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iPhone 8's Glass Back Is Expensive To Repair



The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have glass backs and require the utmost caution and care when handling them. If the glass back is smashed, it costs more to replace it than the screen. The glass back enables the two devices to implement wireless charging for the first time.

iPhone 8's Glass Back Is Expensive To Repair© YouTube

A recent teardown of the iPhone 8 revealed that beneath the glass, there is a metal sheet with a hole in the centre. This was done to make space for the wireless charging coil. The metal sheet has been stuck on the glass panel with a lot of glue which will make it very difficult to replace and repair. 

This means that you cannot go to your regular corner store to get it fixed unless they are sufficiently trained to deal with an iPhone 8. It's going to be very difficult and expensive to repair the glass back, even when compared to the front screen. If would be prudent of you to buy the additional AppleCare+ for the iPhone 8 which will cover up to two damage repairs for a period of two years. According to Apple Insider, it costs Apple at least INR 6,170 to repair the glass back each time.

iPhone 8's Glass Back Is Expensive To Repair© YouTube

If you are planning to buy the iPhone 8 this Friday and opt not to get the coverage from AppleCare, or if you plan to buy an out-of-warranty device, you can expect your damage repairs to cost INR 30,000. If you are planning to purchase the larger iPhone 8 Plus, the costs are higher and you can expect the same for the iPhone X as well. 

So, if you are planning to buy the iPhone 8, make sure you get the AppleCare along with it or you will be forced to pay higher damage repair fees. The iPhone 8 costs Rs 64,000 in India and will be available to purchase across the country from 29th September onwards.

Source: The Guardian


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