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  1. Master Chat

    application or plugin

    No problem "Waqas dar", I am very happy with your help. I'll let you hear something from me when the site is running. I almost do not want to ask. Do you have a radio player on the site. I have an ip address and port number. on it internet can I none good find. I am looking for 1 that does not play automatically
  2. Master Chat

    application or plugin

    Thanks for your help. I have downloaded the file. I'm trying to tell you about it You create a category on the forum in those categories, you make dvd, hd, if you make a cover in a topic. then appear the cover on it forum in the selection on this way come it there out to see
  3. Master Chat

    application or plugin

    Hi, I do not know how it is called it must a filmstrip / moviestrip being. thanks in advance for your help
  4. Master Chat

    application or plugin

    Hello, I am looking for a cover strip. that you covers passed see come on it forum. from right to left. do you have that here? I have been looking for it for a while. Thanks for the responses
  5. Hello, I do not know what to put down here. I hope it is good. I am just new here, and am glad that I can use this beautiful site. If it is not right, I would like to hear it
  6. Master Chat

    Master Chat

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