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(Nuclear) Winter's Coming: The North Korean Nukes Can Lead To 'Planetary Destruction'



For the unaware, it's time to be scared shitless. Russian Prez Putin made a very strong statement on the North Korean nuclear crisis, claiming that an attack could lead to "planetary destruction". Those two words surely had us scared shitless, ridiculously curious still, so we tried to understand why Putin would say that the U.S. sanctioning any more nuclear weapons in South Korea would not only provoke Kim Jong-un's Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to defend themselves but also, in fact, be useless. Why is DPRK's weaponry a threat to the entire planet, to a point that Prez Putin is warning against it? This led us to check their arsenal of weapons. This time we shat bricks, and we'll start by talking about how the most recent nuclear test carried out in DPRK triggered an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude on the Richter's Scale, an explosion that is being claimed as "seven times stronger" than the one that the U.S.A. brought on to annihilate Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

The North Korean Nukes Can Lead To 'Planetary Destruction'© YouTube-Alltime 10s

They have created a hydrogen bomb that can be loaded on to a ballistic missile, a major step ahead in their nuclear progress. DPRK is rumoured to have up to 30 nuclear weapons as of today. If all 30 are even remotely as powerful as the nuclear weapon that was tested on September 3, you should be taking Prez Putin's warning very seriously. According to a report, the number is expected to go up to 50. 

The North Korean Nukes Can Lead To 'Planetary Destruction'© YouTube-Bloomberg

While DPRK today might be sourcing some of its weaponry through duplicitous organisations, internationally (it is rumoured that this arms trade is carried out in China, more than anywhere else), most of the on-ground force equipment of the Korean People's Army, which is also by the so the largest paramilitary organisation in the world, comprises of battle tanks, armoured personal carriers, howitzer guns, self-propelled guns, assault guns, rocket launchers, rocket propelled grenades, rifles, shot guns, machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons, among other weapons, come from the erstwhile Soviet Union and China.

The North Korean Nukes Can Lead To 'Planetary Destruction'© YouTube - Jmantime

That doesn't at all mean that DPRK isn't baking in their own oven. It is common knowledge that they supplied Pakistan with ballistic missile designs, back in the 90's, so evidently they are adept at home-growing weapons. What's also not hidden is that they've built on-ground mobile machinery and submarines that could be used to carry and deploy nuclear warheads. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The North Korean Nukes Can Lead To 'Planetary Destruction'© AP

Another report filed by American metallurgist, Siegfried S. Hecker, himself was a unnerving account of how he was flabbergasted on seeing weapons grade plutonium in jars on one visit to DPRK and nearly 2000 centrifuges with uranium at an enrichment facility, on the next visit. On returning, he suggested that the U.S.A. must consider peaceful negotiation with DPRK.

The North Korean Nukes Can Lead To 'Planetary Destruction'© Reuters

There is so much about the DPRK weaponry that's public knowledge, but without a shred of doubt, there's more that lies beneath the surface, literally and figuratively speaking, in the hermit kingdom. Is it wise to provoke them into unveiling, or as in this context, unleashing nuclear and non-nuclear mayhem on the world, probably not. Prez Trump, sir, put your negotiation skills and unsurpassed sense of judgement to do the right thing. Fingers crossed!


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