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Found 20 results

  1. Like most young adults, getting acne problems is fairly normal. While there are regular routine treatments to get rid of acne, if you have a time constraint ahead of you and you need to get rid of acne, which are smack in the middle of your face, there are ways to get rid of your acne and make it less visible. Firstly, before beginning, it's important to know that while the option of popping the pimple might be super tempting, you should never do that. Popping pimples result in scars that might take a lot longer to disappear than you anticipate. 1. Use A Pimple Patch © Getty Images A pimple patch is like any other patch. It's a spot treatment in the form of a patch that you stick on your face for the duration that it asks of you. After the time period, just rip off the patch to see your pimples quieten down. This will definitely help in situations when you don't have time. 2. Dab A Concealer © Getty Images A concealer is a cream with pigments of the same tone as your skin tone. Once you dab a concealer on your face, the marks and spots will be concealed temporarily. 3. Tooth Paste © Getty Images A known trick to get rid of pimples. A toothpaste, when applied generously around the pimple, instantly quietens it down and removes the redness and puffiness. 4. Acne Control Cream © Getty Images An acne control cream intensely works on acne-causing bacteria and attempts to eradicate them. They come with special properties of Neem and Clove that help reduce the inflammation and redness and restore natural skin growth.
  2. In a perfect scenario, you would always smell good down there. However, in everyday life, it isn't possible to smell good always. This is because the genital region has sebaceous and apocrine glands, which make oil and sweat, also the area can get overheated under layers of clothes and underwear, all of this can lead to bacterial growth that causes some strong smells. At the end of a day, alone or with someone, you wouldn't want to strip down to funky smelling underwear right? Precisely why you need to do something about it. There are ways to help keep it under control though. 1. Shower Daily © Getty Images We know that we're stating the obvious but sometimes, a pungent smell can be caused because of the most basic of reasons. In case you don't shower reason everyday, it's about time you start doing so. Not showering daily makes it easier for bacterial infestations. 2. Trim Regularly © Getty Images We're not against body hair. In fact, body hair in no way undermines your sexual health. However, at the same time if you don't trim regularly the grown hair surely can factor into a bad smell. 3. Water Low water levels can also affect your glands and result in funky smelling junk. Just keep your water intake at par which anyway is healthy for you. 4. Invest In Products © Getty Images If you're still paranoid about smelling good or none of the above steps seem to be working for you, it's time you invest in specialized products. For an intimate wash you could choose from: The Men's Lab Intimate Wash For Men © Amazon Below the Belt Grooming for Men Fresh and Dry Balls Gel Cool © Amazon Guysome, Chocolate Fragrance Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Extract © Amazon Keeo Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil & Aloe Vera Extract © Amazon Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash For Men/Women With Tea Tree Extracts © Amazon 5. Visit A Doctor While intimate washes is a good place to start, if your junk still doesn't cease to smell funky, it's time you visited a doctor. The prescription drugs and medicine shall be far more effective if nothing works out or it could be an infection waiting to be discovered. Take these things seriously.
  3. If we go down the whole inclusive narrative (which is the correct thing to do tbh), all smiles are beautiful. However, anyone who denies that they have not desired pearl-white teeth at some point or the other in their life, they're simply lying. White teeth are attractive not only because of their aesthetic appeal, they are also an indicator of good dental hygiene, which is in fact a desirable thing. Keeping that in mind, we have listed out 5 super effective home remedies that will help one get visibly whiter teeth in less than a month's time. 1. Oil Pulling © Shine365 Oil pulling is done by taking a teaspoonful of oil in your mouth, swishing it around for 15-20 minutes, and then spitting it out. It's an ancient technique that detoxifies your body, starting with the mouth. 2. Drinking less tea/coffee and quitting smoking © Yournewswire Quitting smoking will considerably decrease nicotine staining. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, and strong dark sodas also stain your teeth, the effects of which can be long term. Everyone should make a conscious attempt to avoid these food items. 3. Brushing with baking soda © Orawellness Baking soda has natural whitening properties, and is a natural abrasive. Plus, it helps in creating an alkaline environment in your mouth, thereby restricting bacterial growth. All of these result in whiter teeth. 4. Eating fruits like apple, papaya, and pineapple © Health and Mind Care Enzymes found in these fruits will naturally help whiten your teeth, on regular consumption. 5. Brushing and flossing © Markham Dental Centre This one seems basic, but it's the most important step. Teeth staining happen mainly because of food stuck in your mouth for a long time. Brush properly (with vertical movement for your front teeth in a way that cleans the crevices) twice and day, and never go to bed without brushing post dinner. Flossing once a day will make sure food is not stuck in between your teeth, and will also take care of excess plaque.
  4. Ironing your own clothes is one of those tasks that will strike you as a Herculean task once you move out of your parents' place. Unless, you've always been trained to iron your clothes, figuring your way out can be a hassle. via GIPHY While a viable option is giving your clothes to laundry, if you want to save some money and be self-reliant, you could learn ironing your clothes. Trust us, it'll make your mother proud. via GIPHY After all, ironing your own clothes is a pretty impressive skill to have. A list of thing you need before you start ironing your clothes: 1. An iron 2. Distilled Water 3. Ironing Board (If you don't have a board, spreading out two bedsheets one over the other on the floor works just as well) For a pair of jeans, we would recommend ideally not ironing them or if needed, just giving a little ironing (only if there are too many creases). Ironing the jeans makes it look shiny and crisp and ruins the shape of it. For a pair of trousers: 1. Check the kind of fabric of the pants that you're dealing with and set the temperature of the iron to the corresponding temperature. © art of manliness 2. Iron the lining of the pocket If the lining of the pockets are too creased, you iron them. Some people tend to forget this important part. If you don't iron the lining, it might be visible through your trouser and it looks like an unlikely bulge. PSA: if pants fit you weirdly, you should look at this. © art of manliness 3. Start ironing from the waistband Iron the waistband to perfection. Then iron the upper thigh region carefully keeping in mind the pleats of the pants. After that make a middle crease for these pants and iron them from top to bottom. Repeat the step on the other leg. The crease in the middle is super important to take your leg off at the knee. © art of manliness
  5. Free

    Version 2.1.6


    EasyPopup Ips Application 2.1.6 is a simple application to create the modal popups for your site. Some features: Width/Height for your popup. Transition open/close: FadeIn/FadeOut, SlideIn, SlideUp, SlideDown, SlideBack. Transition speed. Positions: Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right Background color. HTML content or upload image. Supports advertisement tag in the HTML code: {advertisement="key"} Auto close and show timer on popup. Showing popups every page loads or every X minutes. Waiting for X miliseconds to show. Easy to determine URL where to show popups. Uses IPS Member Filter System to show popups. (filter by groups, content count, joined date, last posted, last visited, reputation, member of the day....)
  6. Having *** or making love is fun and games sure, but if you're with that special someone, there are, on an autopilot, many strings attached with the fun that comes with being a lover. Now there maybe many ways you can improve your *** skills or your game play in bed, but apart from the physical manoeuvres, there are some emotional and mental things you need to keep in mind, which will definitely be the best for you and make you the best bet in bed. © Getty Images Even if you're single, having a few things straightened out emotionally can really help you become 'the best *** she's ever had'. But for that to happen you have to pay heed to a lot more than just physical needs. Here are three things you should do to become a better lover. (1) Communicate Effectively So many couples, and men in general, lack the basic skills for effective communication. If you're communicating what you feel and what you feel like doing, effectively, you'll never not fulfil what she desires the most. The hard part isn't over when you find someone to be with. The hard part starts when you want to express and share most things with them. By effectively communicating and laying what you feel on the table, you can grasp the situation a lot easily and understand your partner's needs, everywhere, including the bedroom. © Getty Images (2) Being Emotionally Tuned In Emotional needs fit right into the Yin Yang and they definitely help meet all physical needs. If your emotional quotient is in order, you'll understand the levels of intimacy your partner needs. Understanding women emotionally is a task and if you take out time and patience to tune in emotionally with them, there's no stopping you from becoming the mayor of loverville. If you're emotionally disconnected, *** is just a casual activity you indulge in, like taking a walk in the park and it can't become something hot and intimate. © Getty Images (3) Sensitivity Pays Off You may be thinking that if you're emotionally there, you're sensitive too but sensitivity is different from being emotionally tuned in. A sensitive man knows how to play out his emotions well and when to use them. So, if you're in bed with her and you're sensitive to her needs and listen to what she wants, you're being sensitive. You can't become sensitive when you're not. It takes time and patience to develop a skill or a personality like that but if you try and adhere to her needs and pay attention to things she says, it can get you there in no time. And also, do wonders with your lovemaking skills! © Getty Images You may have a good body, a big *****, perfectly crusted abs, a sexy voice or anything that can make her jaw drop after seeing you naked. But if you don't have these three things listed above, you're just going to be an average lover and trust me, average isn't good!
  7. One of the most useful methods you can imply to get to know a girl, for dating purposes of course, is to know how to flirt with her and seem natural, all at once. It's definitely not easy and men take ages to even understand how to approach a girl. But once you have that sorted, the next few steps aren't distempered, as you'd like to believe. © Getty Images First off, let's determine what flirting actually is. So, flirting can be classified as serious, or just for fun and it's all based on what your intention actually is. A lot of men and women like to flirt just for some fun and a light chatter, that can make them feel a little at ease. Some men and women also flirt despite being in relationships, as they presume it to be a healthy habit. But a lot also flirt to seek serious relationships with the people they're flirting with. © Getty Images So, flirting can be defined as showing interest in someone for fun or with a serious intent. Whatever your intention is, there is a process you can follow that will subtly make you a flirting marvel and it'll just seem like you're a natural at it! Here's a 6-step guide to approach women and healthily flirt with them and seem natural, all at once! Step One: Approach Her Confidently The best way to approach a girl straight up is to make eye contact with her and smile (not in a creepy way obviously). If you think and wait it out, you'll obviously feed your fear, nervousness or your anxiety even more. So, just look at her and if she smiles back (which she will if you seem genuine), then walk up to her. © Getty Images Step Two: Start With A Compliment As old-fashioned and dated as this sounds, women love compliments. Heck, anyone loves receiving compliments, so when you do approach her, complimenting her is the best way to start a conversation. It's not tough to do so. All you have to do is pick one thing you like about her and just give her the compliment. You have to seem genuine about it and not like you're making it up to fit into her good books. A very important thing to remember is to NEVER USE PICK-UP LINES on her. They're really 2000 and lame. © Getty Images Step Three: Make It Fun(ny) Flirting shouldn't be taken as a serious outgoing thing to do but something fun. Even though your intentions might be serious with the woman, you can still stir up some fun and make it light and interesting and yes, funny! Humour is the best added element in a conversation and if you're flirting with someone being funny is definitely a one up. But of course making a girl laugh is totally up to your personality and the sense of humour you have. If you think you need to brush up on it, maybe have some light and funny jokes ready, when you do approach her. © Getty Images Step Four: Initiate Gentle Caressing A gentle touch is rather important in this situation. And by 'touch' I don't mean inappropriately. I mean gentle caresses on her shoulder or the small of her back, to make her feel comfortable and excited all at once. It's a given that when someone you're attracted to touches you, the heart rate definitely increases. So, if you're successfully flirting with her and she's enjoying the attention, a gentle caress would definitely do the trick. © Getty Images Step Five: Keep The Conversation Going This is rather simple if you're a talker, but if you aren't, then think of things you can talk to her about. Make sure, you don't make the conversation only about yourself. Balance it out a bit. Talk to her about her interests and activities and narrate anecdotes, which are rather funny in nature, from your life. If you keep the conversation running and interesting, she's bound to listen and talk and make it a point to stick around. © Getty Images Step Six: It's Time To Ask For Her Number Yup, after you've established a good base by following the steps above, it's time to ask for her number. You'll know for sure if you should ask for it or not. But to be absolutely sure, you can tell her you enjoyed talking to her but you need to part ways. Tell her you two should definitely catch up more sometime and look into her eyes and ask for her number, smile and say goodbye. And with her number in your hand, give her a call after a few days, to actually catch up for round two! © Getty Images It may sound rather tough to follow all the 6 steps successfully, but it's really simple if you have enough confidence and your will is strong. If she doesn't pay much heed to you, it's OKAY to move on and not feel too dejected. But if the six steps are a success, you're definitely doing it all right.
  8. "Phew, yet another New Year, yet another article about fitness resolutions!" If that's you are thinking right now, then read on before you move on to the next piece. Resolutions are usually easy to make but eventually get pretty hard to follow through. Why is that? Well, that's because most people make simply way too hard resolutions to keep up. Regular drinkers pledge to never drink again. Junk food eaters pledge to never touch junk food again and same goes for the smokers. What's wrong here is the 'all or none mentality', which single-handedly kills resolutions. Here, let me tell you how to go ahead with resolutions for 2019 in a practical manner: 1) Take One Step At A Time Don't take a leap if you can't jump properly. Don't give up your bad habits in one go. You will relapse. Start eliminating them one day at a time. Take baby steps. Smoke 6 cigarettes a day? Cut down to 5. Eat 3 burgers a day? Eat 2. That's how long-term progress is made. © Thinkstock Images 2) Watch Your Water Intake Hydration is so overlooked that I can literally do another piece on it, a rant. Almost half of your fatigue sleep and cognitive problems will be solved almost instantly once you start hydrating properly. 3) Stay Away From The Food That You Can't Control Overeating You know what your demons are. Avoid them, simple. If you know you can over-eat a pizza, stay away from it. Have it in moderation and learn how to say no. This will eventually cut down the overall calories you eat in a day that will reflect as weight loss. 4) Start Walking More. Anywhere. Everywhere. Chuck your two-wheeler and just walk. Not super long distances but any place that you can easily walk to, just walk don't drive or ride a bike there. Do house chores when you can, walk your dog, help your mum clean the house. All these small things contribute to the huge amount of calories burned. Make this a resolution NOT to forget! © Thinkstock Images 5) Stop Running Marathons. Start Weight Training One of the biggest misconceptions of weight loss is that people think that they need to run to lose weight. That's absolutely wrong. First of all, exercising has nothing to do with you being fat. It's your overeating. Exercising is a way to burn more calories. Now how to burn these calories matter the most! Weight training is the MOST intelligent way to go about this, not cardio. You will get stronger, improve your insulin sensitivity and will be able to eat more, yes, that's true. Also, you will build lean muscle mass over time that will make you look good naked!
  9. If your target is to achieve a lean and chiselled six pack with decent muscle mass, that gives you the look of a bodybuilder, you need to get a gym membership. However, when we are talking about being 'fit', it isn't necessary that you need to spend thousands of bucks on a fancy gym membership. You can easily start working on your fitness goals, even without going to a proper gym facility. Today, I am going to tell you a few ways to start working on your fitness without going to a gym: 1) Yoga © Thinkstock Yoga is the most inexpensive form of exercise. No fancy equipment, no special shoes and clothing, just a mat and a clean floor. You don't need to be a professional to perform a few basic yoga moves. You can easily start with basic stretching on your own by reading from the books or watching a few online videos on yoga for beginners. Also, there are free yoga classes once in a while in local parks, where you can go and learn the stances and then practice on your own. Yoga will help you with flexibility and strengthening your muscles. 2) Bodyweight Strength Training © Pixabay Body weight training or callisthenics is a form of exercise where you use your own weight as a resistance to train your body. Body weight training is seriously underrated when it comes to training for strength. You can achieve a decent level of strength by working on your body using your own body weight with the help of a few exercises. Lunges, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, chest-dips, triceps-dips are a few examples of exercise that can be performed without any equipment, just by using only your body weight. 3) Walking/Running © Pixabay Long distance walking or jogging is one of the most primitive yet effective ways to stay fit. It is especially very helpful for people who have a sedentary lifestyle or a sitting job. People who do not move much throughout the day should perform long distance walking or jogging to make sure they are burning enough calories every day and also keeping their joints in a healthy condition. You can go outside in a park to jog or if there is no park available nearby just go for a walk by the roadside. 4) Jumping Rope/Skipping © Pinterest Skipping is a very good form of exercise to increase your stamina, endurance and agility. You will see professional boxers doing skipping every day in their workout routine, that's because they use it to get better with their agility. It is also a great way to bring your heart rate up and to burn more calories. Try to include some form interval sets in between to make your skipping session interesting. 5) Taking The Stairs © Thinkstock I know it's difficult to take the stairs when you have the elevator available but trust me, your body will actually thank you for doing so. This is especially true for people who otherwise have a sedentary lifestyle. Taking the stairs at work or walking the stairs up and down after a heavy lunch or during your break time, will help you to exercise without even taking out time for it. Climbing stairs will help you to elevate your heart rate and also burn more calories. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  10. The wedding season's here and so are the incoming requests from grooms-to-be to get in shape. Before I begin, let me make it very clear to you that these are VERY basic guidelines that apply to standard 'mindful' dieting. This is not a crash diet by any means. Also, it's on you to judge where you stand physique-wise and how far these tips can take you. Weight loss is very, very subjective. Timeline (No False Promises Here!) Just like Rome wasn't built in a day, you will not be able to lose your lard in a few weeks. Again, it all depends on how much weight you are pushing right now and if you have weight trained and religiously dieted in the past. If you have as much as 3 months, a LOT can be fixed. If you have 1-2 months, still, try these tips and you should feel some difference. 1) Count Your Calories And Divide Fat, Protein And Carbohydrates © Thinkstock Images It's simply fundamental to weight loss. You need to know how much you eat daily. Get on Google and calculate your BMR. The number you get is the number of calories you need to stay as you are on a daily basis. Minus 300 calories from that number and the number you get is the amount of calories you need to kickstart fat loss. Have at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of your bodyweight. No need to go crazy low with your carbohydrates; eat 1.5-1.7 grams per kilo of your bodyweight. Keep fat intake on the lower end; eat about 0.7-1 gram per kilo of your bodyweight. Simple! 2) Watch Your Alcohol Intake The wedding's nearing and there will be parties. That's obvious, we get it. But remember that it's very easy to drink calories. More alcohol equals more empty calories. If you must drink, then know that (the point above) you have a calorie cap for the day. Try not exceeding that. Another thing you can do is to cut out calories from food during the morning and compensate those calories from alcohol at night. 3) Just MOVE More Walk where and whenever you can. Do at least 15-18K steps daily. Movement burns FAR more calories and any workout you would do in an hour at the gym. DO this consistently, not a day or two. Set up daily goals. This accompanied with a caloric deficit (1st point), you will see a huge difference. 4) Forget Cardio. Pick Up Weights © Thinkstock Images Too much cardio for quick fat loss? Nope, BAD idea! Instead, hit the weights. Here's a structured program for beginners. You will burn more calories, get stronger and most importantly, won't become skinny fat from being fat. So that's about it guys. There's NO magic diet, food or pill that can EVER help you lose weight effectively. It's a caloric-deficit, protein-rich diet coupled with high movement levels and weight training that will help you.
  11. Arguments aren't something any of us look forward to, at any given point. No matter the person who is tugging at the rope on the other end. Most of us try to avoid as many of them as we can, while some of us also believe in initiating a few, simply to clear off a bothersome issues from our lives. But on most days, arguments are not that easy to come by. Thankfully, they are scarce in number, and too far in between. Yet, somehow the same cannot be said about relationships. In this latter case, arguments seem to crop up unannounced, and at times more often than we'd like them to. © Yash Raj Films However, arguing with your girlfriend is actually a sign that you are involved and invested in a relationship which is alive, allows you the freedom to openly present your case and express your thoughts and desires. Research has also shown that couples who argue effectively, are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship. Now, some of you might say all of this looks great on paper and we do agree, because most fights in romantic relationships turn ugly pretty quickly. Hurtful words are hurled at each other, past instances come to play ghost, and basically all of it ends up ruining the party. So, if you happen to fall in this bracket more frequently than you'd like, then these 7 easy steps will not only ensure you win over every argue (without any conceit or malice), but also do so without hurting the woman you love on most days. *winks* © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Step 1: Get In Her Shoes Or Err...Her Heels According to relationship therapist Nita Gurnani, an argument must leave the couple with a "renewed sense of understanding of each others' needs" - and not just be a venting channel for your frustrations. Therefore, we must try to consider the issue at hand from our girlfriend's point of view, and take it forward from there. Step 2: Pacify Her With Queries Allan Pease, author of the book 'Questions Are The Answers' talks about the art of communication, and shares how asking poignant questions allows us to understand the other's concerns better. At the same time, answering your questions will automatically get rid of a lot of misunderstandings which will allow you to resolve issue amicably. © ALT Entertainment Step 3: Be Upfront About Your Position Therapist Susan Pease Gadoua, who co-authored 'The New I Do, Reshaping Marriage for Sceptics, Realists, and Rebels' suggests that being brutally honest about your stand on the issue plays a vital part in communicating that your concerns need to be looked into. This in turn helps your girlfriend to see where you are coming from, and they initiate a resolution. Step 4: Don't Try To Negate The Concerns She Puts Forward Once your girlfriend shares her side of the story after you've asked for it, don't try to negate the issues/concerns she raises within it, by using the words “but” or “however” in your own argument. According to behavior scientists, use of these words communicates to the other person that you don't really care about their position. Step 5: Be Aware About Your Tonality & Body Language Even when things run high on emotions, which they often do, we must try to handle our personal emotions very neutrally. Why? Because it isn't just about what you say, it's as much about how you say it. Check you emotions and focus on your intentions throughout the conversation. © Dharma Productions Step 6: 'Listen' To The Argument Fading Away Make the most of the “WH” words you learnt as part of your English grammar. Studies have shown that words such as “what”, “why”, “how” and the like, provokes the other person to talk, and for you to listen to it. Listening to the other's concerns brings in understanding, which results in a solution. Besides women appreciate a man who really listens to what is being said. Step 7: Own Up If You've Messed Up Simply presuming that you can't ever be wrong is plain foolish. However, if you genuinely see that you did mess up in the first place. It's best to own up to it and apologise earnestly. That shows you're taking the matter seriously, which will help ease her anger by default. These simple steps work like a charm and you wouldn't even have to pull on a long face by the end of that next argument you find yourself in.
  12. Break-ups are tough and that's an established fact. Sometimes they're mutual and sometimes they're not. When they're not, one of the people involved in the dynamic goes through a tough time reconciling what's lost, while the other wants to be as oblivious to the person's feelings. © fox searchlight pictures More often than not if the break up is mutual, you want your ex back just so you can do it all over again and do it right this time. This is what most people assume will happen but it really doesn't work that way. To really want your ex back, you have to follow a process and begging them or showing them your desperate side really doesn't help. If anything, it makes them keep away from you consciously and subconsciously! Here are 5 steps to ardently follow if you want your ex back in your life, once again. (1) Cut Her Off Completely Women are fickle at times post a break up. They will go back and forth not knowing what they want. Well, not all but most of them display these traits and probably find it tough to completely cut off. This is where you need to take a bold step and cut her off completely. Which means no calls, no texts and no poking about on social media. If need be, block her from everywhere so you can't really see what she's up to. It was her decision to break up in the first place so she will have to endure a communication blackout from your end. © Eros International Complete cutting off from her will give her time to miss you and reflect upon what really went wrong. If you've made a mistake then she's probably just angry and has called it off in a fit of anger. Give her time to process that though. (2) Don't Be Her Doormat After a break up, the temptation to do whatever your ex demands can be unavoidable. Don't let her do that and get away with it. Stand your ground firm and make sure you duck any and all opportunity that comes your way. I know you love her and you'll do anything for her to be happy but don't compromise on your self respect. It'll just make her take you for granted more and you'll feel really pathetic. © Fox Star Studios (3) Don't Fret About Her Dating Someone Else There might be a chance she'll start dating again but it's not because she's over you. It's because she needs to get attention and validation from someone else because she misses that and she can't possibly get that from you right now. It's called a rebound and it's okay to go through with it. Just know that her rebound is nothing serious and she's not really moving on but taking 5 steps back and eventually she will realise that she can't have what she had with you, with anyone else. © Fox Star Studio The trick though is not to react and maintain your distance. The more you react the more she'll make it more obvious to you. (4) Be Happy And Content No, this isn't for her but for you. Well it can be for her too. If you find happiness in your life and go back to being who you were she'll see you that way and will want to make contact again. And this time she'll want to contact you in a positive way, to probably give it another shot. But that's only when you truly are happy with yourself and put yourself first and trust the process of healing. Otherwise it's futile to pretend to be happy when you're not just to show another side to you, to the world. Girls like a man who is confident and sure of himself at all times. © John Abraham Entertainment (5) Break Your Pattern Break your pattern that led her to end things with you. Maybe it's a pattern you need to break for yourself? It can be anything. So, try a change for yourself and strive to make yourself better each day. Not for her but for yourself. Maybe in time you'll realise you can do much better and you don't want her back after all. © Thinkstock Images Sometimes while really wanting something so bad and taking time to figure things out can make you realise you're much better off without that thing in the first place. So, give yourself time. Take some space and break your pattern and you may realise that you may not want her back at all.
  13. Winter is almost here. As much as you're looking forward to the chilly mornings, hot chocolates, and extra holidays, there are a few things about winters that are not very festive or pleasant. One of the most overlooked things in that list is the plight of your hair. Just like the winter skin is bereft of moisture, it reflects on your hair as well, and it ends up being dry, brittle, and lifeless. However, there are ways in which it can be taken care of without much effort. Here are 4 easy, but effective things to do every day, that will ensure that your hair stays soft, healthy, glossy, and dandruff-free in the freezing weather. 1. Don't wash your hair every day © Pozitivnap Washing your hair every day will strip it off its natural oils. So, dryness will increase. The low moisture in the air will only make it worse. Also, washing hair in the winter, and not immediately drying it afterwards can make sure that you fall sick. 2. Shampoo or not, don't forget to condition © Birchbox Every time you wash your hair, with or without shampoo, it gets dry. The only immediate way for you to replenish some of that moisture is conditioning it regularly. 3. Regulate the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair © Monat Global Yes, it feels great to stand under that flaming shower. It almost doubles up as a hug. But don't indulge in that all the time. Hot water is neither good for your hair, nor your skin. Warm water is fine, but don't go overboard. Even if you use a lot of hot water, try rinsing your hair once in cold water to help retain the moisture. 4. Use a mild anti dandruff shampoo and lemon water rinse © Wholefully Whenever you shampoo, make sure it's a mild anti-dandruff one. Also, every time you wash your hair, try using a lemon rinse to finish it off. Add the juice of one lemon to about a liter of water, and rinse your hair and scalp with it. It will help your scalp stay dandruff-free, and make your hair glossy.
  14. The wedding season is here, and if you're even remotely social, you must already have a pile of invitations. As enjoyable as the idea of attending a wedding reception might be, it honestly is a lot of work. You need to look good, not only because of societal norms, but also because of the fact that it's extremely likely that you might just run into someone you're into, and you should just be safe in terms of being, well, 'not repulsive'. But if we look at it systematically, it can be done, and easily so. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to get ready for a wedding reception without breaking a sweat, and not missing out on anything: 1. Get A Salon Appointment © en.uaezoom The first step, obviously, is grooming. Please take an appointment at a good salon, and get a good haircut. If you have facial hair, take care of shaping and grooming that as well. Please do that at least a day in advance, to avoid last minute hassle, or any redness/rashes. 2. Get A Manicure (& Pedicure Too, If Possible) © Shutterstock You will be socializing while holding a wine/cocktail glass. Women notice the finer details, like nail hygiene. Trust us. Also, an Indian wedding might have certain occasions that will require you to take off your shoes. So, go for a manicure and pedicure for brownie points. 3. Get Your Clothes Dry-Cleaned/Ironed In Advance © Shutterstock Rummaging for clothes at the last minute can be a sartorial suicide. Please make sure you know well in advance what you're wearing. Get them out, and give them for dry cleaning/ironing/laundry if required. That can reduce your stress by a great deal on the day of the reception/function, plus who doesn't like freshly laundered and ironed clothes? 4. Get A Facial © Donner Hubb Yes, we know you're probably thinking that's stretching it a bit, but trust us, you need your skin to look good. The lights can be unforgiving, and the competition fierce (in case you want a date). The choice is yours. 5. Use A Great Perfume © FreeDesignFile One of the most underrated, yet most important steps is to smell incredible. If you smell great, half the battle is won. Plus, there is a possibility that you might dance at some point, which means you will sweat. A good perfume will save your back. Apart from these steps, please also do the obvious things, such as taking a proper shower before getting ready, and carrying breath mints for those after-dinner conversations. Good luck!
  15. Having a beard can be a double-edged sword. While a properly shaped, well maintained beard can make you look like the royalty, a dry and frizzy beard can make you look shabby and homeless. It's completely up to you to make the former happen, though more often than not, most of our homies have no idea about how. Fret not, for this is exactly what we are going to tell you. Here are 3 easy ways to straighten and shape your frizzy and curly beard, while getting rid of the dryness. 1. As an immediate fix while going out, wash your beard with a mild shampoo. While your beard is still slightly damp, take a good beard balm/wax, and apply it throughout your beard. Use your fingers and palms to give it the desired shape. In case you want better results for an extremely wiry beard, get your hair dryer. Put the setting on the lowest heat, and use it on the beard while combing it out gently. Once you're done, put some more balm to set it all together. (c) Twitter 2. Use a beard conditioner regularly. Your beard is extremely prone to dryness, more than the hair on your head. It's important for you to replenish the dryness that is causing it to become wiry and curl up in knots. If you can't find a beard conditioner, you can make do with a regular hair conditioner as a last resort. Use it twice a week. Also, try using a leave on conditioner regularly, and shape your beard as you apply it. (c) Twitter 3. As a permanent fix, use a good beard oil regularly. After using it regularly for a couple of weeks, you will see the difference. A beard oil will moisturize and nourish your beard, thereby making it smoother, softer, while also making it less tangly, curly, and wiry. Use a comb while you use it, to spread it evenly throughout. (c) Twitter You're welcome!
  16. One of the most challenging skin problems that Indian men face is that of tanning. Be it Summer or Winter, the Indian sun is harsh throughout the year, and continuous exposure to it gives rise to stubborn sun tan, that can be really difficult to get rid of. Tanning in itself is not harmful, as it is only the skin trying to protect itself against UV radiation with melanin. However, continuous exposure can really affect your skin, and can give rise to more serious complications like skin cancer under extreme conditions. One should always take precautions such as umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, sunscreens, and trying to avoid the harsh sun in general. However, a bad sun tan can really make your skin look darker, which some people consider attractive. But if you want to get rid of it quickly, there are ways to do it. Here are 10 effective ways that can quickly get rid of a sun tan: 1. Lemon Juice © Twitter One of the simplest ways to get rid of your tan is to simply cut a lemon, and rub it on your skin for a bit. Let the juice sit for a few minutes, and wash it off. 2. Yoghurt And Besan Pack © Twitter Make a pack using 2-3 tablespoons of besan and 1-2 tablespoons of yoghurt. You can use a little bit of rose water if you wish. Apply it, and let it sit for about 20-25 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. 3. Potato Juice © Twitter Potato juice soothes your skin, and also acts as a natural bleaching agent. You can either juice a potato and apply it directly on your face, or alternatively, you can also cut potato slices and rub your skin with it. 4. Honey And Papaya Pack © Twitter Mash a ripe papaya, and add some honey to make a smooth paste. Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for a while before washing it off with water. 5. Strawberries And Milk Cream © Twitter Make a paste using a few ripe strawberries and a couple of tablespoons of fresh cream. Apply it, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. 6. Sandalwood Paste © Twitter Sandalwood paste is one of the most potent tan removers, just like grandma swore it was. Apply it on your skin, and let it sit overnight if you can't. 7. Turmeric And Milk Paste © Twitter Make a paste with a couple of tablespoons of turmeric and a little bit of milk. Turmeric is a wonder ingredient with skin lightening properties, and it will really help you get rid of the tan easily. Just keep it on for half an hour, and wash it off. 8. Aloe Vera © Twitter Regular application of aloe vera extract/gel can soothe your skin, and reduce pigmentation substantially. 9. Coconut Milk © Twitter Application of coconut milk daily on your skin makes your skin glow, de-tans it, and also nourishes your skin. 10. Buttermilk And Oatmeal © Twitter Make a paste using a few tablespoons of buttermilk and a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal. Massage the paste on the affected area, and wash it off with cold water.
  17. When in the salon, we are often confused about how to get our beard shaped and styled. The result? We leave it up to the barber, and mind it, as crude as it might sound, not all of them are 'expert stylists'. Obviously, after that, we just end up with a beard style that we have to later rename 'regret'. But does it have to be this way? We certainly don't believe so, and therefore, have compiled a list of 5 easy to maintain (and easy to copy) celebrity beard styles. Take a look: 1. Kartik Aaryan © Instagram Kartik is sporting one of the most popular beard styles right now. If you have a decent growth, and want to keep it short and fuss-free, this is the style you should go for. Just tell your barber to use the trimmer on 3-4 (according to the length you prefer) all over, and use the razor under your chin, above your Adam's apple, and on your cheeks to give the desired definition. It's extremely easy to maintain as well. 2. Vicky Kaushal © Twitter For those of you wanting to sport the charming, low maintenance guy-next-door beard, Vicky Kaushal's beard is the ideal choice. All you need to do is maintain the length, that is, trim it close from time to time, and you're sorted. Just trim under your chin if you want to feel a little 'cleaner'. 3. Diljit Dosanjh © Twitter This simple beard style is a blessing for our homies with a patchy beard. A patchy beard doesn't essentially mean that shaving is a better alternative. Look at how baller Diljit looks here. Just get it shaped properly from time to time, and voila! 4. Anand Ahuja © Twitter Anand Ahuja has a good growth, but he prefers to keep it low key. He stands out by keeping a division between his moustache and the beard. You need a skilled barber to pull that off, but the good thing is, often, it's the natural facial hair growth pattern for a lot of men. A blessing in disguise, we say, if you know how to use it to your advantage! 5. Virat Kohli / KL Rahul © Twitter Notice how Virat and Rahul both essentially are sporting the same beard style here. All you need to do, is make the shape of the beard a 'V', and leave some space in the area your dimples are supposed to come (even if you don't actually have dimples). Give a little bit of definition to the moustache, and you're all set!
  18. While you're hitting the gym extra hard for that Goa Holiday you've planned next month (or whenever, some day, you get the drift), there are other areas, apart from your physique, that require equal amounts of attention. Abs are important, yes, as you want to show them off, but there are some areas that you just have to uncover for the entire world to see during a beach holiday, irrespective of whether you want to show off or not. Your feet occupy the top spot in that list. You definitely are not going to wear shoes at the beach, and because of the step-child treatment your feet always get, they are now ugly and unworthy of attention. The result? Embarrassment. But worry not, because there is a super easy way that will help you make your feet beach-ready in 4 easy steps, all of it at the comfort of your home. Read on: 1. Cut & Shape Your Nails © Twitter Cut your nails using a nail-cutter. Try doing it straight and don't cut too much around the corners, because that can result in bleeding, pain, and later, ingrown nails. Once you're done, use the filer to shape them as per your preference, and remove all the sharp edges. 2. Soak Your Feet In A Bucket/Tub © Twitter Make a foot-soak solution that will moisturize your feet and help you relax. Add ingredients as per your convenience, but a good foot-soak should ideally contain the following: Epsom salt, lemon juice, a little bit of shampoo, and a few drops of essential oil (if you want). Alternatively, if you're lazy and just want to get it done with, shampoo should suffice. Also, you must use warm water. 3. Scrub/Exfoliate © Twitter There are ready-made foot scrubs available in the market that you can conveniently use. Take a little bit of the scrub and rub all around - especially your toenails, your heels, and your ankles. You can use a pumice stone or a foot filer, so that all the dry skin comes off easily. Be firm, but not rough on your feet, as you don't want injuries from all the rubbing. 4. Moisturize © Twitter Moisturizing your feet after the whole process is a must. You have multiple options when it comes to moisturizing. You can use a heavy cream/lotion, or a foot cream, or even olive oil or almond oil. Make sure you massage your feet up real nice, so that it doesn't appear dry, as improved blood circulation only makes them feel and look better than ever. Optional step: Before starting this process, you might consider getting rid of your feet hair (the growth on the surface of your foot and your toes) with a trimmer for a cleaner look.
  19. Humans, as a species, are obsessed with how their mops appear. And though, this held true for only women first, men too, are now investing time and money in taming them. They're aware that well-tamed hair can enhance their appearance, so they'd rather relent, you know? But of all the things men are crazy about (in the hair styling space), achieving thicker and voluminous strands is their primary aim. It boosts their confidence, makes them feel great and all in all, let's admit: thick hair on men look great. But what if, genetically or unfortunately, one doesn't have thick hair? © Pooja Entertainment Now that's where these easy hacks would come in: 1. Texture Powder This may sound uncanny to you, but just fine powder can add volume to your hair. Just sprinkle it in and you'd notice an instant lift. How? Well, the trick lies in the ingredients of this product; that boost the friction between your strands. You can literally throw it right on your hair roots and as per the amount of volume you desire, use a preferred amount. Use a texture powder right after you've towel-dried your hair, gone past a blast-dry and are all set to style them. We'd recommend using the American Crew Boost Powder: © Amazon India Price: Rs. 1,854 Buy here 2. Hair-Thickening Shampoo Medically, while it's impossible for off-the-rack products to enhance the thickness of your hair, let's just say, they do improve it by at least 20% anyway. That too, only if you use them regularly. Shampoos, that are aimed at thickening your hair, contain some special polymers that give your hair shaft a collective bounce. Result? Over time of usage, a quick mask of added volume and well, much thicker hair on your scalp. Give the GO247 Mint Thickening Shampoo a try. © Amazon India Price: Rs. 2,477 Buy here 3. Sea-Salt Spray Yeah, much like food, your hair needs salt too. But most primarily — if hair-thickening is on your mind. The idea is simple: sea-salt sprays add volume, texture and offer a lot more control on your hair. They absorb all the excess oil and with ample usage, make your hair appear plump. Spray it into your hair right before blow-drying and experience a quick volume-pump, after you're done styling your hair. We're recommending the R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray for Indian men. © Amazon India Price: Rs. 3,863 Buy here Final words: Hair thickening products are temporary measures and in the best case, work on hair that's more than two inches in length. If you're actually suffering from hair-thinning, we'd suggest you turn to medical help.
  20. Social media is very far away from becoming an endangered tool for communicating and connecting, and almost all of our life interactions happen over it. We talk to a lot of people 'online' on a daily basis and communication has effectively increased within our social spheres. Even meeting people for socialising over the internet has increased significantly over the years and everyone looks at virtual spaces to meet the right people now. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various dating apps are frequently used and sometimes they're both a gift and a curse. Gift because you get to connect with plentiful of people and curse because sometimes people just get stuck in the virtual world and have difficulty coming out of it. The first rule to find someone on an online platform for yourself is to know the difference between an offline and an online space. It's a dual dilemma but there is some online decorum you must adhere to, exactly how you would offline. (c)Pintrest For instance, it's great if you're bored and checking girls out online, jumping profiles like you're on a trampoline, especially of girls you find cute and you don't know. Maybe sometimes it's the best way to meet someone and date them but there is certainly some dos and don'ts or a way to go about it, so that you don't come off as a creep! Always Find Someone From A Similar Social Circle While it's okay to try and talk to girls you don't know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it's better if they're in the same social circle or have at least 2 degrees of separation from you. If you guys have common friends then it's a bonus because you can ideally find out more about her, rather than approaching her with a creepy message. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images An easier way to do this, if you want to find someone online is, pick a friend from your friend list who is quite social and browse through her friend list. Choose someone who is as outgoing as your friend and maybe talk to your friend about her to find out if she's available to go out on a date with you. Make Your Presence Felt After you've selected someone you like, and have found out enough about her, you can send her a friend request or a 'follow' request. Don't flood her inbox with 'hey want to be friends' messages, girls don't like that. Instead, what you can do is start making your presence felt by liking her posts, if her profile is public, or even commenting on them. If she responds, then she's interested in talking to you. Maybe then you can send her a message. In case she doesn't respond, then you can send her a message saying you'd like to get to know her better. If she still doesn't respond, move on! (c)Pintrest Send Her A Simple Message If you're planning on sending her a message, make it simple and maybe witty perhaps. Don't use clichéd pick up lines or something picked out of a text book. Girls dig humour, wit and simplicity, so if you can send her something that sounds smart and funny, you're already almost there. (c)Pexels Make Her Feel Safe Give her the right kind of attention and make her feel safe with your presence online. If you creep her out too much, she might just get really put off and report you. Give her some time to respond and don't hound her to get back to you as soon as you send her a message. If she sees how calm and composed you are, she will reply back to your message. (c)Pexels This article is not to creep someone out online or to stalk girls. We all check out other people's online profiles and it's human nature to be inquisitive. Just make sure you do it with some class and integrity, that's all!