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Found 111 results

  1. Meghan Markle always wanted to become a princess, right from childhood according to claims
  2. Elon Musk tweeted last night saying he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple during its “darkest days” when the Model 3 rollout was supposed to happen. He unveiled that Apple CEO Tim Cook “refused” to take the meeting for the possible sale of the company to Apple. © Reuters "During the darkest days of the Model 3 program, I reached out to Tim Cook to discuss the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla (for 1/10 of our current value)," . Musk wrote “He refused to take the meeting.” Apple dished out the details in response to a tweet about how Apple has started to work on its self-driving car. He noted that Tesla was worth about one-tenth than what it is worth today. Tesla’s market capitalisation closed at $607 billion which is ten times more than what it was at the time when Musk wanted to sell the company to Apple for about $60 billion. © Reuters It seems like Apple has once again sparked its interest in an electric self-driving car as the company hired many ex-Tesla executives along with buying companies that make equipment for self-driving technology. A recent report suggests that Apple might launch its self-driving car in the next five years as the company has started talks with major suppliers of vehicle electronics to gear up for production in the U.S. © Twitter_9to5Mac Apple has also partnered with its trusted chip partner TSMC to develop a chip for its self-driving cars. The Cupertino giant also recently shifted its leadership to John Giannandrea who is the company’s head of artificial intelligence. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple recently made progress on a potential battery breakthrough which could result in the launch of the self-driving car sooner than expected. Apple has been developing a lithium-ion phosphate battery that can be put together more tightly in the car’s battery pack. This in turn reduces weight while also increasing the energy density. In 2015, Musk said that an electric car was “the next logical thing” for Cook and Apple to work on. “It’s good that Apple is moving and investing in this direction. But cars are very complex compared to phones or smartwatches,” Musk said. View the full article
  3. Kangana Ranaut’s tweets have always been a topic of discussion. Recently, a petitioner alleged that the actor has been spreading animosity between communities and has been hurting his religion through her tweets. Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh said, “I am a Maharashtrian, Mumbaikar and she calls the court Pappu Sena. This hurts me and that is a personal injury." The court asked the petitioner how reasonable restrictions could be put on her freedom of speech as per Article 19 (2) of the Constitution based on her allegedly offensive tweets. A division bench of Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik asked the Maharashtra government’s lawyer, Jayesh Yagnik, who said, "This petition needs to be converted into a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), otherwise many people will read newspapers and start coming to the court stating they are hurt. Constitutional right and constitutional remedy are different. This is a vague petition." View this post on Instagram Justice Shinde added that any individual can have his account and they have all the rights to express their thoughts. Responding to which, the petitioner said, "Free speech and hate speech are different. In my petition, there are multiple examples of how she has hurt many feelings. There are many cases filed in various courts against her. There is a personal mental injury that I have suffered through her tweets." In response, Justice Shinde said, "That is different. Word against the word, how can we go into this issue? You think over that. We are not in a hurry to dismiss your petition. Take your time. We don't want to discourage a young lawyer like you. Go through your points and make fresh arguments. On the next date, we will bring an end to this." View this post on Instagram The court will now hear Deshmukh's petition on January 7. What do you think about this entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  4. White Corolla Gang followed people from banks and money exchanges to their homes where they would rob them
  5. Patrick Jephson claimed that the 1995 Panorama interview was the 'death knell' for Princess Diana
  6. FIA's Red Book also includes the names of Dr Imran Farooq's murder accused ? Iftikhar Hussain, Muhammad Anwar, and Kashif Kamran
  7. If you have ever wanted to run your favourite iOS apps on your laptop and couldn’t, you can now relax as Apple’s new Silicon Macs are now capable of doing that. Thanks to the new M1 SoC, Macs can now run your favourite iOS apps even if an iOS developer has not released a Mac-compatible version. © Apple The company will be rolling out its latest macOS update ‘Big Sur’ on its new Macs and it will support universal apps meaning the ones that have a native binary version built for the new M1 chip and for Intel Macs. This means, for the first time MacBooks will now be able to run iPhone and iPad apps on MacBook laptops. © Apple This is possible because of a new technology called Rosetta 2 that will help the new M1 chip in running apps, for Intel-based Macs as well. In fact, most of the graphically intensive apps will also run better with the M1 chip than Intel chips, thanks to Rosetta 2. This will bring over thousands of apps and games from the App Store to MacBook laptops that were not possible previously. Developers have also started to support the new Macs with apps including Baldur’s Gate 3, Panic, Cinema 4D amongst others. Having said that, apps from Google, Facebook, Amazon Prime, Snapchat and others have currently opted out of the unified app store which could be a temporary measure. © Apple Some universal apps by Adobe will come next month while other applications such as Photoshop are expected to hit the app store next year. These universal apps can be downloaded from the web as well which means it isn’t necessary to download them from the App Store for now. Apple has also optimised its first-party apps for M1 that comes with macOS including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie, LogicPro and Final Cut Pro. The M1 family of chips have been specifically designed for the Mac and the company claims it is its most powerful chip ever made. With macOS Big Sur and M1, Apple says it delivers up to 3.5x faster CPU, up to 6x faster GPU, up to 15x faster machine learning (ML) capabilities, and battery life up to 2x longer than before. View the full article
  8. We’ve all heard by now that Apple has removed accessories like the EarPods and the charger from the box of the iPhone 12 and instead it will only come with a USB-C To Lightning cable. The move comes as a way for Apple to reduce its carbon footprint. However, this move may just cause even more electronic waste than ever. For starters, removing the charger from the box is only going to encourage third-party charger manufacturers to flood the market with charging bricks for the iPhone 12. Since the iPhone 12 supports PD fast charging, we can expect to see even more chargers on e-commerce websites than ever before. © Unsplash/yang-deng Not all of these chargers are going to sell out and it will create more wastage than ever before. Apple’s main argument is that people already have charging bricks at home and don’t need a new one when buying the iPhone 12. Instead, if users want new chargers, they will have to buy it separately from the Apple Store. These adapters will now have to be packed separately, shipped separately which in turn will increase environmental consequences rather than reducing them. In fact, Apple will tell you that reducing the size of the iPhone 12 box helps them reduce carbon emissions when it comes to transporting the iPhones. However, what they don’t realise is that shipping chargers separately adds to that cost as well. It was more environmentally friendly if the charger already came in the box of the iPhone 12 since it would have been more efficient and won’t require to be shipped separately. It wouldn’t require the additional packaging boxes and plastic either even if it’s recyclable. The case remains the same with third-party chargers as they will need to be packed and shipped to customers and stores as well. This one move could be more detrimental to the environment as a whole. It will cause a chain of events that will be extremely hard to get rid of. © Unsplash/andreas-haslinger If Apple really wanted to reduce its carbon footprint, the Cupertino giant should have already switched to USB-C ports for iPhones just like it did for the iPad Pro, iPad Air and MacBook laptops. Almost every device launched in 2019 and 2020 has a USB-C port and Apple’s refusal of switching to the port is only preventing it from becoming a universal standard of charging. USB-C is now used widely on computers, laptops, tablets, Android smartphones, Gaming controllers, power banks and new generation of GaN PD chargers. The fact that Apple did not switch over to the USB-C port shows that the company is not really interested in reducing electronic waste. Had that been the case, using the lightning port on the iPhone 12 would no longer be the norm. © Unsplash/mika-baumeister Much like the chargers, third-party manufacturers and Apple’s own factories now have to produce two sets of charging cables. One for iPhone users and one for everyone else who may already use multiple devices with the USB-C port. Not only will it create more e-waste, but it will also prevent the tech world from moving on to one universal charging standard which in turn will reduce carbon emissions and e-waste in the long run. It’s not like Apple hasn’t embraced the universal charging products, it just doesn’t want to implement it for its most popular and highest selling product. We can’t be really sure whether Apple would eventually move to the USB-C port. However, if Apple wants to continue on its path it has already started, the Cupertino giant really needs to start with the iPhone 12’s charging port. Sure, it will force users to replace their Lightning accessories, but it will have a far lesser impact than the lightning evolution change Apple users have had to go through with the 30-pin connector. View the full article
  9. 'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot revealed that she never thought to become an actress
  10. Apple is somewhat considered a premium and luxury brand even for technology enthusiasts, however, we’ve seen the company shift away from that image this year. Apple launched the iPhone SE in April 2020 which is the most affordable iPhone the company has launched in years. We could see the Cupertino Giant apply the same strategy for one of their most successful products ever, i.e the Apple Watch. © andres-urena-unsplash The company usually launches a new Apple Watch alongside the latest iPhone every year, however, according to reliable leaker Komiya, Apple Watch SE may also be in the works. Currently, customers can buy the Apple Watch Series 5 and if they are looking for something cheaper, Apple Watch Series 3 repeatedly goes on sale. The fact that an older Apple Watch still manages to sell well may have prompted the Cupertino giant to launch an affordable version of the Apple Watch this year. It may even be a replacement for the Apple Watch 3 with a familiar design and longer battery life. © daniel-canibano-unsplash The leaker detailed that the Apple Watch SE will probably have the same design as the AW3 but will only come in an aluminium version. Having said that, Komiya also detailed the hardware that will be used for the rumoured watch. The new affordable Apple Watch is expected to use the S6 and W3 chips that are currently found on the Apple Watch Series 5. This means that the watch will not have a new design but impressive hardware that currently powers the latest Apple Watch. It is a similar strategy as the iPhone SE, where Apple uses up-to-date hardware but retains the classic design to distinguish with their latest products. How Much Will It Cost? Apple Watch SE - Old design - Replacement of Series 3 - S6 & W4 chip - All 16GB - Only Aluminium model - Digital Crown with haptic feedback? - Bluetooth 5.0 - international SOS calling (only cellular model) - Coming next March - Same prices as Series 3 pic.twitter.com/AV3IApxvnH — Komiya (@komiya_kj) August 16, 2020 The Apple Watch SE is rumoured to cost $199 i.e, around Rs 15,000 which is significantly cheaper than the flagship model. The new Apple Watch could be a new way for Apple to capture the wearables markets further as it would be a gateway for users who do not want to spend huge amounts of cash for Apple products. View the full article
  11. Alright. So, we are about to get into some serious weirdness, which essentially originates from one manâs undying passion for professional wrestling - Dustin Rhodes. Son of the legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes, Dustin saw a lot of success in the early stage of his career as he teamed up with his dad and got loud cheers from the audience in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). Even on his own, he quickly became a fan favourite during his run with the WCW as 'The Natural Dustin Rhodes'. He grew up adoring the kind of creative and interesting work his father did. Wrestling became a passion for the man and he was completely invested in it. Ironically, it was his affection for the business which got him fired from WCW because he bladed his head (cut himself with a blade) in order to make the fight look more realistic. He did this, despite the companyâs warning, and it ended up costing him his job. Dustin then reached out to Vince McMahon for a fresh contract with WWF but was also worried about not getting enough attention from the audience on his own, simply because of having a Hall of Famer of the show as his father. He wanted to make a name for himself and asked McMahon for advice. The notorious genius that McMahon is, he asked Dustin to cover his entire head in gold paint and wear a body-hugging golden suit and come out as âGOLDUSTâ. An excited Dustin was all-in for the idea and despite McMahon repeatedly saying that the character was going to be androgynous, he agreed to play the part (Dustin later confirmed that he didnât know what the word âandrogynousâ meant and had to look it up in a dictionary). When his gimmick first appeared on a show back in 1995, nobody knew how to react to it but people sure as hell werenât going to forget him anytime soon. McMahonâs idea at the time was to make Dustin appear to be of indeterminate *** and âconfuse his opponents, gaining a psychological advantageâ according to ProWrestling Stories . As you could have guessed, the character caused a lot of controversies wherever the WWF travelled. Quite a few riots also took place in certain cities and McMahon was called out for spreading homophobia. Vince created this notion that Goldust wasnât gay but was playing on the homophobic fears of others. However, the notion didnât sit well with the people and Dustin was asked to tone down the âsexual actsâ as the character. The gimmick quickly lost all the gossip which used to surround it and the wrestler had to come up with an idea to make it interesting again or he might have to give it up altogether. Vince Russo, who used to write scripts for the show and for Goldust, writes in his autobiography: âMoments before we were about to pronounce the character dead, I got a call from Dustin. "give me one million dollars for breast implants" - goldust pic.twitter.com/wFFLVPz5OA â :) (@yourasshurtdone) May 6, 2019ââVince, Iâve got an idea,â he said. âTell Vince if he pays me one million dollars, I will get implants. ââWhat?â I said. âA penal implant?â ââNoâ answered Dustin. âBreasts.â âLet me break that down for you. Dustin Rhodes was considering getting breast implants for the wrestling business. Mind you, Iâm sure Dustin was reacting out of panic. Iâm sure if heâd really thought this through â a man walking around with womenâs breasts and all â he would have come to his sensesâ¦I think. And yes, McMahon did contemplate it. But thatâs what the business does to you. It makes sane men go nuts.â Former WWE commentator Jim Ross writes in his book titled JRâs Cookbook: True Ringside Tale, BBQ, and Down-Home Recipes: â[Dustinâs] vision was that it would be so weird and bizarre that our fans and new fans, for that matter, would pay good money to watch him wrestle. He suggested that he would be huge on the talk show circuit, and people all over the world would be clamouring to see the âBizarre Oneâ in person (especially in prison, and perhaps Amsterdam)!â According to JR, when Rhodes went to McMahon to pitch the idea of getting breast implants just to revive his character, he was absolutely stunned. To McMahonâs credit, he managed the situation in the best possible way. He commended Dustin for coming up with creative ideas for the show but that the company wasnât doing to go down that road. Now, over a decade and a half later, Dustin because of his love for the business, his in-ring capabilities and his performance with the microphone is considered to be one of the most well-respected professionals. But make no mistake, even at 51 years of age, he is still considered 'The Bizarre One'. View the full article
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