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  1. Nebla


  2. Nebla

    help How can i fix mobile view problem?

    chk with theme name and version is it comptble with 4.2 . chk from ips forum market place.
  3. hello waqas dar! how can i add recently browsers section bottom? :)

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    2. waqas dar

      waqas dar

      Opps u using mbl :D it will show u on desktop works only from laptop or desktop.

    3. Nebla


      i can see the side bar now, there's have a elips white :D

    4. waqas dar

      waqas dar

      hahahah ok thts gud u got ur prob solvd

  4. hm it look like this, i fixed it in my opinion thank you for tutorial again! Please share new Plugins
  5. Only this version and file is available for faq


    1. waqas dar

      waqas dar

      this will work easily on 4.3

  6. Nebla 


    Welcome to Fundayforum.com - Pakistani Urdu Community Forum.

    Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Please click here and find out your name post at the end of last page of topic. So lets start your 1st post with your introduction. How about that  




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