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Found 29 results

  1. Note: This article contains spoilers so please tread with caution. Having given you a fair warning and diving right into the roulette of gunshots that I happened to see on the TV screen as I binge watched Mirzapur, I just want to say leaving the critiques aside, I had a fantastic time viewing it. A show or a movie with a thematic aesthetic of ‘gunda raj’, gang wars and bloodshed will obviously have a lot of fighting, political drama and, of course, deaths. The death of a pivotal character plays an important role in spearheading the direction of the script and here are 7 deaths in this series which completely changed the course of the script and how: 1. Bablu PanditThe gory cathartic ending of the first season had the brainy brother out of the two inseparable Pandit brothers succumbing to Munna Tripathi’s thirst for revenge. In a fit of rage, Munna guns down Bablu and Sweety, the love of his life and the wife of his rival Guddu. One of the main plotlines of the second season is based on Guddu and Golu’s madness to seek revenge and take over Mirzapur from the Tripathis. 2. Rati Shankar ShuklaThis character didn’t have enough meat to chew on the show but nevertheless his death is a key factor in spinning the yarn of an unexplored story line which has his son Sharad pitting Tripathis against each other as somewhere he desires to see them all die and avenge his father’s death. 3. Babar KhanThe nephew of Kaleen bhaiya’s ‘right hand’ Maqbool, Babar dies at the hand of an angst filled Munna who guns him down after teaching him a lesson in loyalty. Babar’s death is a catalyst for the next gory death on my list aka Bauji’s death. In this whole process, he unfortunately ends up shooting Maqbool’s mother which obviously has its consequences. Hence, this one dying scene plays a pivotal turning point in the plot. 4. BaujiThis was my favourite, most satisfying watch on the show. After Bauji and Kaleen bhaiya express their condolences to Maqbool and explain him that Babar’s death was inevitable , the man who never dared to turn disloyal to the family he’s been serving for all of his life, finally decides to share the pain of losing a parent with his master and thus plots killing the Tripathi patriarch in his own house. When Beena climbs down and shouts ‘Bauji ko tum nahi maroge’, for a second I wondered if after all that she has been through, she will still fight for his life. To my utter surprise, she announces her wish to kill him and this intense gory death was straight out of a revenge novel. 5. Junior/SeniorWell, although on the surface it seems like Junior died, the post credit scene brings a whole new dimension to the drama, when we realise Senior's ring doesn't fit his finger. So who died? Junior or Senior? Did Junior finally learn the play of power and politics and tricked us into believing it's Senior who survived the firing? We will never know unless the show returns for a third inning, when his twin brother and Dadda might launch an attack of their own on his estranged love, Golu. 6. RajaA very layered yet interesting character! I have got to say that his loyalty to his ‘bhabhi’ is unmatched and surpasses anyone’s loyalty on the show. Believing Beena’s son to be his own son as well, Raja does all of her dirty work for her with finesse and ensures that venom is spewed wherever it is needed. Even when he is minutes away from breathing his last, he manages to change the story gear to full speed as he whispers Kaleen bhaiya’s name to Munna when he is asked why he tried killing him. 7. Munna TripathiI can't say that by the end of the season, if I feel bad for this guy or happy about life coming full circle for him and his fate being sealed at the hands of the two people he hurt the most in season 1. The itching factor that makes you ‘damn’ is the fact that Munna dies minutes after getting the one thing he yearned for all his life, that is, the throne of Mirzapur. While we are not sure if the show is coming back, the makers did leave us hanging with a half-baked ending scene where one can imagine that a new season will come back with more storylines with unexplored characters. View the full article
  2. Synopsis: Lootcase is a complete family entertainer. The duration of the film is lengthy with a run-of-the-mill script but it can be overlooked for the blazing performances. It is a light watch full of quirky one-liners and perfectly-timed jokes. Here's our take on the film What happens when a quintessential middle-class man, striving hard to fulfill his family’s desires, stumbles upon a bag full of cash? Well, that is where the story of this much-awaited comedy drama begins. Also, there is no denying the fact that, Rajesh Krishnan, the director of this film, has brought together the perfect ensemble cast including Kunal Kemmu, Rasika Dugal in lead roles, and Ranvir Shorey, Vijay Raaz and Gajraj Rao among others in pivotal roles. In this two-hour-twelve-minute film, produced by Fox Star Studios, a middle-class printing press operator Nandan Kumar (played by Kemmu) stumbles upon an unattended suitcase full of cash in a dingy street while returning from a late-night shift and immediately walks away with it, after he asks “Last time pooch raha hoon, kiska suitcase hai?” and there comes no reply. This brings us to the main plot of the film where life takes an unexpected turn for the print staffer Nandan because of bringing home the ill-gotten cash left abandoned on the street Soon, this gets followed by mayhem where a Nat-Geo fan don (played by Vijay Raaz), an utterly corrupt politician (played by Gajraj Rao), and a strict cop (played by Ranvir Shorey) get on the trail in search of the missing suitcase oops “lootcase”. Then ensues the roller-coaster ride of a hilarious journey. Here’s the trailer Kunal Kemmu has an impeccable screen-presence and is absolutely relatable as a man next door. Similarly, Rasika Dugal, as versatile an actor she is, has done complete justice to the role of a homemaker, Lata, who keeps nagging her husband for not earning enough Well, what happens after Nandan brings home the bag full of cash? Does Lata find out about that? What do they do with the money? Well, you will have to watch the film to get answers to these questions. In fact, what’s more interesting is that every supporting character has an unique personality of their own. Like Rao, the corrupt politician, who manipulates his aides for his own benefit by blackmailing them every now and then; Raaz, the don who is insanely obsessed with National Geographic channel as he keeps drawing inferences from the jungle for his life problems; and Shorey, the cop who we don’t know if is good or bad till the end of the movie. Don’t worry we aren’t going to give you any spoilers. The ‘cat and a mouse’ chase between Nandan and the gangsters, who leave no stone unturned to find the suitcase, makes for the gripping narrative. However, a fast-paced storyline and a not-so-lengthy plot would have created a better impact for us - the viewers! Besides, some portions were bland too with slow-moving screenplay and cliche comedy. All in all, the realistic portrayal of an unexpected short-lived joy of a middle class man, who deals with an ungrateful workplace, a nagging wife and everyday struggles of life, makes us laud Kunal Kemmu. There was no dearth of good acting in this film because of such a promising cast. In most parts, Rao and Raaz totally stole the show with their seasoned acting. However, I'd like to pinpoint that the music wasn't that impressive. Once you finish watching the film you'd hardly remember any lines from the songs. Also, in my opinion, it would have been a delight to watch Dugal in more shades than one. It is definitely a one-time-hilarious-watch for the weekend with your family. You can stream it on Disney Plus Hotstar. View the full article
  3. If you're a 'GOT' fan, then you already know the kind of steam that was being blown towards writers David Benioff and D.B Weiss for scripting a very sad finale for one of the most iconic series in the history of entertainment. © Instagram Angry fans signed a petition demanding the writers rewrite the final season and it should be remade, which is not feasible but oh well, the bleeding hearts of fans hated these guys way too much. Me watching the GOT opening theme and then I see DB Weiss and David Benioff's names #gameofthrones #gameofthronesfinale pic.twitter.com/GKDbPVfUHX — sapphire island (@sapphire_scout) May 20, 2019 If you are as upset as I am about that ending, don't blame HBO... Blame David Benioff and DB Weiss. HBO asked them to make 2 more seasons but they refused so they could hurry up the show and go make their Star Wars movies... HBO's only fault was not firing them... pic.twitter.com/S5Zn2eb67H — Bailey Brunner (@BaileyBrunner) May 20, 2019 So if you're a 'Star Wars' fan then you already know the dreadful piece of information which is giving sleepless nights to serious nerds. The GOT writers' team of D&D have been signed up to take over the 'Star Wars' franchise and give it their personal touch now. Well obviously, people are not taking it in a happy stride and the madness is spilling all over social media. Now they will ruin Star Wars.. #DavidBenioff #DBweiss — gncyvz (@gncyvzz) May 23, 2019 So I'm just gonna boycott StarWars since D&D gave up on Game Of Thrones because of it. Never will I watch another D&D project for what they've done to my favorite show. #GameOfThronesFinale #got D.B.Weiss, #DavidBenioff — Gamericious (@Gamericious) May 22, 2019 I hope the new #starwars trilogy directed by #davidbenioff and #dbweiss sucks. You did #gameofthrones dirty. — bmwgirlm3 (@bmwgirlm31) May 23, 2019 Angry fans have now started signing up a petition(https://www.change.org/p/disney-keep-david-benioff-and-d-b-weiss-away-from-star-wars) where they are requesting the makers to keep the writers away from the 'Star Wars' world. Well, it's not like it will affect the functioning of the business but at least the makers would know how fans truly feel about it.
  4. There were a lot of things that went south in the final few episodes of HBO's hit television show, 'Game of Thrones'. Unfinished subplots, loopholes in storytelling and some of the most anticlimactic endings for major characters of the show such as the Night King, Lord Varys and yes, the Mother of Dragons herself. Daenerys Targaryen's descent into insecurity and madness, following the loss of her closest friend Missandei and the constant threat of being overthrown by Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, even though not depicted in the right manner, did seem inevitable. So, when the writers of the show, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss gave Emilia Clarke, the actress who played the role of Khaleesi, the script about her character's eventual fate, she took her sweet time to make peace with it. via GIPHY In an interview with The New Yorker, Clarke opens up about Daenerys' journey to King's Landing in Season 8 of the show in detail. Here is an excerpt: “I read these scripts coming on to two years ago now. When I did, I took a very long walk around London in a daze, not quite knowing how to digest the news. Now, finally, people are going, 'Oh, now we understand why this season hit you hard.' I had no idea what to expect for this last season. I hoped for some juicy things to get into, as I always do for each season, but I didn't see this coming." "And, I must admit, I was sitting tentatively on that chair thinking, How long is this going to last? Everyone was saying, “Isn't she great? She's our saviour, Mhysa.” It's been beautiful and amazing, but I've been looking over my shoulder the entire time while everyone else gets a more human—for want of a better word—storyline. They do good things. They do bad things. They do silly things. They do brilliant things. They fall in love. They break hearts. Daenerys has quite consistently had this road to salvation, and she's been sitting atop a very safe mountain.” via GIPHY Talking about how eventful the last two seasons had been for Dany, Clarke gives an insight into what the Targaryen was thinking about: “Every time I was faced with Daenerys having to do something pretty cold, like a mass killing, it was always with this thought that she's headed toward her destiny. She's gone too far to turn back now. So then, she finally falls in love with someone who is her age, someone appropriate, who seems to love her back, who seems to be a good guy. The fact that she's his aunt is just kind of by the by! And then, it seems almost too good to be true. Even when she finally gets to relax for the first time, she's thinking, "My God, I can have it all. I can have my love. I can have my career. I can have the prospect of a family. I can have it all... But no! I fucking can't.” via GIPHY This is where Dany's insecurities had taken over. Watching a best friend get beheaded like that could certainly reduce anyone to that horrific state of mind. “She encounters the dark side of that. She's not wanted. She's not loved completely there. And so she gives herself to Jon [Snow] entirely, and she gives him many, many choices, many options to see clearly with open eyes. And she's asking him, 'If you wanted to be with me, then let me fulfill this... I know I can be a good leader, so let's do this together. Let's do it.' And he doesn't. And that disappointment is the final thing that breaks her as a human being, because, my God, all she's known is pain, sacrifice, and abuse. All she's known is people turning on her, people betraying her, and she's completely alone. And so, with all of that, I think that it brings us to the moment where she's on top of the dragon and making that choice.” via GIPHY Having read the script more than 18 months since the final episode aired, the task of keeping quiet about the ending was not an easy one. And when it got really frustrating, almost two months ago, she unintentionally gave away the secret to her real-life best friend, Lola, who did not watch the show. “My best girlfriend, Lola, doesn't watch the show. It's not her cup of tea. But she's been around me enough listening to snippets of conversations with everyone, from the driver to a friend at work. And she came up to me about two and a half months ago and said, 'She goes bad, doesn't she?' And it all came pouring of me: 'Oh, my God! I've been wanting to tell someone for so long!' And she was, like, 'I knew it! I knew it!' Even though the way things ended for the infamous Mad Queen, being stabbed in the heart by someone she truly loved, we hope to remember her, not for burning innocent citizens of the royal capital to a crisp but for her emotional journey first as the Khaleesi, to the Mother of Dragons to the liberator of the unsullied. That's Queen Daenerys Targaryen for you, that's the true “Protector of the Realm”. via GIPHY
  5. We all might have a few things in common with Tom Holland, but there's one thing in common that no one would've ever imagined. Obviously, none of us knows what is going to happen in 'Avengers: Endgame', but turns out even Tom didn't know for the longest time! Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo are infamous for accidentally giving out spoilers and have gotten such a bad reputation because of it that even their movie directors don't trust them anymore. Mark's accidental revelations have also become one of the biggest running jokes for Marvel, with him even getting fake fired from 'MCU'. And, Tom is just Tom. View this post on Instagram Lmao same. #CommentsByCelebs A post shared by Comments By Celebs (@commentsbycelebs) on Jan 18, 2019 at 6:43pm PST This time, though, he has kept more of a low profile when it comes to talking about the movie and it might be because he didn't even know what was happening in the movie himself. Recently, Joe Russo was in Mumbai doing promotions for 'Avengers: Endgame' when he said, “Here's the thing. I'll take any questions about Avengers: Endgame but I'm not going to answer any question on the plot of Endgame! Three years of protecting the plot from Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo, so I'm not going to stand here and give away about the film. But I appreciate and admire your effort.” Then, he obviously expanded on how he kept the biggest movie of the decade under wraps. He said, “Tom Holland does not get the script! He gets his lines, and that's all, along with who is acting opposite him. Then we use very vague terms to describe what's happening in the scene.” Well, that sounds like it's working. Poor Tom, it's okay, we still love you and your big mouth. Last year, even Tom himself explained how he filmed the scenes. He said, “The Russo brothers are like, 'So, you're just standing here and you're fighting this guy, and just do whatever, and I'm like, 'OK, who am I fighting?' And they were like, 'Well, we can't tell you because it's a secret'. I'm like, 'OK, so what does he look like?' And they're like, 'Well, we can't tell you because that would give it away'.” Well, looks like Tom will find out what actually happens in the movie with us on 26th April.
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    Key Changes Major New Features / Enhancements Post Before Registering Animated GIFs AdminCP Notification Center New Email Features: Email Statistics Email Advertisements Unfollow Without Logging In SEO Improvements: Improved pagination with page number now in path (rather than query string) and unique page titles for paginated pages. Improved use of canonical tags. Improved handling of empty containers and profiles to reduce soft 404s. Improved JSON-LD markup, adding @id tags and fixing URLs for comments. Removed page output hidden by JavaScript. Performance Improvements: Added Lazy Loading for images, which will speed up page rendering. Added HTTP/2 support with prefetch/preload. Added support for Brotli compression. Improved default profile photos to use inline SVGs rather than generated images, which will speed up page rendering. Improved browser caching of pages served by the guest page cache, which will reduce the number of requests reaching the server. Improved handing of session data for guests to reduce database reads for guests. Optimized images to reduce file size for faster page rendering. Other minor performance improvements to reduce database queries and fix unnecessary code execution. Commerce Store Filters allow customers to filter products by price, review, stock, or custom admin-defined filters. Core Added setting to display user group formatting in more areas (see 6 New Micro Features). Added less intrusive browser notification prompt in Notifications menu (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability to show sidebar blocks to only certain types of devices (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for club owners to reorder the navigation tabs (see 6 New Micro Features). Added ability for announcements to be linked to an URL or be a title only (see 6 New Micro Features), improved consistency in how announcements are shown in different areas. Improved UI for entering time intervals in AdminCP settings (see 6 New Micro Features). Added a new Icons & Logos section in the AdminCP which allows providing logos for use when sharing links from the community, adding the community as a home screen app on a mobile device (along with additional settings for a PWA manifest to control certain aspects the community’s behaviour when used in this way), and in Safari’s favourites menus and pinned tabs on macOS. Added a new UI for attachments, showing a box with some information about the file, rather than a plain line (see Turbo charging loading speeds). Commerce Braintree Gateway including support for PayPal (with recurring payments), Venmo, and cards. Deprecates some PayPal features. Added ability to target bulk mails to members who have spent certain amounts. Added sidebar widgets for best sellers, latest products, product reviews and a featured product. New Server Requirements: PHP 7.1.0 or higher required (7.3.x now supported). MySQL 5.5.3 or higher requires (5.6.2 recommended). Removed Features Removed EmojiOne-style emojis due to licensing issues. Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues. Removed password hashes when downloading a member list from the AdminCP. This is for security, to reduce the ease of obtaining sensitive data if the AdminCP is ever compromised. Removed the name of the content (e.g. topic) from the “Next Unread” link which could consume significant server resources on large communities. Release Patches We sometimes release patches for issues that come up frequently between full releases. If you are experiencing any of the issues below on this version you can download and apply the patches using the instructions provided. Fixes several issues. Go to next page for further details: Additional Information IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE Please note that not all third party applications and themes are yet compatible with Invision Community 4.4. If you utilize third party resources, including custom themes, please ensure they have been declared compatible by their respective authors or your site may be non-functional after upgrade. Minor Changes Security We continuously audit the product for potential security issues. While none of these security changes are significant we are committed to making improvements wherever potential issues are found. We’d like to thank everyone who responsibly reported issues to us for this release. Added a setting to prevent Invision Community being used in an iframe to prevent clickjacking. Improved entropy of CSRF keys. Improved SSRF protection. Fixed potential leaking of sensitive keys via HTTP referrers. Fixed an issue where the redirect script could be tricked into outputting HTML from an unverified source. Fixed several minor XSS vulnerabilities. Fixed some missing CSRF checks. Fixed users being able to change the social account used for promoting. Fixed club owners being able to manipulate the meta tags for a page which could force users to be redirected to another website when visiting certain club areas. Fixed non-sensitive information on pending transactions made by guests in Commerce potentially viewable by other guests. Fixed users being able to post remote images when disallowed from doing so. Core - UI Added “Create” menu on mobile. Fixed ordering of custom emoji categories. Fixed the “pulse” animation when reacting to content not being correctly centered. Fixed the “popular” indicator overlapping reactions on mobile devices. Fixed clicking on the label for a field not causing focus to jump the field it is for in several locations. Fixed select boxes always dropping down, extending past the bottom of the screen in some situations (they will now drop “up” if near the bottom of the screen). Fixed node (e.g. forums, products, etc.) selection fields consuming significant server resources on communities which have lots of them by limiting the number that is shown when the select box is initially opened to 100. Fixed “stack” form fields (fields where multiple values can be entered) not showing the “Add another” Button" once an item was removed from the stack after the max elements were reached. Fixed “stack” form fields (fields where multiple values can be entered) not saving the correct values if one item is deleted and then another one added. Fixed carousels not being scrollable on very small devices (e.g. iPhone SE). Fixed carousels not behaving correctly with right-to-left languages. Fixed more than one sort options sometimes showing as selected in some content lists. Fixed styling of bullet points in some lists when using Microsoft Edge. Fixed various W3C validation errors (including removing CSS rules with vendor prefixes which are no longer needed in most browsers). Removed total reputation count in “mini” reputation view (used by Gallery comments and status updates), which isn’t necessary as each reaction type shows its own total. Core - Posting / Editor / Embeds Added tag suggestions from previously used tags as you type. Fixed @mentions not working in some circumstances. Fixed results lists showing in wrong place in some autocomplete fields. Fixed Flickr embeds. Fixed embeds for extremely long content causing crashes on mobile devices. Fixed pasting certain URLs into the editor escaping characters. Fixed certain content being pasted into an editor only actually pasting a single URL from the pasted content. Fixed UI when editing highlighted posts. Fixed a user not being able to post a review if they had previously posted a review which had been deleted. Fixed author of content that is set to be published in the future not being able to view and edit it if they do not usually have permission to view future items. Fixed content that is set to be published in the future being able to be commented or reviewed. Fixed sTex/LaTeX editor code syntax highlighting. Fixed an issue where previewing content with attachments may cause the content to be listed multiple times on the “My Attachments” page. Fixed double-clicking on an image to adjust its size could fail when multiple WYSIWYG editors are on the page. Upgraded CKEditor to 4.11.2. Core - Clubs Added option when splitting topics/other content to have the newly created topic/etc be in a club. Fixed paid clubs being able to be created without having a valid price. Fixed the number of members shown for a club not always being accurate. Fixed layout of the club member list when there is no sidebar (now shows 24 per page which divides evenly between the number shown per row both with and without the sidebar). Fixed club leaders not being able to crop the club icon. Fixed members being able to vote on polls in open clubs even if they aren’t members of the club. Fixed an issue where editing a club on PHP 7.2. Fixed HTML open-graph tags not being set in clubs. Core - Search & Activity Streams Added support for showing images from pages records and poll votes in the activity stream. Improved performance if using MySQL. Improved Elasticsearch integration: Added support for wildcard searches. Added support for custom analyzers. Improved performance for certain Elasticsearch queries. Removed the ability to filter by number of views when searching using Elasticsearch, which had significant performance issues.- Fixed deleted comments showing in activity streams. Fixed error in streams with certain content combinations. Fixed quick search dropdown being dismissed when selecting an option inside it. Fixed browser’s autocomplete box overlapping the quick search dropdown. Fixed behaviour of back button after visiting an unread item in a stream. Fixed search form not being reset when using the browser’s back button. Fixed new products icon floating over the title in streams. Fixed searching by “Select box” profile fields with multiple options. Fixed date filters being lost when changing the sort order in search. Fixed changing the date filters not working correctly if the search was originally initiated by the advanced search form. Fixed date filters showing the dates in the wrong timezone. Fixed “search by terms or tags” and “search by terms and tags” not showing on the search form initially. Fixed content not being highlighted correctly in search results. Fixed issues searches when using “&”, “_” or “%” in the search term. Core - Profiles & User Settings Added ability for users to re-crop their profile photos. Added custom field formatting options for profiles. Added ability for users to delete multiple attachments at a time from the “My Attachments” page. Added AdminCP settings for showing signatures to guests and mobile users. Added ability to disable profile photo imports from URL. Added ability to use $member variable (to access details about the member) in custom profile field formatting templates (“Custom topic formatting” and “Custom profile formatting”). Fixed duplicate entries in the “Reputation” section of member profiles. Fixed an issue where “Complete Your Profile” steps may not be dismissed properly and could re-appear later. Fixed links to ignored users and editing profiles showing even when these features were disabled. Fixed users being able to import profile photos from linked social network accounts even if they don’t have permission to use a profile photo. Fixed a generic error when attempting to import a profile photo from an invalid domain. Core - Notifications Added a new user notification to be notified when their content is embedded in other content. 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Core - Status Updates Fixed attachments failing to save when editing a status update. Fixed attachments on status updates not being removed when a member is deleted. Fixed status updates and status update edits still showing as autosaved content after submission. Fixed number of replies to status updates sometimes showing incorrectly. Go to next page for further details: Core - Moderation Added a link to the IP address tools for moderators who can see IP addresses in the online users list. Improved UI of the message which tells a user if their post will need to be approved by a moderator, and added the message in some areas it was missing from. Improved UX for flagging members as spammers: flagging a member as spammer from the AdminCP is now done without reloading the page, hiding/deleting content will be processed faster and notifications will not be sent in the meantime, and flagging a member as a spammer from the front-end will redirect back to the page previously being viewed. Fixed an issue where if a moderator deletes content, and then restores it, it is still permanently deleted after the time period it would have been as if it had not been restored. Fixed word filters not holding content for approval in all areas. Fixed automatic moderation rules needing more reports than set. Fixed automatic moderation not counting reports on status updates. Fixed an issue where banning a member and removing their profile photo would leave a broken image in their profile. Fixed deleting reviews or comments sometimes showing two confirmation dialogs. Fixed content items that require a comment not rendering correctly in the report center. Fixed potential error merging content when both items have reviews. Fixed moderators being able to merge content they cannot view if the URL is known. Fixed bad description on the merge form (said “a topic” rather than “the topic”). Fixed a recommend comment still showing in the content it previously belonged to if it is split into new content. Fixed some inconsistencies in behaviour when hiding/unhiding content which itself has hidden comments/reviews inside. Core - Sidebar Added a sidebar widget to show users with the most contributions. Fixed minimum comments/reviews filters in sidebar blocks. Fixed announcements being shown at the bottom of the on some pages, rather than at the top. Fixed the status update widget caching not taking into consideration if that member has status updates enabled, which may cause a text field when the current member has status updates disabled and vice-versa. Fixes missing margin between two blocks if there is a block between them which is hidden because it has no content. Fixed styling inconsistencies when editing some sidebar blocks versus when they are actually displayed. Fixed the recently browsing widget erroneously showing a guest when using Redis sessions. Fixed error rebuilding content (after changing certain settings) of some sidebar blocks. Core - Social / Sharing Added support for cover photos when promoting to social media. Fixed uploading a new promotional image when editing internally promoted content. Fixed unsorted of time options when scheduling social promotions. Fixed AdminCP > System > Social Media Promotion > Permissions not showing all groups in the list of groups with promote permissions. Fixed an issue where it was not always possible to remove existing Facebook social promotion settings. Removed StumbleUpon share service which no longer exists. Core - Files & Uploads Added ability for administrators to choose to move files when changing between file storage configurations. Improved error messages if an error occurs when uploading a file. Fixed uploading not possible in some areas on iPads. Fixed not being able to submit a form if the user tried to submit it while a file upload was in progress. Fixed an issue where an attachments may stop working while files are in the process of being moved after changing file storage configuration settings. Fixed not being able to delete file storage configurations in the AdminCP. Fixed sorting not being retained when deleting multiple attachments from the Files section of the AdminCP. Fixed deleting an attachment not deleting the file from disk. Core - Emails Fixed bulk mail replacement tags. Fixed HTML entities appearing in plaintext email content. Fixed reverting email templates disappearing (until a page refresh) as if they have been deleted. Fixed a broken language string in Sendgrid settings. Core - AdminCP Member Profile Added “Go to Public Profile” button. Fixed an error when viewing the profile if the member had scheduled content for future publishing. Fixed the profile consuming significant server resources on large communities by changing the content statistics section to count all content, regardless of whether containers (i.e. forums), increment the user’s post count. Fixed content statistics not displaying correctly for some locales. Fixed accounts which are linked to Twitter not showing the correct Twitter username. Fixed a broken link to the notifications page. Core - AdminCP Charts & Statistics Fixed charts consuming significant server resources on large communities by applying a default date range of the last 6 months. Fixed an error viewing the AdminCP keywords usage chart if the same keyword had been set more than once. Fixed errors in AdminCP statistics pages if there is no data. Fixed weekly charts showing the last week of the year twice when the year rolls over. Core - Advanced Settings Added new setting option to only serve non-https images from local server. Added basic Redis usage information to the support area of the AdminCP for self-hosted communities. Fixed some inconsistencies when running tasks using cron. Core - Misc Added administrator log entries for various actions which were not logging. Improved site mark as read process to avoid an unnecessary redirect. Fixed privacy policy not being accessible to banned members. Fixed searching of administrator/moderator logs with non-latin characters. Fixed moderator log showing an unparsed language string for some automatic moderation actions. Fixed error if a background task is working on something (such as sending notifications for a topic) which is deleted while the task is still running. Fixed error reporting when setting up Google Maps API. Fixed some background task not not showing their progress accurately on the AdminCP dashboard. Fixed guests not being able to hide announcements. Fixed potential error in calculating width and height of animated gifs when using ImageMagick. Fixed potential error generating the sitemap if orphaned content exists. Fixed the number of reviews on items not being recounted correctly (when upgrading from certain versions or after converting) if the item has reviews but no comments. Fixed some browsers not correctly caching remote images served by the local server. Fixed the code editor on the External Database login handler configuration screen not loading correctly. Fixed AdminCP Dashboard not loading when lots of background tasks are running by adding a limit of 100 to the number shown. Fixed “Configure Services” button in Community Enhancements truncating unnecessarily. Fixed reputation data for comments or reviews not being deleted from the database when the item they belong to is deleted. Fixed files not being removed from server when uninstalling an application. Upgraded JShrink to 1.3.1 (for PHP 7.3 compatibility). Forums Added setting to RSS feed imports to auto-follow the author to created topics. Improved the UI of the “Poll” sidebar block, fixed the “View topic” link disappearing after viewing results, and fixed an error if the topic the poll belongs to is deleted. Changed behaviour of rating questions and answers that a user has already rated - now clicking the same arrow will undo the original rating, and clicking the other will change the rating to that one (previously clicking the same arrow did nothing and clicking the other undid the original rating). Fixed topics still being shown in search results to users who can longer see them if the per-forum setting to only show topics to the person who created them is turned on for an existing forum. Fixed guests not being able to change the selected forums when using fluid view. Fixed fluid view showing the wrong forums checked. Fixed error viewing the topic preview hovercard if the topic has been moved or merged. Fixed breadcrumb navigation in forums/topics in clubs if there is only one forum outside of clubs. Fixed some inconsistencies with automatic locking and unlocking of topics. Fixed question and answer ratings not being merged properly when topics were merged. Fixed error when approving very old topics. Fixed topics not being accessible if a category with a “minimum posts to view” setting set is changed into a forum without removing the value from that setting. Fixed topics from clubs not being included in the sitemap. Fixed marking a topic as read consuming significant server resources on large communities. Commerce - Store Improved store display by hiding empty product categories. Changed the links to buy/redeem gift cards to be in the menu. Fixed possible error when searching products. Fixed products incorrectly showing as being in stock if they use different stock levels based on custom fields and all variations are out of stock. Fixed the “Continue Shopping” dialog showing multiple times when adding several products from the category list view. Fixed copying a product not copying all settings. Fixed broken UI when hovering over a product image in the store on communities which use a right-to-left language. Fixed product embed images not matching the styling of other embeds. Fixed an issue where copying a product could fail. Fixed meta description on product pages. Commerce - Checkout Added AJAX validation to email field when checking out as a guest. Added ability to disable a payment method by setting the countries it is available to to no value. Fixed partial gift card codes being accepted. Fixed grouped products showing incorrect renewal amount on the checkout form when ordering multiple quantities. Fixed the prompt to log in not being shown for guests checking out. Fixed purchase not being processed properly with third party payment gateways if Commerce app is only accessible to certain groups. Commerce - Payment Gateways Fixed possible error when saving a credit card using Stripe if customer already has a card on file. Fixed error when a guest pays using a Stripe method which requires redirect (3Secure, Bancontact, etc.) Commerce - Subscriptions Added ability to apply subscription package changes to existing purchases. Changed Subscriptions to require renewal terms. Fixed disabled Subscription Packages still being purchasable and viewable in the sidebar block. Fixed duplicate entries in the AdminCP subscriber list if a member has inactive subscriptions. Commerce - Client Area Added custom product fields to printed invoices. Fixed broken UI when viewing payment details on a $0 invoice. Fixed invoice status badges not being colored appropriately on the front end when using languages other than English. Commerce - General Payments / Invoices Added an option to filter invoices by payment status in the AdminCP Improved notification emails for upcoming purchase renewals and transaction refunds to include more information. Improved display of customer purchases in admin control panel by separating active/expired purchases. Fixed missing tax on purchase reactivation. Fixed duplicate items sometimes being added when generating an invoice in the AdminCP. Fixed a possible error when marking an invoice as paid if awarding commission to other users (for example, from Downloads purchases or referrals) in some circumstances. Fixed potential errors adjusting Account Credit settings in the AdminCP. Fixed button to mark an invoice paid showing to admins on invoices created by guests even before the guest has filled in any account details (which show an error if clicked). Fixed editing a coupon form showing the start / end dates in the wrong timezone. Commerce - Customer Management Fixed a potential error in the AdminCP member profile if a purchase has been deleted. Fixed an error in the Referrals tab of the customer page in the AdminCP. Fixed an error occurred when cloning customer fields. Fixed wrong AdminCP restrictions being checked for viewing customer statistics. Commerce - Support Added option for retaining the default reply wrapper when using a stock action as a staff member replying to a support request. Added ability to filter support requests older or newer than a specific date in AdminCP. Fixed incoming emails being routed incorrectly if the same sender had recently sent an email to a different department. Fixed incoming plaintext emails sometimes being parsed blank. Fixed the feature which holds a staff member’s reply if the customer replies while the staff member is writing their reply, which wasn’t working if the staff member submits their reply by replying to the email notification. Fixed trying to require an associated subscription in support department settings not working. Fixed handling of custom support request fields for pay-per-incident support requests. Fixed long ticket names breaking UI in ticket history sidebar. Fixed uninstalling Commerce not disable the task to check for incoming POP3 emails. Fixed missing language string on the stock action form. Fixed wrong language string being used in the description for the default reply content setting. Removed IP Addresses used for Support Requests from the ModCP. Commerce - Misc Fixed license key API handling of invisible characters. Pages Changed the severity level of the error when somebody without proper permissions tries to load the sidebar manager from 3 to 2. Fixed pages that have been renamed not redirecting to the new URL. Fixed databases showing in the “Create” menu to users without permission. Fixed records in databases with “wiki-style” editing enabled not actually being able to be edited by all users. Fixed an issue where the form may not be displayed when trying to move a database record. Fixed missing language string in the dialog that shows when choosing “Custom” from the “Sort by” menu when viewing database records. Fixed the wrong template being used for reviews. Fixed the currently chosen database being disabled on the database select menu when editing a page in WYSIWYG mode. Fixed searching for database categories in the AdminCP showing categories from all databases. Fixed missing canonical tags. Gallery Added a group setting to control whether users can download the original image or not, and whether it should be watermarked or not. Added the image to certain notification emails (new content, user mentioned, etc.). Added a setting to control whether showing a map defaults to on or off for images with GPS coordinates embedded. Added certain indicators (such as image pending approval) to the images shown on the Gallery index. Added “Lens Model” in EXIF data if present. Changed albums displayed on user profiles to sort by latest update (newest to oldest). Fixed an error when adding Gallery images with tags. Fixed an error if a guest tries to follow an image during the upload process. Fixed behaviour of the browser’s back button after viewing images in a lightbox and closing the lightbox. Fixed navigation between images not working correctly in the lightbox in some circumstances. Fixed images being marked as read before they have been seen when in the Lightbox. Fixed gallery albums and the uploaded images being shown separately in activity streams and on the “Overview” page in a club. Fixed deleting a club not deleting the albums inside it. Fixed members being able to move images into a category that normally cannot receive direct image submissions during the process of deleting an album. Fixed users being able to submit directly to a category if it requires albums to be used but the user does not have permission to create albums. Fixed a section for the category description showing even if the category has no description. Fixed image uploading on Internet Explorer 11. Fixed images not being accessible if the album is moved while they are being uploaded. Fixed “ModifyDate” EXIF tag being displayed as “Date Taken”. Fixed the wrong “last modified” date being used for albums in the sitemap. Fixed the files on disk being moved when rebuilding image thumbnails (it was placing all of the newly created images in the current monthly folder, rather than in the original folder). Removed ability to upload images in album descriptions, as this presented a source of confusion for some users. Go to next page for further details: Downloads Added ability to show custom fields in a new tab, below the description, or in the sidebar. Fixed “Buy” button still showing on paid files which have had purchases disabled. Fixed an issue where files could get incorrectly removed when changing a version number, or updating screenshots. Fixed the average review rating counting reviews that are not visible. Fixed support topics not being created after enabling the setting and editing a file. Fixed screenshots with parenthesis in the filename not being shown while uploading a new file version. Fixed a template error on certain PHP versions during submission if importing screenshots from a URL is enabled. Fixed the tooltip shown when hovering over the number of purchases for a file (when Commerce integration is enabled) showing “downloads” rather than “purchases”. Blog Fixed clicking on a reaction for a blog entry sometimes opening an image lightbox. Fixed long blog names breaking UI. Fixed multiple icons (e.g. “pinned”, “hidden”, etc.) showing over multiple lines rather than next to the title when viewing a blog entry. Fixed cover photos not expanding if clicking on the same line as the title. Calendar Fixed dates and times showing in the wrong timezone in cached areas/pages. Fixed time summary formatting for some locales when creating events. Fixed error on activity streams if the event associated with an RSVP has been deleted. Fixed potential error when deleting iCalendar import feeds. Fixed cover photos not expanding if clicking on the same line as the title. REST & OAuth New Endpoints: Core: Added support for managing clubs. Core: Added support for managing user warnings and fetching warn reasons. Forums: Added support for creating and updating polls in topics and blog entries. Calendar: Added support for managing Calendar venues. Calendar: Added support for filtering Calendar events by date range Calendar: Added support for sorting events by event start or end date. Added a parameter when deleting a node via the REST API to determine what to do with child nodes (previously that would just become orphaned). Changed OAuth Server behaviour to reject authorization or token requests for users who are banned or suspended. Fixed OAuth refresh tokens being lost if an access token request omits it. Fixed some endpoints not being available to requests authenticated with an OAuth access token granted by Client Credentials. Fixed requests that attempt to unhide content items that are already visible not updating other details. Fixed deleting reviews on Pages records using the REST API. Fixed display names which have a “” in them being returned as null. Fixed the documentation for the Commerce purchases endpoint missing a possible exception which can be thrown. Installer / Upgrader Improved performance of UTF-8 converter in some instances when upgrading from 3.x. Changed the default MySQL collation to UTF8MB4 for new installations. Changed the upgrade message about hiding the AdminCP link when upgrading from older versions to recommend using two factor authentication instead of providing instructions about how to re-enable it. Fixed potential errors or inconsistencies after applying a patch if using disk caching for templates. Fixed an error when trying to upgrade if templates or CSS files exist in the database without an associated theme. Fixed bad conversion of Sparkpost settings when upgrading from 4.3.x. Fixed bad conversion of refund data in Commerce when upgrading from certain versions. Fixed an error when rebuilding legacy content (after a 3.x upgrade) when using PHP 7.2. Fixed an error in the messenger after upgrading from certain versions. Fixed soft-deleted content from older versions not being upgraded correctly. Fixed members potentially have an incorrect validating status after upgrading from 3.x. Fixed Gallery albums losing their sort orders may after upgrading from certain versions. Fixed UTF-8 Converter (part of upgrading from 3.x) potentially losing connection while compiling table information. Removed ability to access the AdminCP while an upgrade is in process to improve stability. Converters Improved conversion user experience and simplified approach to running a conversion. Improved redirects for vBulletin 3/4 including attachments.php and printthread.php. Improved performance of certain background tasks launched following a conversion. Improved BBCode conversion when converting from MyBB. Improved converting member titles from vBulletin. Improved support for converting posts with links from vBulletin 5. Improved Invision Community redirects to support multiple merged communities, now uses /ic-merge-{core_app_id}/*. Improved support for [img:alignment] bbcode when converting from UBB.Threads. Fixed an issue where incomplete accounts could be created during a conversion. Fixed an issue where images uploaded to vBulletin5 “photo” posts do not convert. Fixed an issue where legacy XenForo versions may not be detected correctly in some edge cases. Fixed an issue where certain usernames may not convert properly from vBulletin, MyBB and XenForo. Fixed an issue where converted MyBB posts with inline attachments may display the wrong attachment. Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances Gallery albums/images may be converted to a category that was removed. Fixed an issue where private messages may not be converted from vB3/4 in certain circumstances. Fixed an issue where vBulletin archive links may not be redirected. Fixed an issue where hidden posts from vBulletin (3.x/4.x) may not convert correctly. Fixed an issue where topic reply counts were not converted. Fixed an issue where vBulletin Blog Attachments may not convert correctly from vBulletin 3.x. Fixed an issue where member history group information may not display correctly after conversion. Changes affecting third-party developers and designers Please note from “Core - Misc” section above: uninstalling an application will now delete those files from disk. Be careful when uninstalling your applications locally. Backwards-incompatible changes that may affect third party applications / plugins: Changed how share services, file storage engines, package types, payment gateways, license key generation methods, server types, converters, and widget types are loaded: instead of using a DirectoryIterator to look at what files are on disk, all of these are now defined in a method. To add a new one, you can (and will need to) extend the appropriate method, rather than having users upload a file to a particular location. Changed \IPS\Node\Model::modPermission() to require a value for the $class argument. Changed how invalid language string keys are handled (that is, if calling \IPS\Lang::addToStack()with a language string key that doesn’t exist). Now rather than returning the key as it was passed, it will return the value HTML escaped in an effort to prevent accidentally introducing XSS vulnerabilities. Changed how table sorting works: If the column is specified in the content items $databaseColumnMap, the table name will be prefixed to avoid ambiguous column issues. Moved \IPS\Content\Comment::checkProfanityFilters() to the \IPS\Content class, and changed it to work on both items and comments. Removed deprecated constant \IPS\HTMLENTITIES. Removed deprecated get__stripTagsTitle magic method for node models. Removed deprecated \IPS\Lang::wordbreak method. Enhancements / fixes for designers: Added a data-pageID param to <body> tag (alongside data-pageApp, data-pageController, etc.) to allow for targeted CSS styling per-node/item. Changed theme setting keys to only allow alphanumeric values to remove confusion of why they may not be parsed in themes. Enhancements / fixes for developers: Added \IPS\Request::referrer() method to more reliably and securely get the referrer for a request without duplicating code. Added support for multi-table database deletes in \IPS\Db::delete(). Changed how applications extensions are loaded: a data/extensions.json file (generated in the developer center when an extension is added/removed) now stores the available extensions instead of using a DirectoryIterator to look at what files are on disk. This change is backwards compatible for end users if there is no extensions.json file, but will need to be used properly once it has been generated. Changed maximum plugin name length to 128 characters (previously 32 characters). Fixed the ability to make cross-domain AJAX by removing the X-Requested-With header in AJAX requests. Fixed a missing try/catch when loading login handlers which meant 3rd party login handlers could completely break the login form and lock out the AdminCP to disable them. Enhancements / fixes for translators: Changed the version numbers on the support page to use a different language string (new string: acp_version_number_raw) than the AdminCPdashboard (acp_version_number). Fixed days of the week always having an uppercase first letter (language strings _date_this_week_cand _date_this_week now receive the day number so you can display each however you like rather than receiving the name from the server). Fixed non-translatable options for the “Javascript include location” theme setting. Fixes that only affect developer mode or third party apps/plugins: Changed \IPS\forums\SavedAction::runOn() to separate the permission check and the actual logic into separate methods for easier hooking. Changed the database query log to skip over the core PHP class IteratorIterator when showing the function that ran a query. Fixed resources sometimes duplicating when building applications for distribution. Fixed multiple SEO titles not working in custom URLs. Fixed errors in developer when member objects were compared. Fixed an error saving payment settings when in developer mode. Fixed an error saving Analytics code with developer mode enabled. Fixed an error deleting Gallery categories from clubs when in developer mode. Fixed error when a guest adds a product with tax to the cart when in developer mode. Fixed an error viewing the referrals page in the Commerce client area when in developer mode and using PHP 7.2 or higher. Fixed an error when parsing incoming emails for Commerce support requests when in developer mode. Fixed broken Hosting Settings page in Commerce on PHP 7.2 when in developer mode. Fixed an error that would occur sending emails when in developer mode if the email template parameters had changed but the updated templates had not been imported into the database yet. Code-level fixes that may have been caused bugs in third party apps/plugins: Fixed moderator control panel approval queue not working for any apps where the database table for nodes contains a column with the same name as is used for the “hidden” column in their database table for items. Fixed \IPS\Math\Number constructor accepting a blank string (this will now throw an exception). Fixed encoding of \IPS\Output::i()->jsVars for values containing quotes. Fixed the core.global.core.datetime JS controller not returning the correct value for the day of the week. Fixed \IPS\Content\Item::addMeta() not throwing the correct exception when passed an invalid value for $type. Fixed \IPS\Content\Item::markRead() not honouring the $member argument.
  7. The iconic movie from everyone's childhood, which taught us a lot about love, friendship and life, 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' has completed a glorious 20 years of its existence. The cast came together to celebrate the milestone and relive the good times that went by. © Instagram During the press conference and the interaction, the superstars dished out interesting details about the filming of 'KKHH' and Shah Rukh Khan had some pretty funny things to say. He revealed how he once thought that the script of the movie made no sense, and that he still has no sense of what it actually was! “I never listen to scripts, I listen to the heartbeats of the people I work with at times millennial chat with me and say things like why you let go of that script that was such a great script. Till date, I never understood a script. And I can say this with confidence that I never understood the script but the script maker or the filmmaker,” he explained. “Karan came and narrated an utterly nonsense crap story to me; which is certainly not the one that finally you people saw in the film. In his strange way Karan, the man with many words tried to impress me with his crap story. So yes, I really did not understand the story when I signed in. and I am glad that I did not get into the story and just went ahead with the conviction of Karan, otherwise the film would have not been the way it came out,” he further added. When asked as to what he thought the characters of Rahul and Anjali would be two decades later, Khan said, "Rahul was a bit of a fraud anyway. He used to say 'we love once, marry once' but did it twice. In my head, I hope the marriage works, but it must have been a tough marriage." However, aren't we glad that he went ahead with it and became a permanent part of our memories?
  8. Pakistan´s batsman Imam-ul-Haq (R) plays a shot during the final cricket match of a five-match ODI series played between Pakistan and host Zimbabwe at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo, on July 22, 2018. Photo: AFP BULAWAYO: Pakistan scripted a 5-0...
  9. We live in a world where a Dharma Productions movie or one by Rajshri Productions will pull people to the theatres like a magnet, but have you ever stopped to think what actually makes a movie worthy of a National Award? It's the hard work of the team and offcourse, a great script. Rajkummar Rao's 'Newton' has won the national award for the best film and it is deserving in every way. Pankaj Tripathi, who played a pivotal role in the movie, got a special mention for his stellar acting. Special mention award for actor Pankaj Tripathi for the movie Newton: Shekhar Kapur, chairman of the central panel of the 65th National Film Awards, in Delhi pic.twitter.com/V6ichCvaBk — ANI (@ANI) April 13, 2018 The movie talks about elections being held in a Naxal-controlled environment. Pankaj played the character of Aatma Singh, who is a Central Reserve Police Force officer in the movie. The film was also sent as an entry for Oscars but lost the race to other movies. This win has united the internet unanimously about 'Newton' getting what it deserved. Congratulation @RajkummarRao to won #nationalfilmfareaward for best movie #Newton — mohd junaid (@mohdjunaid1962S) April 13, 2018 #Newton deserved the #BestHindiFilm award at #65thNationalAwards. Bollywood should make more movies like this! — Sonal K (@sonalkhandelwal) April 13, 2018 Congratulations to the entire team of #newton for delivering such movies. Special thanks to @RajkummarRao for he chose to come in bollywood and made us experience some of the best cinema I've ever seen. Wayyy to goo mannn!! Keep up the stupendous work. — Tanmay Tarun (@metanmay26) April 13, 2018 Besides 'Newton', the late Sridevi won the award for Best Actress for her performance in 'Mom', Riddhi Sen won the Best Actor award for 'Nagarkirtan'. The 65th National Awards concluded today.
  10. Muhammad Nawaz celebrates after taking the wicket of Chadwick Walton. Photo: PCB KARACHI: The return of international cricket turned sweeter for the local fans as Pakistan on Tuesday scripted a sure-footed whitewash against West Indies in the...
  11. There was a time when no movie hit the theatres until the stars made it to 'Comedy Nights With Kapil', but all that changed when the show led to a fall out amongst the main stars behind the comedy show. From 'bua' to everyone's favourite 'Gutthi', all started leaving and that's where trouble began in Kapil's paradise. However, he came back with his new show 'Family Time With Kapil' to re-write history. However, even though we hoped that he would be welcomed with a lot of love, that is not how things turned out. The first episode itself has garnered poor ratings and much to everyone's dismay, people are already calling this hot comedy dish a 'çold' mess. Kapil sharma to a new@low.. worst show ððððð #FamilyTimeWithKapilSharma — Ashwini Pandey (@PandeyAshwini88) March 25, 2018 It reminds me old show 'khulja sim sim' 'The Kapil Sharma show' was a great show and this boring ð´ #FamilyTimeWithKapilSharma — Neha Patel (@patelneha56561) March 25, 2018 Keeping a similar name with a bad script does not guarantee a success story right? Am I the only one who left the show in the middle?#FamilyTimeWithKapilSharma — Ramesh à¤à¤¿à¤°à¥ (@imramess) March 25, 2018 Disappointing..... this is what we r getting in the name of comedy RT#FamilyTimeWithKapilSharma pic.twitter.com/V4lruDl0fn — ðð⣠(@MkeetarP) March 25, 2018 #FamilyTimeWithKapilSharma #Sony Did'nt Expect this boring from you. Actually kapil has no comedy left to do.... So I think that boring game is better for you, not for us.... — MudaSir Magrey (@MudaSirMagrey1) March 26, 2018 Hard times call for harder measures. Let's not jump on the perception bandwagon just yet and allow Mr. Sharma some more time to win back his fans.
  12. Do you ever wonder if there will be another 'Die Hard' again? Well, Mr. Willis just confirmed there just maybe another part releasing soon and we can't contain our excitement! Yipee Ki Yay! Bruce Willis, the 62- year-old superstar has just revealed that there's a script for the sixth 'Die Hard' film. (c)20th Century Fox The leading man revealed this awesome piece of news on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon', where he appeared with a broken arm, which was cradled in a sling. Here's what he said: While talking about his last action movie 'Death Wish' , Willis also paid homage to one of his greatest role ever, while talking about 30 years of 'Die-Hard'! (c)20th Century Fox When Fallon asked him if the 'rumour' of another 'Die Hard' was true, Bruce Willis confirmed "I'm about to wing out to California to start to see what the script looks like. So I think [it will happen]. Yeah." Which truly means there is a script under consideration and it will definitely feature Bruce in a leading role once again. The big question though is-will it be a Christmas release? 'Die Hard' has also been added to the National Film Registry by Congress, which Bruce believes is a great honour. (c)20th Century Fox Here's hoping the best action movie franchise doesn't fade away from our screen, because honestly, we're really never 'too old for this shit!'
  13. Marvel is all set to give its fans two major treats this year, as it kickstarts with 'Black Panther' which is just a few days away from its release. The movie, since the release of its trailer, has been creating quite a buzz and the team is literally leaving no stone unturned in promoting this latest superhero flick. Actor Chadwick Boseman is clearly living the dream right now and is at a sweet spot which many actors would be envious of. Getting a stand-alone film with Marvel studio is surely something to be proud of. While we know what the 'Black Panther' story is all about, not many know where was Chadwick when he first got a call for this huge film that was about to change everything in his life. © Marvel Recalling the moment, he revealed that he was in Zurich, Switzerland and it was pure luck that he actually ended up receiving the call. Because if it wasn't, he would have surely missed that call. “I didn't have international calling on my phone until that morning when I received, I guess a premonition that said 'you need to have calling on your phone so you can reach your family and friends, put it on your phone right now'. So I listened to that voice and later that night when I was at the red carpet, my agent calls me on that phone and says Marvel wants to talk to you,” Chadwick shared. Now, isn't that something every millennial can definitely connect with? © Marvel Chadwick made his debut as Black Panther in 'Captain America: Civil War' and despite playing a small part in the film, he did leave a huge impact on the viewers. In fact, Marvel was very secretive about the film when he got the call. “The phone call said 'we want you to play a role and we think you know what the role is. Are you interested?' They were so secretive that they didn't want to say the name Black Panther and I said yes. I had never done that before.” © Marvel Giving more details about the film he said, “The fact that I know that the film is of substance, I know it has a lot to offer to the world, I'm even more enthusiastic and blessed about this experience.” MensXP is in Seoul, South Korea for the premiere and got a chance to chat with T'Challa himself! Here's @ChadwickBoseman with a special message for his Indian fans. #BlackPanther @Marvel_India pic.twitter.com/SBsaCV8zgt — MensXP (@MensXP) February 6, 2018 Director Ryan Coogler was also pretty excited at the premiere and told MensXP how he and his team had put their heart and soul into making 'Black Panther'. Here's what #RyanCoogler has to say about making @TheBlackPanther. pic.twitter.com/nDRaOkaFT9 — MensXP (@MensXP) February 6, 2018 Well, the King of Wakanda has signed a five-film deal with Marvel and this is his second one. He will also be seen in 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer, which we are pretty excited about. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the film also stars Michael B Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkins and Martin Freeman and will hit the screens on February 16.
  14. All those who were creating a ruckus over Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmaavat', can finally mellow down and let everyone just be, because there is utterly and absolutely nothing in the film that could hurt the proud Rajput clan's sabhyata and sanskar. This film is more like the director's love letter to the Rajputs showing them in the most glorious light, something that the Karni Sena will happy with (if only they would see it in the first place). This magnum opus is a 2 hour 43 minute saga of Rajputi 'aan baan shaan'. Talking about the conflict; the political clash, royal families coming into the picture, the demand for Deepika Padukone's nose and Bhansali's head and finally the movie releasing, sadly makes for a more interesting tale than the film itself. While many went bonkers over the release, the end result was a like famous Hindi saying, "khoda pahad nikala chuha." © Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions It's not that the director doesn't try. But most of the frame will remind you of his previous films like 'Devdas', 'Baajirao Mastani' and 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'. For those who don't know the story, it is loosely based on the poem of the same name by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. The historic film tells the story of King Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor), who is true to his word and believes in archaic codes of honour. On the other hand, you have Muslim invader Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), who is brutally terrifying and wants everything that is valuable in his possession. The breathtaking beauty, Rani Padmavati, who is the wife of Ratan Singh becomes the latest name to join Khilji's list of things that he 'wants', which then leads him to lay siege to the Chittor fort. To put it simply, the tale is about 'ek tha raja, ek thi rani, dono mar gaye khatam kahaani', where by the end, the queen commits 'jauhar' (the act of sacrificing oneself in fire) along with all the women in the castle. To be precise, the whole Sena fracas gave us two things: a flawless view of Deepika Padukone's CGI enhanced midriff and a flawed script. © Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions It takes almost the entire first half of the film to set things in motion. You have characters that look damn appealing but at the same moment, they also test your patience. For people who love window shopping, this is your one-stop shop. But boy, after a point, you just don't give a damn about these amazingly dressed characters. The forced romance between Deepika and Shahid hardly blossoms and leaves you yawning. Instead, you end up remembering and craving Ranveer and Deepika's chemistry from 'Baajirao Mastani' and 'Ram Leela' time and again. Blame it on the maker for splitting the couple up for his third project. Talking about performances, the film would have been an epic bore if it wasn't for Ranveer Singh. He, as Khilji, is electric and steals the show. The man is epic and unpredictable in a good manner. He is extremely villainous and makes sure that you can't take your eyes away from him. He enjoys vandalism, giggles, laughs like a maniac, and dances like a free-spirit. He is gruesome, lusty, and unethical and doesn't mind being vocal about it. © Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions Ranveer amuses you with his stunning performance because he is the only one who makes all the sense in the film. He makes you dislike him but that's what is exactly needed. There is a hint of him being a bisexual in the most minimal manner. Jim Sarbh who plays a role of Khilji's most trusted mate Malik Kafur is spot on and gives an effective performance which leaves you impressed. Shahid, on the other hand, is more like a mannequin in the film. He is stiff most of the time with an oddly pursed stern mouth. He is supposed to be the core of the film, but is not as appealing as he should be. Deepika Padukone is gorgeous and plays a strong character that personifies strength and dignity, clearing fitting the 'good Indian girl' and later, the 'wife' bill. In fact, there also comes a part where she asks her husband the permission to kill herself if Khilji ends up winning the war, which is the most likely scenario. © Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions Bhansali's work is spectacular and no one can make larger than life films like he does, but despite the glorious scenes, the film fails to leave an imprint in your mind. It's sad to say that this film falls flat. Unlike 'Bajirao Mastani' and 'Ram Leela', where he did a commendable job, despite a heavy and complex storyline, the plot of 'Padmaavat' is too vague and even the wonderful cast can't save it from the bargain bin. Being an ardent Bhansali fan, what I would like to ask Bhansali is why does 'Padmaavat' look more like a rehash of his older, better films? Or should we blame the CBFC for the brutal cuts that almost ruined the film and left it with so many gaping holes?
  15. As we inch closer to the release date of 'Black Panther', Marvel and superhero fans are finding it difficult to contain their excitement. And this wait is getting tougher with each passing day as Marvel is busy bombarding us with teasers, TV spots and trailers. © Marvel Studios With just a few days left for the movie to hit the theatres, Marvel has dropped a Hindi trailer that is sure to make you shout 'Ab aayega mazaa', while sitting in front of your screens watching the video. The trailer begins with a voiceover talking about aliens and other mystical creatures and how something like this has never been seen before. And that's when our beloved Chadwick Boseman comes on screen and brings along with him some kickass action, a glimpse of which we have already seen in previous trailers and teasers. © Marvel Studios This trailer might crack you up, especially in parts where you hear dialogues like 'Ghar aa gaya', 'Beta, ab waqt tumhara hai' and 'Wakanda Zindabad'; but the video manages to retain the original essence and the background music and killer action is sure to keep you hooked to it. Having said that, did you know that this 'Black Panther' is connected to Bollywood's biggest blockbuster franchise, 'Baahubali'? No, you won't spot Katappa killing Baahubali, neither will you see the great Mahishmati kingdom popping out of nowhere. Well, the catch is this – Marvel Studios roped in 'Baahubali' writer and lyricist Manoj Muntashir to pen the dialogues for the Hindi version. Honestly, we would love to watch T'Challa and Eric Killmonger discuss why Katappa killed Baahubali, but that's not going to happen. © Arka Media Works Directed by Ryan Coogler, 'Black Panther' talks about the life and struggles of T'Challa, after he becomes the king of Wakanda post his father's death. 'Black Panther' is expected to release on February 16.
  16. 2017 began with us witnessing two tennis legends at their weakest. Battling injuries with a perilous form to boot, little did anyone expect to see such historic comebacks that would shut up detractors and naysayers across the globe. via GIPHY Besides blowing the world away by winning almost every title this year, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal sent out one message loud and clear - they are not going anywhere anytime soon. via GIPHY In 2016, Federer skipped the US Open and a string of other tournaments following a knee surgery—an injury from which he was doubtful of ever emerging healthy and being fit again. Nadal had also pulled out of Wimbledon after an almost career-ending wrist injury. With severe injuries posing major threats to their individual careers, it seemed like both the champions decided to take things in their stride and mark a return that left everyone awestruck and inspired. Both champions played see-saw with each other as they kept bumping into each other throughout the year. Something which I'm sure fuelled their already heightened spirit of competitiveness. Nadal reached three finals in the first quarter of the year but lost twice to Federer. However, he resumed his supremacy on clay and then went ahead to lift a historic 10th Roland Garros title. While Nadal was going about his business crushing one opponent after another, Federer – like we all know – was not the one to back down. The Swiss ace didn't just give his Spanish counterpart a run for his money, but eventually ran away with top honours and finished the year with seven titles. This is the journey of a man who rose from the ashes after being dead and buried by the critics to eventually return to the pinnacle of the sport. 1. Australian Open © Reuters January 29th witnessed Federer taking on Nadal in the Australian Open Finals and, in the process, the iconic rivalry was resumed. This was the first time they were meeting at a Grand Slam final since the 2011 French Open and, as expected, the match lived up to the billing. After sweating it out over gruelling five sets, Federer eventually got the better of Nadal to clinch his first major title in five years. It was also his 17th Grand Slam title since his triumph at the Wimbledon in 2012. At the same time, the Swiss champion was ranked no. 16 – his lowest in 15 years. 2. Indian Wells Open © bnpparibas Continuing his prolific run, Federer locked horns with his fellow countryman Stan Wawrinka in the Indian Wells Open final where he got the better of him with a 6-4, 7-5 win. Thanks to his triumph, Federer also notched up a personal milestone to become only the second man in history to clinch five BNP Paribas Open titles. 3. Miami Open © ATP In April, the iconic Federer-Nadal rivalry once again came to the fore when the two giants locked horns at the Miami Open. In a game that probably fell short on expectations, Federer secured victory in straight sets with a scoreline of 6-3, 6-4 in the final. Interestingly, this was his fourth straight win over the Spaniard, which was also his longest winning streak in their 13-year professional rivalry. 4. Wimbledon © YouTube 14 years after his triumph at the All England Club, a ruthless Federer took only an hour and 41 minutes to thwart a wounded Marin Cilic to lift his eighth Wimbledon title. The Swiss sailed through to victory with a clinical 6-3, 6-1, 6-4 win. 5. Laver Cup © lavercupofficial In what turned out to be an absolute cracker of a game, Federer overcame a persistent Nick Kyrgios in the final of the Laver Cup to seal the game 4-6, 7-6 (8-6), 11-9. While the Laver Cup - an annual tournament by Federer's management company, Tennis Australia, a Brazilian businessman and others – is fairly new on the circuit, the final match undoubtedly brought back Federer of the old. © reuters The tournament also gave us an iconic shot of an overjoyed Nadal jumping into the arms of Federer in celebration. 6. Shanghai Masters © ATP Extending his winning streak over Nadal this year to four matches, Federer once again outperformed the Spaniard, beating him 6-4, 6-3 to claim his second Shanghai crown. 7. Halle Open © ATP Beating Alexander Zverev 6-1, 6-3 in under an hour, Federer romped to his ninth Halle Open title in what appeared to be the perfect way to prepare for the coveted Wimbledon. 8. Swiss Indoors Basel © ATP Federer bagged his eighth Basel title as he beat a spirited Juan Martin del Potro, 6-7(5), 6-4, 6-3 to clinch his ATP World Tour – seventh title of his career. Earlier this month, in a touching commercial for one of his biggest sponsors, Rolex, Federer recalled how 2017 was one of the best years for him, especially after battling doubts from a surgery that could have potentially ended his career. “'I knew my knee would never be the same, and I wasn't sure if I was ever going to come back from that. Entering the Australian Open, I knew that even if I lost in the first round, and left healthy, that was a win for me. Right when it became most important I played my best tennis. I was just confident again. I think I was able to ride the wave,” Federer said. “Once Wimbledon came around, I was just trying to make the most of the moment, because how many more chances was I gonna have? To play in the inaugural Laver Cup, it's so important to show respect towards all the legends. Winning all these titles in 2017, this season has been more thrilling than I ever imagined. It was totally like a fairy tale,” he added further.
  17. Disclaimer: This article has major spoilers from 'Game of Thrones' season 8, so don't blame us if we kind of ruin it for you. When Aristotle said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet,” he clearly did not have an idea that someone in future will make a show as brilliant as 'Game of Thrones'. Had he known that he would have probably agreed that this show is an exception (our patience has gone for a toss and we clearly don't care about the sweet fruit anymore). © HBO We still have more than a year to go until the premiere of season 8 (it is expected to release in 2019), and every single update about it excites us like no one else. However, this particular piece of information that we are going to share with you, will sound more like a shock than a pleasant surprise. To refresh your memories, the last season was constantly under the radar of hackers, who left no stone unturned in giving out spoilers and important information, while HBO helplessly watched the data getting leaked. The season 7 was also marred by some accidental leaks that happened before an episode's actual air date. © HBO While, HBO thought that they can prevent such situation from happening this time, it seems nothing can stay hidden from the hawk-eyed internet who has now got its hands on a script that REVEALS some of the major spoilers from the upcoming season. via GIPHY If reports are to be believed, genius minds have found some pages from the script that have spoilers from episodes 3, 5 and 6. Are you really ready for spoilers? via GIPHY You sure… via GIPHY While we are not sure if these pages are for real or if the scenes mentioned will even be there in the show, but they sure give us some hints about how the season might unfold. GOT Season 8 Episode 3 According to the leaked page, Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Brienne, Podrick, will be seen racing away through a crowd of wights, in a wagon driven by the Hound. The wagon crashes and a Dothraki bloodrider who has now turned into a white walker boards the wagon. © HBO GOT Season 8 Episode 5 As for the other two leaked pages, it describes three scenes. First two are between our favourite incestual duo, not Danny and Jon Snow, we are talking about Jaime and Cersei Lannister. The two are arguing at the Red Keep, where Jamie is trying to convince Cersei that Jon Snow is not an enemy, the White Walkers are. But, Cersei is not in a mood to listen to it and instead blames Jamie for not supporting her in the time of need. Meanwhile, our poor Jon is locked inside her dungeons. © HBO The second scene hints at Jamie trying to discourage Cersei who is willing to obliterate King's Landing to get rid of the White Walkers. The third scene hints at Brienne and the Hound riding through the streets of King's Landing in their bid to reach the Red Keep. GOT Season 8 Episode 6 This is going to be the penultimate episode of the show, so definitely our expectations and hopes are higher than ever from this one. But now that the parts from the season have been revealed, we don't know how to feel. © HBO The leaked page explains a scene between Tyrion Lannister and Bronn of Blackwater. Bronn rides with Tyrion in the countryside and along the way curses and blames Jaime for “getting himself killed” and never giving him the promised castle. At this moment Tyrion presents him with the Frey's property – Twins. This also hints at Bronn “single-handedly took out the Golden Company generals.” Phew! Pat your back and consider yourself brave if you finished the whole article without twitching your eyes in shock and astonishment. Now that these massive spoilers have been dropped, we are desperate for the season 8 to release already, which means we will have to wait till 2019 when it will premiere. Source: DNA
  18. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan?s Don series will need to wait for an unidentified period of time for the third instalment but can take solace in the fact that the movie will be made. The producer of the series, Ritesh Sidhwani has confirmed that the team is just waiting for the right script. ?I am eagerly awaiting but I think we need to find the right script. Are we going to make it? The answer is yes. I don't exactly know the time.? Ritesh added that the production is seriously thinking about Don 3 and are formulating ideas. Ritesh and Farhan Akhtar had bought the rights to the Don film which was released in 1978 and starred Amitabh Bachchan. The first two instalments of the series were highly popular with audiences when released in 2006 and 2011 respectively. The remake of the movie featured Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.
  19. A good whodunit is all about mystery, suspense and a plot that keeps you hooked to the screen with its intriguing script. There are very few movies in Bollywood that keep you on the edge of your seat and you still can't guess who the real culprit is. Well, debutant Abhay Chopra's 'Ittefaq' is all about guessing the murderer until the end. An adaptation of superstar Rajesh Khanna's original film of the same name from 1969, this one stands up to the mark. And here's the highlight: despite being inspired by Yash Chopra's movie, the film has a different storyline. © RedChillies The first few minutes are enough to set the tone of this film. A rainy night, dark tone, mysterious background score, a wild chase between the police and the suspect and it is clear that it has all the elements of a noir film. Plot Dev (Akshay Khanna) is an investigating officer on a double murder case. But this case is twisted, the only witnesses are also the prime suspects in the case. Maya (Sonakshi Sinha) is a homemaker and Vikram Sethi (Sidharth Malhotra) is a famous writer. Both have their own version of that fateful night. Both the stories look very convincing but only one can be true. Now it's up to Dev to figure out who is the real killer and what happened that night! It's difficult to have an opinion for a film like 'Ittefaq' without giving away any spoiler (but we swear no spoilers at all!). So here's all why you should or shouldn't watch this movie this weekend. © RedChillies 1. Akshaye Khanna is on top of his game and takes away the entire spotlight. In fact, he is the perfect choice for Dev and no one could have done it better than him. 2. The confusion created via two different narration works totally in favour of the film, as you just want to know who the murderer is. © RedChillies 3. In Dev's word, there are three sides to this story: “Maya's, Vikram's and the truth”. The work of unveiling the truth pulls all your attention and we are SOLD! 4. Every time you have another dice rolling out, you make your own theories only to find you still have a lot to sink in. 5. By the time you are halfway through the film, the suspense reaches its peak and you find it difficult to wrap your head around what to believe and what not to. © RedChillies 6. Having no music, just like the old film, is an interesting choice. 7. There comes a time when you feel you have seen all this before but that's because of how the story takes time to settle. Dev's old-style-one liners at times are just unnecessary. The interrogation process gets annoying because of the way it flows. 8. But all of this doesn't take away the fact that director Abhay Chopra has dealt with this genre with an ease. Keeping the murder discussion light, he makes you believe in both the versions of the story, even though you know there is just one truth. That's an exceptional job by the director we must say. © RedChillies 9. Sonakshi and Sidharth have played their roles well but Akshaye Khanna's stellar performance is all we can think of. We want to see him more in films; he is the real star of 'Ittefaq'! 10. The real hero is the surprise revelation in the end. Ittefaq is a gripping Bollywood film, which engulfs you completely leaving you at the edge of the seat.
  20. It looks like it's going to be a sad weekend for Bollywood buffs as none of the films that have been released today have managed to impress us. After ‘Haseena Parkar', ‘Bhoomi' seems to follow a path of disappointment as well. Rape and retribution are Bollywood's latest filmy trend. This year, we have already seen ‘Maatr' and ‘Mom' and now we've got another story with the same narrative. Sigh! Plot: Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay Dutt) is a shoe-smith who loves his daughter Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hydari). Everything is going well in their little world until one incident shatters their lives. Bhoomi is raped by Dhauli (Sharad Kelkar) and his gang. Arun and Bhoomi are both affected by this shameful incident and he plans to take revenge and deliver the justice her attackers deserve. © Tseries First things first, Sanjay Dutt is a badass in the film and we totally love his demeanour. There are very few actors who have that impact on viewers and despite being away from the silver screen for a very long time, Sanjay have totally nailed it with his angry-man avatar. Omung Kumar's ‘Bhoomi' is an 80's rape and revenge saga that we have seen over and over again. The story is trite, and though the director tried to add a feminist angle to the film, he fails miserably at delivering a moving story. © Tseries Things are pretty obvious. The girl is consistently shamed for being who she is. You have cops who are not cooperative at all, a public prosecutor whose sole motive is to embarrass the victim for being raped in the first place. And we've also got the typical courtroom drama where questions about Bhoomi's virginity are raised. Wow! Because everything at the end of the day is about your virginity, right? Looking at this cliche drama, all you want to do is scream out in frustration. After all, how much nonsense can we stomach? © Tseries Omung tries to change the narrative but if you truly intend to do that, one needs to be very careful about the screenplay and dialogue being delivered on-screen. You'll often hear viewers giggling and laughing at the stupid courtroom fiasco. It's an absolute shame that the script reeks of staleness. ‘Bhoomi' is filled with social messages which make no impact on you or your soul. You have lessons being thrown at you from every direction about gender discrimination, woman rights, respecting women, and the double standards our society often follows when judging a male or a female, which leaves you incredibly annoyed. © Tseries Talking about Aditi, who plays the titular character, she is seen sobbing and grieving through most of the film but she isn't strong enough to fight back. Her character lacks the strength that could have moved the audience and made a serious impact. Sharad Kelkar, on the other hand, tries to be the quintessential villain but you don't really like his presence onscreen anyway. Despite the film falling apart and going haywire, it's good to see Dutt representing his character flawlessly. His acting really affects you. You feel his happiness, helplessness, hurt; it's all too evident and natural. You may not like the way he beats the living daylights out of a bunch of people, but you truly won't be able to get over his larger-than-life persona. Watch ‘Bhoomi' just for Sanjay Dutt!
  21. The trailer of ‘Daddy' gave us an exciting glimpse into the life of gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli and Arjun Rampal's fans could not have been more excited to see him appear on the screen after a long gap. But sadly we are in for a disappointing and bumpy show. The Story: Hailing from Dagdi Chawl, Arun Gawli (Arjun Rampal) embraces the dark side as the last resort when all the mills in Mumbai shut down. His gang consists of Rama, Babu and Vijay and his love interest Zubeida (Aishwarya Rajesh) appears pivotal to his ‘soul-searching/existential crisis' dilemma. Every time he tries to come out of his dark world and fight his demons, he is somehow sucked back into it. Gawli starts working under don Maqsood (Farhan Akhtar) who is none other than Dawood. Things take a turn for Rampal when all his gang members are killed and he takes the throne. His swift decisions and cold, calculated demeanour turns him into the most feared gangster in Central Mumbai and pretty soon he can't be tamed even by Maqsood. On the other hand we have ‘good cop' inspector Vijaykar (Nishikant Kamat), whose sole aim is to lock Gawli behind the bars. Gawli is something of a Robinhood-like hero for his followers which earns him the title of ‘Daddy'. However, it is left for the viewers to decide if he deserves to be hated or lauded. © Kundalini Entertainment Ashim Ahluwalia's Gawli is not portrayed as the classic evil, devious gangster, but as someone who aims to change himself for the betterment of people. Rampal is convincing in every manner as the brooding Gawli seeking a chance for redemption, by the weak screenplay rains all over his parade and leaves you with an unfulfilling taste. The highlight of the film is its camera work that truly takes you back to the 80's with its gloomy, dark settings, while the look of the characters are spot on, giving you the classic feel of that decade. In an attempt to create a holistic work, somehow there is a clash of elements on screen turning the script into a congested, overflowing platter leaving one confused as to what the Director is trying to convey. © Kundalini Entertainment The first half of the film moves at a super sluggish pace, giving you enough time to scroll through your messages and you still wouldn't miss a thing. The ultra-detailed journey of Gawli could have been trimmed as it completely stole the focus from the plot of the story. By the time you get to the second half your patience barely sustains and the overwhelming smorgasbord of elements just kills whatever shred of interest you had left. Arjun Rampal is the saving grace of ‘Daddy' as he shines brightly as the redemption-seeking don, and the hard work he has put into portraying this character is visible for all to see. He slips perfectly into Gawli's shoes but the script keeps pulling him down throughout the film. Talking about the rest of the cast, Kamat is spot on and leaves you impressed and so does Rajesh as she gives justice to her role of a devoted partner. © Kundalini Entertainment Farhan Akhtar somehow appears uncomfortable as the bad guy with his forced glares and perpetually creased brows, as nothing about him matches the description of Dawood, simply making his role as all kinds of wrong. Don't watch ‘Daddy' if you are looking for a fulfilling movie experience, but do watch it if you have missed Rampal as he is simply brilliant. This slow-paced drama isn't for those who expect it to be something like ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai'. ‘Daddy' is nothing but a flawed screenplay that leaves you heavily disappointed at the wasted star power in the movie.
  22. It's been a while since you heard The Script, hasn't it? That's because the Irish band went on a 3-year long hiatus, leaving us all wondering what happened and where had they disappeared to. But, no worries to ardent fans who've been left high and dry because the three-member band is finally back after three good years with their new single, meaning that an album can't be all that far away. Twitter The band have been teasing their fanbase over the past few days and have finally dropped their new single which is their first release in almost three years. 'Rain' is the first single from their upcoming fifth studio. Despite the name, the three-piece band made up of frontman Danny O'Donoghue, guitarist Mark Sheehan, and drummer Glen Power, describe the track as a "feel-good summer tune". "After a very long process of making 'Album 5', the song 'Rain' came right at the end. It's a summer song so we thought, only the Script can make it Rain in Summer", the band said. BBC UK Details of their highly-anticipated fifth album will be announced in the coming weeks. Needless to say, fans have been welcoming the track with open arms. Watch the video here: And all we can say is we're happy for the Rain!
  23. In a country like India where cricketers are worshipped as demigods, no other sport dominates the proceedings as much as cricket does. Whether it's about giving tips or ridiculing the best in the business, everyone's an expert with their own sense of logic and understanding of the game. But while analysing the frailties of a cricketer is one thing, predicting something as rare as a hat-trick almost eight days in advance is altogether a different ball game. © Instagram/jd_unadkat On 28th April, Omkar Pawar might have instigated a few laughs after giving Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) bowler Jaydev Unadkat some tips for taking a hat-trick. But on 6th May, when Unadkat actually claimed a hat-trick during an IPL game, the laughs quickly turned into high praise for Pawar. It was a meet-and-greet programme where Pune cricketers - Unadkat, Steve Smith and Faf du Plessis - met some specially-abled kids from the Apang Kalyankari Shikshan Sanstha (APSS) to hear their suggestions. © Instagram/jd_unadkat Pawar, a 12-year-old student at the APSS, stunned everyone by advising Unadkat not to grip the ball from its seam. He rather asked the Pune seamer to grip the ball across the seam "to get a hat-trick". © Instagram/jd_unadkat While Pawar meant business, everybody elese present at the event laughed out loud and looked amused at the youngster's confidence. But, little did they know that Pawar's words would come true in a few days. Chasing a total of 148 runs, the equation finally came down to Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) requiring 13 runs off the final over. For Pune, the onus was on Unadkat to contain the opposition. And, the left-arm speedster repaid the faith of his captain with a brilliant hat-trick. © Instagram/jd_unadkat After starting the over with a dot ball. Unadkat dismissed Bipul Sharma, Rashid Khan and Bhuvneshwar Kumar on successive deliveries to eke out a 12-run win for Pune. Unadkat's was only the third hat-trick maidens in th IPL history after Lasith Malinga and Samuel Badree. So here's the bowling advice I got that led to the hat-trick yesterday. Thanks to the little one !! #ForTheseSpecialKids @Finolexwater @GulfOil.India @punesupergiants #mukulmadhavfoundation A post shared by Jaydev Unadkat (@jd_unadkat) on May 7, 2017 at 8:11am PDT Though there is no confirmation on whether Unadkat actually followed the advice of the Pune kid, the bowler did share the video of Pawar's tips on his Instagram account, suggesting that he didn't take the youngster's words lightly.
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