oberoi, Atul Kulkarni, Danny Denzongpa and Jisshu Sengupta in key roles, this one indeed seems like a blockbuster in the making. #ManikarnikaReview One can't refrain oneself from praising the lead lady #KanganaRanaut, She is nailing her role with perfection. But one more person who's grabbing my attention is @anky1912 as JhalkariBai. ðð She's looking fab & nailing her character.â¤#Manikarnika — Durgansh Dixit (@DurganshDixit) January 25, 2019 Slow but extremely powerful, can't understand that pointð¤ Well, Film makers are not magician, better we sud avoid mini-mistake. Plz friends support the grandeur, empowerment n honour of RaniLaxmiBai. At least makers did extreme job to make her biofilm #ManikarnikaReview — NazmulHossain (@NZLhossain) January 25, 2019 Kangana is a synonym of Perfection. There is something very Strong about this woman that one can't denny. #Manikarnika #KanganaRanaut #ManikarnikaReview #ManikarnikaTheQueenofJhansi @KanganaFanClub @Rangoli_A @ManikarnikaFilm pic.twitter.com/jVNTqoiXSs — Ashish Shekhar (@calmly_calloff) January 25, 2019 Manikarinka - A powerful, genuine portrait by #KanganaRanaut. Single handedly she uplift the film. Blockbuster ahead!!!! #ManikarnikaReview — Him@n (@Hhimanmi) January 25, 2019 #KanganaRanaut is getting National award for the movie for sure !#Manikarnika #ManikarnikaReview — Yash Agarwal (@yashlovedrashti) January 25, 2019 What keeps us with Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is Rani Ranaut, who in her best moments, owns her part, the narrative, and the screen. Well said @shubhragupta @ieEntertainment #ManikarnikaReview. I totally agree with u ma'am. — Abki Baar ? Sarkar (@Baahubaliii) January 25, 2019 #Manikarnika One Word Review : Excellent Story- Direction - #KanganaRanaut Steal the Show... Book Your Ticket#ManikarnikaReview #ManikarnikaTheQueenOfJhansi — HONEST- CriTic (@realNipeshPatel) January 25, 2019 #Manikarnika What a Movie Salute to #KanganaRanaut for her dedication. Unbelievable!ðª#ManikarnikaReview pic.twitter.com/KuX30ib9b5 — Proudy Indian ð®ð³ (@Mejorsunil) January 25, 2019 #ManikarnikaReview First half: brilliant in parts, dull in some. Striking right before interval.#Manikarnika #ManikarnikaTheQueenOfJhansi — badal yadav (@badal_bnftv) January 25, 2019 #ManikarnikaReview khoob ladi mardani thi wo #jhansi wali Rani thi wo ... Kudos to #KanganaRanaut #ManikarnikaTheQueenOfJhansi @prasoonjoshi_ @ZeeStudios_ @KanganaFanClub https://t.co/OoIdL5y8zg — Rahul Chauhan (@RahulCh10968576) January 25, 2019 Excellent reviews pouring from every critic for #ManikarnikaTheQueenofJhansi #KanganaRanaut has nailed it. Go watch this historical movie with whole family, let the children know whom they should follow, let girls feels empower after watching #Manikarnika.#ManikarnikaReview https://t.co/pB1Izy2ynS — Dr.Deepa Sharma (@deepadoc) January 25, 2019 Well #KanganaRanaut is getting that National Award...and rightly so! She deserves it! Keep killing it girl and proving your detractors wrong! #Manikarnika #ManikarnikaReview #ManikarnikaTheQueenOfJhansi #KanganaRanaut @Rangoli_A @KanganaDaily @KanganaFanClub — SERENDIPITY (@astheteabrews) January 25, 2019 they still are impactful and somewhere they shows how new India ll progress in film making. Action scenes looks natural at times and they don't surprise you that how the hell did that happen. 𤣠This weekend, you should watch. â­ï¸ â­ï¸ â­ï¸ 1/2 #ManikarnikaReview @kangna_ranaut — Follow Me (@mayur798) January 25, 2019 Just saw #Manikarnika in UAE first show, outstanding, phenomenal and brilliant performance #kangnaRanaut,best historic movie seen,superb direction, amazing songs, great dialogues,emotions and deshbhakti at the top ,must must watch , will bag all the wardsðð — Reena Gupta (@versatilecolor) January 24, 2019
  13. MS Dhoni is too old to still be playing for Team India. He can no longer hit the ball at will. The finisher that once enthralled fans is finished now. Just look at the number of deliveries he eats up in his innings. He's surely a liability for the Indian team. Dhoni is just occupying a Team India spot which can very well be used to accommodate a player that actually deserves it. Surely, we can't win the ICC World Cup with Dhoni in the side. All these comments had haunted the former Indian captain in 2018, making it almost imperative for Dhoni to call it quits. But, there is a reason why this man is called 'Captain Cool'. The Jharkhand cricketer is one of those rare breeds of cricketers who thrive under pressure. You knock them down, they get right back up. You push them back, they come forward with rediscovered strength. For someone who remains India's most popular and definitely the most scrutinised cricketer (barring Sachin Tendulkar), Dhoni was out of form and sorts before he travelled to Australia for the three-match ODI series. With the critics watching his every move, waiting for him to fall, right before embarking on 'we hate Dhoni' bandwagon; the 37-year-old had everything to lose - his career, place in the side and, more importantly, a chance to play the 2019 ICC World Cup. Twitter But, contrary to popular perception, Dhoni endured all the pressure before coming out on top with the last laugh against his critics - a script that has been the catalyst of each of his three innings in the One-Day International (ODI) series. While he might have struggled with the willow last year, Dhoni, against all odds, has begun 2019 with three fifties in a row wherein two played a pivotal role in India's win. It all began with the first ODI in Sydney where India found themselves in all sorts of trouble after losing three wickets for just four runs. Coming out to bat at the no. 4 slot, Dhoni partnered Rohit Sharma to stabilise the innings for his side as the duo added 137 runs for the fourth wicket. While India failed to win the contest, many slammed Dhoni (despite being dismissed due to an umpiring howler) for his 51-run innings that came in 96 deliveries. MS Dhoni's 10 years challenge At the end of 2009, his ODI average was 50.82. Right now it is 50.81. It is 0.01 less but we will take it. #10yearchallenge — Mazher Arshad (@MazherArshad) January 18, 2019 The second match at the Adelaide Oval saw the visitors in a similar situation, lagging behind in their run-chase early on and Dhoni in the mix, yet again. With Virat Kohli carrying the baton for his side, having already reached his fifty, Dhoni came to the crease with literally no one expecting anything from the veteran cricketer. Moreover, his slow start (12 runs off 21 balls), once again, had the naysayers convinced that it was going to be another 'MSD no-show'. Twitter While Kohli was dismissed in the 44th over, Dhoni carried on playing with calculated risks, keeping India in the game, before exploding at the right time. By the time he was done, Dhoni had notched up his second consecutive fifty and first that came in a winning cause this year. His 54-ball 55 didn't just allow India to level the series 1-1 but also had the critics running for cover. But, still, Dhoni needed to prove himself a bit more to really convince everyone that he was, indeed, important to the Indian team. And, as expected, he did it again. Just stats says it all. keeps getting better with age.. #Dhoni pic.twitter.com/hKDSNYJC51 — vipin (@i_mvipin) January 18, 2019 With the three-match ODI series levelled at 1-1, it all boiled down to the final match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground where another MSD masterclass was waiting to steer India home. A 230-run total (thanks to Yuzvendra Chahal's spin wizardry) was never going to be a tough ask for a strong batting side like India, but the loss of Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli - with another 118 runs to get - had the Australians interested. But, Dhoni had other plans. Twitter The 37-year-old stitched an unbeaten 121-run partnership for the fourth wicket with Kedar Jadhav (61*) who revelled in the supporting role. Once again, pacing his innings to perfection, Dhoni took the game till the very end, denying any hiccups that would've had Aussies smelling blood. It was another fine showing by the former Indian captain and even if he was given three lives by the mediocre Australian side, it still shouldn't overshadow his contribution to the team. 3 fifties in a row. Highest Scorer for #TeamIndia in #AusvInd #ODI. Total Runs 193, Avg 193 !! They said he is finished, They said he is old, They said he is a liability, They said he must make way. He just smiled at all of them & let his willow do the talking #Dhoni #MSDhoni pic.twitter.com/BqnA3FZGIK — Prabhu (@Cricprabhu) January 18, 2019 At a time, when the Indian cricket team is struggling to fill in the gaps in their middle-order, Dhoni's 'Man of the Series' performance in the ODI series has undeniably made him a worthy contender for the crucial no. 4 slot. With India's top three raking in all the runs lately, India's middle-order woes weren't really exposed until the ODI series came calling. Going into the ICC World Cup in England, Dhoni - on the back of his consistent performances this year - has proved that he can adequately fit in the role as an important no. 4 batsman for his side. If reliable had to be described, it would've #Dhoni written all over it. Congratulations, #TeamIndia. What a special win!! @msdhoni @BCCI #INDvsAUS — Suresh Rainað®ð³ (@ImRaina) January 18, 2019 While many will question the number of deliveries he ends up using to build his innings, or his inability to score quickly as he did earlier, Dhoni is still the man for the job (maybe in a different role). In what appears to be his new avatar, MSD allows the batting to revolve around him as he holds the fort at the other end, playing the role of a sheet anchor - something that makes him a perfect fit for the vacant no. 4 slot. In the age, where cricket continues to evolve, India must look at this old warhorse differently. Rather than looking at him as a finisher, we must value this gem of a cricketer in the new role that, not only makes him a valuable addition to the team but also gives him more purpose (like he needed one in the first place) to serve Indian cricket.
  14. Yet another match, yet another early dismissal for the Indian Test opener, KL Rahul who faced only 5 balls before Shaun Marsh sent him away with an easy catch at slip. The 26-year-old was visibly disappointed as he walked back to the locker room bagging all but 9 runs for his first innings. View this post on Instagram Oh what a start for the Aussies! The seam position on this from Josh Hazlewood ðð A post shared by cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) on Jan 2, 2019 at 4:02pm PST Rahul has not been in form and was dropped for the third Test at Melbourne after performing poorly at Adelaide (2, 44) and Perth (2, 0). Evidently, the fans were annoyed when they saw his name in the Final 13-man squad for the extremely crucial fourth and final match of the series. In all honesty, very few believed that despite making the Final 13, Rahul would actually play today and were hoping to see an injury-recovering Ravichandran Ashwin on the field as a replacement for Rohit Sharma who is in India, visiting his week-old daughter. Despite opening the match with his best friend and U-19 teammate, Mayank Agarwal, who has been exceptionally good and consistent during the series, Rahul was unable to capitalise on the chemistry and went to the bench within no time. And of course, the hardcore fans of the game had things to say on Twitter. I got up 5 mins late. Missed legend's batting. KL Rahul ð#AUSvIND #INDvAUS https://t.co/PlhsvCfohu — Sir Jadeja (@SirJadeja) January 3, 2019 Still A Better Opener Than KL Rahul #INDvAUS pic.twitter.com/4kSxDFq0wJ — Buzz In The Town (@Buzzinthetown) January 3, 2019 Year changed, partner changed, pitch changed, but the scorecard of KL Rahul doesn't. Flopshow. #KLRahul @bhogleharsha @RankaRohit @cricbuzz @vikrantgupta73 — Bhushan Ranka (@RankaBhushan) January 3, 2019 KL Rahul's instagram story lasts longer than his inning. #AUSvIND #INDvAUS — Sir Jadeja (@SirJadeja) January 3, 2019 Kl rahul's wagon wheel in this series #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/s1oMWycmnS — Dictator (@whatsiniiid) December 30, 2018 People can't seem help but ask as to why is KL Rahul still a part of the team when better options like Hardik Pandya are available. Come to think of it, when Sunil Gavaskar bashed India's team management a few weeks ago and suggested sending Rahul back home where he could have partnered with Manish Pandey for Karnataka for the Ranji Trophy, it does not sound like a bad idea now in retrospect. Rahul would not only have been of great significance for Karnataka but would also have a lot of matches to play and the time to get his mojo back. But there is no point crying over spilt milk now. With the ODI series at hand starting 12th January and the World Cup around the corner, what do you think is in store for KL Rahul?
  15. One of the biggest and the most awaited weddings of the year, that of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal, is currently in full swing. The entire family with their much coveted guest list are in Udaipur and the festivities have been going on with great zest. Last night's bash had none other than the Queen Bee aka Beyoncé Knowles set the stage on fire. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Dec 9, 2018 at 11:47am PST The couple are reportedly a fan of the great singer and hence she was there to grace the festivities with her rocking performance. View this post on Instagram Beyonce performance won many hearts . . . . . #destinationwedding #desiweeding #ambaniwedding #ambani #ishaambani #anantambani #mukeshambani #nitaambani #udaipur #anandpiramal#udaipurmodels #ambanies #salmankhan #sharukkhan #amirkhan #hillary #beyonce A post shared by Udaipurmodels (@udaipurmodels) on Dec 9, 2018 at 10:47am PST View this post on Instagram Beyonce performing at a private event in India. #Beyoncé #Beyonce #BeyonceKnowles #BeyonceKnowlesCarter #QueenB #MrsCarter #MrsKnowlesCarter #Jayz #jigga #Jiggaman #Hov #Hova #ShawnCarter #MrCarter #JayZandBeyonce #HovandB #TheCarters #MrandMrsCarter #TheCartel #EIL #OTR2 #OTRII #Udaipur #india A post shared by @ hov_bey.carter on Dec 9, 2018 at 10:50am PST She also performed her famous 'Crazy In Love' for the lovely audience. View this post on Instagram #Beyonce performed at #IshaAmbani and #AnandPiramal's pre-wedding event! Dayum ð¥ @londonkiladki . . . . . . #Wedding #Sangeet #BollywoodWedding #UdaipurWedding #WeddingDestination #Udaipur #Bollywood #Celebrities #Ambani #AmbaniWedding #AmbaniHouse #AmbaniFamily #AmbaniBash #IshaAmbani #BollyDance #BollywoodDance #AnandPiramal #MukeshAmbani #NitaAmbani #AakashAmbani #AhlokaMehta #Rajasthan #UdaiPuryuva A post shared by Vic | London Ki Ladki (@londonkiladki) on Dec 9, 2018 at 10:51am PST View this post on Instagram Superstar @beyonce getting the crowd go craaazy with her "crazy in love" at #ishaambani and #anandpiramal's pre wedding celebrations. For more updates Follow @filmymantra . . @filmymantra @filmymantra #ishaambani #anandpiramal #citypalace #ishaambaniwedding #bollywoodceleb #celebrity #celebrities #bestjodi #powercouple #couplegoals #love #businessman #businesstycon #festival #celebration #wedding #weddingbells #weddingdiaries #weddingtimes #celeb #ambanifamily #beyonce #hollywoodceleb #hollywooddiva #hollywoodstar #starlife #superstar #globalstar #internationalstar #filmymantra A post shared by Filmymantra (@filmymantra) on Dec 9, 2018 at 10:51am PST People couldn't help but cheer for the gorgeous singer as she was a delight to watch. View this post on Instagram NEW: Bey performing on a wedding in India tonight // #beyoncé #beyhive #beyonce #ontheruntour #otr2 #otrii #jayz #queenb #queenbey #globelcitizen #formationworldtour A post shared by Nicki Minaj Liked 1x (@beyoncelove4ever) on Dec 9, 2018 at 10:52am PST Needless to say the social media was abuzz with fans wishfully thinking if only they could have seen the Queen Bee perform live! Beyonce to perform at Ambani's wedding??ð Please use very border-crossing loud speakers. It's the closest I'll ever get to herð — Shizza (@Shizza_hashmi) December 9, 2018 Wow just WOW!! I wish I could be there watching her liveð­ð­ #Beyonce ðâ¤ðð¸ð #IshaAmbaniSangeet #IshaAmbaniWedding pic.twitter.com/IbJfFbmATK — Dishaa Burdya (@Dishaa_24) December 9, 2018 Well the power of social media allowed us to watch her gyrate to her hit tunes, if nothing else!
  16. Nothing like the festive season to buy a smartphone! The market is buzzing with multiple offers on the best smartphones and new models are being launched in the market- the one in question being the Honor 8X. Recently launched in the Indian market to make the most of the festive season, the Honor 8X promises to be everything Indian users want- a high-performance smartphone that is easy on the pocket! So, let's get you up-to-date with the new all-rounder in the market, the Honor 8X and its features: Android Central Sophisticated Design Minimalist and millennial – keywords that define the Honor 8X design. The display is made of an aurora glass body and thin bottom border using an innovative chip-on-film technology. Adding to its elegant and smooth look and feel is a metal middle frame that adopts a 2.5D double texture aurora glass body with a grating effect. Focus On Performance First Being the first in the Honor series, Honor 8X offers a powerful Octa-core Kirin 710 chipsets. The chipsets are manufactured by advanced 12nm process technology with 4 x 2.2 GHz Cortex-A73 and 4 x 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 cores. The CPU's single-core performance represents an increase of 75% compared to the previous generation. Focusing on performance, the chipsets are enhanced by the revolutionary GPU turbo to optimize the mobile gaming experience. Powered by the 2.2GHz octa-core processor, the phone comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The storage can be expanded up to 256 GB with a microSD card. Screen & Display Offering a 91% screen-to-body ratio, the Honor 8X features a 6.5-inch full-view notch display. Appealing to the 'Netflix & Chill' generation, the display is improved using advanced chip-on-film technology and a full view display 2.0. The phone boasts of a touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080x2340 pixels at a PPI of 396 pixels per inch. Android Headlines AI Camera For Your Clicks Making the most of Artificial Intelligence, the Honor 8X comes with a high definition dual 20 MP + 2MP rear camera and a 16 MP front-facing camera. The AI camera can recognize over 500 scenarios in 22 categories, and optimize settings and enhance photo quality based on what users are shooting, producing breathtaking photos. The smartphone uses AI to produce beautiful night shots by using multi-frame stabilization technology based on machine learning. Now, the user can be a professional photographer by using enhanced portrait mode, which provides a natural bokeh effect and true skin tone. It takes the perfect selfie as the new 4 Cell fusion is incorporated in the 16MP front camera, which is 4 times bigger than before and the aggregated pixel allows 2 times more light to go through. Honor 8X's super slow-motion feature can record videos at 16x slow motion (480fps) and with augmented reality (AR) effect, the camera can produce interesting group photos, creating an AR mask and background changes. Mid-Range Price Point For those of us, who like to enjoy the best at a rational price point, the Honor 8X makes quite a case. Available for purchase in the market at Rs 16,999 for its 6GB RAM + 64GB storage, the phone also comes in a storage variant of 6GB RAM and 128GB storage for Rs 18,999.
  17. BCAA may be among the most discussed and the most commonly used supplements in the sports and fitness world. Well, if you ask them the only reason they would give is that it enhances recovery, though that's the word they use with anything supplemental. If you ask the supplement companies about the same, they may use certain other common statements like reduces fatigue, reduces muscle damage, increases muscle growth, reduces DOMS, etc. But the reality is something different and won't be easily digested by the BCAA lovers. 3 Amino Acids When we talk about BCAA, we primarily refer to 3 amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine. They are called as branched chain, as they are the only ones whose chemical structure has a branched side chain, of the total nine essential amino acids. What separates BCAAs from other amino acids is the fact that, when consumed in the free form, they bypass the liver and gut tissue and go directly into the blood stream. © Pixabay Having Whey Regularly? No Need To Take BCAA Over the last decade or so, BCAA supplementation has shown to be quite ineffective for normal healthy individuals who are consuming adequate protein through other sources, be it whole foods or supplements like whey protein. Even the athletes have shown no positive effects from BCAA supplementation, especially when they are consuming adequate dietary protein. On the other hand, most of the earlier studies which have shown the benefits of BCAA supplementation is primarily done on subjects whose protein intake was quite inadequate or the subjects were in fasted state, due to which later those studies have been considered quite ineffective for reference. Most of the studies which prove that BCAA supplements work are primarily done to sell the supplements. Latest Study A 2016 study in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, by lead nutrition researchers like Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeld & B. Dieter, found that, there is a paucity of evidence supporting a beneficial effect for BCAA supplementation in promoting increases in muscle protein synthesis or lean mass. In the study they evaluated the effect of BCAA supplementation during a period of calorie restriction, and found that even this claim is not supported by any substantial evidence. © Pixabay THE STUDIES Below are the studies that prove how and why BCAA would be a complete waste of money as a supplement: 1. In another 2012 study in the journal Nutrition and Health, researcher M. Spillane & team, determined the effects of 8 weeks of heavy resistance training combined with branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation on body composition and muscle performance. For the study, resistance training was performed by 19 non-resistance-trained males (three sets of 8-10 repetitions) four times/week, for 8 weeks, while also ingesting 9 g/day of BCAA or 9 g/day of placebo on the exercise days only (one-half of total dose 30 min before and after exercise). However, despite of supplementation with 9 g/day of BCAA 30 min before and after exercise, there was no preferential effects seen on body composition and muscle performance. 2. The panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), evaluated the health claims of amino acids in their 2010 report in the EFSA Journal. a. A cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of BCAA and growth or maintenance of muscle mass over and above the well-established role of protein on the claimed effect. b. The consumption of BCAA and attenuation of the decline in muscle power following exercise at high altitude. c. A cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of BCAA and faster recovery from muscle fatigue after exercise. d. A cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of BCAA and improvement of cognitive function after exercise. e. A cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of BCAA and a reduction in perceived exertion during exercise. f. A cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of BCAA and a beneficial physiological effect related to a “healthy immune system”. Akshay Chopra, is a graduate of the National Defence Academy & the Air Force Academy, and a former IAF pilot. He is one of the most qualified health, fitness & nutrition consultants in the country, and an author of multiple books & ebooks. He is among the few in the country to have a background of competitive athletics, military training and bodybuilding. He is the co-founder of the Body Mechanics chain of gyms, and India's first research based channel We R Stupid. You can check out his Youtube here.
  18. It came as a shocker for the whole world when it was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo is joining Juventus. The deal wasn't an ordinary one either, the club spent a whopping over EUR 100 million to bring Ronaldo onboard. © Reuters When you are counted among the best footballers the world has ever seen, the bar of expectations automatically skyrockets with every match you play. For Ronaldo, however, it has pretty much been a dud performance after joining Juventus, since he hasn't scored a single goal for the club. If things weren't tough for the five-time Ballon d'Or winner already, now his son has outshined him with his brilliant performance in his debut match for the Juventus U-9 team. © Instagram Cristianinho is only 8, but his massive kicks and skills are way better than half the footballers around the world. In his first match for the club, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. wearing the iconic jersey number 7, scored 4 goals and helped his side beat Lucento by 5-1. Take a look at this Cristiano Ronaldo Jr goal today: pic.twitter.com/Ulgm6hrnK3 — Cristiano Ronaldo ð³ï¸ð´ (@CRonaldoNews) September 1, 2018 Looks like Ronaldo's son can probably give him some tips on how to score for Juventus. Although, we're confident that this dry streak won't stay for a long time and Ronaldo will come back with a bang soon. Source: Times Now
  19. Kerala is currently battling one of the worst floods in the 100 years of state's history. Be it through social media, donations or by setting up relief camps, people from all parts of the country are taking every possible measure to ensure that help reaches the flood victims. As the situation in Kerala worsens and we pray for people's safety, we can't possibly imagine how devastating and painful it is for the people stuck there and for those who are frantically searching for their relatives. © Reuters Similarly, we can't imagine how difficult it must have been for the 24-year-old swimmer Sajan Prakash, when he was representing India at the Asian Games in Jakarta while some of his relatives went missing in the floods. In fact, he even spent a sleepless night on the eve of the qualifier because he was worried about his family and nervous as well. Sajan, however, gave his all when he took the plunge into the pool and made a national record by making it to the swimming final of the 200m butterfly. Sajan, who hails from Idukki, became the first Indian swimmer to reach the swimming finals after 32 years. The last time an Indian reached the final at the Asian Games was Khazan Singh, who won a silver in 1986. Sajan clocked 1 minute 57.75 seconds. © BCCL He told the Times Of India, "I still don't know where and how they are. All I know is that they are being taken to some safe place. I pray for their safety." Sajan's mother was trying to hide this news from him so that he doesn't get distracted before his performance, "My mother who is in Tamil Nadu, thought it best that I not be disturbed by the news. So I was told of it only after my grandmother and uncle had been shifted. I still haven't been able to speak to them, though." © Twitter Sajan's mother Shantymol was trying to keep this news from him but someone at the Games Village told him about the situation and he called her on Saturday to ask about the situation. Shantymol even feels that had Sajan not known about the flood situation he would've done better and might have won a medal for the nation.
  20. Pakistan finished last in the recently concluded Champions Trophy in the Netherlands. Photo: FileKARACHI: Pakistan hockey coach Roelant Oltmans has slammed the team's performance in the recently concluded Champions Trophy in the...
  21. Apple announced a fresh new update the company is bringing to its lineup of MacBook Pro computers and the biggest noticeable change will have Intel's latest eight-generation processors. The two laptops will ship in two sizes i.e. 15-inch and 13-inch and Apple expects to see up to 70 per cent performance boost on the 15-inch model whereas up to 2x performance boost on the 13-inch model. These upgrades are only applicable to laptops with the Touch Bar. Other upgrades include additional memory and storage, the ability to code faster, quieter keyboards and brighter screens. © Apple “The latest generation MacBook Pro is the fastest and most powerful notebook we've ever made,” said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, in a statement. The new MacBook Pros also have new displays with True Tone technology which was first seen in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. The display will shift colours automatically according to your environment. Apple has also included a custom chip i.e. the T2 which will provide better security and also the ability to call up Siri by voice. © Reuters MacBook sales have remained steady in the past years where the Cupertino giant sold 19.3 million laptops in 2017 alone. Apple helps 6.9 percent of the PC market in the first quarter of 2018 and trailing companies like HP Inc. Dell and Lenovo. Here are the updated features of the two new laptops: 15-Inch MacBook Pro Specs • 6-core Intel Core i7 and Core i9 processors up to 2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.8 GHz • Up to 32GB of DDR4 memory • Powerful Radeon Pro discrete graphics with 4GB of video memory in every configuration • Up to 4TB of SSD storage2 • True Tone display technology • Apple T2 Chip • Touch Bar and Touch ID 13-Inch MacBook Pro Specs • Quad-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors up to 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz and double the eDRAM • Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics 655 with 128MB of eDRAM • Up to 2TB of SSD storage2 • True Tone display technology • Apple T2 Chip • Touch Bar and Touch ID Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones this fall with an update to the iPhone X design, a larger phone based on the iPhone X design and a low-cost model with Face ID. Apple is also expected to launch two upgraded iPad Pros with the Face ID feature and a new Apple Watch with edge-to-edge displays. © Apple The two laptops are priced in India for Rs 1,49,900 and Rs 1,99,900 respectively, the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar are available in select Apple Authorised Resellers later this month.