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UK Sikh Volunteers Offered Iftar To 5000 Syrian Refugees In Lebanon And Iraq For Ramzan

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Whenever something happens, we can always count on the Sikh community to do everything in their power to help. This is not up for debate, it's just a fact. We hear this kind of news all the time and each and every time it needs to be thanked and appreciated.

UK Sikh Volunteers Offered Iftar To 5000 Syrian Refugees In Lebanon And Iraq For Ramzan© Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid, a UK-based international NGO, has been serving iftar meals to about 5000 Syrian refugees daily in Lebanon and Iraq during the fasting month of Ramadan. Collaborating with Sawa for Development and Aid, a local Lebanese charity, they have been providing fresh food for a lot people through their 'Ramzan Kitchen'.

We are funding #Ramadan Fresh food ( Iftar ) for 5000 #Syrian Refugees daily in Lebanon ! Food is freshly prepared & served. Our thx to our friends @SawaForDev for their wonderful support. #Iftar pic.twitter.com/YYU4lyfglQ

— Khalsa Aid (@Khalsa_Aid) June 12, 2018

The kitchen has been open for the past five years and donations help fund everything. Along with the food, this initiative also provides a sense of belongingness to all the people who had to flee their homeland. With Eid being a time for a celebration, they are also making refugee kids smile by giving them new clothes and shoes.

Eid Gifts for refugee children of #MOSUL.

As #Eid approaches many refugee children in a camp near Mosul remain without gifts or smilies. Our volunteers changed all that ! We purchased new shoes for over 500 children Refugees. Smiles are back ! #Ramadan @YasminQureshiMP pic.twitter.com/dUsxGocBJh

— Khalsa Aid (@Khalsa_Aid) June 13, 2018

Not only they are doing such incredible work but turns out they are the first ones. Khalsa Aid is the first ever cross-border international humanitarian aid organisation based on the Sikh principles.

The charity was formed back in 1999 when Ravinder Singh, the founder and CEO of Khalsa Aid, saw the plight of refugees from Kosovo and decided to take action.

We are funding #Ramadan food for #Syrian refugees in Lebanon all next week. We are once again working with our friends @SawaForDev to assist the refugees. #RefugeeWeek2018 pic.twitter.com/LVZzIdPndd

— Khalsa Aid (@Khalsa_Aid) June 11, 2018

He also remembers the incident where his great organisation was targeted by the right wing in India just because they were in Bangladesh to feed the Rohingya Muslims. He said, “As soon as we started, and our volunteers from India landed in Bangladesh, the right-wing groups in India started posting pictures of Sikh guys and Rohingya refugee children, and you know what they were posting? This was a concentrated effort to undermine our work - big snake feeding a small snake!”

UK Sikh Volunteers Offered Iftar To 5000 Syrian Refugees In Lebanon And Iraq For Ramzan© Khalsa Aid

Despite all unwarranted hate, they kept on doing the good work and the pictures are proof that this kind of selflessness and generosity is much needed in the world.

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