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  1. top10listsbymanco

    what are you thinking right now

    I am only planning about my 1st website and working so hard to make it successful. I have watched hundreds of tutorials about SEO and everything and make a short list of what i have to do. If i am successful, I am sure i will love to share everything with all forums where i am active. i dont spent time in forums for fun and i am also using this forum for something i plan for.
  2. top10listsbymanco

    Website Promotion

    Goood Thanks. I can add your forum link in footer of my website. its gonna take sometimes when i may start earning money. I cant add banner or something like that on start because adsence should know i am not using any other service. They can think your banner as another ad service. Ok i will let you know when i am ready to make my website. I will also like to add blog too. Again Thanks
  3. top10listsbymanco

    Website Promotion

    Dears, I need to know if i can use this forum to post my articles with 1 backlink too my website? Its gonna be 25 articles per month. Its gonna be short version of full article. Is it possible?
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