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157178_1031869_updates.jpgDr Mohammad Ajmal Khan during a news conference on Friday - Geo News screen grab 

KARACHI: There is no presence of a terrorist wing at the Karachi University, said the varsity?s Vice Chancellor Dr Mohammad Ajmal Khan.

During a news conference on Friday, Dr Khan said the varsity had not made a decision to share student data with agencies. According to Dr Khan, Karachi University had not received any information from security agencies, rather information was received via the media.

The vice chancellor said no decision would be taken which would create difficulties for students, however, the decision to seek a character certificate was discussed during a recently held meeting.

Dr Khan was also in favour of the student union being restored at the varsity.

On Tuesday it was reported that Karachi University would share details of students involved in suspicious activity with intelligence agencies.

The presence of terrorist elements at Karachi University has been highlighted after it was revealed that Sarosh Siddiqui, the mastermind of the Eid-day attack on MQM-P leader Khawaja Izharil Hasan was a student at the varsity. Siddiqui who is said to be a commander of the terrorist group Ansarul Sharia is still at large.

Dr Khan expressed pride in the students and faculty of Karachi University, adding that the issues being faced by the varsity were blown out of proportion. ?The university will suffer if issues are portrayed like this.?

He emphasised that the varsity was working on security issues and was cooperating with security agencies.

The vice chancellor also shed light on the financial difficulties being faced by Karachi University calling upon the government to provide assistance. 


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