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What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Goa!

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From the neon lights, charming nightlife, drop-dead gorgeous women to the promise of fortune and fame, Sin City or Las Vegas is on every guy's bucket list. But did you know that there's a little slice of Vegas right here in India? GOAAAA! Yep, you read that right! Apart from the delicious array of cuisines, party hotspots to stunning white sand beaches, Goa is a traveller's paradise. But one must look beyond the beaches and cruise through the scenic Mandovi River in Goa — where a fleet of floating luxury casinos will give you a taste of the Vegas lifestyle. Too good to be true? The images below will surely change your mind.

1. Roll The Dice Till Sunrise


With bright lights shining all night long, you can play the night away with a variety of games to choose from — from blackjack, poker to the good ol' roulette.

2. Or Try Your Luck At The Slot Machines 


We've only seen these in the movies. Why not try it for real?

3. Hit The Open Bar


It's most definitely your lucky night because drinks are on the house.

4. Enjoy A Feast


Boasting a splendid spread of cuisines from all over the world, your tastebuds will definitely hit the jackpot!

5. It's Showtime!


With the most breathtaking acts from around the world, get ready to be entertained Vegas style!

6. Live Like A King 


No Vegas trip is complete without absolute indulgence! Get royal treatment with luxury Stay and Play deals at Goa's best casino. 

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