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Found 37 results

  1. Raja Riaz says that it was after vote of confidence that communication between PM and Jahangir Tareen ended abruptly
  2. Ever since Bombay High Court judge Pushpa Virendra Ganediwala delivered the controversial verdicts in sexual assault cases under the POCSO Act, particular the one that stated “no sexual assault without skin-to-skin contact”, she has been on the receiving end of huge public flak. View the full article
  3. OIC Contact Group on Kashmir keeping the issue alive since decades, says FO spokesperson
  4. Every year, we see some sort of advancement in the display tech. From smartphones to TVs, there's a lot happening in the display space and we can't wait to see what comes our way in the future. In the meantime, there's a company called Mojo Vision, that's showcasing what it believes in the future of display tech. A smart contact lens that acts as a display. Yes, you read that right. So, Mojo Vision showcased a single lens that's embedded with some circuits with a tiny dot in the center. © Mojo Vision Mojo Vision is essentially making a smart contact lens that'll act as a display. Obviously, the tech is nowhere close to being ready, which is why we said it's the "future of display". At CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year, Mojo Vision was showing lens with some sort of text displayed in a loop. The company says there is a ton of text info that can be displayed. You can see things like time, date, health data, heart rate, and more. You can also read messages from your friends. It sounds very similar to the smart glasses, but except in this case, it's a lens. Besides, it also says they're still working to make smart contact lens a true solution. They want the product to be so good that it's ready to enter the market as something that people can buy and wear it on a daily basis. That makes sense, but we're not entirely sure if/ when that'll happen. © Mojo Vision However, imagine a world in which you're wearing just a contact lens to consume the media. No additional devices required whatsoever. Heck, you don't even need a smartphone or a pocket device. It could be as simple as talking to a digital assistant and getting things projected on the lens. It's certainly the kind of cyberpunk world we want to live in, but it could be many years away from now. Source: WIRED View the full article
  5. Think about all the different touchpoints where you try to connect with members: forum discussions, blog comments, personal messages, email newsletters, weekly meetings, and perhaps offline events. You write witty and clever messages. You dedicate an entire section of your community to welcome and hello topics. You spend enormous amounts of time trying to elicit engagement from members. What if I told you that there’s one touchpoint that you consistently overlook where members reach out to you, some for the very first time? You receive messages every day and every week from users through the Contact Form. It’s one of the most common touchpoints that you’ll ever experience with members. Unfortunately, most admins gloss over messages through the contact form, because we think it’s secondary to the activity in the community. That’s not true! As a touchpoint to your community, the interactions through the Contact Form are as important as any other user-facing activity. In fact, because members proactively reach out – some for the very first time – this is likely one of the biggest opportunities where you consistently under-engage. It’s time to fix this gap. Here are examples on how to effectively respond to 2 different types of messages from the Contact Form. Let’s look at some sample responses with a fictional online community “Toronto Birding Society” (Note: I know nothing of birdwatching or Toronto). Responding to Guidance Questions Many questions you receive through the Contact Form are “guidance” questions. These are questions that ask about function and features such as “how to?” and “how do I?” The tone is usually neutral, and the intent is positive (eg. to learn). These questions are easy-to-answer and the responses usually involve instructions, step-by-step details, and screenshots. If you only respond to the specific inquiry, however, you miss out on all the potential of member growth: to affirm the relationship, recognize his contributions, instill community culture, and ultimately encourage the member to contribute in a more meaningful manner. Example: Responding to Negative Sentiment Questions The next type of question you receive through the Contact Form are questions of “negative sentiment.” These are questions that ask to cancel, terminate, or suppress various functions because the user would like to disconnect from the community. Even though the tone is neutral, the intent is negative. Just like before, the questions themselves are easy-to-answer. However, if you took the inquiry at face value and answered the specific question, you end up losing the member! Your goal instead should be member retention: to investigate why he wants to leave, to re-affirm the strength of the relationship, recognize his past contributions, invite the member to revisit, and ultimately deflect the original inquiry. Conclusion Busy communities receive messages through the contact form daily and weekly. They’re a recurring part of our community management that we consistently overlook. It’s one of the greatest touchpoints you will ever have with a member, since the member is actively seeking growth (or regression) with the community. Your responsibility is to nudge them in the right direction. My recommendation is to write two templates: one for guidance questions, one for negative sentiment questions. This allows you to quickly provide a framework that can be filled in with personalized details. Use your replies to contact form messages as a way to not only answer the specific question, but grow the member and progress them along the member lifecycle journey.
  6. Version 1.1.0


    This plugin removes the “Contact Us” text link in the footer and places a much more prominent sticky button in the bottom right corner. When clicked, it loads the regular contact form as a pop-up window. With this change visitors are more likely to reach out to you, e.g. with pre-sale questions. The plugin comes with lots of settings to make it fit your needs. The output is limited to one language though. No multi-language support. Live Demo What’s needed: IPS 4.2/4.3/4.4 Features/Settings: Button Change text Change background color Change text color Use user avatar or comment icon next to text Added a new option to pick a staff member and show their profile image in the button Contact Form Contact form title Add additional description text above form fields, e.g. to tell users in which cases they should use the form. Success message after submit Visibility Choose groups which will see the button Choose if the regular Contact Us text link in the footer will be hidden or not Hide on phones yes/no Hide on tablets yes/no Hide on desktop yes/no Note: The text fields are not translatable. Only one language is supported at this time.
  7. Photo: AFPIndia's national space agency has lost contact with a satellite days after it was launched into orbit with much fanfare, authorities said Sunday.The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) lost communication with the GSAT-6A satellite...
  8. Addressing a news conference here, Bilawal also sked his political opponents to not blame his party for not performing well in Saturday's Senate election-Photo: File KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Sunday said that the party is in contact with other parties to bring a candidate for Senate chairman from the opposition. Political temperature in the country is on the rise as parties have redoubled their efforts to strategise alliances ahead of elections for the seat of Senate chairperson and deputy chairperson. The competition between Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and PPP for the two seats of power will largely depend on independent senators. Addressing a news conference here, Bilawal also sked his political opponents to not blame his party for not performing well in Saturday's Senate elections. ?People should not take out their frustration on us? everything is being blamed op? he said while addressing a news conference here. Political parties redouble efforts for Senate chairmanship PPP claims to swaying eight independent Balochistan senators in its favour The PPP chairman was responding to allegations of horse-trading, or buying votes through money, by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and PML-N. Bilawal also urged Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) of resolving the issues of infighting by itself and not place the blame on PPP, after over 10 MQM-P MPAs in Sindh vote for PPP in Senate elections. Taking a jibe at Imran, Bilawal said that the PTI chief should promote ideological candidates and not ATMs. He said that PPP has various reasons for clinching seats on Senate, terming Imran?s absence from voting process as among the reasons for his party MPAs being disoriented. Regarding PML-N?s claim that it is the single largest party in Senate, Bilawal said it is unfair for them to say that because all their candidates contested as independent. According to unofficial Senate results, PML-N clinched 15 seats and PPP won 12 seats in the polls.
  9. Ambassador Yao Jing says China wishes for cordial ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan. PESHAWAR: Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing said on Friday that his country is in contact with the Afghan Taliban's Qatar office and has repeatedly requested them to participate in talks. However, the ambassador, in an interview with BBC Urdu service, said that China does not have influence over the Afghan Taliban. Speaking of relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said that his country wishes for cordial ties between the two neighbours and it is also striving for Afghan reconciliation process. Commenting on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Jing said the multi-billion dollar corridor will be expanded to other regional states, including Afghanistan, as well. He said the corridor is in its first phase, under which, work is ongoing on 21 projects, whereas another 20 are in the pipeline. The ambassador said that around 10,000 Chinese nationals have been working on CPEC projects in Pakistan, and he has been satisfied with steps taken by Pakistan for their security. Around 60,000 Pakistanis have also been working on CPEC-related projects, according to the ambassador. Jing said law and order situation in Pakistan has significantly improved, compared to the past. The ambassador further said he is hopeful that Gwadar is close to becoming an international trade hub.
  10. Russia has lost contact with Angola?s first national telecoms satellite launched from the Baikonur space pad, a source in the space industry told AFP on Wednesday. Photo: AFP MOSCOW: Russia has lost contact with Angola?s first national telecoms satellite launched from the Baikonur space pad, a source in the space industry told AFP on Wednesday. The incident involving the Russian-made Angosat-1 is a new embarrassment for the country?s once proud space industry after Russia in November lost contact with a weather satellite after it was launched from a new cosmodrome in the country?s far east. "Contact has temporarily been lost," the source told AFP, adding specialists were now looking into the matter. The source said officials had stopped receiving "telemetry data" but called it a "rather common situation" and expressed the hope that contact would be re-established. The reason for the loss of contact was not immediately clear. Earlier Wednesday the Russian space agency Roscosmos said that the satellite had been successfully launched and reached orbit. The Zenit-2SB rocket carrying Angosat to orbit was supplied by Ukrainian maker Yuzhmash, making the launch a rare joint project between the two countries since 2014, when Moscow annexed Ukraine?s Crimea peninsula. The Angosat project was agreed by Russia and Angola in 2009 and includes the satellite, its launch, and on-ground infrastructure in a suburb of the capital Luanda. The approximately $280 million project has been financed with a credit from Russia?s state banks. The satellite was designed for a 15-year mission to boost satellite communications, internet access and radio and TV service. Around 50 Angolan aerospace engineers trained around the globe were meant to oversee the functioning of the satellite from a control centre built near Luanda. Russia initially wanted to use its new Angara rocket to launch the satellite but opted for the Zenit rocket. The launch was initially scheduled for the summer but had been pushed back several times due to delays. In late November Russia lost contact with its Meteor-M weather satellite after its launch from the new Vostochny cosmodrome in the far east ? only the second such launch from the new spaceport. Apart from the Meteor weather satellite, the rocket carried 18 payloads from institutions and companies in Canada, the United States, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Norway. In October, Russia successfully launched from the northern cosmodrome of Plesetsk a European satellite dedicated to monitoring the Earth?s atmosphere, the protective layer that shields the planet from the sun?s radiation.
  11. National television broadcast live footage of the launch, showing the rocket taking off into a grey sky. Photo: AFP VOSTOCHNY: Russia said it had lost contact Tuesday with a weather satellite just hours after it was launched from its Vostochny cosmodrome, in only the second rocket liftoff from the new spaceport. The glitch was a fresh embarrassment for the Kremlin and emblematic of problems plaguing Russia?s beleaguered space programme which has suffered a series of setbacks over recent years, experts said. Apart from the Meteor weather satellite, the rocket carried 18 payloads from institutions and companies in Canada, the United States, Japan, Germany, Sweden and Norway. "During the first scheduled communication session with the space vehicle, contact has not been established because it is not on its planned orbit," the Russian space agency Roscosmos said. Roscosmos representatives declined to provide further comment, saying only that specialists were looking to determine the cause of the problem. But an industry source, speaking to Interfax news agency, chalked up the glitch to a human error, saying that the rocket booster and the satellite had likely tumbled into the Atlantic Ocean. "According to preliminary data, there was a mistake in the flight task of the carrier rocket and the Frigate booster," the source was quoted as saying. President Vladimir Putin?s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he did not have immediate information about the cause of the accident. Marking another milestone after the inaugural liftoff last year, the Soyuz rocket carrying the weather satellite and other payloads took off at 2:41 pm (0541 GMT) from far eastern Russia. Roscosmos said after the liftoff that "all the initial stages of the rocket?s flight went according to plan". National television broadcast live footage of the launch, showing the rocket taking off into a grey sky in the Amur region near the Chinese border. ?Flight to Jupiter? The first launch from Vostochny spaceport took place in April 2016, with Putin overseeing the takeoff. It represented a major development for the country?s space sector, with the new cosmodrome touted to mark a rebirth of an industry plagued by a string of embarrassments. The first satellite launch had been scheduled for late 2015, but setbacks forced authorities to review the timetable. The Kremlin?s goal is to ease Russia?s dependence on Baikonur in Kazakhstan, a launchpad Moscow has been forced to rent since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia is also home to the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the north, which is used for satellite launches and missile testing. But Vostochny, like Baikonur, is closer to the equator, making launches cheaper and more energy-efficient. The new cosmodrome currently has one launchpad for the Soyuz, the only rocket being used for manned space flights. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who was in Vostochny for the liftoff, chaired a meeting Tuesday addressing the next construction phase to build a reinforced launchpad for the new Angara rocket. "This is work in the interests of (reaching) Mars," Rogozin was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies. "This is a flight to Jupiter and so on." The launch of the Angara, which is being tested to replace the ageing Proton workhorse rockets, is scheduled for 2021. Moscow hopes that the Angara will also play a role in helping create the infrastructure of a spaceport in lunar orbit as Russia and the United States agreed in September to cooperate on a NASA-led project to push further into the solar system. The third launch from Vostochny is scheduled for December 22. As good as Ladas? Construction on the new spaceport began in 2012 but has been marred by labour disputes, corruption scandals and delays. Independent space expert Vadim Lukashevich said Russia?s once mighty space industry has been beset by numerous problems including lax quality control at production facilities and a bungled reform of the national space agency. "This is stagnation. There are no breakthroughs," he told AFP, pointing out that Roscosmos was currently headed by Igor Komarov, who formerly headed AvtoVAZ, the maker of clunky Lada cars. "Our rockets right now are as good as the Ladas." In October, Russia successfully launched from Plesetsk a European satellite dedicated to monitoring the Earth?s atmosphere, the protective layer that shields the planet from the sun?s radiation.
  12. Emmerson Mnangagwa ? the ousted vice president of Zimbabwe ? arrives at the National Heroes Acre, in Harare, Zimbabwe, January 7, 2017. AFP/Jekesai Njikizana/Files HARARE: Zimbabwe?s top general said on Monday talks were planned between President Robert Mugabe and former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking by the 93-year-old leader two weeks ago triggered a coup. General Constantino Chiwenga, head of the armed forces and leader of the takeover codenamed ?Operation Restore Legacy?, told a media conference he was encouraged by contact between the two men and Mnangagwa would be back in the country soon. ?Thereafter, the nation will be advised on the outcome of talks between the two,? he said, reading from a statement. Earlier, Zimbabwe?s ruling ZANU-PF resolved to bring a motion in parliament on Tuesday to impeach Mugabe, after a noon deadline expired for the besieged leader to resign and bring the curtain down on nearly four decades in power. Impeachment could see Mugabe kicked out in days and would be an ignominious end to the career of the ?Grand Old Man? of African politics, once lauded as an anti-colonial hero. In the draft motion, the party accused Mugabe of being a ?source of instability?, flouting the rule of law and presiding over an ?unprecedented economic tailspin? in the last 15 years. It also said he had abused his constitutional mandate to favour his unpopular wife Grace, 52, whose tilt at power triggered the backlash from the army that brought tanks onto the streets of the capital last week. Mnangagwa?s removal was meant to boost her chances of succeeding her husband. On paper, the impeachment process is long-winded, involving a joint sitting of the Senate and National Assembly, then a nine-member committee of senators, then another joint sitting to confirm his dismissal with a two-thirds majority. However, constitutional experts said ZANU-PF, in revolt against Mugabe, could push it through quickly. ?They can fast-track it. It can be done in a matter of a day,? said John Makamure, executive director of the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust. Mugabe?s demise ? which now appears inevitable ? is likely to send shockwaves across Africa. A number of entrenched strongmen, from Uganda?s Yoweri Museveni to Democratic Republic of Congo?s Joseph Kabila, are facing mounting pressure to step aside. Mugabe was once admired as the ?Thinking Man?s Guerrilla?, a world away from his image in his latter years as a dictator who proudly declared he held a ?degree in violence?. As the economy crumbled and opposition to his rule grew in the late 1990s, Mugabe tightened his grip in the southern African country of 16 million, seizing white-owned farms, unleashing security forces to crush dissent, and speaking of ruling until he was 100. 'Sanitised coup' ZANU-PF?s action follows a weekend of high drama in Harare that culminated in reports Mugabe had agreed to stand down - only for him to dash the hopes of millions of his countrymen in a bizarre and rambling national address on Sunday night. Flanked by the generals who sent in troops last week to seize the state broadcaster, Mugabe spoke of the need for national unity and farming reform but made no mention of his own fate. ?I am baffled. It?s not just me, it?s the whole nation,? shocked opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai told Reuters. ?He?s playing a game.? Two senior government sources told Reuters Mugabe had agreed on Sunday to step aside and CNN said on Monday his resignation letter had been drawn up, with terms that included immunity for him and Grace. Two other political sources told Reuters on Monday Mugabe had indeed agreed to resign but ZANU-PF did not want him to quit in front of the military, an act that would have made its intervention last week look more like a coup. Another political source said Mugabe?s opponents had hoped his televised speech would ?sanitize? the military?s action, which has paved the way for Mnangagwa ? a former security chief known as The Crocodile ? to take over. Moments after the address, war veterans? leader Chris Mutsvangwa, called for a wave of protests if Mugabe refused to go. In London, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said Mugabe had clearly lost the support of his people. Since last week, Mugabe has been confined to his lavish ?Blue Roof? residence in Harare, apart from two trips to State House to meet the generals and one to a university graduation ceremony at which he appeared to fall asleep. Grace and at least two senior members of her ?G40? political faction are believed to be holed up in the same compound. Deep state On Saturday, hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Harare to celebrate Mugabe?s expected downfall and hail a new era for their country, whose economy has imploded under the weight of economic mismanagement. Inflation reached 500 billion percent in 2008. An estimated 3 million Zimbabweans have emigrated to neighbouring South Africa in search of a better life. The huge crowds on the streets have given a quasi-democratic veneer to the army?s intervention. Behind the euphoria, however, some Zimbabweans have misgivings. ?The real danger of the current situation is that having got their new preferred candidate into State House, the military will want to keep him or her there, no matter what the electorate wills,? former education minister David Coltart said. Others worry about Mnangagwa?s past, particularly as state security chief in the early 1980s, when an estimated 20,000 people were killed in the so-called Gukurahundi crackdown by the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade in Matabeleland. He has denied any wrongdoing but critics say Zimbabwe risks swapping one army-backed autocrat for another. ?The deep state that engineered this change of leadership will remain, thwarting any real democratic reform,? said Miles Tendi, a Zimbabwean academic at Oxford University.
  13. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army's director general of military operations on Saturday contacted his Indian counterpart and protested the recent tagetting of civilians along the Line of Control (LoC), said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). The DGMO conveyed that "deliberate targeting of innocent civilians along LoC lately in Nezapir, Chirikot and Battal sectors are highly unprofessional and unethical". ISPR added that such provocations are also causing loss of innocent civilian lives and are potentially dangerous to invoking an "unbearable response". Earlier. Pakistan had summoned the Indian deputy high commissioner to record a protest over a border violation which resulted in the deaths of two civilians. Tensions along the LoC have significantly increased after the right-wing government of Narendra Modi came to power in India. Firing across the LoC has become a regular practice by Indian troops and has inflicted material and human losses on the Pakistani side of the border.
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