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Found 11 results

  1. 22-year-old Kinsey Wolanski took the footballing world by storm as she invaded the pitch during this year's Champions League final. The American model stormed the pitch in a black swimsuit that sported the name of the adult website run by her boyfriend and YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. She was immediately arrested by authorities in Madrid after her antics, before being released later. It has now come to light that as further punishment, she has been fined €15,000. According to reports, she has been handed a €5,000 (almost â¹4 Lakh) fine for storming onto the pitch and an additional €10,000 (almost â¹8 Lakh) fine for illegally trying to advertise her boyfriend's website. $3.97 million: Value, in equivalent advertising time as of 5:30pm ET, garnered by Vitaly Uncensored, an adult site featured on the clothing of streaking model Kinsey Wolanski, according to @ApexMGAnalytics. Wolansky is girlfriend of YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who owns the site pic.twitter.com/R3obTmdKYU — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) June 1, 2019 However, the fine is a small sum to pay as the website has reportedly garnered â¹27 Crores in publicity through the fiasco and apparently, membership on the website has grown to 32 million members. Meanwhile, Wolanski's social media handles blew up predictably, before being taken down. In a rather uneventful game, in which a Mohamed Salah penalty in the 2nd minute and a surprise goal from Divock Origi was enough for Liverpool to clinch their 6th European Trophy, Wolanski's antics were the biggest talking point. © Reuters After the story broke, reports have come out saying that the cost of legally advertising a brand during the UCL final is close to $4 million (â¹27 Crore), ie, a little more than the revenue generated by the website through the stunt. Surely a fine of in and around â¹12 Lakh for â¹27 Crores worth of publicity is a small price to pay...
  2. With the General Elections ending in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party with a landslide margin in votes, it was time for the former Gujarat Chief Minister to retake his oath as the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world for his second consecutive term. On Thursday, Modi along with his Union Ministers were present within the premises of Rashtrapati Bhavan to swear-in their roles at the national leaders which was officiated by the Indian President, Ram Nath Kovind. Get more details about the ceremony, here. Surely, this was a great moment for the spirit of democracy that India follows and has been following ever since its Independence, the same however, cannot be said about the ruling party's official website for their Delhi wing, delhi.bjp.org. © delhi.bjp.org © delhi.bjp.org With a common message which read: 'Hacked by 'Shadow_V1P3R', various pages of the website were replaced with beef cuisines and recipes to make them. The home page, which consisted of some navigation tools to help the user look around the website was also replaced with categories like 'Beef Items', 'Beef Leadership' and 'About Beef'. © delhi.bjp.org As soon as the news of the BJP website getting hacked broke out, people got on Twitter to let the party members know about it: Dear @BJP4India, Your website has been hacked. How long will you take to restore the site this time? Yours faithfully ð pic.twitter.com/xDSwIwWL39 — Elliot Alderson (@fs0c131y) May 30, 2019 While they were cavorting in the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhawan, someone hacked the BJP website with beef recipes... ð pic.twitter.com/GYySqDQasK — Priya Nashmikar (@PriyaNashmikar) May 31, 2019 Delhi BJP Website hacked. BEEF JANATA PARTY pic.twitter.com/gEUjAe8CEF — Adil Aman (@Adilaman2007) May 30, 2019 BJP Delhi website hacked with Beef recipes! #ShadowViper pic.twitter.com/wmTxxSfen1 — Shafa Chikodi (@ChikodiShafa) May 30, 2019 Delhi BJP website hacked during swearing-in. Beef replaces BJP. pic.twitter.com/ApAgFzKWgR — NissimMannathukkaren (@nmannathukkaren) May 30, 2019 Even though the website was put under maintenance in a couple of hours since the discovery was made and fixed to go back live after being restored, the fact that their websites can be hacked so easily, without a single trace of who 'Shadow V1P3R' really is, calls for some really loud alarming bells, both for the party and their cyber cell.
  3. There is an old saying that says, "If you want to do something, it's better to do it yourself." Whoever said that did not just utter insignificant mumbo jumbo. This is something that is true even today. Now, we're not saying you can not hire the right people to do the job, but sometimes it's better for you to do it yourself. Maybe it's because you have specific requirements or maybe you can not find the right people. Website Builders Website building is one of those tasks. Sometimes your needs are too specific for a professional to meet. That's why you'd better do things yourself. But, what if you do not know how to build a website? Well, there is no need to worry because that's what's beautiful with technology - there is a solution for almost everything and in this case you have something called a website builder. What is a website builder? Website builders are basically programs that help you create a website. A long time ago, you had no choice but to hire a professional to do the work for you. However, this is no longer the case. Website builders take care of everything. There is no need to take intensive courses on things like coding. With the website builders available today, you can create your own website without relying on any kind of training. It's as simple as that. Website builders are also affordable because they are only programs in the end, and you do not pay coders or designers redleos(.)com/responsive-website-design-development/ for them to help you. You do it alone and it only costs time, which is not too much demand. They eliminate technical barriers to web design and development to help you create a functional site as easily as possible. Website builders also take care of the technical side, which means you will not need a computer team to do it for you. Speaking of website builders, here are some of the things you should look for during your quest: Models of website builders from which to choose Effective website builders offer a range of aesthetic and responsive designs that not only make your website beautiful and speedy with good hosting server kloud(.)pk/hostings, but also stay in step with customer expectations. There should be fully customizable options. You should be able to choose the model you want and start your creation. Web Builders Drag & Drop Is the builder of your chosen website a drag-and-drop builder? Well, it's better if it is, because it's the most user-friendly. You do not even need the most basic skills. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the items needed to create your website. Easy hosting of site builders Some website providers will host your website on their own web hosting platform. So security and reliability will not be something you will need to worry about. Look for suppliers who can offer this. Ready for everything Effective web designers will allow you to choose from a range of highly mobile-responsive themes that are highly responsive. Do you want to build an e-commerce site? No problem. A complete website builder will allow you to integrate e-commerce elements like shopping baskets with ease.
  4. Amidst the heat of elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been accused of stealing a template for its party's new website. A start-up, W3Layouts, has alleged that the party used their template but deliberately removed the backlink. W3Layouts also alleged that the party had removed the code wherever W3Layouts' name was mentioned as soon as the matter was brought to light. The company published a blog post explaining the matter and even posted a series of tweets exposing the whole debacle. Why Removed author information from css ?? But it is available at https://t.co/PyHj2HymCG pic.twitter.com/Nih9cFJe85 — W3layouts (@W3layouts) March 22, 2019 “While the visible backlinks were removed, it was clear that BJP was still using the W3Layouts code as it was evident in the source code of the page,” one of the tweets said. After a few days of back-and-forth banter, BJP decided to take down the code from their website. In response, the party said, “It was a free-to-use application. Their code was dropped after they insisted on a backlink, as it is not something we do in the normal course. We had in fact offered to mention their name but since it didn't find favour, we preferred to work with the alternate solution. We are not using their template.” © Twitter Although the matter has been settled with BJP dropping W3Layouts' template, the start-up founder stressed that the license agreement was clear. He said, “You are not allowed to remove back-link to W3Layouts in a template unless you have paid for the template.” Both the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have decided to remain tight-lipped on this matter. In fact, the PM has found himself facing flak for using selling #MainBhiChowkidar merchandise on his Twitter handle.
  5. A new image of Apple's AirPower was spotted on the company's Australian website and was spotted by Twitter user Michael Bateman. The image appeared on the AirPods page and shows an iPhone XS charging alongside an AirPods wireless charging case. The new image does not show an Apple Watch previous images shown by Apple before. © Apple AirPower has been the long-awaited wireless charging pad by Apple that was announced in 2017 alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The mat has not been since that event as it has been rumoured that the wireless charging mat has been suffering from over-heating issues in the past. Apple that removed any mention of the charging mat from its website, fearing that it may have been cancelled stealthily. © YouTube The new image looks very similar to the previous image released by Apple; however, this time it showcases a smartphone with a wallpaper that was released on the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. Earlier this week, Apple announced new AirPods and a new wireless charging case that can be used with the AirPower. Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple has started production of the wireless charging mat and would be available for customers later this year. © Apple It is possible that Apple may launch the AirPower quietly today before the company's event on March 25th that will primarily focus on services. The press conference is expected to focus on video streaming service and a new subscription platform.
  6. The official website of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was hacked and the content was replaced with some pretty weird stuff. The bizarre development spread like wildfire, and pretty soon everyone was talking about it. Turns out, the content on the website was replaced with the video of muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody, the iconic song by Queen and memes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BJP Website Hack Dnt Miss This Video pic.twitter.com/6aabFmfjuB — à¸Ù±áɦٱɭ รà¸Ù±à¸Ù± ನಿà²à²¿à²²à³ Ù± Ùکھ٠سÛÙÛ (@nikhil_inc) March 5, 2019 The news went viral on social media and while some people found this to be pretty funny, others were genuinely concerned. BJP can't prevent their own website from getting hacked and are governing a nation of '6 billion' people. #NamumkinAbMumkinHai pic.twitter.com/uQDLgJC9s2 — Supariman™ (@SupariMan_) March 5, 2019 Apt Message in @BJP4India Website..Worth to watch. If BJP cant protect their website how can they protect conman man. pic.twitter.com/yOGblMFcQk — Kashyap Nandan (@kashyapnandan_) March 5, 2019 Government promise to keep secure our Aadhaar data but failed to secure their own website. #BJPWebsiteHacked #datasecurity https://t.co/4S5vflzk2Y — Literally no-one (@shuklazy) March 5, 2019 BJP website is hacked BUT No one can hack EVM — Rakesh Kumar Singh (@Rakeshjeeinc) March 5, 2019 The website had to be taken offline for maintainace and so far, no one has taken responsibility for what happened. The party and its members have not issued any official statement yet, but it sure is a matter of concern that the official website of the ruling party of the nation can fall prey to hackers.
  7. Amazon has started removing a wide array of products from its website in India after the country's new e-commerce policy kicks in from today. A lot of exclusive products and brands have disappeared from the marketplace since the company has no option, but to comply with the new norms. In December, the Indian Government modified foreign direct investment (FDI) rules for the e-commerce sector, and this has highly disrupted the sales model of Amazon and Flipkart. To start with, marketplaces can no longer sell products exclusively on their platform. So, every brand that was earlier closely associated with the company, has been removed from the platform. © Reuters The new investment rules bar online retailers from selling products via vendors in which they have an equity interest. Numerous products from sellers like Cloudtail are no longer available on the website since Amazon has an equity stake in the seller. Even products from Shopper's Stop have been removed because Amazon owns five per cent stake in the retail label. Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart have tried to lobby against the new rules, but to no avail. In fact, Amazon's own line of Echo speakers has been taken off the shelf. Amazon had written to the Indian Government asking for a four-month extension to comply with the new rules, a company spokesperson said. But, there has no update on the proposal's consideration from the authorities. © Reuters Amazon has warned of widespread disruption due to the new policy and according to Reuters, the policy could "have undesirable impacts on the continued growth of e-commerce in India." Flipkart said that it was "disappointed that the government has decided to implement the regulation changes at such haste," but said it was committed to complying with the new rules. © Nikkei Asian Review The new policy comes amid intense lobbying by India's small and medium scale enterprises who have been most hit due to the marketplaces. They accuse the platforms of stockpiling goods at wholesale rates and then offering deep discounts to grow sales. The Confederation of All India Traders, which says it represents more than 70 million local retailers, warned the government against granting an extension on the enforcement of the new policy. Direct changes on Flipkart's website remain unclear right now, but we're sure a lot of exclusive apparel labels are going to disappear soon. The policy has received a mixed response since smaller traders are happy with the speed bump. Nationalists believe foreign marketplaces were playing around FDI rules to get a foothold, and in return damaging the country's existing merchants. Update: Amazon has reached out to confirm that Echo speakers and a few other products are now back on the website, and available for purchase.
  8. Whether you are an amateur graphic designer or a profession meme maker, we all at some point need to remove the background from an image. If you didn't know what you were doing, you would Google steps for removing the background on an image for Photoshop. It's a painstaking process that takes time and can be frustrating too. However, all your frustrations are now going to come to an end thanks to this new website called Remove.bg © MensXP The website is completely free to use as it uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect the foreground and remove the background in the picture automatically. All you need to be is upload pictures of your choice and in literally 5 seconds the site will give you a new image with the background removed. The file is in PNG format so that you can use it in Photoshop or any other editing software. © MensXP When we came across the website, it seemed too good to be true. So we tested a few images (including one of my own) to find out how it actually works. The website was surprisingly very accurate and basically made our life easier when it comes to removing the background. You can see that the website accurately cut out images. Some images that had a lot going on came up with some blurred results, however, it was still impressive. There are still a few drawbacks though as the size of the final background removed image is limited to 500 × 500 pixels. The team at Remove.bg is looking to increase the limit and give a higher resolution output. Having said, the website is completely free to use and is perfect if you want to make a quick meme.
  9. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is soon going to announce the 12th Class Result 2018 so that is why students if you also have appear in the Annual examination of the Intermediate Exams then the time has come when you would all would be able to check your examination result by name as well as by Roll No. Lahore Board 12th Class Result 2018 Gujranwala Board 12th Class Result 2018 Rawalpindi Board 12th Class Result 2018 Sargodha Board 12th Class Result 2018
  10. Making an account on a website is one of the simplest things out there, as we all do it so often, without facing a problem. But, as it turns out that a lot of us were just taking this simple everyday task for granted and some people don't have that privilege. Are you confused? Let me explain. A woman named Natalie Weiner just wanted to make an account, like all of us do, but she faced a problem we could never even imagine. Her own name is apparently offensive and cannot be used online on that site. Imagine some random website telling you that your name, your whole identification is offensive. That's gotta hurt. But, Ms. Weiner here couldn't help but enjoy this hilariously absurd situation and even called it the 'best thing that has happened to her'. this is without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened to me pic.twitter.com/rnVkmhB2dy — Natalie Weiner (@natalieweiner) August 28, 2018 She soon realized she wasn't alone in this cruel world and had so many people with unfortunate names to give her company. Been there — Matt Cummings (@MattCummingsDB) August 29, 2018 Now that's such a cool name. My name's Rock, some websites tell me to "choose a real name". Fb for instance. — Alex Rock (@Pierstoval) August 28, 2018 I feel you, man. As a Dickman I know the struggle is real — Mike Dickman (@TheMikeDickman) August 29, 2018 Or, it could just be Phillips Porn. When I got my computer I had to set my last name as “Spron” because Sporn contains offensive language — Philip Sporn (@philip_sporn) August 28, 2018 Oh no, that's quite an unfortunate one. I know that feel pic.twitter.com/nMbjfTKGcZ — Nazi Paikidze-Barnes (@NaziPaiki) August 29, 2018 Indians are also sharing their name troubles. Yes, almost a daily occurrence for me! — Arun Dikshit (@ArunDickshit) August 29, 2018 This is the first time I've heard that surname. I get this a lot surprisingly — Kyle Medick (@medick32) August 28, 2018 But, it means happy as well. I was trying to get health insurance ... pic.twitter.com/ueeNzUBH4h — Paul Gay (@paulrgay1) August 29, 2018 Now that's just straight to the point. Ha! I had the same damn thing happen to me today when I tried to RSVP for a webinar. — Jen Dick (@Jennifer_Dick) August 28, 2018 What a funny name! As a person named James Butts, I know these problems. — James (@justjames8) August 28, 2018 I'm just learning new last names today. For me just occasional giggles from the U.K. — Brian Wankum (@brianwankum) August 29, 2018 Is this even real? Oh man, I feel so sorry for you. Tell me about it, Steve Suconcock is terrible for usernames — Steve Suconcock (@steve_suconcock) August 29, 2018 But, in the end, dictionary.com also came to her defence, telling the AI that it can't spell. Attention easily offended AI, it's spelled "wiener." https://t.co/64Tad9wSaphttps://t.co/EqEWnpMFAG — Dictionary.com (@Dictionarycom) August 29, 2018
  11. File Name: aerial html5 File Submitter: ADMINISTRATOR File Submitted: 31 Jul 2015 File Category: Free Website Templates Click here to download this file