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Found 148 results

  1. The Union Minister of India, Amit Shah, turns 56 today and he is one of the indispensable leaders that BJP has. He is also currently serving as the National President of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He has played an important role in the BJP and is also addressed as the modern Chanakya. From joining the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at a young age of 14 to being appointed as the Union Home Minister of the country under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rule, Amit Shah has seen a meteoric rise in his political career. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@amitshahofficial) Born on October 22, 1964, Amit Shah's father Anilchandra Shah used to run a business dealing in PVC pipes. Amit Shah completed his schooling in Mehsana and pursued his graduation in biochemistry from CU Shah Science College in Ahmedabad. For a brief period of time, he handled his father’s business and then worked as a stock broker in Ahmedabad. It was early in life that he found his way into politics and after joining RSS, he soon became a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of the RSS. It was in 1982, he met Narendra Modi for the first time. The two came together and things were to change for good. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@amitshahofficial) When Narendra Modi was first appointed the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, Amit Shah also gained popularity. In July 2014, he was appointed as the BJP's national president and he was appreciated for his tactics which changed the wave for BJP’s political ways. He moved the bill to scrap Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and also introduced Citizenship Amendment. The two always come together when it comes to taking powerful decisions in the political arena. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@amitshahofficial) Today, Amit Shah is celebrating his 56th birthday and we wonder if there were a biopic on the modern Chanakya, who could possibly play him. And we think these five Bollywood actors will be perfect for the role of the politician. 1. Paresh Rawal View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@pareshrawal1955) Widely respected for his versatility, he has impressed us with some very powerful performances. We feel he can be perfect for the role of Amit Shah as we have seen him nail the Gujarati accent in the past too and his acting skills need no introduction. 2. Pankaj Tripathi View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@pankajtripathi) From playing Kaleen Bhaiya to a Guru in Sacred Games, Pankaj Tripathi is a man who can pull off any character with ease. He could also portray Amit Shah as he can add meaning to any character he plays on the big screen. 3. Saurabh Shukla View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saurabhshuklafilms) When a biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi was announced, people wanted Saurabh Shukla to play the role of Amit Shah because he looks a bit like Amit Shah, and with his power-packed performance, he can take the role to another level. 4. Boman Irani View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@boman_irani) From Dr. Asthana from Munnabhai MBBS to Virus in 3 Idiots and a politician in Bhoothnath Returns, Boman Irani has always been appreciated for experimenting with his characters. He can surely play the role of Amit Shah and nail it to perfection. 5. Manoj Joshi View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@actormanojjoshi) Manoj Joshi has already played the role of Amit Shah in the Narendra Modi biopic but he was underutilized in the movie as not many scenes focused on how Amit Shah changed the image of BJP and Narendra Modi. Considering how brilliant an actor Joshi is, he can surely ace the role. Who do you think is perfect for playing Amit Shah from our list? Have any other names in mind? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  2. Younis in talks with PCB for a long-term arrangement, depending on his availability, says a source
  3. As rare and difficult as they are, epic body transformations have become a lot more common in the acting business, ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe came in and revolutionised the superhero genre. Heroes were now required to not only bring their A-game while acting but also look like a comic-book based character with well-defined muscles. Here are eight actors’ bodies before and after they got to play a superhero’s role in the MCU: 1. Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man: © Aricia's Album Struggling with drug abuse while trying to get the trust of Hollywood as an actor, RDJ was given the opportunity to play Tony Stark to begin his MCU journey. Good friend and director of the movie, Jon Favreau entrusted Downey and required him to completely get committed to the role and it goes without saying that he didn’t disappoint. © Marvel Studios What a lot of people fail to realise is exactly how much effort Downey put into getting in shape for the character, and the final product that we saw onscreen even mesmerised some of the other hunked-out colleagues of his in the films to come. 2. Chris Evans - Captain America: © Twentieth Century Fox Chris Evans belongs to a small group of people who got the opportunity to play two superheroes at the peak of his acting career, which meant that he needed to stay in great shape throughout. © Marvel Studios Back when he was the Human Torch in the first rendition of the Fantastic Four (2005) he appeared to be in shape but was very lean. He took his aesthetics to a whole new level when he got the role of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America in 2011. 3. Chris Hemsworth - Thor: © Elaine Davis - Pinterest Yet another Chris who wasn’t really ever out of shape. While he didn’t possess the muscle-mass of a Norse God before he signed a contract with Marvel Studios, he’d still boast a lean but impressive physique, a 'surfer’s body', to go along with the cliched term. © Marvel Studios However, with the picking up of Mjölnir, came the long blonde locks and a majestic body that a majority of the Marvel fans consider to be the best shape any actor from their universe has managed to achieve and maintain for so long. 4. Chris Pratt - Starlord: © Man v FAT Arguably the most different Chris of them all, Chris Pratt was nowhere near the kind of shape Marvel Studios were hoping for. At the time of his audition for the role, Chris Pratt weighed approximately 136 kg, had a swollen face and a beer belly to complement the look. © Marvel Studios But when he was seen as Peter Quill aka Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, his unbelievable body transformation startled everybody. 5. Chadwick Boseman - Black Panther: © Adali Nelson Pintesest Chadwick Boseman’s body transformation into King T’Challa aka the Black Panther becomes so much more impressive when you realise that he’d gone through all that training and pain and struggling while battling cancer. © Marvel Studios The actor, who recently succumbed to his illness, was a rather skinny man ahead of his Marvel debut in Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately, fans could see his health deteriorate with time and see how thin he’d gotten when he uploaded this video from his Instagram account months before his death. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@chadwickboseman) 6. Paul Rudd - Ant-Man: © Dreamworks Pictures When the first Ant-Man movie came out in 2015, Paul Rudd was 46-years-old but the man looked as if he barely aged ever since we saw him in Friends over a decade ago. He’s been the kind of a man who’s always been in good shape. Not loaded with rock-hard abs or bulging biceps but a flat stomach who could run a mile on command. © Marvel Studios But when Rudd was signed to become the smartass thief-turned tiny superhero (or sometimes super huge), he went to work and started pumping iron. 7. Jeremy Renner - Hawkeye: © Jeremy Renner - Twitter With or without his contract with Marvel Studios, Renner was the kind of man who loved to be in shape. He once revealed on Twitter that he got fired from a job because he “looked young”. © Marvel Studios But when he was approached for the role of Hawkeye, Renner put on some muscle and his arms looked a lot bigger than they did before. Too bad that he felt his role in the first Avengers movie was not what he’d expected. In fact, he wished that the scriptwriters would kill him off in the first film itself. 8. Mark Ruffalo - Hulk: © Pinterest - Dyah Prabaningram When you are supposed to spend 90% of your time as a Marvel movie actor in a hilarious looking mocap suit with white spots painted all over your face, you don’t have a lot of incentive to go to the gym every day. © Marvel Studios Mark’s Ruffalo’s role as the Hulk was completely taken care of by the studios’ visual effects artists and his job as Bruce Banner, a nerdy scientist didn’t require him to be in great shape, as a result, the man remained just the way he is and people loved him the same. View the full article
  4. Benedict Cumberbatch is all set to film for Spider-Man and then head straight to the sets of Doctor Strange
  5. Prince Harry, who has stepped back as senior royal, has given an opportunity to William become 'People's Prince'
  6. Kevin Feige had said Imaan Vellani's Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will also be featured in future MCU films
  7. A good actor is one who completely sinks in the role that he has to portray in the film but he is also expected to do multiple roles that are written for him. Still, some actors struggle to do different roles. They usually fall in the trap of typecast roles and it becomes inevitable for them to break out of those roles. So, here are a few Bollywood actors who got stuck in typecast roles and couldn’t even break away from it- Alok Nath- Babuji © Twitter Alok Nath is the national ‘Babuji’ of Bollywood and Rajshri Productions has helped him in getting that tag. He has always played the role of a father, uncle, or a guardian who is responsible and a grounded man. Also, Babuji memes took over the internet many times and made him even more popular than he was. Kirron Kher- Quintessential Punjabi Mother Kirron Kher has played the role of a typical fun-loving Punjabi mother in many Bollywood films. From Dostana to Hum Tum, Kirron Kher has aced the role of Punjabi's mom and the audience loves her for her acting. Varun Dhawan- Typical Younger Brother Varun Dhawan played the role of a pampered young brother in Dilwale and he has many similar roles in which he has acted in a certain way. In many of his films, he has played the role of a young dumb good boy who falls in love with some girl. The list includes Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Main Tera Hero, and many more. Anupam Kher- The Friendly Papa Anupam Kher has played the role of a typical friendly dad in many films and we love him for his acting. In films like DDLJ, Rehna Hai Tere Dill Mein, and many more Bollywood movies he has aced the role of a cool dad who is best friends with his sons. Reema Lagoo- the Typical Mom The renowned actress passed away recently and it was a huge loss for the Hindi film industry. Reema Lagoo has played the role of a typical modern mom in many Bollywood films. She started coming in the limelight for her role in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988, and she has been widely loved for her work. View the full article
  8. Charlize Theron recently appeared in Netflix film titled "The Old Guard"
  9. Pakistan is among the top contributors in the UN peacekeeping operations around the world, says UN spokesperson
  10. Lindsay Lohan alongside her return towards acting, she also has her eyes on another exciting project
  11. The only valid celebrities at this time are the one using their platforms to actually make a difference and help people during the pandemic instead of singing in their multi-million dollar homes. And, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio is a part of that, he never has and will never let us down. In a recent video he shared on his Instagram account, he, along with Robert De Niro, announced that they're raising funds for people suffering because of coronavirus. Basically, to make sure no one goes hungry during these trying times, they are asking for donations and 100% of the proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels America so that food is provided for everyone. View this post on InstagramWe recently launched #AmericasFoodFund to help make sure every family in need gets access to food at this critical time. Our most vulnerable communities need our support now more than ever. Thatâs why weâre asking you to help us with the #AllinChallenge. If youâve ever wondered what itâs like to be able to work with the great @martinscorsese_, Robert De Niro and myself, this is your chance. Robert and I are going to be starring in a new movie called Killers of the Flower Moon, directed by Martin Scorsese. We want to offer you a walk-on role, the opportunity to spend the day on the set with the three of us, and attend the premiere. To take part, please go to allinchallenge.com and donate whatever you can. 100% of your donation will go to @MealsonWheelsAmerica, @NoKidHungry and #AmericasFoodFund (@wckitchen & @feedingamerica) @officiallymcconaughey, @theellenshow and @iamjamiefoxx, will you go all in with us?A post shared by (@leonardodicaprio) Along with that, a lucky fan who donated will also get a chance to be a part of a freaking Martin Scorsese movie. Offering a walk-on role in the upcoming movie Killing of the Flower Moon starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, one lucky person will not only get to spend a day with the three of the legends of Hollywood but also get to attend the world premiere as well. Well, everyone shouldn't do good deeds for selfish reasons, of course, but this kind of incentive would probably help even more people and at the end of the day, that's the most important thing. © Twitter Since this is part of 'All In Challenge', Leo furthered nominated Matthew McConaughey as well as Ellen DeGeneres to accept the challenge, while Robert De Niro called out to Jamie Foxx. Turns out Mathew McConaughey has already made his offer and shared this hilarious video, starting it off with a little The Wolf Of Wall Street joke. hey yaâll, Iâve accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE. Go to https://t.co/oCLLVTWD8J and donate for a chance to win a chance to join me at a @UTAustin Football Game. Letâs come together to feed the hungry during these tough times. I challenge @jimmykimmel + @jonahhill - are you ALL IN!? pic.twitter.com/mCZg8hyBL1 â Matthew McConaughey (@McConaughey) April 15, 2020 We can just say one thing about this great cause - You're incredible! https://t.co/TpxWsmXjln â à¹à¸à¹à¸à¸´à¸£à¹à¸ (@fernoony) April 16, 2020 It'll be the best thing ever! Ohhh to be on set and see them working 𤩠https://t.co/Kab02ucIaX â Betti (@Betttiiiiii) April 15, 2020So if you think youâd like to rub shoulders with these two cool dudes then you know what you have to do. View the full article
  12. Last week, we gave you a critical peek into the world of Hunters - Prime Videoâs latest series featuring a war of subterfuge and secret assassinations between Holocaust survivors and Nazis-in-hiding⦠all against the backdrop of Americaâs socio-political theatre of the 1970s. While the show has a wide array of characters, with Logan Lerman playing lead Jonah Heidelbaum, its biggest A-lister is, no doubt, acting legend and industry veteran Al Pacino, playing Meyer Offerman. The slow-burn performance takes the Italian-American actor into the challenging role of playing a wealthy ex-European Holocaust survivor out for revenge, no matter the cost. Itâs a script full of Yiddish sayings and plenty of theatrics and mystery - one that the actor was glad to flesh out in an exclusive interview. © Prime Video Letâs talk about this amazing character that you play. Obviously, as the season goes on, there are many layers to him that we want the audience to discover as theyâre watching the show. How would you set up who he is at the beginning? Well, he is a sort of mysterious character. And that can, you know, mean a lot of things. Thereâs this feeling that heâs a private person, whoâs very wealthy and lives in a sort of mansion. And he is responsible for a lot of mayhem. At the same time, heâs an educated, well-versed person. At the first encounter, he seems a little eccentric and [itâs] hard to figure where heâs coming from. His has a relationship with this young man [played by Logan Lerman,] whom he seeks out and in a way, partially wants to mentor, and at the same time protect. Because this young man is, possibly, under some sort of surveillance and could be assassinated. Talk about how Meyer finds himself leading the hunt. That is something Iâve been thinking about even when I was thinking about this character, wondering how his leadership qualities partially are there because of his knowledge, his innate passion for something. I donât think heâs ever ledâwell, he has led in business and in industry. He has survived the [concentration] camps and became - without anything -- became a leader of industry high up in the rankings - very wealthy, very committed. But at the same time, heâs an underground man. Heâs someone who lurks under the ground. So, itâs very interesting to understand a little bit about how both those things can cohese [sic] and coexist, and how close they are to each other. Was there any research you did or anything you looked into before taking on this role? It was fun to be around all these people. I mean, they were easy to be with. And it was one of the longest shoots Iâve ever been on. This is a 10-parter. And itâs actually like doing a ten-hour film - and the first time for me doing this kind of thing, doing a series. This was different. It felt more like a film than the other things Iâve done on television. It felt more ongoing - very interesting. I enjoyed it. Talk a little bit about that ensemble cast and working with them. I know a lot of you were from the theatre. We - well, Iâve worked with Carol Kane, who is phenomenal in this thing. I mean, some of the stuff they do together, her and, and the actor who plays her husband, it just is very special. You donât see it often. And Iâve worked with her, you know? I worked with her on stage, I worked with her in films. Carol Kane, sheâs great, just truly great. And the others too. All of them were so special. I just love working with âem. And you know, youâre with them all the time - not with the new director. © Prime Video I just felt I was with a troupe. So, I donât think I remember an incident that happened on, on the whole shoot that I would say was intense. It was always, you know - we were doing a thing. That happens when youâre around people with experience, who have gone through things. They sort of understand. Maybe Iâm trying to recollect it now, âcause I was, âdid I dream this thing?â Because it was pretty good. Talk about Meyer and Jonahâs relationship. First of all, Iâm so crazy about Logan, and I think he is so great in this film. He has this appeal, you know. He just takes it and he just - he drives this film. He drives this whole series. It was great working with him - I enjoyed it so much. Every time we, weâd get together and we - the camaraderie on the set was what it usually is with actors. We always get together and, you know. Itâs so uncomfortable if somebody is acting out a little and causing trouble. It really is terrible. © Prime Video Yeah, instant - I had chemistry with [Logan]. This kid, instantly. Itâs just one of those things, you know? Usually, if you donât, by the time youâve worked together awhile you get there. But with him it was right. Instant. It was great. From the storyâs perspective, what is the conflict the film is going through, and Meyer as well, in terms of bringing him into the hunt? Well, he is, heâs young, so heâs being taken up into something that is hard to relate to, a lot because his grandmother kept him, sort of kept him out of it. And it, itâs only because of happenstance, only because of her getting killed, that he is forced into it. So, heâs there reluctantly. And his conflict is trying to go back to something thatâs more tangible to him in his imagination. It doesnât seem to work. Itâs not part of growing up and learning things. Heâs struggling with that thing, that - um, sort of classic in the sense that itâs sort of like The Godfather and Michael Corleone as a youngster. Heâs, you know, reluctant to go into the family, sort of, and wants his own way, wants to go his own way. And is in a way, by circumstances and, and life itself, is sucked into it. âCause if it was up to Michael, he would have never gone in that direction. As well as Jonah. Jonah has to get there too. He has to earn it. And so he goes through those transitions, and I think thatâs a very interesting dramatic structure to, to, to find your way, to struggle through something toâand, and heâs very much a hero. You know, they say in, in, in theâitâs never the end, itâs always the journey, you know? My character even says to him this is about what a hero really is, what heroes are. I know Iâve played some, Iâve played heroes. Iâve played in Kevo - Iâve played zealots too, like Kevorkian. It is different. They are different. A lot of people claim thatâs, that title of a zealot, but theyâre not the real ones. And thereâs a line in this where Meyer tells Jonah, you know, itâs not about doing the right thing. Itâs about doing whatâs necessary. I think - I, I donât know if thatâs the correct line, but itâs something like that - ânot doing what is right, but what is necessaryâ. And thatâs - thereâs a difference. It seems like Meyer sees something in Jonah that he doesnât see in himself. What do you think Meyer sees in him? Well, he sees the energy, and the intelligence, of course, he sees. Jonah is extremely facile and, and very bright. And he sees potential. Like, sometimes you see it. I see it sometimes in my own kids or others or young actors that I work with. You, you see that thing. It's almost obvious, and Meyer is looking for it too. Heâs looking for it in this kid. So, heâs stopping to notice. You can catch Hunters on Amazon Prime, streaming here. View the full article
  13. Remember how weird the news of Abhishek Bachchan playing Amitabh Bachchan's father in the movie Paa was? Well, I can't decide if the idea of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone playing none other than Ranbir Kapoor's parents in the upcoming movie Brahmastra is more, less, or equally weird, to be honest. Apparently, we almost had this weird real-life ex to reel-life mommy situation happening for real and it just seems extremely uncomfortable for all parties involved. Imagine playing your ex-boyfriend's mother? And, imagine playing your wife's ex-boyfriend's father? Yikes. I mean, okay, maybe it wouldn't be that weird, they're all professionals, but just hearing that Ranveer and Deepika will play Ranbir's parents is just so unexpected, it's hard to wrap your head around it. People have some interesting reactions. Hey Ranbir, whoâs your daddy ?? https://t.co/onnrEPfq1u â Malhari (@wahoowon) February 21, 2020 People are very suspicious about the news, though. I think it's PR article... Pahle, part one release kardo..... Part 2 ki rumors humko nahi Chahiye.... If it's true, we don't want that film. Don't ruin Ranbir and Ayan dream project with this casting â RK - Risk taker (@Rk_unique) February 21, 2020 Very very suspicious. Oh So brahmastra Promotion has started. https://t.co/XyqWVCLuwH â â (@xoVictoriaoxxx) February 21, 2020 Extremely suspicious. Bharamstra promotions starts..... Karan: Let's use Deepika and Ranveer. "Everyone" at Dharma: YEAAHHH!!! https://t.co/s76FXWvZ0r â Neil Desai (@NeilDesai666) February 21, 2020 The emojis work. WHATTTTT??? ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ https://t.co/DXuDfyUhCI â Suraj Jayamravi Fan (@SurajRaviFan) February 21, 2020 What is this picture? https://t.co/GoDqKvnVPi pic.twitter.com/9zPYIz6mKn â Pâ¡ (@HridoyerRong_) February 21, 2020 Honestly, every reaction is just a variation of this. ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ð¤§ https://t.co/b2I6iftKUX â Manan MehtaË¢áµáµÊ³Ê¸áµáµáµâ¿Ë¢Ê°â± (@RanveersGalaxy) February 21, 2020 ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ðð¤§ð𤧠https://t.co/b2I6iftKUX â Manan MehtaË¢áµáµÊ³Ê¸áµáµáµâ¿Ë¢Ê°â± ð¥ (@RanveersGalaxy) February 21, 2020 View the full article
  14. When shooting kicked off on January 28, it became official - The Batman, helmed by director Matt Reeves is finally underway as the seventh or 58th, depending on who youâre asking, reboot of the legendary comic book superhero. The director surprised us this morning with a trend that was introduced by Todd Philips during the Joker shooting - revealing Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit with a thematic first-look, camera test video. #TheBatman#CameraTesthttps://t.co/M1tAE2aTA1 â Matt Reeves (@mattreevesLA) February 13, 2020 The video, scored by MCU and Disney Pixar composer Michael Giacchino, shows Pattinson in rather ominous red lighting, with a closeup of the chestpiece and cowl of his suit. Not much can be gleaned in terms of details, but it seems that the bat logo on his chest conceals equipment of some sort, while the cowl seems a bit rougher and not quite as perfectly molded as what weâve seen with Christian Bale or Ben Affleckâs look. Pattinsonâs smaller frame also makes for a surprisingly more delicate-looking Batman, although we should remember that this is just a camera test and not indicative of his final appearance. A few fans have also speculated that the unusual bat-logo may be forged from the gun that killed Bruce Wayneâs parents - an interesting spin on the characterâs message and psychology. Regardless, fans were immediately divided on the look. Several fans were dismayed with what they considered to be a âdowngradeâ in Batmanâs appearance: This This is is Batman Cosplay pic.twitter.com/BEuk6oxABY â George Seia ð§ð· #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@GeorgeSeia) February 14, 2020 What a downgrade huh @wbpictures!!! pic.twitter.com/Fj5zzCrYkX â George Seia ð§ð· #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@GeorgeSeia) February 14, 2020 Meanwhile, the other side of the fanbase responded with their own points of view: The suit is incredible. ð¦ pic.twitter.com/7KSqDIrIUr â patrick tomasso (@imPatrickT) February 13, 2020 The textures. The stitches. It's amateur, it's handmade. It's just past the beginning of the Bat. It's so beautiful. I can't even imagine how the suit is going to damage/evolve through the course of the movies. pic.twitter.com/qVBJgPkk0j â Nic ð» (@NicPolcaro) February 13, 2020 Another set of fans raised eyebrows at the video itself - drawing comparisons to DCâs hit web series, Daredevil: daredevil batman ð¤ red lighting aesthetic pic.twitter.com/0LmAN084gF â sophie saw bop ð¦ (@astraIoki) February 14, 2020 Red Batman #Batman #daredevil pic.twitter.com/1IpRxLJr3U â Pickled Snoke (@magpiegram) February 14, 2020Since weâre down with just about half a month of shooting, Iâd hold on to my batarang if I were you. My two cents - since this film happens to be set in the second year of Bruce Wayneâs career as Batman, it stands to reason that the tech and equipment heâd have are lacking in the finesse/styling you can see in Ben Affleckâs films - where weâre shown a much older, grizzled version of the caped crusader. © DC Comics Caption: Itâs speculated that the film will heavily draw inspiration from the âYear Oneâ comic run, which shows us Batman in his earliest, weakest persona - stumbling while catching petty thieves, wearing nothing protective in his suit materials, using no fancy gadgets and plenty of emotional trauma to weave through. Thereâs also another important question raised by this Twitter user - what about the voice? Yâall going on and on about the suit, but what I really want to know is what is Pattinsonâs Batman voice going to sound like? â ððððð-ð ðððððð ðððððððððð (@unique_jenique) February 14, 2020 While weâll probably have to wait for a trailer to hear the final version Reeves and Pattinson settle on, itâs worth noting that in his 2012 film Cosmopolis - where Pattinson plays a jaded, psychologically washed-up millionaire - thereâs some serious potential for a young Bruce Wayne. Take a listen. What do you think, is Pattinson convincing? Tell us in the comments if you agree, and tell us who you think would be better, if you donât. View the full article
  15. Shan Foods have launched their new campaign highlighting the importance of empowering women and moving beyond the dated stereotype of measuring a women’s worth on her skills in the kitchen. Indeed, as millions of women across Pakistan have been compelled to witness, due to rigid gender...
  16. âAgar aap focused aur dedicated hain toh raaste apne aap bante jaate hain, Google ki zaroorat nahi padti navigation ke liye.â - Pankaj Tripathi This statement completely sums up Pankaj Tripathi's career and how, with time, his achievements have only grown bigger. He has now bagged a lead role in a movie titled Kaagaz that is backed by Salman Khanâs production house. Pankaj Tripathi entered the film industry with Run and Omkara in 2004 and has every time made his presence felt on the big screen. From Sacred Games to Stree, he has proved his versatility too. And now, with him getting the center stage in Kaagaz, we can safely say how he has redefined the role of a hero in Bollywood. View this post on Instagramà¤à¤¸ à¤à¤­à¤¿à¤¨à¤¯ वालॠà¤à¤¾à¤¦à¥ à¤à¥ बनानॠमà¥à¤ à¤à¥à¤°à¥à¤¥ à¤à¥ à¤à¤à¤ बहà¥à¤¤ à¤à¤¼à¤°à¥à¤°à¥ हà¥à¥¤A post shared by (@pankajtripathi) In an interview with Mid-Day, Pankaj Tripathi said that when he started off, things were completely different and he never imagined good things would come to him. âAbout 10 years ago, the idea of a Bollywood hero was different. Today, we honour the story and its requirements," said the actor stating his happiness as he is playing the lead role in Kaagaz that is based on the real-life story of Lal Bihari, a farmer who was declared dead on paper. âWhen I joined the movies, I had never imagined that any of these wonderful things were possible for me. I came to the movies with modest expectations, looking for good work. The very fact that the audience welcomed me with so much love is humbling. Kaagaz is my first solo hero project, and there's nothing more fulfilling for an actor than the after-feeling of being part of such a strong story,â added the actor. Interestingly, he is also a part of Kabir Khan's '83 and the makers shared a poster featuring him, today. The actor would be playing PR Man Singh, the manager of India's cricket team in 1983. Singh led the Indian cricket team as its manager both in 1983 and 1987 when the team reached the semi-finals of the World Cup tournament. Fans have been loving the first look and are looking forward to watching him in the movie. View this post on InstagramLast but not the least PR Man Singh - This is 83 @ranveersingh @83thefilm @kabirkhankk @deepikapadukoneA post shared by (@pankajtripathi) Tripathiâs life is an example that one must believe in their own aspirations and focus on polishing their art with every project. What's all the more admirable is the fact that he has also stayed true to his roots and is thankful for the support he has been getting from the audience. View this post on InstagramWatch candid conversation with @rudranic Tonight, at 9:30 pm only on @zoomtvA post shared by (@pankajtripathi) What a humbling and inspirational career arch Pankaj has had so far. We wish him all the success and more accolades in the future. Let us know what you think of this paradigm shift of quality actors bagging leading roles in Hindi cinema, in the comments below. View the full article
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