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Many People Gathered In Connaught Place Just To Scream 'Bolna Aunty Aaun Kya' In A Chorus



Our country is an interesting place for talent of all kinds to breed and showcase. A self-proclaimed rapper, Mr. OmPrakash Mishra released a weird song called ‘Aunty Ki Ghanti', which literally translates to ‘Aunty's bell'. Yes, his creativity knows no boundaries and after all he is a millennial who is free to act upon his will.

People Gathered In CP Delhi To Shout Bolna Aunty Aaun Kya© YouTube

Anyways, my point is not that he made the song, people make things up every other day. I used to laugh when I saw what our millennials actually like these days until I came across rap gods like Sir Om here and Miss Dhinchak Pooja. Remember the selfie woman? So apparently people fell in love with the bell that aunty has been ringing and the views on his video have crossed 1 million. NOT KIDDING!

So a page on Facebook called ‘ShitIndiansSay' actually put up an event, inviting random fans on the internet to come together at Connaught Place in Delhi, just to scream ‘bol na aunty aau kya' in chorus.

It looked like a funny joke and people were tagging each other, urging with ‘let's go' until, it happened for real. The response was insane and CP actually saw many random strangers united by ‘sot' singing this song!

Internet is a funny place and these over-enthusiastic people were high on ‘sot' yesterday. As Om would say, divided by opinions, united by sot. So the next time there is an invite for an event asking you to sing a line, take it seriously. For rap fans in Mumbai, there's another event scheduled for this Sunday.


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