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Found 13 results

  1. Blackheads are two things: irritating and repugnant. When pores get clogged with oil, dead skin and dirt, blackheads erupt like a volcano. They don't hurt and you will notice them mainly on your nose, forehead and chin. Just a scrub or soap won't do the trick, but there are specific techniques engineered to clear your skin. Here are some lesser known ways to eliminate the blackheads completely from your charming face. 1. Use An Anti-Blackhead Cleanser © Getty Images A blackhead cleanser is a remedy to remove the clogged wax plugs. Make sure it has salicylic acid in it as it can break the components that form blackheads. It is gentle and doesn't irritate your skin. 2. Remove Blackheads With Aloe Vera Gel © Getty Images Aloe vera soothes the skin and has the ability to control excess oil. And not just blackheads, but aloe vera helps in getting rid of acne as well. What to do: a. Extract the gel out of the leaf and apply it directly on your face. b. Leave the gel for about 10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. This remedy is for all skin types and can be used everyday. 3. Moisturise Your Skin © Getty Images Moisturising can help prevent the pores from enlarging. The skin stays firm, hydrated and a thin barrier created atop prevents dirt to storm your skin out of its texture. Steer clear of environmental threats and proactively protect your skin. A soothing cream will keep the blackheads at bay. 4. Weekly Masking Is Must © Getty Images Facial masks are a must in the skincare routine because they suck the grime out. Opt for a clay mask which is oil absorbing. It removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin absolutely blackhead free. You can do it before or after you shower. Keep it on for about 15 minutes as it ensures smooth skin within two weeks. 5. Using Pore Strips © Getty Images Pore strips are small strips that you can stick on your nose and pull off the blackheads. You can use the pore strips as a supplement to the other steps. 6. Using Green Tea © Getty Images Green tea is known to detox your body, but did you know it is beneficial for your blackheads as well? Being rich in antioxidants, it can clear the skin with its power-packed benefits. What to do: 1. Mix the tea leaves with water. Blend it well to make a paste. 2. Scrub this paste on your blackheads and leave it on for 20 minutes. 3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  2. A big beard is amazing, but what about the dandruff it brings along? Oh come on, you might be making a face, but we both know you get it from time to time, if you're as busy as the regular Indian man. You probably have it more often, but you only notice it on days you're wearing you favourite black T-shirt. © Getty Images Fear not, for we have the solution to get rid of this super pesky problem. Here are 4 definitive hacks that will help you get rid of your beard dandruff along with the dry, itchy, flaky skin underneath. 1. Use a medicated beard shampoo © Getty Images First of all, you need to make sure you treat the root cause. Wash your beard with a medicated shampoo to make sure you rule out minor infections etc, while cleaning your beard thoroughly. 2. Use a beard conditioner © Getty Images You know the root cause of dandruff? Dryness. If your beard strands are dry, they make sure the skin underneath is dry and lifeless as well. To counter that, make sure you use a beard conditioner regularly, especially every time you shampoo your beard. 3. Brush/Comb your beard regularly © Getty Images How do you get rid of flaky, dry skin underneath your beard? You brush/comb your beard religiously. It's as simple as that. 4. Use a beard oil © Getty Images A beard oil will not just keep your beard nice, shiny, and healthy, it will also make sure that the skin underneath the beard is deep conditioned and moisturized, while giving it the nourishment it requires. Do them religiously for a week, and see the difference for yourself!
  3. ADMIN

    KL Rahul - The Man Within

    Our August 2018 cover star is KL Rahul. After a fantastic season in the IPL he graces our cover in a whole new avatar. The fashionable cricketer. Check it out.
  4. Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crashed soon after taking off on Sunday morning from Addis Ababa killing 157 people onboard. The plane was enroute Nairobi, Kenya and last contact was six minutes after take-off. The flight was operated by a Boeing 737 MAX 8 and the aircraft was delivered to the airline just a few months ago. Aviation is considered to be among the safest industries for decades and the crash of a brand new jet is alarming. Just five months back, another 737 MAX 8 operating for Lion Air crashed into the sea off the island of Java shortly after take-off, killing all 189 people onboard. Two crashes of the same jet within a short span has gotten everyone worried and Boeing, along with local regulators are scrambling to find answers. © Reuters Boeing's safety record is now under serious threat and with hundreds of MAX 8's flying all over the globe, airlines aren't keen on operating them until proper investigations are completed. The circumstances of the two crashes remain under investigation, and Boeing has presented no evidence to suggest the two disasters are linked. The similarities may be a coincidence. Ethiopian Airlines has grounded its Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet until further notice. The airline has a reputation for being one of the best airlines in Africa. It has a good safety record and the newest fleet of planes on the continent. © Utkarsh Thakkar / @vimanspotter (Ethiopian Airlines A350 in Mumbai) In India, Jet Airways and Spicejet operate the MAX 8 and Spicejet is operating them normally (13 in fleet) based on the schedule. Jet Airways is undergoing a period of financial instability and FlightRadar24 suggests it has temporarily stopped operating them (5 in fleet) for weeks due to payment issues with lessors. The narrow-body Boeing 737 has been a workhorse on short- and medium-haul flights for decades. Thousands of 737 NG (737-700/800/900) continue to fly with a spotless track record. The MAX 8 is an improved version with better engines and increased cabin comfort. The planemaker is expected to build 59 MAX 8's every month this year. Jet Airways has ordered 225 of these, followed by Spicejet at 200. © Utkarsh Thakkar / @vimanspotter India's aviation regulator DGCA has sought information from Boeing after the Sunday crash. "A Boeing 737 Max aircraft flown by Ethiopian Airlines has crashed. Our two airlines (Jet Airways and SpiceJet having these aircraft) and DGCA officials are in touch with Boeing for information. Further safety measures shall follow that," DGCA chief B S Bhullar, told the Times of India. China's civil aviation regulator has ordered all Chinese airlines to suspend commercial operations of MAX 8. Chinese airlines currently operate 96 MAX 8's. No other country has grounded the aircraft completely yet, but airlines say they are closely working with Boeing and monitoring their fleet.
  5. We find love in the strangest of places. All while a seemingly unthreatening person manages to disarm us with that one look or smile casually thrown our way, which leaves our heart craving for more, so much more! The arena of online dating happens to be one such space where most of us venture into without any set expectations of what might come our way. That is mostly because this entire scene of online dating bears an air of mystery and suspense around it - a sort of a thrill that has succeeded in luring even a few “hermits” around us. You never know who you will meet in this virtual world, and even if you think you like the person you behold on the screen going by their bio, likes-dislikes and hobbies et al., you cannot be too sure unless you meet them up close and see for yourself if the two of you are worth another shot. Souvik Thakur Sure, this might be true in 99% of the cases, though there still exist a few who get so lucky with their online dates, that they end up signing the deal of spending an entire lifetime with one another. Such is the story of Souvik and Upasana, who met each other on an online dating website, and so fiery was their chemistry from the very onset, that the couple ended up marrying each other within a year of their first official date! It all began in late 2017, or more specifically 22nd October 2017 as Upasana would point out when the two first found out about each other on an online dating platform. Souvik is quick to add that, “it was her smile that caught my attention,” and he didn't waste any time in getting in touch with Upasana after that. “It was love at first sight (for me), even though we were living in two different cities then. I was in Delhi, while she was in Kolkata,” adds Souvik. Remembering that fateful night, Upasana recalls, “I remember that Sunday. I had a night recess and after I woke up, I saw a notification of his request. After reading his message, I shared my phone number. Within a second he called me, and we started talking. He spoke for an hour and by the end of it, he proposed me for marriage.” Souvik Thakur We know, that almost sounds like a Japanese bullet train of dating on the move. But you know what, in the matters of the heart, when you know, you know. Whether it is a matter of knowing someone for an hour, a year or even ten years for that matter, you simply know it when you find 'the one'. However, we wonder, if their first virtual meeting was so zippy, imagine all the fire alarms that must have gone off when the two met each other for the first time, for real! You guessed it, for both Souvik and Upasana, their first date remains one of the greatest highlights of their relationship so far. It was 25th December 2017 when they finally met in person after constantly being in touch for a little over two months. While Souvik recalls the day for their exploration of the City of Joy, eating and shopping their hearts out and making memories together, it was much more special for Upasana. Souvik Thakur “It was 25th December and he had come down from Delhi to meet me. Naturally, it was special for me. We met at Esplanade, the heart of Kolkata. Then we went to Princep Ghat. After spending some quality time on the bank of river Ganges, we went to taste Biryani from Kolkata's famous Biryani shop. Then he surprised me by gifting me a yellow-green from a famous boutique,” shares Upasana. The saree, as Souvik tells us, was a gift to celebrate their first date. And they say men are not romantic and thoughtful enough. Anyhow, that's definitely one memorable first date the two had, won't you agree? However, from the numerous memories the two share between them, for Souvik one of the most unforgettable ones is when the two spent some quiet time alone in each other's company on the terrace at his place - “(the) terrace is a very special place for me. I love to read, write, sing on the terrace. Finally, I took her to my special place in the house,” recalls Souvik. Our man here had finally found the woman to share his special place with, and we all know that's a big commitment all by itself, even though many women don't know it at the moment. But since things were already moving in the fifth gear for the couple since the beginning, the real deal was never too far behind. Souvik Thakur Soon after their first meeting, Souvik couldn't wait to take the next big step. He had all the plans laid out. But like it is usually in the case of love, things don't come easy. Sure enough, Souvik had a hurdle to move past before he could claim his lady love, and make her his for the next 'seven lifetimes'. Since Souvik was living in Delhi for work, it meant that for Upasana getting married would be a lot more than just tying the knot. So when Souvik popped the question, Upasana couldn't accept the proposal instantly, even when she wanted to. “I would have said yes, but couldn't. Since he lived in Delhi for the sake of his job, and I didn't want to relocate from my hometown Kolkata, I clearly told him so. He was very disheartened, but tried to convince me to make the move. After 15 days, he succeeded. I agreed to move to Delhi.” Once this was taken care of, things picked up speed and their families got involved. The date for the wedding was set and finally, on 2nd December 2018, the couple got hitched. Even though most things happened in a blur in their relationship, married life has come with its own share of lessons and experiences for the couple. Souvik Thakur According to Upasana, their journey from bachelorhood to being married has changed their perspective about relationship and love. As a married couple, they are becoming more and more responsible with every passing day. Even Souvik agrees that the relationship has taught him to choose his battles wisely, adjust and compromise where necessary and take important decisions keeping each other in mind. However, with all things said and done, the newlyweds believe that their relationship has taught them to love selflessly and accept each other's quirks. “We are two very much different people. She is loud and expressive, whereas I am soft and calm. But we love to eat, travel & listen to music together. These are the binding factors of our relationship and our lives”, says Souvik. Souvik Thakur For Upasana, however, the most unique quality of her husband is that “he is a very good human being, funny and he is very passionate towards his work.” The couple may be completely opposite in nature and personality type, but these traits help to balance their relationship and add depth to it. Married for just two months today, the journey so far has been a revelation for the couple in a lot of ways. Not only are they getting to know each other more deeply, but they are also evolving as individuals as they take on this journey called life together.
  6. Spotify is finally coming to India according to reports by Variety and Bloomberg. The story was confirmed by unnamed sources who detail that the streaming service has reached a settlement with major rights holders in India. It will enable the company to launch in the fastest growing music market in the world i.e. India, that has a population of 1.3 billion and potential 100 milling customers. Rumours suggest that Spotify will offer a trial period for full access which is normal than longer when compared to the company's 30-day period. Bloomberg notes that India's primary source for music streaming is YouTube and can be used for free. Spotify will face an uphill battle in India to make users pay for a streaming service. Spotify has faced major hurdles in getting music rights, as local record labels threatened the company from withholding rights as the company attempted to licence music directly from artists. These issues have now been resolved and Spotify will launch officially within the next six months. Spotify will also need to take various other languages into account before the launch. Spotify works with a credit card which only a small amount of the Indian population owns. It could also introduce gift cards in order to tackle this problem for Indian users. Spotify will be competing in India with other music streaming apps like Gaana, Saavn, Apple Music, Google Music, Youtube and Amazon Music. It indeed would be a massive opportunity for the company to launch in India, as the company's stock price is declining over the past three months and losing major money. Source: Variety
  7. Looks like tech gods of all social media platforms have realised the power of 'unsending' a message and following the suit of Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook will soon allow you to take back anything on the messenger and delete it within 10 minutes you hitting 'send'. INTERESTING... Facebook Messenger's long-awaited delete messages feature will only give you a 10 minute window to remove a message in a chat pic.twitter.com/ew1z2WPXbc — Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 7, 2018 So while it is a great tool to delete anything you need to take back, one needs to remember that it is still not a solution for a night of binge drinking and drunk texting. You have a window of 10 minutes only and you need to make good use of it. So if you accidentally sent a photo, a video or wrote something in rage, Facebook has got your back.
  8. So, FIFA 19 has been out for a few days now, and I just came across my first opponent with a 90+ rated squad. How do these guys do it? I mean, we all know how they do it, but why? What's the fun in spending cash, buying FIFA points and opening pack after pack until you get a 90+ rated player? That's no fun, is it? © EA Sports Grinding your way to the top is far more exhilarating. Plus, you relish each victory on Division Rivals a lot more when you know you've earned every single player in your team. Yes, there's a little luck involved with packs but you've earned every pack instead of buying them, so it still counts. Anyway, nobody really cares about the experience, it's all about making 500,000 coins, isn't it? Everyone has a favourite player(s) and we want to buy them as soon as possible. Favourites like Eden Hazard, Neymar Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi aren't cheap, though. So, unless your favourite player is Inter Milan's LB Dalbert, you're going to need some cash before you can afford any of them. Luckily, we're here to help. © EA Sports Buy low, sell high. That's how any market works, right? But, how do you know when a player is at his lowest? Unless your brain works at 2 GB per second, there's no way you're going to be able to remember the value of every single player in the game. Luckily, there's a website that can help you out. I won't name it here because they aren't paying us but it has something to do with football and bins. Now, on to the tips: Budget Players Initially, you won't have too many coins, so investing in 10k-20k players is going to be difficult. So, what you need to do instead, is focus on players that are worth less than 1000 coins. The Premier League is a gold mine for this. It is the most popular league in the world, after all. So, why not make the most of it? The most important thing to remember while buying players, is their discard value. Discard value is the amount you can quickly sell a player for. Rare gold players have a discard value of around 600 coins. Common gold cards have a discard value of 300 coins or so. Try to get cards as close to this value as possible. © EA Sports As for selling, list them for a 200-300 coin profit right away. Don't wait for their value to skyrocket. It's not happening! Keep the FIFA transaction fee in mind too. That 5% can prove to be quite detrimental to your endeavour. Always account for it when selling. Think of it this way, a 200 coin profit on 10 unpopular Premier League players worth 800 coins is way better than a 2000 coin profit on Dele Alli. Why? The FIFA transaction fee on selling 10000 coins worth of players is 500 coins, while you'd have to pay 1500 in transaction fees for Dele Alli, who costs 30000 coins. Weekly Rewards Choosing the right rewards is very important too when you're trying to make millions. The first question you need to ask yourself is, what is my main objective? Do you want to build a great squad or make 500,000 coins? If you want to make 500,000 coins, always go for the coin rewards. There's always a risk associated with packs and you don't want that. Take the coins. Live stress-free! © EA Sports Yes, it can get hard with so many streamers posting videos of themselves opening packs and getting Cristiano Ronaldo. But, how many packs did they have to open to get him? Think about it. I've opened around 50 packs since I got the game, and the best player I've got so far is Riyad Mahrez (Untradeable). What a waste! Luckily, they were all earned. I should have gone for the coins! Coin Boosts When you press the R3 button on your PS controller, you'll get taken to a market of sorts where you can use the FIFA XP you've gathered over the years to get additional rewards. There are some 86+ players available on loan here but what should interest you the most are the coins boosts. These are extra coins you get for every time you play a match. There are 75000 worth of coins you can get through the various coin boosts available here. Don't forget them! © EA Sports Sniping This is a method most streamers use to make coins. I've tried it out a few times but have never been successful. What people do is find the lowest cost at which a popular player is selling and then set their max buy now price, lower than that. It's difficult to snipe a player but if you do, there's good money to be made there. Personally though, it's too much effort and I don't have that much time to waste, so I give this method a pass. Squad Building Challenges The last piece of advice I have for you today is quite simple really! Don't waste your time with the SBCs. Unless you're doing an SBC to get a particular player reward, ignore it. There's no point spending 20000-30000 coins on an SBC and then the best card you get out of the rewards, is a Santi Cazorla. You'll feel like breaking your remote. Don't waste your time! © EA Sports You thought making 500,000 coins was going to be easy? Hahahaha. There's no magic trick that can get you there. There are no secret trades you can make. It takes time and effort. You'll have to play for at least 3-4 hours Monday to Friday plus 8-9 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Here's a breakup of the coins you can expect to earn this way: Squad Battles – Elite 1 – 30000 Coins + 2 Mega Packs (Hoping for 20000 worth of value.) Division Rivals – Division 5/Rank I – 58000 coins Coin Boost – 75000 coins Playing matches – 125000 coins Weekend League –Gold 1 (20 wins) – 50000 coins + 2 Jumbo Rare Players Pack/2 Player Pick Special Items (Around 50000 coins from this hopefully) Apart from this, you can trade using the above tips and earn around 100000 coins in a week. Who knew making your first 500,000 coins was this easy? You might just get lucky and pack an 89+ card which is just an added bonus! Unless it's David Silva. :/
  9. Apple recently released iOS 12 via an OTA update for various iPhones and it is already being adopted by a larger user base. A large number of iPhone users like to jailbreak their iPhones to use third-party applications via Cydia and unlock other features for customisations. © IOs Hacker Soon after the iOS 12's release, 24 hours to be precise, it was jailbroken by Pandora Labs. It is a cybersecurity division under Chinese giant Alibaba and there's also a video to show how the hack was done. The video was first uploaded on Weibo and it made its way to Twitter. Check out below how Pandora Labs managed to jailbreak iOS 12. Alibaba Pandora Labs has developed a fully untethered jailbreak for iOS 12 within 24 hours of its release. #RETWEET pic.twitter.com/LbztqW8b9w — Yalu Jailbreak (@Yalujb) September 18, 2018 The video shows how the jailbreak was done on an iPhone X and after the software was installed, the phone went through a hard reset. Once the iPhone restarted, the phone was able to unlock itself without the input of a password or a registered face. The jailbreak then pops up a window with the simple message "Your phone is pwned.” © Weibo It is worthy to point out that the jailbreak code will never be made public and the video was saved just because it was 'newsworthy'. The video was uploaded to simply prove that the iOS 12 could be jailbroken despite having new security features. Source: Mashable
  10. Akshay Kumar is one of those few actors who has made it to the top in the industry without the backup of big banners, filmmakers, and producers. The immensely talented actor always manages to impress us both on-screen and off it. In the last few years, we have seen Akshay working with some quality content, which talks about our history, society and various other prominent issues. While most actors from his time are either finding it difficult to keep up with modern cinema or are still not out of their cliché romantic avatar, Khiladi Kumar is soaring high in his career, experimenting with different roles. His recent movie 'Gold' entered the 100 crore club, following which he decided to have a quick getaway with wife Twinkle Khanna. #akshaykumar #twinklekhanna #airportdiaries @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Sep 2, 2018 at 1:03am PDT © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani While returning from their trip, the couple was spotted at the airport, where Akshay went out of his way to make a photo extra special for a particular young fan. He happily airlifted the boy and of course, the little one couldn't contain his happiness and was all smiles for the shutterbugs. Check out how Akki made the young fan's day: © Viral Bhayani Masti mode at the airport as Akshay Kumar picks up his fan to make a interesting click with wife Twinkle Khanna as they arrive in Mumbai #instadaily #manavmanglani #sunday A post shared by Manav Manglani (@manav.manglani) on Sep 2, 2018 at 5:21am PDT © Viral Bhayani Oh, to be a child again! © Viral Bhayani On the work front, Akshay is currently in Jaipur all set to begin the shoot for 'Housefull 4'. He also has upcoming movies like 'Good News', '2.0' and 'Kesari' in his kitty that we can't wait to watch.
  11. 'Fortnite' is one of the most popular games on the planet right now and this free-to-play game has managed to bring in millions of micro-transactions, that have boosted the developer's revenues exponentially. © Epic Games While there have been similar short-lived gaming sensations like 'Candy Crush' and 'Pokemon Go', 'Fortnite' has broken all records. Between the release of the current version in September and at the end of May, 'Fortnite' brought in more than US$ 1.2 billion, according to SuperData Research. © Epic Games The is run by Epic Games Inc. that was founded by Tim Sweeney twenty-seven years ago in his parents' basement. The game is on track of generating more than US$2 billion this year, valuing the company from US$5-8 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Because of Fortnite's success, SuperData estimates that games featuring a battle royale mode will earn 12% of all gaming revenue in 2018. 'PUBG' (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), another competing game with the Battle Royale format has sold more than 50 million copies so far and has 400 million active players. © Tim Sweeney / BCCL Fortnite's iOS version made an average of US$2 million per day over a 10-day period following the start of Season 5 earlier this month. Epic is giving back some of the generated money and has promised US$ 100 million in total prize money for the games 2018-19 game season. Instead of purchasing a full-fledged game for an average of US$40, users can buy online virtual currency, V-Bucks that can be exchanged for in-game add-ons. While this business model isn't new, 'Fortnite' has raked in billions and there's no stopping. © Epic Games Buying skins and cosmetics such as new character costumes or things like hats, tattoos and weapon skins, let players make their own virtual characters. In May itself, these micro-transactions have generated US$ 318 million in terms of revenue for the company. The game has seen immense growth, after accessibility was made free on all gaming platforms. In fact, the game had been streamed for 580 million hours on Twitch. The game is very addictive, in fact, the developer added a warning to the game's loading screen cautioning students to set the screens aside. © Epic Games Chinese conglomerate Tencent has a 40 percent stake in Epic Games. Interestingly, the company also has a tiny stake in Bluehole, the company behind 'PUBG'. It is not yet known how much is 'Fortnite' affecting the Tencent Games' balance sheet though. Source: SuperData Research
  12. Google has made it quite clear about the existence of its experimental 'Fuchsia' operating system. A very early build of the operating system is already available for mobile phones and even PCs. However, currently, it's only in experimentation mode and may not see the day of light anytime soon. © BCCL Having said that, a recent report by Bloomberg says that Google may replace the Android and Chrome OS platform with Fuchsia sometime soon. Google has not formally committed to a concrete date, however, engineers at the search giant are looking to include the new operating system on connected devices like Google Home and laptops. Google has made it clear that the company is unsure about its plans and have not even committed to making this a reality. © Youtube It is safe to assume the Android platform may get outdated in the near future and this would be an opportunity for Google to start fresh. Android is based on Linux and as technology advances, Android will not be able to cope up. The new operating system would also let Google integrate services like voice commands and security patches better. Google has already been experimenting with making their own processor for smartphones and laptops. The search engine giant recently acquired talent from Apple that is currently developing a chipset for future Google devices. It is quite possible that the new operating system might just be getting developed to be in tune with the new processors. © MensXP The major roadblock Google will face, is to convince brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and other major players to switch to the new operating system. Google will also have the daunting task to make enough Fuchsia-native apps available to attract a mass audience and convince manufacturers. There's a high chance that Google may take longer to implement the new operating system due to the above-mentioned roadblocks. Googled said in a statement to CNET, that currently, the company does not have a five-year plan for Fuchsia. The company described the OS as "one of the many experimental open-source projects" happening at Google. It would be interesting to see if the new operating system may see the day of light or not. Source: Bloomberg
  13. RAWALPINDI: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa Thursday directed the army to "assist the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) strictly within the bounds of given mandate" for the conduct of General Election 2018, the...