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KARACHI: Terrorists kept at Karachi Central Jail had access to the prison's record room and sensitive documents, revealed a report by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), weeks after the escape of two high-value inmates.

Prison officials were not allowed to sit in terrorists' ward, whereas the jail's internal security was "alarming," stated the report submitted to an Anti-Terrorism Court on Tuesday. The CTD recommended removal of ten prison officials, including senior superintendent and deputy superintendent.

It said that inmates confined in wards 25 and 26 have subjected prison staffers to torture several times, but no action was taken against influential prisoners despite complaints. The inmates were not taken to their cells until late at night.

There were no standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding producing before courts inside judicial complex, the CTD said in the report. There was also no register present at the complex to note down details of terrorists.

In another shocking revelation, the CTD officials said that terrorists had complete access to record room and sensitive documents. The inmates would get their production orders issued when they desired.

A convicted inmate was responsible for issuing production orders of terrorists, as prison authorities had made convict, Arshad Ali, assistant to prison clerk, Yasir Ali, the report stated.

The convict, who was acting as assistant to prison clerk, issued production orders for Mohammad Ahmad alias Munna instead of suspect Nadeem, it revealed. The day the incident took place, the prison was locked at 11 pm in the night.

Terrorists were provided full chance to flee the prison. They were reported missing while being produce before a court the next day, the CTD said.

The report further stated that Senior Superintendent Jail Ghulam Murtaza Sheikh and nine others have been found negligent in discharging their duties.


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